Discovering Your Spiritual Gift of Teaching

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While you may not realize it, you have a very powerful spiritual gift of teaching.  

This isn’t the kind of teaching that you might think of from your childhood 👨🏻‍🏫 🍎

And it doesn’t mean that you need to mimic the teaching style of your favorite university professor.

Instead, this type of teaching is a co-creation with the divine where we connect with a soul audience (loved ones, colleagues, or clients) to illustrate a higher way of living or being in the world. 🙌

Doesn’t the thought of that just make your heart soar? 💗

Because it means that each and every one of us has the power to create more deeply in a way that helps us all thrive. Wow! 😍

So, as you can see, it’s vital for us to discover how to use this powerful gift of teaching as we usher in a new era on planet earth . . . which is exactly what I’m revealing in this episode of Soul Guide Radio.

This episode is a continuation of a curated 5-part series to explore our 5 key spiritual gifts. Find links to the previous 3 parts below. 🔑

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In this episode, I reveal:

  • The 5 parts to our spiritual gift of teaching
  • How to use this gift to identify your unique genius
  • The 5-step process of creating from your genius in co-creation with the spiritual realm 💖


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Spend some time unplugged, connected to your Divine Guidance Team to ask your team the 5 questions. Record what you perceive to receive and then do one step to follow up to gain that energetic momentum.

[00:00:00] Oh, hi. Before this episode gets officially underway, I have an important message for you. If you’re a soul guided leader, lightworker coach, healer, entrepreneur, or truth seeker, our energy is upgrading as I speak. This means you can amplify your five spiritual gifts or the gifts we use to connect to and co-create with the spiritual realm.

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[00:01:00] And sign up forward slash My Soul Blueprint and you can find a link in the show notes.

[00:01:13] Hey, how dear ones, how are we doing today? I’m sitting here enjoying my cup of coffee. I just had the greatest interaction with my dog, Astrid. I love how our animals, most of our animals anyway reflect our emotions back to us. So sometimes I get super excited, and I just call up this energy of excitement inside of me just so Astrid will reflect that excitement back to me.

[00:01:41] She is such a mirror and then all of a sudden, her tail is wagging and she’s going crazy. She’s not an excitable dog. She’s more like a cat. We call her our Fur-onic Hound. Cause she, you know, the, she’s a Spanish greyhound and they come, they originate from Egypt, and they were apparently the dog of the Pharaohs.

[00:02:03] And she is a very, very sophisticated animal. She’s high functioning, high consciousness, and she doesn’t wanna play all the time. She’s not excited all the time. She doesn’t want attention all the time. She decides, more like a cat would when you know she’s interested in interacting with you. But when I know that there are times where she’ll normally get excited, sometimes I just pump up my excitement and I love to see how she reflects that pumped up excitement back to me.

[00:02:35] And I just did it this morning and she was going nuts and oh, you know, it’s the little things in life that put a smile on my face. So that’s not what we’re gonna be talking about today. Getting your dog excited and happy, we’re gonna be talking about something that will get you and the people you feel called to serve

[00:02:56] excited, excited and happy, and we are in a series here, a really powerful series that, you know, I normally don’t have too many notes when I do these episodes, but I got a lot of notes for these ones because I have a lot to share with you and I really wanna make sure that it’s organized properly and it’s truly, truly in highest service to you

[00:03:19] and it’s all the right information too because we’re talking about spiritual gifts, our five key spiritual gifts and a spiritual gift is how we connect to and co-create with the spiritual realm. And of course, I could talk for days on end regarding each gift. So, I wanted to curate for you just the best bits to be shared and integrated in a podcast episode.

[00:03:48] So I do have notes today. And this is episode number four of our five-part series, and in the previous three episodes we explored our spiritual gifts of intuition, healing, and manifestation. And if you haven’t had a chance to check those out, I recommend doing so. And today we’re moving onto the spiritual gift of teaching.

[00:04:13] And the spiritual gift of teaching is one that isn’t often talked about, but it’s a powerful one. Spiritual teaching is a different kind of teaching, so when we express our spiritual gift of teaching, it goes deeper than the classic definition. We are co-creating with the divine and utilizing our unique genius, those unique abilities we’re born to share and connecting to some sort of soul audience of loved ones, of clients, of colleagues, of a community, of the world to illustrate for others or to teach for others a better way or a higher way of living and being in the world.

