The Coveted 80/20 Rule with Melissa Hughes

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Are you looking to add more joy into your life? What if you could spend 80% of your time focusing on the things that light you up the most, while also working toward a successful and aligned future?

Melissa Hughes is a business coach, best-selling author, international speaker, self-made millionaire, and the founder of the global movement Live Rich, Spread Wealth. Melissa has devoted her life to helping people live richer lives through embracing their best selves. In this episode, she shares her own special version of the 80/20 rule — one that you can use to fuel your soul and create the joyful life of your dreams!

Listen now as we explore how to set conscious intentions for the emotional impact you create for yourself and others, how to make room for the things you want in life, and how to monetize your soul purpose so that you can create aligned profitability. I’ll be honest: I found myself making big changes in my own life following this conversation, so I know you will want to tune in for Melissa’s incredible insights!

Guest Bio: Melissa Hughes is the founder of Live Rich, Spread Wealth — a business (and movement) that is all about helping people live richer lives as a result of becoming their best selves. Melissa is a best-selling author, speaker, and master business coach that became a self-made millionaire by the age of 31! Known as The Guru of Implementation®, Melissa’s success, and that of her clients, is a result of her practical, proven systems for business and life success

In this episode, Melissa and I explore: 

  • How to identify and begin to focus on your own meaningful and joyful 80%
  • How to manage your energy throughout the day, so that you can show up strongly for clients and family
  • The first step to developing your powerful abundance mindset


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Find out what is your overflow lifestyle looks like so that you show up intact, powerful, good health, so that you’re able to truly be the best for yourself as you are the best for those around you.

[00:00:00] Allyson Scammell: Hey there, my dear ones. I am so lucky to be the host of this podcast because I love doing solo episodes. I really do, especially when I’m in a flow state and I feel like I have those feelings. I hope you have this feeling too as the listener when I get on a real roll and I feel like I’m just, like you have, you’re standing on your soapbox moment.

[00:00:26] For me, like I get in those flow state moments and I’m just a channel and the divine is just flowing through me in ways that feel so magical and so in service to you, and that’s pretty thrilling. And likewise, I love the guests that get magnetized to Soul Guide Radio. And we get, we’re getting more and more requests.

[00:00:51] So I, I always see that’s a good sign, that more and more people want to be on the show. And I’m just wrapping up my fourth year of podcasting. I’ve launched three podcasts, so this is episode number 72 of Soul Guide Radio. But I have done hundreds of episodes. If you put my three podcasts together and it’s

[00:01:16] really magical when you get a guest on the show that as the host, when this person really impacts my life, and I see myself making huge changes because of one conversation, and I can tell you with honesty that is what happened after my chat with Melissa Hughes. I interviewed her about a week ago, so I’ve had a good seven days since

[00:01:45] our conversation, and I am really in awe, but all the changes that I’ve made for the better, for in ways that are just more joyful. And so I’m really excited to share this interview with you where we’re exploring the 80/ 20 rule, and we’re gonna get all into during the interview what the rule is and what it means for you in your life and how you can use it to add more joy to your life.

[00:02:18] So I am excited to get right to it. In today’s episode, Melissa shares with us how to turn the 80/20 rule on its head in a powerful way. How this rule can drastically fuel your soul and improve your whole life, and how we can identify those things that we’re most passionate about so we can spend more time doing them and not the things that drag us down.

[00:02:46] We’ll end on a challenge that will have you spending 80% of your life doing the things and being the person that lights you up the most. So please stay with us until the end.

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[00:03:26] I’m Allyson Scammell, your host and soul guide.

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[00:04:03] Find a link to join on my website,, or in the show notes. Before we get to today’s guest, I’d love to share a very lovely listener review coming from the Burns. The Burns has this to say, Allyson’s podcast is activating the abundance. Allyson not only helps and guides others along their spiritual and soul path, but also equips them with the tools to thrive in business and abundance.

[00:04:34] And thank you so much from my heart, that is what I strive to do. So, I really appreciate that feedback and if you, dear Listener, are feeling so inspired or so called, I’d be so grateful for what you receive from this podcast. If you have any specific feedback, that’s fantastic and I will be so grateful and excited to read your words on the air.

[00:05:00] Today’s guest is Melissa Hughes. Melissa is the founder of Live Rich Spread Wealth, a business and movement that is all about helping people live richer lives as a result of becoming their best selves. Melissa is a best-selling author, speaker, and master business coach that became a self-made millionaire by the age of 31.

[00:05:24] Known as the guru of implementation, Melissa’s success and that of her client is a result of her practical proven systems for business and life success. I absolutely loved my conversation and connection to Melissa. May you experience as much change for the better as a result of this conversation as I did.

[00:05:48] Please enjoy.

[00:05:59] Welcome, Melissa to Soul Guide Radio. Hi Allyson.

[00:06:03] Melissa Hughes: So happy to be here. I’m so excited. I am

[00:06:06] Allyson Scammell: so excited too. We both share the love of the color hot pink.

