Taking Charge of Your Dreams Coming True

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What is the biggest trap that you can fall into that prevents your dreams from coming true? The trap that pulls you from the driver’s seat of your life and turns you into a passenger?  

It’s simple: the biggest trap that you can fall into is letting yourself rely on someone else to make your dreams come true. Because when it comes to manifesting your highest, soul-aligned visions and dreams, you always want to be in the director’s seat.

The problem? Many of us are afraid of putting in the work to achieve our dreams, because we fear that our genuine efforts will not be good enough — and that we will fail if we really own our offers and put ourselves out there. This leaves us hiding our gifts away, hoping that someone else will recognize them and choose us, without having to take a risk.

If you find yourself waiting to be discovered by your dream clients, then this episode of Soul Guide Radio is for you!

Listen now to discover: 

  • How to escape the trap and take charge of your own dreams (with a real-life example)   
  • The questions that you need to ask yourself when pursuing your goals 
  • How to invite your fear of failure up into your consciousness — and how to release it!


This Week’s Invitation:

Right size, at least one of your big dreams. Go through the process that I shared with you in today’s episode, and once you land on a dream that makes you feel very, very full, ask the question. What is my next best step to manifest this dream?

[00:00:00] Hello dear ones. I hope you are feeling high vibe and fabulous today. I’ve been having a lot of fun lately with Freya watching baking shows, baking competitions in particular, where, you know, there’s so many, unlike Netflix right now, and the latest one we’ve been watching it is Takes place in Australia called Zumbo.

Where there’s this famous Australian baker and cake artist named Zumbo, and they, they compete in this competition, and then the bottom two have to go into the Zumbo test. And then Zumbo the, you know, cake extraordinaire, cake creator extraordinaire, reveals this cake that he has made and then they have to recreate it.

And these cakes are like, usually just like all sorts of crazy stuff going on with them. And then the person

[00:01:00] with the most, the cake that matches his masterpiece, the best stays in the competition. It’s pretty entertaining, especially if you need a nice family, something to watch. So as I watched all of these various baking competitions with Freya, I started to notice something.

The contestants were all saying the same thing, and they would all say it over and over. And that was to win this competition would be a dream come true. And that really got me to thinking. I kept hearing it over and over again, and every time I heard it, the wheels in my brain started turning. And then I’d go down to that heart space and I’d check in with my spirit guides.

And I was just like, you know, I really need to do a podcast episode on this. And my divine guidance team said, yep, you sure. So why

[00:02:00] don’t we just get to it? In today’s episode, we explore the biggest trap we can fall into that prevents our dreams from coming true. How to get rid of this trap and how to take charge of our dreams.

We’ll end on an invitation that will have you stepping fully into the role of. Of the movie of your life so you can intend the life you most want to experience. So please stay with me until the end. Welcome to Soul Guide Radio, a podcast for soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs. Here to bring about change on a massive level.

We’ll explore how you can activate your big soul mission, amplify your spiritual gifts, and clear the energy blocks weighing you down so you can gain unstoppable momentum in life and business. I’m Allyson Scammell, your host. And

[00:03:00] Soul Guide.

Hello Soul Guide Circle That is the name of this community of soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs. In the Soul Guide Circle, we are called to pursue our soul guided dreams, make a massive impact and lift up humanity. At the same time, find a link to join our close Facebook group at allysonscammell.com or in the show notes.

Today we’re talking about how to take charge of your dreams coming true. So let’s start with the biggest trap we can fall into with this. That actually. Puts us out of the driver’s seat. It takes you away from being director of the movie of your life, and it puts you into the audience watching and allowing life to happen to you.


Always in response, always reacting. Reacting to the wishes and the dreams of. And this trap I’m talking about is when we rely on someone else to make our dreams come true. That is not taking charge, that is being in response. And when it comes to dreams and manifesting, we want to be in the director’s seat.

Intending, deciding what it is we want and intending it and putting our energy behind it. So getting back to the contestants in the bake show from the, the Bake Show, Zumbo. These are amateur, these were amateur bakers. None of them were professional. They didn’t have their own baking shops, but most all of them.

It was their dream to become professional bakers and

 [00:05:00] start a shop or start their own line or whatever it is. Okay, so they’re on this national television series that’s on Netflix that’s hitting people all over the world. You better believe if I was on that show and I didn’t win, I would say, okay, no problem.

I wanted to win, but I didn’t, and now I’m gonna use this exposure to really launch my. I’m not, I don’t care if Zumbo, the famous Australian baker didn’t pick me. I pick me. I choose me. I take control of my dreams. I got all this amazing exposure from being on a Netflix series. How can I use this to my advantage to continue gaining energetic momentum so I can fulfill my dream of becoming a professional baker, and I make my dream come.

