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Kicking the Starving Artist Mentality to the Curb with Miriam Schulman

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I’ll never forget my mother’s comment when I told her I was leaving my high paying 17-year career in international affairs to become a life coach.

She said: “Well, you always land on your feet, so even if your business fails, you’ll be able to get a job doing…something.”

At the time, I felt somewhat reassured by her comment because I thought she was going to say I was crazy to quit my job and start a business.

I’m willing to bet that since the dawn of time, anyone who set the intention to become an artist or launch a soul-guided business, has been the recipient of some sort of comment that fed into the starving artist mentality.

“There’s no money in that.”

“That won’t pay the bills.”

“Why don’t you forget this risky dream and go for the steady eddy paycheck?”

Can you relate?

If you said yes, and you’re ready to kick the starving artist mentality to the curb, then today’s episode is for you. And there’s no one better to explore this topic than my brilliant friend, Miriam Schulman.

As the founder of The Inspiration Place, Miriam not only teaches artists how to build sustainable businesses from their creativity, perhaps more importantly, she also teaches artists how to kick the starving artist mentality to the curb.

I am thrilled to share my conversation with Miriam. She and I wasted no time and jumped right into practical tips that you can use right away. Please enjoy!

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Guest Bio: Today’s guest is an artist and founder of The Inspiration Place, where she helps other artists learn how to profit from their passion. Through her online classes, business coaching programs, and top-ranked podcast, she’s helped thousands of creatives around the world develop their skill sets and create more time and freedom to do what they love. Her signature coaching program, The Artist Incubator, has helped dozens of artists go from so-so sales to sold-out collections. After witnessing 9/11, she abandoned a lucrative hedge fund to become a full-time working artist. After building a thriving business as an artist, she’s been featured in major publications including Forbes, The New York Times, Where Women Work, Art of Man, and Art Journaling magazine. Her artwork has also been featured on NBC’s “Parenthood” and the Amazon series “Hunters” with Al Pacino. Her forthcoming book with HarperCollins Leadership, Artpreneur, is scheduled to be released in February 2023. Please welcome to the podcast, Miriam Schulman!

In this episode, we explore: 

  • How Miriam has helped thousands of artists kick the starving artist mentality to the curb
  • Miriam’s recent aha moments that came from deep decluttering in her house and art studio
  • How she upgraded her intuitive gifts that enabled her to create from a new and deeper place


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[00:00:00] Hello, my dear ones. I’m really excited to share this episode with you because I had an amazing chat with my friend, Miriam Schulman, who is doing amazing things in the world. She’s got an on-fire business and she helps artists to sell their stuff. And she helps these artists kick the starving artist mentality to the curb.

[00:00:26] And I know that in this audience, there are actual artists who are selling art and there’s also coaches, healers, astrologers, writers, real estate agents, yoga studio owners. I’m just thinking of the people I know. Who else is in here? People who make jewelry, people who work with youth, work with children, work with parents, all sorts.

[00:00:52] And I think we all fall into the trap of starving artist mentality when it comes to our business. And I have to say Miriam and I talk about way more than just that today. We sort of talk about all sorts of things. It’s just a really deep and meaningful exchange we had that was in service to you. So, I hope that you really receive from today’s episode, but before I get into all that, I would love to share with you.

[00:01:21] A listener review that really touched my heart. This comes from Anna from the UK, and she says Allyson’s intuitive insight and approach to conscious business building is fresh and easeful. The advice and methods given are easy to follow and implement without the confusion that often comes with business strategy.

[00:01:44] Yes, Anna! I love how trusting myself and waking up to intuitive nudges is helping my business to progress and my work-life balance to be happier, more adventurous and full of energy, press play. Oh, my gosh, Anna, I absolutely loved that review. Thank you so much from my heart. And I think it really gets into beautifully what Miriam and I are exploring today, how to wake up to our intuitive nudges and find that work-life balance to be happier, more adventurous and full of energy, really like couldn’t be a better intro to Miriam and I’s conversation.

[00:02:24] So let’s go to it. In today’s episode, Miriam shares with us how she has helped thousands of artists kick the starving artist mentality to the curb, her recent discoveries that came about from deep decluttering of her house and art studio and how she has also recently upgraded her own intuitive gifts in a way that has enabled her to create from a new and deeper place.

[00:02:53] We end on an invitation that will have you connecting deeply to yourself and how you want to be and create in the world. So please stay with us until the end. Welcome to soul guide radio, a podcast for soul guided leaders. influencers, and entrepreneurs here to bring about change on a massive level.