[00:06:10] Melissa Hughes: Yes, we do. Yes. And we both have a little girl. Definitely

[00:06:13] Allyson Scammell: thankful. I love it. Now is your little girl? My little girl is her name is Freya and she’s named after the Norse Goddess of Love and War.

[00:06:21] And let me tell you, she’s a life

[00:06:23] Melissa Hughes: force. Oh, I totally can relate. My little girl’s name is Angelisa. Oh, that’s beautiful. We combined our names. I’m Melissa. My husband is Angelo, and she’s just our angel, and so she’s a life force too. She’s already a world traveler. I think she’s been the, she corrected me 16 countries so far. Wow.

[00:06:40] Yeah, since she’s like that global citizen that we envisioned, I was like wow. You’re in the flesh,

[00:06:47] Allyson Scammell: That is so cool. Yeah, I, I, it’s a realization that I just had, I just went on a retreat to Morocco by myself. Wow. That was a big thing, and it rocked my daughter’s world because she’s just used to me always being around.

[00:07:00] But I noticed like her appreciation level for me, since I’ve been back. Rocking it. I’m like, oh, I like this. Yeah. So that going to Morocco has really wet my own appetite for travel. And Freya is also a good traveler. So, I’m like, you know what? We just need to like

[00:07:18] Melissa Hughes: absolutely. Take the time,

[00:07:19] Allyson Scammell: even like weekend trips,

[00:07:20] Melissa Hughes: oh, absolutely. And people would tell us, oh, she’s not gonna remember, but you know what, these kids remember yes. And I’m like, I don’t care. Even if they don’t remember, it’ll be in her DNA. Absolutely. She’ll be used to dealing, meeting different cultures, embracing, that’d just be how she breathes.

[00:07:36] So I’m like, cool. That’s okay. Regardless, it’s still an investment in her soul and in her life and her expansion.

[00:07:42] Allyson Scammell: That’s so beautiful. And where’s the best, or one of the best places that you’ve traveled to with your

[00:07:47] Melissa Hughes: daughter? Oh, there’s a lot of them, but she seems to really like St. Lucia. Oh wow. Yeah, she likes St.

[00:07:55] Lucia. But we’ve been to like a lot of places, but I think for me, the experience in Thailand, we went to Phuket Island, and it was with her grandparents too. So, I just feel like I felt so blessed. Like they’re like feeding the elephant and I’m like, wow. This is so awesome for three generations to be here, as a family.

[00:08:13] And I’m like, these, creating so many memories for her, even from a grandparent’s perspective. I love those kinds of experiences, so.

[00:08:21] Allyson Scammell: That is amazing. I have traveled a lot in my life too. I used to work in the international arena, so I had to travel a lot for work. And so people always ask me, where’s the best place you’ve ever been?

[00:08:32] And I always say, towards the top of the list is Thailand.

[00:08:36] Melissa Hughes: Oh,

[00:08:36] Allyson Scammell: okay. There you go. Yeah, so I’m with you. It’s stunning there. Gorgeous, stunning,

[00:08:42] Melissa Hughes: nice. It’s

[00:08:43] Allyson Scammell: very nice. So, we’re here to talk about the 80 20 rule and I think travel is relevant because to me, the 80 20 role is about prioritization and prioritizing your time in the right way and yeah,

[00:08:56] prioritizing the stuff that is important to you. And I think for a lot of us, travel is an important, and it’s an easy thing to say, oh, we’ll just travel next month or next year.

[00:09:06] Melissa Hughes: Yeah, don’t put it off. Yeah,

[00:09:07] Allyson Scammell: exactly. Yeah. Don’t do it. And I was telling you before we hit record that I used to teach my audience a lot about the 80 20 rule, but I often felt when I taught it, like I understood it for myself, but I didn’t know how to really illustrate it and express it for others.

[00:09:23] So I’ve always. I felt a little, I fell a little flat with it. Yes. So let us start, and I’m gonna be a student here along with the listeners. What is the coveted 80 20 rule?

[00:09:35] Melissa Hughes: Yeah, the coveted 80 20 rule, I just set out to flip it on its head because I felt like 80% of our life went towards everybody else.

[00:09:44] And 20% of our life went to the things that we said we really cherish, like our families, ourselves, and it’s I’m like, okay, as I am a business owner, but I used to be in corporate, I’ve been in my own business for 20 years, but I always remember, and I was like, nine to five, like that’s,

[00:09:58] that’s your best energy, that’s your best, and you’re giving it to someone else to support your job or their vision or their goals. And then when you get home, it’s like the fun girl. The fun guy. We’re stressed, we’re tired, and people are getting the least of us as opposed to the best of us.

[00:10:16] And I said, there’s something wrong with this equation. Seriously.

