The Soul Client Sessions with Jaime Gennaro

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Jaime Gennaro is a business growth consultant and career coach who has spent the last 20 years helping companies and people grow, evolve, and find the success they never dreamed possible.

After spending so much time helping others to gain confidence and take up space, she wants to do the same in her own life.

This episode of Soul Guide Radio is part of The Soul Client Sessions, featuring real coaching sessions with some of my amazing clients and revealing their big soul breakthroughs! In this episode, I guide Jaime through my five-part energetic alignment process, based on the five spiritual gifts of intuition, healing, manifestation, teaching, and leading, to help her align to her goal of taking up more space without permission. 

As you listen along, you’ll learn how to ask your higher self for an intuitive message, how to turn that message into a powerful and aligned intention, and how to clarify your next best steps to manifest your goal!

Guest Bio: Jaime Gennaro is a business growth consultant and career coach with over 20 years of experience working with start-ups and small businesses. Her mix of start-up experience, marketing, and coach training makes her a unique consultant, capable of supporting C-level executives and the teams driving operational processes to find efficiencies and solutions that will elevate them and their work.

Start unlocking your spiritual gifts. Listen now to discover: 

  • How to set starting points for both meta-goals and more specific, practical goals  
  • The two pillars of manifestation — and how to manifest more peace, calm, creativity, and inspiration in your life!
  • The powerful questions that you can ask yourself in order to energetically align with your most desired outcomes


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This Week’s Invitation:

Take some time today to tap into your inner voice/ intuition and really align with what it’s telling you. Listen, be open and don’t judge it. Allow it and then see where that takes you.

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[00:00:45] Hey ho Dear Ones. How are we doing? This episode is being released on Valentine’s Day, so happy Valentine’s Day, whatever day it is you’re listening to this, and I wanna make Valentine’s Day, which is a day about love, really to be a day, first and foremost about loving ourselves because that is such a key and powerful way to, to connect deeper to our spiritual gifts,

[00:01:13] to connect deeper to our higher self to get the messages that we need. And so much of manifestation starts with love of ourselves. It starts from the heart chakra. There’s a magnetic monopole at the heart chakra that serves as a magnet for our dreams and desires, and that magnet gets stimulated and gets boosted, the more it feels the vibrations of love.

[00:01:44] And the most powerful vibrations are those of self-love. So, on this day of St. Valentine, allow us to make this the day and every day a day to love ourselves, and I’m so, so excited to share with you another soul client session and this one was so powerful and so amazing, and I know that you will receive so much from it on so many different levels.

[00:02:16] And I did a coaching session with the amazing Jaime Gennaro, and we go through my five step energetic alignment process in such a powerful way. And I am actually just so excited to get to the coaching itself. I’m gonna get, let’s go right there. So, in today’s episode, I walk Jaime through a five step energetic alignment process that demonstrates how to ask your higher self for an intention,

[00:02:47] how to understand intentions that aren’t very detailed and how to get the clarity you need to know your next best step. We’ll end on an invitation offered to you by Jaime that you’re gonna love. So please be sure to stay with us until the end. Welcome to Soul Guide Radio, a podcast for soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs here to bring about change on a massive level.

[00:03:19] We’ll explore how you can activate your big soul mission, amplify your spiritual gifts, and clear the energy blocks weighing you down so you can gain unstoppable momentum in life and business. I’m Allyson Scammell your host and soul guide.

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[00:04:04] Find the link to join on my website, or in the show notes, and you may or may not be happy to know that I’m gonna be changing that intro. I’ve enjoyed, really enjoyed saying it, Episode after episode, I feel like it gets to the heart of what this podcast is about, but I am getting called to,

[00:04:26] so if you’ve grown tired of that intro, and hopefully you haven’t, and if, and or you’re ready for something new and fresh, stand by. Next week we’re gonna be offering a new way and a new intro to Soul Guide Radio. Today’s soul client is Jaime Gennaro. Jaime is a business growth consultant and career coach with over 20 years of experience working with startups and small businesses.

[00:04:54] Every company she’s helped grow over the last two decades is still running successfully or has sold. But growth isn’t just about people and numbers. Growth is a holistic process, and this is where her coach training comes in. She helps companies and people grow, evolve, and find the success they never dreamed possible.

[00:05:13] Jaime and I had such an amazing connection, and I really feel that you are gonna receive something profound from your life by listening to Jaime’s experience. Please enjoy.

