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Get Clear on the Work You Feel Called to Do in the World

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Define “the work” you’re destined to do that will lift up humanity

The work you're doing in the world is so important!

I have an important message that I invite you to hear with your whole body.

So please, take some deep breaths with me right now. Three deep belly breaths.

(Long inhales…Long exhales…)

Sink into your body and connect to your heart energy (the area at the center of your chest.)

And receive this message from your heart:

“The work you’re doing in the world is SOOO important.”

Allow that to sink in for a minute.

Now notice…

Do you feel any resistance around that message?

Do you have any thoughts like…

“This message is for others, but not me.”

“That feels true at times, but then I doubt myself.”

“Yeah sure, Allyson I know that, but I don’t know where to go from here.”

If you do feel any resistance around this message, then let’s break it down.

First – What is “the work”?

This is “the work” your heart is calling you towards to make an impact on humanity. This is the work that enables you to create from the heart, express your genius, and experience true joy.

This is the work you’re meant to do on a soul level.

Second – what is “in the world.”?

This is how your work serves and impacts others. And you hold the potential inside you to impact others and the world in more powerful ways than you can imagine.

Third – what is “SOOO important”?

The planet is going through a shift to higher consciousness. This means systems will be rattling. Old dysfunctional ways of doing things will be breaking down to create space for new, more evolved ways to arrive.

You and your work are a key and essential part of this change. You are a Ripple Maker in this Ripple Effect to higher consciousness.

If you’re feeling this calling and are not sure what to do next, then it’s more simple than you think.

Here’s where you begin: Start talking about the work you want to be doing in the world.

And the first person to tell is YOU!

Meaning – get clear for yourself.

What is the story you want to be telling about the work you’re doing in the world?

What does this work look like, feel like, sound like, taste like?

How do you feel when you’re doing this work? How do the people you’re serving feel? What does your life look like?

If you’d like my support in getting clear answers to these questions, then…

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Get Clear on the Work You Feel Called to Do in the World

And define “the work” you’re destined to do that will lift up humanity

Hi, my name is Allyson.

I’m a master intuitive business coach, psychic medium, energy healer, and soul guide.

My mission is to help soul-guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs to amplify their intuitive gifts and activate their soul’s purpose so they can step into the full expression of their  potential.

Join me for this special 4-day workshop, and if you join live you’ll be eligible for a FREE psychic reading where I’ll look into your energy aura and provide you with guidance and insights that’ll enable you to grow to the next level.

I’ll also be offering FREE coaching soul seats for those who attend live.

I promise you that the work you feel called to do in the world is more important than you realize.

Humanity doesn’t want you doing this work, it needs you to be.

And the most exciting part is that we’re all in this together as part of the Ripple Effect to a more loving way of living and being on the planet.

See you there!

What People Say…

“Allyson has an amazing talent in combining practical business planning with deep intuitive soul guiding, with phenomenal results. She helped me to use the marketing tools I already knew in a way that felt authentic to me, deep in my soul. As a result, I am clear on where I’m going, and I know how to ask for deeper guidance.”
Terri Hofstetter
Intuitive Life Coach
“I started the year having no idea who I’m here to serve, and I now know my ideal client like the back of my hand. Allyson has helped me to tune in to my own wisdom – the wisdom that doesn’t come from books – and I can’t thank her enough for that.”
Sarah Whiteside
Life, Mindset, and Wellness Coach
“With Allyson’s approach, everything had a spiritual and inner aspect, and that appealed to me. When we started, I had a ton of resistance when it came to goal setting. But after working together and using the spiritual tools Allyson had to offer, she really helped me get through those blocks. That inner and spiritual work contributed so much to my business success. I am calling in clients now and people who really want to work with me. It’s exciting and feels great!”
Nina Berry
Coaching Parent and Mentor
“I'm attracting soul clients of huge value. My energy and happiness level have gone up because I’m not forever chasing and looking for more clients. I don’t have to do that anymore. I’m happier than I've ever been before. This work has brought me back to who I am - who I truly am."
Linda Rountree
Intuitive Transformational Life Coach
“Working with Allyson, I learned to quiet the negativity and listen to my inner knowing. And that put me on the right path energetically to bring in more clients. Right after I connected with my soul client avatar, my ideal clients started showing up with ease and flow. It was as if someone handed me my ideal client on a silver platter. I know now that when the customer is ready for me, then I appear for them. And it will be a more easeful and more beneficial relationship.”
Jayne Forrestt
Founder, The Coral Crab
“Since working with Allyson, business is booming! Incredible clients are showing up out of nowhere and with incredible ease. The barriers Allyson has helped me take down to my natural abundance is incredible and transformative. Even during the early stages of the pandemic, I doubled my business! Before working with Allyson, I was letting setbacks completely derail me. I wanted to be able to trust that the money would come and trust the process. But I felt that if I didn’t over effort, it wouldn’t happen. Now I’m experiencing life’s flow in a completely different way.”
Heather Douglas Mayer
Associate Broker

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