Rock Your Sales with Source with Daniel John Hanneman

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Whether you’re preparing for a launch or cooking up an evergreen offer, it’s easy to get caught up in the Shoulds and Musts of what you’re “supposed” to be doing. Following a prescribed sales style can feel forced, and leave you stressed out and energetically drained — and half the time, you may not even get the results you want!

What if your process wasn’t guided by what everyone else is doing, but by your own soul mandate? What if you could create and sell more (and more easily!) through deepening your connection with Source?

Daniel John Hanneman is the co-author of Wake Up… Live The Life You Love: Living In Abundance and the creator of Rock Your Sacred Purpose. Daniel helps spiritual entrepreneurs break free from old programming and habits, unleash their hidden potential, and live their soul truth. In this episode of Soul Guide Radio, we explore your best next steps for running your business in a way that is deeply aligned with your soul mandate, how to choose the right coach or program, and how to recognize the divine timing for growth!

Guest bio: Daniel John Hanneman has an extensive background as a professional counselor and certified hypnotherapist with combined business and professional backgrounds in energy scanning and clearing, spiritual life and intuitive business coaching, channeling, psychology, motivational techniques, and more. He is the creator of Rock Your Sacred Purpose, which is unleashing the greatest hidden potential within game-changing spiritual entrepreneurs.

Start unlocking your spiritual gifts. Listen now to discover: 

  • How to go from “fear” to “fun” and move the needle forward in your business
  • How to rock your sales with Source and stay aligned with your deeper calling
  • An invitation that will have you inviting in ALL the creative sparks — so you can live the abundant life you deserve!

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Determine what your highest and greatest guidance is – start saying no to the things that aren’t a hell yes!

[00:00:00] Hey, ho dear ones, funny thing about these podcast episodes. Sometimes I feel like we tune in to certain episodes, blogs, books. We tune into people, mentors. We connect often just to get one thing. Yes, I hope that from this podcast episode, you get a thousand thingfs that you can integrate into your experience, that you can gain inspiration from, so you can live a more joyful, sovereign, abundant life.

[00:00:41] But what if, what if you’re tuning into my voice right now to get one thing that you really need on your soul path? And that one thing. Is going to be like a trigger and it’s going to open up a hundred doors for you of higher growth and potential. I’m sharing this with you because our guest today really unlocked a lot of things for me for sure.

[00:01:10] But I took one thing away that has stuck with me. Daniel and I actually spoke a couple days ago and it has been with me. It is what I absolutely needed to hear. And, Thank you so much. I’m going to share with you the one thing I needed at the end of the show, after you listen to the interview, because it’ll be interesting to see maybe you picked up on that one thing, or maybe you needed something else.

[00:01:42] Because my guest today is Daniel John Hanneman. And we talk about how to connect a source to live a more aligned, abundant life and life and business. But we really unpack so much more than that. So why don’t we go ahead and get right to it. In today’s episode, Daniel and I explore how to go from fear to fun, reclaim your sovereignty, and rock your sales with source.

[00:02:10] We end on an invitation that will have you inviting in all the creative sparks that you get a hell yes to pursue so you can live the life of abundance you deserve. So stay with us until the end. Welcome to soul guide radio, a podcast for soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs here to bring about change on a massive level.

[00:02:38] We’ll explore how you can activate your big soul mission, amplify your spiritual gifts. And clear the energy blocks weighing you down so you can gain unstoppable momentum in life and business. I’m Allyson Scammell, your host and Soul Guide.

[00:03:00] Hello, Soul Guide Circle. That is the name of this global community of soul guided leaders and entrepreneurs. In the Soul Guide Circle, we are pursuing our soul guided dreams while lifting up humanity. Find a link to join our closed Facebook group at or in the show notes. Today’s guest is Daniel John Hanneman.

[00:03:23] Daniel has an extensive background as a professional counselor and certified hypnotherapist from a bestselling book series. Daniel co authored the book, wake up, live the life you love living in abundance, which featured internationally renowned legends, including Anthony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Dr.

[00:03:45] Michael Beckwith. Daniel helps spiritual entrepreneurs to break free from old programming so they can live 100 percent in their soul truth on all levels of life and business. I had an absolute blast connecting to Daniel on all manner of things relating to rocking your sales with Source. So please enjoy.

[00:04:20] Welcome to Soul Guide Radio, Daniel. Hey, so glad to be here, Allison, to move the needle forward from fear to fun, to rock ourselves from source. Absolutely. I love this. And so I talk about this a lot too, this topic a lot about the power of fun and being the energy, in the energy of fun and play in our business.

[00:04:42] And it’s when we’re in this relaxed, playful, spacious energy is when the sales come in and when we’re all gripped on. An outcome, a sale, doing things a certain way that doesn’t feel good. We can usually, that usually reflects in like the sales not coming in, but you know, Daniel, this is a hard one. This is a hard one.

[00:05:03] I’m in the middle of a launch right now. And I literally teach this to people and I find myself. Working longer hours than I really want to, so let’s unpack this. Let’s go. Even I get hung up on this one. So where do we start when we go from fear to fun? Well, first of all, let’s, I’d love for you to share what it means to you to rock your sales with source.

[00:05:32] Okay. Well, a lot of times what we’re rocking, trying to rock our sales with is just. Concepts of how we’ve been told to rock ourselves. Whereas I think we’ve overcomplicated it a lot, like with all these tactics and strategies and whatnot that are out there, and we’re not actually even listening to our, our deeper soul calling in the world in the first place.