[00:10:20] Allyson Scammell: My husband would be giving you a hug right now because he always says to me, Allyson I’m gonna become a client of yours, and that way I’ll have your attention and be actively listening, and you won’t be zoned out right now. So, he’s always saying, he’s gonna hire me.

[00:10:38] A client for this very

[00:10:39] Melissa Hughes: reason. Yes. Get on your calendar to get in your space. And yeah, I just felt it was just not quite, it just didn’t sound right and so I just set out to figure how do I turn it on its head? Like, how do I make this happen? How do I go from, first of all, start with corporate America.

[00:10:54] So I get the good money, but I’m just like, there’s but the people that I really care about, I’m not really seeing them. I’m not really able to make time for them, and that was really weird because I was raised to believe, or this is what I heard. The more money you make is the more you can buy your freedom and your time.

[00:11:09] But when I was working, even at the higher positions in corporate, that was far from the truth. It’s like the more money that I made is more these shackles are on my arms, and I had to really be tied to making sure we, what have you done for me lately, like feeding the monster, if you will. So, I was like, all right how can I make money, make more money than corporate

[00:11:28] and still have time for myself? And I thought that leaving corporate would be the answer. So, I had a consulting practice, that didn’t work so much cause I was trading time for hours and even though I made a lot more, still was in the same boat. And then I was like, I need to really figure out how to

[00:11:44] live more in my purpose, live more in alignment, and get to the other side of what I’m seeking. And so that’s when I end up doing the coaching because I have all the experience. I can deliver the results in a very short period of time. I can have that immediate gratification and know I’m making a difference in the lives of others, but then I also have all this time to take care of my family, to be there for them.

[00:12:04] And so I have the steps for the 80 20 rule, and I call, it’s time rich and profitable. Time rich and profitable. That’s what the, what my, when I’m flipping 80 20 on its head, that’s the goal to be time rich and profitable. So, I would say the first thing is you have to know it’s possible, that mindset, that abundance mindset.

[00:12:23] You actually have to have a belief that you don’t have to work hours and hours in order to be profitable. And you don’t have to be the sacrificial lamb in all that you do in order to get the most out of life. So, the first thing is just making sure you have the mindset and even have a belief because whatever you believe, that’s what you believe, that’s what you’re gonna see.

[00:12:40] So I definitely knew there was more to it cause I, and then after that I knew that I wanted to be fulfilled, so it’s great being able to meet my management by objectives and MBOs. It was great to meet those goals, but at the same time, I’m like, but this isn’t fulfilling to me, so I wanna have other goals.

[00:12:57] I wanna live my purpose. I wanna make an impact in the world, and that’s what live rich for wealth is mostly about, it’s about embracing all of your gifts, talent, your quirky, even your quirky, your experiences, and supporting humanity in a positive way and making room for the abundance that provides.

[00:13:14] So I wanted to be an alignment to my, with my highest good that then I had to be able to listen to my intuition. Because when you’re doing your purpose and living in your purpose, first of all, everybody has one. We’re all born with one, but we’re all born with divine guidance too. It’s part of the package.

[00:13:30] It comes from the manufacturer. We all have availability to do that, and so the reason why that was important to pair up with time rich and profitable is to make sure that, while we have all the facts out there, what is the, what is that small voice? How is that guiding you so that you’re following the path that leads your highest good when you are of service, and that you’re able to lean into your purpose and be in alignment and know that you can always evolve in your purpose?

[00:13:54] That intuition is a lifesaver. It’s a lifesaver also, because we might, for me, when I was in embarking on my journey, I didn’t know what I didn’t know for one thing. In my life right now. I didn’t even imagine it. I didn’t even know it was really possible. So, I was able to listen to my intuition and be guided to get here, but if I was leaning on everything that I know, which I know a lot, it wouldn’t have brought me here.

[00:14:20] So making sure that then to know how to monetize your soul purpose. So how do you position yourself? How do you package yourself in a way that I serve giants. So, a lot of the giants that I serve are educated, they’re talented, but they’re not always positioned. Why? Because they’re servant hearts. They’re servant leaders.

[00:14:38] They wanna care about everybody, they wanna take care of everybody, but they’re doing it with an under, with some kind of thinking that I gotta do it at the sacrifice of myself. And I’m like, no, that’s not a requirement. You could actually serve people powerfully, make that impact that you want, but make sure that you’re charging enough in your business so that you have time for your family, that you have take care of your legacy, that’s your responsibility as well.

[00:15:03] And lastly is systems are sexy. Lock it in. For sustainability. When you are being time rich and profitable, whatever created the success, whatever business model you have right now, make sure success leaves clues, systemize those things that support you and honor you in living this life of being able to do what you want, when you want with whoever you want.

[00:15:24] That’s time rich and profitable. And so that’s really just as important. And people say, oh, systems are so constricting. I’m like, no, I’m not talking about systems just for systems sake. I’m talking about the systems that support your values, that support what you really wanna get outta this world. What can you do to lock that in from a life perspective as well as a business perspective?

