Live and Work in Flow Guided by Human Design with Victoria Jane - Allyson Scammell

Live and Work in Flow Guided by Human Design with Victoria Jane

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Your soul arrived with a particular purpose and a plan to live an extraordinary life. Do you know what they are? Or does it feel like you’re missing a key component to unlocking who you are and your big soul mission? 

Imagine having a roadmap specifically created using your personality, skills, and potential as its guide. Choosing your perfect career path, the city you live in, or maybe even the color of your living room would feel effortless. 

Your roadmap to a life of abundance and ease already exists; you just have to know how to access the information. 

Meet Victoria Jane, a Human Design coach on a mission to guide ambitious people to building a beautiful life with less hustle and more flow. Her personal story on how human design transformed her life is not only relatable, it’s also bursting with real-world solutions that’ll make every aspect of your life and business easier. 

In this week’s episode of Soul Guide Radio, we discuss how to break the connection between desire and hustle, how to establish a daily routine that feeds your ambitions without burning out, and how you can build a wildly successful life and business by making a single shift (like I did!).

Living in flow is about embracing the present and going with the natural rhythm of things. 

>>LISTEN NOW to learn how you can discover your natural rhythm – your unique Human Design. 

Guest Bio: 
Victoria is a human design coach whose mission is to guide growth-oriented humans to live with less hustle and more flow. After a decade in Silicon Valley achieving everything she thought she was supposed to, Victoria was earthquaked into the harsh reality: she was burnt out and in danger of doing irreparable damage to her health. As she searched for how to heal not just her body, but her spirit, she discovered her design. Today, she is passionate about sharing Human Design with others so they can boldly live their truth.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • Learning how to work less but increase your income by getting more familiar with your unique Human Design. 
  • Practical tips for letting go of the desire to hustle or the idea that working long hours is a good thing. 
  • How to find your flow and ditch the hustle with Victoria’s top tips for establishing a routine.


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This Week’s Invitation: Do Something that feels good for you today.

Hello, my dear ones. How are we doing today? I hope you are so fantastic because I have a really great episode for you. You know, how much I love human design. I think it is such an amazing compliment to any coaching, whether you are a human design coach and that’s great. I love your work. Or you’re in some sort of other service-based industry where you have clients and even not serviced base, you have customers to help you get to know your clients and customers so much better when you can access their human design chart.

[00:00:42] And. How most importantly, of course, how you can understand yourself better and use human design to help you really align to how your best you’re meant to, you’re designed to show up at your greatest and your best in this world. And what I love about human design is I feel like it compliments the spiritual aspect of things so well, because I’m all about energy.

[00:01:10] You guys know that about me. I’m all about non physical nonhuman energy in the quantum field. Right? That’s my that’s, that’s where my genius lies. And sometimes I’m so out there and the non-physical energy space. I neglect my physicality. I neglect that I’m here having a human experience and the human side of me has a way it wants to show up.

[00:01:44] And that’s what makes human design so fantastic. And I’m so excited to have Victoria Jane on the show. She is a true HD expert. So buckle up, you are in for a real treat today. And in today’s episode, Victoria gives us a great rundown on the different human design types. So whether you’re completely new to HD or you’re an old pro you’ll benefit from her wisdom on this, what it means to live and work and flow.

[00:02:17] And how human design can guide us away from the hustle and towards the flow. We end on a simple, yet powerful invitation at the end, that will have you going deeper in with your human design type. So you can ditch the hustle. And call in the flow. So you gonna want to stay with us until the end. Welcome to soul guide radio, a podcast for soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs here to bring about change on a massive level.

[00:02:51] We explore how you can activate your big soul mission, amplify your intuitive gifts and clear the energy blocks weighing you down so you can gain unstoppable momentum in life, love and business. I’m Allyson, Scammell your host and soul guide.

[00:03:17] Hey there soul guide circle. That is the name of this community of soul guided leaders, influencers and entrepreneurs. In the soul guide circle, we have big soul missions and we yearn to earn more, serve more and grow spiritually along the way. If you aren’t already a member, then I invite you to join our Facebook group of over 1100 leaders and Lightworkers who are in service to each other and the planet.

[00:03:44] So today we’re talking human design. One of my most favorite topics to the amazing Victoria Jane. Victoria is a human design coach whose mission is to guide growth-oriented humans, to live with less hustle and more flow. After a decade in Silicon Valley, achieving everything she thought she was supposed to Victoria was earth quaked into the harsh reality.

[00:04:07] She was burnt out and in danger of doing irreparable damage to her health and she searched for how to heal, not just her body, but her spirit. She discovered her design. Today, she is passionate about sharing human design with others so they can boldly live their truth. I had a blast speaking with Victoria and truly learned so much.

[00:04:29] Please enjoy

[00:04:45] Welcome Victoria. I’m so thrilled to have you on soul guide radio. Thank you so much and happy to be here. So I was just looking at the stats of my podcast and my two all time highest. Um, number two, number three of all time, highest downloads are both on human design. Great. Well, we’re going to talk more about it.

