How to Create a Law of Attraction Business You’re Passionate About with Sandy Forster

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How exactly can you use the law of attraction to grow and scale your business? The incredible Sandy Forster returns to Soul Guide Radio to share her amazing blueprint for soul-aligned success!

Sandy is a money mindset mentor and the bestselling author of How to be Wildly Wealthy FAST: A Powerful Guide For Women To Attract Unlimited Abundance Today. Sandy’s passion is empowering women around the world to think bigger, dream grander, and manifest more than they ever dreamed possible.

In this conversation, Sandy reveals the mindset shifts and energetic techniques that have helped her go from welfare to millionaire, and shares the tools that you can use to align your body, mind, and spirit for success!

Guest bio: Sandy Forster is the money mindset mentor for women world-wide who are ready to experience more abundance, prosperity and money in their life. Sandy went from welfare to millionaire and was featured in ‘Oprah’s Aussie Secret’ and loves inspiring and empowering women to break through their blocks, attract abundance and experience time and money freedom to do the things that make their heart sing.

Start unlocking your spiritual gifts. Listen now to discover: 

  • What you can do to stop feeling ‘stuck’ while manifesting your boldest goals
  • How to tap into a powerful flow state that leads to amazing synchronicities and magical results 
  • The key ingredient that was missing from The Secret — and how to use it to make your dreams come true!

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Spend some time in a journal or just simply writing down; What does happiness mean to you? What in your life are you grateful for? How can you increase mindfulness in your life?

[00:00:00] Hey, dear ones, I got the intuitive hit to do. Today’s episode, I’m chatting with a truly remarkable person who has received global success and recognition in a way that is super deserved for the work she’s doing in the world. Sandy Forrester, and she was on the show a couple years ago. I didn’t know who she was, and they pitched.

[00:00:24] So I got the intuitive nudge back then to say yes. And then I started researching Sandy and I realized how accomplished she was. And I read her book, How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast, and it is a great book. We’ll leave the link in the show notes to it. And I just remember all these amazing synchronistic things happening in my life after I read that.

[00:00:47] And so I was thinking about who I really wanted to have on the show, and her name just came to me outta nowhere. So I know that this episode was meant for me and it was meant for you, and that hopefully you receive something truly. Wildly wealthy from it, so let’s go ahead and get right to it. In today’s episode, Sandy reveals exactly how to use the law of attraction in your business.

[00:01:16] What to do when you feel stuck in manifesting, and how to tap into a flow state that leads to amazing synchronicities and magic. We’ll end on an invitation that will have you manifesting wild wealth and your wildest dreams in awe-inspiring ways. So you, you’re gonna wanna go ahead and stay with us until the end.

[00:01:40] Hello Soul Guide Circle. That is the name of this global community of soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs in the Soul Guide Circle. We are pursuing our soul guided dreams while lifting up humanity. Find a link to join our closed Facebook Or in the show notes.

[00:02:36] Today’s guest is Sandy Forster. Sandy is the money mindset mentor for women worldwide who are ready to experience more abundance, prosperity, and money in their life. Sandy went from Welfare to Millionaire and was featured in Oprah’s Ozzie’s Secret and loves inspiring and empowering, empowering women to break through their blocks, attract abundance and experience time, and.

[00:03:01] Freedom to do the things that make their heart sing. Her award-winning International bestseller, How to be Wildly Wealthy Fast has been translated into over 11 languages. And has been banned to over 1.4 billion people because it was too empowering.

[00:03:21] She’s the host of the Wildly Wealthy Women Podcast and has transformed hundreds of thousands of women’s lives around the world. Sandy and I had just ate lovely, lovely time connecting and chatting, and really going deep into love of attraction in today’s energy, what it means for you and your life and your business.

[00:03:43] So, Enjoy Sandy, welcome back to Soul Guide Radio. Thank you so much for having me. I’m excited. I’m so excited too. You were on a couple years ago and we talked about your book, how to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast. Wealthy Fast. That’s it. And I read that book at the time and I did the exercises, and I just want you to know I really loved.

[00:04:20] Ep91 Audio (1): Oh, good. I’m glad. And I, I remember like, Crazy synchronistic abundance arriving into my life as a result. So that’s, that’s what happened. Yeah. Right. Yeah. So we’re gonna be talking about that. With regards to our business, the people who listen to this podcast are soul guided, spiritual entrepreneurs.

[00:04:41] Old school marketing is not gonna be typically that attractive. To them. So let’s just start. I would just love to start with, we hear a lot about love attraction and my audience will know quite a bit about love attraction, but I would love to know how you define it or how you approach it and or how you invite people to, to look at it or understand it.

