Magnifying your Spiritual Gift of Manifestation

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When you think about manifestation, your mind might immediately jump to manifesting money or attracting a soul mate.

But when it comes to your unique spiritual gifts, the gift of manifestation – also known as “the vision” – is your key to clarifying your higher aligned self. ✨

In other words, this is the gift you use to see into the future to receive “the vision” for the full expression of your potential.🔮

It’s also how we access our energetic alignment, so we can see and feel if we are on track or if some tweaking and refining is necessary.

 As you can see, it’s a very powerful gift that will help us to align to the vision we want to arrive into our experience with joy, ease and flow. 💖

 So, of course, we want to magnify its power! 🔎

 And that’s exactly what we are exploring in this episode, which is part 3 of an incredibly special 5-part series to explore our 5 key spiritual gifts. 🔑

>> PRESS PLAY ON THIS EPISODEMagnifying Your Spiritual Gift of Manifestation to learn how to magnify your spiritual gift of manifestation to get next-level clarity regarding your highest vision of soul-aligned success 💫

In this episode, I reveal:

  • The 5 parts to our gift of manifestation 🤚
  • How to use this gift to identify your highest vision of soul-aligned success 🔮
  • The 5-step process to POWERFUL and timely manifestation 💗


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Spend some time with your Divine Guidance Team and ask them to co-create with you a higher vision of soul aligned success. 

[00:00:00] Oh, hi. Before this episode gets officially underway, I have an important message for you. If you’re a soul guided leader, lightworker, coach, healer, entrepreneur, or truth seeker, our energy is upgrading as I speak. This means you can amplify your five spiritual gifts or the gifts we use to connect to and co-create with the spiritual realm.

So, if you’re feeling called to connect and co-create at higher and higher levels then I invite you to join me for my Soul Blueprint. My Soul Blueprint is a 10-week course that reveals how to amplify your five spiritual gifts in a way that you can clarify and align all aspects of your big soul mission. Start believing in yourself so completely that you become unstoppable and leave the massive mark you’re destined to. Learn more

[00:01:00] and sign up at forward slash My Soul Blueprint and you can find a link in the show notes.

Hello dear ones I love, L O V E, the topic of discussion for today. I’m not gonna warm you up too much here with too much warmup banter because I have so much amazingness to be sharing with you today, and it’s fun, and it’s exciting and it’s cutting edge. And we’ll be unpacking our spiritual gift of manifestation as this is episode number three

of a five-part series to explore our five key spiritual gifts. In the previous two episodes, we explored our gifts of intuition [00:02:00] and healing, and if you haven’t had a chance to check those episodes out yet, I would hit pause here cause they do kind of create a nice little slow starting with intuition into healing and then into manifestation.

Because our gifts, they’re like, if you imagine the five gifts, like a pie, a piece of a pie, and they all come together to form a very cohesive wheel, and that wheel is your unique soul blueprint. So, when you bring your unique five spiritual gifts together and they are intuition, healing, manifestation, teaching and leadership.

You get a vision, you get a deeper level of clarity regarding your unique soul blueprint, and that includes your intuitive languages, your soul mission, your soul contracts, your higher vision of success, your unique genius, your [00:03:00] embodiment. And it’s pretty exciting stuff. And as a reminder, our spiritual gifts are the special divine power given to us by source.

It’s how we connect to and co-create with the spiritual realm. And before we dive any deeper, I do wanna pause here to read a listener review because I think it speaks to our topic for today, and this listener review comes to meet from Jenne Sharp. So, thank you, Jenne and she says, I love the ideas that Allyson brings forward as an intuitive guide for other soul led entrepreneurs.

Subscribed and will continue listening. Thank you so much, Jenne and I love that you call me an intuitive. Because I really feel like that’s what I am, and I’m [00:04:00] trying to create, and I’m trying to inspire other intuitive guides. And if you feel like you have a soul guide or an intuitive guide inside of you and maybe you, maybe you already feel that strongly, then I really want to be here to help you go next level with that.

And if you’re just tapping into it, just tapping into your intuition and discovering who you are, then I’m hoping to help you live into that truth deeper. And these five spiritual gifts that I’m talking about in this series are here to help lead the way. And Jenne I wanna thank you for those kind words.

