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Are you ready to be fully sold out in your business?
Or maybe you want to raise your prices or put out a new offering that’s more in alignment to your truth.
If that’s you, your first step is to get into the energy of already being sold out.
Everything is energy, even calling in new clients or selling your products!
So today on She Grows, I’m sharing the 5 energy hacks to consistently sell out your offerings.


Did you know that your energy blocks are what prevent you from expressing your unique genius to the world?

Your blocks tell you, “It’s not safe. You won’t be accepted. You’re an imposter. You’re not worthy. You’re not good enough.”

These blocks prevent you from accessing your spiritual gifts, stepping into your next level of potential, and unlocking your wealth generating abilities.

That’s why today’s episode of She Grows is all about how to release your energy blocks so you can open the doors to the quantum success you’re meant to experience.


Have you ever wondered why you’re not receiving more money in your business?

As a soul-guided entrepreneur, you’re passionate about building a business you love.

You know who your ideal client is and how to infuse your core gifts into each of your products and services.

But the money isn’t flowing in as abundantly as you’d like.

In today’s episode of She Grows, I speak to Julie Foucht about the consciousness of money and what prevents us from receiving it.


Do you consider yourself highly sensitive?

Had you asked me that question a few weeks ago, I would have said, “No, I’m definitely not.”

But I’ve realized that my brain was making “highly sensitive” mean “OVERLY sensitive.”

Today’s guest on She Grows, Heather Dominick,  is here to explain that being “highly sensitive” has nothing to do with being “overly sensitive.”


Imagine offering a free gift to a potential soul client that effortlessly draws her to you.

Imagine creating a freebie that showcases your unique genius and offers your soul client valuable insight on how you can help transform her life.

I have had a real hero’s journey with freebies or opt-ins.

I’ve always offered them in my business, but for many years they just flopped. Nobody downloaded them. My mailing list grew at a snail’s pace, and I started to wonder if opt-ins were a waste of time.

But then I started to shift and do things differently.

Eventually my opt-ins became a super valuable part of my soul client courtship (aka my sales funnel).

So in today’s episode of She Grows, I’m sharing why freebies are not only a good idea, but the perfect way to attract your soul clients.


The first business program I ever invested in was Marie Forleo’s B-School in 2013.

When I enrolled, I had no business or even business idea. The only thing I had was a hunger to start something that was in complete alignment to my truth and how I was being called to serve the world.

The problem was that I had NO CLUE how I was meant to serve the world or who I was meant to serve.

I remember vividly the module on “Ideal Client Avatars.” We received a 30-page questionnaire asking us 100 questions about who our ideal client avatar was.

I recall staring down at the questions –  eyes glazed over – trying to decipher if she liked Thai food and which magazines she read thinking: “Who I am to think I can launch a business? I have NO IDEA who I’m here to serve.”

Luckily, I stuck with my dream (no matter how unclear it was) because the clarity eventually arrived regarding who I was born to serve.

But it wasn’t the 30-page questionnaires about my ICA’s favorite yoga poses that led me to clarity.

What I needed was an energetic connection. I had to feel her and connect to her energy. From that connection, she came into focus, and especially how I was meant to serve her.

So let me ask you – Have you ever struggled to get clarity on your ideal client avatar? Or have you ever second guessed her pain points or how you’re truly meant to help her?

If you said yes, then this week’s episode of She Grows is here to turn that around.

We’re chatting about how to get fully booked or sold out with Soul Clients.



It is a powerful subject for spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs.

It’s linked to the rawest, deepest part of our truth. It’s edgy. It pushes boundaries. It presents things in new ways.

It often goes against the social conditioning that we’ve been told to believe. And when we go against the grain and against what society accepts, we open ourselves up to criticism, to emotional insult, and to not being accepted as part of the group.

But here’s the thing: If you were called to become a soul-guided entrepreneur, you were called to share your truth.

I suspect you started your business to help transform the lives of others and this is done most powerfully when using your truth, your unique genius, and using those unique abilities you were born to share.

In this episode of She Grows, Sandra Francisco shares the infinite return on investing in vulnerability.


