Using Quantum Human Design to Discover Your True Potential with Karen Curry Parker

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My jaw dropped when I heard “mow the back 40.” 🤯

I was working on my Quantum Human Design certification, and the teacher, Karen Curry Parker, was telling a story about how she had a Projector client who grew up on a ranch and had to mow the back 40 acres.

This task is exceedingly hard for Projectors (like myself!) because we do not have the energy to sustain this kind of work.

My body froze when I heard her story because when I was a kid growing up on a family farm, my job was also literally to “mow the back 40.” And it hit me just how hard this job was for me, when it was so easy for my Generator siblings.

So now you have an idea of how excited I am to share with you my interview with the founder of Quantum Human Design, the incomparable Karen Curry Parker. 👏

I truly believe that Quantum Human Design is a game changer for us all as we follow the path to fulfill our big soul missions. And I am so honored to have Karen join me on Soul Guide Radio to explore the ways it can positively impact us.

Karen is one of my key spiritual teachers, and I learn so much from her. My wish for you is to receive as much wisdom from her as I do. Settle in and get ready to soak up the juicy insights on Quantum Human Design and all that it has to offer you.

Listen to Using Quantum Human Design to Discover Your True Potential with Karen Curry Parker to learn how to align to the new energy of 2023 in a simple, but powerful way. 🙌

Guest Bio:
Karen Curry Parker is a Transformational Teacher, Speaker & Coach. She is a multiple Best-Selling Author, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner since 2000, Life Coach since 1998, Original student of Ra Uru Hu, and one of the world’s leading Human Design teachers since 1999. She is also a Quantum University Ph.d Student/Guest Lecturer and a TEDx Presenter. Karen is the Founder & Creator of two professional trainings, the Quantum Human Design™ for Everyone Training System and The Quantum Alignment System™ and is also the Founder of the Understanding Human Design Membership Community. She is also the Host of the Quantum rEvolution and Cosmic Revolution Podcasts and Co-Founder of GracePoint Publishing.Karen has a deep love for helping people activate their highest potential, which in part is why she created Quantum Human Design™.

In this episode, Karen and I explore:

  • How she came to launch Quantum Human Design
  • How you can use Quantum Human Design to discover and tap into your true potential
  • What energetic trends Karen sees for the collective in 2023


Karen’s Resources:

  • Run your free human design chart HERE
  • To learn more about Karen and Quantum Human Design, visit her website HERE
  • To learn more about her certification tracks, visit HERE

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This Week’s Invitation:

Go through every area of your life. Look at money, look at relationships, look at creative fulfillment, job, career. Look at your body and your health and vitality, and look at your relationship with Source and ask yourself, what story are you telling yourself about these five core areas of your life?

Allyson Scammell: [00:00:00] Hey, ho Dear ones, I am so excited for today’s episode. I had the absolute privilege of spending some time with one of my key spiritual teachers at the moment, and we’re gonna be talking all about human design, which is one of my most favorite topics to unpack as well. And I have to say, it’s all over my human design chart where I am

designed to be connecting directly to source and getting information directly from source like that is a reason why I’m here. I get that information, I process it, I hand it on to you in a way that you can easefully integrate it into your experience to receive results. So as part of that, because I’m designed the way I am, I do find it sometimes challenging to find other spiritual teachers

in human form that [00:01:00] I really align to or connect with or really feel like I’m integrating their insights. And I really feel like I have found that spiritual teacher with Karen Curry Parker, and she is the creator of Quantum Human Design. So, I was so excited to have her on the show. We had an absolutely spectacular conversation.

I am a student of hers at the moment. I’m halfway through Quantum Human Design level three, and so we just have an absolutely fantastic conversation, and you will learn so much from Karen. So, I think we should go ahead and get right to it. In today’s episode, Karen tells us how she came to launch Quantum Human Design.

We explore how you can use quantum human design to discover and tap into your true potential and what energetic trends [00:02:00] Karen sees in store for the collective in 2023. We end on an invitation that

will have you aligning to the new energy of

2023 in a simple but powerful way. So please stay with us until the end.

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Find a link to join on my website,, or in the show notes. Today’s guest is Karen Curry Parker. Karen Curry Parker is a transformational teacher, speaker, and coach. She is a multiple bestselling author, EFT practitioner, life coach, original student of Ra Uru Hu, and one of the world’s leading human design teachers since 1990.

She is also a quantum university PhD student, guest lecturer, and TED X presenter. I learn so much from Karen, whether I’m listening to one of her trainings online or [00:04:00] in her presence in this interview. So may you receive as much from her wisdom as I do. Please enjoy.

Karen, welcome to Soul Guide


Karen Curry Parker: I’m so excited to be here. I think we’re gonna have a good conversation today. Oh my gosh,

Allyson Scammell: I am so excited for this. I have been going through your quantum human design certification, it just, I have been loving it so, so, so much. And I do wanna start with a share. A share from my experience.

