How to Approach Business as a Powerful, Divine Woman with Marissa Lawton

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My incredible guest for this episode of Soul Guide Radio is Marissa Lawton, a conduit and guide for feminine seekers and host of the Rooted Feminine Podcast. Marissa works with awakened women who wish to recall the memory of their unique ancestral magic and design their lives around their feminine power.

Marissa helps her clients undergo a powerful reclamation process called ‘re-wilding’ – breaking free from toxic patriarchal and colonial practices. Re-wilding helps us to rediscover our natural rhythms, disengage from unnatural or oppressive systems, and return to a soul state of being. This isn’t an all-or-nothing process – re-wilding may be done gently and to the degree that best serves your needs!

During our discussion, Marissa and I deeply explore how to approach business (and life!) as a powerful, divine woman, how to re-wild ourselves from masculine ideas of success, and how to tap into the nine feminine mysteries. You will NOT want to miss this beautiful and soulful conversation!

Guest bio: Marissa Lawton is a conduit for ancient women’s wisdom who guides feminine seekers to reclaim their divine power. As a former licensed therapist who left the medical model of mental health care, Marissa had a behind-the-scenes look into how patriarchal systems and structures continue to diminish women’s ability to rise up – and her work in the world is to change that. By helping women reconnect to nature’s rhythms, Marissa aims to reintroduce long-denied mysteries and reestablish deep feminine roots around the world.

Start unlocking your spiritual gifts. Listen now to discover: 

  • How to engage in gradual re-wilding – even when you can only take small steps
  • How to re-tune the energetics of your business from masculine to feminine 
  • How to re-energize a stagnant evergreen offer

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Ask yourself, am I determined for this to happen or am I devoted to this happening? That will help you figure out which energetic state you’re in.

[00:00:00] Hey, ho, dear ones. I have a really fantastic episode for you today, and we’re talking about rewilding from the patriarchy. I would say most of my listeners are women, but if I have any male listeners out there, I promise this is for you too, because all of us have inside of us divine feminine energy and divine masculine energy.

[00:00:25] It transcends genders. And I love today’s guest. We had an absolute beautiful connection over this powerful, timely, timely topic about how to approach life and business as a powerful divine woman, or in your powerful divine feminine energy. And we also spend a little bit of time talking about divine masculine, healthy masculine energy and what that looks like.

[00:01:01] But first I’d love to share with you a listener review. And this comes from Peace Love Yoga in the United States. And this Review is referring to a specific episode that I recorded called What If Life Was One Big Experiment? And I loved recording that episode, so if you haven’t had a chance to check that one out yet, we’ll leave a link in the show notes.

[00:01:26] And peace, love yoga sets. I love all of Allison’s episodes, but this one really helped me when I looked at a certain situation with curiosity. It lightened everything up and allowed me to have fun while also trying to figure out a solution. Thank you so much. Peace, love, yoga, sending a lot of peace and love and yoga.

[00:01:49] Why not you? I really, really appreciate your beautiful words. All right. Today we’re talking about how to rewild from the patriarchy. And I have an amazing guest named Marissa Lawton. So let’s get to it. In today’s episode, Marissa reveals how to rewild from the patriarchy, the nine feminine mysteries rewild And how they show up in our lives and businesses and how to approach business as a powerful, divine woman.

[00:02:22] We’ll end on an invitation that will have you reclaiming your power to live the true aligned life you’re being called to live. So please stay with us until the end. Welcome to soul guide radio, a podcast for soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs here to bring about change on a massive level.

[00:02:46] We’ll explore how you can activate your big soul mission, amplify your spiritual gifts. And clear the energy blocks weighing you down so you can gain unstoppable momentum in life and business. I’m Allyson Scammell, your host and Soul Guide. Hello,

[00:03:11] Soul Guide Circle. That is the name of this global community of soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs. In the Soul Guide Circle, we are pursuing our soul guided dreams while lifting up humanity. Find a link to join our closed Facebook group at or in the show notes. Today’s guest is Marissa Lawton.

[00:03:32] Marissa Lawton is a conduit for ancient women’s wisdom who guides feminine seekers to reclaim their divine power. As a former licensed therapist who left the medical model of mental health care, Marissa had a behind the scenes look into how patriarchal systems and structures continue to diminish women’s ability to rise up.

[00:03:57] And her work in the world is to change that by helping women reconnect to nature’s rhythms. Marissa aims to reintroduce long denied mysteries and reestablish divine feminine roots around the world. Dear ones, I received so much from this juicy conversation. Please enjoy.

[00:04:29] Marissa, welcome to soul guide radio. Thank you for having me. I’m so happy to be here. Yay. So I love talking about feminine stuff, divine feminine stuff, feminine energy. It’s one of those things that is not entirely in my wheelhouse. Yeah. So I love to learn more about it. I think it’s very timely. And I also think there’s not a lot of great info out there.

[00:04:53] It’s one of those things, like when you Google it, it’s like, huh, okay. I think that, I don’t know if you feel this way, that there’s often like, it can be very surfacy. And I want to go deep. Yes. Yeah. So we’re going to be talking about how to approach business as a powerful divine woman, which I’m so excited about.