Is there a book inside you?
Most of the soul-guided entrepreneurs I work with feel in their heart that there is a book inside of them with a signature message.
They’d like to get out there someday, even if they don’t consider themselves a writer.
In this episode of She Grows, I chat with Jyotsna Ramachandran, a bestselling author, book publisher, TEDx speaker, to talk about how to expand the reach of your soul-guided message by writing a book.


Have you ever heard the story of the entrepreneur who launches her business, works her tail off, hits 6 figures, and then gets knocked down by adrenal fatigue?
I have my own version of that story. I recall being so burned out once that I had to cancel a discovery call session with a high-value prospect minutes before it was about to start because my tank was so empty that I couldn’t sit up in my chair.
There are countless stories out there – to include a woman who was earning multi-seven figures, got home from a speaking gig, and couldn’t get out of her car. She ended spending several months in bed.
We eventually burn out when we force ourselves to fit in the traditional masculine mold of “I can just push through.”
In this episode of She Grows, Julie Foucht is here to tell us how to shift out of pushing through and into the beautiful, spacious energy of feminine marketing.


Do you believe that the Universe wants you to be rich?

Most of the spiritual entrepreneurs I share this concept with are either surprised to hear it or resist believing it to be true.

The reason why is because we’ve been socially conditioned with thought systems that tell us money is tied to greed and selfishness. 

This week’s guest on She Grows is here to help us uncover the truth about wealth and abundance.

Hilary Hendershott is the founder of Hendershott Wealth Management, a leading financial advisory firm for women and couples. Her mission is to empower women to take control of their finances and make their money work for them.


So many of the soul-guided entrepreneurs I work with are classic “over givers.”

They lower their prices to make people feel comfortable, they rearrange their schedule to appease their clients, they extend their call times to give extra.

And it all makes tons of sense. Know why?

Because over-giving is a major shadow of being in service.

You feel so called to serve others that you over give.

I know this shadow well. I used to majorly over give in my business, and over the past few years I’ve shifted from over giving to over delivering. And shifting into over delivering has given my business balance, which has made a massive difference in my ability to serve more powerfully.

In today’s episode, I’m going to explain the energetic balance of giving and receiving that’s so important to maintain.


Have you ever felt like you’re running fast on the hamster wheel of life, but you keep staying in the same place?

In business this looks like yo-yo-ing in your sales, debt cycles, and complete burnout. 

You might be telling yourself: “I’m not doing enough. I’m terrible at being consistent and following through. I’m not good enough. Push through. It’s not fair. Everything’s gonna fall apart. Get it together.”

No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get to this place of feeling successful or bringing in consistent income.

Jennifer Love is the guest on She Grows today to shine light on this phenomenon, which she calls The Upper Limit, and how we can move past it. 


Many of the soul-guided entrepreneurs I work with have had a successful or income-producing career before starting their business.

But then they decided to pivot. They decided to do something risky.

They started a business.

And often, it’s hard for their partner to be fully on-board with all this change and uncertainty.

It can make your business feel even more challenging when you don’t have the full support of the people who love you.

I know this challenge well. I did a complete career pivot in my late 30s from working in international affairs to coach and business owner. And my partner had huge reservations about this in the beginning.

But in time, things started to shift. And now he’s one of my biggest fans, and it’s made a huge difference in my business.


We hear a lot about how limiting beliefs hold us back in life and business. You know the thoughts: “You’re not good enough. Who are you to think so big? You’re an imposter.

Those thoughts have visited me loads of times on my entrepreneurial journey.

But did you know that there’s another type of limiting belief that is even trickier to identify and has the same effect of blocking our business growth? They’re called: false assumptions.

In this episode of She Grows, we explore the most common false assumptions I see in soul-guided entrepreneurs, how these false assumptions are different than painful thoughts, and how to release these assumptions and instead tap into your truth.


I see this often with the soul-guided entrepreneurs I work with: They are clear on the results they want in their business (ie. three new 1:1 clients, a sold out program, $5000/mo., etc), but they don’t know what kind of sales process is required to achieve those results.

But here’s what I’ve learned:

You can know everything about manifestation and the Law of Attraction, but if you don’t know how to work with these three numbers, it will be tricky to get the results you desire with consistency.

In this episode of She Grows, we get very specific about how to seek guidance from your higher self and spirits guides when it comes to your business leads, conversions, and pricing.