If you are feeling so inspired to leave me some feedback regarding how Soul Guide Radio has made a difference in your life, I invite you to do that. I’ll read your beautiful words on the air, and there’s a link to leave reviews in the show notes. So, let’s get to it. In today’s episode, I reveal the five parts to our [00:05:00] gift of manifestation,

how to use this gift to identify your highest vision of Soul aligned success, and the five-step process to powerful and timely manifestation. I’ll end on an invitation that’ll have you getting next level clarity regarding your highest vision of soul aligned success. So, I promise you’ll wanna stay with me until the end.

Welcome to Soul Guide Radio, a podcast for soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs here to bring about change on a massive level. We’ll explore how you can activate your big soul mission, amplify your spiritual gifts, and clear the energy blocks weighing you down so you can gain unstoppable momentum in life and business.

I’m Allyson Scammell your host and Soul Guide. [00:06:00]

Hey there Soul Guide Circle, that is the name of this community of soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs. In the Soul Guide Circle, we have big soul missions, and we yearn to earn more, serve more and grow spiritually along the way. If you aren’t already a member, then I invite you to join our Facebook group of nearly 2000 leaders and light workers who are in service to each other and the planet.

Find a link to join my dear one on my website,, or in the show notes. Today we are exploring our spiritual gift of manifestation. And this is also known as the vision. We access our visions of higher, more aligned potential and who we are meant to be within our gift of manifestation.

This is the gift we use to see [00:07:00] into the future, to receive the higher vision regarding what we’re meant to do and who we’re meant to become. This is also where we access our alignment. To find out how in or out of alignment we are to that vision. So, we know what tweaks and refines need to be done to allow the vision to arrive into our experience with joy, ease, and flow.

And so, let’s start with the five parts to our gift of manifestation. And the first part is your higher energy frequency or something I call the HEF. And what is the HEF? That is, I mean, simply put, it’s the next level you, if you look at your dominant energy frequency, which is the second part of our gift of manifestation.

So, let’s go, [00:08:00] let’s take the first two parts together, our dominant energy frequency is the energy that we’re vibrating at any given moment. So right now, I have a resonance as I’m sitting here in my office looking at my notes. I don’t normally have too many notes for my episodes, but I have more notes for this because I have more to share and I wanna make sure I share with you in a nice way for you to integrate.

So, I have my notes in front of me. I’m looking out my window. And I am deeply rooted in my heart space and my heart energy, and I’m just sort of in a flow state right now. So, this means, and this is the state I invite myself into every time I record a podcast episode for you. And it’s a pretty high vibrational state.

It’s probably higher than, I’m getting a yes. So yes, it is higher than [00:09:00] my dominant energy frequency because that is the frequency that you spend most of your day, week, month in. So, we vibrate according to our emotional states and our states of being. So, if we are in a state of neutrality, you know, we’re vibrating, if you

look at this. I’ve talked about this before. So, if you see it as a vibrational, as a scale, Between zero and a thousand neutrality is somewhere around 250. Okay. And then if you, as you move up the scale, you know, Acceptance is 350, reason 400, love 500, joy 540, peace, 600, and then enlightenment, which some people call God consciousness somewhere between 700 and a thousand.

So, our dominant frequency is where we are today, like [00:10:00] what emotions do you spend most of your day in? Right? Is it depression? You know, is it one of those lower frequencies? Anger is 150, Fear 100, guilt and shame is around 20 and 30, or is it somewhere around neutrality? Is it somewhere around reason?

And so, the goal here is not to spend a hundred percent of our day in a blissed-out state of joy. We are human and we are meant to experience the range of emotions. We are meant to have contrasts. So, we are meant to spend a portion of our day also in low vibrational states. That’s where we access our healing,

which I talked about in the last episode and what I mentioned in that episode is healing is the key. So healing is the key actually to unlock the higher and higher doors of our gift of manifestation and to get to higher and higher energetic [00:11:00] frequencies. And to get to that key, we have to dip down before we leap back up.