[00:05:06] So it’s pretty powerful when you think about it, and it’s so important as we usher in a new era on planet Earth. So, I’m gonna tell you exactly what I mean by all of that in today’s episode. So, let’s get to it. In today’s episode, I reveal the five parts to our spiritual gift of teaching, how to use this gift to identify your unique genius and the five-step process to

[00:05:34] creating from your genius in co-creation with this spiritual realm. I’ll end on an invitation that’ll have you clarifying your unique genius and what your genius is calling you to illustrate for others to have the biggest impact. So please be sure to stay with me until the end. Welcome to Soul Guide Radio, a podcast for soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs,

[00:06:04] here to bring about change on a massive level. We’ll explore how you can activate your big soul mission, amplify your spiritual gifts and clear the energy blocks weighing you down so you can gain unstoppable momentum in life. I’m Allyson Scammel, your host and soul guide.

[00:06:30] Hey there, Soul Guide Circle that is the name of this amazing community of soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs. In the Soul Guide circle, we have big soul missions, and we yearn to earn more, serve more, and grow spiritually along the way. If you aren’t already a member, then I invite you to join our Facebook group of nearly 2000 leaders and light workers who are in service to each other and the planet.

[00:06:59] Find a link to join on my website, or in the show notes. Today we are on part four of our five-part series to explore our spiritual gifts and we are, have arrived to, I think I get, you know, to be honest, I get the most like, people get the most excited about this gift, this gift of teaching.

[00:07:25] I would think it would be the gift of manifestation. You know, manifesting all the things we wanna manifest into our experience, but the people I attract, so you, dear listener, if you’re feeling called to listen to this, a lot of people are really interested in learning more and connecting deeper to this gift.

[00:07:47] The gift of teaching is also known as the illustrating. It’s the process of illustrating to others higher, more evolved ways of living and being in the world. Another primary reason why we’re here, why we’re in this lifetime is to be in service to others and make the planet a better place. And if you are a light worker, you have a unique genius that you are designed to create with.

[00:08:15] And the spiritual gift of teaching is key for light workers as we usher in a new era because we’re doing things in new ways that have never been done before. So, we’re on the cutting edge and the people who are at the tip of the spear are illustrating for others how to thrive in this new energy.

[00:08:39] So we use our spiritual gift of teaching to birth a new methodology, illustrate better ways of being, creating, entertaining, designing better systems where everyone can thrive. And at the end of the day, it’s illustrating new ways of living and being from a higher, more evolved place. And you use the spiritual gift.

[00:09:03] You can use this spiritual gift in all areas of your life. It’s not just about, oh you’re a coach, and like right now I’m using my spiritual gift of teaching to teach you something new. It goes much deeper and broader than that. You know, we use it all the time with loved ones, with friends, with community.

[00:09:23] All right, so let’s dig into this. Starting with the five parts to our gift of teaching. So, part number one is, Illustrating your unique genius. It’s essentially what is your unique genius. And that’s another thing I wanted to explore in today’s episode. So, I’m just gonna do this right now before we get to the other parts.

[00:09:48] So how do you identify your unique genius or clarify it or go into a deeper connection with it? Well, the first thing I want to invite you to do is throw all words out the window. I think so many of us get caught up on finding the perfect words to describe our unique genius, those unique abilities we are born to share, and unique genius goes beyond words.

[00:10:20] It’s a wordless state because it’s actually an energy frequency and it’s the energy frequency of you creating and doing and operating at your very best. And I’ll just mention here, we are gonna be talking about being an embodiment, which is the other side of the coin in the next episode, which is on our gift of leadership.

[00:10:47] So gift of teaching is more about doing, but obviously we do a lot of being, when we’re doing right? When we’re in alignment, true alignment to this gift and in highest expression of it, we are doing from a state of being. So, the gift of teaching and leadership really go hand in hand. And to give you an example of what I mean by that, I like to embody being a spiritual leader.

[00:11:14] I like to embody teaching concepts that other people aren’t talking about with confidence, with truth, like this is truth. I want you to be able to trust the information that I provide because it is cutting edge and you don’t find in textbooks, people are always saying, Allyson, can you gimme a book about what you teach about?