Imagine knowing your target audience so well that you become an ideal client magnet.

Imagine building an authentic and exciting brand that speaks directly to your audience and fuels massive business growth.

In business speak, we’re talking about “niching” and scaling.”

But many of my client struggle to identify their niche and this blocks their ability to really grow.

I know how frustrating this can be because I used to second guess my niche daily, and I saw how this sabotaged my efforts.

But once I found my true target audience, things started to turn around for my business and the growth came naturally.

This week’s episode of She Grows is here to help clarify your niche in a way that fuels big business growth.


Yesterday – Decemeber 21 – was a huge day.

It was the winter solstice, and the grand conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn – which calls in the next level of potential for innovation, unconventional thinking, and brighter visions for the collective.

I woke yesterday morning at 3:00am and was called to meditate to help call in this new, potent energy. And all day long I could feel massive energy shifts at work…and I’m feeling it now as I type.

We’re calling in a higher energy frequency on planet and those who are ready to live at a higher level can do so.

Today’s episode of She Grows is arriving at just the right time to help you flow with these massive shifts.


This is what my spirit guides have been telling me about 2021:

Lightworkers everywhere are being called to take a leap of faith. 

Maybe you’ve already received the calling for something bigger, riskier, more unknown, exciting, exhilarating, scary, unsure. You feel true growth knocking on your door saying: 

“You’re ready to start living your fullest potential.”

Your leap might be raising your prices, launching a podcast, or writing a book.

Whatever it is, you want it bad. You fear not getting it. But you know you’ve got to try. You’ve got to take the leap.

This week we’re talking about what it means to take a leap of faith and how to know when you’re being called to jump.


Are you wondering what astrologists have to say about the energy of 2021 and how it will impact your life and business? 

Will it feel lighter than 2020? 

Is Coronovirus going away? 

Are there specific days/months I should watch out for?

Tam Veilleux, lead visionary of The Energy Almanac, is here with us today to share her wisdom and give us some guidance on what we expect astrologically in 2021.


Does your business ever feel a bit off?

Like you’re struggling to go to the next level, but there seems to be a key piece of the puzzle that is missing?

For many of us that missing piece is accessing the divine feminine.

Today’s episode of She Grows is here to change this.

You’ll learn how to heal your divine masculine, flip the polarity around, and activate your divine feminine.


Are you fed up with feeling invisible to your ideal audience, yet at the same time, you’re afraid of truly being seen and growing to the next level?

You get so down on yourself, telling yourself you “should” be better by now, you “should” have this business thing figured out, and you should be hitting your income goals with ease. Maybe you’ve even been learning, putting in the time, and investing in coaches, but you still feel invisible and you’re not getting the results you want.

No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, it’s likely that you’ve experienced the Invisibility Trap.


You’re a soul-guided entrepreneur with a calling that drives you to heal, or coach, or paint, or write. It lights you up, until…

…It’s time to start selling.

Then you feel more like an imposter.

Or maybe you’re ready to launch a new product, and you’re excited about it. You’re ready to put this offer out to your audience, but then there’s this little voice in your head that says, “You’re not good enough. This is a pretty big launch. This is a big idea. Who are you to think that you could launch this thing?”

We’ve all been there at least once or twice.

Today I’m so excited to share with you a conversation I had with Dr. Amina Aitsi-Selmi about how to transform imposter syndrome.


You’re a busy entrepreneur with big dreams and a full plate.

You’re not afraid of hard work and doing what it takes, but you’re starting to feel like you’re on the brink of burnout.

Kristen Bowen is here to share her story of a complete health crash and how she discovered out-of-the-box solutions to regain her health.


You launched your business because you felt a higher calling.

You were called to create and be in service to others in a way that was closer to your truth and authenticity.

It was exciting. It was passionate. It was naturally motivating.

Then, you started working. And you worked. And you worked a bit more. And in time, you noticed that your efforts were far exceeding your income. That led to frustration and working harder and that working harder eventually led to: BURN OUT.


I suspect you’ve heard this before:

Get to know your ideal client avatar inside and out.

I suspect you’ve heard the arguments about it why it’s so important. You’ve probably read a book or taken a class. Maybe you even filled out a questionnaire.