So, the goal here, really where the intention is to spend more and more of our day in higher and higher frequencies, and we do that through healing and alignment. So, your higher energy frequency is that version of yourself that you’re growing to. It’s if you were to grow in highest alignment, if you did all the healing, you did all the work, and you were showing up in true authenticity, right?

Where would you be in a year or two or five? What is that version of yourself? And most importantly, what are you vibrating at? What is your state of being? What is your embodiment, which we’re gonna be talking about more in our gift of leadership. [00:12:00] And what is your emotions? Are you in exhilaration or are you in peace?

Are you in wild creativity or are you in harmony or some combination of both? And as I explained in a previous episode, you know, one important feeling state for me to experience is harmony, but I have a very specific approach and way I experience harmony. So, the way I experience it may be very different than the way you do it, but it could still be a dominant feeling, state or core valued feeling state that we share.

So, and I covered this a bit in our gift of intuition, how important it is to do some soul guided visioning, which I’m gonna be talking about here in one sec. So, you start to see into the future, you to see what are, what is this higher energetic [00:13:00] frequency when I’m in it, to get as much clarity on that energy frequency today as you can.

And that’s gonna help you bring that vision of yourself into your experience with greater ease, flow, and speed. And this is truly the essence of our gift of manifestation. So, I’m gonna be talking a little bit here about this higher energy. Energy frequency is really the vision. It’s really the higher vision.

And we are going to be talking about in a second how to tap into that vision. So that’s the first part of the five parts. The second part is our dominant energy frequency. So that’s where you spend most of your experience today. Okay. And then the third part to your gift of manifestation is the alignment.

So that means how do you align to that higher [00:14:00] vision and the great way to do that is to do what I call a TFA Check in a thoughts, feelings, actions, check in, and you ask yourself a bunch of questions. So, what are my primary thoughts regarding my higher vision? Are they supporting me or are they telling me it’s not possible?

What are my primary feelings about my higher vision? Are they exhilaration, freedom, creativity, love, joy, or are they fear, intimidation, doubt, lack of self-worth, that you’re able to step into that. And then actions. What action states are you being called to? What states of doing? So, what are you being called to do?

What are you calling to be to align to this next energy? And so, other ways to, to check into your alignment. You can also ask, what is my number one [00:15:00] energy leak? Because we cannot step into the next version of ourselves if we are burned out and exhausted. We step into our next level when we are in,

when we are rested, when we have the energy to do it, and it’s simply not possible to do it from an extremely depleted state, which that is where a lot of us find ourselves in this culture of overdoing. We have a collective wound that you have to over give to receive. You have to give a pound of flesh.

I call it the pound of flesh wound, which I totally have, that you have to give a pound of flesh in order to experience success or happiness, and that’s just simply an illusion. That is a wound that we go back to our gift of healing to heal from, because the truth is we can only step up [00:16:00] to our next level when we do have the energy when we are in a flow state.

And the truth is that we are meant to be expanding and growing. Our soul is wired for growth, so, as we go along our path in this lifetime, we are meant to be growing and growing to higher and higher levels, and we can only access those higher levels when we have the energy to. So, we really are meant to be rested.

We are meant to have access to this energy so we can grow. So, if there’s any wound inside of you telling you that you have to work to the point of depletion or you don’t deserve rest, you don’t deserve pleasure, you don’t deserve to take time out to your day to go for a walk. That’s a wound.

That’s an energy leak, you know, depleting energy from you, and that is [00:17:00] pulling you down vibrationally. That’s what our wounds do. They keep us at lower frequencies. So, in this very, very powerful alignment process, all we’re doing, we all have ’em, right? So, it’s not like, ugh, I’m gonna sit here and judge and criticize myself because I have these energy leaks and these pull downs.

We’re just gonna say, I know I have them. Which one is pulling me down today? Right? That’s just it. If you remember from our gift of healing, Healing, isn’t part of the path, it is the path. So, what is my energetic vibrational pull down for today is a great question to ask, and then when what you receive as an answer, you wanna release that and you can listen more about that in the gift of healing. Release that, and when you release those heavy blocks, those heavy resistances, you rise.