[00:05:06] So this is clearly a topic that my community loves. I like to say I’m conversant in human design, but I’m no expert. So I’m really looking forward to learning more from you. I get this question a lot, like, uh, what is human design based on, where does it originate? And I always feel like I fumble on the answer.

[00:05:26] Can you give us a quick explanation? Yeah. Yeah. Well, you know, the reason why that might be as it’s not, um, it’s not an answer that everyone drives with immediately. So this system was channeled in 1987 by a man who he goes by Ra Uru Hu, who in the human design system. Um, his, his given name is Alan Krakauer.

[00:05:46] So he used to he’s Canadian. Um, he passed away, so he was a Canadian, uh, and he used to work in marketing and then kind of went on this deep solo quest. He originally actually was an atheist, um, and then was living alone for a long time and got a voice that channeled all this information. So it’s, it’s not something, you know, some people hear that and they’re like, okay, this whole thing is, I don’t believe it.

[00:06:12] And then. There are others who and I fall into this camp. I like to say that human designed doesn’t ask you to believe anything. Like you don’t have to believe this origin story, but you can still take your human design as I’m sure many of your listeners have and experiment with it. And like most of the time people would walk away saying, wow, like I’m out of my head

[00:06:31] so much more things feel so much more in line. I trust my intuition more so to me, that’s where it really matters yeah, no, I love that. I’m a psychic medium, so that totally jives with me, but I get what you’re saying. And if you’re listening to this, I’m going to echo what Victoria just said. Trust and verify for yourself.

[00:06:52] I can say I’ve said this a lot, so I’m going to say it again. Cause I feel it so passionately getting to know my human design type and aligning my business to it has been the single most shifting thing I’ve done in my business. I can’t think of anything else that’s been more shifting than that. And I’m curious, and I’m sure your listeners already probably know a bit, but for myself, what has your con, can you share a little bit more about that?

[00:07:16] Like as a, as a projector, getting the invitation and all that, like, what did that look like for you and your business? I was so acting like a generator, and I was just putting out all this content. It was very, very much pushing out, pushing out, pushing out, and I didn’t feel heard. I didn’t feel seen.

[00:07:33] I was absolutely exhausting myself to the point of burnout for every launch. One time I had a hard time getting out of my chair. That’s how I, like I had a hard time standing up. That’s how burnt out I was. And then when I shifted to this, wait for the invitation and that took a while to like, learn how to do that, but not too much.

[00:07:53] To be honest, I hired a coach who knew she was, she’s not a human design person, but she knows about human design and she was also a projector. So she just gave me a couple easy techniques that I implemented. And before I knew it , my one-on-one was sold out. My group programs were selling out. And I was not burning out. Well it’s so there’s two things I want to react to there.

[00:08:17] One is for you, it’s especially interesting because you’re a projector, but you have a defined ego. And sometimes that interaction between the two, it’s not that they’re disharmonious, but it’s like, you got to learn how to, to balance all these pieces of you because there is this willful part. That’s like, if I want to do it, I’m going to get it done.

[00:08:33] And I find that defined ego people you can make something happen, even if it’s not in alignment necessarily. So that’s just funny to see and hear you talk about that. And then to the point about you working with a coach who knows your design, this is like something that I’m so passionate about, because one of the things that I do in addition to working one-on-one with people is train coaches in human design.

[00:08:55] So that they can offer coaching guidance that’s more in alignment for the people they’re working with as opposed to just themselves. I love that Victoria. And in fact, I love that so much. I have someone on my staff who’s, she’s my human design consultant and she does this for me. So good. It’s so good. So I absolutely love what you do.

[00:09:14] And I can tell all the coaches listening out there that this is gold, getting to know your clients human design type. I am not an expert on human design, but my person teaches me what I need to know. And Victoria, I have assuming you teach the coaches what they need to know. That is so, so cool. So I’d like to hear more about that, but before we do.

[00:09:37] If people are relatively new to human design, can you give us a little rundown? Um, I know it’s, it’s quite, there’s quite a lot to it, but, um, maybe a quick rundown and let people new to human design know the best way to start understanding their type. Yeah. If you, yes. If you pull up your chart, you’ll see that there’s a lot of different colors and shapes and lines.

[00:10:01] And I think a common response is what you’re saying. Like, oh, it feels kind of confusing at first or even overwhelming. But you don’t have to know all of the pieces at once. It’s almost like, um, an astrological chart too. Like you don’t have to know every house and every planet, yada, yada, you can just start with the human designer types.

[00:10:18] So there’s five different types and what type describes is how your energy naturally works, how you exchange energy with the world. And based on that, every type has what’s called a strategy, which is how you are best meant to navigate the world with the most ease. So for example, you and I, Allyson are both projectors and our energy really deeply takes things in because our purpose is that we’re here to guide.

