The Soul Client Sessions with Anna Woolliscroft: Receiving Unexpected Intuitive Messages

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Your divine support team has sent you an intuitive message… so, what do you do next?

When you’re truly open to receiving them, these psychic messages allow you to dip into your potential future timelines and focus on the particular timeline that your divine support team wants you to know about in that moment. The key is knowing how to integrate these messages… and then put them into empowered action!

This episode of Soul Guide Radio is part of The Soul Client Sessions series, which features real coaching sessions with some of my amazing clients — and reveals the big soul challenges, questions, insights, and breakthroughs that they experience. You’ll discover the different tools and energy techniques that I use to help my clients amplify their spiritual gifts and find clarity on their big soul missions.

In this coaching session, I help reflective writer and writing guide Anna Woolliscroft release her energetic blocks, explore how to set boundaries that allow her authentic self to flourish, and visualize a heart-led offering that is energetically aligned.

Guest bio: Anna Woolliscroft is a creative, expressive and reflective writer and wellbeing writing guide. Anna describes herself as going through a metamorphosis stimulated by writing. She is reinventing herself from a business copywriter and content writer.

Start unlocking your spiritual gifts. Listen now to discover: 

  • The power of receiving psychic messages — and what to do when you receive an unexpected intuitive message 
  • How to deepen and enhance your mindfulness, so that you can receive messages more clearly
  • How to effectively integrate and take action on your divine messages

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This Week’s Invitation:

Spend some time in a journal or just simply writing down; What does happiness mean to you? What in your life are you grateful for? How can you increase mindfulness in your life?

[00:00:00] Hello dear ones. How are we doing on this fine fine day? I am so excited because the sole client sessions are back. And in the sole client sessions, I coach a sole client, and in the pop process I demonstrate different tools, energy techniques, tapping into intuition, tapping into psychic messages. To illustrate how doing this work leads to real insights, real ahas, real alignment and real results for those who do this.

[00:00:29] And today’s episode is going to be a powerful example of all that, and I am coaching the amazing Anna Woolliscroft. And with Anna, I decided to do some psychic work with her, and I sensed that there was a message that wanted to come through from her divine guidance team. And what we did is we looked into a potential future timeline for Anna, and what we received was something she didn’t expect, and that led to something very powerful.

[00:01:01] So let’s get to it in today’s episode. I demonstrate the power of receiving psychic messages. What to do when you receive an unexpected intuitive message and how to integrate and take action on the divine messages you receive. We’ll end on an invitation that will have you enhancing your mindfulness in deep and meaningful and results producing ways. So please stay with us until the end. Hello Soul Guide Circle. That is the name of this global community of soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs.

[00:02:14] In the Soul Guide circle, we are pursuing our soul guided dreams while lifting up humanity. Find the link to join our closed Facebook or in the show notes. Today’s guest is Anna Woolliscroft.

[00:02:29] Anna is a creative, expressive, and reflective writer and wellbeing writing guide. Anna describes herself as going through a metamorphosis, stimulated by writing. She’s reinventing herself from a business copywriter and content writer to a creative, expressive, and reflective writer.

[00:02:48] Who explores the world by writing with purpose. Anna still writes content for businesses operating in adventure, travel, wellbeing and wildlife, but is finally listening to her calling to create resources and offer guidance in writing with purpose for those who seek it. I had such a beautiful time connecting with Anna.

[00:03:09] she has an inspiring, powerful, spiritual gift of leadership. So just being in her presence and her powerful state of being is so magical. Please enjoy. Hi Anna. Welcome to Soul Guide Radio. Hi, Allyson. Thank you. I’m so excited. I’m so excited. And so we were chatting before I hit record. You went recently, like within recent months on an epic adventure to Mount Kilimanjaro. I did. Yes. Yeah. So at the end of January, I, yeah, bought my biggest challenge ever and climbed the highest mountain, which actually is a dormant volcano in Africa, in Tanzania.

[00:04:04] So yeah, I climbed almost 6,000 meters, which is probably five times higher than I’ve ever climbed before, because our biggest, my biggest mountain close to me is Snowden, which is about a thousand. So yeah, it was, Fantastic experience. Very eye opening, very humbling, very kind of, sort of just, just kind of opens, opens your mind, but opens yourself a little bit.