Your [00:18:00] frequencies get higher and you’re all, then all of a sudden, your dominant energetic frequency is all of a sudden at a higher vibration, and that’s when we start, that’s the alignment to bringing in that higher you into your experience. Okay, so the fourth part of the gift of manifestation is your human design type.

So, the human design type will always be your fourth part. And there are many, many, many ways to use human design to align your gift of manifestation. And I’m just gonna give you two simple ones that if you are a black belt in human design, this will be a nice reminder to you, and if you’re brand new to it, this will be easy for you to integrate into your experience.

So, if you look at your human design chart, you’ll see four arrows around your head, either pointing towards your head or pointing away from the head center. So, if you look, [00:19:00] as you look, like, if you’re holding it in front of you on a piece of paper as you, look at the bottom right hand arrow. If that arrow is pointing towards the head, you’re gonna have a more masculine approach to your visions, your goal streams and intentions.

If it’s pointing outwards away from the head, you’ll have a more feminine approach. So, what does that mean? A more masculine approach to dreams, intentions and manifestation is you wanna, you’ll wanna get more specific. You’ll wanna talk about numbers if you’re setting dreams and intentions for your business.

You’ll wanna, you know, think about what color, how many, where are you, what are you, try to get as detailed and specific as possible, but always following what feels good. So, if you’re ever getting so specific that it doesn’t feel good, then you can ease up a little bit. [00:20:00] But I, for example, I have a masculine manifestation arrow, and I actually find the more specific I get in my dreams and my tension intentions, the more

excited and inflow and alignment they get. However, I don’t rack my brain and get into an overly analytical state to get the details of my visions. I ask questions and I ask questions such as, how could it get better than this? Is a primary question I ask when I’m thinking of my higher dreams and intentions.

So, if I think to myself, Well, I’m gonna be running a new program and I wanna sell it out to 15 people, Okay, good, but how can I get it better than that? Well, I wanna sell it out to 15 soul clients. Well, how can I get better than that? Well, I wanna have a launch [00:21:00] that is absolutely exhilarating and fun for me.

Well, how could it get better than that? I wanna call in people who are really ready to do the work and they’re ready for next level success. Soul aligned success. So, they’re gonna receive so much from the program that it’s gonna change their life forever and put them on a path of massive success in their own lives and massive impact to the planet.

Well, how could it get better than that? So, every time I ask the question, I’m getting more and more excited and guess what’s happening? My vibration is raising higher and higher and higher. So, I am getting specific, but it’s not because I’m number crunching, I’m up in my brain trying to figure it all out.

I’m asking open ended questions. I’m allowing these specifics to arrive to me. Okay. And that’s the beautiful way to get more specific. Okay. So, if your arrow is pointing out and you take a more feminine approach, that means you don’t [00:22:00] want to get, Get as specific as you can and it still feels good. Cause getting specific is always gonna help you with your manifestation, but only if it feels good.

If it doesn’t feel good, it’s actually not gonna help you. So, for a feminine approach to dreams and intentions, think about how you want to feel. You know, go to those core valued feeling states, those states of being, and tap into that energy. And then from that energy you can ask the question, well, how can it get better and how can it get better?

And how can it get better? And I just invite you to see what you receive, and maybe a feeling state that you didn’t realize was important to you will arrive. So, with this feminine energy, you really wanna get into states of being, an emotion and let that drive your dreams and intentions. And as I said, there’s so many ways to use human design [00:23:00] to help you with your gift, help you align to your gift of manifestation.

And I’m just offering two simple ones here, but there’s much, much deeper to go there and we will explore this deeper in future episodes. And the fifth part of the five parts of our gift of manifestation is the actual process, your unique process of manifestation. And we all have a slightly different process, but they all, I think all of our processes follow similar themes and I’ll be taking you through those that five-part process in just a sec.

So, let’s move on to how to use this gift of manifestation to identify our higher and higher visions of soul aligned success. So, this is what I call soul guided visioning. And you guys, if you’ve been in my world for a while, you’ve probably been through a soul guided visioning exercise with me. And it’s always a beautiful thing to do.