[00:05:05] Sure, sure. So I guess for me, the law of attraction completely changed my life. So I fell in love with it. I’m still in love with it. I use it all the time I live it. So basically the law of attraction to me is what you put your energy and focus on you then. Tend to attract or create more of in your life.

[00:05:23] And, and really that is the simplicity of it. And when you understand that, then that gives you the power to then make choices about what you do. Think about, focus on, talk about Reid watch. Because then you are the one that gets to create your life the way that you want it. So yeah, very simple, very easy, but very powerful.

[00:05:45] Yes. I love that. I was on the mailing list once of a, of a bigger name coach, and she liked to say it was kind of part of her branding. I don’t believe in the law of attraction. And she was a personal growth, kind of spiritual might not be the right word, but a heart based personal growth coach who you wouldn’t just expect to hear it from her.

[00:06:05] So she kind of said it a lot, I think. As part of this brand, it’d be like, oh, polarization. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. I was like, oh no. Oh, it’s all right. I mean, you, you know, you believe what you wish to believe in, but I just, to me, I don’t feel like it’s, Something to believe in or not believe in. I, I feel like it just is, it’s like the law of it, the universe.

[00:06:26] It just is. It is. And whether or not you believe it, whether or not you’re aware of it, it is working all the time. All the time. So it’s working all the time and you are getting the results that you want without even knowing about it. Great. But for the rest of us, we have to be mindful and aware and we can tap in and begin to use it.

[00:06:47] The way that we want to use it, we can begin to create intentionally and begin to create a business and a life that we truly love. I love that. Okay, Sandy, I wanna share something with you and I want you to. Unpack it a little bit, what you think happened. So I feel like I just yesterday I just uh, a new v i p client decided to work with me and it was all just so useful.

[00:07:13] Everything just came, it just felt like a flow and it felt effortless for me. And she paid in full and she signed the contract right away. And she’s a perfect soul client and she found me. I always ask, you know, how do you find me? I always like to know, like, you know, how do people find me so I can put more of my focus on those ways, right?

[00:07:32] Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. And she said she found me in a chat group of this coach based in Canada, who I’ve never heard of before, and someone said, Hey. Do you know a coach who works with energy and intuition and, and, and helps business people? And someone said, Hey, I recommend Allison’s Camel. And so she found me from there, and booked a discovery call.

[00:07:52] In a way we went and I just felt like it was such an example of just me being in the right energy frequency, attracting the right person in the right way, and it would just, it arrived to me without a dollar spent on ads. And there we go. So I was thinking to myself, how can I just keep replicating that?

[00:08:14] I want that to happen again and again and again. So what would you suggest someone like me would do in this situation to continue to attract that in? Yeah. And that’s a really great question. And the bottom line is you’ve already done it once and so you wanna look back to what you were thinking about focusing on what, what led up to that incident happening?

[00:08:36] Like, you know, obviously she didn’t hear about you in that second, and then contact. Thank you straight away. She probably had been in this discussion in this group for maybe a week or so. So think about where your energy was in that last week. Were you doing processes and exercises to get yourself in alignment, or were you just living your life and being happy?

[00:08:57] Because often what happens with the law of attraction is. We, we strive so hard to be in alignment, to do the right things, to do this process, do that process, and quite often it really comes back to, are we just living our life and being happy? Because when you’re happy and you’re living life, you’re actually more in alignment, and that’s when things, as you say, begin to just flow.

[00:09:20] Having said that, when you are aware and mindful and conscious of where your energy is, you can use it so powerfully in your. To attract the right clients to bring them to you. I mean, that’s one of the things that I do. I have an international law of attraction coach training center, and I train people all around the world to be law of attraction coaches.

[00:09:42] And one of the things I tell ’em, because one of the first things they ask me is, oh, how am I gonna get clients? They stress about, you know, building their business? And it’s like, Just know that every single thing we teach you around the law of attraction, around putting your energy out there about being mindful of your thoughts and your feelings, everything that we teach you based on what you’re gonna use in coaching sessions, you use it in your business.

[00:10:09] You don’t go out there chasing clients, you just. Think about what it’d be like to have the most amazing clients and what it’ll be like to have them just appear and come to you and find your website and be referred and all the fun stuff without, as you say, having to spend anything on advertising. Just think about how that would be and, you know, create, if you can create a guided visualization around that and listen to it and really connect to it and.

[00:10:37] And, you know, really get out of your head and get dropped down into your heart and feel what it’s like. To connect at a soul level to those clients. You know, one of the things that I love to do with the coaches that I train is create a guided visualization that allows them to see and feel this beautiful white light emanating from their heart and going around the world and touching all the individuals that are their ideal clients, and that client touching their heart and that beautiful white light between the two, because we are all.