[00:04:28] And it’s, it’s actually difficult to describe what you take away from  an adventure. Like that, but I am definitely an adventure enthusiast now, and I can’t wait until the next one. Oh my gosh. So many metaphors here. Climb the highest mountain. I flew into Kilimanjaro airport once. I’ve not hiked it, but I’ve seen, like I’ve experienced it and it’s just like this massive, massive mountain.

[00:04:57] Yeah. That’s not like, it doesn’t have a, it’s not like connected. To a huge mountain range. Yes. Like it’s like this massive mountain that’s kind of hanging out. On its own a little bit. I mean, sort of. And it’s it’s extraordinary. It is. Yeah. Cuz you actually fly past it, don’t you? When you go down into Yes.

[00:05:15] The airport itself. Yeah. And from, from all parts of Tanzania you can see it on a clear day, of course. And I remember in the hotel from one of the balconies, you could see this little. Spec this little snow cup speck really in the distance. And then of course, when the track started, we were getting closer and closer.

[00:05:33] the, the journey was so beautiful because you go through about five different climate zones on the way up, right? So you in a jungle and you know, you’re, you are admit you are among all these beautiful monkeys. You know, black monkeys with these beautiful sort of main like tails, just majestical.

[00:05:51] They are, and, you know, exotic birds and that. And as you, as you go up, you come into headland. And then of course with it being a volcano, you’ve got lots of rocks and lava. And then the top is just sort of a mix of scr and, you know, ice because it’s, it’s so cold up there. So, you know, it’s, it’s fascinating to.

[00:06:10] That is amazing. That is amazing. It’s definitely on my bucket list to hike. And so you’ve got, you’ve given me so much inspiration here. Yes. So Anne, now we’re gonna do a bit of coaching today. Are you excited? Yep. Looking forward. And I wanted to do some sort of intuitive psychic coaching with you.

[00:06:32] And what that means is we’re gonna dip into a future time. And we all have a lot. So when we, when we think about, you know, our future, there are a lot of different timelines that could, we could potentially manifest. Yeah. You know, it has to do with our energy, our thoughts, you know, our actions as well as the collective.

[00:06:53] I mean, obviously there’s a global pandemic. It’s gonna change a future timeline of yours, right? So we are affected by collective, we are affected by our individual. We are affected by the people around us. Yeah, the decisions of our loved ones. So what makes doing psychic work really amazing is that when I tap into a future timeline, I, it’s not random, right?

[00:07:19] It’s a timeline that your divine support team wants you to know about. That’s why it’s the one that’s showing up. Yeah. And typically, well, we’ll see what gets uncovered for you, Anna. But typically one of the big things that the guide. Want you to see is that it’s possible. Mm-hmm. Yeah. It’s possible.

[00:07:41] Yeah. It’s within reach. It’s within reach, yeah. Just like the summit of that mountain. Yeah. It’s within reach. Even though when you’re just starting, you’re five climate zones away. You’re like, whoa, will I ever get to the top? But that’s very often the message, but sometimes it can be something else. And so, I thought that would be fun.

[00:08:04] Now, you picked a couple cards to prepare us. I did, yeah. Yay. So tell me what you picked. You’re, you’re in Rebecca Campbell’s deck. What’s it called again? Light your work. Your light are, work your light. Yep. So yeah, there we go. I have that deck Yes. On top of me. Yes. So, yeah, and I picked so I picked two cards.

[00:08:26] And I ought to pick these more really than, than I actually do. So yeah, soul callings. So two cards spread. So the soul callings are pretty much something that you need to, to kind of let fall away and then something else that’s rising within you. So I did actually get very excited when I picked these two cards because instantly I got, I’ve got something from them.

[00:08:48] So the first one which has sort of falling away. With boundaries, where do you need to establish better boundaries? So just show that card there. And, and instantly what came to me really from that is I, I struggle with boundaries sometimes because I’m, I’ve, I’ve always in the past been a people, please uh, always put other people first before myself. Sort of loop to the external world for validation instead of, you know, what’s, what’s inside me and what I really want. So what sort of was, was clear to me about picking the boundaries cards and letting that kind of fall away is I need to set more boundaries of, of sort of, you know, keeping. Giving those external forces, shall we say, or, or influences at a distance and not letting them overtake certain parts of my life, but also that I don’t need to conform to other people’s boundaries, which I think was the strongest thing that came out.

