The Pure Power of Perseverance

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What’s the ONE thing that will always give you an edge in business, no matter your industry, niche, location, or business stage?

Perseverance. The ability to keep going even during those times that you perceive yourself to be failing or falling short. The ability to work toward your goals when your heart is calling you to stay the course, even when those around you may be doubting you — or even encouraging you to give up! 

Perseverance is important because the road to successful entrepreneurship is never without obstacles or speed bumps. But when we have absolute clarity on what it is that we truly want, maintain focus on our soul-guided dreams, and persevere in our commitment to seeing them arrive into our manifest reality, we create powerful energetic momentum!

Start unlocking your spiritual gifts. Listen now to discover: 

  • Why your dreams may not manifest exactly as you envisioned them — and why that is okay
  • How to know when it’s time to persevere (and when it’s time to pivot to something entirely new!)
  • How to stay the course and make progress even when your perseverance tank may be running on empty

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This Week’s Invitation:

Drop into your heart space and ask these questions:

What is the number one dream or intention that I am being called to focus on? What inspired action am I being called to take?

[00:00:00] Hello dear ones. This episode was entirely inspired by my dog, Astrid, and I’m gonna tell you why in a sec. And it’s also inspired by my response, my answer to the question that I get often is, Allyson, if you could name one secret. Running a successful business or if there’s one thing that gives people an edge in business, what is that one thing?

[00:00:30] And I always say perseverance. It’s those who stay with it. Even when you perceive yourself to be failing left, right and center, even when you perceive the results just aren’t there. Can I still persevere when my heart is calling me to stay with it when my heart is saying, stay the course. Can I do that?

[00:00:59] Can I keep the energetic momentum going behind my dreams? And when you do that, when you stay focused on in taking inspired action on your soul guided dreams, and you persevere, even on the darkest days, success has to come back to. Your soul guided dreams and intentions have to start being fulfilled.

[00:01:28] It’s the law of energy. If you focus on something enough, it will arrive to you. it may not look and it will likely not look exactly as you envisioned it, but it will either. Something better, or you’ll be receiving what you need in that moment, even if it isn’t what you really want.

[00:01:51] So today’s episode is all about the power of perseverance and how this really is. I believe a secret sauce, if you will, to life success and certainly business success. So why don’t we go ahead and just get to it. In today’s episode, we unpack how perseverance creates energetic momentum with any dream or desire.

[00:02:24] You. How to know when it’s time to persevere or pivot to something different and the right way to keep going. When your perseverance tank is on empty, we’ll end on an invitation that will have you getting loads and loads of energetic momentum behind your soul guided dreams so they become a reality. So please stay with me until the end.

[00:02:51] Hello Soul Guide Circle. That is the name of this community of soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs in the Soul Guide circle. We are pursuing our soul guided dreams while lifting up humanity. Find the link to join our closed Facebook or in the show notes.

[00:03:47] Today we’re talking about the power of perseverance and our inspiration behind this episode is my dear dog Astrid. She is a Spanish greyhound and they are bred to hunt. Specifically rabbits. So when I am walking Astrid out through the dunes, there are rabbits out there. Not many, and I’ve never seen one, but my husband saw one once.

[00:04:17] And our neighbors assure us that in the dunes there are. There is a rabbit or two out there, and I can tell you one thing, Astrid certainly senses rabbits. And I just get so much inspiration from her because every time I walk her through the dunes, she’s looking for rabbits, she’s smelling for rabbits, she’s listening, and if she senses a small.

[00:04:46] Behind a bush or shrub. She goes nuts. And it made me realize Astrid will never give up for as long as she lives. She will never, ever give up her pursuit to chase a rabbit because for greyhounds, it ain’t about that. I don’t even know what she’d do if she actually caught a rabbit. Who knows what she would or wouldn’t do, but for her, it is the chase.

[00:05:21] She just wants to sprint after an object that’s moving very fast. That’s, that’s what she’s wired for, running. That is when she is in her true happy space. And it touched me when it dawned on me that when Astrid is an elder dog and she can’t see that well or hear that well or run that fast, she will still be just as committed and excited and ready to chase a rabbit if she ever gets a chance.

[00:06:01] And I will walk her out in the dunes. It’s illegal to have your dog off the leash in the Dun. And if you do, you’ll get a hundred Euro ticket. And yes, there are forest washer watchers. They’re called boast factors, forest watchers, they’re out there. I’ve already received a warning and they will ticket you if your dog is off leash.

[00:06:25] So I really can’t let her off. And I always feel like there’s something so cruel about not letting her be the natural dog she is designed to be, but she will never draw the conclusion. My owner ain’t ever gonna let me off the leash so I can chase rabbits. She’s never gonna say to her herself, I might as well give up.