[00:11:12] And when we put it out there and allow ourselves to like connect with someone on that soul level, on that quantum level before we even know about them, before they even know about us, then they will just kind of accidentally. Come across your website or be referred to you or hear about what it is that you do.

[00:11:33] And that connection just happens, as you say, in flow. But we get to actually be part of that creation process, be part of that attraction process. It’s not just random. It’s where we’ve put our energy leading up to that. Hmm. It, it’s such a beautiful example. I think. I think about the flow state I was in as I hear you talk attracting this one client in.

[00:11:57] Because it did start a while ago, just didn’t start at the discovery call. Yeah. And I remember I was called to do, I do probably half solo podcast episodes and half interviews, but I remember being called to do a series of solo interview episodes and I was really called for my heart to talk about, you know, dreams and dreaming big and, and how we need to take charge of our dreams, et cetera.

[00:12:23] And. I noticed as I was putting them out, I was getting a lot of unsubscribes from my newsletter as I was announcing these posts. And I thought, this is odd. I thought these episodes were just so dynamite and I’m getting this larger than usual unsubscribed I didn’t understand. And then in the discovery call, she said to me, you know, when I listened to these episodes and she referred to this batch I’m talking about, I felt like you were talking just to me.

[00:12:50] Yes. So it really was. Yeah, and I think sometimes on our path we see those unsubscribes and that gets us, and we freak out as like a dagger to the heart. Yes. Oh, they don’t like me. Yes. When actually you were just cleaning house a little bit, right? Yes. Just saying farewell to the ones that really don’t resonate and making space and room for the ones that.

[00:13:12] Yes. Yes. So take us through it. Like if I were one of your students and I’m new on the newer side of business, and I said, you know, Sandy, how do I, how do I get started? Really integrating Law of Attraction into my business to attract my first half dozen clients. How do you guide people? Yeah. Okay. So one of my programs I have is called Divine Money Manifesting, and it is all about tapping into the divine, tapping into the universe, tapping into the quantum field to be able to attract what it is that you want.

[00:13:45] And so as part of that, it really is, you know, I’m huge on law of attraction. I’m huge on visualization. I love visualizations. I think they’re so powerful. And I know when I was a hundred thousand dollars in debt and on welfare, Doing visualizations just made me feel so incredibly blissful because you know, at the time, being in debt, I was renting and I was always worried that they were gonna put the rent up or kick me out.

[00:14:13] And I had a car that leaked so much. When it rained that I had a plant growing in the back and I had all these dreams and things that I wanted to experience, I, I wanted a house cleaner. I just wanted the simple things, be able to buy fresh flowers, go to the gym, but being in that place of not being able to do those things really allowed me to get clear on what I wanted.

[00:14:33] And so for me, I know that I began to do visualizations and so even, even now, anyone that I’m working with quite often I’ll do a personal visualization. So I take them through a process, I get clear on what their end result is. So you might say, well, I want, you know, an extra five clients, but hang on a minute.

[00:14:51] Why do you want those five clients? Like, what is the end result for you? Yes, working with those clients is gonna make a difference in their life and, and you know you’re gonna be able to help them, but what is it that you are wanting the clients for? So, quite often, for most people, when it comes to building a business, what they’re wanting is business growth.

[00:15:11] They’re wanting more profit. And why do they want more profit? More growth? Well, usually to be able to bring in the money to give them a little bit more freedom. So it’s all about the freedom. So the extra five clients is in their mind the way that they’re going to bring that freedom. But rather than focusing on the five clients, focus on the freedom, focus on the end result.

[00:15:35] Cause when you focus on the end result, what you find is, The universe can surprise and delight you and create some sort of miracle that allows you to have that extra money that the five clients would bring without actually having to spend the time with the clients. Like Money Miracles just, I mean that’s, that’s my thing.

[00:15:59] That’s what I love helping other clients do and. Yes. You know, I remember this one woman who wanted to grow her business, but what ended up happening, her money miracle was the bank out of the blue sent her a message to say that her $95,000, no, $97,503 line of credit was wiped. She didn’t have to pay it.

[00:16:24] Wow. She just, they just said it’s gone. So in her mind, her thinking the logical way to create more money was to build the business, get more clients, make more sales. But in reality, the universe has a gazillion ways it can bring you your end result. So you just focus on the end result. How you want things to be, how you want your lifestyle to be.

[00:16:46] What do you wanna do on a day-to-day basis? What would bring you joy? What would bring you happiness? What would bring you freedom? How would you feel having that freedom? And then what you find is the universe might bring you those five clients, but might bring you an idea that makes you a hundred times more than those five clients would make you.