[00:15:44] Cause I do believe your life should dictate your business. Your business should not dictate your life.

[00:15:50] Allyson Scammell: Nice. I love all this. I wanna make sure that I’m tracking you. Yes. So, the 80 20 rule, as I understood it, is that 20% of our effort gets us 80% of our results typically, but most of us ignore that 20% cause we’re all up doing all the other stuff instead of

[00:16:12] Melissa Hughes: we’re (inaudible)

[00:16:13] Allyson Scammell: Exactly.

[00:16:14] Yeah.

[00:16:14] Melissa Hughes: So, I flipped it on its head. Yeah. So, tell me different,

[00:16:17] Allyson Scammell: yeah. Yeah. So flip, flip it again. Flip it again. Yeah. Tell me again

[00:16:21] Melissa Hughes: what the flip is this? Yeah. Cause 80 20 rule is like the, we don’t, we, if we are able to dedicate 80% of our life to truly living. And 20% of our stuff is the stuff we just can’t get out of.

[00:16:33] Okay. I get

[00:16:34] Allyson Scammell: it. So, what we wanna do is we wanna find those things that lead to the biggest amount of success, support our values, light us up, enable us to have enriching relationships, and that needs to be where we spend 80% of our

[00:16:48] Melissa Hughes: time. Absolutely. Absolutely. And it’s totally possible. Whereas I feel like, and I don’t know about the, your listeners, but the way that I grew up, I didn’t even know if it was possible.

[00:16:57] I saw my family working really hard. Day and night, making all the sacrifices. My family’s originally from Jamaica, so I’m in the United States. They made a lot of sacrifices to raise the children and things of that nature. They gave us the facts. They gave us the playbook. What do you do? You get an education, you get a job, you get your house, you get your car, you start your family like they gave me this playbook.

[00:17:21] I, I always the more successful I got in corporate is the more I felt that nudging, that there’s more to this than meets the eye, and that there is a way to be impactful, to be a servant leader, to stay a giant and be able to take care of myself, to take care of my legacy. So, what does that look like?

[00:17:42] I didn’t have my daughter until 40 something years old. 43 years old. And so, it’s very important. It, I’m a thorough learner. I was trying to figure this out, so that’s why I love to bring this gift to others. Yeah. That might not be as seasoned as I was because I wanted to make sure that I was able to show her what is possible.

[00:18:03] That’s so good.

[00:18:04] Allyson Scammell: Yeah. I have such a similar story. I was a farm kid. I grew up on a family farm and my dad Oh yeah, you already know. Oh my gosh. My dad I never saw him. He was a good dad, and he was there when we needed him, but I literally never saw the guy. If it was harvest, forget it.

[00:18:19] Melissa Hughes: Oh, I know.

[00:18:20] Gone. Yeah. This a lifestyle, right? Yeah. But yeah, I just was like, I just wanted us to figure out a different way, That’s

[00:18:29] Allyson Scammell: so good. I love this conversation. So, share with us, Melissa, a practice. What can we do that will help us identify what our 80% is and how we can start really living in that 80%?

[00:18:44] Melissa Hughes: Yeah, so I think the biggest thing is really getting in a quiet space.

[00:18:50] Oftentimes, I always say intuition’s amazing. So, I say prayer is talking to God. Meditation is listening to God. And when you’re listening, you know what exactly is it that you wanna know? The quality of the answers we get is based on the quality of the questions that we get. So, I would say in a quiet space, ask the question like, what does it need to look like for me to be able to have a successful and profitable career business and be able to have a full life with my family that’s based out of love, harmony, and prosper?

[00:19:27] And sit with that. It’s a quiet space, but you wanna be able to explore that, document it and journal it. These things will come to you when you’re looking about, when you’re looking into what’s my purpose? What am I supposed to be doing here on this earth? That’s another thing that oftentimes we already have these clues.

[00:19:43] People have already told us they’re like, how do you do that? This is what it looks like. How you do that? Do what. To you, it’s like you’re just breathing, but they’re admiring the fact that you’re so organized or you’re a great speaker, or you’re able to have these moves that they or you are able to connect these very abstract concepts and put ’em together like you’re eating a biscuit in the morning.

[00:20:04] You, that’s what it’s like that, so what you want once you. You wanna make room for what you say you want though, and to do the work. So, the thing that about time rich and profitable is whether you are just surviving in life or whether you’re thriving and living your best life. Either one takes work.

[00:20:25] So choose powerfully as to what is the journey that you seek to have and create while you’re here on this earth. What is the journey that you want to create for those that you love? What’s the experience you wanna create? What do you want to share with them? How do you want to leave this world better than when you arrived?

[00:20:44] What does that look like? And these are questions that oftentimes if we’re so busy doing. And being there for everyone else and not making time for ourselves. We never ask these questions. We just continue to do and we of call it the rat race, right? Like just same thing over and over again.