[00:06:47] She’s always ready. She’ll always be ready for the thrill of the chase, and she will never give up at the possibility of it. And we need to have that same perseverance for our dreams. And when you do, it is my promise to you. Your dreams will arrive in your manifest reality if they are soul aligned and they may look differently than what you had envisioned.

[00:07:20] But it’s doesn’t mean that if it’s different, it’s not the dream arriving.

[00:07:26] when we stay focused and committed on a dream, when we persevere in our.

[00:07:36] Belief and commitment to seeing that dream arriving into our manifest reality. We create energetic momentum. It really gets down to law of attraction like attracts like, and if we stay focused on, if we have a dream of being fully booked in our business and fully booked as six clients, six new clients per month, let’s say.

[00:08:04] And you stay committed to the vision, the dream of six new clients a month, and you’re always checking into your heart space and asking the very important question, is this truly what I want? Because if you think the answer is six clients, because. Other people have six clients because you fear you won’t earn enough revenue with only four clients, but actually you only have the energy for four clients and at when you sink in your heart, your heart is actually saying, no.

[00:08:41] It’s really four clients per month is fully booked. You’re gonna send mixed messages to the universe and you’re gonna get mixed results coming. So in the perseverance, you always wanna be checking in with the heart about what it, what is it? Am I really persevering on? What is my, what am I persevering towards, right?

[00:09:05] What is the dream? And always, always, always trying to get clearer and clearer and clear about what that dream is. So let’s say your heart is saying, Six new clients a month in your business to stay fully booked and to really earn consistent revenue. Okay. And then what do you do? You start putting out content.

[00:09:32] You start calling people, you start talking to people, and the results aren’t there. And that makes us, that encourages us to conclude that we are failing, we are doing something wrong. We will not get to our dream. Our dream is not possible for. All the things that one could possibly conclude when the results aren’t coming in the way we want to.

[00:09:59] however, when you shift into, all right, it’s not failure, it’s just feedback. Something wants to tweak and refine, Hey, going back to my heart space, is it still six clients? Yes. Okay, heart space. What do I need to do? Who do I need? Who do I need to be to manifest six new clients?

[00:10:27] What shifts have to happen? And universe, I remain as committed as ever to six clients. And sometimes when you are pursuing a new dream, let’s say you’re new to business and you’ve never brought six clients in before. Sometimes I think it’s a good idea, and you’re not gonna hear too many coaches saying this, but I would say only at the start of a new journey towards a new dream, sometimes you need to get a little obsessed with it.

[00:11:01] And what I mean by that is you, you’re trying to get over a hump. You’re trying to bring something into your manifest reality It’s something you’ve never manifested before. So sometimes the energetic momentum needs an extra oomph.

[00:11:16] It needs all of your focus, all of your concentration. So maybe if you. Other goals in your personal life? Maybe I’m not saying, you know, burnout. I’m not saying hustle. I’m just saying sometimes if you’ve got six primary goals that you’re pursuing at once and you kind of feel like you’re not really making headway and on.

[00:11:42] All of them or any of them, and one of your goals really means a lot to you. For example, bringing in six new clients to your business, go all in on that one goal. Whether it’s a goal about your business or something else. Go all in on the thing that you really are yearning for in this moment, and let the other goals just say, yes, I’m still interested in those, but I’m just gonna, they’re still there.

[00:12:08] But all of my focus is on this one for now until I really get the inner energetic momentum going. And I promise you, if you take one desire in your life and it can be related to your business or not, and you put all energy behind that desire, you absolutely will start to grow That desire, that desire will start coming back to.

[00:12:37] Okay. Now of course, if you do this too much, if you obsess too much, that is when you do get into burnout, you do get into hustle and you’re not taking a holistic approach to your life. And I’m speaking from a whole lot of experience here where I put too much focus on my business and not enough on my personal life.

[00:13:00] And that will eventually start to feel. So I’m not saying that this is a strategy for the long haul. I’m just saying sometimes certain goals need a little extra oomph and a little extra focus. Time and attention. And you’re saying to the universe, you’re saying to the energy, I’m serious about this. Hey, I’m a business owner.

[00:13:21] I’m going pro. I am serious about making a consistent income, and if you already have a consistent income and you really wanna bump it up to the next level, I’m serious about becoming a multi six figure business owner. I’m serious about becoming a seven figure business owner. Wherever you are, you’re telling the universe that, Hey, I’m here.

[00:13:41] I’m not going anywhere. I’m never going to give up on the thrill of the chase. We are getting back to our lovely Astrid metaphor. And I’m here. I’m staying cuz my heart is calling me towards this dream. My heart is calling me in this direction and you can ask your heart. Is now a time to go all in on this one dream, be led by your higher self? I definitely can say when my business went from making no money to making consistent income, there was a period of time where I was just all in on my business. I was just all. And Yep. My personal life suffered a little bit during that time, but not a lot.