[00:17:04] So just focus on the end result and just let the universe do its. Yes. Yes. And I feel like one way that I get tripped up and I see my clients getting tripped up is, okay, we, we know that we wanna get clear on our intentions and we want to not be attached to that, right? Mm-hmm. I call it like a, a lack attach because the attachment puts you in lack, and then your focus is on lack, and you’re vibrating at the frequency of lack and gonna start manifesting, lack full situ.

[00:17:36] Exactly. Okay, so we’re gonna get clearer on our ideal outcome. We’re going to watch, be mindful of our attachment. I think o one way we get tripped up is we get, okay, we’re not okay. We’re releasing the attachment on the end result, but we get attached to how we think it should arrive. Yes. Right. Totally.

[00:17:57] Totally. And that is like, that’s like putting handcuffs on the universe. Yes. Like I want this thing, but you must bring it to me in this way, this way. And it’s like the universe is like, hang on a minute, I got a million other ways. I can bring this to you if you want it in that particular way. You know, I’m gonna have to shift things around a bit more.

[00:18:13] So that’s why. And that’s why I always say go to the end result. Go to the end, and just let the universe decide which is the best, easiest, most fun, easy, flowing way to bring you what it is that you want. Absolutely. And, and you know, and I think this is just such a secret sauce to using law of attraction and business because I think in particular in business, we come up with a launch plan.

[00:18:37] You know, we do a lot of work and there’s live events and this and that and the other thing. And if we aren’t getting the results in the middle of the launch the way we think they should come in, we start to deem launch a failure. We get out of alignment and then it can, you know, and in fact I just sort of experienced this.

[00:18:55] I was launching a membership and when I first launched it, I got a bunch of signups right away and I was like, oh, this is gonna be an amazing launch. And then it went Sandy I to crickets. Mm-hmm. It just went to crickets and I was like, what is going on? And that crickets, I think it was the universe saying to me that there was some shifts that wanted to happen in the offer.

[00:19:19] It wasn’t quite. You know, and I always feel like in business, we need to love ourselves. We need to love our clients, and we need to love our offers. There’s like a trifecta love. Mm-hmm. And that really also helps get, get us in the energy to attract more of that love. Right. And I realized I didn’t love my offer.

[00:19:37] Hmm. I loved myself, I loved my client. I didn’t love the offer. And when that crickets came in, they just stopped signing up. I was like, something needs to shift. And then when I, I shifted it and then I closed the. But then people started coming to me later and saying, Alison, can I join Alison? Can I join Alison?

[00:19:56] Can I join? And they came in in this beautiful trickle and it didn’t feel like a flow. They didn’t come in, in an avalanche how I had wanted them to come. That was my attachment. But they flowed in like a trickle. And when I let go of attachment of them signing up and how they arrived, that’s when things really started to cook.

[00:20:15] And I, and I do think that sometimes, The universe responds with not giving us what we want because we need to shift something, figure it out. There’s clarity we need. Tweak something. We need. Yeah. Yeah. We need to, we need to, we need to get things in alignment with what we truly want. Because sometimes, like you say, I mean business is business.

[00:20:34] It, it can be rough sometimes. It’s like, you know, it’s like the entrepreneur’s journey is like so fraught with, you know, one minute yeah, everything’s great and the next minute’s ah, and the next minute’s great. So we just gotta learn to go with the flow. It’s like, do the things that you can do. To take away that emotional response when business becomes business as opposed to, you know, lots of fun and there’s so many things you can do, like, so many things you can do.

[00:21:06] Obviously meditation is a great thing cuz it, it really is just about regulating your nervous system because when something happens in business, say like you say you’re having a launch, things are going well, then suddenly it. If your nervous system is kind of a a little bit dysregulated, you’re gonna go into a panic.

[00:21:24] And when you go into a panic, what are you doing? You’re sending out a signal to the universe you’re sending, putting out into that quantum field panic. I’m not making any money. And because there’s such strong emotions, that becomes your order. And so instantly, you know, things dry up and it’s not gonna start again.

[00:21:42] So you really need to work on your nervous system meditation. As I said, things like, I’ve recently got into ice baths. I love them. I have an ice bath every day. I bought myself a chest freezer. Fill it with water or half fill it with water, turn it onto freezer, and it gets really super cold. And it is so good for you because I was actually just listening to a, a podcast yesterday about how amazing it is, like on so many levels and particularly for, you know, just allowing cuz when you shock your system like that in a way that you’re in control of when something occur.