[00:05:56] So are you actually. You know, here living, you know, your soul’s mission. Are you on that pathway fully and completely as much as you know, that you can’t connect with, right? Like, you may not know, you play, we play the forgetting game a lot too, by the way. I don’t know. I don’t know. Yeah, you know, you know, you know, there’s something there and that you need to follow that.

[00:06:19] You need to move forward from that. So it’s coming from that place. Whereas when you’re in that place to try to figure it out in your head, you know, the usual things we hear about, but like, I want to try to bring something extra into it today. But this place of. I don’t know what it is. I’m going to kind of use my guidance and then I do these exercises.

[00:06:40] Great coach. I have, whether it’s me or Allyson or, you know, if we had such exercises and then I’m going to figure it out, then I’ll know what it is. And then I’m going to launch it. And then, you know, I’m going to sell X amount of units. have, you know, I’m going to rock my sales because I’ll sell a thousand units, 47 bucks or whatever it is.

[00:06:58] And so that’s like the opposite. So the trueness of it is like, What is my soul’s mandate right now? What do I feel right now is the truth for me? And then not, not adding on to it, you know, it’s like, Oh, wow. Wait a minute. I don’t know about X, Y, Z, and all these other things, these unknown things. Let me use another pendulum.

[00:07:18] Let me go crazy trying to figure it out. No, just start with what you know, and be a little bit more patient. You know, a lot of times we’re just not patient enough. We don’t have the bigger success that we’re looking for, you know, like. I don’t know. Let’s just figure things out. Let’s throw this page together and make it happen.

[00:07:34] Or if we are in a launch, sometimes we just get caught up in the launch energy. Like, well, I planned this. I have to do it no matter what. And you know, that’s just the way we know this gets the numbers. We know, we know. And half the time it works and half the time it doesn’t. Right. And either way you’re exhausted when you’re done.

[00:07:50] So it’s like, okay, are we listening deeper to that sole mandate? What are you learning? Cause I know a lot of times when I feel contracted, I’m like, Oh my God, I gotta hit that metric today, you know, or whatever it is, a thing I’m like, you know what, I don’t feel the energy. I’m not getting that calling. I don’t have that thing.

[00:08:07] A lot of people say that’s lazy. I say that’s genius. That’s brilliance. Because once I allow that flow to come back into me, when it’s, when it wants to, when it’s ready to land. Then it’s like, Oh my God, I got so much to give. I’m like, let me give this to them. These, this is what I want to share with the world now.

[00:08:24] But a lot of times we just power through. So when we’re rocking our sales from sources, we’re really listening. We’re really allowing ourselves to be patient for that. Those waves that come in, people say living from the inspiration, but you can be inspired by a social media post that says you’re gonna make a billion dollars today and click, click, click, click, click all the way through.

[00:08:43] I’m not talking about that kind of inspiration. I’m talking about that deep, deep soul knowing and guidance and that juiciness, that, that, that, that vibrancy that we feel like. Man, I’m unstoppable right now within my sovereignty within my connection with source and I can create anything whether it works or not.

[00:09:02] I don’t care. I’m having such a good time that I know it’s working, you know, even if this 1 iteration doesn’t work out, so to speak, it’s like, it’s working because I am actually connected. I’m actually following what’s coming through for me. So, Just to get the conversation started. I know you love specifics is we just want to start with that promise is that we’re coming from that place where, and yo, like, like, I look at it, like bunny rabbits jumping all over the place.

[00:09:30] Oh my God. I’m inspired. Let’s go there. I’m inspired. Let’s go there. It’s inspired. It’s fine. And every directing does all the buddies look good. And it’s like, no, stay centered here. What’s coming from that deeper place from the, you know, you know, more of that place of the vertical, as they say, right? The vertical of what’s coming in rather than horizontal, like everyone going every single direction or horizontal, right?

[00:09:52] Oh, vertical. And then the horizontal happens from there easily. Right? So that’s, that’s what I’m talking about with rocking yourselves from source. So I’m going to go in a direction that might seem kind of odd with this, but I’m feeling called to I’m going to talk about cults. I have a point. I have a point.

[00:10:15] Okay. So there is hearing you talk. I loved it, by the way. You made me think of this. I’m not going to say her name, but she is a very well known coach. She’s kind of a, she’s a spiritual business coach. I’d say a lot of followers. She claims to make 70 million in sales. So that’s pretty darn good. And I have to admit, I mean, people who love her, like big L love her.

[00:10:44] Like she posts something on social media and she gets like 700 comments about how brilliant she is. Sometimes I read her stuff, Daniel, and I swear, I do feel this, like, powerful punch of energy. This is, listening to you talk made me think of that. Like, she packs this powerful punch. And then, there are lots of stories coming in that this woman…

[00:11:09] Is in a lot of lawsuits right now for people claiming that she didn’t offer what they were going to say. And then there’s some people coming in saying, well, it’s actually a cult. And so I don’t really kind of care about all that. When I tune into my intuition and ask my intuition, what’s going on? My intuition says, you know, keep a distance from this person.

[00:11:28] This isn’t the kind of energy you want to tap into. But it’s interesting because I’m a spiritual person. Right. And I am getting energetically affected by her punchy messaging. They like initially lift me up, but when I really feel into it, I actually feel there’s like a heaviness there that doesn’t feel good and I actually don’t really want to be part of her world.

[00:11:50] It’s not working for me. So it’s like, sometimes I feel like, geez, like. Like I don’t want to pack a punch in my marketing and messaging in this way, but I want to be a cult And I don’t want it to be like, I don’t know kind of sucking people in and then they buy my thing and then they’re like Well, that’s not what I wanted.