This is like, soul guided [00:24:00] envisioning is not a one and done thing. This is something that really if you did on the daily, it’s just gonna help you flex this, your gift of manifestation, and help you get more and more powerful with it, and help you get more clarity and help you reach those higher and higher energy frequencies.

And this accelerates your alignment. So how I teach Soul guided visioning is you want to take some deep breaths. Drop into the heart space, and you really wanna convene your divine guidance team, and you wanna co-create your vision with them. So, you’re asking your higher self to actually present you with a vision, a higher vision of you.

In higher alignment, higher creativity, higher energetic resonance, higher contribution to the planet, higher service to others, higher abundance, joy peace, creativity, fill in the blank. Whatever it is you wanna bring into your experience, [00:25:00] this is where we’re flexing our gift of intuition. So, you really start to see how these gifts all play together, as well as your gift of leadership.

Because we’re talking about who we are, this is our embodiment. like, this is a higher vision of ourselves. Like, what are we embodying when we’re in this higher vision? And I have to like give you a little example here of like how this can play out. So, I’ve been doing a lot of, I myself am on a lot of other podcasts as a guest because I enjoy doing it.

It’s a great way to get in front of new audiences. It’s a, I love connecting to other hosts of other podcasts. It’s a great way to build my peer network if you will. And the first time I was on a big podcast, it was ranked globally in the top 1%. It was a host who I knew, I wouldn’t say as a friend of mine, but someone who I know, but she just had a, like [00:26:00] her, this podcast got a lot of downloads in a month.

And then if she kind of recommended, she had a lot of influence in her audience, so if she recommended somebody sign up for a product or something that really carried a lot of weight with people, and I noticed that I was nervous to be a guest on her podcast. And I also, that made me realize that I hadn’t been nervous for a while in my business.

And the reason why is because I think I had plateaued a little bit. You know, things were going well. I was in a dominant, energetic frequency, which was pretty comfortable. And I realized that how much I really loved being in these nerves. Yeah, it was a bit uncomfortable, you know, but it was also exciting and exhilarating and I was, and I really felt like it was an up level.

And I felt myself, and I said to myself, I don’t want to be on her show and [00:27:00] just come across as some like fan. I wanna be on her show and be like a peer. So, it’s like two peers talking. I wanna raise myself to her energetic frequency. So, she and I are a match and it’s not just me looking up to her, but we’re, you know, having a peer-to-peer exchange.

So, I set that intention and I have the nerves, right? And then it was time to record, and I got on and I really felt like I just slayed it. I showed up. I was in this high vibrational frequency. And it felt amazing, and I really had stepped up to a higher version of myself. I had nerves. It felt uncomfortable, but it also felt, I felt called to it.

I felt exhilarated. I did it. And then guess what? I stayed there. I stayed at that higher place. And I really, I felt that it was such a, I was so mindful to it all. This happens to all of [00:28:00] us all the time, right? This upleveling. And often we don’t even recognize it or see it, but in this particular example, I felt it.

I felt this energetic bump up and I stayed up and I realized that two years ago, three years ago, I was the person I saw in my visions. Because I had been doing soul guided visioning about being on bigger and bigger podcasts, being confident, being an authority in my field, being an in-demand person that people wanted to invite into their shows.

And I had arrived. I had arrived to the visioning I had done two and three years prior. And it felt amazing, and it also made me realize that I hadn’t been pushing myself enough because it is easy to plateau energetically when your energy feels more or less good. You know, when you’re not in a pain place or resistance place, the life is pretty good.

You know, business is [00:29:00] pretty good. You know, creativity is pretty good. You can stay there with relative ease, but our souls are not wired to stay in any one place for very long, so I realized I needed to keep doing it, keep pushing my edges, keep getting higher and higher visions, keep going to that edge of my comfort zone where it feels uncomfortable and you’re nervous and the what ifs and I could screw up and people may not like it.

All those things. And you push, you know, you release the resistance and go to those higher and higher versions of ourselves. And that’s what we’re talking about here. And it’s a never-ending process. Okay? So you’re creating, you’re convening your divine guidance team to be getting that next vision, that next vision, that next vision.