[00:09:40] Which is kind of the, the sort of, and I’m not saying journey anymore, I sort of say the adventure, the life adventure that I’m on at the moment. Is is more about just exploring and being curious about where I want to take things. So, you know, I don’t have to be restricted by the boundaries of others.

[00:09:58] That, that was a, a really big, strong message for me there. And then the second card that I picked I’ve picked boundaries before actually when I’ve done this. I don’t think I’ve ever picked this one. Which is what’s kind of rising in me is sif hood of the rose. Ooh, Priestless sorry. Priestess, mystic and Teacher.

[00:10:16] Which is that card then? Yes. And again, what sort of was very obvious to me about that is it’s all about sort of, you know, serving other people. Which is what I, you know, what I’m trying to do. So my love of writing and the written word and, and being creative and being curious. I, I, you know, I love to share that with other people so that they can see the benefits of writing for their own wellbeing and the, you know, power of words and what you say to yourself and write and, and what have you.

[00:10:43] But also that the big part of the sisterhood of the Rose is, is seeing beauty. The beauty around you and the beauty of nature. So I, I’ve been a massive outdoors person for the last four years or so. I mean, you know, climbing up Mount Kilimanjaro, if I didn’t like the outdoors, I certainly wouldn’t be doing an epic adventure like that.

[00:11:02] So yeah, it’s, it’s just kind of, reinforced. Enthusiasm for taking my work outside because I love being outside and again, you know, helping other people to really see the benefits of getting outside, opening their minds, dropping down those four walls for you know, sorry, breaking down those four walls from their office, or, you know, the, even the home of being stuck in there and just, you know, experiencing life for the way that it is outside, being mindful, being aware, and seeing.

[00:11:33] Everywhere. So yeah, they, they were very, very, I was very happy when I pulled those guards this morning. Yeah. I feel like they’re lining up perfectly for the work I want. I was feeling that I wanted to do with you today. Yeah. Because I feel like in the boundaries card, I’m sensing they’re still a block, a wound that wants to be released there.

[00:11:57] It’s not a. Trauma block. It’s like a nuanced block. Mm-hmm. You know, your, your energy’s advancing. And as our AVA energy gets very advanced, oftentimes we’re not dealing with big, big pains. We’re deal dealing with minor tweaks, minor refinements, minor annoyances, or minor, just energies. A little bit out of alignment.

[00:12:19] Yeah. Sometimes those are hard to sense or feel. Mm-hmm. Because the trauma blocks are obvious. They trigger big pain and that. Is the guidance system to, to tell us it’s there. Hey. Yeah, getting your attention here, but when you can’t really feel it so much and you’re going on with your busy day, you can just like plow through it and not even be aware it’s there.

[00:12:41] Yeah. So I’m sensing that there’s a nuanced block that’s ready to be released. And that’s your boundary card. Mm-hmm. And then with the sisterhood of the rose, that’s where I, I wanna do some psychic work around serving others and your writing and taking it outside. And then there’s some messages that wanna come through from your guides on that.

[00:13:01] Yeah. How does that feel? Perfect. Yeah. Yeah. I’m excited. Let’s see what they have to say. All right. So starting with the boundaries, you have done a lot of work on this. This is very clear. You’ve come a long way. So we’re in this. So it may not feel super painful, but I wanted you to go into, when you said, I don’t need to conform to other people’s boundaries.

[00:13:26] I don’t need to be restricted by the boundaries of others. I felt like in there there’s still something that you’re, you might be holding onto that would Keep you out of alignment with your healthy boundaries, which you more or less have, but we’re just taking it to the next level. Mm-hmm. So leaning into this shadow,

[00:13:46] does anything come up to you for you? If I say, well, I’d like to never be restrict restricted by the boundaries of others, but sometimes.

[00:14:00] But has anything come up?

[00:14:03] Yeah, sometimes I think that, yeah, sometimes I think I try and play down my sort of, how to put it, how to best describe it. Almost like my, my playfulness, childlike Personality, if you will. I think a lot of the, what I’ve realized over the past year or so is that you know, I am, I am very playful in things, but because I’ve been in, I mean my, my business, I set up my business in 2009.

[00:14:36] And I think I’ve always been in sort of not, not a really corporate world but also I’ve always sort of been in, in the business of sort of pleasing other people and being in a structure of, of, of business and how to apply business and how to support people in business. And yeah, I think there’s, there’s still something now where maybe just take for example, you, you, you trying to write some content for social media.