[00:05:17] And then you used the word rewilding from patriarchal practices. Can you tell us what that means? Yeah, so another term that’s a little bit more common than like rewilding might be deconstructing or decolonizing. Rewilding is the same principle, but when I’m kind of referring to it, it’s, it’s a return to wildness, a return to ancientness, a return.

[00:05:43] To ways of being before women were conditioned to be second class, women were conditioned to be, you know, small and meek and meager and to forget our gifts, to bury them and all of that stuff. So rewilding is really a reclamation process. And the way that I teach it is to start by looking at systems and structures that you’re a part of.

[00:06:08] And it’s a conscious choice. Some of us will leave a lot more systems behind than others. Some of us will choose to remain in systems, but maybe do them differently. Or some of us will choose, you know what, no, this actually does serve me and I’m okay with this one. And that is going to differ by individual and serve everybody’s soul differently.

[00:06:29] So, Examples of what this means. For me, the first system that I rewilded from was hormonal birth control, right? It was something that as a woman, I was told like, Oh, you have acne here. Take this pill. Oh, you have cramps. Take this pill. Oh, you don’t want to get pregnant. Take this pill. It’s just, it’s very pushed on people.

[00:06:48] And it is one of the things that disconnected me from my magic the most because I wasn’t in a natural hormonal state, a natural cyclical state, et cetera. And just again, shutting down parts of my body that I wasn’t able to get the body wisdom from. So other places that I see this happening a lot are the school systems.

[00:07:10] A lot of people are choosing alternative schools or homeschooling or different things like that. The employment system, at least here in the U S we’re seeing this great resignation where people are saying, you know what, if I can’t work on my own terms, and if I can’t get the wages that I need. I’m going to step out of this system temporarily.

[00:07:29] It’s not working for me. So really. Again, that reclamation and that rewilding returning to a soul state of being. I love that. So I was right as you had mentioned schools, I was going to ask you a question on schools because I would love to rewild. from the school system. Yep. And I have a seven year old that goes to, we live in the Netherlands.

[00:07:54] So she goes to a Dutch public school. And depending on how you look at things, it has a lot of very great indicators in terms of a lot of things. But I would love to. You know, just rewild from the whole entire school system and send her to something that I feel she really would need on a soul level and would help her to grow and thrive.

[00:08:20] But I am. It just can’t be me. I am not a mom. It’s just not me. And I just haven’t really found anything else. And then even if I did find it, I do not. I don’t even know how I could convince my husband that this is a good idea. So I. I send her into a system that I, I feel probably is like, you know, wilding her that is conditioning her by instilling these things that we’re trying to liberate ourselves from.

[00:08:53] Yeah. So what do you tell people when they’re like, well, I know this isn’t perfect, but this is just what I have for now until something better arrives. Like, how do we, how do we manage this? Yeah. Well, and with you. That she can go to school and then there can be discussions at home. Right? What did you learn at school today?

[00:09:14] Like, you know, in the U. S. everybody stands up and does the pledge of allegiance. Like, it’s indoctrination. It’s like, that’s what we’re doing. Right? And so having conscious discussions about that at home, even if, like, the public school is still, like, the only option. Making sure that at home, you’re using critical thinking and things like that.

[00:09:35] And also sometimes it’s about not necessarily leaving the system altogether, but finding a better fit. For instance, we were, we just lived in Alabama before my husband’s retirement. They went to school for seven full hours as elementary school, seven full hours, no recess. No, yeah, no recess for elementary kids, like if the teachers had time, they would take them outside if they’re, if they’d finished all their work and stuff, but there wasn’t like a built in recess to the schedule.

[00:10:04] They had the library every other week and then they had counseling every other week, right? Of course you need counseling if that’s how your elementary school is set up. So now after my husband’s retirement, we moved back to Arizona. School. Elementary school is six hours a day. They have music and art and library and P.

[00:10:24] E. My younger first grader has three recesses. My fourth grader has two recesses, so it’s still public school, but we made it. A choice that was better in terms of that public school, right? And then, you know, there’s always things like charter school or Montessori school or out school, like, I mean, I think you can rewild to whatever degree serves you.

[00:10:49] Some people are going to completely live in an RV and travel the world and unschool their kids. And like, they’re going to learn to count by counting the seashells on the beach. And that’s amazing for them. Other people are like, no, we’re still going to be in, in regular school, but we’re going to pick the best one in town, or maybe we go private, or maybe we go charter or something like that.

[00:11:11] So again, it’s. It’s not only like this or that it’s yeah, a degree of rewilding and it serves everybody differently and some people are going to choose different systems like school might be totally fine for somebody, but what they eat the food system is not doesn’t work for them. So they’re starting to grow their own food or they’re starting to.

[00:11:32] You know, learn to grow gardens that up until the Industrial Revolution, everybody had their own food source. Right? So returning to these ways that, that we lived by before conditioning set in. Yeah, I love that. I feel like there’s this piece of me that like. I don’t really want to live like moving to like some communal living, like, you know, kind of go all in with this.

[00:12:00] That’s not my calling. Although I have a lot of friends who have and they’re very, very happy and that decision is serving them. So, you know, I totally get what you’re saying. Like every person has their own journey with this, but I think sometimes like, what do you say to people? Who struggle with this. I struggle with like, I want there’s a piece of me that just wants to rewild from it all and I get really angry that that we’re being controlled and manipulated.

