Healing the Wound that Disconnects Us From Our Higher Self with Cherie Burton

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We all have a wound that disconnects us from our Higher Self, and healing this wound is an important and vital part of our life’s work. When we are able to reconnect to our Higher Self, we open the door to more joy, as well as a deeper connection to our gifts and to the spiritual realm. 

My guest Cherie Burton is an author, business owner, and holistic emotional release specialist who travels internationally, sharing knowledge and tools that help her audiences to heal their trauma, find their true soul callings, and fully embrace their wholeness.

In this episode, I sit down with Cherie for a deep and soulful conversation about the all-too-common reticence to accept and express our spiritual gifts — and the enormous power of unlocking and embracing them! Tune in to learn the five key spiritual gifts that we all have, the differences between feelings and emotions, and why you should always trust your emotional guidance system.

Guest bio: Cherie Burton is a mother of six, author, holistic emotional release specialist, business owner, and hobbyist divine feminine scholar. She has worked as a clinical counselor in the fields of mental health and addiction and now specializes in the science and spirituality of emotional healing and sensory integration; a “whole soul” approach. Cherie guides and empowers women in her Stand Speak Shine podcast, private coaching programs, retreats, and online courses. 

Listen now to discover: 

  • A 5-step healing process for moving through the fear of expressing your gifts
  • How to recognize when your body and spirit require self care
  • How to heal your disempowering thoughts and emotions


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Go back to the statement, “You are the answer that you seek”. Tap into your heart space and recognize that you have source energy in you and there is no stopping you. You are the answer.

[00:00:00] Hi dear ones. I hope this episode finds you super well and super thriving. I am really a little touched by today’s episode. I had such a beautiful connection with our guest, Cherie Burton. In the last episodes, episode number 84, and then the next three episodes 85, 86 and 87. I am doing with my guests an exchange of sorts where we’re just having a conversation and it’s not really an interview format.

[00:00:34] It’s a conversation, unpacking a topic, and then I’m sharing it on my podcast, and my guest is sharing it on their podcast. So, nobody’s the host, nobody’s the guest. And it’s, I’m just sort of touched from my heart about how these, I’m calling them guest exchanges have gone. It’s a real, it’s a real connection with some of my peers and it’s been so rewarding.

[00:01:01] And today’s episode is just, you know, it’s just that super, super rewarding and I receive so much from it, and I know in my heart you will too. And I had the pleasure of chatting with Cherie Burton about healing the wound that disconnects us from our higher self and, and we really unpack why we pretty much all have a version of this wound and it’s part of our life’s work to heal it.

[00:01:32] And when we do what’s on the other side of healing that wound is real expanded joy, connection to our gifts, connection to the spiritual realm. And so why don’t we just go ahead and get to it because it’s so powerful. In today’s episode, Cherie and I reveal the wound we all have that disconnects us from our intuitive gifts

[00:01:55] and how to heal that wound so you can be in the full expression of your gifts. We’ll end on an invitation that will have you fully inspired and enlivened so be sure to stay with us until the end.

[00:02:13] Welcome to Soul Guide Radio, a podcast for soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs here to bring about change on a massive level. We’ll explore how you can activate your big soul mission, amplify your spiritual gifts, and clear the energy blocks weighing you down so you can gain unstoppable momentum in life and business.

[00:02:37] I’m Allyson Scammell, your host and soul guide.

[00:02:47] Hello Soul Guide Circle. That is the name of this community of soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs. In the Soul Guide Circle, we are pursuing our soul guided dreams while lifting up humanity, find a link to join our close Facebook group at allysonscammell.com or in the show notes. Today’s guest is Cherie Burton.

[00:03:10] Cherie Burton is a mother of six, author, holistic emotional release specialist, business owner and hobbyist, divine Feminine Scholar. She has worked as a clinical counselor in the fields of mental health and addiction, and now specializes in the science and spirituality of emotional healing and sensory integration, a whole soul approach.

[00:03:34] Cherie guides and empowers women in her stand, speak, shine podcast, private coaching programs, retreats, and online courses. She travels internationally sharing knowledge and tools with her audiences to heal their trauma, find their soul callings, and embrace their wholeness. We had such a soulful conversation.

[00:03:54] May you receive as much from Cherie’s Wisdom as I have. Please enjoy.

[00:04:10] Yay. We’re here. Hi, Cherie. Hi Allyson. So, you’re Netherlands, I’m U S A. I love that we get to use this technology to connect and

[00:04:22] we’re recording this on Valentine’s Day, just FYI everyone. So, when you and I last talked, it actually sent my head spinning a little bit. Well, by the way, we’ve both gone, been on each other’s podcast’s years and years ago, but when we last talked, like last week or whenever it was, week, week and a half ago, it just, it’s just like, oh, we’ve gotta, we’ve gotta bring this discussion to the greater,

[00:04:50] to our greater audiences because this, I feel like this topic of gifts and the reticence to express your gifts and the fear surrounding that is so palpable and so real. It feels like now the collective is facing that shadow of where does that originate? Like, because we know it didn’t start with us. Yes, absolutely.

[00:05:15] So, so I feel like, yeah, let’s start with your five gifts or five ways, and then let’s just kind of move through that and then we’ll get into the trauma pieces and how we sort of heal and express ourselves from that place of empowerment. Perfect. So, we have, what I teach is, and I, you know, get this from my, from source, from my divine guidance team, is that we all have, primarily five key spiritual gifts.