[00:14:59] And you have this idea, and you know, you just, the idea just flows in the written word, which I’m actually very good at. But then you know, part of me thinks, oh, will, will people actually get where I’m coming from? Do I need to tone this down a little bit? Do I need to actually make that relate a little bit more to the business world?

[00:15:16] And I think I’m also, I’m on the cusp a little bit at the moment of, no, you don’t because you’re trying to please people from your past business. World, shall we say, and they, those people aren’t, aren’t my, you know, my sole clients anymore or my, so, you know, my people, my tribe anymore. So there’s still a little bit, I think, where I’m, I’m sort of cautious.

[00:15:46] Yes. Yeah, I feel that, I feel how far you’ve come with us and you’re just, like I said, you’re getting to the top of the summit. So it’s just these last uh, couple. You know, feet to feeder meters to go here. So let’s lean into the shadow. Let’s go into those times where it feels a hundred percent true. I need to play down my playfulness and my childlike personality.

[00:16:13] I need to tone it down. I must be cautious. And when those thoughts feel 100% true, what emotions are trigger.

[00:16:23] It’s definitely sort of anxiety. I feel quite anxious about it. I can feel as though, you know, I’ve got kind of, tension around my shoulders and my upper body as though I, you know, I, I don’t, I don’t want to go there. Yeah, it’s, it’s almost like I feel as I want to rebel against it. And how does that rebellion feel?

[00:16:44] Like the shadow side of it, because I feel lightness in there too, but, Hmm. I have to rebel.

[00:16:53] Feels rebellious.

[00:16:56] Yeah. I’m not, I’m not sure. Yeah. I, I like, I, I don’t, I don’t have to rebel against anything. I’m not rebelling. I’m just being me. Yeah, yeah. That’s the, that’s the truth. Talking. Yeah. Yeah. And just being me. Yeah. There’s no need to rebel. There’s no need to, to sort of prove worth. There’s no need to be you know, seen as different and being.

[00:17:20] Hell to the end. Celebrate, right? Yeah. Okay. You’re already like on the other side of the block, you’re already speaking truth. Mm-hmm. Let’s see if there’s anything else. You might have already released everything. Let’s see if there’s anything else. So just going into those moments in time, even if they’re very fleeting, I have to play down my playfulness.

[00:17:39] I have to tone it down. I have to be cautious just giving yourself permission to feel any anxiety. Feel that tension in the shoulders. Imagine you’re pulling it up from deep inside of you, hidden in pockets, and you pull ’em up from those pockets to the outer edges of your awareness to be fully experienced, fully feeling tactile sensations and physical sensations.

[00:18:17] And as you’re in the feeling of the feels, I’m gonna look inside your energy and I, I see you releasing. It’s interesting. I see a bunch of tiny little pain pockets all coming together to be released, which is a characteristic of a nuanced block. It’s kind of a, yeah, it’s very strong sort of around My armpits almost.

[00:18:41] Do you know where you’ve got, you’ve got lymph nodes there, haven’t you? Yeah. Yeah, I can see that. Yeah. Yeah. It’s really sort of, kind of tingly, but in a, in a, in like a prodding way? Yes. Like a, not like a numbness, like pins and needles, but like a prodding way. Yes. That’s the feeling. That’s, that’s the exact sensation of the release.

[00:19:02] Mm-hmm. The block is exiting your energy, and that’s the tingling sensation that it creates. Upon release releasing out of your energy body. So go ahead when you feel ready to start taking some deep belly breaths, long inhales, long exhales into the lower part of the belly, and really release on the exhale, ah, release.

[00:19:30] And as you do that, I’m gonna go through and clear your energy. I’m gonna cut all the cords and send. Any energy that’s not yours. Back, I see some cords plugged into collective fear. It’s pretty common. I’m gonna unplug those and I’m gonna call all of Anna’s energy back to her, blessed and transformed. And I’m just gonna clear here at your solar plexus as your source of self, source of power, this is definitely where we would set healthy boundaries from a very balanced and empowered solar plexus.

[00:20:07] Nice, nice. Just clearing a little at your heart space and also at your throat I see a shield up at your throat chakra. So go ahead and set the intention to release that shield. Nice. And now, okay, now we’ve got a pretty sizable release at your throat chakra, which would be your ability to communicate your boundaries, communicate your true self to others, represent your true self to the.