[00:05:36] Jaime, welcome to Soul Guide Radio.

[00:05:40] Jaime Gennaro: Hi. Thank you so much. It’s so fun to

[00:05:42] Allyson Scammell: be here. I am so excited to be connected to you. You live, we are both originally from the US and we both live in the Netherlands. Yes.

[00:05:51] Jaime Gennaro: Yeah. And it feels really nice knowing that you’re here. Yes. Really

[00:05:55] Allyson Scammell: great. Yes. Yes. I mean, we live about, what, 45-minute drive apart?

[00:06:03] Yeah. Ish. Yeah. Yeah. So you’re kind of the next big town over from where I live. To speak in New England. In New England, everything is like, it’s the next town over or it’s three towns away. I grew up in South Dakota where the next town over was like 30 miles away, so you would never use that reference.

[00:06:20] Mm-hmm. you’re from the west coast. Yeah,

[00:06:24] Jaime Gennaro: so, I mean, I guess we had towns, yeah. We didn’t use that as a reference point, but there were definitely like Yeah, the next town, wasn’t very far for sure. Yeah. Yeah. Where they grew up, but yeah, but not, not you know, miles and miles and miles away. I mean, we were all pretty, pretty close.

[00:06:44] Allyson Scammell: Well that’s like, yeah,, this part of Holland is pretty densely populated. So, um, Liden is definitely the next town over from The Hague, I would say. And so, it’s so lovely having you close by. And Jaime and I have known each other for a couple years now , it’s been just a joy for me to watch you spread your wings and grow, and your business has taken off in really magical ways and you’re doing amazing work in the world.

[00:07:10] So I’m really excited to have you on the show, and I’m gonna take you through a five-part energetic alignment process. And for those listening, it’s a way to just demonstrate and illustrate how we can energetically align to any intention. But with Jaime today, I’m gonna, we’re gonna go through a little process to bring up a higher intention, you know, one of those bigger dreams or desires that maybe has been,

[00:07:40] well, we’re gonna, we’re gonna go through a process to see which intention Jaime wants to play with today. And maybe it will be one that she’s like, oh yeah, I know this intention. This has been around forever. Or maybe her higher self will surprise her and it’ll be something she doesn’t expect. Mm-hmm.

[00:07:59] what do

[00:07:59] Jaime Gennaro: you think? Yeah, let’s see. I don’t know. I’m so curious. I definitely have something in the back of my mind, but I wanna do this process just to see if there’s something else that I don’t know about.

[00:08:09] Allyson Scammell: It’s actually a beautiful way to do it because our brain, like, we can think, like, this is something I’ve noticed about myself recently.

[00:08:19] I was like, I go through this five part process a lot that I’m gonna take you through, and I, it always starts with an intention and I started to notice like, why do, and I, and I try, I, I allow my intention to be soul guided, so it’s coming from the higher self, but I noticed like it’s always about my business and it’s typically about numbers.

[00:08:44] I intend to have so many clients. I intend to make so much money, like it’s normally like a business growth number intention, and so I caught myself and I’m like, why aren’t I doing more intentions on eating healthier and connecting more to loved ones and having more fun and play? and I kind of noticed that even though I thought I was so soul guided, that my brain was kind of getting involved and driving the intentions and making it about what air quotes, I thought the intentions should be about business growth.

[00:09:19] Jaime Gennaro: Yeah, well that’s why I wanted to go through this process cause when you asked me if I had an intention, same, it’s always related to my business. And not to say it won’t be if we go through this process, but I do think I lean on that cause that’s where I’m pushing myself to grow the most. You know, I wanna set bigger and bigger goals to see if I can reach them.

[00:09:40] And so it tends to be on that side cause it’s also like

[00:09:43] Allyson Scammell: I love it. Yes. Super fun. Yeah, exactly. I couldn’t have said it better myself, Jaime, I’m the same way. I love setting business goals and trying to achieve them, or dreams or desires. So, I’m a hundred percent with you. So, we’re gonna be super open. Whatever wants to come through.

[00:10:00] It can be a business intention and that’s beautiful. And it can be something else. It can be a meta, more of a, I call them meta desires, so I intend to live a more balanced life. You know, it can be, those meta goals are also pretty powerful to set and when you set like a big meta goal, like, you know, I intend to live

[00:10:23] more healthfully. It could be like, okay, that’s a great goal, but I don’t know where to start. This process will help you find your starting point for the sort of bigger open-end goals, as well as the bigger, more specific goals and intentions. So, are you ready?

