Loving Your Body to Amplify Your Spiritual Gifts

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Like the divine connection between the earth and the air, your physicality and your spirituality are closely intertwined. Loving your body — your skin, your hair, your angles AND your curves — is directly related to your spiritual gifts.

Having unloving feelings toward your body can cut you off from enjoying your full spiritual potential. Meanwhile, deepening your loving connection to your physical body can amplify your connection to the spiritual realm and help you tap more easily into your spiritual gifts.

The problem? We live in a world that has commercialized body insecurity and self-loathing, submerging us in messages that our bodies are not “good enough.”

How do we break free and learn how to better love our beautiful, perfect selves, inside and out? And what will we gain, on a spiritual level, when we do?

In this episode of Soul Guide Radio, I explore the deep and powerful connection between our intuition and our bodies, the link between our bodies and our soul experiences, and how to work toward joyful spiritual embodiment!

Start unlocking your spiritual gifts. Listen now to discover:

  • The connection between emotional wounds and unloving feelings
  • The life-changing power of the energy frequency of love and how to deepen your love connection
  • How my near-death experience enabled me to lose both energetic and physical weight


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Do some reflection and reflect back in your life all the times your physical body was there for you, helped you through, protected you, kept you safe, loved you, was your companion. Notice if wounds arrive and then start to heal those wounds.

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[00:00:45] Hey, ho Dear Ones, how are we doing on this Fine, fine day? I’m recording this in the last weeks of December, and actually this is the last podcast episode I’m going to record in 2022 and I feel like we’re ending on a super powerful note with the topic we’re gonna unpack today. And I just got a message from my podcast hosting site that I’ve just published my 150th episode.

[00:01:14] And that doesn’t include my very first podcast book, because I’ve actually, those are no longer out there for you to listen to, although they were pretty darn good. So, I probably have published close to 200. So, yay for Soul Guide Radio and for my journey behind the mic as a podcaster. It has been a real journey for me, and this podcast has not been an overnight success.

[00:01:41] Like at our, you know, of course, I think every time we launch something, there’s a piece of us right, that wants it to be a runaway success right away. And sometimes that happens. And I feel like often for most of us it doesn’t because it’s a journey and you’re learning, and if you stay with it, then the success definitely comes.

[00:02:04] The energetic momentum arrives if you stay true to your vision and in alignment to it. And I have to say with this podcast has been the one thing that my divine guidance team has always been telling me, prioritize the podcast and all the content you create. And I do wanna start a YouTube channel.

[00:02:24] There’s other things that I wanna do. I’ve got content ideas, and with all those ideas rolling around in my head, the one message that’s been constant and the one place that I’ve consistently shown up for rain or shine has been this platform here with you today. I got a message last week. Soul Guide Radio had 800 downloads in one week.

[00:02:52] And you know, I used to get, I think when I first launched my first podcast, the Uncorked conversation, I don’t know how long it took me to get 800 downloads on that podcast. It took me a well, longer than a week. So, I just wanna say thank you for being with me. I always feel like you time jump to the present moment where I get behind the mic and you’re with me.

[00:03:15] You’re energetically here with me now and holding the space for me. And as I connect to you, I really try to be in highest service to you. I’m very respectful of your time. I know that you have a lot of demands on it. In the information age, it’s hardest to know what to consume, and so if you’re here listening to me, receiving from this podcast, I want you to know I’m in service for you.

[00:03:39] I do it for you, and I try to give you what your soul really needs on a soul level to the deepest part of you, what you may need in a given week or a given month. So may today’s episode be something that you really, really need to hear or need to go deeper with. And we’re talking about loving our body and I’m really talking about the God pod, our human suit, that our physicality loving our skin, our hair,

[00:04:14] our eyes, our teeth, our body, loving the curves, loving where you wish you had more curves, where you wish you had less curves, loving it all, and how that directly, directly relates to your spiritual gifts. It is not a dotted line. It is not sort of tangentially, am I saying that word, right? Tangent, tangentially related.