[00:20:35] Nice. Beautiful. I see a beautiful shift in your energy, taking in a deep breath, exhale, just inviting you to sink into your body and connect your heart space. And I already felt like real messages of truth coming through, but. Also checking in with your higher self, connecting to higher self and just asking your higher self.

[00:21:05] Are there any messages of truth you’d like to share for Anna in this moment? And I invite you, Anna, to perceive what you receive coming back in response. And let me know if you hear or sense or feel anything. What message of truth do you have for Anna in this?

[00:21:25] Your voice matters. Yes. Your voice matters. Yeah. You don’t have to agree or go ahead with what other people say.

[00:21:39] Yeah, you’re free. You’re free to explore. You’re free to explore. Be curious. Stay creative. You’re on the right path. Everything’s gonna work out. Just fun. Nice, beautiful. So repeat after the me. My voice matters. My voice matters. I’m free to explore. I’m free to explore. Be curious. Be curious. Stay creative.

[00:22:08] Stay creative. I’m on the right path. I’m on the right. How does that all feel? Feels great. Beautiful. Well, well done there. Well done there. So now you’re more, even more energy align energetically aligned to your boundaries card to put up those healthy boundaries to be you, to be the true you. To not hold back, to let Anna be Anna, so you can magnetize the perfect people into your experience who are just looking for Exactly you.

[00:22:38] So let’s go into the sisterhood of the rose. And you’re feeling the calling to serve other people, right? Be immersed with the beauty around you. Take your work outside, help others to get outside. So I’m just gonna connect into your divine guidance team and see what message. Wants to come through and we’re gonna tap into a future timeline for you.

[00:23:05] Okay. Which represents you really in full expression of this card. Like you really stepped into the message of the card and the meaning and the energy of the card into this priestess energy. And I’m gonna see what wants to come through.

[00:23:23] So what’s coming through is I see a vision of you very, like you are like very energetically aligned and very confident in who you are and what you’re saying. You’re talking. I see you talking to in person to a circle of people. They look to be mostly women, and you’re talking to them from a deep place of confidence and empathy and passion, and, and the circle of women are like, really?

[00:24:01] You really have them in the palm of your hand? They’re like, they’re so connected to. I feel like you’re leading a retreat. It’s like you’re leading a retreat. A retreat. You’re in a beautiful space with them. That is very like when I look out the window, you’re in a room, a beautiful room, big open room.

[00:24:22] But when I look out the window, I see that you’re in a very beautiful place in nature. And it’s like you’re leading a retreat is what it feels like. And. It feels like something like a writing retreat, and it’s just a real soul circle of very connected women. And there’s a real love energy here. As you sit in a circle, it’s like everybody loves each other a lot, and it’s very deeply energetically connected.

[00:24:58] And your Interestingly, one of the big things that you’re imparting in these women is how they can put up their boundaries and really be their true self and really share their true voice and their writing and not hold back and not try to please others. And you’re really taking the lessons that you’ve learned for yourself and you’re applying it for these others to help them tap into their true writing.

[00:25:27] And there’s just something so deeply connected about the vision. It’s prof, really profound. And when I look, when I see you, Anna, you are just, you’re epitomizing, energetic alignment, like everything about it, the location, the people, what you’re teaching, what you’re doing You’re in full alignment to living it, to give it.

[00:25:51] So everything you teach them, you’re fully embodying and doing for yourself. So you have this amazing spiritual leadership happening where you’re just being the example of what’s possible and that’s just transmitting on to the others.

[00:26:09] So I’m gonna pause there. To see how this lands for you and what questions or feedback you have so far. Yeah. It, it lands. Yeah, it feels right. It feels as though I’m there. I’ve got this bunch of ladies that are all there, you know, they. They, they’ve, they’ve been a bit stuck or they’ve had a little bit of trauma or something like that in their life, and they’re, they’re at the point where they, they’re ready to tackle it.

[00:26:40] They wanna work through it, and they’re choosing writing, they’re choosing words. They’re choosing creativity to be able to, to do that and be able to transform almost what’s stuck inside their heads and transformed that onto paper. Journaling is something that, that is, is, has helped me a. In the past and just expressively free writing and then seeing where that takes you to be able to work through some of those, you know, those, those blocks and those things that are holding you back.