[00:05:42] Now, of course, our spiritual gifts are really infinite, and you could talk about them in infinite number of ways, but a nice way to understand them and it actually enables you to tap into them deeper, is to think that they all fall more or less into five broad categories, and they are our gift of intuition, which we’re all pretty familiar with.

[00:06:04] And that’s your ability to connect to and communicate to the spiritual realm, to your higher self, to your intuition. So those intuitive gifts. And the second one is our gift of healing, and we all have a healing gift inside of us. And these are spiritual gifts. So, the healing often pertains to our energy, healing

[00:06:25] those wounds that you were referring to earlier. Mm-hmm. those wounds that often don’t come even from this lifetime and they might come from our ancestry, and they might come from a past lifetime experience, or they might come from something in the collective that’s not even ours, we’re just taking it on and we have a spiritual gift to actually heal ourselves.

[00:06:47] You know, I say it’s like taking an energy shower. We’re very, very good at cleaning our physical body pretty much on the daily, most of us. Yeah, but then we forget to tend to our own energy hygiene, and that’s where our spiritual gift of healing can really enable us to cleanse our energy body. The third gift is our gift of manifestation.

[00:07:09] I relate to manifestation as an energetic frequency where we’re tapping into the vision of our higher potential, and that’s really an energetic frequency of us vibrating more fuller, higher, and a higher, more aligned potential, holding the more space for joy and in that sometimes we get a vision

[00:07:31] that’s coming from the energy frequency that has us writing a book or living a more joyous life or in a loving relationship. It moves you to action. It’s such a strong pull to move to action in some way to create something. Correct. Correct. And likewise, we can, we can say like, oh, I’m gonna get a vision for myself for a year’s

[00:07:52] of highest aligned success, and I’m gonna do it three days in a row and we could get three different visions of us doing three different things. But the energy frequency’s always gonna be basically the same. Mm-hmm. . . Mm-hmm. and our feeling states we’re gonna be, some of us will be in peace and some of us will be in wild exhilaration.

[00:08:10] You know, just depending on where you are in your journey. The core valued feeling states are gonna be similar in each vision, and that’s really our spiritual gift of manifestation. Mm, interesting. So, it sort of culminates in some kind of a physical expression, would you say? Whether that’s an actual feeling that’s coming through?

[00:08:31] I don’t know. Feelings are physical to me. They’re not just spiritual and emotional. Yes. Right? Yes. It’s like visceral, like, what do you call it, somatic? It’s, yeah. Yeah. You can feel like it’s tangible. You can feel it. The energy. Yes, exactly. And so, the heart of manifestation is really feeling in this moment, what we wanna grow to.

[00:08:53] The desire we wanna experience, the growth we wanna have it’s an energetic frequency and it’s a feeling state, you know, I wanna, that’s things like, yeah. I’ve heard, I’ve played in different camps of people and just kind of checked in with different communities to kind of see, you know, people are on different religious paths, they’re on different spiritual paths.

[00:09:12] They’re on atheism or agnosticism whatever, or Gnosticism or deeply devoutly religious or whatever, or non-identified and, and it’s like, The general sense that I get, I was gonna say feeling, but the general sense that I get from, let’s just say people that don’t identify as a, for with a religion or a certain spiritual path, is that you can’t rely on your feelings.

[00:09:37] That your feelings are, you know, can do you wrong, they can manipulate you, et cetera. And what I hear you saying, and I would tend to, you know, agree with you and be in this camp, it’s like, well, if you don’t, if you can’t rely on that, what can you rely on and there’s a purity that comes through with feelings.

[00:09:56] Would you agree? 100%. I offer that and you know, are you familiar with Abraham Hicks? Oh yes. Mr. Hicks. Yes. Yes. And so, Abraham Hicks calls us our emotional guidance system and I really align to this too, that our emotions always tell the truth. Always tell the truth. If we’re sad, if we’re anxious, if we’re overwhelmed, it’s just truth.

[00:10:20] They have information to share with us. Yes. And it’s a guidance. Something’s wrong. There’s a wound. It’s a wound. Mm-hmm., we’re stressed. We’re not a bad person. We don’t bite off more than we can chew. I think that’s what we think. Like, oh, I’m stressed out. I’m biting off more than we can chew.

[00:10:35] Well, that might be the case, but underneath that, there’s a real wound, that’s causing this pattern and it’s triggering this stress. So, the stress is just the truth and it’s just a guidance that something inside of you wants to be healed. Yeah, I love that. And even from a neuroscientific standpoint, feelings and, well, let’s just say emotions

[00:10:56] are the you know, at the cellular, biological level, like they’re information carrying molecules. That’s what they are. They carry information. And so by the time that you feel, and so most physical illnesses, let’s just say stress being one. By the time it manifests physically, it’s already had this emotional root underneath for some time, sort of percolating.

[00:11:22] And then by the time it bubbles up to the surface and we feel it physically, like you said, it’s almost time for this grand timeout. It’s like, oh, what are you teaching me? What do you have to show me? So that is where I think that internal guidance system can kind of move us as a teacher. So, feelings.