[00:10:46] We are here to make things better in some way. So a lot of us can be coaches, but you could be an artist that sees your craft in a different way. You could be a scientist that invents new technology. It makes it makes it better. Um, and so our strategy is to wait for the invitation, and this helps us feel most inflow and not burnt out,

[00:11:05] like you were saying, by making sure that whatever it is that we share there is space to be recognized and received or quote invited. So there’s, that’s one of the types, uh, and I’ll just kind of go with whatever’s popping into my head. There’s also manifestors as another type and their energy is it’s quite big because their purpose is here.

[00:11:28] Their purpose is that they’re here to start new things and pave the way. I almost imagined them energetically like the ones with a machete, like hacking their way through the forest. And so manifestors, there is this lesson as many types, we all have kind of our lesson to learn. Projectors, a big one is like, oh, I can actually work less and I’m not lazy and still have a huge impact.

[00:11:53] Manifestors it’s let me embrace all of the things that I just, I want to do because their energy is so quick. And, and they have these really strong urges and convictions to do things, but sometimes they downplay it because their energy can be intimidating or intense or even offend other people. Manifestors aren’t for everyone.

[00:12:13] Um, but they are for some people. And so when they, when they’re able to do that, they follow their strategy of initiating and informing, which is this kind of both pieces are really necessary and initiating is all about just doing whatever it is that the manifestors excited about so that they can pave the way and do something new.

[00:12:34] Whether it’s. Uh, I don’t know, like starting, starting a movement, um, deciding that they’re gonna plan something and like getting the whole community involved. Um, and it doesn’t have to be like, it can’t just be something that they want and there’s this ripple effect as well. The informing piece is making sure that as a manifestor you tell people what it is that you’re going to do, because a lot of times the

[00:13:00] conditioned tendency or the kind of learned the behavior from childhood is, oh, if I tell people what I want to do as a manifester, they’re going to stop me somehow. And really that’s not what manifestors are here to do. , we want you to tell us what you’re up to so that everybody else can get involved can also contribute their energy because manifest your energy while they have these strong bursts.

[00:13:25] They’re also meant to rest. It’s almost kind of like, there’s these really strong creation and recovery cycles. So that’s a little bit about manifestors. Feel free to stop me, Allyson. If you want me to keep going on any of these, um, you can already tell quick rundown can turn into a lot. And then there’s a two more types called generators and manifesting generators.

[00:13:48] And. There’s some similarities here, but, and then I’ll go into some of their differences. The commonality is that both of these types and they make it about 70% of the population have consistent access to what’s called sacral energy. Or you can think of it as life force energy. So the energy from that sort of second chakra area of, of, oh gosh, it’s like that expansion that, that life energy has when there’s something

[00:14:15] that’s life affirming going on. So it’s the, the, oh, I’m enjoying this. I’m so filled up. I love this, um, and generators and mgs. When they’re doing what they enjoy, it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like, oh my gosh, this is just fun. And I want to keep doing it. And this is, this is a superpower that I think a lot of them don’t even realize they have, if they don’t know human design, maybe like subconsciously, but they’re the only type that

[00:14:42] that has this ability to have sustain creation. And so their purpose here is to really create and build what they love and whatever it is that these types are drawn to, that they enjoy that there gut is a yes to is what they’re meant to be doing. A lot of the time, these types carry some heaviness or sort of this learned again, external thing that, oh, I, it can’t be that easy.

[00:15:09] It can’t be that fun, like work has to be hard and they think they have to use the energy on things they don’t like, but what wer’re shifting into, and I’m sure like this is a big part of your work too. Allyson is like, we’re, we’re moving into this new paradigm where whatever it is that the generator on G is into, like, that’s what you’re meant to be doing.

[00:15:27] Like, even if your mind can’t see the big picture and logically, it’s like, well, how can we all just, you know, become mediums or whatever, but it’s, it’s true. Like, I mean, that’s what I believe, I’ll say, uh, that you have the exact design you’re going to, to bring you all of the success and abundance and joy.

[00:15:46] And so the strategy for both these types is to respond and human design has a lot of vocabulary. Right? So respond specifically in this context means before you do anything before you take any action, you wait until you feel that your gut has quote responded with a yes. So. The mg. Who’s like, oh my gosh, I’m so excited to, um, like build this new thing in my backyard.

[00:16:16] That’s responding. It’s not initiating. This is a question I get a lot of like, well, as a generator mg if I just do something, how is that not initiating? It’s not initiating because your gut has responded yes to whatever it is. So really identifying what your sacral or your gut yes is Fundamental and so important for this, these two types and the additional piece for the manifesting generator is that as the name implies, there’s a bit of manifesting energy.

[00:16:47] So they’re a bit of a hybrid type, but they’re. Because the sacral energy is so strong, your strategy is still to respond because if you were to go off and just kind of like follow some quick little spark of an idea that you got excited about, but your gut wasn’t on board, it would be like trying to sail a boat with no wind in your sails.