But getting clear on your ideal client avatar (or ICA) is often easier said than done.

In this episode, I share my journey to intimately getting to know my ICA, the 3 simple steps you can take to connect deeply to your ICA, and what to do when you don’t know who you feel called to serve and how to get absolute clarity.


Maybe you’ve heard this before: 2020 is the year where it all falls apart.

And it’s falling apart for a divine purpose: so we can evolve and restructure to something better.

But I’ll be the first to say that it’s hard to remember or even see that when you’re feeling the massive amounts of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty that is rattling the collective consciousness right now.

2020 has shined a spotlight on the cracks – both big and small – in our current systems. 

And one clear message has emerged: We need a new style of leadership.

And what we’re seeing emerging in response to that calling is a new feminine leadership paradigm.

To chat more about this paradigm shift, I spoke to Cherie Burton in this week’s episode of She Grows.


“You need a tagline for your business,” they say. “It needs to be simple and catchy.”

But you hate small talk. You want to be creative and unique. You want your tagline to stand out from the rest of the online business world.

The problem is, when our taglines and messaging isn’t clean and simple, it’s difficult for ideal clients to understand how we can help them. And if they don’t understand how we can help them, they won’t buy from us.

I’m so excited to be diving into the topic of crazy simple messaging today because I’ve seen firsthand how it transformed my business and allowed my income to grow to six-figures and beyond.

In this episode of She Grows, I share my personal story of how I shifted my messaging and made it crazy simple so that my tagline speaks directly to my ideal clients.


Did you know that I’ve lived in 10 different countries? It’s true!

And with each move, I’ve gotten better and better at manifesting my dream home.

I’ve got some exciting news to share with you today about how I’m going to be manifesting a new dream home very soon, plus I let you in on the secret sauce to manifesting a life and business you love.

In this episode I’m so excited to share what I really mean by manifestation and how getting cocky (or overly confident) is actually the secret to manifesting anything you desire.


Hate sales? You might want to rethink that…

If you believe your product or service has the potential to change someone’s life, then you have a moral and an ethical obligation to learn how to sell well.

If you don’t, your client will remain stuck, without the answers they need to change their life.

In this episode of She Grows, I sat down with business coach and sales expert, Tasha Smith, who has 20 years of experience in sales and leadership. She dispelled the myths around “salesy” people and explained why people who feel in service to others struggle with sales and that feeling of being salesy.


Have you tried manifesting the ideal partner, business idea, or program launch?

Did you feel disappointed and frustrated when it didn’t go as planned?

Or maybe you aren’t really sure what it is you want, so you have a hard time believing in manifestation at all.

In this episode of She Grows, I sat down with Manifestation Coach Katie Jones who shares how to tap into your desires and manifest a successful life and business.


One of the biggest blocks I see in my clients who want to grow their business, but are struggling to get more clients and make more money is their mindset.

It’s not that they don’t believe they are capable or haven’t learned the right business skills.

It’s that they’re operating from a lack mindset. They don’t believe there is enough to go around. They don’t believe there are enough clients, enough ideas, or enough money.

And when they’re stuck in this mindset, it makes it really hard for their business to grow.

But I’ve discovered and mastered four simple habits that can help you shift from a lack mindset to an abundance mindset and I’m so excited to share them with you today.


I hear it all the time: “Allyson, I think I’m getting messages from my spirit guides, but I’m not sure.”​​

The way to dissolve the doubt and upgrade your ability to call in clear, unquestionable guidance from your higher self and your Spirit Guides is to build a trust relationship

And in today’s episode of She Grows, I explain how to build that trust and take your ability to communicate with divine guidance to the next level.


One of the biggest challenges my clients face when building an online business is using social media to reach their ideal client in a way that feels fun and authentic (and not salesy or spammy).

Most entrepreneurs know how important social media is to growing their audience, but struggle to use it in a way that actually builds human connection and increases their brand awareness.

In this episode, Julie Ciardi, a former Fortune 500 marketing VP turned multi-passionate entrepreneur, shares some simple tips to make over your social media to create authentic human connection.


If you’re a creative or spiritual entrepreneur like most of my clients, you probably feel like the market is saturated and question why a potential client would want to hire you in the first place.