[00:12:11] Like, I don’t know. I feel like There’s a question in here somewhere for you, Daniel, but like how to really tap into that authenticity because even it seems like the spiritual people out there, you know, you just, it’s, it’s really hard to know what messages to trust, but do you, are you picking up on something to respond to and all of that?

[00:12:33] Totally. I mean, it’s easy to get caught up in a lot of different things. There’s different programs and opportunities and personal development or sales or what not take off. And it’s like, everybody’s getting on that spanner. Have you heard of XYZ, this person? Oh my God, they’re amazing!

[00:12:54] You mean it, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Get in, everybody get in. Here’s the code. Here’s the link. With affiliates or not, you know, but they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re promoting this person like crazy and they walk on water. And I understand, like, there’s this, like when you say with the cult like following, like there is a cult like following behind it.

[00:13:14] Am I against it? Am I for it? I, whatever, I don’t care. Like, all I know is like, those people are very attracted to that person and the way they’re showing up, which is fine. I, I totally rant. Again and again about the, the lies, the miss, you know, perceptions that are put out there by marketers all the time.

[00:13:34] Hey, everybody in my program is making millions or whatever. And then you find out like, I, I I’ll find out because I’ll start talking to those people in those programs. They’re like, literally nobody’s getting results. Like you guys, I’m telling you, like, you’re like, how could that be possible? I’m so inspired by them.

[00:13:54] They seem so hard. So I actually love them. I’ve spent time with them. What are you telling me? Like they’re not, they don’t get people results. Like, yeah, for the most part, like a lot of the people that are programs are not getting the results that they’re advertising. Like I, I haven’t even seen it and I’ve heard about it secondhand where people are like, all these PR get results.

[00:14:13] And like, I didn’t even, Oh, I did see it. I saw it just about a week or two ago. And it says this person got these results and there wasn’t a total lie, but it was an exaggeration, you know? Cause I knew the person directly had been my client, like, no, that’s not the full results they got. That’s not true.

[00:14:30] And so there is, there’s a lot of. The way you can bring people in is to just hype the shit out of everything and then people will just want in. And they, I believe, knowing myself of being able to do that and having done some of that in the past for sure, I will confess myself. I’ve done some of that, you know, because it’s a slippery slope.

[00:14:53] When are we exaggerating and when are we telling the truth? I always was like, I don’t want to not tell the truth in the other direction and be like, yeah, people get some results, whatever, you know, and it sounds so watered down either. So it’s a slippery slope, but it’s like, I just realized like. Why don’t you just tell them the truth of what the actual results are?

[00:15:15] Cause those are more amazing than what you think they need to hear. You know, they really are. They’re more amazing and people will feel your realness, you know, like, yeah, not everybody’s getting great results because everybody’s actually doing the homework or whatever, you know, all the usual things we would say, and just be honest about, don’t feel like.

[00:15:32] And people in the industry will be like, Oh, that’s so much BS. They should still get results. Even if they don’t do the homework, cause you should be that good. You should make them do it. No, no, no, no. That’s not true. You know, like so many ideas around it. So you’re right. There’s this. Whole thing of like, we’ll bring people into this big energy and everybody will want in and, and then we’ll make the big offer and everybody will run to the back of the room or, you know, sign up online instantly and first five, you know, if you go and you get a whole VIP day with me and stuff, and it ends up like the VIP day is like, like 500 people, like, like literally, which all the time.

[00:16:11] Oh, we’re sorry. We didn’t understand. You didn’t understand. It was in the fine print when you signed up. I’ve had offers like this. It was in the fine print. I don’t know why you didn’t, you know, read it. We don’t, you know, we’re sorry. How can we help you now? You know, like, you know, like, there’s a lot. So I could ran all day on this subject.

[00:16:28] Absolutely. And it’s like. Really so bad for the coaching industry generally that, you know, these practices go on and but I think that all we can do as soul guided entrepreneurs and people who want to do the right thing and want to be connected to source and. In alignment to our integrity and higher principles is just being, you know, be in our truth, you know, be in that connection with source source is never going to guide you to be phony and use the sales tactic, you know, just makes me think I signed up for.

[00:17:04] This coaching certification for a specific kind of coaching modality and you could get certified up to level four. So I purchased the package because level four was going to be a live course and you would get a lot of time with this coach who was the creator of this modality. And then when you get to live for you realize it’s just evergreen and the coach calls are just Q and a like.

[00:17:30] Like levels one through three, there’s no difference. And I was just like, Oh, that’s the only reason I signed up for this level four was to get this sort of, you know, whatever, deeper experience. So it’s like that bait and switch stuff. It doesn’t ultimately, yeah. Like I felt like it was a bait and switch and maybe I misunderstood something when I buy it, but let’s just pretend it was, and then I bought it.

[00:17:54] And here I am disappointed. And like, we don’t want, I mean, so even if you use this flashy, like kind of. False bonus type stuff to trigger the fear of missing out and get people clicking and buying. Ultimately, if you have people walking away, feeling disappointed, feeling like they’ve been duped, that’s fine.

[00:18:16] I mean, I would never want someone in my community to walk away with that feeling. Right. Right. And let’s take a perspective of the, of the journey of your soul. We probably all have done this, you know, again, not, that’s not get too righteous either. Like. We’ve manipulated people, we’ve made things bigger than what they are.

[00:18:34] Even if you say, no, never in this life, they probably have. But like, yeah, yeah, you probably, you know, for sure in my past lives, right? We, we play all these roles in my opinion. Like we’re here to experience all these different things. I kind of like everything in a way. Like we’re here to experience all these vibrations as a soul.

[00:18:51] And then they were coming back home, right? That’s, that’s, that’s what I’ve seen through doing thousands of energy scans of people’s fields and past lives and everything. Like, That’s what seems to be at play for people. And so, as they’re doing that, like, those people are all part of that program right now.