[00:14:31] And when I started to notice that my personal life was suffering, it was about the time that I got over the hump and I was really making real, true lasting, energetic momentum in my business. So then I could go back to focusing on my personal life, and that’s when I really then, A new journey, if you will, to be okay.

[00:14:55] How can I be a holistic person, a balanced, harmonious person in life and business, and show up harmoniously?

[00:15:03] So there just may be, may be times on your path where your higher self will guide you to really focus in, hone in, because it’s like you’re pushing a bold or a pill. And it’s very, very difficult to ever push two boulders up a hill at the same time. It’s almost impossible. And when you are just getting your business off the ground, that is a boulder up a hill.

[00:15:30] So that Boulder needs all pieces of your energy behind it pushing. And I promise, I promise the boulder’s gonna get to the top of the mountain and get to the other side. And then you’ll be able to say, ah, okay, I’ve arrived. I got over the hump. Now what? You know now how do I want it to look? All right.

[00:15:54] This is the power of perseverance. What we focus on will return into our manifest reality. So we really, really want business success or love, or a harmonious friendship circle or health or, or, or place your focus. On that what it is you want. Do not allow what you perceive to be the results coming back into your experience to be as a failure as you’re not doing it right.

[00:16:32] Results are important. They’re super important. And it’s feedback. It is only feedback telling you if you need to pivot right or left. Your opportunity to check in on your desires. Have my desires shifted? And what am I being called to do? Who am I being called to be? So how do we know then when it’s the time to persevere or really pivot to something completely?

[00:17:00] Well, to be honest, my friends, that is truly higher self. Your higher self is the only voice that really can tell you it’s time to pivot to something different. But if your higher self called you to a business and is calling you to create in a business and is calling you to attract clients and calling you to share your gifts as an entre, There is something there.

[00:17:28] Our higher self doesn’t call us to anything needlessly, and sometimes our higher self will call us to say an offering in our business that it knows isn’t gonna work well for you because there’s a lesson for you. There’s a wound, there’s some. That’s important to arrive and you need to taste what isn’t quite right before you receive the insight.

[00:17:55] And so unfortunately, when we’re in the middle of tasting what doesn’t feel right, our brain can say, you are failing. This isn’t working. But all we’re doing is learning, getting back to learning what is it we really want? And we can never know on day one of the journey what it is we really want. We get that clarity after we’ve been on the journey for a while and we’ve gone down the paths we didn’t like to be on.

[00:18:26] So it’s time to pivot when your higher self tells you to pivot, and if your higher self is telling you to stay the course, it is time to stay the course. Persevering and pivoting is a question of the higher self. And yes, you can get the opinions of others, but when you get the opinions of others, they project all of their fears onto you.

[00:18:49] Now, if you hire a good coach, That would be a great time. Hire a coach like me. I will be very, very clean space. I will help you connect into your higher self to get a clear read better than any other coach out there. And I will also provide the intuitive insights that I am receiving. So if you’re really not sure, Do I persevere or pivot?

[00:19:11] I would say hire a good coach, a good intuitive coach like me, like someone else, and they will help you because sometimes we are too thick in it to really know what our higher self is saying, or we get very second guessing. Even me, this can happen and you know, I’m a psychic medium, and so I will hire. To help hold the space for me.

[00:19:34] You know, it’s like operating. We don’t operate on ourselves. We go to a doctor, and when you’re in a really big question of life and you really wanna know what your higher self is saying, go to an intuitive coach to help you to hold the space. Don’t try to operate on yourself in these situations the rest of the time when you’re not working with a coach, be in daily communion with the higher self, getting ever clear on what it is you want. What are you calling me to do? Who are you calling to meet, calling me to be? How do I tweak? And. Okay, so you’ve heard me say sometimes it’s okay to obsess a little bit about a dream to get that extra ooph of energetic momentum, but what is the right way to keep going when your perseverance tank is on Empty And friends?

[00:20:30] I have been there so many times in my business where I’ve put out so much stuff. That I was, so I thought would be so, you know, get this amazing, extraordinary response and it was just sort of crickets and you feel like giving up. I mean, hey, you put all this effort in and you put it out there. It’s like if you, if you had a nine to five and you worked your butt off 40 hours a week for three months, and then your boss said, sorry, we’re not, we’re just thank you for the work.

[00:21:07] You did amazing these last three months, but we’re just not gonna pay you. I mean, that would feel horrible, but I think we’ve all been there in our business where we’re working our tail off. And the results just aren’t coming in and the income isn’t just coming in and we are not really sure why. What are we doing wrong?

[00:21:28] That’s when it can be really hard to persevere. And what I’ll say is like anything, but also this really holds true in business. You really have to just believe in your. That everything you do in your business serves a purpose, especially if you were creating something or doing something that your heart called you to do.