[00:17:10] So the thing for mgs to keep in mind is you are going to be excited by many different things and that there is more of a tendency to want to jump from thing to thing move really quickly. Um, sometimes these people think they’re indecisive because they changed their mind. But I really like to kind of wipe that judgment away because your energy is an mg is, is just naturally wired so that you can be

[00:17:40] multi-passionate into so many different things and to cut, like not to say that other types can be multi passionate, but the specific energetic flavor of it for an mg is their gut getting so excited by different things and part of their purpose in addition to, or the extra flavor of how they create and build what they’re into is incorporating all these different interests.

[00:18:04] Nice. I just want to hop in there because I’ve had a lot of friends who are generators and manifesting generators or clients say to me ugh, I just wish I was you’re so lucky, Allyson that you’re a projector. I always, oh yeah. Well, okay. Why, why, why am I lucky? And they say, because you only have to work four hours a day and I’m a generator and I have to work 12 hours a day.

[00:18:28] I feel like it’s a really misunderstood concept that I get four hours of work and I’m footloose.

[00:18:37] Yeah. So speak to that, please. I love this question so much because it actually relates to what you were asking before, which is human design can be complex, right? And so we all need an, unless, you know, there’s the person who like, learns about human design and then immediately jumps in and like gets readings and sits with a book and watches the videos for a week straight.

[00:18:57] Like. I find for most of us human design comes in layers. And so there’s this first layer where yes, as a projector, you’re told you only need to work three to four hours, or you should only work three to four hours. Um, and as a generator, MG you’re told like you can consistently be working and

[00:19:15] depending on where you are in your life that may or may not sound like really disempowering. And so then there’s this next layer where we go into, like, what are these words mean? And as a projector, the three-to-four-hour thing, like actually really depends on the specific centers in your chart too. So, uh, okay.

[00:19:33] So, so one piece of this is for you as a projector, only working three to four hours. It’s this like rule of thumb that’s thrown out, but. Depending on what centers you have in your chart, you might have different like waves of energy. So Allyson for you, like you have a defined route, which means that you’re able to, you have consistent access to pressure and wanting to make progress like, and specifically, like your purpose is really something that can

[00:20:04] can like rile you up is kind of, what’s coming to mind, but like not in a bad way. It’s like, oh, I feel like called to the challenge. Like, that’s something that can give you energy. Right. And another part of your chart is you have this defined ego that I touched on earlier. So you can tap into your will.

[00:20:19] Like if I really want to get something done, I don’t know. Um, if there’s, I’m just making this up now, but it’s like, if you are really excited about an offering. And there’s something that like, maybe you need to have like six interviews in a day or something like you could do it if you wanted to. So

[00:20:35] there’s this range that your design specifically as a projector can, is suited for. Whereas a projector with not these centers might feel their energy come in different ways. So that’s kind of like one piece. For the, for the sacral being, is that our feeling is weighed down by the idea of needing to work a lot.

[00:20:58] I think that that is probably coming from, from sacral beings that are not in work that they enjoy because when I see, and this is like a, it’s a helpful thing to do is to look at people who are really  at least appear to us if they’re famous or people that we personally know who are really in their element and, and successful and, and enjoying what they’re doing.

[00:21:25] Like those are good examples to look to. And for the generator MG who is truly like, yes, my gut is a yes on this  things don’t feel like work. And so for the person who’s saying that or feeling that it’s like, oh, if you don’t. If you don’t want to work 12 hours, maybe what your gut is asking you to do.

[00:21:44] Like we have to redefine work, but maybe what your gut is a yes too, is like dancing for two hours and then going on a hike for another two hours and then hanging out with your family for the rest of the afternoon. And like, that’s what you’re gut wants to do. Um, it doesn’t have to be productive. Right, right.

[00:22:04] That is, yeah. We have such a, um, socially conditioned definition of work, right. In an office set a desk kind of slaving away behind a computer. Yeah. And that’s part of that. The like, I mean, hijacking might be a strong word, but that’s part of the, the heaviness that’s been put on generators and mgs is like, oh, well, all of us really, but yeah.

[00:22:28] That we’re only worthy if we’re productive and it’s not true, there’s so many other ways to be filled up. I think that’s a big thing for the generator MG to keep in mind.  The last type that, um, is reflectors. And I feel bad because a lot of times they get left to the end of the conversation.

[00:22:50] Uh, they’re 1% of the population, their whole chart is white. And so energetically there, they have this really unique purpose of being able to take in and be quite sensitive to what is around them energetically and then actually share and reflect that back to us. So a reflection could be in a really

[00:23:11] positive work, family, whatever environment, and be the one that reminds people like, Hey, you know, this is what we’re up to. Or, you know, this is how we’re doing, or they could be in a more challenging situation and show people their triggers in their mirrors. So. In general, it’s a really interesting experience to know and be around a reflector.

[00:23:33] And their strategy is to actually wait a full lunar cycle before deciding anything because they are so ever changing. Like you really can’t put them in a box. And so before they really make a commitment to anything, you know, like a move or a, um, a project or whatever, it’s, it’s ideal to give it a full 28 days so that they can feel into every part of their design.

[00:24:01] There’s more specific stock up, but I’ll, I’ll leave it there for now. Yeah. I once had I call them the unicorns. Right. Um, I once had in one week I had three discovery calls with three, uh, reflectors and it was really funny and all three of them were familiar with their human design type. And they were like, I need 28 days.

