(1) My 5-Week Experiment to Raise My Energy Frequency

“To raise your DEF, you want to focus on the small, consistent changes or habits you’re feeling called to make to maintain higher frequencies.”

The Week 1 Readout…

I’m doing an experiment over the next 5 weeks, and I invite you to join me.

I am challenging myself to raise my Dominant Energetic Frequency (DEF).

Our Dominant Energetic Frequency – or DEF – is our average energy frequency.

You see, our energy frequency is in constant movement from higher to lower frequencies and back again.

When we’re feeling painful emotions, we vibrate at lower energetic frequencies. When we’re feeling joyful emotions, we vibrate at higher energetic frequencies.

When we raise our overall DEF, we are maintaining higher energy frequencies over time.

The beautiful part of our DEF is it cannot be faked or forced, so things like toxic positivity simply won’t work.

To raise your DEF, you want to focus on the small, consistent changes or habits you’re feeling called to make to maintain higher frequencies.

So let’s get going with:

My 5-week Experiment to Raise My Dominant Energetic Frequency

I started this one week ago, so here’s how my first week went…

I began by asking my Higher Self: “What is my current DEF?”

To help me answer this question, I use the Consciousness Scale developed by David R Hawkins that goes from 1-1000.

The number represents our energy frequency as it corresponds to our emotional resonance. So at:

  • 0-75 we’re feeling shame, guilt, apathy, or grief
  • 100-200 covers fear, anger, pride, courage
  • 250 is neutrality
  • 310-400 is willingness, acceptance, and reason
  • 500-600 is love and joy
  • 600-700 is peace
  • 700-1000 is enlightenment

It’s at 310, where we move into a creative energy and can intend the life we want to live.

When our DEF is below 300, we are in responsive mode to our outer reality.

Please know low frequencies are NOT BAD and high frequencies are NOT GOOD. Our painful emotions serve us in many powerful ways. 

The intention here is to heal, grow, and evolve so our DEF raises higher and higher over time. So with each passing day, week, month, and year, we are living a more intentional and joyful life.

I received the message from my Higher Self that my energy frequency was 347 at the start of the week. That was OK, but I knew I could be doing a lot better than that.

To help, I asked my Higher Self: What do I need to do or be to raise my DEF?

I received the following 4 answers:

  • Meditate 2 times per day

I already do this, BUT…the message I received from my spirit guides was: “Even if you’re traveling, super busy, or experiencing a big life challenge, don’t allow meditation to fall off your day.”

  • Walk every day in nature

Again, I already do this, BUT…the message was: “Don’t miss a day and spend MORE time in nature.”

  • Exercise 4 times per week

This I needed to work on! The message I received was: “Raise your heartbeat and break a sweat four times per week.” 

  • Stop drinking alcohol…completely

I typically have a glass or two of wine on the weekends. And in recent weeks, I’ve been drinking more alcohol than usual. The message I received was: “Alcohol pulls your energy frequency DOWN….way down.”

The truth is I did NOT do great with these four new habits at the start of Week 1. I have a lot of amazing excuses, but I won’t bore you with them.

The good news is by the end of the week, I found my groove. I was meditating, walking in nature, exercising, and not drinking alcohol like a champ!

So if I focus on perfection, I did poorly.

If I focus on PROGRESS, I did amazingly.

As we close out Week 1 of My 5-week Experiment to Raise My Dominant Energetic Frequency, my Higher Self tells me that my DEF is now: 357.

So I was able to raise my DEF by 10 energetic frequency points, which is good, but I’m motivated and inspired to raise things even higher for next week.

If you’re feeling called, I invite you to join the experiment with me.

Start by asking your Higher Self these 2 questions: 

  • What is my current DEF?
  • What are you calling me to do/be to raise my DEF?

Perceive what you receive coming back in response (or take your best guess).

I’ll be back next week with the readout from week 2. And together, let’s rise higher!

Until next Sunday, may your Soul Guide the way.

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