[00:11:36] Well, and I, and I always say, I’m writing it. I’m writing it. Well, I’m not writing it right now, but I plan to write about it because I literally can’t think of other books to send you. Yes, other spiritual teachers are talking about things that are very similar, but what I’m teaching you is pretty cutting edge.

[00:11:59] It’s on the tip of the spear and I’m teaching it in a different way that I have yet to hear other spiritual teachers talk about. So, I wanna embody my confidence, my inner knowing, which I have so strongly that this content that I’m imparting to you is so important and it’s so in highest service to you, and it really is gonna help you thrive in this new energy we’re ushering in on the planet, and so I am.

[00:12:28] I am in the process of, illustrating my unique genius in service to you, and I’m also in a state of being at the same time, and I’m in my heart space. I do have notes in front of me, which I’m not really reading at the moment. I’m in my heart space, and I’m in a flow state, so if I was up in my head trying to calculate how I could fit all these pieces together of teaching, being, doing, embodying, I would get all flubbed up.

[00:12:59] I would be doing a thousand different takes, but I normally do each podcast episode in about one take, a couple retakes here and there. And usually because a new insight arrived to me that I hadn’t thought about before, because I’m in this flow state. I’m in connection right now to my higher self and source and my divine guidance team, which is why this is a spiritual gift in service to you.

[00:13:28] So yes, the spiritual gift of teaching is more about the doing. It’s about the what you’re creating for whom, but like I said before, in its highest expression it’s doing from a place of being. So how do you clarify your unique genius? One, you throw the words out the window and focus more on the energy frequency of it sunk down in your body, connected to your heart space, and feeling into, I intend to feel into my genius, and if words arrived to me to define that, that feel aligned, then great.

[00:14:10] And if they don’t, that’s perfectly great too. And a powerful question you can ask to clarify your genius. What is a major challenge in my life? Or you could even say a repeat challenge, something that has come to you again and again, that you have more or less overcome. So, it doesn’t mean you’re perfect.

[00:14:33] It doesn’t mean you’ve figured it all out. It doesn’t mean you don’t slip up from time to time. But it’s a challenge that’s been pretty significant in your life and you more or less have overcome it. So, you wanna look to that, kind of explore into that, how did I overcome it? And your unique genius is found in how,

[00:14:55] what you did to survive or to transcend that challenge. And it’s likely a challenge that will be with you for a while. So, like I said, you haven’t figured it all out, but you figured a lot of it out and you figured out things that people in your soul audience need, whoever that audience is, Clients, loved ones, coworkers, community, Earth.

[00:15:25] So it’s about being a few steps ahead. It’s not about having it all figured, you know, all perfectly ducks in a row. This says progress over perfection. So, what have you made huge progress on. Your unique genius is there. It’s inside there. So, I’m gonna give you an example here, and I call it my pound of flesh wound.

[00:15:53] I have had a wound that’s been with me my whole life, and I brought it forth from past lifetimes. I had it in my family. So, I have an ancestral wound here, and it comes directly from the collective. So, I’m getting it at many different ways. And that is I have to over give, to receive, I have to give a pound of flesh to be happy, to achieve my dreams.

[00:16:22] So in a way, for me to achieve success and feel joyful from that success, it has to hurt a little. So, there’s some self-worth in here. Like I’m not worthy to just receive, you know, there’s a lot of stuff inside the pound of flesh wound that a lot of us have because it comes from the collective and especially a lot of women have.

[00:16:45] And so I still struggle with this pound of flesh wound. I just noticed it again because I’d been having, for the last like couple years, I’d been having a hell of a time getting to the gym consistently and I finally joined a new gym and I finally got there and my first-time exercising, I was done. I went to the locker room.

[00:17:09] I was the only one in there. I closed my eyes, and I just asked the question, honestly, of myself because it all, in that moment, it all felt so easy. The gym is two blocks from my house. I picked up my, I put on gym clothes. I walked to the gym. I did a light workout that felt good. I finished. It was so easy.

[00:17:33] So I asked the question, why for two years did I make this so hard? Getting to the gym, why was it so hard? And it got directly back to the pound of flesh wound because life was good for me. My family’s in a great place. My marriage is in a great place. My business is in a great place. So, I had to create

[00:17:54] something uncomfortable for myself and that was not moving my body enough because you know, it can’t be too good. I always have to be giving a bit of flesh here or there, to be very graphic and I was like, you know, bloody hell. There is that wound again. And as I thought about it, I also reflected that it’s, you know, again, it’s progress over perfection.