[00:19:07] If you don’t want to be a part of that, just opt out. It’s not all about, like, making money only. Like, again, like, it’s not about, you know, that. It’s about your, your connection with Source, waking up fully. And knowing that, yes, when you’re bringing big impact and big value to people, the opportunity for money to flow is huge, but it’s, it can be in a way that just is true for you.

[00:19:32] You know, I, I would love to have this money so that I, you know, we could give more to more people and all those ideas, right? Like that. I could have more to give them my family when they’re like, oh man, it’d be so helpful if I have this money for, well, oh, I don’t have it. So if we get the circulation going that we could do those things, we can have the money for those things.

[00:19:51] We could create new organizations to, to, to, to feed more people or to educate more people on a hot topic that’s meaningful to us, that we can allow those things to happen. And we’re not sure what we’re going to do with the money. Keep asking, what would I do with that money? What would I do with that money?

[00:20:07] Would it be okay for me to have a reserve of ten million dollars or a million dollars? Or whatever a million a billion dollars, right? Would it be okay because it’s not really a reserve It’s still circulating, right? But just what’s true for you is what matters even if it was a hundred bucks Like it doesn’t matter.

[00:20:22] What’s your truth is more what i’m after than what it should be and all these ideas We gotta expand your mindset. You gotta get there like We’ve heard that so many times and it’s going to be a program. It’s going to go on forever. You got to get to the next level. I had someone recently try to enroll me into a program that wasn’t even their own, but they are like, They have to enroll people into the program as part of being students.

[00:20:45] Come into this thing. It’s a both transformational thing that’s ever happened. I’m like, it might be, but I don’t feel calling towards it. Well, you’re playing small and I use it right to those tactics. Right. And it’s like, Oh my God, like, no, I’m not playing small. I’m I’m playing big. I’m playing from my, my, the depths of my soul.

[00:21:05] Like. I’m giving support. I’m in programs already. I don’t need more programs. Damn it. Like I, you know, unless it called to me, right? Then yeah. Okay. Okay. Then let’s do this. Right. So it’s, it’s got a soul inspire you as a purchaser, as a, as one, that’s bringing something to, to humanity and the marketplace, right?

[00:21:26] What is inspiring? What is truly at the verticals inspiring you to bring forth and trusting it? Cause if you’re like, I want to do this, but I don’t know if it’ll make money. That’s, that’s, that’s where you’re, you’re missing. It’s like, first, just trust the impulse. Then let’s look at the money thing. Okay.

[00:21:42] But not trust your impulse first, then we can look at the money. Cause the fear is, Oh, you won’t make money. So don’t do it. Right. That’s a fear. And so where the fun is, is like, no, I want to do it. I’m going to do it. Okay. Then. Okay. Oh, we can look at like in a slow, patient way. Like. Okay. How would money actually transact?

[00:22:02] How would opportunities flow from this that would generate value and income and money in my business. So to allow that to happen, rather than everything’s just a get rich quick scheme kind of idea. Well, I’ll just throw this thing up and, you know, we’re going to make all this money. A lot of those businesses don’t sustain.

[00:22:21] A lot of people get out of this industry after they make all that money. I know many of them. You know, they don’t all sustain I could a names. There’s lots of that because they because of the way they build it and they will replace their coverage from. It wasn’t, and it was just another learning lesson for them on their path.

[00:22:40] And it ended up being a learning lesson for everybody that was connected with them. Right? And then they move on. Everybody moves on from there. So don’t just get caught up in it. Think about what is my, where’s the place for my soul to be is being led and guided to like your whole show’s about, right?

[00:22:56] Like that’s what matters. So I like the idea of the impulse. And so I would. Define or relate to that impulse as like you get a divine inspiration from your higher self. to put something out there. And so I thought this idea that I wanted more people to be able to really connect to me and understand what, how I can help them and transform their lives by going beyond like a free something.

[00:23:24] Of course, they can come to a free thing. They can listen to this podcast and get an idea of me. I don’t charge for it, but I got this impulse for something like a five week course with five live classes and low price to get so people can invest something to spend some invested time with me. Cause I think you show up at a higher energetic vibration when you invest money into something or something else than just showing up for free.

[00:23:51] Right. It’s really good to know me. And then people can decide. Allison is really cool and I need more of her. So I’m going to go deeper into her world or I’m good for now. I’m full. That was a wonderful Amuse bouche. Okay. So I have this concept of like, let’s say like a five week course, and I really want to do this from a place of fun.

[00:24:17] And I want to rock my cells with source and sovereignty and success. Where do I go from here? That’s my, my impulse to do this. First, when you get the fun idea to do something, we have to make sure that it’s actually something that wants to happen. We get a lot of fun ideas, right? I got a fun idea about a training I wanted to do next month.

[00:24:39] And then the more I sat with it, I’m like. No, I’m not feeling it. Like I’m not feeling when I, when I feel in my lower chakras, I go to ground it. It just doesn’t feel like a want still. It’s not, it’s not that I couldn’t. All right. Then we need to put the grounding cords in and visualize it for 15 to 30 minutes a day.

[00:24:57] And then we’ll get it there and then we’ll make it happen. And of course a sell out. Okay. No. It’s not, it’s not necessarily that, it’s just, you have to listen and if it, if you get a sense like this is an idea, it is fun, it does, would be cool, make some money maybe, but it just doesn’t feel like the thing.

[00:25:17] You want increasingly everything to feel like the thing, the whole, it’s either a hell yes or a hell no, right? Is it a hell yes, or is it a hell no, or a hell low, or a heaven yes, or a hell no, whatever. Use what language you like, whatever works for you. But is it the thing? Because there’s tons of ideas.