You don’t want to be spammy or salesy with your marketing, so you stop putting yourself out there.
You discount your track record because you’re not seeing the results you want, and you begin questioning if you’re even meant to do this in the first place.

I get it! It can be challenging for creative and spiritual entrepreneurs to awaken their business brain.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to Jennifer Rosenfeld today. Jennifer is a leading educator and speaker in the field of music entrepreneurship. She collaborates with top musicians to create highly profitable and impactful online education businesses that enable her clients to win back their time and pursue their dream creative projects.


When I first started my business and began accepting my identity as a coach, I struggled to feel confident stepping into this new role and owning my true self.

I wasn’t sure what my values were, what my purpose was, or how to share my gifts in a way that would help my ideal clients.

After years of work, I feel completely aligned with my mission here at She Grows, but it wasn’t an easy process.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to Andrea Fleischfresser, the founder of Destination You Coaching. Andrea helps business owners uncover their true selves and use that magic to make their businesses successful.


Are you tired of trying and not seeing results when you implement the strategies and sales funnels all the business gurus are teaching?

Do you want to run your business and engage with your audience in a way that feels authentic and genuine?

Then this episode of She Grows is for you.

This week Angela Henderson is here to share with us the lost art of Human to Human marketing (H2H).


Most of my clients have this belief that keeps them stuck. They believe that because they’re spiritual, they cannot or should not desire money.

They have this unconscious programming that money is evil and that asking for money is greedy. They’re unknowingly perpetuating this negative relationship with money and pushing it away.

And as a result, their businesses suffer. They can’t get new clients, they can’t sell out programs, and they’re struggling to grow their side hustle into a full-blown successful business.

That’s why I’m so excited to share this conversation with Money Mindset Expert, Gull Khan with you today.


Do you find yourself going out of your way to please others (often at the expense of your own needs or desires)?

Do you struggle to set boundaries with your clients? They book an hour with you, but before you know it two hours have passed?

Do you take on the full workload for your family (cooking, cleaning, errands, kids) without asking for help?

If so, this week’s episode the She Grows podcast is for you.


Are you a spiritual entrepreneur who wants a stronger connection to your spirit guides?

Or maybe you’re not quite sure what a spirit guide is, or how to activate that connection?

After gathering stories from my own experiences and the experiences of my peers, teachers, and clients, I was able to identify and outline the five steps you must take in order to connect to your guides.


You want to keep growing your audience, but it feels like such a struggle.

Maybe your message is not clear enough, it’s too complicated, or maybe it’s full of “insider speak” and those who are new to your world don’t understand  the niche language.

Whatever the issue, Dane Sanders, CEO, teacher, writer, and consultant, is here today to share a simple framework that will clarify your message, grow your audience, and increase your sales.

In this episode, Dane shares the most common mistake most entrepreneurs make in their marketing and sales copy and what you can do instead.


Do you have a message to share and know that writing a book would help get that message out to more people?

Do you know you want to write a book, but don’t know how to get started or think you don’t have time?

Or perhaps you’ve considered writing a book, but feel like you aren’t the expert on the topic, so you shouldn’t do it.

If any of that rings true, this episode of She Grows is for you.


As a soul-guided entrepreneur, you know your intuitive hits provide powerful guidance, but part of your logical brain would also like to see proof that your intuition is “real.”

You wish there was scientific evidence to support what you already know: intuition isn’t just a hopeful wish or a hypothesis.

Intuitive life trainer and business development mentor, Heather Alice Shea has done the research to provide that evidence and is here to share it with us today.


By now, you’ve likely heard of Human Design. You’re intrigued, ready to go deeper, and learn how to leverage your specific type when marketing your business.

But human design can look like a foreign language. And it’s frustrating not knowing how to apply a tool that enables you to live as your true self. If you’re like me, you’re also annoyed that you didn’t discover your design type in kindergarten.

Luckily, my guest today, Human Design Specialist Ashley Wilhite, is here to help. She understands what it feels like to burn out from working against your type.


Ever feel like you’re doing everything to build the business of your dreams, but you keep hitting roadblocks and get derailed by these setbacks?

Your program launch did not go as well as you had hoped.

You got another rejection letter from a publisher.