So deep breaths. You go to the heart space; you convene your divine [00:30:00] guidance team. You know, ask for your spiritual helpers, and you ask them to present you a higher vision of yourself in the future. And the best thing at this point is to allow the vision to unfold as much as you can, and you’re just perceiving what you’re receiving to be coming back in response from your divine guidance team.

And where do you see yourself? What are you doing? And especially for you feminine manifestors, what are you feeling? What is your higher energy frequency? What is your state of being? What is your embodiment? And you just wanna notice as much as you can notice about who, all of those things. Okay, so that is the process of getting the vision.

And the more you do this, the more clear your [00:31:00] visions will get and the bigger your visions will get. Cause we really aren’t meant to be dreaming small and dreaming big takes practice. It takes practice to continually dream big. And you’re always gonna have this voice that’ll come in, in some way, shape, or form to say, I’m not sure that’s possible.

And sometimes that voice will get weaker and weaker and weaker, but something will come in to say, well, you got too much on your plate. Well, you know something at a certain point will come in to tell you that the vision will be not possible or difficult. That’s your resistance talking. Having on the daily, on the weekly, a practice of soul guided visioning where you’re pushing yourself to, to bring in bigger and bigger visions of you impacting in greater ways, you experiencing more joy.

Let me just give you another example of this. So, like I was thinking about [00:32:00] the year 2022 and how much income I was gonna bring in. And I was like, Oh, wow, that’s really great income. Like, that’s just amazing that my business could bring in that much income. And then I was like, kind of like, huh, what would I even do with it?

I just kind of got stuck, like, oh, you know, I could, I was thinking really small. I was just like, oh, well I could get a new bookshelf for my office. That would be cool. I wanna get a new chair. I’m the kind of person where something has to, like right now, you guys, I’m like, my desk chair is withering away,

there’s like pieces of it are falling. The stuffing is coming out. I really need a new desk chair, but it’s this weird thing. Another block that I have, like it has to be worn out to smithereens before I can get a new one. So, this is my desk chair. So, I have, so this block actually affects my visioning. It affects my gift of manifestation because it makes me think small in many regards. [00:33:00]

So, I’m thinking about what am I gonna do with my business income for the year? And I noticed myself thinking really small and it’s like, no, I don’t wanna do that. And then I started to, you know, I’ve always wanted to have a second house and I would like to have a second house like on an island or in the south of France, like some beautiful, amazing place that’s like, just my second house.

It’s not an Airbnb, it’s my second house that I own. And then when I brought that in, and then I realized like, oh, that would require a lot of income, and then all of a sudden I felt the upleveling. I was like, Yeah, it’s gonna require more income and I’m gonna earn more income and I’m gonna be able to purchase an expensive second house.

In some fabulous location somewhere in the world. So, this is just the process of noticing when you are thinking small and it’s normally a block coming in that’s encouraging you to think small and we, you know, this all happens without us realizing it a lot of the times [00:34:00] and just flexing your muscle of dreaming big

and especially when that dream is coming from your higher self, it’s coming from your divine support team. It’s an aligned higher vision of Soul aligned success and getting into this process of just pushing those boundaries to think bigger, bigger, more expansive, more impactful, et cetera, Alright, so moving down and like the, this getting the soul aligned vision is very much part of the process of manifestation.

So, there’s a five-step process to powerful manifestation and step one is really inviting in the vision, and that’s what we just did. So, you wanna take the deep breath, go to your higher self, go to your heart space, call in your [00:35:00] higher self and say, Give me the higher vision. Allow it to unfold in your mind’s eye using your gift of intuition for it to appear.

And it can be a vision, it can be a feeling, it can be a sense, and inner knowing, it can be a message coming through of the higher vision, that is step one. You’re just gonna bring it into your experience. And I’m getting the nudge to like, do, let’s all do it together. So, I’m gonna do it for myself, and I have no idea what vision is gonna come through.