[00:25:36] People like me, and you, and others that are listening. We have these open crown chakras. We’re getting downloads constantly, right? You know that from human design and all this stuff. We, we, we get tons of ideas, tons of inspiration. We have to first see if it’s the thing. If it’s the thing, then all you have to do is ask.

[00:25:54] I mean, it’s so simple. It’s so simple. It’s going to be like, of course, they know, but it’s too simple. Okay. What’s the very first step? What’s the very first step with this then? What’s my next step? Yeah. Okay. Do this. Okay. Great. You know, and you can keep listening like is, you know, because once you get a flow, you just do the one next step, you will not have to force yourself to come up with the plan.

[00:26:20] It will just come as you keep giving it attention and nurturing like this energy and what’s coming through. Eventually what happens is you go to sit down and take the next step and you’re like, I’m getting like 20, 30 more steps all at once right now, like, it will come to you, but people aren’t patient enough to let that happen.

[00:26:39] Because I’ve done this many, many times. I’m like, let me figure it out. I’ll sit down one time. I’ll download it all. And yeah, I can. But it’s not going to be as optimal as if I am patient is what I’ve learned. If I’m patient, I just let it come to me in the moment that it wants to come to me rather than I I’m afraid it’s not there.

[00:26:58] Let me keep asking and testing the pendulum until I like, let it come through. So. And just patiently take the steps and then there are it’s like, then you’ll be asked like, man, am I being patient? Am I being patient and strong and being bold and fearless? Or am I being fearful? Cause that is a hazard with this kind of idea, right?

[00:27:20] Oh, I’m just being patient. You’re just scared to death. Let’s do your thing. Right? So it’s like, okay. You know, when that happens, if you have even the slightest question, if you’re being fearful, you’re being fearful this. Okay. I’m being fearful. Okay. If I was being bold, what’s my next step? Oh, okay. I see. So always asking what I’ll be bold.

[00:27:40] What would be fun? You know, I just, and just asking from a, so the way you ask doesn’t matter. So you do want to ask things like that when I’m being bold and fun and free and sovereign, you know, what would be my next step? Forget about all the marketers are saying, right? Okay. So just let me come into you and then you’ll know that that’s the next step.

[00:27:59] Like I’ve got a launch coming up and like, what’s the next step? I’m like five calls with five, five partners, you know, to launch this. Like. It’s just, it’s just really clear to me. Okay. That’s the direction. Will I get course corrected on the path? It’s possible, right? It’s okay. But to go with that, that thing like, okay, wow, I’m going to get that done.

[00:28:21] I’m going to get it done by Wednesday. Wow. You know, that’s, that’s kind of a, that’s quite a, it’s kind of a leap. You know, you know, Oh, well, let’s do a hundred that and that’ll be better. No, maybe five is better than a hundred. Right. We always think more is going to be better. More is going to be better.

[00:28:37] Not necessarily like listening to your guidance. Just take the five first, because it can be a way of disconnecting us. No, I’ll play a bigger. Yeah, no, you may not be playing bigger. You might be inferior and just trying to stack it up through the roof. Cause you’re afraid it’s not going to work. And then you’re going to be again, overwhelmed.

[00:28:55] Your soul is your soul’s going to be like, what are you doing? You know, eventually it won’t, will not work out. Something will happen. Your health, your relationships, your money, your business, something’s going to crash. If you don’t just keep listening and keep coming from that space. So that’s what I’ve learned is we, and I, you know, one of my favorite teachers of it is James Twyman.

[00:29:16] He came on my show once and he talked about this. He says, I think most people just aren’t patient enough. That’s so resonated for me. He’s done big movements and everything, gone to Israel, surrounded circles and the, you know, the peace troubadour and all that stuff he does, like, look him up, he’s awesome, but, but he’s always been patient, and then he does the big, bold thing, so, what bigger thing can you, could be accomplished if you’re just a little patient, then really bold and fearless and having fun with it, doing it the way it comes to you, cause, I’m sure James didn’t go to a marketing genius to say, you know, this is a way to do this big movement.

[00:29:53] And maybe consulted somebody on something, but like mostly, no, he’s, he was listening to his guidance. Eckhart Tolle, right? He’s someone that just, he’s listening to his guidance. He didn’t, he didn’t go to marketers and stuff. I’m not dissing marketers. I’m a marketer, but like, I’m just saying like, we don’t necessarily need that.

[00:30:11] We get so caught up in these concepts as my point, right? And it’s like, we have to get past the concepts. We have to start living from deeper, that deeper soul connected place, deeper, deeper, like you said, to start to show let’s go deeper. I’m seeing Eckhart Tolle on Thursday live. That’s funny. You should mention him and he’s someone, I think.

[00:30:36] Who just started with an extremely simple concept. Yes. One thing, it was one thing, and he wrote a book, and I don’t even know, like, I mean, I don’t know, I don’t follow the guy. I just got an advertisement that he was going to be in Rotterdam, which is 20 minutes away from where I live, and my internal guidance system said, it was very impulsive.

[00:31:02] It was like, buy it, get a ticket right now, and I got the ticket for it, like, in March, like six months ago, and then he’s coming on Thursday, but I think he’s an interesting example of, I don’t even know what the guy sells, I know what he teaches. But like I feel like he probably makes very good money. I mean, he’s got it.

[00:31:25] He’s written international bestseller. So he’s made some money No doubt about that. I spent I spent 70 bucks like I literally he was one of my like gateway drugs if you will in the sense that I read the power of now and like 2007 or eight. And it was one of the books that got me on the spiritual path.