I’m very excited to share this with you. So, I am a splenic projector, and I grew up on a cattle ranch, uhhuh, you know where I’m going with this. And when you in quantum human design level one, you do this amazing thing at the end. Karen, this is [00:05:00] so like, it is amazing. I wasn’t expecting it. How to parent your kids of different types.

Mm. And I thought, oh my God, I’ve got, I’ve got two, I’ve got two generators and a projector. And I was like, oh, this is gonna be great. And then you said, warning you might get triggered from your own childhood. Which I thought, oh, I’ve been at this for so long, I won’t get triggered. You know, like, hey, you know, I, I didn’t even think that that would apply to me.

And then you said you shared the story of a client you had who had to go out and mow the back 40 and she was a projector. And I literally, as a kid, had to mow the back 40. And it just like, Karen, it just like, I can’t even tell you when you said mow the back 40. I just like, in such a good way. It was, it was like the shock to the system at the time, but then it really led to this liberation and [00:06:00] so I had to just start with that


Karen Curry Parker: Well, I’m glad. I’m glad you got something out of it. And certainly, I would say when we go back to what Ra used to teach about human design, he would always say that the voice told him, this is for the children and that the adults have to learn it first, but it’s for the children. And you know, I, as a mother myself, I have five biological children.

I have three stepdaughters. We have almost every type in our group. We don’t have a manifestor, but we have manifesting generators and generators and projectors and a reflector. And especially with, you know, my own children, cause I was lucky enough to be able to obviously raise them from birth if I had not known what I know,

especially with one of them, if I had not known what I know about human design, I’m not sure he would even still be here. I mean, one of my sons had the 1222, has the 1222 [00:07:00] and this deep emotional definition and he is a very passionate, very frustrated, manifesting generator a lot of the time. And just knowing like, ok

he’s got, this is what’s going on. It’s not personal. I’m not failing as a mother and I just gotta keep him alive till he’s 30 and we’ll be okay. Oh goodness.

Allyson Scammell: The 1222. I think that I have three kids. One I birthed, two I didn’t. And with my son, I think he has the same. And when you were, and that, that’s when they’re like, they’re, they have a real fear of failure.

And if they feel like they’re failing, they like go into a turtle shell.

Karen Curry Parker: Well, that, that’s one potential configuration for that. There’s a couple of different places where that shows up for sure. I certainly would say part of the challenge with that is the ability to articulate what you’re feeling. Yeah.

And you’re it (inaudible) and I think for my son, and maybe your son has the same thing, this, you know, not being able to speak on command, literally, like you can’t go to him and say, [00:08:00] alright, if you’re a teacher and you’re in school and you say to a kid like this, I want you to write me an essay about what you did this summer.

You know, it’s not so easy for someone with that as part of their design. And one of the things that happened with him was he got labeled as being on the spectrum because he was not responsive and struggled oftentimes with articulating and I knew cause I knew this kid pretty well, that he was not on the spectrum.

But I knew that he had to wait until it all congealed within him before he could really express and articulate without bashing something in, feeling, right? Yeah. Learning to, you know, learning how to say to him, hey, I know you’re not ready to talk about this yet. I know you’re percolating on this. When it clicks and you have the ability to find the words to share this with me, here’s what I need to know.

And giving him that space of learning how to go, oh, I can’t speak on command. I need to [00:09:00] integrate and really process what I’m feeling when I’m thinking what I wanna say, and starting to, and really giving him permission to say, that’s not unhealthy, that’s not dysfunctional. I’m not broken. It’s just how I am.

I need time hearing the end and you know, reminding him of that. Of course, parenting is a long-term journey and basically it involves saying the same thing 400 ways, a million times. And you know, and saying that, reminding him of that over and over again, he is now 28 and he made it to 28, so he is just hitting a sour turn (inaudible).

So, I’m like, and he’s getting it. It’s like it is literally finally clicking, but it took a long time because our society is so organized around now, now, now, now. And the pressure to be, you know, to perform right now. And the school system is set up that way. And it just never worked for him. It never worked for him.

Allyson Scammell: Yeah. That’s so fascinating. I think that human design and [00:10:00] children, it’s just, it’s so invaluable. My six-year-old is, she’s just a mold breaker. I think that’s one of her, she’s a generator and she wants to break molds. And we live in the Netherlands, which culturally is a very conformist country. Mm-hmm.

And people like mold. I mean, they like molds. It gives them a sense of safety and security and it’s how the society is organized. So, we’ve, we decided to send her to a Dutch school and she’s in there not a disciplinary problem. She’s not, you know, you can’t just categorize what she’s doing to disrupt the system, but she’s disrupting the system and they don’t, you know, the well-intentioned educator’s kind of don’t know what to do with her and so many times human design, cause I thought, oh my God, I’m failing as a mom.