[00:12:25] And I feel like we’re purposely get given food. That’s not nourishing for us and all these things and we want to, but it just feels very hard or it feels overwhelming. And, you know, we just so we, so we stay in systems. Yes. Because it just, we’re tired, you know, like by design, like I’m not a conspiracy theorist.

[00:12:50] I promise. But sometimes when I say this, it sounds like I am, but it’s like that there is a machine operating and there’s many cogs in this machine. There’s many systems, money systems. Education systems, food systems, like they all, it’s like a clock, right? This gear turns, which turns this gear, which turns this gear.

[00:13:07] And it’s all a well oiled, well functioning machine for the last 2000, whatever years. So to actively step out of that machine, and I’m going to mix metaphors, but to like swim upstream here where everybody else is going downstream. It’s not easy. It’s not. And that’s partly by design, because if they make it hard, then we stay.

[00:13:30] We continue to go the direction they want us to go. Right? And so… We need to find support on that. It’s not something that I recommend doing necessarily alone, whether the support is in your family system or find, I call this re villaging. So we rewild and then we re village with people who are on the same path as us.

[00:13:55] Yeah, I love that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And you just, I think you just do what you can do and you can’t turn your ship 180 degrees overnight. And it’s just like, what am I going to rewild from, you know, this year? Really? You know, I think all of this takes a long term approach. Exactly. It’s not that we all want to return to like the 1400s agricultural society.

[00:14:18] I mean, there were, that’s, that was when there were plagues, right? We’re not trying to like necessarily go all the way backwards, but it’s like, can we bring these, these principles that are aligned with our natural state? We’re not supposed to be working eight hour shifts sitting at nine, ten hour shifts sitting down all day long through all four seasons of the year.

[00:14:42] Like, that’s not the way that our species biologically was designed, right? So, it’s like. We just, just bringing back a little bit more of our natural state and honoring that. And then, you know, cause the nature of the show allows us then to get back in touch with our divinity, to get back in touch with spirit and source and all of those things.

[00:15:05] But if we are just focused on being a cog in the machine, or even, I don’t even like that word focused, unconsciously participating as a cog in the machine, that it makes that much harder. Thank To touch source, it makes it that much harder to speak with our souls. Yes. Yes. So this is a perfect segue to how do we do it?

[00:15:26] How do we approach business? There’s a lot of soul guided entrepreneurs who listen to this podcast as this powerful rewild divine woman. I think the first thing that we need to do with within business is rewild from the concept of success because most of us, not all, like some people literally are in a bit are started their business to.

[00:15:50] Have vacation money or whatever, right? Some people are really doing this is just maybe a side hustle or something like that. And that’s great. Those of us who are like, no, this is my full time career and I’m trying to get to the next revenue level or whatever. The first thing that we need to examine is how are we defining success?

[00:16:08] Because there are masculine and patriarchal definitions of success that I would bet most of us subscribe to as business owners in terms of. Not only how much revenue did I make, but my business has to grow 10 percent every year. I have to make more revenue next year than I did this year. And so what am I doing to make sure I’m growing?

[00:16:28] My business is always growing, right? So when you redefine success and you rewild that for yourself and say, you know what? 250 K is the perfect revenue amount for me. It allows me to pay my bills. It allows me to maybe donate to charities, have some fun vacations. You know, spoil my kiddos or whatever, like whatever’s important to you.

[00:16:48] And then you’ve decided, you know, I don’t need the seven figures. I don’t need the eight figures. I don’t need to grow 10 percent every year. I know what my revenue amount is. That is, is a first indicator that you are taking your business back instead of allowing your business to be. under the conditioning.

[00:17:06] Yeah. So I love what you just said, Marissa, because it like, so I used to run Facebook ads and they got a great return until they didn’t. And then I kind of lost, I mean, you could look at it as I lost, I don’t know, I got new leads, however you wanted to define lost income, but it felt like I lost a lot of money on ads for a long time.

[00:17:26] Then I shut them off. And then I, I just felt from the heart. Like I felt like I want to turn them back on again, you know, it had been like an eight month pause and I’m like, I’m ready for not just organic growth anymore because organic growth after a while can be a little like, okay, I need something that feels a little bit more accelerated and there’s a lot of energy to online ads, whatever ads you you purchase and so I set the intention when I Turn the ads back on that.

[00:17:58] It was no longer going to be a numbers game. And like, cause when you really doing like the online advertising, even if you’re the most soul guided person, you can really get into like number of like people turn into conversions. Yeah. And that’s just gross. Like And I was doing that without even realizing I was doing it and I’m a very soul guided person and I was like, Oh my gosh, like that, that is just not how I want to be in business.

[00:18:26] So I did come back to ads and I don’t love giving my money to Facebook, but I get so many soul clients from two and 3 Facebook ads. So, so, and then I said, I’m not going to treat it as a numbers game. I’m just going to treat it as these are new leads. And I’m going to serve them whether they buy from me or not.

[00:18:47] It doesn’t matter. And I’m just growing my outreach and growing my, I like to have a global community that’s important to me. I’m getting to new regions of the world who might not have seen me otherwise. And it just all feels very aligned and I’m really not thinking about revenue right now. And I feel like the less I think about revenue, then the more it arrives to me.