[00:31:46] It was him, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, The Secret. Like those were the books that, that whet my appetite to really follow this path that I’ve been on. And the ticket was 70 to see him. And I also have to say, I had a near death experience in 2009 and he played it. Without realizing it, Eckhart Tolle played a very big role.

[00:32:11] It might be NDE. So, from that perspective, I really felt called to just… See where this goes, but it’s a 70 ticket and Daniel, I’ll be curious to know when I’m there, how much will it be a pitch to buy like zero will there’ll be no pitch, let all just be like a moment, an evening of connection, or will there be an upsell and run to the back of the room because the first 25 people to sign up, get the brand new microwave oven.

[00:32:45] What do you like

[00:32:49] through reading his books and videos online. And, and that’s kind of been my way so far with him and huge fan, huge fan, of course, of, of what he represents, what he’s sharing. I know his publisher, you know, we’re friends and like, you know, like. I feel intimately connected to him even though I haven’t met him.

[00:33:06] And so, if that happens, he does have pitch people, you know, like, so probably what’ll happen is he will not be going on and on about how you, you really need to do this and run to the back of the room. He’s probably going to talk about it and, and what’s involved. And then maybe he’ll have somebody else that likes the idea of pitching it and being strong with it, come up and say, yeah, you really want to do this.

[00:33:34] But he may do that. I don’t know. I won’t, I haven’t seen how they do the pitches, but I know he has other people that set things up. It probably closed things and whatnot. Cause you know, that’s, that’s what I’ve noticed about the way he does things. So, but here’s the thing. It just. It’s so aligns for him, like he didn’t want to talk about presence and manifestation for a long, long time, but they kept saying this would be so valuable.

[00:33:58] Come on. Eventually he did. And then he started creating courses on that rates. And there were those most popular course, you know, ever, like, how many units it’s all. I don’t know. I just know they’re like really popular because they get bringing them back. And we’re doing another round of this thing, like people want to, you know, and, but he was reluctant, you see, and so he, you know, he was patient and he waited until like, it just seemed like, we just can’t keep holding us back.

[00:34:27] We knew we really need to give this to the people. Right. They just really wants to cut through now. But someone else is like in a different place to be like, Oh, that’s good idea. Let’s do it right now. And that’s what I’m saying is like to allow ourselves to be more patient. Cause I’ve been one of the big offenders of that.

[00:34:42] Like, I’m like, let’s push it ahead. Let’s just do it now. And, you know, and I haven’t always been patient, but the more patient I’ve been, the more, you know, success I’ve had in business. Be patient, let it build. And, and then it works so much more with better, more effortlessness, ease, joy, you know, all those things we talk about love.

[00:35:02] You can just be real with people, right? I just like to be goofy with people with marketing and sales and like, especially the sales process. I’m like, Oh man, this is so valuable. You have to get in. And I’ll say stuff like that in that tone so that people can, you know, laugh at it. But there’s some truth to what these marketers say.

[00:35:22] You should probably get in, but like, but ultimately I, I like for people to just tune in their own guidance. Should we, you take this step now, whatever it is, whether it’s working with me or something else. If I think they’re tuning in in a weird way, I will call them out on that. I’ll be like, okay, but if you were being bold and fearless.

[00:35:40] Would you take this step now? I ask you, it’s like, you know, like things like that, like really helping people to navigate their guidance and know what the real truth is. And when you do that, you can’t help, but to see more virus, see more sales, more results, more goodness, you know, but you have to, you have to trust it.

[00:35:57] And a lot of times we’re so hooked by our concepts that we just. We don’t, we don’t trust that. We just, no, give, give me the template. You know, the most great movements have not been created from a template. It came from a deep download from source. And that’s where we need to learn to play more fully or full on because we need it right now.

[00:36:20] You know, we do need it as a, as a collective right now. We’ve got to wake the hell up. So, yeah, I mean, I think we collectively, you know, we’ve been like a lot of social conditioning around, you know, if you’re not growing, you’re stagnant and you need to, this idea that we need to, we should always be making more money this year than we did last year.

[00:36:44] So it can make it really hard to be patient. And I know that sometimes I definitely lack patience when it comes to growth because I want to be growing yesterday and I definitely see it with my clients. So do you have any tips that you can offer folks when they are feeling like I should be growing bigger?

[00:37:03] And so, and, and, but then some of it is like, I’m not growing as fast as I want to be. And some of that is kind of divine timing. It’s not ready yet. It’s not your time, but some of it is a shift or a tweak wants to happen. It’s not. You’re not getting the growth because there’s something that wants to change.

[00:37:25] And maybe we haven’t been seeing it. So do you have a process that you use that tells you the divine timing just isn’t here yet? And I need to just keep doing my thing and the growth will come. Or if it’s like, okay, yes, this thing is ready to be. Launched in the world and I need to make some changes because what I’ve been doing isn’t working from a marketing perspective, from a sales perspective, from a whatever perspective.

[00:37:49] So, I mean, for me personally, I, what I found is, uh, you know, I had an academy for invincible healers and it was a nice business as a multi, you know, six figure business and it helped a lot of people and I was teaching people energy scanning, be able to tune into people and. Be able to do healing with them and get new clients and get their businesses started for the most part.

[00:38:14] And I had, it was really great. And one thing, my, my frustration was that built up over years was not enough. People seem to get enough. Clients to make me, me satisfied. Like I’m a, they might’ve been okay. Kind of okay. I’ve got a few clients. That’s all I care about. Right. For me, I was like, Oh man, I want so much more, right.