[00:24:23] And I said to, to know whether or not they wanted to work with me. And I said, absolutely, absolutely to all three. I was like, yup. And it was just the craziest thing three in one week. That’s so that’s so wonderful to hear because there’s this like balance, I find myself, advising when I work with people, especially if they’re the learning about being a reflector for the first time where they’re like, wait 28 days?

[00:24:47] Like, how do I, how do I do that? Because it’s not necessarily something that’s like mainstream. And I really encourage people. Like, why not just ask, you know, like, obviously this isn’t about becoming neurotic and be like, well, it’s 27 days. I can’t do it. You know, it’s not about like, uh, rigidity and like clenching, but at the same time, Why not just try.

[00:25:09] And so it makes me really happy to hear people are asking for that. Yeah. And like, you know, the rules of the discovery call, you know, any business coach would be like, oh yeah. But just talk them through their objections and which I will do in a discovery call if I feel like that’s appropriate. But in that case, I was just like, no, I’m not going to talk them through that.

[00:25:28] I’m just going to give them their 28 days, you know? Yeah, exactly. So this conversation about human design, we want to get to living and working in flow guided by human design. So can we start with, how do you define what it means to live and work in flow? Hmm, well, I think that this is going to depend on, so what comes to mind is like, I know how it feels for me.

[00:25:56] And so I think that for anyone that’s listening. Like there is this, you still have to like personalize it for yourself. Um, that said like, I’m a, I’m a six two. I think you are too right, Allyson? I’m a six two profiles. So I’ve, I’ve gone through my first 30 years, third line experimentation, like doing everything wrong to figure out where I wanted to go.

[00:26:20] And so part of me knowing what flow is for myself is what it feels like, and to me, it’s like flow doesn’t necessarily mean that things aren’t hard sometimes that we don’t get stretched or challenged, but it’s that, there’s a sense of, like, I know this is, I know this is the right path for me. I know that, um, like I’m supported in this and it doesn’t feel like a slog.

[00:26:49] That’s kind of how I think about like, what is out of alignment. Challenging versus what’s in alignment, which sometimes can feel like effortless and amazing and synchronistic. Um, and other times when we’re growing and expanding, it can be, um, a dark night of the soul, crickets, uh, like facing off with like old versions of our doubts and fears.

[00:27:12] And that can still be in flow, uh, because it’s leading for myself. It’s like, I know this is leading me to my highest mission and purpose. So that’s a little, I know that’s not like a totally specific answer, but those are some things that, that come to mind. Yeah. Yeah. For me, when I’m in flow, I feel a joy and an ease to the work.

[00:27:35] I feel very unattached. I have goals. I have dreams, but I feel unattached to them because it’s kind of like, oh, I know they’ll come when they’re ready. And I’m in this sort of confidence.  And this flow is kind of just guide, walk, kind of flowing me forward. And I, I, to me, it feels like walking, excuse me, standing on a movable walkway, like at the airport, and you’re not really efforting that hard and it’s just taking you forward and the direction that you want to go.

[00:28:05] Hm, I love that image. So can you share with us how human design can guide us towards our flow? Our own definition of flow? However you define it. Yeah. Well, I think, you know, and going back to earlier, what we were just talking about with type strategy, like, of course everyone’s unique somatic sense of flow, and you know, your own experiences will color this, but I think for each type Strategy kind of points the way to what flow is.

[00:28:36] Right? So for us as projectors, it’s like, oh my gosh, you’re your practice felt so much more to flow when you stopped pushing. And you’re like, wait, let me just let me just ride this invitation thing. And then all of a sudden, right, your energy shifts and things feel much more in flow. Um, so that’s kind of where I start with, but for.

[00:28:55] So maybe I can give some more examples too, like for the generators and mgs that I’ve worked with, their flow is, oh my gosh, I just get to show like wake up in the morning and decide what feels good for responding in each and every moment. And it’s amazing what people pop into my life or how the timing of things just happens to work out.

[00:29:15] Even if I’m like, I feel like my mind is telling me I’m procrastinating because I’m not writing on this, writing this project or editing this thing. But if I actually just decide what to do. And my gut wants to do it turns out I respond to the email at like just the right time, whatever it is. And it removes all of these shoulds that we’ve grown up with a lot of, most of us, um, around, oh, I, I have to be like on this schedule or I have to grow my business in this way, whatever, whatever it might be.

[00:29:47] So there’s, there’s this, I think lens that human design brings up for us around. We get this opportunity to reflect on like, what are these places where we’ve been pushing in ways that don’t feel good and aren’t necessarily working for us. And most of the time, at least in part, it comes from a certain set of beliefs that don’t apply to our specific type or our specific energy and strategy.

[00:30:16] Nice. Nice. So can you give us a story from your life or a client’s life of how human design guided you away from hustle and more towards flow? Sure. I mean, I feel like, I feel like my whole, basically, since I discovered human design about four, four years ago has been a living example of me moving away from hustle.

