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Leveraging Your Human Design Type When Marketing Your Business with Ashley Wilhite

By now, you’ve likely heard of Human Design. You’re intrigued, ready to go deeper, and learn how to leverage your specific type when marketing your business.

But human design can look like a foreign language. And it’s frustrating not knowing how to apply a tool that enables you to live as your true self. If you’re like me, you’re also annoyed that you didn’t discover your design type in kindergarten.

Luckily, my guest today, Human Design Specialist Ashley Wilhite, is here to help. She understands what it feels like to burn out from working against your type.

She takes us through each of the design types and explores how to use our marketing strategies to attract more ideal clients with less work.

Ashley also shares how to write engaging copy that’s in alignment with your Design, how your innate energy influences your ideal clients, and how to dig into your specific Strategy for interacting with people.

We leave you with a challenge that will have you living deeper into your Design right away.


Ashley Wilhite has combined her Human Design expertise with her love of online business to give women like you the power to change their lives and businesses. She shares her work through 1:1 Human Design chart readings, online workshops, and daily free inspirational content on Instagram. She’s a native of Austin, Texas and when she’s not reading Human Design charts, you can find her training for her next half-marathon, binging on Schitt’s Creek, and practicing yoga.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • The 5 design types and how we can leverage our types to market our business.
  • A daily practice to being embodying your Human Design Type.
  • A way to go deeper in your Design and make decisions in complete alignment.

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