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Human Design as a Game Changer’ in Your Business with Michelle Wolff

What if the sales and marketing strategies you’ve been taught are actually destroying your business?

If you feel like you’re doing everything “right,” but still not seeing results, it could be because you’re not following your Human Design.

Michelle Wolff, a Human Design expert, is here today to explain how Human Design is an energetic blueprint of how your body is designed to operate, and how when we follow our design, we can see exponential growth in our business.

Michelle shares what Human Design is and we dive into the five energy types. We discuss how you can use Human Design to make decisions and market to your audience in a way that feels effortless. I also share firsthand experience how Human Design has been a huge game changer in my life and business.

If you’re a soul-guided entrepreneur who craves insight on how you can best grow your business in a way that feels aligned, you’re going to love this episode.

Guest Bio:

Michelle Wolff is a certified Human Design Specialist and a 20+ year therapist turned coach. She helps overwhelmed entrepreneurs and healers stop procrastinating, love their bodies and get shit done. She teaches with a combination of warmth, humor, honesty, and a bit of salty language. Her mission is to help people stay grounded in their bodies so they can access their personal power and freedom of choice at all times.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • What human design is.
  • What your energy type is in Human Design.
  • How you can use Human Design in your sales and marketing approaches.

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