[00:38:35] For my clients. So what happened is, is I was called to let go of that. You know, even though it was, everybody’s like, what are you doing? That’s what pays your bills and makes you all that money. And I’m like, I don’t know, that’s what I’m supposed to do. So I’m going to do it. So totally just follow my guidance.

[00:38:52] And did I expand? Did I make more money by doing that? No, no. Everything got cut in half or more, you know, like, and, and so over these last six years, I’ve been doing various things and the foundation has been intuitive business coaching. You know, I’ve always done business coaching for the most part. Most of the time I’ve been in this, you know, kind of work online and whatnot.

[00:39:16] And so I just did that doing high level and starting to get, you know, deeply behind the people that are feel real soul alignment and commitment to serve, like devote myself to really. And so that’s what I’ve been doing. And it’s been like, Okay, you went from serving a lot more people to fewer people, but then they’re impacting people’s lives and I’m impacting their life right to trickle down effect.

[00:39:41] So that’s where I have been guided. And just recently, I got a download that, you know, it’s time for me to, to actually do the spiritual leadership that I’m here to do. So I’m going to be launching something. That will make that, you know, extraordinary clear. And I actually, in the past, the reason why I think I hadn’t done it up till now is I think part of my being was like, Oh, you know, you could get persecuted doing that kind of work.

[00:40:08] You could, you know, end up being really poor because, you know, a spiritual leader, you may or may not make much money. It may not be reliable. You might not make a lot of money. So I’m like, so finally, I just feel like all the cards and my soul’s path that brought me this moment to where I just feel completely ready.

[00:40:26] And even if nothing came of it, like nothing happened by going down this path, that seemed good. I’m so committed to it. Doesn’t matter. I even told, I told dad, I says, even if God and Jesus or whatever, and all these beings came out and said, don’t do this, don’t do it. I’d be like, I don’t know. I think I’m going to do it because in my sole sovereignty, I’m getting this is what I’m supposed to do.

[00:40:48] So thank you for testing me. I’m doing this right back. So, you know, you’re onto something when it’s that strong where almost nothing could convince you not to do it within your sole sovereignty. Not because you’re just being stubborn, but. Like you’re just so connected to the energy of it and you just know that’s true.

[00:41:07] So I don’t have a simple tip necessarily to answer your question. It’s more like, does it feel so strong that, you know, like people say that, well, you would do it cause you love it. And you know, no matter what. But I would go even deeper than that. I would say, is this something that you could dedicate your entire life force to for the rest of your life, potentially, at least?

[00:41:30] Like, can’t you do that and feel like there’s no doubt in your mind you’re doing the right thing? Then, you know, you’re on to it, you know, that this is a thing that all the offers easily, you know, more easily can flow from there. Right? But if you’re not at that level and that foundation yet, then, you know, some of us are talented and good with, with, with sales and stuff.

[00:41:55] We can make six figures anyway, or make, you know, good money or even seven figures anyway, or whatever. But it’s going to crash. It’s not going to last eventually. Yeah. Absolutely. It could all go away. I’ve seen people have seven figure businesses that just, they just dry up, you know, even, even those ones can dry up like this idea.

[00:42:13] I’m going to get there. Like, yeah, it’s a painful slide down. Let’s see you after you get there. And I’ve seen it happen for so many people. So. Guys, you got to follow the thing that’s most true to you, and that’s going to be so critical the days ahead. That’s the ultimate, like, yes, we just follow nudges if we’re not at that level yet, but like, but that’s the level we want to get to where something resonates at every cell, every level, and there’s no denying it anymore.

[00:42:42] Yeah. Well, I often say like when people ask me, Allyson, how do I know what my soul mission is? Like, how do I get the clarity? And I always say, like, follow, start following the thing that means so much to you, you would die if you can’t do it or, you know, follow the things that really piss you off because That usually means something’s going against your soul mission, you know, the, if you see an injustice in the world that there’s a thousand injustices in the world, but what’s the one thing that really eats at you keeps you up at night?

[00:43:13] That’s pointing you to your soul mission. So, yeah, I mean, it really is following those hell. Yes. As it means so much to me. I, I just couldn’t even imagine my life not pursuing this thing. And sometimes those. Yeah. Those things don’t come overnight. You know, they, they come when they come, right? These, these, this divine inspiration, the clarity regarding what it is we’re pursuing.

[00:43:37] But I say, you know, keep going in the creative process. Keep following the nudges from the heart. Keep, you know, going to the co creation with the divine, with what you’re feeling called to create today and tomorrow. And eventually that thing that you’re like, I just, I have to. You know, introduce this to the collective.

[00:43:56] I have to birth this thing. I have to create this thing. It’s going to arrive. You know, and then that’s, that’s really your, you know, you’re right. It’s wait for those hell yeses and then be in connection to your divine guidance team regarding your next step, your best next step, your best next step. And it may need mean, cause this has happened to me.

[00:44:16] It may mean, you know, having the. 100, 000 launches to the 10, 000 launches. And you’re like, how did this happen? Why are you guiding me down this path? But it’s definitely turning into a 10 million launch down the line. We’re so like in the moment, like, well, if it didn’t sell right now, you know, maybe if you made a couple of tweaks, it could have been, you know, way more, right?

[00:44:48] Or whatever, it’s supposed to be launching like that anymore or whatever. Like there’s so many directions that could take, but because of we are, because we’re not willing to sit with the sense of uncertainty, we just like, Oh, okay. We got to make a decision. Let’s pendulum and figure it out and just get it done.