[00:11:42] I’ve heard different things like feelings aren’t facts, and then I’ve heard feelings are facts, and then I’ve heard. But I do think that there’s a delineation between emotions and feelings. So, the way that I learned this from a teacher was emotions have charge. They carry information, and sometimes it’s not, let’s just say healthy doesn’t mean it’s not true.

[00:12:05] But the way we’ve perceived something and locked it in as a belief later becomes an emotion. Whether it’s illusory or factual, feelings are just pure source. They, and that could mean anger, by the way, and that doesn’t have to mean like peace and love and light and joy. It could mean fierce anger at injustice or something coming through that’s moving us to action, a very strong feeling.

[00:12:33] Yeah. So, it’s almost, the way that it was explained to me is like, feelings are like the parents and emotions are the children and the like that children are just like all over the place and like emoting, emote, emoting. And the, and the feelings are like my child like, yeah, yeah, you are. So, for me it’s been a kind of a masterclass for me and emotions have been, is this, you know, like the work of Byron Katie, you know?

[00:12:59] Yeah. If a really strong emotion comes up, I don’t always wanna go into analysis cuz that can take me out of feeling that emotion. Oh yeah. At the same time, I wanna stay grounded in, is this true? Is this true? And just keep asking and asking and asking. And usually, it’s an outside trigger. Yeah, that makes those emotions come up really, really strong like a person usually or something we see on the news.

[00:13:25] So I was just gonna offer that too because you know, they say love is blind, and I hate that phrase, but I get it. You know, we can often be sabotaged or manipulated through emotions that aren’t factual. But you’re right, it’s their true. They just are. Yeah. And when emotions come up, they just are. Yeah.

[00:13:52] There’s no. It’s not me. I mean, like, you’re not right. It’s like, no, I want you to feel, yeah. And I think underneath the emotion is typically a story, right? And we can be telling the story. Like we can be saying, I’m not good enough. I’m not good enough. And that’s triggering the emotion of unworthiness or shame and what’s not, what I find is true is shame and the unworthiness.

[00:14:19] That’s true. You’re feeling that your body, your energy is resonating. Our emotions create an energetic resonance and painful emotions are quite low in resonance and joyful emotions are quite high, right? Mm-hmm., so love, peace, gratitude is some of the highest we can be resonating. Shame, powerlessness, unworthiness is some of the lowest, so I like to see it as our emotions are the truth of where we are in this moment.

[00:14:49] What’s not true often is the thought that’s triggering the painful emotion or the story. Mm. I’m not good enough that’s the where the illusion comes from. Yes. Yes. Good, good distinction there. Yes, because. And I’ve also heard the phrase perception guides, biology. So, it’s, oh, cool. Well, we’re perceiving, like you have two people standing right next to each other and they’re having the exact same experience.

[00:15:16] One person is perceiving it one way. The other is in perceiving it the other way and say, one is perceiving it a healthy, grounded way. One is not, they’re gonna have a completely different biochemical response because of their perception. And it just creates that chain reaction, you know, event,

[00:15:34] perception, emotion or belief, emotion, feeling, whatever. And it creates that cascade of biochemical responses that are not conscious. Yes. So, this is what stress is. Stress is perceiving something in your environment as threatening, fearful, whatever, overwhelming, let’s just say, and there that, and through that perception, that is what is creating stress in the numbers we have in play like proportions, because people don’t feel safe.

[00:16:06] They have lost, and I have felt this too, like losing the ability to be grounded, to stay rooted and connected. Yeah. So yeah, that’s the path, right? Is how do I stay lined up when everything around me is seemingly in chaos or not safe or in disrepair or unknown. And yeah. And that, that gets to a real collective wound

[00:16:30] I think we have right now, you know, from the pandemic really, really rattled our collective that it’s not safe. It’s not safe to hug people, it’s not safe to be in public, is, you know, like, yeah, basic, basic human needs, right? It’s not safe and that created collective stress. Mm-hmm., you know, just stress and the collective

[00:16:50] and because we all are connected to, we all have our unique point of awareness, we have our unique soul experience. We’re all connected to the same energy field. So, when that energy field gets you know, stressed on a collective magnitude, we all are gonna be more prone to those lower vibrational emotions

[00:17:11] of feeling unsafe and feeling that stress, that anxiety, that overwhelm. Yeah. All the more reason to be attuned to your inner state so that you know when you’re in a low frequency state versus Oh, and you brought this up with thoughts, so I always tell people if the thoughts are making you feel lesser than, With the accompany that emotion, let’s just say if they’re making, if they’re disempowering you, if you’re finding it difficult to neutralize them, that’s when you know it’s time.

[00:17:45] It’s time to take a timeout and do self-care and heal and breathe and do nothing but address because it’s, your body is literally screaming for you to stop. Yeah. And when you lose the ability to neutralize a strong emotion, just sit with it. Just sit with it. Cause that’s what it wants. Yes. And that’s where we’re afraid,

[00:18:04] we’re afraid to do that, right? Yes. Let’s say shame comes up, it’s like, oh, I hate this feeling. Oh. Oh yeah. Like what if I met that shame? Yes. What if I showed compassion to that shame? And then a (inaudible) or gratitude even, thank you for showing me. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for trying to protect me. And then the frequency just starts to rise up.