[00:19:09] Mm hmm. 100%. So success in terms of measurement of, of revenue is one place that we can absolutely rewild from. The other thing is just the energetics of our business, right? Masculine energy is not bad in itself. What has happened is we’ve been in under a system of toxic masculinity, AKA patriarchy for a long time.

[00:19:32] So we’ve gotten kind of a bad taste in our mouth for masculine, but masculine energy is penetrative and it’s individual meaning. I am going to go out and do the thing, right? Where feminine energy is communal and it is receptive. So, I mean, we’re seeing this all over the place. It’s not new. We just now have kind of a, an understanding of it, of, you know, heart led business service based business.

[00:20:00] Right. Being in it for the benefit of all like, yeah, we’re getting paid, of course, but we’re also helping our clients have a transformation or things like that. That would be a more feminine energy in our business. So it’s communal. It’s involving everybody and it’s receptive. Instead of going out and trying to reach the newest goal or accomplish the next thing, this also shows up in the terms of productivity, having no white space on your calendar and being scheduled, you know, to the hilt, which most of us got into entrepreneurship to have time freedom and to have, you know, business on our own terms and make money on our own terms.

[00:20:39] But what we end up doing is replicating a nine to five job. Under this, the system, uh, the occupational system that we are used to, and so we’re slaving away again, that would be masculine and patriarchal business, but intentionally curating a calendar that has white space, space for rest space for connection with other people with ourselves, right?

[00:21:03] That would be a more feminine approach to business, knowing that it doesn’t have to be about going and going and doing and doing and, and. overscheduling ourselves and overworking ourselves. Instead, it’s like, what’s the minimum amount of work I could do to achieve the result that I want so that I can pour into myself, which then allows me to pour into other people.

[00:21:25] Love it. And what’s your human design type? I’m an mg, but I don’t know. I don’t know my numbers or anything like that. Like, yeah, yeah, no, I just, yeah, cool. Cool. Yeah. I’m a projector. And so, like, we are literally designed to work 4 hours a day. And we, like, I, I can literally feel my energy shut off when I’ve reached the 4th hour.

[00:21:49] And if you have kids, Yeah. If you pile kids on top of that and you put in an eight hour work day and then the kids get home from school, that just, that, that is just a real recipe for disaster. So I, I do really feel like in this, like getting to know your human design type as well and how you’re meant to produce in a day can really be game changing.

[00:22:11] And I think like I can hear some of my listeners saying, yeah, Marissa and Allison, this is all well and good, but I do have a mortgage and I do have, you know, this is just the realities of it. And I get it. I’ve been there, you know, when I first decided to go full time in my business, my husband got laid off on his work.

[00:22:28] He had just retired from the military and it was his first kind of non post military job and he got laid off and I was like, huh, okay, now how are we going to do this? But here’s one thing I did then. That has served me and I still kind of use this little technique and that is, and I want to see, like, how you feel about this, Marissa.

[00:22:50] I just go ahead and make the assumption that no matter what the universe has my back and the universe will. Provide so maybe for a month, I get the bare minimum and I can just barely make my mortgage and just barely make my electricity bill that will come in. Somehow. It may not be from my business. It may not be business revenue, but I trust so deeply that the universe will provide that I that my business actually doesn’t need to be about revenue.

[00:23:22] Mm hmm. A hundred percent. I love that. And we actually just retired from the military as well. We were talking about this before recording, and it’s been a transition because you’ve got to wait several months for certain paychecks to come through. And we still have one type of compensation that’s under review right now and all this stuff.

[00:23:40] And so it’s like, we have had a transition where it’s like. It’ll be there. It’ll, it’ll just be there. And I think again, like a toxic masculine version of business would be like, okay, well, I’m going to go grind it out. Like, what can I do to make this last a hundred dollars? Like, okay, I’m going to, I don’t normally take one on one clients, but now I’m going to open up five one on one spots to make sure.

[00:24:05] And so I’m going to work three times as much this month, just so like, that would be like, even the way I’m speaking, my, my speech speeds up and it’s more intense. And it’s like, Uh, like that would be a masculine approach, whereas this receptive surrendering. And I don’t like to say like surrender because people automatically think, Oh, feminine and submissive.

[00:24:26] And that’s, it’s not what we’re talking about here. The feminine is strong. The feminine is fierce. Like it’s not roll over and play dead, but it’s just a different energetics about things. It’s, it’s. I am open, right? I’ve had this happen to where I used to say these mantras of like money flows to me freely and easily.

[00:24:44] And I thought it would be like dollars showing up in my bank account. And instead our neighbor on when we were stationed in Texas, we gave us a brand new lawnmower that was like 1000 and we needed a lawnmower. And so it’s like, that’s how the money showed up to me freely and easily. It wasn’t actually dollars in my bank account, but it was a purchase that I didn’t have to make because somebody was like, here, we’re moving to a place that doesn’t have grass.

[00:25:08] Do you guys need this lawnmower? And we were like, absolutely. Thank you so much. Right. So being open and being receptive is just a different energetic state. Absolutely. Absolutely. I love it. So you had mentioned to me before we hit record that there, there are nine feminine mysteries and I just eat this kind of stuff up.

[00:25:32] So I would love for you to quickly, I mean, we won’t have time to go too deep. There are nine. But maybe if you could quickly take us through each mystery and maybe a little nugget on how this pertains to running feminine, you know, a heart based business as a powerful divine woman. So I know that there’s actually overlap here between what you teach, which I think is really kind of cool.