[00:18:22] How far I’ve come with that wound, oh my gosh, how far I’ve come from last year, how far I’ve come from five years ago, 10 years ago. Because part of my unique genius is me living in alignment to my truth at the deepest level. Being in alignment to my soul mission at the deepest level. And when I’m in that alignment, I’m not giving anybody a pound of flesh, I have all my flesh and I am creating in service to you, but from a cup that’s overflowing and not from a cup that’s empty.

[00:19:02] So I saw my genius in there and it was so empowering. The whole moment, me sitting alone in that locker room, I felt so empowered, and so asking the question, what is a major challenge I have more or less overcome, and just allowing some answers to arrive to you. You will find your genius in there, in how you overcame it

[00:19:30] is your genius. All right, moving on to part two of our gift of teaching is exploring into the question really, what am I being called to create, illustrate, teach, share for others? So, what am I being called to illustrate? This is the thing. So, this is infinite what we could illustrate for others, but I really want you to broaden your definition of what this could be.

[00:19:58] So yes, it can be lessons and methodologies like, great, now I’m using my spiritual gift of teaching to teach others the five spiritual gifts. But it’s so much more than that. It’s guidance, it’s expertise, it’s art. Illustrating new ways to do, to create art, to write stories, to entertain, illustrating for others, new ways to experience things, illustrating new ways of doing things.

[00:20:30] So what we illustrate for others can be infinite in scope. So, it’s really that question of exploring, what am I being called in this moment to illustrate? All right. Moving on to part three of this gift, and that is the medium. What is the medium that I’ll be using to illustrate for whom? So, it’s really the where and the who.

[00:21:01] So in my example, I am being called to teach the five spiritual gifts, and I have a lot of different mediums for this. So, this podcast is one medium. I do hope to write a book in the near future on our five spiritual gifts. I’m offering a class. Which is called my Soul Blueprint. That’ll be starting this fall.

[00:21:25] And if you’re interested in learning more about that class and potentially joining, then there is a link in the show notes to check that out. And that will be, a primary medium for me to teach this, and for whom? It’s for you. It’s for soul guided light workers, leaders, influencers, the people on the tip of the spear who are gonna be leading others to a new way of doing and being in the world as we usher in a new energy with higher consciousness where we’re more connected.

[00:22:04] Where we’re not, we don’t have the haves and have nots. We have systems that really enable those who are ready for it, those who are plugged into it, those who are ready to plug into a system where everyone can thrive. And right now, not everybody’s there. There’s people in low vibrational states who are

[00:22:25] you know, they’re scared. You know, they have, they have so many wounds inside that and so much conditioning from the collective that they’re not ready to plug into these systems yet, but they will be. So right now, we’re really leading the light workers and those who are curious and open and ready to

[00:22:49] be curious. If someone is very new on their spiritual path, they’re at least ready to receive this idea that we could be ushering a new era. So again, your intended audience doesn’t have to be clients. You don’t have to be a service-based entrepreneur for this to apply to you. You know, our intended audience,

[00:23:16] loved ones, community, colleagues, planet, but it’s when we’re in our spiritual g gift of teaching, it’s a pretty targeted soul audience. Right? And even if you’re like, well, I wanna reach the planet, I wanna reach several billion people. That’s good and some of us are meant to do that. And when you’re in the creation, you’re still thinking of your, the sliver,

[00:23:48] you know, you’re still thinking of this bespoke soul audience who on a soul level really needs whatever it is you are offering them. And when that connection is made in a very, very high vibrational match, that’s how it ripples out to more and more and more audiences. But if you look at like a big-name coach, like, or if you look at someone like Oprah Winfrey, she now reaches masses of people, right?

[00:24:22] But when at her core, when you notice, when she’s teaching, when she’s speaking, when she’s connecting with her audience, you can feel that she has got a core audience that she’s always speaking to. You can just, you can feel if you, if you pay attention to it, you can feel this connection between her and a relatively small core audience.

[00:24:46] And that connection is so strong and she’s so grounded in her gifts that it vibrates so powerfully. It’s how she attracts the larger and larger and larger audiences. And the same holds true for all of us. Okay, moving on to part four, and that is your human design type. Your unique human design type is always going to be the part four of the five parts of each of our gifts, and there’s so many ways to identify and align to your unique genius.