[00:21:54] Your heart called you to write those blog posts and they didn’t get the response that you’d wished. Believe that every word that you write, every person that reads it, there’s a seed being plant. And maybe that seed isn’t gonna bloom for a while, but you are always planting seeds and watering those seeds and fertilizing those seeds.

[00:22:21] It all adds up. It all adds up to the energetic momentum of running a successful, thriving soul guided business. So when you feel your tank is on empty, that’s really a great time to ask. Is there a wound here that’s trying to get my attention? Because sometimes we have a wound that we’re just not seeing, and the only way to get our attention is to really take away the results that we wanna see, you know, take away the things we want and it’ll get our attention.

[00:22:56] Like, Hey, what’s going on? Especially if you’ve been in business for a while and you’ve had business success. This has happened to me where I’ve had business success, and then all of a sudden the clients start drying up and you’re doing all the things that have worked and you’re like, Hey, what’s going on here?

[00:23:14] My divine guidance team, the universe was trying to get my attention cuz I was being asked to pivot. And had I not had clients dry up, I would’ve kept going. Even though I was feeling a little bit out of alignment, I know myself, I would’ve kept going because it was working. Okay, so when your perseverance tank is on empty, it’s just a great question to ask why?

[00:23:42] Why is it on empty? Okay, I’ve been doing a lot of things and I’m not getting the results. What are the lessons here that I’m meant to learn? Is there a wound that is ready to be healed? Notice the answers that come back. And this is a good time to take a break. Your mind is gonna come in and say, no, no, no, no. You can’t take a break. If you take a break, it’ll all fall apart. All that energetic momentum that you’ve created will fizzle out, and that’s not true. Taking breaks is part of the process of getting energetic momentum. You know, it’s like if you’re a really fast car, even really fast cars have to stop for fuel, for oil changes, for wheel changes before they can zoom on down the RO road again.

[00:24:34] And we are no different than a race car. We have to stop to have our tank filled. And when my perseverance tank is empty, that’s typically the, typically the time when my content tank is empty and I’m not coming up with ideas for podcast episodes and blog posts.

[00:24:53] And that tells me immediately, I know immediately that I’m working too much and I’m not spending enough time filling my tank, and I fill my tank by dancing, singing, spending time in nature, going on mini day trips. I love to travel, so like a mini. Day trip adventure somewhere, going to yoga, doing some more meditation, taking my daughter somewhere fun to just play and not watching her play, actually playing with her.

[00:25:22] These are the things that fill my tank, and when my content tank and my perseverance tank, usually they’re empty around the same time. When either of those are feeling on the empty side, that is when I take a pause and go do something that I. We’ll fill it back up. All right guys, so to recap, when you have a dream coming from your heart, if you keep your energetic momentum and focus on that dream, it will start, appear. Into your manifest reality. It may not look the way you wanted it to, and that’s okay. You’ll always get what you need, even if it’s not what you want.

[00:26:06] And a beautiful question to ask about your dreams is, how can it get better? How can it get better than this? How can it get better than this? And that will invite in a spaciousness to your dream so they can really start arriving the way you wish them to. Our higher self is really the only voice that can truly guide you to whether it’s time to persevere or pivot.

[00:26:32] But if you’re feeling muddled or confused on that question, it is a beautiful time to hire a coach to help you get the clarity you deserve to make the right decision. Because one of the biggest roadblocks to our dreams getting off the ground is quitting too soon. And we keep our perseverance tank full by making sure we’re doing the things in our week that makes us feel full. So just ensuring that you’re doing the thing that nourishes you, that feels fun, feels like relaxation, feels like play, and you’ll find you have that extra energy to persevere so you can manifest.

[00:27:13] The dreams your heart is calling you toward. My invitation for you this week is to drop into your heart space and ask what is the number one dream or intention you would like me to focus on? How can I place more energetic momentum? Or more focus on this dream and is there anything about it? Is there any inspired action that you’re calling me to take?

[00:27:43] Is there any, is there, is there a state of being you’re calling me to to really accelerate the energetic momentum behind it and just. Notice what starts to happen when you get a little bit more focused and put a little bit more energy behind a dream, and you will see that things start to show up into your experience with a joy and ease that will leave you awe inspired every time it happens.

[00:28:10] All right. That’s all I have for today’s episode. I really hope you received so much from it. I am so grateful for you for tuning in and as always, until next time, may your soul guide the way. 


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03:48  Astrid & rabbits

06:58  Energetic momentum & the law of attraction

07:52  Getting clear on the dream


10:38  Going all-in for extra oomph

16:32  Persevere or pivot?

18:36  Intuitive coaching

20:11  Persevering while running on empty

25:42  Conclusion & invitation