[00:10:40] Jaime Gennaro: Amazing. Yes, I

[00:10:42] Allyson Scammell: am very ready. Okay, perfect. And listeners at home, I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna be speaking to Jaime now for the next, you know, 30 minutes or so, listeners at home,

[00:10:51] you know, feel free to go along in this process as I take Jaime through it. Okay. Let’s, you’re not gonna be surprised to hear me say, let’s start with some deep breaths. Okay. So, we’re gonna start with some deep belly breaths, long inhales, long exhales into the lower part of the belly. And that’s just gonna allow us to sink into our body.

[00:11:21] It’s gonna allow us to slow down. The breath will allow us to get quiet. Ah, the breath will allow us to come into the present moment.

[00:11:38] Ah, and I invite you to sink into your body. Connect to your heart space. Just place your point of awareness on your heart energy.

[00:11:57] Ah, and from your heart, I invite you to connect to your higher self, your inner voice, your intuition,

[00:12:11] and I’m gonna ask your higher self a question, and I invite you to perceive what you receive coming back in response, what you hear, see, sense, or know. When you’re not sure, take your best guess. So, higher self. What is a higher intention? What is a higher intention you’re calling Jaime to set for herself?

[00:12:45] Jaime Gennaro: Take up. This is a surprise. Take up more space.

[00:12:50] Allyson Scammell: Ooh, I like that a lot. So, take up more space in life and business or just in business?

[00:12:59] Jaime Gennaro: Yes. Yes. In life and business. Yeah.

[00:13:01] Allyson Scammell: Nice. Awesome. And is there any other, Is there any other descriptions of this intention that you’d like Jaime to know to help her to align to this intention?

[00:13:20] Anything else she should know about this intention? Take up more space in life and business.

[00:13:31] This is

[00:13:32] Jaime Gennaro: so fun. Without permission is what is coming through.

[00:13:37] Allyson Scammell: Okay, this is fun and really freaking fantastic. I love this. This is like a book title, right? This is so good. Take up more life, or sorry, take up more life. Yes, take up more space without permission. I just added the in life and business take up more space without permission.

[00:13:56] Okay. That already has me feeling tingly. Okay. So that this is our intention. And this is really step one of the process, which we’ve already, so the five part energetic alignment process coincides with our five spiritual gifts. And you just now used your spiritual gift of intuition to very clearly, and I can tell when the brain filters and gets involved and when it’s a clear message from higher self, which I definitely felt for you, Jaime, you used your gift of intuition to bring in

[00:14:32] part one of the five-part process, which is the intention. We use our gift of intuition to receive our heart led soul guided intentions. So go ahead and just repeat after me. I intend to.

[00:14:47] Jaime Gennaro: I intend to

[00:14:48] Allyson Scammell: take up more space without permission,

[00:14:51] Jaime Gennaro: and take up more space without

[00:14:53] permission.

[00:14:54] Allyson Scammell: Beautiful. So now we’re gonna go to, so now it’s created in the quantum field.

[00:14:59] You’ve just created this intention, but now we wanna align to it. So, you’ve shot an arrow into the quantum field and it’s landed, but if there’s a block or a wound between you and the way and where the arrow landed, you’re not gonna be able to align your life to the arrow to allow that intention to arrive into your experience.

[00:15:23] It’ll just keep you blocked from that point in the quantum field where your intention landed and that point, when you bring that point into your experience, that is when the desire is manifested. Yeah. So right now, it’s in the quantum field and it’s not, at least, there’s probably, there’s probably space in your experience, but we’re calling in more space and without permission space.

[00:15:49] So that’s not yet into your experience the way. The way, you know, you, you know, it’s here, but it’s not here the way it could be. So, we wanna go to part two, which is the healing, which is using your, using your spiritual gift of healing. So, this is where we wanna like lean into the shadow, lean into any resistance, and what comes up for you

[00:16:14] when I say, well, I would take up more space without permission, but?

[00:16:22] Jaime Gennaro: Well, the permission part is the big part. I think that’s, that coming through was important because I think it’s like, if I wanna take up space, I feel like I need permission.

[00:16:32] Allyson Scammell: Haha, there we go. So, I would take up space, but I fear asking permission. I don’t wanna ask for permission. I have

[00:16:44] Jaime Gennaro: to. My space, like, if I take space, cause I have a family inside my space, right?