[00:25:27] By exploring your human design chart, and I’m gonna offer you one powerful way, and that is looking at your defined channels. So, a defined channel is something in your chart where you are defined. You are a whole, you don’t need someone else to be in expression of that. So, it just means you are whole and with this particular skillset or energy or whatever the circuit is, you are really meant to

[00:26:07] be bringing this forward in your life and in your work. So, to give you an example, I have three defined channels. I have the channel of struggle. That’s a fun one, So, I’m a champion for standing up and fighting for what is right and the empowerment of the individual. But I also, I also attract a fair amount of struggle in my life and in highest expression of that, obviously there’s low expressions of that.

[00:26:38] You know, I could manifest struggle all the time, but when I’m in high expression of that, which I feel like I am now in my, these days, and before, like in my twenties and thirties, I was always just manifesting a new challenge because I was in a low expression of my human design type. Now I’m in the higher expression and I’m manifesting just the right challenges.

[00:27:03] And the funny thing is when I’m in high expression, I wait for the right challenge to arrive. That’s kind of cool when you think about it. So, a challenge can arrive to me, and I can just say, you know what, I don’t wanna take that on. That’s not for me. That is not my challenge. And I will let that challenge go.

[00:27:24] So it’s amazing when you tune into this, you really, on a lot of levels, not all levels. Sometimes challenges just happen to you, right? But there are many times in life that we choose our challenges, you know? And if you decide that thing is just not gonna be challenging for me, it normally goes away. So that’s where I’m in the stage of and when I choose the right challenge doesn’t mean it’s easy for me, but it means that it’s in alignment and I am experiencing it and enduring it because I am meant to test and see what works and what does not,

[00:28:00] get a learning from the challenge and then share it with you. This is the channel of struggle. It’s a really powerful one, very easy to be in a low expression of it. And when you are in a high expression of it, it is really amazing for me because this is my defined channel. If it’s not your defined channel, you might be thinking, Ooh, that doesn’t sound very fun, and that’s exactly how you should feel because this is not your work.

[00:28:28] You have other defined channels, which is your work. So, my second defined channel is the channel of the thinker or awareness. So, I am a deep intellectual thinker and I like thinking outside of the box and to know the unknowable. So, people who have this defined channel are often channels, mediums like we, we are getting information that other people aren’t talking about, and we have this inner knowing that this information is good and it’s just coming from the divine and we don’t need

[00:29:08] pages and pages and pages of research, and we don’t need thousands and thousands and thousands of experiments to know because we are the channel of the thinker, and we’re bringing in the information with the inner knowing to pass on to you and to know the unknowable. Again, this is when we’re in highest expression of this.

[00:29:28] And a lot of low expression of this is overthinking, second guessing, doubting, et cetera. And my third channel is the channel of initiation. So, this is about penetrating new frontiers, bridging between the material and the spiritual world, which is so me, and this is probably, I don’t know, I would say my coolest channel because it combines the gate, the love of spirit.

[00:30:01] So that’s the love of connecting to the spiritual realm with the shock of initiation. And a lot of people who have had this, had this channel defined, have had something like a near death experience, which was my shock, which I had in 2009. And again, it gets back to that penetrating new frontiers and bridging.

[00:30:26] And my gosh, when you look at these three channels, you know, I feel called to teach this work, so I’m, right now I’m pretty high expression of all of it. And please know, I haven’t always been, you know, I’ve been in low, very low expression of my human design type for most of my life, but I’m now in higher expressions because I feel called to teach this work.

[00:30:51] And you can see just this example of me teaching these five spiritual gifts, how in alignment I am to my channels. You know, this is just telling me I am in alignment to these three channels. I am an expression of my gift. I’m doing the work I’m meant to. So, if you’ve never, if you are new to human design, it’s a pretty easy thing to do.

[00:31:18] You just run your chart and most charts actually have it on there. Your channels that are defined will show up on the chart and just do a Google search on all three. I’m being certified right now in Quantum Human Design. I’m just about done with level two, you guys. Woohoo. And so, if you need a good book to read about this, I recommend Understanding Human Design.

[00:31:44] This is her first book. This is more about traditional human design, but she now teaches quantum human design, which is more of like next level human design. And this book we’ll leave a link in the show notes for you to check that out. And Karen Curry Parker has agreed to be a guest on Soul Guide Radio.