[00:22:20] Outside of your control, your system doesn’t freak out because it’s used to a shock. So just, you know, something as simple as that can make all the difference, have a cold shower, all those sorts of things. But definitely meditation is, is. I think a lot of people don’t understand the power of meditation.

[00:22:38] They think it’s good for relaxation and yes, good for regulating your nervous system. But I always say to my students that meditation is kind of the secret source to manifesting, because I always say there’s us here on the earth and then way out there in what’s not even cyberspace, but way out there in the universe is the universe, and between the two of us, there’s this.

[00:23:05] Okay. And there’s a pipe that the universe sends down ideas and guidance and inspired ideas and tries to sort of steer us in the right direction toward our dreams, our goals. But what happens is because life is life and we get busy and stuff happens, that pipe between us and the universe gets a bit kinked.

[00:23:26] It gets a bit blocked, and you know, we don’t hear the messages and we kind of think we’re us on the. Trying to get stuff done, and we think we’re all on our own, but meditation I, I believe, is a bit like the pipe cleaner of that pipe. When you meditate, you clear the channel between you and the universe and the amount of amazing ideas that have made me millions of dollars.

[00:23:53] The amount of connections that again, have helped create so much success in my life. The amount of of credited events that occurred because I took meditation as something that I would do on a daily basis, and it basically pipe cleaned between me and the universe and, you know, all sorts of miraculous things to happen.

[00:24:17] So meditation, while it’s great for, you know, helping you remain calm, it is amazing for becoming a really good manifestor as. Ugh. Music to my ears. I love the ice bath. The one of the original thinker doctors, I think he’s called Dr. Ice, he’s a Dutch guy. He’s here in the Netherlands. Oh, is that Woff? Yes, yes, yes.

[00:24:39] So it’s big hair. You know, I live right by the ocean. It’s very cold. Yeah. And it would be freezing, too freezing. You don’t even need the freezer. And I have two good friends who go out in the ocean every day for this very reason. And they’re always trying to get me to come, Sandy, but I’m so do it. Do it.

[00:24:58] It. Yes it is, but I’m afraid it’s horrific when you get in. But honestly, like I, I go in now at around, now I don’t know whether you’ve got Celsius or Fahrenheit, but I go in at about between two and five degrees Celsius. So I think that’s about about 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s cold. And it’s cold.

[00:25:21] It’s cold. But once you’re in, I also wear little neo perine boot. So my, cause my toes feel like they’re gonna snap off otherwise. So I wear them, my toes are fine and I get in. And honestly, once you’re in, you don’t actually feel it. As long as you don’t move. As soon as you move anything, you feel it. So just don’t move.

[00:25:40] And honestly, I can do six minutes now and you get out and you feel amazing. Because your body is just endorphins going crazy. It’s so good for you. So you must do it. You must. I’m gonna, I am gonna. I, I know I can do it. And another thing I, as I heard you talking, I never thought about that shock before.

[00:25:58] I really love that acupuncture is another one, especially if you go to a Chinese acupuncturist because. When you’re trained in China, as I understand it they want at least one needle to have a little bit of pain or even a lot of pain to it because of the Exactly, yes. That like, whoa. And they want this shock and it stimulates the energy and really gets the needles going.

[00:26:22] Exactly, exactly. The Western approach is very gentle and use very thin needles and put it in so you can’t feel it. Whilst my acupuncturist, who’s Chinese says, no, you wanna feel it. Not all of ’em. They don’t all need to be. No, no. When she does my needles, she only puts in probably 10 needles. I know one of ’em is gonna give me a zap.

[00:26:45] Yeah. And I’m just waiting for it. That. And it’s like, exactly. But I do feel like you just know that energy is just moving. Yes. I feel like it really does. Gimme something just like you’re talking about, oh, this is so, so good. So Sandy, I would love your perspective. You know, I’m a, I’m a psychic medium. I’m an energy healer, so I’m very kind of plugged into what’s happening in the collective energy field as we’re coming into 2023 and we’re ascending to higher energetic vibrations, and we’re bringing in the capacity to have more connection and love and abilities to manifest.

[00:27:24] I’m just wondering how, what if you see. Changes in energy or any new things to be aware of or any of the sort of latest energy news, if you have any perspective on that. I think you are more into all of that than me, but I tell you one thing I do know, okay, so I went on a clubhouse. At one point, I jumped into Clubhouse and started listening, but then I just was overwhelmed the whole thing and got out.

[00:27:49] But when I was in this clubhouse, I specifically went into. That was on quantum scientists, and I was thinking they were gonna talk about law of attraction and manifesting. No, these were actual real quantum scientists who were talking about stuff that it just all went completely over my head. I could not understand anything they were saying, but I kept hanging in there thinking that something was gonna happen.