[00:16:50] Mm-hmm. So, when I ask for space, I’m basically asking other people to give me that space or to give me that time and that comes with all sorts of things. Right? So that’s the permission part. Like I’m not necessarily asking for permission, but I feel I need their permission in order to take out the space.

[00:17:09] Mm-hmm.

[00:17:12] Allyson Scammell: It almost feels like it’s a zero-sum game. Kind of like if I want more, I gotta get it from somebody. Like there has to be like, you can’t just take it. There’s gotta be, there’s like a give and take. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Okay, so let’s lean into the parts of, and not all parts of this is gonna feel painful, but let’s lean into the parts of these thought systems that feel painful.

[00:17:38] Like, I need, I can’t do anything unless I get their permission. If I get this from me, I have to take something from them. When these thoughts feel true or variations, what emotions are triggered?

[00:17:50] Jaime Gennaro: I mean, there’s definitely sadness. Mm-hmm. because it feels, you know, like I’m not being true to myself when I’m staying small and when I’m, you know, not pushing myself into those places, it’s sad cause I feel like I’m letting go of something that’s important to me.

[00:18:06] And I think, like guilt

[00:18:09] because of course whenever you ask for something it feels like you’re being selfish. So, there’s some guilt in there and like

[00:18:16] Allyson Scammell: disappointment. Yeah, absolutely. And do you feel any bitter? Like do you feel any projector, bitterness, anywhere? I know I happen to know you’re a projector, do you feel any

[00:18:28] bitterness anywhere? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. As a fellow projector yes. You know, and it, I just have to say space is like, the more I get to know my human design, the more I realize how important space is. Like energetic harmony. And so, I feel like this is a really important intention for you as a projector. Just that thought came, that intuition came to me as well.

[00:18:54] Jaime Gennaro: Yeah, and just to like to share a little bit about that, cause I obviously like to talk out my thoughts there. Like, I was recently in someone’s space that felt very harmonious, like very aligned and very her. You know, I got the benefit of like going into a friend’s space that she’s like curated and cultivated perfectly for herself and she is living alone.

[00:19:18] Like she’s a single mom, but she has her daughter part-time, so her space is hers. And I think that’s something like, when we have families, it’s just, it’s really hard to kind of like curate and grow into that space cause you share it. I mean, I share it with three other people and their personalities and their needs and their desires and the ways they wanna curate that space.

[00:19:38] So I think having been in a space where I actually saw what it looks like kind of put me in a different place. Also, I think it made me realize how small I’ve been, if that makes sense. Which I didn’t have realization into that before.

[00:19:54] Allyson Scammell: Yes. That makes absolute sense. All right, so let’s go ahead and clear any of these wounds or blocks or shadows.

[00:20:03] that would take you out of alignment to this intention. Do you feel that, like when you kind of sink into this sadness, guilt, disappointment, do you feel it anywhere in the body, any specific body parts or any like constriction or heaviness?

[00:20:17] Jaime Gennaro: Yeah, I think in like my upper chest, shoulders, upper back, that constricts.

[00:20:24] Mm-hmm. maybe a little bit my stomach too. Like a little tightness in my stomach.

[00:20:30] Allyson Scammell: Yes. All right, so let’s, for the next 60 to 90 seconds, go ahead and just, you know, imagine that you’re looking deep inside of your well, deep inside. And you’re pulling from deep inside you, you’re pulling these emotions up, which are really little blocks or little to big blocks or wounds, and just giving yourself permission to feel the sadness

[00:20:59] and feel the guilt,

[00:21:06] the disappointment,

[00:21:11] constriction in your back, upper chest, shoulders, tightness in the stomach. We’re just allowing it to your outer awareness so you can experience it and release it. It’s like you’re imagining your blocks are just passing through you and this is the way to release, releasing anything that’s not serving Jaime anymore and allowing her, allowing that restriction to come to the surface

[00:21:48] of her outer awareness, so she may experience it and release it. And Jaime, I invite you to stay in the feelings of the feels for as long as you need. And just when the intensity of the emotions just starts to go down, go ahead and say the word now.

[00:22:16] Now. Beautiful. So now I invite you to return your breath. Deep, big, inhales, deep, big exhales into the lower part of the belly. As you’re doing that, I’m just gonna go through and clear your energy system. I’m gonna cut the cords to your outer energy and send all energy that’s not yours back. You have really clear energy, by the way.