[00:21:01] And we actually lose our spark. We lose our joy. And so, my give is to a, to remind you how important you are to all of us, how connected we are and that even with the purest heart and wanting to provide for your family, oftentimes I hear people say, I wish I had more time with my parent s, both of my grandparents passed this year.

[00:21:29] It’s like I am happy that I was able to make the time to be with them, because once they transition. So, what is it that are those things that we can create for each other to be able to live our best lives? And what is that thing that you wanna leave with your gifts to leave the world better than when you arrived?

[00:21:46] It’s important, especially when you have legacy. Yeah.

[00:21:50] Allyson Scammell: This is such good stuff, Melissa. I love it. I love it. I love it. So, I’m gonna give you, I’m gonna give you a little rut I find myself in. Do you follow human design at all?

[00:22:01] Melissa Hughes: Oh my gosh I have, yeah. In the last, since the pandemic. Yeah. Yeah. You find a lot of things. So again, human design, yes, I have. I have. Yes. So, I’m a

[00:22:10] Allyson Scammell: projector, so I have a very finite amount of energy, more so than other human design types. I really gotta watch my energy cause I, I burn out pretty easily. Yeah. So, I gotta just make sure that I’m always in balance and I pinpoint a time where I can, am consistently out of balance and I can’t seem to shift out of it.

[00:22:32] And I’m wondering, I’m sensing that some listeners have a similar scenario, and I would love your perspective on this, I see all my clients in the afternoon. That’s when I wish to see them because I like to have my creative time in the morning for writing. Yes. And all this stuff, right? Absolutely. Yes.

[00:22:47] And then I love it and I never book too many clients because I know how many I can handle in a day. So good boundaries there. Yes. But here’s where I fall flat. My daughter comes home. Three days a week she goes to aftercare. So, she comes home at 5:00 PM. Yes. Those are the three days a week I have clients.

[00:23:05] Because I live in Europe. My clients, more coordinated. Yes. In North America, blah, blah, blah. Yes. Five o’clock comes around and I like, I’m the family cook. My husband is the family dishwasher. I do the cooking and I like to make relatively healthy meals. I like to cook, and I like to make those, but then I’m so tired.

[00:23:24] From the client, coming down from the clients. My daughter’s home, she hasn’t seen me all day, and then there’s dinner and I find this five o’clock hour. I just, I am not living my best life at 5:00 PM I get it. What would you say to someone who. A good system going, but then there’s still like reach a point where they just right seem to be

[00:23:44] Melissa Hughes: in a rut.

[00:23:45] You know what I love about the fact that we both have young daughters is I’ve had it. Yeah, they run the household honey, they run it and they’re like, I’m arrived. Exactly. This daddy what are you up to? It’s like this limitless energy that they have and they’re like, don’t you have, come on, let’s play.

[00:24:03] Allyson Scammell: And I had my daughter in my forties. I don’t know. I’m not in my twenties or, whatever. I’m a woman in my forties yeah.

[00:24:10] Melissa Hughes: Yeah. And so, what, first of all, I had to shift a few things, right? And so, motherhood, I will tell you with full transparency, I had a successful business for a while.

[00:24:21] Having a daughter, I don’t think, I don’t, it doesn’t matter when you have a child. However, since I had one older, I feel like I lived a full life and she was like a trap door. It’s like a whole another dimension of light that opened up. I was like, oh my Is this a real situation? Like it was like learning the whole nine yard, it’s a different, oh gosh.

[00:24:40] The learning curve. Learning, oh my gosh. Curve.

[00:24:43] Allyson Scammell: That’s why I was like I said to myself, I knew that I was just gonna have the one, but I was like, I have to have, try to have more kids just because of this learning curve. Get more attention. What am I gonna do

[00:24:52] Melissa Hughes: with this knowledge? So, I decided, so first and foremost, I had to shift my thinking because I, this is why if she was invited on this earth like.

[00:25:03] That I get to play with her. I get to learn this soul, and I still keep that, like for me, it’s a joy to pick her up or it’s a joy to take her to school. I have to shift it because as an older mom I love that I’m an older mom because I remember how I was in my twenties. I was at go-getter, a type. I just can see myself trying to make it in the world and dragging her along with me.

[00:25:23] But now that I’m old, I’m like, oh, she’s having a bad day. Oh look, I can actually be present. So, the secret that I’ve found to be able to do those transitions from being on calls and stuff is to actually, before I start off in the morning with anyone else, I get in my quiet place. I have to work out, cause as an older mom, we have got to get that energy up because look, they don’t understand it.

[00:25:51] Them were like, as young as they are, they were, and so I had to make sure that I expanded my energy capacity for one thing. The other thing I do in the morning is I set an intention for the day. So those days that are a little bit more busy or hectic, I actually map out how I wanna feel and how I want other people to feel as a result of my day.

