An Introduction to Soul Guide Radio - Allyson Scammell

An Introduction to Soul Guide Radio

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I’m so excited to release the introduction episode of the newly branded podcast!

Our podcast has a new brand, a new name, and a new energetic upgrade.

At my core, I am a soul guide. I am here to guide you on a soul level so you can guide the people you are here to serve, gain clarity on your big soul mission, and achieve big, soul-aligned success.

In this introductory episode, we’ll explore what Soul Guide Radio is all about, what it means to unlock the door to our next level of success and potential, and how to start unlocking that door today.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • What Soul Guide Radio is all about,
  • What it means to unlock the door to our next level of success and potential, and
  • How to start unlocking that door today.


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This Week’s Invitation: Check in on a vision and then do an honest TFA check in on your thoughts, feelings and actions to the vision and see how you align to it.

Hello, my dear ones. This is Allyson Scammell and welcome to soul guide radio. I am so unbelievably excited to be relaunching this podcast. We’ve given it a new name, a new look, and most importantly, an energetic upgrade. I’ve been going through a rebrand of my business and it’s been a real journey trying to decide.

Who I am, who I serve, how can I show up in my genius all the time, shed anything that’s in my zone of excellence and how can I set up a brand that I can really grow with? It will grow with me for five years, 10 years, 20 years, and there’s space for that growth. And those are some challenging questions to answer, but something kept coming back to me as a Lightworker and a leader and a soul guided person.

And that was this, knowing that I am a soul guide, my unique genius is to help people to help guide them on a soul level. And as part of that guiding, I helped to activate you to also be a soul guide for your life and for the people you serve. So you have clarity on your big soul mission. You know how to align to it, to call in the energy and bring it in to your experience.

And that is really what is at the essence and the heart of soul guide radio. So in this introductory episode, We’ll explore what soul guide radio is all about, what it means to unlock the door to your next level of success and potential, and how to start unlocking that door today. We’ll end on an invitation.

Yes, an invitation that will put you in the energy of unstoppable momentum towards soul aligned success. So you’re gonna want to stay with me until welcome to soul guide radio, a podcast for soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs here to bring about change on a massive level. We explore how you can activate your big soul mission, amplify your intuitive gifts and clear the energy blocks weighing you down so you can gain unstoppable momentum in life.

Love and. Yes, I am Allyson. Scammell your host and soul guide.

Hello, their soul guide circle. That is the new name of this community of soul guidance leaders and entrees. And the soul guide circle. We have big soul missions and are ready to take our next quantum leap forward to big soul aligned success. If you’re not already a member, then I invite you to join our Facebook group of over 1100 leaders in Lightworkers who are in service to each other and the planet.

Oh, it feels so good to say. So let’s start with what is soul guide, radio all about. And it’s really about digging in deep to our truth in that truth that comes to us from the voice of our higher self or our soul intuition heart. However you describe it. And it’s that inner voice of the soul that is leading us forward.

Giving us the big sole mission and helping us to align to that mission and helping the path before us to unfold. And as I already mentioned, when I go to the, my deepest truth, my highest, why, why am I here? What am I destined to leave behind when I leave this lifetime? And I really believe I’m here to be a soldier.

And what that means to me is I am here to understand my own journey, my sole mission, uh, my healing I’m meant to experience the growth I’m meant to experience the soul contracts I meant to resolve and fulfill and all of that I am meant to call to help others do the same help you do the same. If you’re here listening, you’re likely.

Someone who I feel called to serve. And our soul journey is a classic hero’s journey. You’re on that hero’s journey now. And it is likely you’re at a point in your journey. If you’re here listening to me that you’ve received the call, you received the call to do something bigger, more truthful, more in alignment, and you’re being tapped.

And that tapping is telling you that playing small or safe is no longer working. It’s no longer serving and you’re ready to. Grow a bigger audience, bring in more abundance, dream, bigger launch that thing start the global movement. And when you get the call, the first thing you’re going to do is reject it.