[00:22:37] So well done, you. Looks like you’re doing some sort of cord cutting practice. So, gold star and a few cords plugged into collective fear, which is pretty common. So, I’m gonna unplug those cords. Send all energy that’s not yours back, and I’m calling all Jaime’s energy back to her blessed and transformed.

[00:22:58] I’m gonna put an energetic shield around your energy aura, and I see a huge, huge release here at your solar plexus, which is your source of self, source of power. This is where we would be able to claim our needs, claim our space. Clearing also at the heart chakra. Nice. And the throat. And this is our ability to communicate our needs and our desires.

[00:23:31] And you have a little, you have a shield over your throat chakra, which is common to protect it. Go ahead and release that shield. Nice. Okay, now we’re having a big release at the throat chakra. Well done. Now I invite you to send an energetic cord down through your root chakra, plug it into the Earth’s core, and release anything else that’s ready to be let go of in this moment, we’ll release all wounds and resistance from all past lifetimes, all ancestry, all times, spaces, dimensions, planets, to be released for good.

[00:24:15] Nice. And now I see that’s completely transmuted. So we’re gonna scoop up a piece of the high vibrational energy at the Earth’s core, bring that back up through your root chakra to be incorporated at your heart chakra. Taking a deep breath, high. Exhale. So now we’re gonna stay in the heart space,

[00:24:42] allow our energy vibrations to rise higher and higher. Now that we’ve released some heavy blocks, we’re just gonna breathe in higher vibrational energy. Ah, I invite you to connect back into your higher self and we’re gonna go on to part three and engage your spiritual gift of manifestation. And what we’re gonna do is call in a vision for Jaime.

[00:25:14] With this intention fulfilled, this is a vision of Jaime with lots of space that was just arrived into her experience with joy and ease and without permission. And so, when you call up a vision in your mind’s eye of your life, more spacious.

[00:25:41] I invite you to just notice what you see or sense in the vision. If you can’t see it, use your senses

[00:25:50] of your life more spacious. What do you see or sense?

[00:25:56] Jaime Gennaro: So something that came up in sessions that you and I did previously is like this idea of a big studio. Yes. It really feels like it’s mine. Like it’s big, like there’s a potential for a lot of big thinking in that space and collaboration and connection.

[00:26:21] But what’s been coming up recently, which is really weird, is this really strong sense that I keep trying in my real life to like deny, this strong sense that that studio space is in London, that just, oh, It’s like, I love it. It just feels big. Like it feels big. It feels expansive. It feels like taking up space is something like that, which again, like comes out of nowhere.

[00:26:48] Like I don’t know where that comes from, but.

[00:26:52] Allyson Scammell: So. It’s there. Let’s go. The vision tells the truth. So, let’s go to just spend a couple minutes in the vision. Let’s imagine you’re in a big, spacious studio, high vibrational in London. We won’t question why or how and what do you see? What’s happening and there’s collaboration, there’s connection.

[00:27:13] What else do you see or sense in the vision?

[00:27:17] Jaime Gennaro: I mean, I do sense like this group of women, again, not gonna question it, but like a group of women like coming together, coming up with ideas, doing something that’s gonna move something forward, that’s gonna make some kind of impact in this really like, Yeah, just the collaboration part is really big.

[00:27:39] Like I don’t necessarily feel like it, this is my company, or this is my business. It’s really just a space for this collaboration to happen. So maybe we’re all business leaders and we’re all coming together to kind of come up with something. But yeah, it just feels like it’s inclusive and like people want to be there,

[00:27:58] so it feels inviting. It feels welcoming. It feels inspiring and that it is the kind of place where people are like, oh yeah, this is where I go to like tap in and come up with this big thinking.

[00:28:11] Allyson Scammell: This so cool. I wanna go there. Right? Sounds amazing. Oh my gosh. Okay, so I’m just gonna ask your higher self.

[00:28:23] Is there anything else you want Jaime to know about this vision, this higher vision of this intention fulfilled?

[00:28:31] Jaime Gennaro: What’s coming through is just that it’s possible.

[00:28:34] Allyson Scammell: Yes. Higher self don’t lie, yes, it’s possible. I love that. Okay. Beautiful, beautiful. So just one last question about the vision. As you tune into it, sink into it, feel into it, what are the core valued feeling states? You’ve already mentioned collaboration, which I feel is a feeling and connection, which is definitely a feeling.