[00:27:12] And, and yeah, I can see that this, this, this sort of happy chatter amongst everybody and they, they’re working their way through it, but they’re doing it on their own. They, they, they haven’t, they haven’t got anybody else to, to. Tell them what to do or to, they’re not following a they’re following a prompt, a sort of, you know, an exploratory prompt instead of a system or something.

[00:27:35] And yeah. Yeah. I can’t stop smiling. I can see it. Have you ever thought about leading a retreat in a beautiful place in nature? I’ve yeah, I mean I’ve, I’m, I’m trying to do something at the moment just online with people. And a lot of what I’m trying to create is, is creative prompts or journaling prompts of people.

[00:27:57] That is, is the social media content that I’ve put out there. I think the retreat is something that I’ve thought about in the past but not quite, haven’t been able to see it. I suppose is the best way to, to say that. I am gonna be taking some people on walks outside with a, with a, a friend and colleague.

[00:28:14] So that’s something that I, yeah, I can sort of see that we develop from that. But yeah, I mean, there’s, there’s quite a lot of retreats and things that go on outside. So yeah, I’m, I’m kind of excited to explore how, how to make something different. Yes. Out there, that’s different for people. Yes. So what’s coming through the timeline I’m tapping into, and this is just one timeline that you can choose or not choose because you have free will.

[00:28:48] But this timeline, it’s like 2024 and it’s an international retreat. And when I look out the window, Of the building you’re in, it’s like, it feels like this beautiful wood, like hard, beautiful hardwood, Flo hardwood floors and this open space with big windows. And I see, I don’t know if they’re mountains or big hills, they feel like kind of mount a little bit mountainous.

[00:29:13] Not like the Himalayas, but like, you know, Mountain, like topography, if you will. Yeah, and I think that you, you’re asking the right question, what is gonna make my experience different? And I think that’s your journal prompt. Yeah. You know, if you, yeah, if this feels exciting for you, even if it doesn’t manifest exactly like this mm-hmm. It doesn’t end up into a retreat, but, or maybe it does, but like, what would it look like if I gathered really amazing women together?

[00:29:50] I just, I see such an energetic alignment in this vision. Hmm. It’s like you are, like, you are It’s it, it was powerful to behold in the vision. Yeah. Like you are grounded. You are there and there’s actually nothing you need to teach. You are so embodied in the line, you just need to show up. Yeah. And it’s a transmission and people are receiving from you, from the transmission, but I feel like you’re away, you and the circle.

[00:30:25] Of people with you, you’re away from your ordinary circumstances. That’s why it really feels like an international retreat. Yeah. Yeah. I think that that kind of plays to my. Almost feel as though I’m, I’m being pulled to adventure travel. Yes. You know, the, the Kilimanjaro adventure, if you like, was, was way out of my comfort zone.

[00:30:50] I almost said no. Well, and we were supposed to record this couple months ago. And the timing, the timing didn’t feel right. No. And then you came back and said, I’m going on this trip. Let’s talk after. And I got the hit immediately. Yes. Let’s talk after the trip. Yeah. Yeah. And I think that was yeah, a period of time where I went through a lot of change.

[00:31:15] Maybe it wasn’t noticeable at the time, you know, as you said before, with the blocks and that being quite small and just nuances that as I’ve come back now and I’ve started to work through things, everything seems to just be falling into place a little bit easier. So whatever I took on on that trip was very, Unconscious.

[00:31:35] Very deep, very yeah, I just needed help to pull it out a little bit more. So yeah, I think the pull from that as was, I think it was actually quite intense because when I got back, I remember having such a downer, but about two weeks and I couldn’t, I, I, I found it hard to, to pull myself outta it. So I think, yeah, it’s, it’s.

[00:31:59] Just now things are flowing, blow, run with it almost. Yes. You know, not baby steps anymore. And I think that’s another thing that I’ve sort of has gone against me a little bit in the past where I’ve been too cautious. I think that I’ve, I’ve said that word definitely before today. That Yeah, just, just run with it.

[00:32:18] Yes. Yes. I feel so much energy around adventure travel for you. And adding an offering in your business that incorporates that in your, your love of all the things, your love of writing, your love of nature, your love of ad adventure, travel, your love of helping other people to get outdoors and connect to nature.