[00:26:11] So Angelise also had these, she goes to school, she does have her after thing, and then there’s, Wednesdays are my work, Wednesday’s is really my big busiest workday. So, she comes in and I already know this, so I’m like, okay, I envision. Okay. During the day I’m serving my clients. I’m first I’m fulfilling myself.

[00:26:26] I’m serving my clients. They feel great. I feel great. They feel empowered to do the next step. When my daughter comes home, then I’m like, I want her to feel welcome and belonging and that I’m excited to see her. And what is, and I think, and then my husband, I wanna make sure he feels loved and that he’s a priority and he knows where he fits into the biggest things.

[00:26:46] So I really map out my feelings and emotions and how I wanna impact the world each day. So, what happens is, When I’m tired and my daughter’s coming to the house, I’m like, I give her this big hug, and then I have us do something that’s able to leverage, my energy. I’m like, oh, or while I’m cooking, here’s this great thing that I found for you.

[00:27:08] Oh, like I just have her busy while I’m busy and I just like pour into her while I’m getting my stuff together. So, I look to create those times and I have to be, as an older mom, I have to be strategic about it, right? So, she’s having the best time of her life. She thinks she’s like totally adding value to, she is cause of presence, she thinks she’s also part of this whole thing.

[00:27:28] Oh, let’s get this. Like I try to keep the play in it. Yeah. And in the play, I’m able to navigate, okay, let’s blend this activity. Let me still focus on the cooking, but let’s see how she can feel like she’s part of it as well. She might, mix up the eggs, oh my gosh, this looks amazing. Or she might crack eggs and I have to take out the egg, the white.

[00:27:48] But it’s like she feels included, but I’m not running around the house chasing her.

[00:27:53] Allyson Scammell: Yeah. I love this. I love that you plan your emotions. Yes. This is how I’m gonna feel today. Yeah. And it’s true that I have my busier days too, of my less Wednesdays are my easy day, which is really funny because my daughter goes to school at until noon on Wednesdays, and then I take Wednesday afternoons off.

[00:28:11] Yes. It’s funny, as I say, they’re my easy days. It’s usually the day that I expend the most energy,

[00:28:18] Melissa Hughes: So

[00:28:19] Allyson Scammell: it’s like, I don’t know, like easy air quotes there. Yeah. But like you I know the days that are gonna require heavier lifts, so just

[00:28:26] Melissa Hughes: prepare for it. Yeah. And just have that, prepare your mind set up here, what are you wanting to create?

[00:28:32] And so taking back your power and being able to create your future, what does that look like? And then at night I dump things out. Like I’m like, I just, whatever the concern of the day is, I’m like, okay, God, here, I’m struggling with this. I’m giving it to you. I want an answer in the morning.

[00:28:46], I’m not gonna take it on. I’m like, some of these things are not, they’re bigger than me, so if I’m struggling with this answer. So, I, that’s how I can have peace at night too. But definitely, I have to be conscious creation of what I want life to look like, and I feel like that’s what thriving looks like.

[00:29:03] People are like, oh, how do you live your best life? It’s work either way cause you wanna be intentional, you wanna be conscientious. If you’re no longer surviving to make it happen in life and just like surviving by this or that, you’re now in a position where you have to create your life. And so how do we wanna create it

[00:29:22] in a way with grace, and I always say with grace and ease cause that’s my best words. So, what I wanna do with grace and ease, how do I be profitable with grace and ease?? How do I serve my family with grace? How do I serve clients with grace and ease? And so, these are the intentions that I set forth.

[00:29:34] And when I do that, I might go into the question or go into the intention without an answer, but I know how I wanna feel and I know how I want my actions to land with whoever I’m in experience, whoever I’m in communication or connection with. And then the magic unfolds from.

[00:29:50] Allyson Scammell: My tagline is with joy and ease.

[00:29:53] Perfect. Yes. Yeah. Nice. Yes. And did you ever follow Wayne Dyer?

[00:29:59] Melissa Hughes: Not follow. I read some of his books before, though. I

[00:30:01] Allyson Scammell: have to. Yeah. Or whatever. Familiar with him, he said, I remember years ago when I first got on the spirituality track, I was listening to recording of his, and I just remember this intention.

[00:30:12] He said, I flow forward with joy and ease. And that was like a, it’s amazing. And it just stuck. Yes. This was like 20 years ago. I flow forward with joy and ease, and I was like, oh, I wanna flow forward

[00:30:25] Melissa Hughes: with joy and ease. Joy and ease. Yes. I love that. Yeah, mine’s grace and ease. Having those mantras and those guiding principles, I promise you, I don’t have all the answers. In a world where I’m thriving

[00:30:39] cause I’m like, I feel like I’ve stretched past my goals, like my goals that I have. When I was younger, I was like, that’s so far gone. I’m living in this world. I’m just living in the surrender at. But when I’m living in the surrender, it’s really about how I wanna feel in this experience. I don’t know what the experience is gonna make, but this is how I wanna feel.