[00:29:02] Do you notice any other core valued feeling states of this intention fulfilled?

[00:29:09] Jaime Gennaro: Inspiration is big

[00:29:14] and also like calm. Calm and, calm and ease. Nice. That it’s not like a stressful, hyper productive type of space. Like it’s, there’s a lot of big thinking and there’s a lot of inspiration and collaboration, but not in any kind of stressful deadline driven way. Like just in a really like calm, kind of peaceful

[00:29:36] way.

[00:29:36] Allyson Scammell: Nice. It also feels very creative. Yes.

[00:29:40] Jaime Gennaro: Yes. I would say that’s a good value

[00:29:42] Allyson Scammell: also. Nice. Okay. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Moving on to our fourth gift, which is our spiritual gift of teaching, which is really one way to look at it is how we co-create with the divine to go into a state of doing, a state of creating a state of illustrating for others.

[00:30:01] So, staying with the heart space, connected with the higher self, what is your higher self calling you to do, do or create to align to this vision?

[00:30:16] Jaime Gennaro: Well, it’s interesting cause I just did it before we got on the phone, so I think that was like a pre-manifestation.

[00:30:23] Allyson Scammell: Yes, yes, yes. This happens a lot. So, this is perfect.

[00:30:26] Jaime Gennaro: So, I started putting together, so I have a lot of clients who start businesses and my, what I love doing is connecting people.

[00:30:35] So if I have a client that runs a branding company and another person who’s launching a product and they need branding, then I literally like get on the phone and connect the two of them. So I realized wouldn’t it be great if I just brought all these women together where I didn’t have to do these one-off connections, but I gave them an opportunity cause they all meet with me one-on-one.

[00:30:56] I gave them an opportunity to all meet collectively one space and like share ideas and collaboration. It’s totally free, but I wanted to just create this new opportunity for them to connect. And so it’s funny, like it feels like it’s the start of something like this.

[00:31:12] Yes. So funny, Allyson, I love, that’s

[00:31:14] what I love about working with you.

[00:31:16] It’s so amazing. It’s obviously aligned because I mean, I literally woke up this morning and I was like, okay, I really feel like this is an important offering because I’m already trying to make these connections like offline and separately, and I think there’s a lot of value to these women like collaborating and seeing

[00:31:34] where there are opportunities for crossover, cause obviously they’re all related to me. So, there’s some connecting thread, which I feel is the same for you, you know, with all the people in your circle, there’s a connective tissue and I really wanna like foster that connective tissue, so, oh my god, I love those.

[00:31:53] I love it too. Yay. First of all, I love, love, love the vision. It just feels unbelievable, and this won’t happen a hundred percent of the time, but very often when you’re in a really aligned intention, you’ve already started taking action against this intention, and we’re just clarifying it and clarifying your path, which actually makes manifestation more useful and more kind of powerfully aligned.

[00:32:17] You find that when you get to this stage of the alignment, it’s like, oh, I already just started doing that, or I’ve been doing it, or I just took an action on it before because this is super aligned.

[00:32:30] Yeah, but what I love too is that that was sort of a random act in my brain, right? Yes. Like I’m just doing this random thing.

[00:32:37] It feels right, but now it’s like connected to a longer-term goal, which gives me more like momentum and motivation to really like stick to it and focus on it. Because now it’s like, okay, it’s tied to this bigger thing that’s out here that I really want. That feels possible. And now it’s like an actual action towards that thing, which is so cool.

[00:33:00] Allyson Scammell: Beautifully said. And you just said like two pillars to manifestation, which is a stick to itness. The things that we stick to and focus, which is the second thing you said to focus on. Those are the things that we manifest, and sometimes we stick to things that we don’t wanna manifest, like a difficult situation that we’re ruminating in our heads, you know, difficult relationships.

[00:33:24] And so we stick to that and focus on that, and then we end up manifesting things that trigger our frustration and trigger. You know, it works in both directions, but if we stick to and focus on our higher dreams and desires that trigger these emotions, inspiration, calm, ease, connection, peaceful, creative, then we start manifesting into our outer reality, these situations that enable us to feel more peace, calm, inspiration, creativity, connection.

[00:33:51] So yes. Okay. We’re going to the fifth part of the alignment process, which is engaging our spiritual gift of leadership. This is where the results get supercharged, and it’s really our state of being. It’s our embodiment, and we ask our higher self, who am I being called to be to or be you embody to align to this higher intention?

