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Three Steps to Uncorking Your Core Gifts

In this inaugural episode of The Uncorked Conversation with Allyson Scammell, Allyson talks about the verb “to uncork,” what it means and why learning to uncork can be a game changer in your life and business. She also offers 3 ways you can uncork your core gifts in your life and business today.

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The Uncorked Conversation Podcast with Allyson Scammell Episode #1: Three Steps to Uncorking Your Core Gifts


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This is the Uncorked Conversation with Allyson Scammell episode number one. Hello and welcome to the uncorked conversation a podcast for purpose driven passion filled women entrepreneurs who want to uncork big magic in their life and business without burning out.

We’ll get to the truth of how to uncork our gifts, the ones we keep hidden inside, and how to infuse those gifts into our personal and professional life in a way that feels like magic.

We’ll also uncover how to truly experience the joy of the journey through smart time management planning. I’m your host Allyson Scammell Let’s uncork.

Fellow my friends. Thank you so much for tuning in to this podcast which I am so excited to launch. I’m having this come full circle moment where I started my university experience studying broadcast journalism and I wanted to go into radio and broadcasting and reporting and then I eventually found the international world and Development and Humanitarian Affairs which called me towards it.

But I feel like I’m returning to one of my first loves because the podcasters 21st century talk radio. Right. And so I’m really really excited to be here and to be connecting to you. So I want to tell you what the uncorked conversation is and I want to spend. This first episode talking about the verb to UN calk. What does it mean and why it is so important to you and how it can be a game changer in your life.

So what is the uncorked conversation. It’s a real and truthful conversation about how we can uncork our core gifts. These are the core gifts you were born with that are uniquely and expressly you. Your purpose in life among other things is to share them. And we don’t share them with the world directly. We share them with the world indirectly but we do share them directly to our ideal people the people that we are here to serve.

And these are also the gifts we tend to caulk up. And hide away inside of ourselves because we were never taught how to identify them and infuse them into our lives. So what tends to happen. Is we operate from the shadow side of our gifts without even knowing it. I am going to be talking much more about shadow gifts and future episodes. So subscribe to this podcast and stay tuned so you can get this really really important game changing information that you can implement and incorporate into your life.

Today we’re going to focus on this verb to uncork. Which essentially means to lift any lid’s barriers. Layers peels protections that you have covering yourself. And covering up your authenticity your power your talents. Your purpose. And I want to tell you the story of how this verb to uncork which all the sudden became a huge part of my business and my brand how this word found me.

Cause it definitely found me. I was lucky enough last fall to spend several days on Martha Beck’s ranch as part of the combination of the master coaching certification program that I went through in 2017. And on one of those days the master coaches in training were able to do an e-commerce

coaching session with a master coaching course instructor Jennifer Voss who is completely brilliant

. And let me explain what EQUASS coaching is. It is essentially you being coached by a horse and what I mean by that is you get into a ring or a small pen with a worse who becomes that horse becomes a mirror of your emotions of your real true authentic emotions not the happy face that you put on in the exterior when inside you’re feeling scared or sad or mad or terrified or whatever it is. And the horse mirrors you and it mirrors your true emotions.

And so if you get connected. To the horse and you get connected completely to your authenticity and you are grounded in your truth you can get the horse to do pretty much anything you want it to. You can get it to run faster in a circle you can get it to follow you.

You can get it to lie down. I mean I’ve heard stories of EQUASS trainers who’ve done some incredible things with horses because they were so grounded and they were so connected to the horse that they were in the ring with them.

I grew up with horses. So the day that we did this EQUASS training at the retreat I was thinking to myself I am going to have a big experience because I know horses and I had seen this seemingly wild horse earlier in the day that was running around its pen and sort of snorting and stomping and I said to myself I want that horse.

So they were swapping horses out every two to three people and they weren’t getting that horse out and I just said to myself I’m going to wait until they do finally at the end of the day they get out the so-called wild horse and they take her to the ring where we were being coached and so I say I’m up.

So I get into the ring with this wild horse who is just looking at me like the most docile sweet thing I’ve ever seen. And our coach Jennifer who goes by Gebo was like All right Alison what do you want us to do. And I wanted the horse to do something really big and really powerful.

And really clear. But all it did was look at me with great hesitation and great second guessing and just unsure Edness because that’s what I was really feeling and the reason why I was feeling all this UNASUR timidness was because I had this thought at the time. And it was it’s a thought that comes to me from time to time whenever I’m trying to do something big and that thought is I am too much I am too much. Bigness I am too much power.