[00:30:42] I’ll try to summarize. I worked in tech, um, before, before working in human design as a coach, um, for about a decade. And I was like hustling the whole time because I had grown up to be, uh, like raised very academically oriented and all of the, I’ll say like grades, title, salary, um, prestige, just even like compliments, not compliments,

[00:31:12] what is it at like feedback from coworkers of like, uh, in tech there’s a lot of rhetoric like being an A player, being a rockstar, you know, team member, 10 X in results. Just like all of this stuff. I think they were false for me. Um, they were. They were like, it was like junk food success is what I call it for projectors where, you know, we get ahead of that.

[00:31:34] And I think we get ahead of that recognition. So we actually. We haven’t defined what success means for ourselves. And so I was in credit. I had a bunch of chronic health issues. I got really burnt out. And when I say burnt out, I don’t mean like, oh, I was like bored and tired. It was like, what you were saying, Allyson I couldn’t like I canceled an international vacation.

[00:31:55] I couldn’t walk two blocks out of my house, but I was still going to work and like doing 50 hour weeks and thinking like, no, no, no, no, it’s fine. I can do this. You know, eat a little healthier or time my day and adjust my schedule. Like by 30 minutes, like I can do this. Uh, even though I, I mean, I I’ve always been really healthy.

[00:32:14] Like I was drinking my green smoothie and meditating every day and riding my bike to work and I, you know, blah, blah, blah. So I was incredibly like quote physically healthy, but, um, my, my endocrine system was just so wired and. And so, you know, that kind of like went on for a while,  until looking back now I can see the universe was like, no, you gotta, you gotta step out.

[00:32:41] And I went on medical leave for a while. And once I did that, and it kind of was this like pause button, I realized like the. Just kind of like this, the slog that I had been in, right. Like this was me in my like absolute opposite of flow where everything wasn’t working and yet I was still my identity and my ego was still very much attached to like, oh, this is what I have to be to not even be successful.

[00:33:12] I mean, sure that was a part of it, but like, it went so deep like for there’s this childhood part of me that was like, you know, this is what I have to do to be safe and loved, you know? And. Once I was able to leave, there was this kind of like pattern interrupt, subconscious like rewiring moment where I was like, oh wait, like, not like the world is still going, you know?

[00:33:37] And like, I didn’t get like somebody showing up with a report card that was like, you failed at life, you know? And so that was kind of the beginning of me realizing that like, I can make changes even if they feel really, really scary. So yeah. And have to be that way for other people, you know, like it was pretty, there’s some pretty dark days.

[00:34:01] And like, I think that had I had the knowledge of human design sooner. Like I like to think that I would have had an easier time kind of prying my fingers off of the, you know, the arm, the arm rest, and like walking myself out the door. Yeah, I love your story so much. And I relate to it so much. Oh my gosh.

[00:34:22] Junk foods, excess. I mean, you, you really described so much of what I experienced in my former career, which I call my shadow career. Um, and I was everything you said, you know, overworking really, really kind of addicted to the paycheck, the status, the accolades at work, you know, good job, Allyson and all that stuff.

[00:34:47] I was traveling a lot internationally and living abroad because I used to work in a post-conflict humanitarian response and political transition. And I got addicted, I think, to the, to the adrenaline rush of, of, of it all, you know? And, um, I was so out of alignment to everything. Like, it really was like, I, it just was, so yeah, you were really good at it though.

[00:35:15] I’m looking at your chart and I’m like, I bet, you know, you know, it it’s so you’re so right. I was really good at it. And I, I see how, um, there was a period of time in my life where I thought that my old career just did nothing for me. Right. But now that I’m, uh, you know, kind of wiser and learning about things

[00:35:31] about human design and other things I’m realizing that there are, it wasn’t just by accident that I chose that career, right? Like there are certain things where it enabled me to really be in alignment to my human design type. But the other ways that I was out of alignment was just too, it was just really, I guess, ultimately an energy drain of epic proportions.

[00:35:52] This is where we haven’t talked about authority and we don’t need to get into it, but this is where like you trusting your intuition is the thing that trumps all right, because I’m sure your mind could have been like, oh, well this is a great career. Like I’m making an impact. I’m, you know, I could see you as a projector, like totally taking in the interests of different people and with your undefined throat, being able to speak on behalf of different parties and like find it.

[00:36:16] I don’t know, like all the details of the work,  but I’m  imagining, like, find that neutral place and getting people to understand each other. But if it was a drain on your energy, like it’s a no go. Yeah. Yeah. I love that. Drain on the energy. No, go. Uh, that’s so beautiful. And I wanna, I wanna, that’s going to take us nicely to our next, uh, my next question.

[00:36:36] Um, but before I do that, it was interesting. I think maybe other people will relate to it. So I finally had the courage to leave the job and start the business, which is what I really wanted to do. And I ended up re-creating a business that had all the same energy drains as my old career. So I was still showing up in my business, always burning out, always drained.

