Purely for the Joy of Dancing

“The most amazing thing was the high vibe buzz she created inside of me stayed with me FOR DAYS after.”

For the woman in front row center…

I love to dance.

Any kind of dance.

Hip Hop, Salsa, Ballet, Jazz, Jitter Bug, I love it all.

To scratch my dance itch, I attend Zumba class.

A few weeks ago, it was time for Zumba, and I was tired. I wanted to stay home on the couch, but I drug myself to class and waited for our instructor Maurice to arrive.

But there was no trace of Maurice. I only saw the woman who attends every class and always stands front row center.

I sighed and thought: “Where is Maurice? I hope the woman from front row center is not the substitute. What does she know? If she’s the instructor, I’m going home.”

Then, lo and behold, the woman from front row center stood at the front of the class and announced that Maurice was on vacation, and she had volunteered to fill in.

She told the new people not to worry if they found the steps confusing. If you stay with it, she said, you’ll get it. And the point is to have fun.

(Maurice never gave nice pep talks like that.)

Then, she explained that in the next song there was one tricky dance move, and she was going to show us that move step-by-step before we started.

(Maurice never showed us the tricky dance steps before he played the music.)

Then, she proceeded to lead the loveliest, most authentic, high vibrational Zumba class I have ever attended.

Normally when class ends, people quietly get their gym bag and leave without saying good-bye.

But that day, the dance studio had a party vibe. The whole room buzzed with excitement. People were animated and laughing.

I approached the woman from front row center after the class, thanked her, and said she did an amazing job. (I didn’t mention to her my inner dialog from before the class started.)

This class was SO different to Maurice’s, but why?

One, the woman from front row center spoke to everyone in the room – not just the regulars. She made the new people feel welcome and ensured we all had extra support with the tricky steps.

Two, she made an effort to connect to every one in the room and exchange eye contact.

Three, she clearly loves to dance. She wasn’t getting paid for substituting, she volunteered for the love of dancing. And wanted to share her love of dancing with others.

When I got home I felt alive.

I realized that I had been going through the motions in Maurice’s class.

Attending class had turned into a task to cross off my to do list, not a true source of JOY.

The woman from front row center modeled for me how to show up and do something you love – purely for the joy of it.

I’m now commited more than ever to attend dance class at least twice per week, and to be in my body, let go, and tap into my genuine love of dance.

The woman from front row center also modeled how to create a high vibrational experience where everyone can thrive.

And the most amazing thing was that the high vibe buzz she created stayed with me FOR DAYS after. (In fact, I’m still tapped into right now as I write.)

It made me think of my new membership, The Soul Guide Collective.

If you join, you will get results.

You will heal the wounds tethering you down.

You will learn how to manifest more wealth, abundance, and soul-aligned desires.

You will connect to a high vibe community of fellow soul-guided leaders and entrepreneurs.

But more than anything else, you will experience JOY.

I will create a space where everyone feels seen.

Where you get the support you need when the dance steps get tricky.

Where you walk away from a class feeling completely buzzed and ready to take on the world.

And where one high vibrational class stays with you for days.

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My invitation for you this week is to: Ask your heart what it’s calling you to do – purely for the JOY of it. And see what happens.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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