And, you know, all the thoughts that you have, like, there’s something wrong with my kid. And human design has just saved [00:11:00] me and her. Just, I think that’s part of why she’s here. She’s here to like to shake up systems.

Karen Curry Parker: Yeah, I love that. I love that and I love that you know that cause that’ll help her. Yes.

Because I think especially those kids who are my definition, you know, mold breakers and that’s anyone that has, you know, individual circuitry in your chart, you know, those mold breaker kids need to have a place where they can come home to and say you’re here to be different. It’s okay. I know you don’t feel like you fit in.

I know you feel like everybody’s out against you and you’re trying to find your place and you feel like nobody sees you. It’s okay. You’re here to be different. So, you’re gonna have that experience and that’s gonna be part of your normal experience. And it’s okay. It’s not about, it’s about you fulfilling your role in the world.

Allyson Scammell: That’s beautiful. I

love that you, correct me if this is wrong, but you were a state department kid?

Karen Curry Parker: Yes.


Allyson Scammell: Okay. That’s so cool. I worked in the State Department world for 10 years, I mean, [00:12:00] kind of in the international world for 17 years. And it was a terrible place for a projector to work because it was long hours and kind of pressure cooker environments.

And I just wanted to say cause some of the people, some of the listeners here are gonna be on the newer side to human design and I just was thinking, as I, I should define why Mowing the back 40 was so hard for me. I have an open sacral as a projector and I can’t sustain long hours of work, like farm work like I had to do for my entire childhood.

So, I wanted to explain that a little bit for people who aren’t familiar with human design, what I meant by Karen, she, she,

she connected to me

so deeply when she said, mow the back 40.

Karen Curry Parker: Definitely. Not just State Department work with any place where you are expected to hustle. You know, I think is, there’s a whole long conversation, we could talk for [00:13:00] hours just on the idea of hustle, cause obviously I don’t think it’s good for anyone, but it’s definitely not good for projectors.

You know, you’re not designed to push past your limits. And in fact, when we push past our limits and we hit the outer edges and the limits can do, we actually lose productivity and effectiveness and sustainability. Yeah. Like I said that, that’s a whole other conversation in the world of

Allyson Scammell: work. It is, it is a whole other conversation.

And it just, like, for me as a projector, when I stumbled upon human design, you know, I ran the charts of my whole family, extended family, and I’m the only projector. The only other projector is my stepson, who we are not of blood relations. So, of the people who kind of related to through DNA. I am the only projector.

So like what I can just say about human design, and I know so many people have said this, it’s just like, oh, this is why I’m so different or it just like, it’s like, oh, it’s like this relief you [00:14:00] get when you realize that you know if you did ever feel different where you felt like you were the weird kid or the odd one out, your human design chart will give you a very good reason as to why that was that

Karen Curry Parker: way, right.

Totally, totally. I mean, I will say hands down from the universal experience people have when they first learn their chart is, I get it, now I understand why I didn’t fit, or now I can see that it’s okay for me to be this way that I am naturally, that I’ve been resisting my whole life. I can be myself, so,

Allyson Scammell: So beautiful.

I would love to talk Karen about quantum human design, and I think it’s so brilliant and I love, I, you know, big heart. I love traditional human design. I just, I love the whole study of it and I’m just, and I love it so much because of the results it’s given my life and my clients. And so just [00:15:00] the results talk to me,

they speak to me, right? And I’ll say when I was thinking about deepening my study, I was just like, I was like, I knew I needed to find the right teacher. And I was looking for it. Something, some look at human design that I feel like opens it up and talks about how it is connected to the spiritual realm.

 And it is like taking human design forward and like, how can we really leverage human design to go to the next level of our potential? And I feel like that is what Quantum Human Design has done for me. So, I’d love to hear in your words like how, like, how did it get birthed?

Karen Curry Parker: It was a long process. It was a very long pregnancy, like way longer than a human pregnancy. Well, you know, my story with human design actually starts in 1999 when I first, I’ll say human design encountered me through a whole series of just weirded coincidences. And, you know, I [00:16:00] ended up you know, coincidentally not maybe in working for Human Design America in Sedona, Arizona, where I got to study with Ra and work with Ra and it was a really powerful experience, a very powerful way to be initiated into human design.

For any of you who had the privilege of learning with Ra. I mean, you’re in Europe, there’s a lot more of people in Europe, I think, than in the US who had the privilege of learning with Ra, you know it was definitely a transmission. I think there’s no other word for it. And you know, you would sit with Ra, and you would spend the whole day in a workshop with him and you wouldn’t take a single note.

And, and I’m a note taker. I’m a, I’m a very, you know, I need to take, that movement of taking notes, helps me integrate information. And I would never take a note. No one would take a note and he would start, and you weren’t, you weren’t allowed to interrupt him, but he would go all day long and it was a transmission.