[00:36:58] And then. I found human design and I was able to put a plug on those drains. So let’s talk about putting the plug on the drains because we are, I mean, we’re socially conditioned to hustle, right? Like that’s you said it like, we, we get rewards, uh, society rewards us when we, you know, I dunno, I see it like.

[00:37:20] I see it in, in, in, in, um, business culture. It’s like the person who works, stays the latest is rewarded, right? Like that, that shows your commitment and dedication to the company. So, um, it can be hard to let go of that. Let go of that desire to hustle or that feeling that, that working really hard and spending a lot of hours is actually a good thing.

[00:37:43] And that, um, that that’s, that that’s, that’s positive for you and positive for your business. So what are some top tips you have with regards to a daily practice or weekly routine that can help us find our flow and, um, kind of ditch this hustle using human design. Hmm. Well, what’s coming to mind, I guess maybe we will go into authority more because that’s, what’s coming to mind, like what, what I’m getting from that question essentially is like, how do do each of us individually get to the point where we can hear and have that internal clarity of what’s true for us.

[00:38:26] Right. And I mean, I think on one level there’s like the practical kind of like I’m imagining the person who’s cause we’re talking about like hustling here, somebody who’s in a situation, maybe not in all of their life, but at least part of their life that doesn’t, it doesn’t quite feel good. Right. And so I think there’s the first layer of it, which is, can you, can you get more space, rest?

[00:38:53] Um, Self care? I feel like is such an overused word, but like what’s one way in which you can reclaim a little more spaciousness. Like for example, myself, you know, four years ago it would be, oh, maybe you need to like, Do a little bit less, you know, and that’s the first step, um, just on the physical plane.

[00:39:15] And so I’m sure people have all their different practices that feel good, whether it’s taking a nap or taking a bath or taking a walk, um, getting out in nature, asking for more alone time. I think there’s a lot of different designs that there’s all different reasons within one’s design that you might want or need alone time, whether that’s because you have a lot of undefined centers or you’re a second line, or you have certain gates.

[00:39:39] Whatever it is like, let’s just say that if that sounds like a good thing to you, then go for it. And then the next layer of it is a little more specific around how does your intuition work? And so I’ll just give a few examples that will cover the majority of folks listening, um, just by like percentages.

[00:40:01] So for example, if you’re an emotional authority, You want to give yourself the full space to feel. And I know that sounds so simple and it’s almost like I wish there was a different way of saying it, but time and time again, I see my emotional authority folks feeling what they’re feeling, and then trying to think about it.

[00:40:23] Like, uh, an example of right now, somebody I’m working with, she is going through some relationship challenges. And so she’s feeling these ups and downs about it. But then when we have conversations, it’s like all of these questions from her mind about what should I do? Um, how do I understand this? What are these tool?

[00:40:45] Whether there’s some tools and not to say those things don’t play a role, but getting to the point of internal clarity is just about moving the energy and feeling it. And I can see this person does well, as well as other emotional 30 folks. I know like judging their low feelings as opposed to really going into it.

[00:41:06] So it’s like, there’s a relationship between this and that first layer that I was mentioning where it’s on a physical level. Do you have a space? Whether that’s with people or by yourself where you can really be held and feeling everything. So that’s an emotional authority, uh, for the sacral authority,

[00:41:26] really getting embodied into what your gut yes or no feels like can really help with with, okay now the truth is so loud for me. I can’t ignore it and continue with my hustle, whatever that might be. So a lot of the time generators and mgs that I work with, they’re like, oh, I know, I knew that was a gut note.

[00:41:51] Like I felt hit, but I kind of just went ahead with it anyway. And. Part of practicing, following your design and shifting out of the hustle into the flow is okay, I feel this yes or no, and now I’m going to actually act on it. And so that is a practice of getting into the body. I mean like some people, for some people like dance works really well, but it could be even just like for a lot of us that are busy, sort of adding something like, how can you.

[00:42:21] How can you be really intentional with what you’re already doing? So a generator mg might really like for lunch, you know, instead of just kind of like eating and moving on, it’s like choosing something that like, you’re really excited to eat and enjoying it and feeling in your body like, oh, this is what the yes

[00:42:38] feels like, like I’m, you know, sitting up a little bit straighter or kind of like smiling as I enjoy my, my morning beverage or whatever it is. And like, The more, you get attuned to this aligned in alignment, yes or no energy and your gut energy, the easier it will be for, for also tuning into drop the hustle.

[00:43:01] I feel like I may have deviated a little bit from your question, but I’m just going to keep going with it. If that works. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. I like that. No, I really liked that you said as you practice following your design, because I think it is a practice. Right. And re we’re relearning how to, how to align to this stuff.

[00:43:20] So yeah, that’s really well said. Yeah. And then I’ll just do one more and I think that’ll cover it. Like, I don’t know, let’s call it like 70, 80% of people, um, for the splenic authority folks. Um, this one’s interesting because the splenic authority is quite quiet. And Allyson you, I don’t know if you have your own experience with this, but it’s, I find the best thing that a splenic authority person can do if you’re not totally sure who you’re hearing it yet is to get calm.