[00:30:55] This is what I really treasure. This is how I am flowing in life with grace and ease as I serve the world. And just holding true that I can serve the world, but I also wanna make sure that my family’s intact too. So, it’s like having this menu and I am, I’m picking what are all the possibilities and or better. Yes.

[00:31:14] Can I say that or better? Better, yeah.

[00:31:16] Allyson Scammell: This or something better. I love that. And so, if any of our listeners are like, yeah, Melissa, I’ll check in with my intuition. But I sometimes struggle to really find what my 80% is, what are those things that I love and I’m passionate about? Any other tips or tricks?

[00:31:33] Yeah, he, it’s nothing too

[00:31:34] Melissa Hughes: late. I think that it’s not that it’s not there, it’s that we have to really be present to exploring it, so some people be like I talked to someone yesterday and they’re like I like sports, but I’m not really good at it, but I’m very organized.

[00:31:47] You know what I mean? I’m like, okay he is like very detail oriented. And I was like, all right, in the sports industry there’s a lot of opportunities for people who are detail, interest, detail oriented to make a difference in the industry, and then you’re already around what you really love.

[00:32:01] So I’m just saying as opposed to saying, oh, if it doesn’t look like that, I can’t do it or how am I gonna monetize that? I know when I was younger, I really only heard about doctors, lawyers, firemen, policemen, teachers, nurses. There’s very basic roles. But as I’ve been living my life, there’s roles that I didn’t even think exist, I didn’t even know existed.

[00:32:19] So be open to following that. It is easy to discount it because we’re human and if we can’t see it, it’s hard to believe it, but if you have that nudging in your soul, and honestly intuition, it never leaves you. So, the message you got five years ago is the same damn message you’re gonna get right now.

[00:32:37] intuition doesn’t change its colors. So, I would say listen and lead from that place. And so, I’m not saying that it’s easy, and it sounds quite crazy when I think about it. If I think about my old self, right? I didn’t think I’d ever have a life like this. But I would say eventually I listened and you’re hearing this from a thorough learner, that means that there’s a long time that I didn’t listen, and I know where that led me, right?

[00:33:05] And so if you’re looking to discover your 80 20 rule, I would say get in line with your purpose. There’s actually tests you can take for purposes, but oftentimes I will tell you, all you have to do is ask you’re five people around you. What is the thing that you can count on me to, you can count on me for what’s it that you can’t count on me for?

[00:33:23] And they’ll tell you, if you know though, and then explore that. and then you also want to, and you can get some mentorship and get some coaching. You can also, read some books about how do you package yourself in a way that you’re able to live in that and monetize that in a way that really supports your lifestyle.

[00:33:40] Everybody doesn’t wanna be a millionaire, right? I’m a millionaire, but everybody doesn’t wanna be one. But if you’re like having a healthy lifestyle, like half a million or 350 or something like that, and you have freedom in your life and freedom of time, that’s also part of the priceless equation. That’s your 80% of your life living it on your terms.

[00:33:59] And I would just say explore it, pursue it. I have plenty of examples that, that it’s possible. And so, I’m hoping that is something that you can, that, that you can take as far as knowing what that looks like. I served giants for over 20 years, people that are highly talented or educated, and I’m able to see what’s their highest form of service.

[00:34:20] I don’t know if anyone ever heard Jack of all trades, master of none. I don’t know if you’ve ever, do you ever have that saying in, in Europe at all as far as yeah. You’re talented, all these things, but you’re not really a master of any of it. Yeah. Oftentimes that’s a symptom of a giant, and what I do is I look at let’s integrate all of these talents and look at what’s the highest place that you can, what’s the highest form of these talents that require all these talents for you to serve in the best?

[00:34:45], so what’s the hot, like, how can you have a height and bring all your talents together and package that? Because when you package that, then you’re more in alignment when you want to market, when you want to serve people, it’s from the most powerful place. And I would say when you’re working in other environments, not every place, but a lot of places, they don’t want all of you.

[00:35:07] They want the piece of you that will support them in getting their goals. They don’t want that other side of you. When you’re in your business, you do need to integrate all of who you are to have the biggest impact, with the most grace and the most ease, because when you’re fragmenting yourself in your own creation, It is less productive.

[00:35:28] It’s like you have leaks and things of that nature, and you’re not gonna be able to charge as much. But when you own all of who you are and what you can serve in the best way, then now you have that uniqueness about you. Because if you happen to be the coach that’s a coach, a business coach, but you have but you’re really great at singing, that’s a uniqueness about you.

[00:35:45] That’s something like, okay, everybody can’t say that. But when you are in alignment, you express your joy, you express your authenticity. It gives other people permission to be authentic as well. So, I’m just saying that it’s really important to embrace all of who you are. You’re that valuable. It’s important for you to reveal

[00:36:04] your ups and downs with the people that you care about. That vulnerability is very important when you’re in a safe space because that’s where you can grow and get stronger and get reinforced in how you’re able to position yourself from that perspective and and create the most amazing experiences, and that be your 80% in the world.