[00:04:40] It is directly correlated with our ability to open up and expand our spiritual gifts to higher and higher levels. So, my friends, today’s episode is so important and I think you are gonna receive a lot from what I feel called this share today. So, in today’s episode, we explore how our spiritual gifts are directly connected to our physical body,

[00:05:06] how having unloving feelings towards our body cuts us directly off from these gifts and how to develop a deeper love connection to your body in a way that amplifies your connection to the spiritual realm. We’ll end on an invitation that will have you living joyfully inside your body so you can access the next level of your spiritual potential.

[00:05:33] So I think you’re gonna wanna stay with me until the end.

[00:05:40] Welcome to Soul Guide Radio, a podcast for soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs here to bring about change on a massive level. We’ll explore how you can activate your big soul mission, amplify your spiritual gifts, and clear the energy blocks weighing you down so you can gain unstoppable momentum in life and business.

[00:06:05] I’m Allyson Scammell, your host and soul guide.

[00:06:15] Well, hey there, soul Guide Circle that is the name of this community of soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs. In the Soul Guide Circle, we have Big Soul Missions, and we yearn to earn more, serve more, and grow spiritually along the way. If you aren’t already a member, then I invite you to join our Facebook group of nearly 2200 leaders and light workers who are in service to each other and the planet.

[00:06:39] Find a link to join on my website, allysonscammell.com, or in the show notes. Today we’re talking about how loving your body, your physical body, amplifies your spiritual gift and the inspiration behind this episode comes directly from last week’s episode number 76, where I talk about when is the time to share intuitive messages you receive for others and when not to.

[00:07:08] And we, I tell this story in last week’s episode, and if you haven’t had a chance to listen to it, I do recommend you check that episode out. It’s really powerful and I tell the story about how a family friend crossed over and her spirit came to me and asked me to share the story of how she passed. And the story is that she, 10 years before she crossed over, she felt a lump in her breast, but didn’t go to the doctor because she feared weighing herself because she knew that the doctor would make her weigh herself

[00:07:46] as a standard protocol whenever you go to the doctor. So, she never went, and 10 years later, the cancer was everywhere and it took her life because she had such body shame, body dysmorphia. And she asked me if I would share her story with my audience to help them to be an inspiration because she left her lifetime before she wanted to, there was, she had unfinished business.

[00:08:20] Now she’s gonna be okay. You know, like we, you know, we cross over when we cross over and there’s always a divine reason for it. And she’s a really spiritual being and I’m helping her to transition. So, she’s all good. But this has been part of her soul mission was to share this message with you, the importance of loving your body and

[00:08:42] if you don’t, you know, she’s an extreme example of what can happen, right? And it’s really her story that got me to thinking about. Now I teach about this. You can go back to previous episodes, the episode I did on our spiritual gift of intuition, and I talk about our bodily intuitive touchpoint. Where literally we have areas of our body where we get our tapped in and we have physical sensations, and our body speaks to us with regards to intuitive information.

[00:09:16] You know, when the divine sends an energy signal to us in the form of a message. It’s our physical body that receives it first. It picks up on it, and this is what we feel. You know, our intuition is in our feelings, and it’s all part of our physical compass. But I never really went to the next level of exploration on this about just how

[00:09:43] powerful loving your body can amplify your gifts, and just how powerful, not loving your body can cut you off from your gifts. So, I really felt called to go deeper into this topic today. So our physical body from a spiritual perspective, you know, spiritual at its core kind of means non-physical, right?

[00:10:09] It’s the energetic consciousness that is in the spiritual realm. So, it’s non-physical in form. And so, we embody, we incarnate as humans and we have a human experience and we come into physical forms so we can, so things can feel real right. When we experience a challenge or a trauma, it feels very real and that enables us to have the human experience.

[00:10:43] Experience the range of emotions. And when we experience the range of emotions, that’s how we learn and grow and evolve. Now imagine if we came into our physical body and nothing felt real. You kind of knew nothing was that dangerous or nothing was that harmful. You wouldn’t really get triggered on the full range of emotions.

[00:11:04] You wouldn’t have the full range of the experience because you’d be like, oh you know, I’m just here having sort of a half human experience, or I’m here in sort of physical form, non-physical form so nothing really that real is gonna happen. It’s a primary reason why we incarnate. So, it feels real, you know, our physical body feels very real, right?