[00:43:50] And it goes back to that spaciousness piece because the, splenic authority is related to what’s like safe, healthy versus dangerous or not in, and that’s also like a fight or flight response. So if you’re in, and this is where I was like, if you’re in a situation where you’re really pushing and hustling and your whole nervous system is really on high alert all the time, it can be really, really difficult to hear your spleen because

[00:44:18] everything in your life is kind of like this low grade no. Right. It’s like threatening your survival in some way. And so the spleen likes to come through with, oh wait, this is a little off. This is a little creepy. This is a little dangerous. And that’s impossible to hear against a background of no, if your whole life is a no.

[00:44:36] So the best thing that these people can do is get the rest get the nourishment, um, calm your system in some way, whatever that means for you. Nice. I like that. I like that a lot. And, um, Yeah, I like that. , it’s great how you described it. How, when you’re kind of overly plugged into a hustle environment, let’s say, uh, yeah, it is really hard to hear those

[00:45:06] whispers of intuition because yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh my gosh. This has been so great Victoria. I’ve learned so much. I am such a believer in human design and I’m a huge, huge believer in coaches using human design to better understand their clients. So can you tell our listeners how they can find you and a little bit more about your work working with coaches?

[00:45:32] Yes. So I’m on Instagram at Victoria Jane dot HD. . And my website is Victoria So you can go both places for information there. And I, yeah, so I work as a coach with folks one-on-one and then I also train coaches how to use human design in their practices. So you could be, um, a business coach, life coach, an energy healer.

[00:45:54] Um, I had like nutritionists and physical trainers, entrepreneurs, people that run their own companies and teams, and just want to support their, their folks in that way. Um, better as well. So it’s a lot of fun. It’s, uh, it’s 12 weeks. And if you’ve been kind of like maybe Allyson like you’ve already exposed people to human design a little bit, but it feels a little disjointed and you want a community and a place to

[00:46:19] talk about like what’s going on with your clients and really synthesize the information for yourself. Um, this is the human design coaching certification HTCC is where it’s at. It’s been so incredible to see people who incorporate the information into their practice. Some people ended up launching their own human design, reading, um, reading, or, you know, practice as well.

[00:46:43] And there’s also folks who are like, I just want to learn human design better for myself. So maybe you’re not totally ready to do all of that yet, but you do want to understand the foundation of this information beyond typing, strategy and authority, of course. But we also spend like a whole month on gates, which people are also very curious about.

[00:47:03] So yeah, it’s a lot of fun. It’s an amazing community. And if you’re interested, I would love to have you there. Oh, that’s so amazing. I love it. I, we will leave all of those links in the show notes. So go check Victoria out, check out her program. I am a person who, um, does this and my practice, and I cannot tell you how more connected you feel with your clients and just able to serve them better.

[00:47:28] And you can, you really realize that coaching, if you have a, a coaching tool that you use on all your clients, Which is fine, but you can even tailor your tools to meet the, you know, all these things that, that our human design can guide us to of, of, of what people have going on in their type. Yeah. And one last thing I’ll add is since we’ve talked so much about like hustle versus flow, um, on both my Instagram and my website, you can get a free download about how to work in flow with your design too.

[00:48:00] And it goes into a little more detail than we’ve covered here in today’s conversation. So, uh, just also want to drop that in. If, if folks are interested, we’ll link it too. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. So before we wrap up Victoria, I would love for you to leave our listeners with an invitation. It’s kind of like a challenge, but you’re inviting them to be someone do something, something, in between.

[00:48:22] I think the invitation would be to do something that feels good for you today. Hmm. And so it could be related to what we were talking about before, around, uh, a practice to drop the hustle, but it could, or it could be something else because you know, people are at different places in their life, but I love supporting people to be as true to themselves as they can be.

[00:48:45] And so that’s, that’s the practice I’d like to invite you to do something today that feels good. That’s been one of the best invitations we’ve received from a guest. I’m going to take that invitation. Yeah, absolutely. Who could say no to that? So, Victoria, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I heart human design and you’ve just been a great you’ve helped me understand human design, uh, in ways I haven’t before.

[00:49:14] So really thank you. It was such a pleasure to learn from you. Oh, thank you so much. It’s great to be here. And I want to thank you dear listeners so much for tuning in and being part of this community. Part of this podcast. I feel your energy out there. I just want you to know that. And as I designed content for the podcast, I’m always thinking about you, you lead everything this podcast does.

[00:49:40] I tune into your pain points. I tune into your desires; I tune into your needs. And I really truly try to create content that is in highest service to you. You are giving me your time and attention means so much to me. And what I’d love to do in return is give you information that creates massive, massive value in your life.

[00:50:02] And until next time may your soul guide the way. Are you ready to fill your business with soul clients in the next 60 days, then download my free energy upgrade meditation to amp up your energy frequency, dissolve the doubt and attract the soul clients you are destined to serve? Find the link to download on my website, Allyson as well as in the show notes.