So, I’m just gonna, I’ve got tons of visions, right? Tons of dreams and ideals and next level versions of myself. So, let’s see what version wants to come through today to help illustrate how this works. Using my gift of teaching here, I’m gonna help illustrate how this process works. So deep breath in, exhale, I’ll pivot down to my heart space and I’m just gonna allow a vision to unfold of a higher vision. [00:36:00]

So, what’s coming through is my new program. It’s called My Soul Blueprint, and it’s a program that I feel so passionate about and I really wanna scale to larger audiences. So, more and more people can receive from this wisdom. So, in this vision I’m seeing you know, this very large, thriving global audience of light workers, leaders, people on the cutting edge of spirituality, those who will lead humanity to usher in a new age of higher consciousness and light workers using

the five spiritual gifts and how I teach it, like using it in their own lives and using it to help their people. And it’s really this [00:37:00] amazing ripple effect. And what I see is just this thriving, amazing global community. It’s mostly women, but it’s not all women. It’s very feminine in nature and this is not a new vision, but I’m telling you that this vision has really, really been clarified, and that’s what will happen.

The more you do this, the more you do this, you will get layers and layers of new clarity that will come through, and clarity is a powerful thing for manifestation. You don’t have to have clarity, especially if you’re a feminine Manifestor, however, clarity, if its soul aligned, clarity coming from the higher self, it will only accelerate the process of the vision coming into your manifest reality into the current moment.

So, the vision has arrived. I see it. I see this like global [00:38:00] audience of amazing high vibrational light workers who are wanting to be part of leading and ushering in a new age on planet earth where everyone can thrive. And the thing that’s coming through is this group of leaders is really gonna help set up new systems and structures as the old structures crumble down because we know they don’t work right?

And these we’re gonna be the leaders to usher in the new systems where everybody who chooses to plug in to these higher vibrational systems. Everyone who plugs into it from a place of love and connection can thrive. Oof. Okay, so now you go to step two. Step one, you call in the vision. Step two, you wanna engage your five senses

and this is really just to help you get clarity, and this is to help you get into [00:39:00] that higher energy frequency. So, in the vision, or in the gut feeling, or whatever’s coming to you, what do you see? If you could try to look, you know, you wanna stretch your intuitive gifts here. What do you see in the vision?

What do you see that surprises you? What do you hear? What do you taste? What do you feel? Can you touch something? What do you smell? Engage your five senses and really immerse yourself into the vision. So, in my vision here, I’m at the family farm where I grew up and I just, I see myself outside. I see myself cooking amazing, like really healthy food.

I see I’m gathering with a group of women there and we’re [00:40:00] laughing. We’re having so much fun, and we’re dreaming and scheming. We’re creating, we’re part, we’re in the process of creating some new system where everyone can thrive when they plug into it. And it’s really in service to the planet, in service to each other, and we’re in a state of wild creativity, and we’re eating delicious food.

We’re outside. We’ve got flowers planted around us. It smells amazing. The sun is shining. I can feel the sun in my face. There’s a cold breeze. I see like I’m having some like delicious, naturally flavored iced tea. It’s just an amazing vision, and as I’m engaging my senses, I’m feeling my energy raise higher and higher and higher in the vision, and I’m really immersing myself in the vision.

So that’s step two of the five step process to powerful manifestation. [00:41:00] Engage your five senses. Then step three is noticing the feeling states. So, what am I feeling? I’m feeling exhilaration. I’m feeling laughter. I’m feeling connection. I’m feeling contribution. I’m feeling wow, creativity. I’m feeling endless possibility.

I feel in this vision, I feel very limitless, like there’s just no boundaries around, like we could really change the world on a massive level. That limitlessness feels so amazing. Okay, so these are the emotional states I’m noticing. So these are my core, some of my core valued feeling states showing up.

Okay, so step four is to notice resistance. So, you might, this is where you’re, in step three, you’re kind of up in a higher state. Well, step four, you wanna dip back down. You’re kind of digging in here. All right. I see all these like happy [00:42:00] feeling states, but I’m gonna dig in and I’m gonna see if there’s any resistance and I’m gonna find it if it’s

big resistance. I’ll see it right away. But even if it’s teeny tiny resistance, that teeny tiny resistance will throw you off your path. So, you wanna dig down in and say, where is it? Like, grab your flashlight, I’m gonna find you, you, little pesky resistance. So, I’m just gonna grab a flashlight and I’m gonna ask my,

my vision to show, my divine guidance team to help show me the resistance that would be preventing me from bringing this vision into my experience. Ah, okay. So, I see myself, huh, this is cool. This is cool. I see myself at, I’m still my parents’ farm, but I’m at the desk. This is a great visual and I’m chained to my computer like ball and chain.