[00:45:06] And it was just, it’s just transactional. It’s like, Hey, just listen more deeply. What’s really true. And, and just follow that. Even if you feel like it’s going to annihilate you financially or whatever, on any level, like then for sure to it, right? Because. Because it’s only when you feel that level of intensity at some, some, you know, at some level that you feel that sense of intensity there, you don’t have to feel like you’re dying, but I’m just saying, like, you’ll feel some real intensity that’s there that you’re willing to face that and not know, and put your head on that, that, that, you know, that chop block, like somebody’s about to chop it off, knowing it ain’t gonna happen.

[00:45:50] You know, and you’re going to face that a million times because you just know you’re meant to go down this path. You’re, you know, you just know it. You just know it. And there’s nothing that can convince you otherwise. Like that’s the level you do want to get to. You get there by saying yes only to the hell yeses, you know?

[00:46:08] Yeah. I’ve tried the other ways, I’ve, I’ve, like I say, I’m like the crash stomaching. I’ve tried all the, the, the, so-called dumbing wasted. I, I, you know, whatever. I, I don’t know what other words he used, but like, oh, lemme try you. I’ve, I’ve tried it all. I’ve tried it all. You. And I’m here to say, I’ve had the human experience of going through all that.

[00:46:28] So I can be a guide to, for what I’m doing right now, which is to redeclare, like, this is the truth, like I’ve always said, but I’m just tripling and doubling down because these things I’m sharing with everybody now are more important. Right now and the accident exits existential level than ever before and it’s not just a scare people I really believe that I really do believe that at this point in time.

[00:46:54] So gotta evolve or else Yeah So Daniel we could just be talking forever and ever this has been a super fascinating conversation I would love for you to leave our listeners with an invitation So, 1 of the invitations is again, follow those hell yeses and those hell noes and you know, if you’ve got to just know what your truth is, like, I remember telling 1 of my business coaches, like, I was asking, like, how to figure things out.

[00:47:26] It says it doesn’t have to be a full body. Yes. It’s like, yeah, it’s. Next thing I know they launched that program to their lists. Hey, I’ve got a full body. Yes. That program. So, so guys, when, when we got a million dollar marketers using that idea, they get it. Right. So, so if you don’t, if you haven’t trusted me yet, like, just tell, let me tell you, like, it’s, it’s what is true.

[00:47:48] Like you got to follow that if it’s not a hell yes, to just start saying no to things like, no, yeah, you know what, normally I’d say yes to that. It feels like guidance, but it’s not my highest guidance. It’s not for the highest and greatest good to my most boldest, greatest good. So just again, I’m going to come back to the same tab because until you do those, these basics.

[00:48:08] You know, all the other tips may not matter as much, so I’m just going to use that one. Love it. The full body. Yes. And as I think about my five week course, I am going to, I’m getting the full body. Yes. For the course. And now it’s like, what, what, what am I going to teach? And so I’m going to use your tips and I’m going to think what would light me up and be bold and be true and needed right now.

[00:48:33] As we ascend a higher and better way of living and being. And so I’m going to allow that to come when it’s ready to come. So thank you for helping me on my path. Tell our listeners, Daniel, how they can find you. So there’s a few different ways that you go to my website, your sacred purpose. com. I do have a meditate and make money meditation there.

[00:48:57] Which is pretty cool. It gets you in that vibration of opening and allowing yourself to hear your truth. Opens up your chakras and energies and connects you with your guides a bit and just helps you to get in a frequency of receiving the, the abundance that’s already there and the downloads that want to come through.

[00:49:14] So take advantage of that. And I talk about in a very brief PDF, almost like checklists, what are the four ways you can meditate and make money? Because Honestly, that’s where all the juice is. It’s like, when we get up those shower moments, oh my God, that’s it. You know? So, so beating a listening for that.

[00:49:33] And, and cause there’s more than enough action, you know, after those shower moments, like, oh my God, are you going to be up all night doing this? Cause, and then the energy is so juicy. It’s so great. And, and a lot of us are just are wired that we were meant to wait to respond. To those, those bigger calling.

[00:49:51] So if that resonates for you, you want to connect with me, you can go there and yeah, on social media and all that. I’m on most of the platforms out there. Just look me up, Daniel John Hanneman. I’m under your rock your sacred purpose on Instagram. If you want to connect with me there and check out my podcast, I have Allyson coming up on my podcast as well.

[00:50:12] So spiritual rock star podcast. I’ve got a men’s podcast, just two conscious guys talking. I’m a creative guy. I’ve got different projects going on. Check me out. Lovely. And we will leave all those links in the show notes. Daniel, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us today on soul guide radio.

[00:50:32] Thank you, Allyson.

[00:50:44] And I want to thank you dear listeners so much for tuning in. So the thing that I took away from this episode more than anything is if it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a hell no. And I really needed to hear that. Um, the things that we really pursue on our experience, the things that you put all of your energy behind in business.

[00:51:07] If it’s not a hell yes, if you’re not getting that whole body, every cell of your energy on board to pursue this, then either it’s not the right time or it’s not the right idea. Now, if. The creative spark just arrives to you. Maybe you need to tip your toe in the water a little bit to test, especially you generators and manifesting generators, to respond to see if this really is the idea.

[00:51:37] But once you test the waters, once you start to get some energetic momentum and your body is saying, hell yes, then this is the thing your soul is calling you to. It’s part of your soul mission. And this is the thing that’s going to get you true abundance and joy in your life, in your business. So that’s all I have for you this week.

[00:51:58] Let me know. In a rating and review, what your aha was from this episode or any episode of Soul Guide Radio, I would love to hear your feedback. You can find different links where you can leave a review in the show notes. And as always, until next time, may your soul. Guide the way. Are you ready to deepen your connection to your intuitive gifts?

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36:28  Divine timing, growth & clarity

44:14  100k to 10k launches

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