[00:28:15] And then one of them said something that just made my heart sink. He said that we live in the most amazing time because finally, Science is catching up with spirituality and they’re meeting together and finally they’re able to actually validate so many of the things that the ancients knew and that we’re kind of all learning now with this resurgent about spirituality and science is actually able to say, yes, this is real, because of all, I guess, the equipment and the testing and the things they can do.

[00:28:47] And to me that was like, oh my gosh, that is so cool. And they said that we live in the most amazing time because science is validating everything that has been around forever, but we’re learning how to actually harness it. And so to me that was like, oh my gosh. Even though the rest of the, the rest of the conversation was like, yeah, yeah, that was amazing.

[00:29:07] That is amazing. And I always would get a little put off when I would hear people say, well, I believe in. And the undertone of that was all this spiritual mumbo jumbo is nice and all, but I believe in science. And the thing is like you can be a super spiritual person and believe in science at the same time.

[00:29:26] Totally. And I totally agree. It’s, it’s the science is really catching up. I think the science was a little behind. I know that’s the funny thing. Everyone thinks science is so far ahead. Yeah. But actually it was way behind. It was behind and it’s catching up. And I find it very exciting, especially for people who are very grounded in reality and they want the evidence and they want the proof.

[00:29:47] And I get that. I think, you know, I think like, that’s like a big thing of law of attraction is Yeah. I feel like the more you really believe in. Like, I believe that I have this ability to manifest. It helps you with your attachment because you just know, well, it’s this or something better. You know, like, okay, I wanted this thing, it didn’t arrive well.

[00:30:09] Something better’s coming. Like when you really turn on that belief system, it really. Boost your ability to manifest, I believe. And I feel like getting evidence back obviously is an important part of this process to like, look, this is real. I have this power. Yeah. And it’s pretty I think it’s a lot more powerful than most of us realize.

[00:30:29] Yeah. Yeah. And, and it’s exciting when you first, I think for a lot of people, the first time they learned about the law of attraction. I know it was definitely for me, it’s just like so exciting and so amazing. It’s not, it’s almost not like you are learning it for the first time. It’s almost like you’re having a remembrance, like you’re remembering something.

[00:30:49] It stirs up something inside you that you actually already knew, but now it’s like it’s in your conscious mind, and now you realize you actually have the ability to create your life the way that you want. So exciting. And a lot of people initially have what I call beginner’s luck. So they first hear about the law of attraction.

[00:31:10] They get so excited and they start manifesting stuff, and then their logical mind starts to step in. And it’s like, how did I do that? Wh what happened? And Oh, am I gonna be able to do it again? And what if I can’t do it again? And, and then they start to. Self sabotage. So I always say to people, look, just go with the flow.

[00:31:30] Once you know how it’s like anything, you’re just gonna get better and better and better at it over time. Yes. It’s just a matter of, yeah, it’s, it’s like anything, it’s like, you know, riding a bike or driving a car or, you know, any skill. You have to just keep applying it every day, getting better every day, and I think a lot of the people learn it, apply it, and then they just think because they know it, everything is gonna magically happen around them.

[00:31:56] Whereas you have to actually intentionally use it on a day-to-day basis to really create those miracles. Can I just say I have the exact experience that you just described. I was in a rock bottom place and the book, the Secret found me and I read it and it was just like a light that was off and my brain turned on.

[00:32:20] And for that next seven days, I manifested so powerfully. I thought I, I just like the, it was like one of the most exhilarating weeks of my life. And then I was, had a long scheduled weekend getaway with an ex-boyfriend and I really thought we were gonna get back together. We were gonna get married. He was actually the one, I’m gonna manifest it.

[00:32:45] Cause it was at a time in my life where I really wanted to meet someone. And we had a nice weekend, but he was like, oh no, I don’t wanna get back together. And I was like, and that just like, you know, that was like, wait a minute. I just, you know, was setting the intention that I wanted to get back together with this person.

[00:33:02] And then that just kind of put me back in a different, whole different energy. But I, I just wanted to reflect back to you that I had that same thing and what I learned it is just the journey. It’s the journey. It’s the daily practice. It’s the daily practice, the small, consistent steps over time, which means leads big, big things.

[00:33:21] And that was back in 2008. You know, and I feel like I’ve come so far, but I’ve still got a long ways to go. So it is not, it’s not a sprint. It’s never done. We’re never, it’s never done. We’re never totally done. Yeah. It’s not like, you know, it’s like, it’s like, cuz I used to work in a gym, I used to be in aerobics instructor.