[00:32:40] And I feel like there’s just this spectacular offering that just wants to organically be birthed. Feels like there’s a real ease to this. There’s, there’s just an ease. So, I would recommend if it feels good to you, Anna, that your Buffalo steps be, and that’s my word for home. Just exploring this. Yeah. And exploring like what would light you up the most?

[00:33:07] What would give you this energetic alignment that is so powerful. I, I don’t even have the words for it. It’s like you are grounded, but like in the vision, you are so grounded, but yet you are also so connected up. To your higher self in the spiritual realm that it’s just the energy is going in both directions.

[00:33:28] Yeah. So powerfully that it’s like, just so solid. That’s the word. Like I said, I don’t, I don’t even have words for it. I just feel it. It’s solid isn’t even describing it. But so if you were get kind of like, imagine. That you’re in that energy today where you’re just solidly grounded and solidly connected to the spiritual realm and completely in your element.

[00:33:52] Like, what, what would you wanna be doing? Who would you wanna be being? And just start exploring that for your life today. And I feel like what, what this wants to be is just gonna come through to you very organically and very. Yeah. I’m definitely sensing that I mean, I love getting outside anyway and walking and, and, and trail running, but I don’t feel as though I do enough of it.

[00:34:17] So I think even part of my working day, take myself outside and I, I, I did do it the other day and I called it a thought walk. So I just went out and I had a, a pen and a small little notebook, and my intention for the walk was just to be mindful and. What was around me and noticed what I’d never noticed before.

[00:34:38] And I noticed so much and I was energized after the end of it. And it was only a local walk here, but I’m, I’m sort of seeing that, you know, I’m, I’m gonna be stepping that up and going a little bit further and a little bit further and a little bit further. So, so yeah, that the international vision seems, seems right.

[00:34:59] Yes. Yeah. Yeah. I love it. I love it so much. And let’s just do one last, connect in with your higher self deep breath. Exhale. And I’m just gonna ask your higher self to higher self for

[00:35:16] Anna to align to this vision, either as the vision has come through or in some way. So it’s either this or something better to align to that intention. What is her best next step? What is her best next step

[00:35:33] to write? To heal while writing? To write. To write your book.

[00:35:40] Yeah, write the book. Yeah. Hmm. That’s interesting. Yeah, that’s interesting. I started a book just before Christmas and it’s a bit of a self-help book, but it is a bit of a creative slant on that genre cuz it, it is a Yeah, it, it’s a very, what’s the word I’m looking for? Busy genre. Yeah, write the book.

[00:36:06] Finish the book. Which is interesting because that, that’s something I’ve been putting off to try and develop the business side a little bit more. But maybe, maybe I need to do that thing and get that out of the way first. And that is my, my benchmark of saying, look here is, here’s what you can really achieve with, with words.

[00:36:23] And, and that’s gonna be a tangible thing that people can. Read and benefit from. Yes. Yeah. Yes. I’m getting a big yes to that, Alison. Yay. I love it. Yeah. I’m getting a big yes to that. That was a clear you know, your brain was not filtering, that was a clear, intuitive. Keep your, you know, keep the energetic momentum on the book going.

[00:36:50] Yeah. Because there’s some real magic that wants to come out and there’s some real soul clients of yours that want to receive that magic. Yeah. Yeah. And the book is for women women sort of, you know, 35, 40 plus who’ve, who’ve got, who’ve gone through some kind of change because of a limiting belief.

[00:37:12] So I think it’s, it, it’s at the stage where a lot of people start to question what’s life all about? What’s not purpose? Which, you know, is, is the whole purpose really of journaling and asking those questions and sort of working through that. So, yeah. One more time. The book? Yeah. Well, a, all of this, I real feel, I, I really feel like there’s an ease and flow you can tap into.

[00:37:39] Mm-hmm. Like, I feel like the book just wants to flow through you, like you’re the channel and it just wants to, to flow, flow through. So the, the message coming through is really tap into that ease and flow cuz it is available to you and You’d be amazed with how much you can, you know, produce in a short amount of time when, when you tap into the ease and flow.

[00:38:03] Yeah, definitely. Definitely. And I think when, yeah, when I’m in that state of flow, cause I’m a, I’m a generator with the human design and generator, so, when I’m in that flow I can just keep going and keep going and keep going. But I do think everything happens in a re for a reason and you’re on sort of the right path and you’re exactly where you need to be at the right time.