Right? Ignore it, deny it, subdue it, and likely you’re going to have some sort of thought at some point. That will say, who am I to think so big? Who am I to think I could cause that sort of transformation in the world and I am here to say, and this podcast is here to say you are the one you are the right one, the exact one.

It is, you. That yearning, that desire, that vision, that you’re feeling that you’re seeing is true. It’s real, it’s big. And you are the exact person who is designed to see it through, to bring it into your experience and into the world. So this podcast is going to spend a lot of time about desolving our block.

Dissolving those roadblocks, that show up on our path that give us some sort of message that you can’t do, that you’re not the right person. And we’re going to be dissolving all of those stories that slow you down, stop you or throw you off path because that’s part of the hero’s journey. It’s just part of it.

And we accept that. We accept that the blocks are part of the experience, and that is how we release them. That is how our fears are triggered. If we’re always inside of our comfort zone, we don’t trigger our fears and therefore our blocks stay inside of us. So by pushing those edges of our comfort zone, we trigger our blocks and when they are triggered, we can release.

And so another big part of soul guide radio will be all about energy, all about the energetic frequency of our big soul mission and how to align to it. And the thing I’ve seen time and time again about the hero’s journey and how the path unfolds is that there’s often quantum leaps forward. Quantum leaps up that we take when we make the decision that we’re going to live a soul guided life and we’re going to follow our truth.

And what happens when we start aligning to that truth. And we start to dissolve the blocks that have been standing in our way. We aligned to something that I call flow. A lot of people call flow, but there are other names and that’s when things start to feel ease awful. And you’ve see this momentum start to pick up and your abundance is activated and wealth is coming into your life.

And your business with ease. Clients are coming out of the woodwork opportunities are just showing up. And it’s easel. It might not be easy, but there’s an ease to it, a flow and alignment. And that is what I’m talking about with these quantum leaps. And when you get into the flow, you will see, for example, your business wealth, doubling tripling, increasing five, four.

You will see your audience doing the same thing. You will see the bigger opportunities arriving in your lap. That’s the quantum leap and it’s arriving in your life because you took the risk and had the courage to take the leap to begin with. And you defied convention. You likely to find what your community wanted you to do, or your family, and you mustered up the courage.

To do it and you’re on the path and there’s a lot of different energies out there that wants to support you on your path to get into this flow. There’s nonphysical consciousness. There is most importantly, always the voice of the higher self or the voice of the soul. Then there is the support and the guidance and direction of your spirit guide.

That nonphysical consciousness. That’s here to guide you on your path. There is the voice, the support of source who is here to help you bring all the resources into your experience that you need to align to your high sole purpose, your big soul mission. And we are going to be uncovering how to tap into this divine guidance system in this podcast.

And that’s really what I’m talking about. When I say to unlock the door to your next level of success and potential. I’m talking about these quantum leaps, this alignment to your soul mission with the major blocks dissolved and that door to that next level of who you’re meant to be, who you’re meant to serve.

The abundance you’re meant to bring into your experience. The joy you’re meant to feel the relationships you’re meant to build the door that was previously closed to all of that will be on locked. It will open, it will open up to you. And I’ve described it in the past. This flow as being on the moving walkway, where without any effort.

The ground is carrying you to that place, which you wish to go carrying you forward. And those quantum leaps are what help you unlock the door to the next level of who you are truly on a soul level meant to be and how you’re meant to serve and the adventures and abundance and rewards and treats and pleasure.

That you’re wired, you’re meant to experience because that is part of the human journey, the joy, the pleasure, the abundance, without the guilt, without the feeling bad about it, but instead embracing it as part of your soul path. So how do we start unlocking that door to the next level of success and potential.

Well, you start by tuning in to the vision. You start by tuning into the soul mission, and we’re going to be talking about in the next episode of soul guide radio, how to activate your big soul mission. But for now, let’s just tune into it and take some deep breaths in nice deep belly breath. Tune into your heart energy place, your awareness on the frequency of your heart space.

Close your eyes. If you haven’t already and just ask your higher self to give you a vision, a soul aligned vision for the future and let your higher self decide. If it’s one year out, two years, five years, 10 years, two weeks. And allow a vision to unfold in your mind’s eye of you operating at a higher potential experiencing greater success, greater joy, more an expression of your unique genius with amplified spiritual gifts and connection.