[00:25:57] So in terms of the nine mysticisms, so when we’re thinking about mysticism, you can. Or mysteries, you can kind of synonymously think of this as like magic. So these are things that you have a natural propensity for a natural talent for that just exude. And when you are in your energy and when you are in your mysticism, it’s effortless.

[00:26:19] It’s, it’s literally feels magical. And some of us, I think. We have access to all of these, and I do think it’s a skill craft that you can hone and get better at, but you will find, especially as I go through this list, some of you will be like, oh, I have that one and that one really strongly, right? We all have a kind of a natural propensity.

[00:26:40] So these can also show up in our businesses. The first one that’s Has a more feminine energy flair is healing, right? We often, especially if we’re entering into coaching or some kind of transformational work, we are entering into some sort of healing realm. Pre online business, I was a licensed therapist.

[00:27:00] And so very much in that healer space. And this can be emotional healing, and this can also be spiritual healing. You can be really good at this for yourself. You can be really good at this for other people. The second one that I like to work on is teaching. Some of us just have a way of synthesizing information and making it make sense for other people.

[00:27:23] Right? This would be crone wisdom. This would be somebody who has maybe through lived experience or just through their own study, been able to formulate. Ways of passing on information. And so you might be more of a teacher in your business, which that one is very much one of mine. I’m, I’m much more of a teacher.

[00:27:42] I have a ability to make complex things, make sense to people and make it understandable. The next one is weaving. So weaving is a really feminine magic. It is bringing separate parts. Together. So some of us have businesses that are very community oriented and we’re able to join people. We’re like, Oh, you know what?

[00:28:04] Sally, Jenny was just talking about that. You guys should connect. So if you have a connector element in your business, you might be a really good weaver. Somebody who throws good dinner parties or like an event planner is a weaver, right? They can bring together all of these different elements and weave them into a cohesive.

[00:28:23] Like tapestry or a cohesive event birthing is a feminine mystery. And a lot of times, if you’re working in divine feminine, you’re going to hear this in terms of like birthing babies. Like we have the power of the sacred portal of creating life. But when we’re talking about business, this can be birthing your next offer.

[00:28:42] Birthing your next summit or project, right? So the ability to give life to something, give your energy over to something else that has its own energetic presence, its own energetic state. So we can be birthers in our business. So people who are really good at coming up with new offers or putting things out might have that birthing quality.

[00:29:07] There’s also nurturing. So some of us are just really passionate nurturers, which is pouring into. So that may be pouring into our clients, pouring into our businesses. Birthing and nurturing don’t have to go hand in hand, but they often do. Somebody who creates something new is often very good at pouring into that thing and helping it bloom and helping it blossom.

[00:29:30] That’s not always the case though. Sometimes if you’re more of that, like visionary in your business and you have like an integrator. Person, person in, in that role, like an O B M or a va. In, in that role you might be the birther and your O B M might be your nurturer or the person who pours into, so they don’t have to go hand in hand, but they can sensing.

[00:29:48] So this is where like bringing your intuition into your business, just having either. And internal knowing getting, we, we’ve talked about this before getting body reactions when something is right or wrong. So sensing is absolutely one of those magics and one of those gifts that some people have naturally turned on or others have to work to bring online a little bit more seeing.

[00:30:12] So vision and Oracle abilities. Being able to visualize an end result. So you might have an idea in your business and you can just see like the, the stripe things like rolling in your email, or you can see the signups happening or whatever, right? Like that visual or that Oracle ability, this can also translate to clients too.

[00:30:34] Like if you are coaching with somebody and I get this when I’m working with my students, often I’m like. Here’s what’s coming for me. I see it like this for you. Right. And then also knowing. So the intuitive and abilities and dismantling. So this is one that often gets maybe a bad rap, but like the dark goddess role in the feminine is to burn things down.

[00:30:58] Right. When we think, and I know you grew up on a farm. So when we think of turning the fields over, we have to fill that field. We have to destroy what was there and tell it back into the soil. Some communities burn the field to return the nutrients back to the field. So there has to be a death and there has to be a decay.

[00:31:19] For things to be ready for the next, the next iteration or the next birth, and some people are really good at that. So you might have a question in your business and you bring in a consultant and they’re able to say, this isn’t your funnels broken here. This isn’t working here. This is like we were talking about with your Facebook ads.

[00:31:38] Like your lead act was like, this is broken. We need to take this apart and rebuild it. So somebody might have a really great dismantling or destructive mystery, which it feels like that shouldn’t be magical, but it actually really is. Very cool. And we talked about this before we hit record. I talk about the five spiritual gifts of intuition, healing, manifestation, teaching, and leadership.

[00:32:04] And I love that these are showing up here. I love these mysteries. Some of them, I love the dismantling and the seeing and The birthing and the weaving, like these are all really speaking to me. So how would you say like, so, okay. So for example, I have an offering now in my business that I think is really good, really good.

[00:32:25] When I first launched it, it did well. And now I feel like it’s, it’s an ongoing offer that you, it’s an evergreen offer. And I feel like it’s kind of a little stuck, but I feel like it’s still a really good offer that wants. That there are people out there who need it and it needs it. I just sense using my gift of intuition, I sense it needs a tweak and refine.