[00:11:28] That the desk I’m touching right now, it feels very real and it’s that feeling of realness that enables us truly to feel the range of the human experience and the fascinating thing to me is in the cells of our physical body is the DNA of our soul and our entire soul experience. It’s where it’s stored. It’s one of the places it’s stored, and so your body knows all of your past lifetimes.

[00:12:07] So you might have heard this from other spiritual teachers that sometimes if you get a scar, somewhere in your physical body, it’s, it indicates of a place where you had a wound in a past lifetime. That is true. It doesn’t mean a hundred percent of the time, but I would say very often your scars are not just showing up randomly.

[00:12:28] There’s a good reason why it’s becomes a permanent fixture of your body. Right? I remember when I went through my near-death experience and my near-death experience was all about facing. past lifetime traumas so I could experience those traumas and release them and heal. I marveled at my physical body.

[00:12:54] I could just feel that my physical body knew all about my past lifetimes in ways that my brain didn’t, I didn’t remember. I marveled how my body reacted to all the experiences my body was healing, my physical body was healing from a past lifetime that it didn’t experience in a physical sense, but the memory was stored there.

[00:13:29] So my body was in a way helping my whole soul. And it was helping me to release all that toxic trauma that was trapped inside of me that had been with me for many lifetimes, and it was really, I was in awe at my body. It really helped me, and I really saw it as this high consciousness, source of wisdom that wasn’t separate from me, but yet it was just another access point to really profound wisdom.

[00:14:05] So when we want to connect to our spiritual gifts, we have to be in our body. We have to be sunk into our body. There must be an embodiment. Meaning you are not lost in a flurry of worry from your neck up. Oh, that makes me realize I also did a podcast episode about living from your neck down, which is also what we’re talking about here, being sunk into your body to connect to your spiritual gifts.

[00:14:46] And we’ll leave a link to these episodes in the show notes. I do recommend you check them out. It’s when we are connected to our body and when we are in an embodied state with our point of awareness from the neck down, it’s really from the neck down. We’re living in the body, we’re in the heart energy. You can be in the gut energy too.

[00:15:10] That is when we have the fullest access to our spiritual gifts and that’s our ability to connect to and co-create with the spiritual realm. So how does having unloving feelings towards our body cut us off from our gifts? Now, certainly it is, it is possible to have unloving feelings, but yet still be sunk into the body and still be accessing your spiritual gifts for sure,

[00:15:40] however, the biggest thing that cuts us off from our spiritual gifts is our wounds. And whenever we have an unloving feeling towards anything, there is a wound present. Otherwise, we’d at least be in a state of neutrality, if not something higher, and having an unloving feeling about your physical body is really gonna cut us off from our gifts because we need to embody to access them.

[00:16:15] So in a way it’s gonna be a primary door stopper to you being able to open the portal door, your portal door to the spiritual realm wider and wider. And I’d love to share with you, you know, I was lucky. I grew up with a high metabolism and I was always very active in sports. I was in a thousand sports as a kid, but you know, I was like a teenage kid.

[00:16:44] I remember counting my calories. I grew up, you know, in the, I became a teenager in the early nineties, and everything was like fat free. My mother called me her fat-free maniac, I wanted to buy everything fat free and then we realized that the fat free stuff actually had the most calories. You know, you gotta love these crazy diet crazes, which is what they are.

[00:17:07] But then when I was going through a really hard time in life as an adult, I put on a lot of weight for me, I was a good 20 pounds overweight. And if you’re out there and you feel like you’re more than 20 pounds overweight, and you might be thinking, well, that’s no big deal. You know, I’m experiencing something bigger than that.

[00:17:29] I just wanna say it. It doesn’t matter. Like, I was miserable in my body. I was absolutely miserable because I was trying so hard to take that weight off and I just couldn’t. And I was going to the gym, and I was counting calories, and I was doing all the things and it just wouldn’t come off and I believe the thing that

[00:17:54] enabled me to lose that weight. It came after my near-death experience. It was like the weight was just on me and it, you know, I just felt like it wasn’t gonna leave. And then, and like no amount of dieting and exercise was gonna enable me to lose that weight. And then I had my near-death experience and I lost so much energetic weight, of trauma blocks.