You’re struggling to sign a new client.

You feel frustrated and even embarrassed that you can’t get your business to the next level.

If you can relate, then you’ll want to check out this week’s episode of She Grows.

Multiple award-winning landscape designer and author Rebecca Winn shares how she used the lessons from multiple setbacks in her life to catapult her forward toward a stronger future.


You’re a business owner who feels overwhelmed and anxious about how to keep your business growing, especially now that we’re in the midst of a global pandemic.

Maybe you own a brick and mortar business and are wondering how you can quickly shift your business online and still serve your community.

Christa Mastrangelo Joyce has been there and today she’s sharing her story with us. Christa is a yoga teacher and entrepreneur, who successfully pivoted her brick and mortar businesses to online within 24 hours.


What if the sales and marketing strategies you’ve been taught are actually destroying your business?

If you feel like you’re doing everything “right,” but still not seeing results, it could be because you’re not following your Human Design.

Michelle Wolff, a Human Design expert, is here today to explain how Human Design is an energetic blueprint of how your body is designed to operate, and how when we follow our design, we can see exponential growth in our business.


How would your business be different if you were fully expressing yourself, if your shadow side wasn’t holding you back, and you weren’t playing small? 

What if you were pushing your creative edge, had healed your inner wounds, and mastered your shadow so you could use it to grow your business?

It’s all possible, and business leadership coach, Anna Tsui, is here to show you how.


The future of your business feels shaky. The pandemic is crushing the economy and you’re worried you won’t be able to find new clients.

You’re telling yourself, “People can’t pay me right now; they can’t even pay their bills!”

I get it.

I had similar fear when I first started my business. But I discovered that when I tapped into my divine guidance system, I had nothing to fear. I was able to receive the answers I’d been looking for and intuitively knew the next steps to take to move me forward in alignment.

In this episode I’m sharing my exact process with you to tap into your own personal divine guidance system so you can alleviate your fear and bring in new clients with ease.


The time has come. You’re ready…Ready to become more self-reliant, make your own opportunities, and really grow your business.

But if you’re like many business owners right now….You’re struggling with the idea that you shouldn’t be selling right now because of Covid 19 and the shifts we’re experiencing in the economy.

This week’s podcast guest, Miriam Schulman, is here to explain why NOW is the perfect time to offer your goods and services to your people.


During these fearful, stressful, and uncertain times, it is imperative to rely on your intuitive gifts to guide you, hold you, and support you so that you can tap into your inner calm and be in service to others. This week we’re talking about how to use your intuitive gifts to not only find peace during this global pandemic, but to stop playing small and be a leader you were meant to be.


Do you feel like your brand is a true representation of you, your personality, and the work you do in the world? This week I sat down with my personal branding expert, Calandra Martin. Calandra explains why it’s crucial to prioritize branding, despite all you have on your plate as you try to grow you business. We explore the top components of a killer brand and where to start if you’re unsure how to begin creating a brand for your business. We also dive into the two types of fear and resistance that show up in branding and how we can move through it.


Are you a soul-guided entrepreneur who feels like you shouldn’t be driven by money, yet you want to serve more people and be able to pay your rent? This episode is for you. This week I sat down with Sarah McCrum, an expert coach on helping leader expand their consciousness around money. In this episode Sarah shares some revolutionary advice for spiritual entrepreneurs who have a complicated relationship to money and are worried about selling their products and services.


In this episode we’re talking about what to do when you get the calling for something bigger than your current reality. I share the four powerful questions to ask yourself in order to align to your highest goals, intentions, visions, or dreams. I also reveal how to best ask and how to best ask and answer each of the four questions.


This week I sat down with my dear friend and mentor, Patty Lennon. Patty is an intuitive business coach with a unique approach to building success and wealth that blends traditional mainstream approaches with meditation, mindfulness and energy work. In this episode Patty shares how the death of her father shifted her businesses and allowed her to have an $82,000 launch while in complete receiving mode.


This week I had the honor and joy of sitting down with Lindsey Curtis and exploring the idea of feminine sensuality and embodiment as it affects the soul guided entrepreneur. Lindsey explains how sensuality differs from sexuality and what our specific superpower is as women in business.