My goals are too big. I am too much for thinking I’m too much. And so therefore I must calk back. Up. Keep everything inside. Color inside the lines stay in my lane. I don’t want others to think I’m too much. And that is why the horse was looking at me with such great hesitation. And it was not doing anything I was asking it to do.

So finally Jay said Allison what do you want the horse to do. I just dug deep inside my heart. And I pretended that I was all alone and there was no one watching me. And I wanted that horse to run. I wanted that horse to run fast. So I connected to my power. My authenticity.

I went into my heart space and I felt it from there that space at the center of her chest. And I threw my hands up in the air and I made a sound. It wasn’t necessarily a loud sound but it was a powerful sound. It was kind of like a hiss and I started hissing at the horse. And it broke off and it was galloping around the ring powerfully.

Clearly in charge without hesitation and I felt completely uncorked in that moment. All of my bigness all of my power all of my authenticity was out and I didn’t care what anyone thought. I knew that my people the people I’m here to serve what love it. And no one else matters.

So therefore there was no reason to caulk up. There was no reason to be afraid to show my true authenticity. And so I kept hissing. My hands were in the air. The horse was galloping and it felt like magic. And then at some point. I got the thought.

I betcha the other coaches in training are thinking I’m too much right now. So. In that split second of having that thought. The thought I’m too much I corked everything back up. And I put it all back inside. And I stuffed it all in with a cork on top. And the horse stopped and looked at me with hesitation unsure.

Not knowing what to do next because that is what I was feeling on the inside. Now the question becomes how did I uncork. And how can you uncork your true nature and your life and business. Here are three things I did then. And I do now in my life to help myself on calk my core gifts. One and this is an important one.

I make sure I’m creating only for the people I’m here to serve when I’m creating for this unique group of women. Mostly I know they’ll love me no matter what. Even when I make a mistake I know they’ll support me.

I know they’ll think I’m great even when I’m messing up because they’re my peeps. I do I get out of bed everyday and I create and service to them. And they know it. And when you feel so connected. To a person or group of people. That are so supportive of you you feel safe. It’s connection of safety and security. For you just to be yourself.

And your people will love you just the way you are. And when you start thinking about other people and these are the people I call the looky loos look you lose are not your people. They may be benign they may not be but they follow your stuff read your stuff get in your orbit.

Out of curiosity out of jealousy out of boredom out of misguided ness and they’re just there to look at looky loo and be looky loos look at your stuff but they don’t really support you. They don’t really connect to you. They don’t buy from you. To be clear you’re not here to serve the lookee Lose Your Ass here to serve your ideal people.

So the number two thing I’d do to help myself uncork is I create from the heart space. What do I mean by that. I go to that area in the center of my heart and I create from there. I do not create from my mind. This is something that can take practice and that I’m going to be talking about more in future episodes.

So again subscribe and say stay tuned. But for now know that it’s the practice of placing your awareness around your heart your heart chakra area and just being and creating from that. Place. And you can put your awareness right there. And.

You will likely start to feel a greater calm a greater peace. Her a break from your thoughts the needling thoughts like I’m too much I’m not enough. And it will likely feel really good again. We’ll be talking more about creating from the heart space in future episodes. And the third thing I do to help myself uncork my core gifts is that I’m aware of painful thoughts. And I question them.

Thoughts are there are the things that form the barriers. There are the things that calk us up. There the things that make us want to hide our true nature. So in my case in the ring my thought was I am too much. And Gebo my coach helped me become aware of that and helped me to release that

thought in that moment.

It did come back which thoughts will do. So it’s the process of knowing how to manage painful thoughts being aware and questioning if you can really know if they’re true and to quote Biron Katie who you’d be without the thought.

So again those three things are to make sure you’re creating for your people to create from the heart space and to be aware and question painful thoughts that might be getting in the way of your.

Creative process. So do your friends. My dear friends. And I’m talking to my Addou people right now. If you’re feeling like you’re an ideal person if you’re feeling connected to this then please subscribe because that’s how more people can find me.

And if you’re really loving on this episode. If you could give it a nice rating in review I would be so grateful. And again this is the uncorked conversation I am going to shoot for releasing a new episode every other Monday.

And then eventually to every Monday I see this as something that you can use to start your week. And again I’d love your feedback. And thank you so much for your support. Thank you so much for listening and I wish you a really uncorked rest of the week. But bye.

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