What do you see? What are you doing? Who are you being? How are you serving? This is such a powerful practice to just check in on the vision, because what consult often happen on our path is we get into a vision of what we think we want or what we should be doing. And it’s off, it’s out of alignment. So we’re aligning to a vision and we’re taking action towards a vision, but it’s not the right vision because we got caught.

In the, on the journey and this is what can happen and we’ve neglected to slow down, pause and check in what is the soul guided vision? Can I just check in on it? What is it my soul really wants and really yearns for, and once a vision arrived. And if you’re not sure use your best guess what do you think or feel or senses there then the next step is to align your thoughts, feelings, and actions to that vision.

I call it a T F a check-in aligning thoughts, feelings, and actions to the vision. So I just did this right now and I asked my higher self for a vision. And what I received was a vision of me leading an academy, the soul guide academy, which is a nine month mentorship designed to help you amplify your spiritual gifts and activate your soul mission.

So you can make a quantum leap forward in soul aligned success and gain that unstoppable momentum. In life and business that we’re talking about here. And I’m glad I got that vision because a piece of me was like, I’ve kind of been in this second, uh, guessy doubty energy, which is. Part of the path it’s always going to show up.

And my question was, do I want to do this mentorship academy or do I just want to continue to focus on the one-on-one stuff? Would launching a big academy, just be too much of an energetic lift for me. And it it’s a good question because I’m as someone who has suffered from burnout a lot on my entrepreneurial journey, and I’m trying to shift out of it.

I’m trying and I’m succeeding and shifting out. So I no longer set myself up for burnout cause burnout doesn’t happen overnight. True burnout is the culmination of months and months, years, and years of overdoing it. So to honor that intention to not set myself up for burnout anymore, I’ve been asking the honest question, is the academy going to do that?

How I’ve set it up or do I need to make a shift? And so checking into my vision right now has just like giving me this amazing reassurance, like, yup. This is it. And what I looked for in the vision is do I feel energized? Do I feel energized? And the answer I got was, yes. As long as I’m not in the energy of over-giving over giving is a classic shadow of being in service.

You want to be in service to others so badly that you end up over-giving and over-giving over the long-term will consistently lead to burnout. So in the vision, I saw myself over delivering over delivering when my cup was full and I was able to do that. And I felt called and inspired to really, really be in highest service to those who join the academy.

But I wasn’t over-giving. And in that energy, I saw myself in highest service to those I feel called to serve in alignment to my big soul mission. In flow with that unstoppable momentum, taking a quantum leap forward. So it just felt right and aligned. So now to go to the TFA, check-in what are my thoughts, feelings, and actions towards this vision.

And this will help me to know if I’m in alignment and if I’m out of alignment where I’m out of alignment. So to be honest, the best place to start, even though I called the thoughts, feelings, actions check-in is your overall feeling state about the vision? Your visions are meant to feel good. Your highest dreams and goals and desires are meant to feel freeing, exciting, exhilarating connecting, contributing, and oftentimes our dreams feel bad.

They feel heavy. Second guess we’re sad. We’re lack or attachment because there is an out of alignment there. And it’s a positive thing. It’s a blessing because our emotions become part of our divine guidance system. And they point us to the fact that we’re out of alignment. So when I check into my overall feeling state about my vision, well, it feels pretty good, but it didn’t feel so good a few days ago because I was second guessing it.

And I did the work to release that second guessing. So right now I’m feeling generally good. It’s good, but it’s not great. So I want to shift my vibrational frequency up to something that’s a little bit more excited and exhilarated. So let me go to my thoughts. What are my thoughts right now about my vision?

Now don’t overthink your thoughts here. Just allow the first thoughts to come to you. What are my thoughts about this vision? It is in alignment. I am on the right path. This is the right medium. I am the right person. I’m calling in the right people. Oh, so those are all good thoughts. Again, this didn’t happen a few days ago, a few days ago.