[00:32:46] It needs little judge. So if I were going to dip into one of these nine feminine mysteries to find out what is this tweak, how could I do that? And how would I do that? Sure. And also I have another point to make as well. Okay. So if it’s not quite. Working the first thing that I would lean into where it would be the sensing the seeing and the knowing, right?

[00:33:09] And I know that you are more of like a hearer. So it’s your, your sensing through your hearing. What is have a conversation with your offer? What do you have to tell me? And see if you hear anything and that’s your predominant sense. Some of you, again, might have just a sent a body sensation of like a knowing what direction to go or a knowing what, what not to do or things like that.

[00:33:32] So have a conversation with your offer. Your offer has an energetic state of its own. I actually just did this. I have an offer. Same thing. It performed really well and then it’s kind of had a dip and I literally had a conversation with it. I went in this morning into. Teachable, which is where, like, where I host my courses, right?

[00:33:50] And I went into Teachable and I pulled up my course room and I literally had a conversation and I moved some things around and I said, like, almost like kind of feng shui ed my offer. I was like, I’m gonna, you know, sweep some energy out here. I’m going to talk to you and I’m going to say, you know what?

[00:34:05] I’m giving you a little facelift here and I’m giving you a little facelift there and I think this would be better if we did it here and things like that. Like, literally get in the energetics of your offer. And just like we might clear or reset our energies in our body, we can work with our offers to do that same thing.

[00:34:21] The other point I want to make is. Everybody’s going to boo me when I say this, but there is something about live launching that is different than an evergreen offer. We know that there are seasons. There’s an emerging season, a liberation season, a shadow season, and a death season. When an, when an offer is evergreen.

[00:34:39] It’s just kind of stagnant in its energy. We need to bring cycles and we need to bring things to that, to that offer. So with a live launch, right? We have the buzz that goes on and then we have the enrollment period and then we have the closed cart and then we have the time between the launch, right? The fields have to be fallow.

[00:34:59] For their nutrients to go back in. So, most of you are like, I don’t want a live launch. I’ve been told forever that I’m supposed to be moving to scalable evergreen offers, right? And yes, that might be true. And evergreen might totally serve you. But if you want your offer to be evergreen, can you bring cyclical energy?

[00:35:17] Can you bring it a little bit of rest in one period? Or can you acknowledge that maybe it is? In its own rest period at that time, and there will be a spring where it blooms and blossoms again. This is brilliant. I have a whole practice and I teach this. I teach a whole process of energy, energetic soul client attraction, where I go in and I, I speak to my soul client her energetically and do all the things that you say, but I don’t really do the same thing to the offer.

[00:35:47] And I love that going into the offer. And I also think it’s brilliant. I just, cause I’m a projector and we projectors have deep penetrating energy. So we actually are sort of, we’re more designed for a live launch than evergreen because we have that live energy and we penetrate into the people who were meant to serve and they’re like, wow, that’s amazing.

[00:36:09] Let me get more of that. Right. Well, if it’s evergreen, we can’t have that. Well, we typically don’t have that same level of penetration when it’s not live when the energy’s not live. Right. But that said, we, anybody with an open sacral, so projectors, manifestors, reflectors, we also are well served to have passive source of important passive sources of income because.

[00:36:35] We have a very finite amount of energy in a given day, right? So I love this idea of like, yes, evergreen is cyclical, just like anything else in business is cyclical. So this is like really like, I love this so much. So how could that look in the sense that do you feel like, so let’s take my offer for example.

[00:37:01] I had a live launch. It was great. Then I turned it into evergreen and it was okay. And now it’s a bit stagnant and I’m like, how can I add more life to this? Do you think it’s okay if you just like in this, like if we want to do evergreen and we honor that there is cycles, which I totally believe there is, do you think that then it would be okay for an evergreen product to be getting out there to your audience?

[00:37:29] Like, Hey, I have this thing, here’s my thing, but you’re in not a growth cycle. So people aren’t going to buy it, but. Then when you are like, okay, now I’m going to put some energy behind this. Do you feel like those seeds were planted, even though people weren’t buying during the non gross time? Am I making sense?

[00:37:49] A hundred percent. Right. So there’s two things that are happening. There’s your energetics as the business owner, and then there’s the energetics of the offer and going to the energetics of the offer. Like that’s real woof. Right. But like the energetics of you as the business owner, right? Where are you?

[00:38:05] Do you need to be resting right now? Right. And do you need, or are you ready for a push? Are you ready for like, literally when I feel funny talking to like somebody who grew up on a farm because I’m like using these farming metaphors, but it’s like, you know, that seed has been under the soil probably planted when in some bulbs are planted in the, in the fall.

[00:38:27] Right? So they overwinter, or seeds are planted very early. Yeah. I live in Holland. Oh, there you go. So tulips are planted in the fall and they up up in April. And they overwinter, right? So they go through like literally a hardening or a freezing phase. And without that, they’re not going to bloom at all or not bloom as well.

[00:38:50] Right? And then, but when they’re coming out of the bulb, it’s not like, Oh, It’s like that that plant is like struggling out of the seed and then struggling through the soil and then finally it gets light and then it’s like, okay, I’m emerging, right? So we think this again, going back to patriarchal business, we see the guys, the bro marketer standing in front of their Ferraris and are like, I made 1, 000, 000 in 12 hours.