[00:18:25] Yes. The scale, when you meet that emotion, sit with it. That’s not, that’s not easy to do. I’m making it sound so easy. Right. But it’s not easy to do. Well, it’s really triggering. It’s not, and yes, and you can lean into the ease of it when you befriend your emotions, and that can feel tricky. But emotions drive so much of what we

[00:18:49] do as you just described; emotions drive our desires. I mean, most of us, most of us aren’t really driven, like, let’s say we’re in business and we wanna launch an offering and sell it out. Most of us aren’t driven so much by, like, I want 20 people in my program. Most of us are driven by how that would make us feel.

[00:19:11] We can serve 20 soul clients and we can impact the world and have a ripple effect. And that would feel like such a contribution they would pay for this and that would feel very abundant. And that it’s those feelings that drive our desires. And likewise, as you smartly pointed out, it’s the feelings like

[00:19:30] the shame and the unworthiness that we try to hide from and so we go to the Netflix, or we go to the wine, or we go to like, oh, I’m gonna reorganize my closet you know, the busying things to distract ourselves from not feeling the thing that we don’t wanna feel. Yeah. And when I say about that is when you can identify the thought, okay, I feel unworthiness.

[00:19:51] Why? What’s the story I’m telling myself that’s triggering this? I’m not good enough. Okay. So now we know I’ve got this feeling, or this thought, this belief system, I’m not good enough. For example, triggering, triggering unworthiness. Giving yourself. Now when you’ve, when you’ve noticed that, okay, I’ve got unworthiness going on here.

[00:20:11] Try to just focus, when you just focus on the emotion, take the thought away for a sec. Like, okay, the thought is there, but I’m just gonna like put it in the shelf for a sec and I’m just gonna be for 60 seconds in unworthiness and just give myself like feeling safe, feeling compassionate, as much as feel safe to feel in this moment, and just feel that, there’s actually quite an ease to it when you’re not associating the unworthiness with the I’m not good enough.

[00:20:40] The thing that’s painful is the thought. Yes. The emotion itself, it’s our thoughts literally that are killing it. Yes. Not in a good way killing it. Well, it could be. So that’s what I teach people. Yeah. Name the emotion, give yourself permission to feel 30 seconds, 60 seconds. Go back to your breath and you’ll be surprised

[00:21:01] your vibration will raise. All of a sudden that painful thought just kind of dissolves. It might come back, it might not, but it dissolves in that moment, or it feels less powerful on you, and all of a sudden you feel a spaciousness. You feel relief. You feel a higher vibrational emotion coming in.

[00:21:19] and then all of a sudden there’s an ease that arrives. I love that. Yeah. So expansive. And also, you build trust for yourself this way, it’s like, oh, okay. What was the old way? Oh, the old way was like, I project, or I blame, or I sabotage by Netflix and binging, whatever. But now that I’m aware that I create my thoughts, I create my reality.

[00:21:46] I choose how to feel. And this honestly was like, I mean, I have a psychology degree. I’ve done tons of life coaching. Literally the light bulb did not go on for me on this until I would say probably about five or six years ago, right before I had my kind of big, I call it my sacred feminine Initiation

[00:22:04] awakening, I don’t know what it was, but it was like I create my reality inside of me all of the time and all we are is walking manifestations. And to use that word again and in your five things is like we are walking manifestations of the thoughts we’ve thought, the feelings we’ve felt. And yes, we’ve all passed through really hard things, some more than others, and I don’t wanna minimize trauma or any of that,

[00:22:34] we all have that going on, some worse than others. However, at any given moment in time, I think the real change happens when you say it’s me, it’s all me. It starts with me, it ends with me, and in the middle is me. I am the common denominator of my life experience. And that is like radical self-accountability.

[00:23:02] You have to do it without shame though. Yes. Right? Because if you’re like, yes, I suck, I’ve created what is all around me. No, no. Like look at the beauty you’ve created, look at the relationships, look at what you’ve attracted and all of that. It’s not about perfection, but it is definitely about radical self-compassion meets radical self-accountability and responsibility.

[00:23:24] And then when somebody is in that space, and I feel like that is a maturity angle. I think a lot of young adults, let’s just say who are, I was just having this conversation with one of my kids who were in their twenties like, they’re like, mom, you know, everyone. We don’t know any of our friends or anyone. Online,

[00:23:44] everybody, everyone’s suffering. Everyone’s hurting. Everyone. There are so many suicidal, young adults and all, everyone has anxiety and depression, and it’s like, yeah and then we dove deeper into it and underneath it, and it’s like, just give them time to have life teach them that they are the one they’re waiting for.

[00:24:04] They’re it. They’re the answer. And my child is like, Ooh, I’m not sure I wanted you to say that. I’d rather be ignorant. You know, that is true. It’s true, we create. Okay, so we’ve got intuition, we’ve got healing, manifestation meets feelings. Yes. Yes. Yes. See, that was a rhyme. Yeah. I love that. Now move us through that again, like the next piece of that.

[00:24:31] Yeah, so I love talking about the next two because people often are like, oh yeah, I didn’t really look at it in that way before. But the fourth spiritual gift is our spiritual gift of teaching and this transcends the traditional definition of I am an educator and I tell you something and you memorize it and regurgitate it back to me.

[00:24:53] Mm-hmm. The spiritual gift of teaching is when you utilize your own unique genius, those unique abilities you were born to share, and you illustrate a different or better way of doing or being in the world to someone else. And you can do that with your kids, your loved ones, your neighbors. You do it in big ways and small ways.