[00:38:24] And yeah, I think, you know, having postponing the session with you originally going on the Mount ki manja of unleashing whatever, had to be unleashed there and now having this session with you, it’s kind of happened in exactly the right way that it needed to for that message to come, to come through.

[00:38:44] Yeah. But before I was thinking I’d set myself a bit of a goal to, to complete the book in April. It was my birthday’s at the start of April, so that was my deadline. And I wasn’t, I was beating myself up about it cuz there was no way I was gonna finish it. Yeah. Easy. Yeah. That was for a reason. Yeah, absolutely.

[00:39:04] Oh my gosh, Anna, this has been amazing. And again, your spiritual gift of leadership is very potent. So I am receiving so much from just being in your presence and being inspired by you. So I wanna thank you for that. Can you leave our listeners with an invitation, and this is I’m gonna ask you in a second how people can find you if they want to connect with you and learn more about you.

[00:39:28] But before then, can you leave them with an invitation, inviting them wherever you wish them to go? Oh. I should have known you would ask this. You can take a second. No problem. Okay. Yeah. Okay. So, we’re recording this on International Day of Happiness. It’s, it’s, it’s, I didn’t even know that. Yes, it’s, I love that.

[00:39:55] Yeah. And the theme, I think the theme for this share is be mindful. Kind and be grateful. I might have got that mixed up, the right, the wrong way. So I think yeah, if, if the listeners could take a pen and a piece of paper or a journal and just write down what happiness means to them and what in their life are they grateful how can they increase mindfulness in their life?

[00:40:19] And, you know, what does, what does kind. Mean to them, so yeah. Yeah. Beautiful. Beautiful. Does that answer your question? That is a beautiful invitation and I always love, I think that that question, like what does, for example, happiness mean to you? I think like asking those types of questions like, Every three to four months, just having it part of your journal prompts for the day.

[00:40:47] So important because what makes us happy today is not the same as it was two, three years ago. Hmm. So always being very fresh with that question. And maybe it’s not a question you’ve ever really considered before. So if it isn’t, then here’s your start. And if you’ve been on this journey for a while, this is a beautiful time to I’m this special day of international happiness.

[00:41:10] Although this will be released on a different day, but your time jumping to where we are today to feel this international, yeah, we solve that question every day. Every day everyone. And exactly. Brilliant, brilliant invitation. Thank you. And Anna, how can our listeners find you? Okay, so I’m in the process of actually changing my website.

[00:41:32] So, it’s not live as we are recording this, but hopefully it will be in a few weeks time. So writing with uk is Oh, nice. Yeah. And my Instagram is storytelling coach at Anna. Is it, I have to chat that. Well, we’ll make sure to get those handles right in the show notes. Okay. But also as well a a a couple of things and this, this might be a bit difficult cuz obviously I’m in the uk.

[00:42:00] But I have, I do do some writing sessions on a Monday and a Friday at 9:00 AM G M T. Time. They’re free. People can just come along. And there’s writing prompts and the Monday session is a little bit more about business writing, so maybe some prompts to do social media or some emails or blog articles.

[00:42:18] And Friday is, is journaling. So if anybody wants to join me in the copy, it’s on Zoom. They’re more than welcome. That’s awesome. The copy nook. I love the name of that. Yeah. Beautiful. Well, we have a lot of listeners in the uk, Europe, and Australia. I think 9:00 AM works in Australia time, New Zealand time.

[00:42:36] So yes. I’m sure people would love to get into the copy Nook. What a great name. Yeah. Yeah. Love it. That was, I was in Flow when I came up with that name. Oh my gosh. I love that name. That’s so inviting. Yay. Well, Anna, this has been such a treat. I always, always love being in your energy. I’m such a fan and thank you so much for sharing your wisdom today and willing to come on and be your authentic you on Soul Guide Radio.

[00:43:05] Yeah, thanks Alison. I’ve really enjoyed. and I wanna thank you so much, dear listener, for tuning in.

[00:43:21] As always, I’m so grateful for you and if you received anything from this episode, I’d be so grateful for a rating and review, and it truly is how more people can receive from this podcast. You can find a link to leave a review in the show notes, and as always, until next time, may your. Guide the way.


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13:08  Boundaries & the shadow

17:23  Energetic read & clearing

20:53  Message of truth

22:39  Sisterhood of the Rose vision

30:36  Power of timing

32:20  Creating an offering

32:54  Buffalo steps & final connection

39:18  Invitation & conclusion