[00:33:40] That was my thing. And when people wanted to get fit, it’s not like you come to the gym, you do your boot camp, or you do whatever you do. And then after, you know, three or four, five weeks, That’s it. You leave the gym and you never exercise again. If you are wanting to stay healthy and fit and toned, it’s gotta be a lifelong.

[00:34:01] You don’t necessarily have to do it as much as you did at the start, but it’s got to be a lifelong practice. And it’s the same with law of attraction. So when people first learn it, they’re visualizing and affirming and kissing their money, doing all the things. And you don’t have to do all of that every day.

[00:34:18] But you do have to be mindful of your thoughts and your feelings and your emotions. And I always say, this is the thing I think a lot of people miss. It’s all about aligning body, mind, and. So it’s all about your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions. And I think too many people miss the action part. So they’re sitting around meditating, thinking about what they want, feeling abundant, but they’re not taking any action and they wonder why nothing actually happens, why, why nothing occurs.

[00:34:50] And I know in my own experience, taking action has. One of the biggest parts of manifesting, you know, I remember when the secret first came out. So here in Australia we couldn’t buy the Secret because there was some sort of contractual agreement until it had on tv they couldn’t sell it. So I didn’t even see the secret, but I just felt like it had something to do with what I was already teaching, cuz my book had to be wildly lovely passed, was already out, and it was all based on the law of attraction and manifesting money.

[00:35:20] Pretty. Yeah, I was before The Secret. Yeah, you were before. Before The Secret. Where are we? That’s really cool. Yeah, so, but I just felt like the secret was gonna really open people’s eyes to what I was doing, even though the trailer, the three minute trailer said nothing about. The law of attraction, he just called it a secret.

[00:35:38] Anyway, I emailed the Secret website and I said, look, I really wanna send you a gift. I just feel like what you’re doing is gonna transform the planet. And I get an email back from the producer of the Secret, Rhonda Byrne who said, we get lots of emails, none ever come to me somehow. Yours came to me. Yes.

[00:35:59] I’d love a, a gift. So I sent her my book and I sent her my home study course, which at the time was a binder with printed pages and CDs and little plastic. Please love that. All school. Yeah, the whole works. So I sent her all of that, this and she emailed back and said, did you watch The Secret and then write your book?

[00:36:19] I said, no, no, no. I still haven’t seen it. Anyway, she sent me a copy. And then the next thing I know, you know, we’re having a conversation and I said, why can’t we buy it here in Australia? And she explained about the the agreement. So I said, well, can someone else bring it in? She said, sure. And I said, well, like does it just have to be like an American company?

[00:36:40] And she said, yeah. And I just happened to have a US company, which I’d set up for some network marketing thing that was completely. But I had this American company sitting there and I said, well, can I bring the secret in to Australia? My US company will buy it. She said, sure. That one idea that taking action made me close to 3 million in in less than a year, just because I, and this is the thing that I think most people need to get.

[00:37:10] I had an idea to email. Not even her, just email the website. Now most people would think about doing something like that, but they wouldn’t do it. So I actually emailed and, you know, she got the email and, and the universe just linked us up and, and it just so happened that I was actually going to the US the next month and happened to be in the same place where she was and we actually met in person.

[00:37:36] So, yeah, it’s just, it’s just a matter. Allowing through meditation, allowing that pipe between you, you and the universe to be cleaned out, coming up with ideas and then taking action on the ideas and seeing where it leads you miracle. That is a brilliant story. That is a brilliant story. The secret like chain, it was, I call it my gateway book, you know, cause I, I ended up going way deep into the spiritual realm, but that was the book I needed to.

[00:38:06] Shock me awake to Yeah. What was happening in the world. Yeah. But what was happening, right. So it was for so many, because the thing was, I think a, a book, only so many people read a book, whereas the secret, because it started off as a D V D. Everybody loves to kick back, turn on the TV and watch something.

[00:38:25] And so it really reached so many more people around the world than a book would’ve, which was very powerful. But I think the one tiny thing that was missing from the secret was the fact that you must take action. So you know, it’s very much about thinking and feeling. Yeah. But the action is, is where the key is.

[00:38:43] Because as Wallace Wattle says, now Wallace Wattles. When was it? 1910. So a long time ago wrote the book the Science of Getting Rich, and so it’s very old language, but something he said in there just really sticks with me to this day. So he said by thought, the thing we desire is brought to us, but by action we receive it.

[00:39:07] So it’s like by your thoughts, the thing you want is brought to you, but it’s still in the metaphysical. It’s not actually in your reality. So by thought, the thing you desire is brought to you, but by action you receive it. So taking those actions, as we said, you wanna take a quantum leap, take little actions every single day, and that will take you toward that big leap.