[00:25:14] If you, I like to use the example of, have you ever been at a store and somebody has gone out of their way to help you or you just had a good connection to them and you went to pay and you thanked them and you just looked them deep in the eye and you just saw them and was just like, have you ever had that with someone who was kind of a stranger, where you just looked at them and you saw them and you had that eye contact exchange and it’s just like, poof is like this energetic charge like that is, that’s,

[00:25:48] In a way, it’s a spiritual gift of teaching because you’re illustrating a way to connect to someone, and so. That’s beautiful. Yeah. So, this teaching can show up in, you’re a coach and you design a methodology and you teach this methodology to your people. I mean, I do that. I have my methodologies and it can be that exchanging the eye contact, most of us go around our day never feeling really seen,

[00:26:10] right. Or I think we can go through a whole day and not really seeing someone else. Sure. And so. People just wanna be seen. That’s all anyone wants. They’re like, see me? Yes. Just see me. Yes. Have you seen the new, I don’t know if they, if this is a big craze in the Netherlands, but the new Avatar movie? No, but I want to, I love this first one so much.

[00:26:31] Because I think they mentioned this in the first one too, but instead of saying, I love you, they say, I see you. Ah. Which is like this deeper connection. Yeah. Right. It’s like the opposite of love is blind. Right? Yes. I see you and I love what you just said because I think this is the essence of our spiritual gift of teaching when we are illustrating something for someone else and the end result is a deeper connection.

[00:26:54] Mm-hmm. There’s this quote by St. Francis of Assisi is like something like, preach the gospel at all times, and if necessary, use words. Aw. So, it’s beautiful. And he’s also the one that did, Lord make me an instrument of peace, da da da da. But, it’s just like what teaches people what I hear you saying and I totally resonate with, it’s like what actually moves, people learn through resonance.

[00:27:20] So it’s like we said, it’s an energy exchange. All the stuff we’re talking about is energy exchange. Yes. It’s not conscious. So yes, one of my life goals, like hashtag life goals is to be love. Mm. Deeply see everyone. I was just in New York City over the weekend with my oldest son and we went every, like, we were in Times Square, we were like in the subways.

[00:27:44] We were everywhere. And we were just seeing all this diversity and I guess I was thinking about this, you know, being love and to walk through these streets without fear and just to really deeply see people. And I tried it on, and it was so powerful. It was so powerful because nobody makes eye contact in the city.

[00:28:03] It’s crazy. yeah. And I tried to do that, and some people would look at me and some people wouldn’t. But it’s like, it kind of goes back to that like be what you want to see in the world. Be the change. Yeah. So, if I really want people to see me, hello. Everyone in social media is like, look at me. Do you like my house?

[00:28:19] Do you like my decorations? Do you like the, but when we really see ourselves because what you were just talking about with that whole thing with manifestation is just like noticing your emotions, noticing your inner terrain. Oh, see you. I see you shame. I see you. Yeah, I see you. That’s all we want. We wanna be seen for ourselves.

[00:28:40] And then that’s what other others are craving as well. So, I love the piece of teaching through that medium of seeing. I love that you brought that up. I love the examples you just shared. 100%. And your Be love is the perfect segue to our fifth and final gift, which I believe is one of our most important gifts as we ascend and we

[00:29:07] you know, bring in however you describe it. You know, some people call it the new Earth, the age of Aquarius, this higher way of living and being in the world. I believe that this fifth gift is gonna be key, and that is our spiritual gift of leadership. And that’s truly our state of being. It is being love, and we don’t have to do a darn thing.

[00:29:29] We don’t have to teach anything. We don’t. We don’t have to produce; we don’t have to contribute. Yeah. It’s just being. And those who are ready to receive it. Obviously, our being isn’t meant for everyone. And some people it’s meant for, they’re not ready for it. But when our people are ready to receive our state of being, like you just showing up for your family, for your clients, for the community of New York City being love.

[00:29:57] Those who are ready to experience your love is going to experience it on a deep and profound level, and you’re passing it on to them and it’s gonna shift something inside of them in ways that they probably don’t have language for, and they probably don’t realize they’re doing it and all of a sudden they are gonna be in a more aligned state of love than they were the day before.

[00:30:21] Mm. That’s glorious. Yeah. I think leadership can be a charged word for many people. Oh, yes. it denotes this like, I have to show up in this powerful way. Yes. You know, and I have to like to be like Moses leading the children out of, you know? Yes, yes. It’s masculine, it has a masculine. I am the leader. I’m a guru. You are a follower.

[00:30:43] Do as I say, and this is spiritual gift of leadership. We’re redefining the word and it is a soft, very feminine, right? Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm feminine in our body, in our state of being. It’s like radiation. not radiation. Radiating. Like radiating. Yes. Radiating, yeah. It’s a state of radiating and

[00:31:02] this is kind of where I got my whole like, stand, speak, shine is from this place of, okay, like I know who I am. I’m in this, standing in that I am expressing from that place without fear and therefore I shine. I am, I am the I am. I am in a place of radiating light that starts inside of me. I think the old way, or the old paradigm was like, you work super hard,

[00:31:35] you know, you, you, whatever the old masculine paradigm is, there’s so many, and it’s not about men, let’s just be honest. Like it’s just, there’s a lot of women in this energy of like, kill it, crush it, pound it out and I was in that for a while. When I was first building my business and now, I’m like, it’s like you said, it’s more of this feminine way of, of like, if I don’t feel good, if I don’t feel good in my skin, who’s gonna listen to me?

