Instead of Polite Convo, Let’s TALK TRUTH

“This is where I normally get stuck. Do I tell the truth, or go with polite conversation to ensure he doesn’t think I’m nuts or get uncomfortable?”

The power of being in your truth

I was recently at a dinner party with my husband’s work colleagues.

My husband works for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which has the mission to rid the world of chemical weapons.

Most of the people who work at the OPCW have advanced degrees in Chemistry.

Assuming these scientists wouldn’t be into the whole spiritual thing, when asked what I do, I said, “I’m a business consultant.”

That’s my go-to response when I don’t feel “safe.” When I fear that someone seated next to me might say, “You’re a spiritual mentor? Wow, that’s really weird.”

I was a bit disappointed with myself too because a few months ago I set the intention to always be honest about the work I do in the world and not to “water it down” to please others.

At a certain point in the dinner party, I started chatting with a weapon’s inspector who had a PhD in Chemical Engineering.

We were swapping stories about the various malaria mediations we’ve taken over the years as we had both worked in countries where malaria is a real health threat.

Then, I told him that I now live a very holistic lifestyle, and I don’t take any medication at all unless it’s very dire.

He said, “How long have you been living this lifestyle?”

I said, “Since 2009.”

He said, “Wow, that’s very specific. What happened in 2009?”

I decided to favor the truth over polite conversation and said, “I had a near death experience (NDE).”

Of course, his next question was: “Do you mind telling me what happened?”

And…this is where I normally get stuck. Do I tell the truth or go with polite conversation to ensure he doesn’t think I’m nuts or get uncomfortable?

Again, I decided to tell the truth and told him a short version of the long story.

His first question was: “What was the biggest difference in your life after the experience?”

I said, “My spiritual gifts. After my NDE, I could channel and had psychic and energy healing abilities. It opened me up to a whole new world of spiritual gifts that I didn’t even know existed.”

As I prepared for him to say, “Wow Allyson, I’m not so sure about that stuff,” he said this:

“My grandmother would receive psychic visions. Her visions usually arrived when something big was about to happen, so we always paid close attention to them.”

And in that moment, I received an intuitive message that HE had inherited his grandmother’s spiritual gifts – these types of gifts often skip a generation.

I said to him: “Did you know you have these same psychic abilities?”

And he said, “No, my mind is too science-based. I’m always looking for evidence.”

And I said, “I understand that. I like to find evidence too. But I have an invitation for you…Instead of SEEING it to believe it, try this idea:

“I have to BELIEVE it to see it.”

Upon hearing that, a lightbulb went off in his head. He felt the truth in what I was saying. Just by inviting in this potential, he immediately connected to a part of himself that was always there, but he just couldn’t see.

, I attract people with big spiritual gifts.

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