[00:39:28] It’ll look like a big leap to everyone else, but it’s you taking that action every single. Yes, and the action is really necessary. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s what I tell that, I mean, that’s what I say. If you’re getting an inspired action from the heart to send the email to the super famous person, like in your situation, it would’ve been very easy for your brain to come in and say, oh, like she’s gonna get my email.

[00:39:53] Like, this is not, and as if she’s gonna want my book. Like, what is no way? Like what am I doing? How stupid, but yeah. Yeah. And it’s that. It’s that from the heart that just the, the inspired action is just coming from inside and it’s saying, do this. I, I find that that action is necessary for the manifestation, and it may not come in as you expect, you know, it usually doesn’t, but at some point it’s gonna bring in the thing that you really intended and that you really need.

[00:40:24] Yeah. Oh my gosh, this has been such a fantastic conversation. I, I felt the heart based nudge to reach out to you. And I just went to your website and I filled out your online form and said, Hey, Sandy, you were on my show a couple years ago. Would you come back? And then your people got back to me. So, I felt like that was an inspired action because I needed to hear some of your wisdom today, and I know my listeners did.

[00:40:49] So I would love for you, Sandy, to leave our listeners with an invitation. Okay, so I think that my invitation to your listeners is just understand. If I can do what I have done, anyone can, because I was a hundred thousand dollars in debt. I dropped out of high school. So I never even finished high school.

[00:41:10] I didn’t have any connections, didn’t have any money behind me, didn’t even have any skills, but I learned the law of attraction and then I took action. I aligned body minus spirit. So I invite everyone listening to understand that when you align body minus spirit, you can create your own miracle. Because if I’ve been able to do it, anyone can do it.

[00:41:31] Oh my gosh. That is so brilliant. And I know we’re, we’re at time, but I just wanna squeak in one mini, mini, mini question before I ask you to tell listeners how they can find you. I, I, I meant to ask you this earlier in the show, sorry. But I really, I wanna get this in. I really believe that using the law of attraction, the way you’ve guided us and, and, and the way you’ve described, Will help sort of recession proof, recession proof people from what may or may not be happening in the collective financial systems.

[00:42:01] Do you believe that that’s possible? Oh, totally. Yeah. Absolutely. Because I remember, I think we had a recession that I heard about, was it the last one was in 2008. Yes, I remember. If I remember, that’s right. Yeah. And I remember that year everyone’s talking about recession, but it’s only becomes a recession if you listen to it and you buy into it and you fill yourself with fear about it.

[00:42:25] But if you just go whatever, and. Do your own thing. I remember that particular year, I launched a new program. I had one Teles seminar. It was before webinars, so no one even saw me. It was just a Teles seminar over the phone one, and I made something like $450,000 just from that one webinar with no sequence, campaign tags, blah, blah, blah.

[00:42:49] It was just one, one tele seminar and that’s it. And so, but the, I remember back then I was saying, which I would say again now, Is that when it comes to challenges around the economy, just understand that there’s usually so many millionaires made in that time. It’s the people that don’t pull back.

[00:43:08] Cause everyone’s pulling back, pulling back, pulling back. It’s the people that keep going and that keep forging forward, they tend to ride on that wave of prosperity rather. Be dumped under this, you know, big cloud of what is it called? I, I don’t even remember what it’s called. Like when things are bad, it’s like, it’s like, don’t buy into it.

[00:43:29] Just don’t buy into it because you get to create your reality. So when you focus on what you want and when you keep moving and when you keep taking action every single day, you don’t have to experience what everyone else is experiencing. You get to create it the way that you want it. Oh, that’s so brilliant.

[00:43:47] Yes, I couldn’t agree more. So, Sandy, I know there’s gonna be listers out there that want to connect in deeper with you. How can they do that? They can just go to my website. That’s the easiest way wildly But I would love to get your listeners, if they’re interested in getting their own guided visualization and some affirmations to really start to get them energetically aligned with abundance.

[00:44:10] They can go to wildly wealthy and there’s some audios there that they can listen to free of charge just to get them in that abundance. Beautiful and those links will be in the show notes. Thank you so much for coming back on Soul Guide Radio. I learned so much pleasure today. And thank you.

[00:44:30] Thank you, thank you. Thank you for having me. And thank you so much for listening. Dear one, I am so grateful for you. I hope you received something truly magical and beautiful from the wisdom and insights that were shared today. If you’re feeling inspired, head on over to the link in the show notes where it will take you to the various places you can leave a review for this podcast.


[00:45:07] And we are so, so grateful for you doing. And as always, until next time, may your soul guide the way.




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