[00:32:04] I think everyone’s radar is really up. We can spot people who are out of alignment. Oh yeah. Some hide it a little better than others, but we’re really good at going there’s something really, there’s just something a little bit, that person is not coming from the right place. Right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:32:22] And so that those kinds of leaders are on their way out, I feel like yeah. You know? Yeah. Cherie, I’m noticing in my business, I am a person who, it’s one of my big wounds is that I have a tendency to hustle and burnout and it’s a wound that’s always been there with me, but. Me too. Yes. So, I always say healing is not Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:32:44] Healing is not part of the path. Healing is the path. And when it comes to healing, it’s never, ever about, are we all healed? Is it done? It’s always about how far have we come, right? Yeah. So, when I look back at how far I’ve come on this issue, I’m like, whoa, I’ve healed so much and I’m noticing something so pronounced in my business lately.

[00:33:05] That when I hustle and when I grind, business slows down. First of all, it’s not joy, enjoyable for me. And all of a sudden, I’m like, huh, where are my clients? And then when I shift out of that and I do my healing, and I do my intuition and my healing and my manifestation, and I get in my spiritual gifts, and then all of a sudden, it’s like opportunities and clients just start

[00:33:28] totally falling outta nowhere with this ease and flow and ease and flow. Yeah. It’s the magnetism model. Yes. Which is very gravitational. There’s a force. It’s a yin energy. It’s feminine. It’s pulling towards you versus pushing the agenda on people. Yes, learn this, do this, do this thing, versus hey, I’m not attached, but I would love for you to join me, and I know what you’re talking about, like burnout was my middle name before this principal really became embodied for me, and I don’t wanna live my life for other people.

[00:34:07] I’ve done that. Oh my gosh. Way too long. Yeah, That’s the mom wound, right? Mom wound. That’s the mom. That’s the mother martyr. Yeah. Yeah. It’s also, it’s also very like,, it comes from an altruistic place cuz I really deeply wanna help humanity. But like you were saying before, there’s a collective energy field that everyone’s feeding and I wanna contribute to that through my own inner resonance, through my own walk with deep compassion.

[00:34:37] This is very much a work in progress. Don’t let anyone think that I’ve got this mastered. It’s very much, I love The archetype of The Crone,, which has been totally mislabeled and whatever. So, it started with Maiden, where we were all like obeying and sweet young maidens and whatever moved to the mother, which is also very, you know, it’s a beautiful archetype.

[00:34:57] All three of these are, but the mother is more about service and giving and learning and feeding babies and whether you have children or not feeding, it’s more of a, and it’s a beautiful archetype of maturity as well. But The crone is the next level. The crone is, and it started. Everyone in their mind, I think of that old crone, but it actually came from the word crown.

[00:35:18] the meaning started with the word crown, and it just became something different. But the crone is like, she’s been through it all. She’s seen it all. She’s descended to the underworld. She’s come up, she has a different perspective. Her perceptions are clear. We were talking earlier about perceptions guiding biology.

[00:35:35] Like she in a way, has just mastered this path of knowing who she is and embodying that state of love, but also very fierce. Hmm. Very fierce with boundaries, with calling people, let’s just say calling out injustice \ in her own way. And everyone would manifest this archetype differently based on their personality and who they are.

[00:36:00] But for me, it’s like I no longer live to please other people. That’s not, that’s not, I will assist. I will help. But if I can’t be an instrument of peace here in my body, I’ve lost it. it’s like, you know? You missed the boat. Yeah. I miss the boat if you’re not feeling it yourself trying to teach something you’re not feeling. I wanna reflect back to you that you are just exuding

[00:36:30] amazing, beautiful, spiritual gift of leadership, and I can feel how much you’ve healed on this. Like I can feel into your healing journey on this that you haven’t always been this way and you’ve done the work and you’ve done the healing and now you are embodied. That is leadership in this spiritual gift you are embodied and it’s that I am statement.

[00:36:51] I am a person who shows up for me. Like that is who I am. That is the truth of who I am, and I don’t put the needs of others before mine anymore. Mm-hmm., thank you for reflecting that back. That makes me so happy. Oh, you’re so welcome. It’s really powerful. Well, since we last talked, we had our last podcast exchange before Covid, I think it was 2019.

[00:37:16] Yes. And I’ve seen this growth in you as well. Just I wanna reflect that back to you. It’s just, it’s just this general groundedness of like, here’s the information I’m not attached to who receives it. This is what I’ve come to know for myself, and if it benefits others, that’s a great bonus, but I don’t need your approval.

[00:37:36] Like you give that off really beautifully. So, I want to just reflect that back to you. Thank you. Man, covid was, hell, wasn’t it like actually 2020? Well, okay, part of 2019 too, but 2020, even through last year, like 20, 2021, 2022, it was the live planetary shakeup. It was a lot, a lot of unrest and people’s wounds just showing up right here.