So there was something pretty powerful about learning from Ra directly. You know, as I work with Ra, my background before I [00:17:00] started learning about human design, my background is in nursing, and I was also one of the very first life coaches trained in a room (inaudible). I actually studied with Thomas Leonard before he passed. He’s oftentimes considered to be the father of life coaching.

Back in the day before, literally we didn’t call it life coaching, we didn’t have a title. It was just people driving around or in their RVs with satellite phones, you know, like that, right? And so, I always entered into everything that I did with the idea of how can I use this to help people? How can I use this therapeutically?

Working with Ra for a few years,

I started

to really see that, you know, human design has a really important role. I mean, Ra used to always talk about how the way that he was taught to teach human design by the voice, the transmission that he received was a way of speaking to people who were conditioned or who people who were living, what he would call the not self.

And so human design in its traditional form is a way of speaking to [00:18:00] people to help wake them up. It is designed to help you discover who you’re not and how you have perhaps been living as your not self. Right. And you know, a few years into my journey with human design, I started to see, well, you know, this is cool.

This is really great. It’s good to show people, hey, this is who you’re not. But then my clients started to change, and they started to come in with a different set of questions and certainly, I was also playing with some of those questions. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this all started happening

around the time of the movie The Secret came out. People really started to say, this is not a new thought, but they, it started to become much more of the collective conversation in spiritual circles. Certainly about, hey, I can create what I want, right? I can choose what I want. Traditional human design is very much embedded in this idea of no choice.

In fact, if you look at any of some of the older videos of Ra, you’ll see he wears a (inaudible) that says, no choice, or he wears a shirt and it says, no choice. I mean, he [00:19:00] was very much about you surrender to your design and basically you don’t have any control over your life. You just uh huh Uhuh you’re way through reality

if you’re a generator type with that, and that just never sat right with me. My sacral never responded to that as a manifesting generator. I always really like struggled with that a lot. And at a certain point I finally said, I’ve got enough clients coming in saying no, that I don’t resonate with this. And I myself was really struggling with, I can’t do this no choice thing anymore.

And so, I left traditional human design and started teaching and started my own practice and part of what I started to do at that point was to really start giving the vocabulary of human design different words and started playing with different words. So, if you’ve seen my Red book, the Understanding Human Design, you’ll know that already in that book, which came out in 2011 or 2013. Sorry, right after Ra passed. Ra [00:20:00] passed in 2011. Already that book I started exploring and experimenting was softening some of the language and

making it more accessible and making it more actionable. And really, when I put that material together, I put it together in a format that gave people a little bit more of a conscious engagement with the material. It really came to me after Ra passed in 2011 that the work of human design wasn’t complete. Ra used to always say,

hey, you know, this is the language for the not self. Someday I’m going to share with you what he would call the awakened I-ching the language that we use for people who are already deconditioned, who are living true to themselves. But he passed before he could write that and I sat with a lot, you know, for a couple of years after he passed, thinking

I wanna do this. And I felt I didn’t wanna do it in a way that was dishonoring. I really didn’t wanna do it in a way that was like traditional human design, who [00:21:00] needs that? Because that’s not true. We need, we really need both traditional human design and quantum human design. So, I sat for a lot of years with this thesaurus. Yeah.

And I went through, and I cataloged every word in human design. Everything that we called the types and the names of the gates. And I explored and experimented with different words that I liked and felt right and seemed to better encompass the meaning of the archetype. And then I literally took him in the lab, and we measured the frequencies of the language.

So, we consciously chose high frequency words, meaning words when you say them have a higher resonance sealed when you measure their frequency when spoken, and I slowly sort of started putting all this together, starting with a different name for all the types, and I call it quantum design. It is a vocabulary for human design for people who are deconditioned or in the process of deconditioning.

It’s also a way of looking [00:22:00] at human design that’s a little bit, I’ll call it mystical or spiritual. I mean, it definitely incorporates the idea that each and every one of us is here to facilitate the evolution of humanity and that in doing so, we have obviously our human jobs and moving the mud around on the planet.

But we also, because we’re not just human beings, we’re spiritual beings, we’re beings in our manifestations from the quantum field if you will. We also have different jobs that we do on more metaphysical, esoteric levels, and I wanted to give people a way to think about their spiritual job and their quantum job, if you will, so that they could really embrace from a bigger perspective, the full story, the whole story of who they are in this life.

Allyson Scammell: Mm. That’s such a beautiful story. One of the things that I love That you say, I hear you say a lot cause it’s worth repeating a [00:23:00] lot, is we all have all of the chart. Mm-hmm. And I think that’s a point that at least of my consumption of traditional human design got lost. And that, you know, I have clients that come to me and they’re like, oh

Allyson, I wanna be a channel, but I have a defined throat chakra, a defined throat center, so I can’t, and I will use your words and I will say, well, we all have all parts of the chart so like, anything’s

Karen Curry Parker: possible, right? Yeah. Well, and I think that that is, that’s a limitation that actually doesn’t come from Ra.

