(3) I’ve Been Stuck on This High Vibrational Habit

“Even though I don’t yet know exactly what those alternatives are, I feel empowered to finally make the choices I’ve been wanting to make.”

The Week 3 Readout…

It’s week 3 of: My 5-week Experiment to Raise My Dominant Energetic Frequency!

To recap…our Dominant Energetic Frequency – or DEF – is our average energy vibration in a given day or week.

When we raise our overall DEF, we add more joy to our experience, manifest more powerfully, and align more fully to our highest dreams.

(To learn more about your DEF and the experiment, check out the Week 1 and Week 2 posts.)

If you’re joining me in the experiment, then this is the start of Week 3 for you and the end of Week for me – and I have some interesting insights to share!

Here’s a recap of the high vibrational habits from Weeks 1 and 2 I’m integrating into my day to raise my DEF:

  1. Meditate 2 times per day
  2. Walk every day in nature
  3. Exercise 4 times per week
  4. Stop drinking alcohol completely
  5. Choose to focus on the lemonade, not the lemons
  6. Notice the consistent vibrational pull downs from your average week
  7. Focus on progress over perfection

At the start of Week 3, my Higher Self again advised me not to add any new high vibrational habits until I was ease-fully incorporating the habits above.

I can report that I’ve made stellar progress on everything.. except for one habit.

This one has stumped me for years, in fact, and that’s high vibrational habit #4 to stop drinking alcohol completely.

You see, I love a glass of crisp rosé wine while sitting in the sun at an outdoor cafe.

But when I really stop to consider it: Do I REALLY love it? Does alcohol really make me happier? And more importantly, does it raise my overall DEF?

And the answer is a clear NO. The truth is alcohol makes me feel kinda sick, and it gives me brain fog. Alcohol also disrupts my sleep. And worse yet, whenever I don’t maintain my high vibrational habits, it’s almost always due to alcohol consumption.

So I spent the good part of Week 3 exploring why I’m resisting no longer drinking alcohol for good, and I uncovered this limiting belief, “It’s one of the ways I unwind and have fun. Without it, I don’t know what would take its place.”

This limiting belief made me feel defeated, sad, and even shame. And so I felt and released the resistance. Then, I received my next high vibrational habit from my Higher Self. And that is to:

  • Find alternatives to drinking alcohol that bring you JOY

For this habit, I asked my spirit guides for help and received this message:

You have the ability to use your high energy vibrations to experience natural highs that are better than any alcohol-induced buzz could ever give you.”

Even though I don’t know exactly what those alternatives are yet, I feel empowered to finally make the choices I’ve been wanting to make. 

My intention is to spend Week 4 exploring high vibrational alternatives to alcohol. I’ll report to you next week what I discover!
So how did I do for Week 3?

At the start of the week, my DEF was: 389 (out of 1000).

Now I receive from my Higher Self that my DEF is: 392. That’s only 3 points higher from last week and that’s OK, because it’s PROGRESS.

My invitation for you is to identify a habit that doesn’t feel good or no longer serves you that’s bringing down your DEF. 

And I invite you to explore into: Finding alternatives to (fill in the blank) that bring you JOY.

Approach your exploration with ease and self-compassion, and you’ll be well on your way to higher vibrations.

See you next Sunday for Week 4!

Until next Sunday, may your Soul Guide the way.

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