[00:38:00] Yeah. What I would love for us to end with Allyson is how to move through fear of gift expression. Ooh. I love that. And I love how this book up witch, don’t let the cover like freak you out everyone, and think I’m worshiping Satan. But this is a beautiful book by Lisa Lister. It’s called Witch. And the reason it’s beautiful and it’s because it’s so straightforward about how this witch wound started, where

[00:38:29] whether you believe how, I don’t know, but intergenerational trauma or past lives or whatever your belief system is, ancestral. What lives in our D N A right now is a fear waiting to be cleared out. And that is the fear of if I express my spiritual gifts, I will get burned. I will get maimed; I will get killed.

[00:38:47] I will get ostracized from my community. The worst thing, my family will get hurt. Yep. Will hurt my family. Yeah. My whole community will turn against me. So, I’ve lived this a little bit by having to honor my own inner voice, my own womb wisdom, if you will, and go against the colle, you know, go against the group think or my community of origin and just not go against it, but just like step into my own path.

[00:39:13] So I have deeply felt this, I have deeply felt this in myself and it’s still something I work through. How would you address this? Once we have the awareness that, oh, I have the witch wound, which we all do, by the way, men, and women, how can I move through this with these five things perhaps? Or is there one in particular?

[00:39:32] Maybe the healing one? Yes. Yes. You got it. We use our spiritual gift of healing, and the witch wound is really coming to the surface now. It is, I believe it definitely comes from past lifetimes and it’s very, very ancestral and it, we get, it’s getting passed down and passed down. And now because we are ascending as a collective, this wound is coming to the surface saying, hey, hey, light workers, heal me.

[00:39:57] Heal this so you can truly ascend and tap into your powers, your greatness, your spiritual gifts, your genius, you know, dust off that cape that you’ve been, your superhero cape. Black cat and the broom. Yeah, exactly. And, and you’re like, your superhero cape because when we shut our gifts down, it’s like saying, I’m not gonna express The greatness of myself.

[00:40:20] You know, this wound tells us it’s not safe to do that. So, we’re being called to heal this. Yes, get out whatever metaphor you wanna use. Your superhero cape or your hat, your witch hat, and start expressing the truth of who we are. So, we go to our spiritual gift of healing and I am the master in my spiritual gift of teaching.

[00:40:42] I love five steps, everything. Five is my number, and so I have a five step two. Mostly two. Yeah. Okay, good., I love that. So, I have a five step healing process for healing any wound. And we’re gonna use as the example, the witch wound. The witch wound will tell you a lot of different things. And one big variation of it is not safe to express your spiritual gifts, to express your genius.

[00:41:08] Something bad could happen to you or a loved one, so you just wanna notice, notice. For some people, you tend to notice a painful emotion first. That’s a guidance, that’s your emotional guidance system. For others, we tend to notice a painful thought first. So, you just kind of wanna sink inside your body I say, get to your neck down and just notice you can ask the question.

[00:41:34] This uses your spiritual gift of intuition. Do I have this wound inside of me? I think it’s highly likely you’re gonna get a yes. And so, if you get a yes, you’re asked the question, what is the thought this wound is telling me? and you might be getting a lot of thoughts. You could have a lot of variations of the wound inside.

[00:41:54] Which is totally normal. Healing is a journey, right? So that maybe just that one thought that’s kind of rising to the surface. You want to find the one thought. You don’t wanna try to heal 20 thoughts at once. You wanna try to find the thought that feels most prominent and our most painful and go with that one.

[00:42:13] So let’s say it comes to the surface, it’s not safe to show up as my spiritual self to talk about my spiritual gifts. So, talking about spirituality is just not safe. I will be rejected, and I won’t be accepted by my family, by my peers. That’s one that comes up a lot with my clients. So, when that comes up, this is when Cherie, we wanna throw thought work out the window.

[00:42:37] And I love thought work, but for just. Just stop analyzing. Yes. Yes. For the next two minutes, throw it out the window. All that you’ve learned from it and we wanna imagine for about a minute that the thought is a hundred percent true. Why? Because we actually want those painful emotions to come up so we can feel them, which is how we release ’em,, is how you release the wounds you feel to heal.

[00:43:02] Now, if you have quite a lot of trauma around this, I would recommend going to a healer, going to a therapist. But if you feel like you’ve done a lot of the work and you don’t have a real fresh trauma around it and it feels safe to do this work, then this is definitely something that most of us can do as a home practice, you know, as part of our daily spiritual routine or reflection time.

[00:43:23] And then you just say, okay, when it feels a hundred percent true, it’s not safe to express my gifts. How does that make me feel? Well, it’s sad, shameful. I feel powerless. I feel anger. I feel fear. Just name the emotions if you can. If you can do your best. Sometimes it can feel tricky, and then you just give yourself permission to feel the feels

[00:43:47] for about 60 to 90 seconds. When we give ourselves permission to feel emotions come in waves and they, they don’t come longer than 90 seconds. Mm-hmm. And if you’re in the, and I think the belief is I’m gonna die or this is gonna take me down or over. Exactly. you’re going to spiral forever. But you wanna look at it as healing is a dip down to jump up higher.

[00:44:09] So that’s what we’re doing energetically. We’re going down, we’re sinking down into painful emotions. You can imagine that these pain, these pain pockets are inside your energy body. And to release them, you have to feel them. And so, you just imagine these pain pockets are passing through you on their way out, out of your energy body for good.