[00:34:16] Jaime Gennaro: Well, I mean, I think really, it’s everything you just said. Like I think it’s my responsibility to embody all of those things. Like I need to embody and show people that it’s possible to have creativity and inspiration and work that feels calm and easeful. I mean, I think that’s just in my business and in the work, I do with clients that’s a

[00:34:36] major, major factor. Like I’m not just a business coach. It’s really important to me that people maintain balance and that they break all these old, you know, paradigms of what work is supposed to look like. Like all of that, let’s just put it into the past. So, I think just embodying those things and showing up that way, I think that’s good leadership.

[00:34:58] You know, it’s just about showing people it’s possible for them too, that it’s not. It’s not crazy to think that you could work less and make more and be more relaxed and like that’s an actual thing that people are experiencing and unless you see it and understand that it’s real, you can’t believe that it could be possible for you,

[00:35:19] you know?

[00:35:20] Allyson Scammell: Totally. I think that’s part of the mission of the projector too because we have such a finite amount of energy. We’re really, I think in many ways, the projectors are on the tip of the spirit to prove that it’s actually true. You can be more successful and earn more money by working less because we have only so many hours in a day where we really can create, no matter how inspired we get.

[00:35:43] For me, after about four hours, I’m like, I gotta go take a nap. Yeah. You know? Right. Yeah. So, you’ve hit a wall. Yeah, exactly.

[00:35:51] Jaime Gennaro: But I think like so many people do and, but they just push, yes, through it. Especially like American work ethic just tells us it doesn’t matter if you’re tired or fatigue, just push, push, push.

[00:36:01] And, and I think that, you know, I think to be able to go to this place that I’m talking about and like try to show up as a leader, that’s, it’s so important to me. This is like a big mission is to show people that that is possible and, and help them understand that it’s like you don’t have to have, it’s not like an equality thing, you know?

[00:36:20] I mean, I really think, like you, everyone has that capability to live into that life, you know? Well,

[00:36:26] Allyson Scammell: 100%. 100%. I’m loving this. So, the last bonus, so we got some buffalo steps for you, which is my word for homework. We’ve got, you’re doing is the connecting people. So just following up on those nudges, you got this nudge this morning to start connecting your private clients.

[00:36:47] And so to continue just following those nudges as they come to you in this Connecting people energy is your state of doing and your other buffalo step is the state of being, is embodying these things that you want others to be experiencing energetic harmony, this space, this calm, this ease, being the example that you can be successful and prosperous working a harmonious number of hours per day.

[00:37:18] And the last, so those are your first two buffalo steps. The last Buffalo step is just kind of a way to supercharge your alignment, and that is when you think of feeling states, inspiration, calm, ease, connection, collaboration, peace, creativity, what are some easily accessible activities that you can do in your life today?

[00:37:41] Either start doing or do more of, or things you can be or be more of in your life today that would enable you to put yourself and be, or in the energetic resonances of these feeling states.

[00:37:57] Jaime Gennaro: I mean, I think just spending more time with people in person is probably a big one. Mm-hmm. We’ve spent so much time away from people and I think living abroad adds to that.

[00:38:07] So I think just being around like other people’s energy in person, I think could be something that would add to that, for sure.

[00:38:14] Allyson Scammell: Yes.

[00:38:15] Jaime Gennaro: And then I think just trying to show up more. I mean, I think I like everyone. I get kind of, you know, caught up in the day-to-day and I forget like what those things are that bring me inspiration.

[00:38:27] So I think just staying connected to those things. And for me, that’s writing, and it is also teaching, like doing, I do videos on YouTube. Just trying to like tap into pieces that I think will be inspirational to people. So, I think just showing up more in those spaces and like doing more of those things that I feel called to do instead of like, oh, but I’m so busy I have to do laundry instead of doing that other thing that I feel like I should, that I feel called to do.

[00:38:52] Yes. I could do the laundry later. I think just, yeah, staying aligned to that stuff and prioritizing it instead of always putting it to the back

[00:39:00] burner could be helpful. Yes. Love it. And by the way, you and I had an in-person lunch date that we need to reschedule. That we need to reschedule. Yes, I was thinking about that too.