You know, Ra never would’ve said, oh, you don’t have this, you know, Ra always talked about openness as being a source of wisdom and it comes from the experience of openness that, that you learn about this, and it helps you actually learn about others. And you know, definitely the way that he taught human design, at least in the time that I studied with him, was that your design was a very [00:24:00] dynamic way of your, it really showed you, the way you interface with the world.

It wasn’t like you’re a this label, right? You’re a label and I see it now. I think in some cases kind of being used as a labeling tool. That’s part of another reason why I really was like, we have to really be careful with how we write the language, you know, write about human design, teach about human design, and make sure the language is dynamic because we’re not labels, it’s an anti-labeling system if anything.

And to use it as a labeling system and also use it a system to rationalize why you can’t do something especially if you have a strong desire for it isn’t how it’s designed, that’s not how we are designed. In fact, I would lovingly, gently say that if you have a strong desire to do something like, and it’s a deconditioned sort of bone deep, soul, deep desire about something that’s probably your destiny whispering.

And I’m sure your chart will show you [00:25:00] exactly how to get there and to not shut that off because some, somebody taught you that, well, you’re a projector, you can’t do that. Every type can be wildly successful. And in fact, I would say that every type is designed to be wildly successful cause we all are.

And knowing how to leverage that pathway and take sovereignty over that path is part of what I love to teach it through the lens of human design. Yeah,

Allyson Scammell: love that. One of the things I’ve noticed with my clients, and I wonder if you encounter it, that there’s this idea that open centers are a negative part of ourselves and the defined centers are the powerful part of ourselves.

And I guess when I first started studying human design, I had that thought too, and I have an open throat chakra and I was like, oh, you know, I saw it as some sort of negative. But then when I got to, when I started to wait, this was just. This is probably gonna sound very [00:26:00] simple to you, Karen, but when I started to wait and ask, like, wait for people to ask me what I thought it was like, it was so night and day, like I saw such an immediate difference to finally being actually heard.

And not only heard, people leaning in cause they wanted to know what I, you know, it was such, and all of a sudden I love my open throat center. I just love it. So, is this something you’ve encountered and how do, what do you say to people if they, if they have this idea?

Karen Curry Parker: Well, I think it goes back to what I would say is a very limited definition of conditioning.

And actually, and again, I’m not making this against traditional human design. We have to remember that Ra passed in 2011, in the last what we’re gonna be 2023 next year, the last, the new math, 12 years, you know, we’ve had just in the field of neuroscience and genetics, we’ve had all this new research [00:27:00] that’s come out about neuroplasticity, all this research about trauma and the impact of trauma on the immune system and the impact of trauma on low grade PTSD and anxiety and depression.

We’ve had all this research come up about epi-genes, the protein coats that regulate DNA expression that Ra didn’t know because he didn’t have that science then. And so, the idea that conditioning only comes from your open centers and therefore your openness is the enemy, that doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense, and it’s actually, as I said, it’s actually really in contrast to what Ra taught. Ra taught

your openness is your wisdom. It’s not the enemy. The enemy is when you let other people’s energy hijack your openness, and then you identify with it, and then you use it as an excuse because you can’t do X, Y, and Z because of your openness. Your open throat is a source of your wisdom. When people ask you, which is a way of you holding your own value, that’s not about, I can’t say anything until somebody says something.

It’s about you [00:28:00] saying, well, hold up. I love myself, and I value myself enough to not waste my words on people who aren’t gonna value them. That’s you recognizing yourself, basically, first. So, you hold your own recognition, and you stand in that, and then people come to you and they ask, and with that open throat, you’re now able to make whatever you say best meet the needs of the person you’re communicating with.

That’s the wisdom of the open throat and every one of those open centers has a gift and the knowledge and an ability to be used in service to others. Your open centers are about what you’re here to learn and give in relationship. Your definition is really more your soul curriculum and kind of what you have to struggle with yourself from within.

Right? And let’s be really clear. You can have definition that can be hurt and conditioned a lot. Let’s say for example, if you have the, you know, the 4323, my [00:29:00] daughter has, uh, my youngest daughter has this Sun on earth in the 43 23, right? So, she has this big bulk of her chart that’s all about this individual definition to the throat, this brilliant way of reframing and rethinking things that, that sometimes causes very interesting things to plop out of her mouth as a projector, right?

And in the wrong environment that 43 23 is a problem, right? It’s a know-it-all, right? It’s a, it’s somebody who gonna share really weird ideas and if they don’t understand how to implement those ideas effectively and in alignment with their design, they’re gonna be pushing too far, too fast in the wrong direction, doing really strange things that are counterproductive, and they’re going to internalize the message from the world potentially.