If you are a business owner and feel called to create a local network around your ideal audience, this episode of She Grows Nation is for you. This week I’m sharing my top five do’s and don’ts of launching and growing a local community.


In today’s episode I’m sharing the four steps to being in full expression of your core gifts and how you can apply these steps to any creative task, project, or goal.


I sat down with Catherine Ann Wilson this week to explore how someone with a background filled with trauma and abuse can transform their life and go on to make a six figure income as a national sales person.


David Lee is a Coach and Consultant who has been using and teaching storytelling as a therapeutic, coaching, and communication modality for over 25 years. In this episode of the She Grows Podcast we explore how to use storytelling to make your sales conversations more fascinating, credible, and memorable.


This week I had the privilege of talking with business coach Allison Hardy on how to get on track to earn your first 6-figure year in business – a mile marker many entrepreneurs strive for. Allison and I explored the top 3 things that must happen, plus the top 3 mistakes most business owners make when growing to 6-figures.


In today’s episode I’m sharing one of my core gifts that I like to call “bold ability”. We explore how to receive and clarify your highest visions, how to release resistance that is rejecting the vision, and how to determine your focus for today so you can shift into alignment with your vision.


If you have ever wondered how astrology can affect your business then you are going to want to listen to this episode. This week I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Tam Veilleux who is a Quantum Lifestyle Coach and an Astrological Guide. In this episode she shares with us how to plan your business according to the planets and a bit about what 2020 has in store for us, including the key words you need to focus on to make 2020 a successful and aligned year for you and your soul-guided business. We end the episode with a results producing challenge aimed to get you into the energetic flow of your business.


This week I had the pleasure of speaking with podcaster, author and executive leadership coach Jodi Flynn whose mission is helping Type-A entrepreneurs achieve their biggest goals with ease by identifying and overcoming the obstacles that are getting in their way. We explored becoming the type of leader who inspires others, overcoming perfectionism and alignment within yourself to successfully run a soul led business.


This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sarah Cook, whose mission is to empower women to create their dream life through their business. We explored how to build a business by being you and what it means to “be yourself.” Sarah shared some tips and tricks for entrepreneurs who want to peel back the layers and infuse more of their true self into their business. We also talked about how to keep yourself in check when you start to compare and despair and why it’s so important to build your trust muscle.


If you own a business and want to reach larger audiences so you can help more people, this episode is for you. We’re talking about how to choose the right marketing approaches for you and what to do when it feels like marketing goes against your values. I share the most common mistakes I see solopreneurs making when it comes to marketing, and we’ll discuss the one question you need to ask yourself as you create your new marketing plan for 2020.


This week I had the privilege of chatting with intuitive reader and life coach Rachel Horton White. We talked about how old patterns and blocks show up in our lives and keep us stuck.


I’m thrilled to share this interview with brain coach Bambi Thompson. In this episode, Bambi teaches us how to rein in our brains with an energy hygiene practice and explains how this practice changed her life from one filled with panic attacks to one of joy, health, and wealth.


In this episode, I talk to master certified coach Michael Trotta about original medicine or the frequency that makes us all unique. We explore what original medicine is, the four natural gifts that show up in each of our four life stages and the relationship between these natural gifts and our medicine.


Soul-guided entrepreneurs by definition are not motivated by learning new sales and marketing techniques or even by making money. But what if you shifted the way you saw sales and marketing and the way you showed up? If you want to find the right aligned and inspired business strategy for your core gifts and your authentic voice, then this episode is for you.


Soul-guided planning (the second component of soul-guided business growth) is the process of receiving guidance from the heart and translating that guidance into inspired action. In this episode, I share 3 simple steps to get the grand vision of where you want to grow to and where to place your focus to get there.


In this episode, we do a full exploration of core gifts. I define core gifts as the unique abilities you were born to share. They’re also called your superpowers, genius, and original medicine. Core gift discovery and infusion is the first of three important components of soul-guided business growth. This is you showing up as the best version of yourself to be ins service to your ideal client or customer.


This episode provides an overview of everything you can expect in She Grows with Allyson Scammell. We explore what it means to grow your business the soul-guided way by listening to the voice of your heart and in alignment to your soul’s callings. We also chat about how you can discover your aligned rate of growth for your specific business.