[00:36:23] Oh, Melissa,

[00:36:24] Allyson Scammell: I have been loving this conversation and just coming to me personally at just the right time. You have such a beautiful way to bring things to life and explain things that feel very integrable, like things that I can start doing tomorrow, and I love that. So, would you be so kind as to leave our listeners with an invitation?

[00:36:46] Melissa Hughes: I invite your listeners, and first of all, I wanna say, Allyson thank you so much. Thank you for being a light on this planet. Thank you for having this place and this home for folks to get inspired that can accept their love for God, and love for being bigger than is bigger than us and knowing that’s a relationship that we hold near and dear to ourselves.

[00:37:04] So I would say what I’d love to leave your listeners with is just know that your light is necessary. That you matter that much, that you know when you show up for yourself, you’re showing up for the people that you love. Take care of yourself. Put yourself first as not being selfish. I spoke to this gentleman the other day and he’s all about making a billion people inspiring a billion people to be happy.

[00:37:31] And I said, my question to him was like, okay, while you’re inspiring a billion people, how are you keeping your household happy? And he said something that was really key. He said when he says it’s very practical it’s incremental. It’s not it’s not like the whole, you don’t have to do the biggest things.

[00:37:44] But every day the first thing he does, he starts out with paying, giving himself an hour of his time to himself. He works out. He reads, he fuels himself. Then he spends time with his children and his wife and things like that. He has his whole day mapped out because he wants his day to resemble his values and what he truly cherishes.

[00:38:03] And he said that the reason I start off with myself first is because when I’m healthy, when I’m strong, when my mental capacity is solid and grounded, I can be there for everybody. And if I don’t take care of myself first, and now I’m impacted by having compromised health or something’s going on with me, all I can do is handle myself and take care of myself, and I’m not good for anyone else.

[00:38:29] So I wanna leave your listeners to just be reminded that you matter. Like it’s not selfish to put yourself first. I wanna take a stand for you. Basically, being able to give from an overflow, not from a deficit. If you think of a cup and you think of a saucer, cause you do tea in Europe, I know you do the tea time, right?

[00:38:50] Oh yeah. So, if you pour water in this cup, oftentimes we oftentimes work with an empty cup, right? And that’s, we don’t, I really want to make sure you give from an overflow. What that means is if you imagine a cup and you’re pouring that, that tea in it, I’m actually wanting it to overflow outside of the cup into the saucer, the liquid in the saucer

[00:39:12] that’s the overflow I want you to give. Because when you give from that, you never run out and you have that sustainability. So, find out what is your overflow lifestyle look like so that you show up intact, powerful, good health, so that you’re able to truly be the best for yourself as you are the best for those around you.

[00:39:34] We need you that much. It’s not selfish. It is self-care. It is. It is what we really want from you, the best of you. So put yourself first so that you can be the best for all the people that you love.

[00:39:48] Allyson Scammell: What is your overflow lifestyle? That’s one of the best questions I’ve heard in a while, So, write that down everybody.

[00:39:56] We’re gonna be putting it into the show notes. What is your overflow lifestyle look like? Do some journaling, do some contemplative. Yes, go out in nature. And if you don’t like to journal, just take it with you on a walk and connect with nature and allow your intuition to speak to you. Melissa, I have loved this conversation so much.

[00:40:16] I know some of our listeners are going to want to learn more about you. How can they find you?

[00:40:22] Melissa Hughes: I bring gifts. Yay. We love gifts. So, one thing that is in order to inspire you to pretty much follow that intuition in order to inspire you to make unapologetic decisions that really lead to amazing legacy moments and really is very fulfilling, I actually released a documentary on the movement of live rich spread wealth.

[00:40:45] And so if anyone wants to see what it looks like to not come from a whole lot, but to be able to take what you have, what your gifts are as you come into this world, and really follow that calling, if you will, that divine assignment. I would say go to, and then you’ll have access to the movie.

[00:41:04] It’s complimentary. I’ll never charge. And if we just wanna, if you want, if you’re listening to Allyson and you hear us talking, reach out to me on social media. I am Melissa Hughes. I am Melissa Hughes, or you can go to melissa I would love to hear from you. Ah, that’s

[00:41:19] Allyson Scammell: amazing, and we will leave all of those links in the show notes.

[00:41:23] Melissa, thank you so much from my heart for sharing your wisdom today on Soul Guide Radio.

[00:41:29] Melissa Hughes: Love it. Thank you, Allyson. I appreciate you.

[00:41:43] Allyson Scammell: And thank you my dear ones so much for tuning in. I am so grateful for you. And as always, until next time, may your soul guide the way. Are you ready to fill your business with soul clients in the next 60 days? Then download my free energy upgrade meditation to amp up your energy frequency, dissolve the doubt, and attract the soul clients you are destined to serve.

[00:42:14] Find the link to download on my website,, as well as in the show notes.

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