And this goes back to my pound of flesh wound. So, some of our, like this is a [00:43:00] primary wound for me and for a lot of us, but you might not have this wound as strong as I have. Like you have to really over give to receive. So, you wanna notice the wound you have, and if you’re relating to this wound, then welcome to the pound of Flesh Club.

And I’m seeing like this vision is saying, oh, for me to manifest such a big vision, I really will have to work myself silly. So, I see myself sort of chained to the computer. So how does it feel? So that’s like a feel and release right there. That’s hopping back over to our gift of healing. We wanna feel and release.

How does that make me feel? It makes me feel awful, tired, resentful, angry, bitter. There’s my, that’s my human design type showing. My not self-theme is bitterness. I feel super bitter, so I’m noticing these lower vibrational feeling states. You wanna feel and release. I’m just gonna give myself permission to feel these lower vibrational feels. [00:44:00]

Because I have a visual of me chain to a computer. I’m actually gonna become that visual. I’m gonna invite this visual to be become part of me. I’m gonna become myself chained to my computer, and that just helps me get into the feeling of the feels and this is how we release. This is why we wanna dip down.

It’s really to enable us to release, Ah, release, release, release. Now I feel the emotional wave starting to get less intense, so I’m going to start deep breathing release, release

and now you go to the juicy step five of the process. And you return to the feelings of the vision, but at the next level, because you just released this [00:45:00] resistance, now you invite yourself to go to higher and higher levels. Now I’m gonna go back to that vision of me laughing with the women and eating delicious food, and drinking sweet drinks and smelling flowers,

Changing the world and invigorated and enliven, and I’ve got plenty of energy and I’m not overworking and I’m in this beautiful, pure flow state, and I’m feeling this vision at a higher level than I could access before. I had released that resistance I just released. So, you returned to the vision at a higher frequency.

And in this higher frequency, you set the intention to turn on your inner knowing that this vision is going to arrive to your manifest reality either exactly as you’re envisioning [00:46:00] it or in some way better. So, there’s no reason to be attached because my inner knowing is on that this vision will occur as I’m

experiencing it or it will be even better. Oh my gosh, I told you this was gonna be fun. So, I gave you a lot of five stuff. So let me recap here for clarity before I get into today’s invitation. The five parts to our gift of manifestation is one, it’s your higher energy frequency. That’s who you want to become.

Step part two is your dominant energy frequency. That’s where you are predominantly today. Part three is the alignment. How can you ascend up and aligned to the higher vision? Part four is your human design type, how you can take that into [00:47:00] consideration in the alignment? Part five is the process for manifestation, and now you might find that you have a process that works more powerfully for you, and you should totally stick with that.

I am offering you one way to do it that is powerful. So, if you don’t have a manifestation process where you’re looking to try something different, I invite you to try this on for size. So that is step one of the five step process to powerful manifestation, invite in the vision. Step two is engage your five senses.

Step three is to notice your feeling states. Step four is to scan for any resistance and do a feel and release. And step five is return to the vision at a higher frequency and turn on your inner knowing that it is either this or something better. [00:48:00] My invitation for you this week is to spend some time in the next couple days here, while this is all fresh in your mind with your defined guidance team, to ask them to co-create with you a higher vision of soul aligned success.

If this is something you do a lot, I want you to push to invite in a bigger vision, more detail, more clarity, and if you’re on the newer side of this, I invite you to allow the vision to unfold and just notice what’s there. All right, guys. I hope that you loved listening to this episode as much as I loved recording.

May it serve you on your path. Next time we’ll be unpacking the gift of teaching, the spiritual gift of teaching, which is, really are, how we illustrate for others, it’s our state of doing. So [00:49:00] it’s not necessarily the traditional definition of teaching. It’s a little bit more nuanced, but I know you’re gonna love it.

And then we’re gonna round out the five-part series with our gift of leadership. And as always, until next time, may your soul guide the way.

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