I do it, I take control. I don’t care if those judges didn’t like my stuff. It doesn’t

[00:06:00] matter because I am responsible for making my dreams come true. So how do we get rid of this trap? And I see it a lot, and I’ll tell you what business owners out there, listen up here. I think in business so often we’re sitting around waited.

We are the best kept fricking secret out there, and we’re sitting around waiting to be discovered. We’ve got these amazing offers. We’re amazing, right? And we’re sitting around hiding out behind our computer screen. Hiding out wherever it is, we hide and just saying, oh man, I’m just ready to be discovered.

I’m ready for someone to find me. I’m ready for a client to stumble upon my offering. And it would be really fantastic if we could just. Put together a website and put together offerings, and then people

[00:07:00] would just find us and we would just get discovered. But it doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t work that way on baking competitions or in business.

You won’t, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get discovered, and if you do get discovered, it’s because you already spent a lot of time and energy taking charge of your own dreams. I, I notice it all the time. . It seems like whenever anyone’s getting interviewed, let’s say a famous entrepreneur is getting interviewed and someone says to them, wow, it really seems like you’re an overnight success.

They will almost always say, that’s not true. It looks like on the surface I’m an overnight success, but I’ve actually been at this for years because that person was taking charge of

[00:08:00] their. Dreams fulfilling their own dreams, but at a certain per point, maybe then somebody did discover them and helped them to get more visibility.

And that took them to the next level. And that’s great. I mean, if someone does discover you and does give you more visibility and does award you champion of the baking competition, that’s fantastic. That is cherry on the cake. That is bonus. But the driver of your dreams, the person sitting in the director’s chair is always you.

And that is the most empowering and freeing and expansive place to be sitting. So how do we get rid of this trap? Well, first we get rid of this. Relying on others to make our dreams come true. By simply asking the question, am I waiting for someone

[00:09:00] to discover me? Am I waiting for someone else to make my dreams come true?

Am I relying on others to make my dreams come? Do I spend too much time waiting to be invited on a stage rather than creating my own stage? Start by asking the question and you wanna ask questions about relying on others. Waiting or hiding. Am I hiding? Am I hoping someone’s going to find? and invest in say, a business offering.

And while I’m waiting, I’m hiding because I fear putting myself out there. I feel being visible. I fear owning my offering, talking about my offering and

[00:10:00] putting it out there because what if nobody buys it? What if I fail? What if it doesn’t work? . Right. And I think it’s very often our fear of failure that puts us in the position of hoping someone will find us, because it’s like in, in a way, it like protects us from failure because some.

Jeanie on high, some judge, some big name coach, somebody who has a lot of success is gonna shine a light on you and say, you’re doing great. I choose you. Hey everybody, look at this amazing person and what they’re doing in the world. and I think we can think it’s like, if that happens, if I get chosen by someone, then that will protect me from failure.

That will protect me if, if I do it all on my own, if I create my own stage, if I sell tickets to my own show

[00:11:00] and get my own audience to watch me perform. That has a greater chance of failure than if some big name person who already has an established big stage invites me on theirs. And I say, statistically, that’s probably correct, but the chances of that big name person choosing you when you’ve done not put in the energetic momentum behind creating your own stage.

And or stages, the chances of them finding you. It makes it very, very challenging and it puts you in that relying on someone else to make your dreams come true. So if you notice that you’re waiting, hiding, relying, okay, that’s fine. No problem. We’ve all been there. I certainly have been there. Now we wanna notice if there’s any wounds there.


If there’s any fear of failure there, I fear creating my own stage because it might fail. So just invite that up. Invite that good old fear of failure up. Fear of failure is going to be a big thwart to your ability to take charge of your dreams coming true. So let’s release the. And you just, uh, invite the fear up.

I have this dream, I have this desire, but I fear it will fail. So I’m not doing anything. I’m hiding. I am hoping someone will find me. And just give yourself permission to feel that fear of failure. Ah, and once you feel it releasing, go to your breath. Big inhales, big exhales. Go back into your body. Really connect in to your body. Connect.

[00:13:00] to your neck, down your heart space, your toes, your fingers. Set the intention to connect to your higher self and just ask the question, what stage do I dream of building? What stage do I dream of building? What way do I dream of becoming more visibil? , in what way do I dream of becoming the baking champion, but in a way that I crown myself the baking champion, I pin the metal on myself.

So we’re really trying to like sink into the body and get guidance on what dreams are we being called to take charge of. So we’re firmly got our butt planted in our

[00:14:00] director’s chair, and we’re saying, I’m not gonna wait anymore. I’m gonna make it happen for myself. I’m gonna get the energetic momentum going myself.