[00:32:02] So that episode will be coming out in a few weeks, so stay tuned for that. So, bringing your human design type together with your unique spiritual gifts is so powerful. So, if you’re a black belt in human design and you’ve been at this for a while, this can be really a way for you to embody your design

[00:32:23] type one level deeper. And if you’re brand new to it, lean into the simplicity of it. Take it one bite at a time. Run your chart. We will leave a link in the show notes to a site that I recommend, and Karen Curry Parker recommends for you to get your chart so it’s most accurate and just check out your channels and start exploring into

[00:32:47] what, you know, what am I being called to create or to illustrate for others that would put me in alignment to my defined channels? And again, that is just one way to use your chart to align to all this. There are many, many more which we will explore in future episodes. Okay. Moving on to the five-step process to creating from your genius.

[00:33:14] And this is. Because these are spiritual gifts. It’s always in brackets, in co-creation with the spiritual realm. So, because we’re co-creating with the spiritual realm, we want to get out, go out of your mind, get out of your mind, get out of your thinking mind, which when you make, when you think about it, I have a defined head center.

[00:33:35] I’ve got the channel of the thinker like if I’m not careful, when I’m in low expression of myself, I am a head case. I’m just like, I have so many parts of my human design type that is all about active thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking. So that’s why it’s so important for me to, you know, pivot my awareness down, go into my body.

[00:34:05] To give my thinking mind a rest, but what makes my channels unique? The way they come together is that I have this powerful thinking, and I also have this powerful connection to spirit, which again, makes me uniquely suited to be teaching the work I’m teaching, because yes, I’m talking about co-creation with the spiritual realm, but how I present this information to you, I mean, it’s just a vast, vast, vast, endless, you know,

[00:34:40] Like, there’s so many different ways I could present this information to you, and I think that it’s very easy that it could get presented to you in a way that’s so, in a way that’s difficult for you to integrate into your experience, and I think a huge part of my genius is getting profound deep insights from the spiritual realm and presenting it to you in a way that is simplified and easeful.

[00:35:14] And easily integrated into your experience so you can actually benefit from the insights. And that’s just an example of how my channels, which are in some ways quite different, work in tandem. And you can find that alignment in your energy, in your human design type with your spiritual gift of teaching.

[00:35:39] This alignment will come together with this five-step process, and this is all, again, if you took it on a cerebral way, if you just allowed your thinking mind to try to figure this all out, I think you’d get lost and overwhelmed pretty quickly because there’s a lot of different moving parts here. So, this is why we really want to sink into the body, connect to our higher self, go into the feeling,

[00:36:12] you just your inner knowing of how this all works together and let that guide you. And this is what this five-step process will enable you to do. Okay? As all things. We’re gonna start with the breath to quiet our thinking mind to go out of our mind,

[00:36:33] right? We’re gonna pivot our awareness down, sink into the body. Place your awareness on your heart space located at the center of your chest, Connect to your heart center.

[00:36:50] Then we’re gonna set the intention to connect to your higher self and to your divine support team.

[00:37:01] And now once you’re in this energy, this is really when the five-step process begins when you feel like you have this connection. And this particular five step process is really five questions. Five questions you’re asking your higher self. And so, after asking each question, you want to perceive what you receive to be coming back in response.

[00:37:29] So step number one is asking the question. What part of my unique genius wants to be expressed at this stage in my life? What part of my unique genius wants to be expressed? So, in this, you know, just call up a feeling again, it’s okay if the right words don’t arrive. Call up a feeling. Maybe you get a vision of you actually expressing your genius in a certain way.

[00:38:12] Just allow whatever wants to arrive, to arrive.

[00:38:19] Step two is asking, what am I being called to illustrate or create? What am I being called to illustrate or create?

[00:38:35] So do you see yourself having a conversation with someone writing a book, speaking, painting, exercising, making other people laugh in a certain way, singing in a certain way, dancing in a certain way? What are you being called to illustrate or create or do? It’s really, this is really about your state of doing.

[00:39:05] What are you being called to do, to be in expression of your unique genius and in connection with your spiritual gift of teaching. Step three is asking, what is the medium? So, the medium is the where and the who. Where will you be illustrating your genius and for whom? Is it a book? Is it a one-on-one coffee?