[00:18:22] And it something shifted after my NDE and it enables me to love myself and love my body in ways that I never had before. And that is the very moment that I was able to lose weight. And it was the energy frequency of love. It wasn’t dieting, it wasn’t exercise, it was an energy frequency of love, a love for myself,

[00:18:51] love for my body. It was love. And when you experience love for yourself, for your body, you’re enabling yourself to embody, you’re enabling yourself to connect deeper to your core, to your skin. You’re enabling yourself to sink deeper inside of you, you know, that’s what the core of a good meditative state, right?

[00:19:23] You’re sunk so deep inside you. If you’ve ever really reached deep meditation, you have this heaviness almost, feels good because you feel like you’re so inside yourself. And that is what loving your body, loving, loving, being in your own skin.

[00:19:47] It enables this connection to have to yourself, to your energy, to your physical body, and from this love state, the portal door, your portal door to the spiritual realm starts to fly open and you’re vibrating at this high vibrational resonance of love, and when that happens, my dear ones, that is when your spiritual gifts are flying off the roof and you’re manifesting and you’re getting downloads, and you’re getting some of your biggest creative sparks and you’re embodying at your highest, you’re being the example of what’s possible and opportunities are arriving.

[00:20:35] This is how we get in the real flow. And in that flow state,

[00:20:44] it is just the energy of anything is possible and you can arrive here taking a lot of different paths, and all of those paths are gonna ask you to love yourself. Love your whole self. Love your body deeper than you ever have before, and it is a journey, and it doesn’t happen overnight. And let me tell you, I have really come a long way on this issue from a person who had a relatively decent relationship with my body as a kid to having a terrible relationship, terrible

[00:21:38] to then having this restored, renewed understanding. And to be honest, having this awareness about how your body knows the DNA of your soul. For a lot of people, that enables you to shift your relationship to like, okay, well I don’t like how my body looks, or I don’t like how it moves but hey, there’s something important inside of it.

[00:22:09] There’s something important in my cells that’s here to help and serve me, that’s here to enable me to heal, grow, learn, evolve. It really is a God pod, and it’s here to protect you and enable you to grow to the next level of your potential.

[00:22:33] So how can you develop a deeper connection to your body and a deeper loving energy to your body to enable you to amplify your intuitive gifts? Well, I think it starts right there, just having this maybe shift in awareness that when I don’t love my body, I cut myself off from my divine guidance team. . You know, I cut myself off for my intuition, for my own healing, for my manifestation, for my creativity, for my genius.

[00:23:06] All the things we access when we are connected to our higher self and our spirituality, we’re cutting that off when we don’t have loving feelings towards our body. So just having that awareness can be like, oh, okay, so this runs deeper than how I look in a pair of blue jeans. It runs way deeper than that.

[00:23:32] And so that’s the first thing. And the second thing is just to think about, hey man, when I look back at my life I’ve had the good times, the bad times, the ugly times. My body has been there, you know, and I had Freya, I had really bad birth trauma and I just marvel at my physical body, how it was just there for me through that trauma, and it was there for me as I healed and repaired and became a mother.

[00:24:08] I think the mother’s out there, and it’s okay if you’ve never birthed the child because I guarantee you’ve had a past lifetime where you birth the child. So, you’ll know this, you’ll understand this on a level, even if you haven’t birthed the child in this lifetime, that think of your human body during the whole birthing process.

[00:24:32] I mean, what your human body, what a human body, what a woman’s body goes through during the whole process of getting pregnant and carrying a baby and birthing it. It’s a true miracle when you think about it, how sophisticated it is, and the body just goes, you know, I didn’t have to sit there and tell the placenta how to be created.

[00:24:54] It was just created; a whole placenta was created inside of my body in my first trimester of pregnancy. It’s really miraculous. So, when you think about, try to think about in your life the times that your body has been there for you. If you’ve had a child, you gotta put childbirth on there, even if you had complications, because let me tell you, I did.