[00:39:13] Allyson Scammell: Yes. So that will be, I will already get you. That’ll be step one of, your yes, of your buffalo steps, you’ll get, you know, a little gold star there for some buffalo step movement. Oh my gosh. Jaime, this has been absolutely amazing. It’s very clear that you are, you were in the role of the client today, but it’s so clear that you yourself are a gifted teacher because there was so much wisdom coming out of you this whole time.

[00:39:36] Definitely. You should go back and listen to this. Cause I think that there’s some like website copy here coming through, book titles, I mean, some really profound wisdom coming through. It was super inspiring. I would love it if you would leave our listeners with an invitation.

[00:39:54] Jaime Gennaro: Well, I love that question, and in fact, because I listened to your podcast so often, I am an absolute fan that I was thinking you might ask me that question.

[00:40:04] Allyson Scammell: Thank you. You’re ready.

[00:40:06] Jaime Gennaro: The one thing I felt slightly prepared for, and I think it goes well with the theme of everything we’re talking about, I really want to invite people to tap into that inner voice because what I see with my clients is that they’re, if they’re trying to transition their career, they come to me saying, I have no idea what I wanna do next.

[00:40:26] And that is 100% never true. I just have to ask them the questions that lead them to what you did with me today, which is tapping into your intuition, which is a gift that everyone has and when you tap into that intuition, the answer is always there. We just push it to the side cause we think it’s not realistic or I’m not capable of doing that, or I don’t have the right experience.

[00:40:49] But your intuition knows, and it’s probably been nagging at you for a while, telling you this is the direction to go, but you just keep putting it off. So, I would invite your listen, to take some time today to just really tap into that, even if you’re not in a transition in your life, just to tap into that voice and that intuition and really align with what it’s telling you and maybe just don’t ignore it.

[00:41:16] Just listen and be open to it and don’t judge it and just allow it and then see where that

[00:41:22] Allyson Scammell: takes you. I love this invitation and I feel like that’s what you did. You had, I mean, you really didn’t expect this intention to arrive that arrived. Yeah. And I love that when it first arrived, I didn’t know where we were gonna go with this.

[00:41:36] Was this gonna get your husband to do more of the laundry or was this like what they, we could have gone any direction with this intention, which is another thing I love about this process is that it helps you find the direction that you’re being called to, cause a lot of our intentions could, we could go an infinite number of ways.

[00:41:55] So that’s so beautiful. And I did wanna say that this episode is gonna be released on Valentine’s Day. Mm-hmm. So, you know, yes valentine’s Day is about, you know, the love of a partner or romantic love, but I always think that Valentine’s Day should be a lot about loving ourselves. Right? That’s our first partner.

[00:42:15] It’s always ourselves. And when you tap into your intuition, it really is like, you are just opening up a love connection to yourself, whether you see it that way or not. That’s, that’s what it is. It’s a frequency of love. So, this invitation is so perfect for today on Valentine’s Day, which I’m declaring a day of self-love

[00:42:36] And you can love your partner. Yes, yes. That’s all good. But you know, I think that the self-love is always a more exciting place to start. So that is beautiful. Now, Jaime, please, I know that there’s gonna be listeners who are gonna wanna connect with you and hey, maybe connect into this amazing collaboration effort that you’re gonna be getting energetic momentum behind.

[00:43:00] So how can our listeners find you?

[00:43:03] So they can find me at my website, which is practica, P R A C T I C A, DOT Consulting, and they can contact me for business coaching if you wanna get a business off the ground, or if you’re in a career transition and you’re looking for what’s next and how to pivot. Those are my specialties and it’s really, we’re gonna work on that.

[00:43:27] Jaime Gennaro: We’re gonna work on tapping into your intuition and really connecting to that place of what you wanna do. So, and then we’re gonna take the action. Straight up action plan to get there. Love

[00:43:40] it. Love it. Those links will be in the show notes. Jaime, this has been a real honor and privilege and I look forward to our lunch date once we schedule it.

[00:43:50] Allyson Scammell: Yes and thank you so much for sharing your wisdom today on Soul guide radio. Wow. Thank you so

[00:43:55] much, Allyson. It’s been amazing.

[00:44:07] And as always, dear listener, thank you so much for tuning in. I’m so grateful for you each and every week. And I am ever so grateful for a rating and review letting us know what you have received from this podcast or from this episode, let us know. There’s a link to leave a review in the show notes, and I’m so grateful in advance and I will read your beautiful words on the air.

[00:44:32] And as always, until next time, may your soul guide the way.

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