[00:44:30] And you’re down in these low vibrational, painful emotions. But then as they release, you’ll notice in 60, 90 seconds, typically doesn’t take longer than 90 seconds. All of a sudden it’s like, oh, I feel a neutrality. Oh, then you wanna go to your breath. Take some deep breaths, really release on the exhale, and all of a sudden, oh, I feel higher than neutrality.

[00:44:51] Ooh, I’m feeling peace now. Ooh, I’m feeling joy. And all of a sudden, your energy body is rising to higher and higher vibrations because you’ve just released a wound. Love it. Yes. That’s a great, that’s a great encapsulation of the journey we just took everyone on in our whole conversation because really it doesn’t take a lot of time

[00:45:14] to move these feelings through and to experience that expansion. and one thing that I think is really important that you pointed out is not only do we want to name the emotions that are coming up in the lower frequency spectrum, but also in the higher, oh, I’m feeling joy. Cause we don’t always do that.

[00:45:32] We don’t always name we; we’d tend him like marinate in the lower and like try to fix. Right? Yes. Yes. And it’s like, no, like let yourself expand. You know, if you’re into crystals or oils or whatever, like they’ll go out in nature, I don’t know, but could just grab something of the earth. I have found that frequency expansion happens and that’s why people are drawn to these things now, these holistic, yes.

[00:45:55] Because they are of the earth, and the earth is like, we wanna, she wants to help us. Yes. She wants to help us move through these denser emotions. Yes. Wow. Another cool practice too, just to piggyback on that is to name, I would say, not more than three. Three to six. Three to six actually core valued filling states that mean a lot to you to feel this year.

[00:46:18] And we all have, we have years that we wanna feel peace. We have years that we wanna feel creativity. So, my three emotions that I have, I’ve got harmony, flow and ease. Ease, flow, and harmony. These are so similar to mine. Oh, okay. That’s so funny. No, mine is grace, flow and creativity. I love it. Actually, oh, actually my bottom three are creativity, abundance, and exhilaration.

[00:46:49] Girl, we’re wearing, those same waves. Yeah, I think so. So just having that in your mind, like after the release, you can go to your go-tos if it feels good, and say start breathing. And that’s what I’ll do. I’ll say I’ll breathe in flow. Breathe in and release. I breathe in ease, ease, harmony, harmony.

[00:47:07] And you just feel your vibrations raise as you do it. Awesome. Yay. I love the practicality that we’ve talked about today. So, Cherie, I have two final questions for you as we wrap this all up. The first one is, can you leave our listeners with an invitation? That’s an invitation to do something. Be someone wherever you wish to invite them to go.

[00:47:29] Sure. Yeah, the invitation is always just to join my community stand, speak, Shine Community on Facebook, and I do have a Stand, speak, Shine podcast. I have a stand, speak Shine course, so it’s all about the stuff we’ve been talking about. It’s just how to really be in your body and sacred friend and leadership is a huge piece of it.

[00:47:52] I also have a freebie on my site, stand speak shine.com. You can also find me on cherieburton.com, but go to stand speak shine.com, and there’s a freebie on there about, it’s a little mini course on the new feminine leadership paradigm. So, it’s all about, really the things we’ve been talking about is just what is, what’s going on now?

[00:48:13] What is the new way to guide people and really, it’s about guiding people more than it is taking them somewhere. They’re, my whole shtick now is guiding people inside of themselves to access their own inner reserves and power. So yeah, that’s where I love to play is this whole stand, speak, shine arena.

[00:48:32] I love it. And so, my last question is if you could leave our listeners with an invitation, like a little piece of homework or a little piece of inspiration. Ah, I think I would just go back to, you know, you are the answer that you are seek. You are the one, and that is not in any way blasphemous against a higher power, a creator, source.

[00:48:56] It’s just that, that when you tap in and acknowledge and you tap into your heart space and your inner self and you recognize that you have source energy in you, then there’s no stopping you. Mm. You are the answer. You are what you’ve been seeking. Beautiful. There’s not a better way to wrap this podcast episode up than that, I agree.

[00:49:19] Thank you so much for your time. Thank you. This has been amazing.

[00:49:34] And as always, dear listener, I wanna thank you so much for tuning in. I am so grateful for you, and I really want you to know I am in service to you, so I’m always tuning into your energy and asking the question, what do you need? What do you want? What are you struggling with? And how may I provide something that is an absolute highest service to you?

[00:49:58] So hopefully you received something really powerful today. And as always, until next time, may your soul guide the way. Are you ready to deepen your connection to your intuitive gifts? Then it’s time for 10 high vibe minutes. The ultimate daily mindfulness practice for a soul guided leaders and entrepreneurs in only 10 minutes per day.

[00:50:24] You’ll keep your energy high vibe and align to your highest dreams while transforming your daily practice into a powerful tool to manifest big wealth and abundance. Get free access now on my website, allysonscammell.com, or in the show notes.


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04:11  Meet Cherie Burton

05:33  5 gifts, intuition & healing

07:10  Gift of manifestation

09:10  Feelings & emotions

14:09  Stories underneath emotions

17:43  Healing thoughts & emotions

24:42  Gift of teaching

29:26  Gift of leadership

33:02  Hustle & burnout

35:15  Female archetypes

38:40  5-step healing process 

46:50  Core value feeling states

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