The Uncorked Conversation


The Uncorked Story

This is a heartfelt, “come full circle” episode. In episode #1, I share how the word “uncork” arrived to me, and this is the continuation of that story about my journey to uncorking. From the youngest age, we start corking up parts of ourselves in order to fit into our social groups and survive. We put layers around us for protection against the fears of how others might perceive us.

But the problem with corking up is that in the process, we cork up our core gifts, our true authenticity, and our true nature. When we do that, we make it much harder for our ideal audience to find us and to make the real, meaningful connections that we yearn for. In this episode, I share my journey to uncorking and offer some tips to help you uncork as well.

In this episode, we will explore:

  • What it means to uncork
  • How fear can keep us corked up, and
  • How uncorking enables our ideal clients, customers, and audience to find us with ease

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