To Draft a Blog Post or Binge Netflix?

“Whenever I receive a burst of inspiration from my heart, then I know the content will flow through me with ease.”

Your Higher Self will guide you…

I received the best compliment from a soul client this week.

She said: “I love how consistently you show up, Allyson. In fact, you’re my number one role model for how I want to be as coach.

Her feedback really touched my heart. It reminded me of the importance of our Spiritual Gift of Leadership – modeling a way of being for others.

So here I am….It’s Sunday, and I’m under the weather. 🤒

I haven’t written my blog post yet for Soul Guide Sunday.

So do I give myself permission to rest, or do I dig a little deeper to be consistent?

What’s the best thing to model for you?

What’s in highest service for you today?

To answer those questions, I go to the Higher Self.

Because the absolute most powerful thing I can model is: Always being led by my Higher Self.

When I asked my Higher Self, “Do I draft a post or continue binge watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?” I received: “Do the post.”

Once I heard “post,” I received the inspiration for what to write. 

The second I felt the creative spark, I knew it wouldn’t be too tiring.

Whenever I receive a burst of inspiration from my heart, then I know the content will flow through me with ease.

Without that heart spark, I’d be staring at my computer, straining myself, and draining my energy. Which isn’t too good for the health.

But my Higher Self wouldn’t have nudged me to do a post if there was not a creative spark to follow that’s in highest service to you.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation asking yourself: Do I choose rest or consistency (or something else)?

The first place to go is the heartspace to be guided by the Higher Self.

If you receive the answer that it’s time to rest, then TRUST.

Trust that rest is in your best next step.

If you receive “go forth and create” then TRUST. And feel into the creative spark that is ready to arrive.

It may not be easy. You may have to dig deep, but I promise there’s an EASE that’s always available to you.

And tapping into the ease is usually when the biggest magic happens.

That’s all I have for this week. Now, back to Mrs. Maisel… 😘

Have a beautiful Sunday! 

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