I’m gonna build my own stage. I’m gonna sell my own tickets, and I’m gonna perform to an. Who’s really excited to watch me perform. And when I say building the stage, it’s a metaphor for anything like creating the opportunities for yourself. So as I sink into my body and I ask the question, what dreams am I ready to take more charge of?


Yeah, I’m just getting, I’m getting the hit, like getting more exposure of to Soul Guide Radio and spending more time sharing it. So that’s

[00:15:00] another thing. You know, a good example of how this works is a podcast. I release a new episode every week and I have to do a lot to. Each and every episode if I expect anyone to hear it, anyone at all.

So if I just put it out on my podcast hosting site and then just like, alright, great. I hope I get 10,000 downloads this month. That will never, ever, ever happen. I mean, I’m sure like super famous people in the world because they’ve already gotten their fame, right? They’ve already built their own stage.

They’ve already been discovered by. Now they’ve got a big following. Okay. You know, Tim Ferris has one of the biggest podcasts in the world. When he releases a new episode, he probably hasn’t, doesn’t have to do too much to get a lot of downloads, but he still does. He still promotes it here and there and everywhere, even though he doesn’t really need

[00:16:00] to because he wants to get more and more listeners.

So when I release an episode, I am talking about it here where I’m everywhere to my mailing list, to my social feeds. And then I’m talk about old episodes, right? Because I’ve got episodes from a year ago, two years ago. Those are still fantastic episodes and I want two key promoting them. And it is the way, it is.

The only way. that something like a podcast can grow. And so what I’m getting is, even though I have taken charge of this dream, my higher self is calling me to take more charge, reach out to Piaz and ask them, Hey, will you share this with your audience? And I can share something of you, of yours to my audience?

Like think of different ways I’m getting called to think outside of the box and be creative about all the other ways that I can promote this podcast. I’m being called to

[00:17:00] promote more, and so I can ask the question. Well, do you mean by Facebook ads or online ads? No, organic. So I’m being called for more organic promotion of this podcast.

I wanna grow this podcast, and if I’m waiting for some big name podcaster to discover me and say, Hey everybody, listen to Soul Guide Radio. I mean, wouldn’t that be amazing if that happened? And I would love it if that happened, but I’m not going to wait for that to happen. That’s giving somebody else the keys to fulfill my dreams, and that person may or may not unlock the door.

The only person who can unlock the door to my higher dreams and fulfilling those dreams and having those dreams come true is if I unlock the damn doors. . So I just released some fear around failure. I just connected to my higher self and asked like,

[00:18:00] what’s the dream that’s ready to be taken charge of? I got the hit the podcast.

Okay, what’s my next best step? And the message was very clear. Start promoting it even more. And if you’re someone who maybe you’re sitting there thinking, yeah, well I don’t have that kind of connection to my hair self, so I won’t get such specific clear guidance. How do you know our gift of intuition needs practice?

It’s a muscle. It’s like your biceps. You need to go to the gym and you need to put some weight on some barbells and do some reps. And the more reps you do, the stronger your biceps get, and your gift of intuition is no different. So going through these types of inquiries, Connecting to your higher self and your divine guidance team to ask these questions and get this divine guidance is part of your practice.

It’s part of you

[00:19:00] going to the gym of your intuition so that your gift of intuition gets stronger and you can get this divine guidance. And this is a key and critical part of taking charge of your dreams coming. because your higher self is really gonna guide you the most powerfully and with the most ease and flow to exactly how you do that.

And it starts with sinking into the body and just asking the question, starting with one dream. What’s one dream I. In my life right now that’s ready to go to the next level. It’s asking me to take charge, and it’s asking me to stop waiting, hiding, or relying on someone else. My invitation for you this week is to, I ask yourself these

[00:20:00] questions.

Have you been waiting, relying, or hiding? Do you have some fear or failure to release and. Ask your higher self and your divine guidance team, which dream is ready for you to take charge of it, and what is your next best step in doing so? And I promise you, In no time, you’re gonna see some serious dreams starting to take off in your experience.

You’re gonna start to get your own baking champion medals, and then that is when other people magically start to find you. And when they do, that is just the bonus exposure. But you are the one that deserves the credit. Building your own stage and taking charge of your dreams coming true. And that’s all I have for you this week, my dear ones.

[00:21:00] I truly hope that this episode and these insights serve you on your path. And as always, until next time, may your soul guide the way.

Are you ready to fill your business with soul clients in the next 60 days? Then download my. Energy upgrade meditation to amp up your energy frequency, dissolve the doubt, and attract the soul clients you are destined to serve. Find a link to download on my website, allysonscammell.com, as well as in the show notes.


00:01  Intro

03:31  The biggest trap  

06:10  Waiting v. action

08:44  Releasing your fear of failure

15:00  Podcast example

18:14  Intuition is a muscle

19:53  Conclusion & invitation