This Change In Perspective Will Change Your Life

“This change in perspective doesn’t magically happen. We have to train ourselves to live from the heartspace.”

A new paradigm is here…

My husband roped me into watching Last of Us on HBO with him.

It’s about the last survivors of a global pandemic that has destroyed civilization.


I typically avoid watching shows this intense, but…

One, it’s a compelling story.

And two, it’s been helping me put into context where we are in the ascension process.

Allow me to explain.

Earth is right now ascending to higher energetic frequencies. In these higher frequencies, we have access to greater possibilities, creativity, joy, abundance, ease, and flow.

Sounds amazing, right?

It is, but here’s where the ascension process gets tricky….

In the lower frequencies of the previous paradigm, we have been living in survival mode – plugged into our fight or flight response.

This means even if we aren’t physically fighting for survival, and we have plenty of food, water, safety, and shelter, we can treat our every day challenges as a threat to our survival.

For example, let’s say you have a bad business month. That can trigger money fears and feelings of failure and uncertainty about the future.

But the truth is you have adequate food, water, safety, and shelter. It’s not a true threat to your survival, but it can just feel like one – in this old paradigm.

So here’s how we want to shift…

As we evolve to higher frequencies, we want to shift out of this fight or flight perspective which has us connected to the reptilian part of our brain.

We want to instead shift into our heart. This is where we access our intuitive gifts and our connection to the spiritual realm. This is where we’re always guided by our Higher Self to our next best step.

Our heart is the space of infinite possibility.

Being connect to the heart (and not the reptilian part of the mind) after say a “bad income month,” will shift your perspective from labeling something bad into: “I needed to slow down because I needed that extra space for rest and reflection.”

But here’s the most amazing thing…

If you’re not mindful of where your awareness is (head vs heart), we can inadvertently stay in fight or flight mode without even realizing it.

After all, it’s been humanity’s dominant point of awareness for centuries.

Here’s another example – I was recently on a weekend getaway with my family.

One morning I woke up feeling anxious. I rushed to breakfast hoping it would make me feel better, it didn’t. Then, I rushed from activity to activity throughout the day, but I kept feeling anxiety.

At a certain point, I realized that I was worrying about all manner of things that I didn’t need to worry about. 

Then it dawned on me….I had accidentally dropped into the old default mode of fight or flight, so my point of perspective was from survival insincts.

Living in survival mode when you’re not physically fighting for your life as you see the main characters doing in Last of Us, will make small worries feel like life or death.

This is all easy to say, but switching our perspective out of the reptilian brain doesn’t magically happen overnight. We have to train ourselves to live from the heartspace.

So once I noticed I was in survival mode, I spent a few seconds feeling the worry and anxiety, took some deep breaths to release, and returned to my heartspace.

Then, I sunk into my body, came into the present moment, and almost immediately started having a lovely time.

What changed? It was the same environment, same people, same everything…The only thing that changed was my point of awareness – out of my reptilian brain and into the spacious, limitless, expanded energy of the heart.

From there, all things are possible, you’re in the energy of seeing solutions and opportunities, and always guided by your Higher Self.

My invitation for you this week is to first notice when you find yourself lost in a wave of worry.

First, feel the feels and release.

And then ask your Higher Self: Was I just in survival mode?

If you sense a “yes”, then place your awareness on your heartspace, sink into your body, and take some deep breaths.

Set the intention to make this a daily practice so you can start living more and more from heart.

Before you know it, your vibrations will be raising to the infinite and magical possibilities available to you every moment.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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