[00:39:16] We’re fed this narrative that. Business is easy. We’re fed this narrative that like it just happens and like that’s not how it works. So there are those seasons of pushing, busting through the seed and pushing through the soil. And perhaps that’s where your offers at right now, right? Those feeds are over wintering.

[00:39:37] Now you as the business owner, you have the ability. To kick your energy up any time, but here’s what I’ve found the magic is when my offers energy and my energy are aligned. That’s when I have the six figure launches or the whatever. It doesn’t mean that if I launch and the offer might be kind of tired or whatever, the offers not ready.

[00:39:58] I might also have some sales because I’m, I’m showing up as the business owner, but it’s not that like magic synchronicity moment where it’s like, everything’s going right for this launch. I think that happens when your offer energy and your energy are aligned. Yeah, this is such, I feel like this is such a timely conversation because I do feel like in the coaching and consulting and service based sector, there’s a resurgent and evergreen.

[00:40:25] I mean, it came out and then it’s sort of like fizzled out and everybody’s like. Evergreen doesn’t work. La la la. But I feel like it’s coming back in, in, in a lot of times a smarter way. I feel like people really want on demand. You know, we’re used to our Netflix. We don’t want to wait for a live class. We want to like consume it at our own pace.

[00:40:46] And I really like that. I like that both as the consumer and the content creator. But I do think you can fall into this trap of like, Oh, it’s evergreen. It needs to be selling all the time, all seasons. And this bro marketing, I’m so tired of it. I’m so tired of it. I see bro marketing with women. I see it with men, right?

[00:41:08] And this, you know, there are some big name coaches out there who are saying that they’re making these multi seven figure. Businesses. And then there’s also indications coming out that it’s actually not true. So I really encourage listeners if you like, I’m not, I’m not going to say name, but one big name coach claims to have made a million dollars their first year in business without any staff as a individual person of one.

[00:41:39] And. If that happened, hallelujah to her. It’s a huge, huge, huge exception, but I actually question if it actually happened or she might be using some funny math to, to get it to a million. There’s a lot of different ways to count revenue. That is for sure. Exactly. And top line revenue is not the same thing as profit.

[00:42:01] So it’s like, when I see those numbers, I say, I want to ask them, okay, what was your profit? Because she might not have had people she was paying, but she might’ve had advertising she was paying. She might’ve had, you know, maybe she didn’t have staff, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t hire somebody on Fiverr to complete a program or to complete something for her or whatever.

[00:42:20] So it’s like, you never know. What the actual costs are. And so you don’t know what the profit is when people are reporting revenue, which again, kind of feels like that patriarchal business. What’s in it for me? What? How am I? How is my ego in my image showing up? And how am I getting to the next level or appearing to be at a level that people want to be at?

[00:42:45] Right? Versus communal Service based heart led business that is not focused on those things, but isn’t said focused like how you talked about like the people, right? We start to see our email list is just like a number of a number instead of realizing, Oh, that’s, you know, 1000 human beings. It’s Oh, 1000.

[00:43:06] How do I get to 2000 by, you know, two months from now or whatever. Yeah, totally. Totally. And yeah. And I think, you know, since I’m a human design person, I like to add the human design element. Like again, with those open sacrals, you know, we are really designed. So manifestors, reflectors, projectors, we are designed to be very cyclical in business and you can call it boom and bust.

[00:43:31] I call it boom and rust and you will absolutely experience those big profit quarters, big profit years followed by. Where you’re being called into arrest and it’s not going to be, it’s not going to be so you, we will literally, if we’re in any sort of aligned energy at all and not pushing ourselves to the point of exhaustion and burnout, we will absolutely have, we will not see 10 percent growth every year.

[00:43:57] I mean, I really believe there’s. Everybody has all parts of the chart, so there’s always exception. So if you’re whatever a manifesto and you’ve seen 10 percent growth every year, that’s wonderful, but I would say you’re probably the exception. Yeah. I have a story kind of to share along these lines. So my husband and I, we bought a couple of acres in 2020 paid cash with the intention of building on them.

[00:44:24] But in the meantime, we need to live somewhere while we’re building, because we’re not just going to like. Be homeless or like live with my mother. That’s just not an option, right? So we’re going through the loan process. And of course, being an entrepreneur, they’re like examining my financials a lot more closely than if I was just like a paycheck employee or a W2 employee.

[00:44:45] Right. And so they’re making me justify my revenue and all of this stuff. And they’re like, well, we just want to make sure that with the move, your, your revenue doesn’t go down. And I said to them, actually, I’m intending for my revenue to go down. I’m moving my children the first time they’re old enough to understand what a move is.

[00:45:04] We are transitioning away from a career that we’ve had for 20 years. And I am intentionally drawing down my revenue this year and taking on less clients and only running really 1 program instead of 3 that I normally run every year. https: TheBusinessProfessor. com By design. So you will see a dip in my revenue, but it just, I got kind of pissed because I had to justify that decision.

[00:45:28] Again, the banking system, right? Right. Yeah. So I had to, they, they want it to be a certain way and it has to be like this. And they would have rather seen me break myself to maintain revenue the year, the next 12 months. Period. The next fiscal year on some tax return, then serve my family and serve myself and serve my health and serve my soul.