Uh, my thoughts were you could burn out, it’s going to be too difficult to sell. It’s easier to just focus on your one-on-one. So those were the thoughts I had just a few days. Yeah. Again, I did the releasing, which I’m going to talk about in a minute and it has already put me back into alignment. I’m back into alignment to my vision.

Okay. So now I’m going to tune into those thoughts. I am on path. I am on mission. This is the, this academy is what I’m meant to launch as a soul guy. And I’m going to really get back into the vision, visualizing the perfect soul clients, perfect for me and my gifts arriving and helping them to transform their life and bring in exhilarating and exciting success and results that blows everybody’s minds.

How does that feel? So that feels exhilarating, exciting, connecting. Transformative freeing fun, adventurous. So I’ve just raised my energetic vibration to be more in alignment to the essence of the vision. So now last but not least, you go to actions and actions. Are the actions that you need to take, what do you need to do?

Or who do you need to be the, to align to your vision? And very often when we are being led by our soul, by the voice of our heart, our soul is often calling us to a state of being to shift into alignment and not a state of doing. And often when we do a TFA check in our heart will guide us to do less.

And be more, but sometimes there is a state of doing so it’s just listening to what, what the quote unquote action is and following through on it, which is going to be a super important part of the alignment process. So I just tune into my heart space and I ask my heart, what are you calling me to do? Or who are you calling me to be, to align to the vision?

So I’m getting states of being B. Be exhilarated, be unattached, be in the inner, knowing that it’s going to exceed your wildest expectations. And one of the things that’s coming through right now for me is that I have nothing to lose. There’s nothing to stress about only good things can come into my experience and that’s the energy I want to call it.

And this academy is only going to bring happiness, success, wealth, and alignment into my experience. And so this is how you unlock the door to that next level. So this academy is going to be a next level for me. It’s a bigger container. It’s going to be the biggest thing I’ve ever launched, and I’m going to be pushing the edges of my comfort zone.

And so when I aligned to that bigger vision, I unlock a door to abundance, success and happiness. That was previously close to me. And this is exactly how you can do it for yourself. Get the vision or check in on your vision and then ask yourself, what are my thoughts, feelings, and actions about this vision and how can I align my thoughts, feelings, and action to be in alignment and to be at that high vibration.

That same high vibration that my vision, my, my true vision, not the vision with filters on it that tells me it’s too big, or I shouldn’t be dreaming so big or need to hold back, but that true vision. And in that true vision of you at a higher level at you at a, at a quantum leap forward of next level success.

You are vibrating at a higher level, at a higher level of potential. And how can you start vibrating at that level today? So that energy is a magnet. And when that energy is a match, your alignment is there and you start flowing. You start flowing towards the vision and you start to gain the unstoppable momentum.

So if you are a listener of she grows, you will know that I ended each episode on a challenge. Well, I have decided to shake things up a little bit and a more appropriate. Way to end episodes for soul guide radio is with an invitation and I’m going to invite you to do something or be someone or go somewhere, or I don’t know, it will be an invitation to some thing.

And my invitation for you today is to check in on a vision. Allow the envision to unfold in your mind’s eye, inviting a soul guided higher vision of success and potential for your life, for your business. Allow it in, notice what you see, notice any messages that are there, and once it arrives and it’s feeling good, it’s feeling on the path of your truth.

I then invite you to do an honest TFA check-in check in on your thoughts, feelings, and actions to the vision and see how you can align to it. And we’re going to be fully unpacking in a future episode. What to do. If you do notice a block of you do notice resistance. So stay tuned, subscribe. If you haven’t already, and I’m going to give you all the answers you need to release those blocks that are tethering you down.

So you can call in the success, joy, abundance, and fulfilling. You are destined to experience. Do you want to receive divine guidance and how to gain unstoppable momentum in the next 60 days, then download my free intuitive message and meditation to upgrade your energy frequency, dissolve the doubt and fill your business with soul clients.

You’re here with a big soul mission and this message and meditation channel directly from source will help. Line your energy to it. Find a link to download on my website, Allyson as well as in the show notes. .