I’m weird, I don’t belong. I don’t fit in. Nobody gets me, right? And that is also conditioning. That’s you [00:30:00] internalizing the message that, hey, it’s not okay for me to be who I am and how I am. So, I gotta go underground with that. That if we only define conditioning through open centers, we’re missing imprinting, which is what happens in our family of origin, right?

We hang out with our families no matter what their design, were imprinted by their beliefs or imprinted by what happens to them or imprinted by how they behave, it blocks intergenerational family patterns as part of our conditioning, because especially if we look at human design, we know we inherit our charts from our grandparents.

So, we have this, you know, you’re living out this dynamic in your family that your parents learn from their own parents, so they’re sort of already prescripted that they’re gonna be working out some of their stuff from their family of origin through your relationship with them as a kid, right? It rules out the whole design crystal element that says, our bodies carry memory, and that memory is conditioned by the consciousness of the earth at the [00:31:00] moment of our conception.

And because our genetics are in the design crystal, it’s also curing ancestral lineage and ancestral memory, and that’s part of our conditioning. We know from science that’s part of our conditioning. There’s so much more that goes into conditioning than just, oh, I have an open throat. There’s, it’s too complicated.

It’s really too complicated, honestly, to even explain it sometimes by human design. I simply say, you know, I love human design. I’ve dedicated 23 years of my life to it, and it doesn’t explain everything. Sometimes the questions we have are not, even design questions. They’re human questions, and we have to look to other places in an integrated way with human design and not let ourselves embrace it as this dogma that explains that everything in the world it doesn’t.


Allyson Scammell: Beautiful. I love how you described that. One of the big, like made my life so much better because of human design and quantum human design was [00:32:00] me understanding that there is the waiting and I have a particular chart. While I have so much waiting on every level, it’s waiting and I’m a, you know, I was not.

I think I was conditioned like a lot of people not to be a waiter and to go get it, like, you know, just go out there and grab it. And when I’d made peace with the divine timing of things, I would love to just spend and I know we could spend hours on waiting and divine timing, but I just love, I love how you’ve, I’ve heard you describe this in the past, like, and every, every type has some waiting.

So even the manifestors, right? They gotta wait a little bit here and

Karen Curry Parker: there. Actually, manifestors sometimes have to wait a lot. Yes. Yes.

Allyson Scammell: So, can we just talk a little bit about like, there is a divine timing and it’s not all meant to happen now in this idea that we were often taught as kids and I think a lot of people wanted to, you know, inspire us and it was like early days of personal growth, right?

Like I grew up in the eighties, so it was [00:33:00] like, yeah, like you can do it, you can be anything. And how it kind of gave us this idea that if we want it to happen, it should happen. And that’s just not how we’re designed. There is a divine timing of things. I’d love to hear your perspective on

Karen Curry Parker: that. So, you know, my perspective on that is my being a non-human design answer.

You know, I think that we are under pressure around time and timing because we live in a consciousness of lack, which I personally think comes from a low sense of self-worth. If we think we are not enough, in any way that translates to the experience of not enoughness in every area of our life, whether it’s in our relationships, in our work, in our money, in our life, right?

And that not enoughness and this mistake in the idea and that our value is derived from oftentimes these really weird materialistic metrics. Unvaluable, because I have X number of money in the bank or valuable cause I have x number of years of degree, [00:34:00] you know, years of education or unvaluable cause of my waist size and my pants size and my bra size.

We measure everything with numbers, and we give it value, which is great you know, if you’re gonna look at your business and analyze your business and decide, hey, where should I put my marketing dollars straight? You wanna know what’s creating profit and what’s not. But in terms of human value, you know, we are valuable because we exist, not because of anything we accomplish or anything we do, but we are trained, and you know this very well as a projector we’re trained to be valued by what we do.

And if what we do doesn’t measure up right, then we fall into this idea of not enoughness and that becomes this pressure to prove our value and that pressure to prove our value is deeply in the idea of survival of the fittest, which is oftentimes translated to survival of the fastest. And then we gotta be under pressure all the time to make it happen, make it happen.

And the reality of it is, [00:35:00] If we understand and trust that we are enough, that there is enough, there’s actually way more than enough, and that by virtue of the value of our existence, we can create for ourselves whatever enoughness we need. We live in enoughness. The pressure goes away, the pressure disappears, and you know that you’ll know what you need to know

when you need to know it. You’ll do what you need to do when you need to do it. Have what you need to have when you need to have it. And you live in this very different place of creative self-expression. Mm, yes. It was one

Allyson Scammell: of my biggest ahas from my journey with Quantum Human Design so far. When I heard you talking about boom-and-bust cycles, that was another, that was almost as strong as the mowing the back 40 in terms of like it hitting me.

 I did always wanna be. And so, I have this open sacral and so we are designed for [00:36:00] periods of creative bursts of work to be followed by rest cycles. And I was not giving myself rest cycles and I was continually burning out because I wanted to always be earning, always be growing, always be hitting


monthly income markers.