[00:45:51] And it’s just like, those are the things that are, are really frustrating. And, uh, and it’s, it’s patriarchy and capitalism. It’s all the cogs in the machine that are working together that when you step out of them, you, you can feel the ramifications. And so then of course, I’m like, for a moment, like.

[00:46:08] Feeling shame that I’m not pushing in my business this year. And that I have to, again, anger that I have to justify this and all of those things. And so we have to be able to sit with those emotions and we have to be able to kind of tune into our body wisdom and like, what is right for me just because the, the man behind the desk is telling me that it has to be this way.

[00:46:26] What’s actually right for me. I will be just fine. I will qualify for a loan. If my revenue is, you know, 80 percent of its norm, what it was last year, like I will be fine, right? And you just have to be able to reassure yourself in those times and have to be able to know again, what is true for you, not necessarily what is true for the systems at large.

[00:46:53] That’s such a good example. I love it. And good for you. What did the banker say when you said that to them? They were like, Oh, okay. Like they were like, well, you know, we have to have this kind of thing to be able to qualify the loan. And I was just like, yeah, yeah, whatever. Oh my gosh. I was like, you know what?

[00:47:09] I’ll wait six months and I’ll, I’ll consciously choose to have a season of hustle or to have a productive period of my business and I’ll generate that revenue you were missing because I, again, have full trust in my relationship with my business, full trust that whatever I need is going to be there. And I’m like, yeah, I don’t care if I’m waiting six months.

[00:47:30] Like I’m not on your timeline. I’m on my timeline. And whatever I need for my timeline to happen will be there. So having that trust in the business, that’s, I didn’t say that to them, but that’s the, the, what I was feeling and the energetics that I was coming from when I was like, okay, I think it’ll be all right.

[00:47:49] So, I love this story because my husband and I had to get a loan in the Netherlands and they have a very, they have a very tight banking system here and it’s not, it’s especially not easy as a foreigner to get a loan here, which fair enough, fair or not fair enough, it’s not easy. So it was really like a proctology exam.

[00:48:10] And for a variety of reasons, a lot of our income couldn’t even be counted because it wasn’t filed in this way and blah, blah, blah. So we ended up getting it, but it was like the most painful process. And so we both just sat down and set the intention because we do maybe want to have a second house somewhere or vacation house or our next house and whilst keeping this house.

[00:48:32] And so we’re just like, pay cash, man, pay cash. So we’re setting the intention that no more proctology exams from the banks. We are cash. So that’s our intention to the universe to please provide for us. Because that’s just not fun. Yeah. And it’s just like, again, that’s living on your own terms. That’s rewilding from a system that you don’t necessarily want to pay attention to.

[00:48:58] And that doesn’t mean you’re not going to have bank accounts, right? Like that would be rewilding to like the hundredth degree or whatever. Maybe you’re like. 20 degrees. You’re like, I’m not going to carry a balance on this and I’m going to work to have cash so that I don’t have to finance things and be at the mercy of interest rates and all of that stuff, right?

[00:49:16] That’s your you’re looking at a system and saying. In what degree and in what way do I want to participate in this system or not? Right? Yes. So a business is tied up in all of these things. Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh my gosh, Marissa. I could talk to you for hours on this. I love it so much. I have learned so much myself.

[00:49:38] I love it when I have a guest on and I learn a lot, which I did today. So I would love for you to leave our listeners with an invitation. Hmm. I invite you to, okay, so here’s a quick tip to determine if you are in your masculine energy around something or in your feminine energy around something. Ask yourself, am I determined for this to happen or am I devoted?

[00:50:08] To this happening. So if you’re making a decision in your business, like, am I determined to have a six figure launch or am I devoted to a six figure launch? And that will help you figure out which energetic state you’re in. I think we need both in business. I think we need healthy, masculine, not toxic, masculine.

[00:50:26] And Healthy, feminine energy in business. And so there are times where you’re going to need to be determined for something, but not all the time. Like, let’s bring some devotion. Let’s bring some soul. Let’s bring some love. Let’s bring some openness and some rest into our businesses as well. Love it. Love it.

[00:50:45] And I know some of my listeners are going to want to connect deeper to you, Marissa. How can they find you? Yeah. So super easy. It’s rooted feminine at everything. So rooted feminine. com on Instagram. It’s rooted feminine with an underscore the rooted feminine podcast. So if you like podcasts, you can hop over there.

[00:51:04] And if you’re interested in what season of rerouting that you’re in rewilding, being the one we talked about today, there are. There are several others. I have a fun quiz for you. So that’s rooted feminine. com slash quiz, and it’ll help you see which part of the journey you’re on. Beautiful. And all of those links will be in the show notes.

[00:51:26] Marissa, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom today on soul guide radio. You’re so welcome. Thank you.

[00:51:43] That’s a wrap for this week, dear ones. I truly hope this episode serves you on your path. If you receive something specific from it, some nugget awareness, insight, result, a snippet of transformation, head over to the show notes and you’ll find a link to leave a rating and review for this podcast episode.

[00:52:03] And I will read your amazing. Beautiful words on the air and as always, until next time, may your soul guide the way. Are you ready to deepen your connection to your intuitive gifts? Then it’s time for 10 high vibe minutes. The ultimate daily mindfulness practice for soul guided leaders and entrepreneurs.

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