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Ever had your birth chart read by an astrologer?

If you’re skeptical, then try it before you dismiss it. 

The first time I got my birth chart read, I went in with no expectations. I was then astounded by how much the astrologer knew about my past history, aptitudes, and desires – specifics too, not just stuff like I’m a person who enjoys happiness.

One of the biggest surprises from the reading was that I have an extremely high aptitude for teaching. At the time, I had never considered myself a teacher because I viewed teaching in the traditional brick and mortar sense.

Since becoming a (master) coach (had to slip that in there), teaching has taken on a whole new meaning and the millions of ways we can and do teach others.

When I’m teaching a class, I view my students as MY teachers. In fact, I’ve evolved my definition of teaching and learning to one where there are no masters, and there are no students. Instead, we’re all just standing in a circle around a fire. Sometimes we need to look left, sometimes we need to look right, sometimes we need to be looked to, and sometimes we need to look within.

With that in mind, I’m thrilled to announce a FREE webinar series from now until May. I’ll be teaching you (and learning from you): the 5 keys to uncorking BIG MAGIC in your life and business without burning out.

I’ll be focused specifically on entrepreneurs who are moms, and this includes women who have entrepreneurial ideas or want to become a mom some day. But you certainly do not need to be in this demographic to benefit from the topics below.

All webinars will take place on the last Wednesday of the month at 1:00 pm EST / 7:00 pm CET.

The 5 keys to uncorking BIG MAGIC without burning out are:


On Wednesday, 31 January, learn how to use self-care to transform energy draining bad habits into sharpened focus + productivity.


On Wednesday, 28 February, learn how to smartly and accurately plan your goals for your life + business in 2018 so they guide and propel you forward feeling naturally fired up.


On Wednesday, 28 March, learn how to (1) identify the actions that will have the most impact, energize you the most, and are truest to your soul’s calling so you can achieve your goals for 2018 and beyond; (2) schedule those actions in a spacious way; and (3) tweak, refine and adjust your actions to stay on track.


On Wednesday, 25 April, learn on how to (1) identify + infuse your core gifts into your business + personal life and (2) how to use your gifts to supercharge your success.


On Wednesday, 30 May, learn how to bring together The Work by Byron Katie and Emotional Freedom Techniques (or EFT) to dissolve the negative self-talk that perpetuates fear and prevents you from going after + achieving the goals that mean the most to you.

Click HERE to join the webinar series. You may attend live (which is highly recommended!!), or you may listen to the recording, but either way you must sign up to get the goods.

I’m truly excited about the opportunity to share with you what I know about building success in a balanced way as well as to learn from you and your experience.

To magic + uncorking, XOXO

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