And when you said that, like you, like the boom or bust, I was just, I just felt like immediately it just like a light switch turned on, and I understood exactly what you meant and exactly how it applied to me, and it gave me a permission that I needed so badly and, you know, from my conditioning, I think I needed this, I thought I needed permission to go into a rest cycle and it just gave me this permission and now I design my entire business around

you know, boom. And I call it rest cycles instead of bust cycles. They’re my rest cycles, right? And I designed my whole business around this, you know, this boom bust [00:37:00] cycle. And I just, I wanna thank you from my heart for bringing this awareness to me. It was really life changing for me.

Karen Curry Parker: I’m glad. I am glad.

And I think again that whole idea of rest as being something you do after you’ve completed everything and only then. It’s messed up. That’s just all there is to it. Who gets more done when they’re exhausted? No one. No one. It doesn’t make any sense. You’re gonna bring your full A game to the table if you’re bringing a whole full restock, restored, replenished, you know, bank of energy to the table.

And you know, honestly, it’s a chronic issue on our culture. It, you know, when we look at the data, 65% of people in the United States report themselves as being burned out. I actually think that number is not big, high enough based on my own research, and I’ll say that, you know, burnout, just burnout costs billions of dollars to businesses every year.

[00:38:00] Billions, measurable, billions. That’s crazy. I mean, what if you took those billions and said, hey, take some time off. Right. Go on vacation.

I mean, you live in Europe. It’s a little bit better in Europe,

I think for sure. But being in America, it’s like if you’re, especially if you’re an hourly wage worker, too bad.

 You don’t even get time off.

Allyson Scammell: It’s crazy. It is better in Europe, unfortunately. What, you know, not unfortunately, I don’t mean that, but I had a lot of American conditioning inside of me. But I can say for someone who’s lived in Europe for like 12 years, that it is way better here in terms of that hustle environment.

And it’s something that actually we could learn from. You know, and, and you know what they produce everything here, things work here. It’s productive here. And people get a lot more rest and they get paid rest. Which I think, right, we need, we need to be paid to

Karen Curry Parker: rest. Pay for rest instead of [00:39:00] paying for medical bills.

It just still makes more sense. I don’t, the numbers don’t measure out to me at all, so. I’m a hundred

Allyson Scammell: percent with you, Karen. I could talk to you all day, but I know that you have a busy day and I’m at the end of my day and I, yeah, I believe you’re just starting your day and you have other things,

unfortunately, you have other things to go onto. I do have one more question and I’m gonna ask you to leave our listeners with an invitation, and then we’ll find out how they can learn more about you and, get some hands on some of your amazing books. I love your books and get into your world. I know my listeners are gonna wanna do that.

Could you give us, be really interested in your perspective on some energetic trends, if I can call it that, or maybe there’s a better way to describe that for 2023. So, some things that we can maybe expect to happen in the collective. Any perspectives you have on what we can

be expecting to unfold?

Karen Curry Parker: I have a lot on 2023, so I actually, I called 2023, [00:40:00] the Year of Dreams Coming True and a sneak peek into the future of humanity and also the reaping the rewards of karmic discipline. So, you know, 2023, what we see is in late February, early March is we see Saturn moving into Pisces which Neptune is also in Pisces so Saturn actually goes to the Gate 55, where it’s gonna be pretty much for the whole year, which is a really important energy for us in a lot of big ways, because as we move into a new global cycle, which starts in human design in 2027, the highlight of that global cycle is that Gate 55, the gate of Faith.

So, what we see next year is this marriage between dreams and work. The Saturn bringing us this work energy, highlighting this Neptune energy. I mean this sort of, this, this Pisces energy. And we see Neptune in, you know, also very comfortable in this Piscean place. And we have this really lovely combination of [00:41:00] faith.

Faith in the unseen, and faith in our dreams. Faith in whatever. Faith being able to do cleanup on making dreams come true. But, and there’s a but. The big but is you have to have been doing your work. The last few years we’ve had a job. The planets have been giving us the same job. All of the planets have been giving us the very same job.

And the job that we’ve had, and you still can capitalize on this, the job that we’ve had for the last three years is tell the story you wanna be telling about who you are. Tell the story you deserve to be telling about who you are. Take back control of your story. Stop being a victim, stop making excuses. Stop rationalizing.

Stop settling for less. Tell the story about yourself that you want to be telling. If you are living in that story and you’re holding the energy of that story, next year will be a fabulous year for you. If you have not done your homework and cleaned up your story. Saturn is a teacher and expands upon [00:42:00] things.

Saturn also destroys things that don’t serve your highest good. And if you don’t walk into next year with your story intact, Saturn is gonna lovingly and gently, albeit somewhat violently at times, reveal to you exactly where you need to fix your story to make it better. So, it’ll be, I think it’s gonna be a very fun year, a very beautiful year.