[00:25:19] And your body was just there for you. You know, anytime you recovered from something big, your body was there for you. So, identifying those times where your body was just like there for you. It served such a higher purpose than most of us realize in our experience. So, recognizing that, let me tell you, I didn’t really recognize that at all until my near death experience and I’m, and just recently with

[00:25:54] my connections to this crossed over loved one who shared her story with me. You know, it’s just, it’s just heightened, it’s deepened my connection to my own body because I’ve had this opportunity to reflect and just realize to a deeper level just what a key function our body does for us, and how much it really is here to support us.

[00:26:21] So giving yourself permission to explore it for your own experience. Along the way in the exploration, you may find wounds, you may come across things, well, I hate that my body looks this way. I hate that my body functions this way. I hate that my body isn’t as healthy as I want it to be, doesn’t move the way I want it to be.

[00:26:45] I fear my body will stop performing the way I wish it to and that’s beautiful because as you’ve heard me say a thousand times, healing isn’t part of the path. It is the path. So great. As you do the exploration, you identify those blocks, those wounds, they come to the surface when you explore and you feel into those wounds and then you release the wounds and every time you release a wound.

[00:27:16] you develop a deeper love connection to your body, especially if that wound was giving you some sort of message that you shouldn’t love your body fully and completely. It makes me think of EFT, emotional freedoms techniques. It was my first certification in the energy body and the key phrase, of tapping is even though I have this pain, I fully and completely love and accept myself.

[00:27:55] It’s such a beautiful, whoever came up with that phrase, it’s such a beautiful way to approach your experience, to approach your healing, to approach your body, to approach yourself, and you might not be ready to say I fully and completely love and accept myself, and that’s absolutely okay. It is a journey.

[00:28:18] I haven’t always been able to say that and feel that it’s very true, but I do today. I fully and absolutely completely love and accept every part of myself. Do I have times where I was like, oh gosh, I saw that photo myself and I looked chubby in that photo. Yeah, I have those times. I have those moments and then I feel into it.

[00:28:47] Well, how did that make me feel to criticize myself in that way and criticize my body in that way? I feel those feels. I take a few deep breaths, release and then I go back to my body, back to my deeper connection because this is how I connect to my highest power in my experience, which is my spiritual gifts.

[00:29:20] And in releasing that wound from that self-criticism I am, I’m able to love and embody myself even

[00:29:35] and wherever you are on your journey to loving your body, whether you’re somewhere where I am or you’re far, far, far away from it, all you have to do is make the choice. Today. I’m gonna go on the path. I’m gonna start the journey today to loving my body deeper, because if I don’t, I’m cutting myself off

[00:30:00] from my power, my spiritual gifts, and my ability to connect to and co-create with the divine, and I am a light worker, so I am ready to forge a deeper connection and I’m ready to start the journey to loving my body unconditionally.

[00:30:27] My invitation for you this week, my dear ones, is to do some reflection and reflect back in your life all the times that your physical body was there for you, helped you through, protected you, kept you safe, loved you, was your companion, healed, and in the process, notice if wounds arrive and just notice without judgment, oh, there’s a wound.

[00:31:00] And that’s a wound. Because it’s presenting itself to me, it means it’s ready to be healed. And I invite you then to go to the next process, the next step in the process and that is to go ahead and heal. And start to heal these wounds.

[00:31:21] And when you do, you’ll find yourself naturally, easefully because that’s how we’re wired to, we are wired. We are designed to have an absolute love relationship with all parts of ourselves to include our physical body. And you will find yourself in your natural love state before you know it.

[00:31:50] All right, my dear ones. That is all I have to share with you today. I hope you received something powerful. I hope you received something useful from this episode. And as always, until next time, may your soul guide the way.

[00:32:13] Are you ready to fill your business with soul clients in the next 60 days? Then download my free energy upgrade meditation to amp up your energy frequency, dissolve the doubt, and attract the soul clients you are destined to serve. Find the link to download on my website, allysonscammell.com, as well as in the show notes.


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09:15  Coming into the physical body

11:03  Soul DNA & scars

13:52  Living from the neck down

14:42  What unloving feelings lead to

15:49  My weight story

18:18  What love leads to

21:58  How to deepen your connection

26:59  EFT & release

29:04  Conclusion & invitation