[00:39:38] Is it a dance studio? Is it a standup comedy stage? Where are you and who are you serving? Number four. This is powerful you guys. This is why you’re smart to still be listening to this. What is the larger potential? What is the larger potential of your creating from your genius? And it’s important to ask this question because we tend to, we are sort of wired to think smaller than what our potential actually is.

[00:40:17] So this is the process of expanding out your potential to the bigness it’s wired for and giving yourself permission to flex those dream big muscles. What is the larger potential of your creation for the people you’re feeling called to serve?

[00:40:45] And step number five is asking, what am I being called to do? And this is really in the near term, today, tomorrow, this week, what am I being called to do to gain energetic momentum? So maybe you just got a big vision. Maybe you listen to the last week’s episode on the Gift of Manifestation, and you called in a big vision for your life, for your work, and maybe you, that vision is far, far away from where you are today, and that can feel a little overwhelming.

[00:41:24] How do I get from here to there? Well, the way to do it is to focus on your next step. Always, always focus on your next step. So, you call in the vision, and then, what is my step for today or tomorrow? And so that’s really what this question is about. What is my next step? What is my best next step to gain that energetic momentum to bringing my vision into my manifest reality?

[00:41:55] What am I calling to do to gain energetic momentum? So, if you can sit with your higher self and your divine guidance team and ask these questions and receive the answers, and then follow up in small, I call them buffalo steps. They’re small steps. You know, you don’t follow up in big steps. You follow up in small steps, but they’re small, consistent steps.

[00:42:25] You will start to make momentum faster than you can imagine. All right, you guys, this was a very, very fun episode for me to record. Thank you for staying with me to the end. To do a little recap, we have five parts to our gift of teaching. That’s the illustrating of your unique genius. So that’s part one.

[00:42:50] What is your unique genius? Part two is what you’re being called to create, co-create with a spiritual realm from your unique genius. Part three is the medium. What is the medium? So where are you creating or illustrating and for whom? Part four is your human design type, and you can start with your defined channels.

[00:43:19] And part five is the five-step process I just took you through and it’s really five questions. What part of my genius wants to be expressed? What am I being called to illustrate or create? What is the medium and for whom? Four. What is the larger potential? Five. What am I being called to do, in the coming days to gain energetic momentum?

[00:43:45] And my invitation for you is to spend some time unplugged, connected to your divine guidance team to ask your divine guidance team those five questions. Get out a journal or you can get out a voice recorder, however you, works best for you, but record down what you perceive to receive, and I invite you to follow up, do one step and follow up to gain that energetic momentum.

[00:44:18] And I’m here to mirror the truth back to you and the truth is your intended audience of your genius, they don’t want what you have to offer. They need it on a soul level. So, the work you do is so important and there’s no one on the planet better designed to offer it than you. All right, my dear ones.

[00:44:46] Thank you so much for staying here to the end. I really appreciate it. And as I mention, I have a course coming up. It’s called My Soul Blueprint. We are going to be deep diving into all of the five spiritual gifts. I’m gonna be teaching you exactly how to clarify your unique gift, how to fit your human design type into it so you can amplify your gifts to higher and higher levels.

[00:45:14] This will enable you to call in clear, unquestionable downloads from your divine guidance team. This will give you an alignment to your soul purpose and path that you have never experienced before. And when you have that alignment, you go into a joy state that is higher than anything I could put into words.

[00:45:35] And when you are in your joy state, your highest dreams and intentions and desires fall in your lap with an ease and an awe that leaves you breathless every time it happens, and those are the results you can expect to receive from spending 10 high vibe weeks with me. This class is so high value for its cost, so I do invite you to take a look.

[00:46:05] Go to the show notes, go to my website. And there’s a link for my soul blueprint, and we will also leave a link in the show notes to my calendar. If you wanna hop on my calendar for a free intuitive consultation to ask me about the course, you can book a time there. Thank you so much, my dear one for tuning in.

[00:46:29] And I know that there’s a piece of you inside that says, I can hear your inner voice sometimes saying, could my gifts be as big as I feel they are? And I’m here to mirror the truth back that they are bigger and as always, until next time, may your soul guide the way.

[00:47:00] Are you ready to fill your business with soul clients in the next 60 days? Then download my free energy upgrade meditation to amp up your energy frequency, dissolve the doubt and attract the soul clients you are destined to serve. Find a link to download on my website,, as well as in the show notes.