We finish off the Scorpio Taurus eclipse season that’s been very much about disassembling old narratives and getting grounded and going deep. So, it’s gonna, it’s gonna be a very interesting, I think a very good, powerful year.

Allyson Scammell: Hmm. I like this. You’re speaking my language, Karen, as you always do. And I just wanna say, tell the story about yourself that you want to be telling.

And I just wanna do a little plug that if you listener, are wanting to go deeper with that for yourself. I just wanna put a plug in for my heart for quantum human. I’m a psychic medium. You know, my, my listeners know I had [00:43:00] a near death experience in 2009 and I went from completely closed off, intuitively, like blown open.

So, I had to kind, I had to kinda learn about, you know, at 32 I was kind of (inaudible)

experience Yes. Put

all exact right. And so, and so I had, I had this spiritual kind of, you know, channeling with source kind of a direct line into source. But then, and I think for a long time I thought that was enough. Like I thought, oh, all I need is my connection to source and my divine guidance team, and that’s all I need.

But then I found human design or human design found me, and I realized that I needed more than, and it’s like you said, Karen, you need, you need the whole range of awareness of who you are and what you’re meant to do and the story you wanna tell. So, if you’re someone who feels like you want an alignment tool to help you go deeper, I give it my highest recommendation.

And I will also say, because I have such a direct connection to source, I’m really picky about my [00:44:00] human guides, my spiritual teachers, and it’s really hard for me to find someone I align with. And Karen, I just want you to know that I just, I’m such a soul client of yours. I’m so sorry if I’m a Gushy fan, then I will really, I really love learning.

Karen Curry Parker: I’m glad.

Allyson Scammell: So, I just wanted to put that plug in and that, we’ll leave a link in the show notes of how you can learn about enrolling into Karen’s quantum human design program, cause I do give it my highest recommendation. And what a great time to be doing that work before going into 2023.

So that, that, I

just wanted to say

that and so, Karen, can you leave our listeners with an invitation inviting them anywhere you wish them to go?

Karen Curry Parker: Absolutely. So, I’m actually gonna leave you with a homework assignment. Oh, yay. Love that. And it’s an easy but oftentimes challenging assignment.

And really what I invite you to do is go through every area of your life. Look at money, look at relationships, look at creative [00:45:00] fulfillment, job, career. Look at your body and your health and vitality, and look at your relationship with source and ask yourself, what story are you telling yourself about these five core areas of your life?

Is it a story you love? Is it a story that excites you? Is it a story that inspires you to get out of bed every day with, you know, enthusiasm and zest? Or is it a story that’s limping you and causing you to contract and place yourself in spaces that aren’t big enough? If it’s not the story you wanna be telling, you literally can begin the process of rewriting that story as a creative writing exercise.

Go back to writing it the way you want it to be. Literally, you can do it as a story. Once upon a time, there was a woman who had access to an unlimited flow of abundance. You know, start it however you choose and rewrite it. That act of writing actually taps into the field of, the quantum field of information that begins the process of rewriting your story and bringing into your tangible experience [00:46:00] a whole different narrative around who you are and what you deserve in your life.

Allyson Scammell: That

was a great invitation, and I will be doing that invitation too. Beautiful. So, I know they’re gonna be listeners that are gonna wanna connect with you and get deeper into your world. So how can our listeners find you?

Karen Curry Parker: Our easiest way to find us is go to even if you already have your human design chart on that site, you can actually run your chart in the quantum human design language.

So, it’s a good place to start reframing your understanding of your human design. And of course, if you wanna learn more about it. You can also go to our website on Beautiful, and those

Allyson Scammell: links will be in the show notes. Karen, thank you so much for being on Soul Guide Radio and just, and you made my day.

Karen Curry Parker: Ah, you. I’m glad. You made mine. [00:47:00]

Allyson Scammell: And thank you so much dear listener, for tuning in. I have a really sweet listener review to read to you from MHS. Listener in the United States. They call this podcast a Must


thoughtful, encouraging Information for all Professional Light Workers, and I love that. Yes, this podcast is for professional light workers, and if you aren’t sure whether you are a light worker or not, if you’re tuning in and connecting to this content in any way, then that definitely means you are a

worker of ilght.

And we’ve been seeing an uptick in downloads on Soul Guide Radio. Just last week we had almost 900 downloads in one week, and that’s really because in large part of people leaving listener reviews, it’s how the word gets spread organically about the content we’re sharing. [00:48:00] And so when people are doing word searches, soul Guide Radio will appear higher on a word search.

So, it really enables the people looking for this specific type of information that we’re sharing on Soul Guide Radio to receive it. So, I would be super grateful if you head over to the show notes, you will find a link to leave a review and let us know, how did Soul Guide Radio serve you? How has it served you?

And we will read your amazing words on the air. And as always, my dear ones. Until next time, may your soul guide the way.

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