#9 – A Near Death Experience and an Incredible Story of Healing

Shanti Pax has launched a peace process. This is blog #9 of a 10-blog series called, “The Peace Process: Your 10 Most Powerful Actions for Lasting Peace.” These are the top 10 actions you can take to be AT PEACE during your day and ADD PEACE to the world.

The 9th action is: Tend to your health and wellness.


Natalie receiving a visitor while recovering at Walter Reed Hospital.

Whether from a war, personal injury, or emotional trauma, holistic healing is essential to ensuring violent patterns aren’t repeated.

You don’t need to suffer a major trauma to require healing. Often there are pains inside of you that need your time and attention, but you may think that you’re too busy or it’ll just pass.

Whether your pain is physical or emotional, it is critical to take time to heal – because if you wait, the pain will only worsen.

To tell an incredible story of healing, I speak to Natalie Sudman, author of the book, Application of Impossible Things: My Near Death Experience in Iraq. Natalie’s convoy was hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2007. During the event, she retains vivid memories from a near death experience, which she chronicles with amazing detail in her book.

For the purposes of this interview, we focus on her physical experience and her amazing path to recovery. Her upbeat and positive perspective is beyond inspiring. Click on the video below to hear her miraculous story.

If you want to read Natalie’s spiritual experience out of the body, click here to order a copy of her book. You can also read more of Natalie’s writings and connect with her on her blog: www.traceofelements.wordpress.com.

Post a comment: Have you ever neglected your own healing? What does proper holistic healing mean to you?

Take action: Check in to see if there is a part of you – physically, spiritually, or emotionally – that needs your time and attention. If you’ve been avoiding a pain, take the time to check in and focus on healing that pain.

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Remember, it’s the little changes you make in your daily life that brings greater peace to the whole.