[00:03:16] We’ll explore how you can activate your big soul mission, amplify your spiritual gifts, and clear the energy blocks weighing you down so you can gain unstoppable momentum in life and business. I’m Allyson Scammell your host and soul guide.

[00:03:35] Hey there soul guide circle. That is the name of this community of soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs. In the soul guide circle, we have big soul missions, and we yearn to earn more, serve more and grow spiritually along the way. If you aren’t already a member, then I invite you from my heart to join our Facebook group of over 1700 leaders and Lightworkers who are in service to each other

[00:04:06] and the planet. Find the link to join on my website, Allyson or in the show notes. Today’s guest is Miriam Schulman, and we chat about all sorts of things that are going to help you connect deeper to yourself, your gifts, your creativity so you can start earning more money in your business and experiencing more balance and joy.

[00:04:29] Today’s guest is my friend; Miriam Schulman and she is an artist and founder of the inspiration place where she helps other artists learn how to profit from their passion. Through her online classes, business coaching programs, and top ranked podcast she’s helped thousands of creatives around the world

[00:04:49] develop their skillsets and create more time and freedom to do what they love. Her signature program, the artists incubator has helped dozens of artists go from so-so sales to sold out collections, I was lucky enough to recently be a guest on Miriam’s podcast. Amazing podcast, the inspiration Place where we talk about how to upgrade your intuitive gifts and Miriam shares even more about her journey and to doing that for herself.

[00:05:18] So we’ve also left a link to that podcast episode in the show notes, and I really invite you to check it out. I always learn so much from Miriam’s amazing wisdom. Please enjoy.

[00:05:40] Miriam, welcome to soul guide radio. Well, thanks for having me, Allyson. This is so much fun. Oh, my gosh. I’m so excited for this interview. You were a guest on my old podcast, She Grows, and my podcast is upgraded. And so, I’m so excited and so happy to have you back. That’s great. I mean, the last one was awesome too.

[00:05:59] So those podcasts still exist right? We can still listen to them. Is it a new channel? It is they all exist, and we’ll put a link in the show notes because you talked about something super awesome in the last episode, it’s your five, it’s the five parts to selling your stuff. Yeah. It’s the thank you for that like great segue.

[00:06:20] It’s the passion to profit framework. I love alliterations. It’s all P’s. I will quickly say what the five Ps are, but you should go listen to that episode to really go in depth. So, it is production, pricing, prospecting, promotion, and productivity, which is how I help artists understand to make a sustainable business out of their creativity.

[00:06:45] But anyone who’s any kind of businessperson will recognize that those five plans are for any kind of business. So, we all have to produce things to sell, price them for profit, find prospects to buy it, promote the shit out of everything. Oh, wait, I forgot to ask you, is this a clean show? It is not so. Okay.

[00:07:05] Be free. That’s about as dirty as I get. Yeah. Promote, promote the, then I’m gonna use another dirty word because you gave me a permission. I’m just kidding. Promote the shit out of it and then stay productive so you’re not spinning in overwhelm. Of course, mindset threads throughout all these things.

[00:07:21] Cause that what keeps us from getting in the way of doing these things. If we were like no reason the matrix and could be programmed like robots, we’d all be billionaires. Let’s start with that. I love it. And I love the five P’s and I think so often maybe this happens more at the start of the journey, but I think it always kind of stays with you.

[00:07:39] You get these lofty goals and then, you know, I have this annual income goal in mind, but then you don’t go through the five P’s. And then, you know, when you, when you don’t kind of think through like, and I know like law of attraction gurus say, well, don’t think about the how. But I think that it’s like having the plan in place, and it gets, gets your mind supporting your goals.

[00:08:02] Like, yeah, I can do this. Well yeah, well that, that was like, the whole thing is I was all into law of attraction and I mean, I still am, but part of it is taking those inspired action. So, the production really. Okay. I don’t, we’re going to get into this. So, the production part is really like just saying, okay.

[00:08:22] If I want to make, I’m going to say a hundred thousand dollars a year. Cause I’m going to assume that your audience that’s where a lot of them are at. Is that right? Okay. I want to make a hundred thousand dollars a year and I build websites and I’m charging a thousand dollars a website. Well, now I have to find a hundred customers.

[00:08:40] And how long does it take me to build a website? Well, if I need a hundred customers, that means I’m doing two websites a week. If I’m only charging a thousand dollars. No vacations. With no right? Without going to the bathroom. So, like that’s what the production plan really is asking you to look at. If you were to look at what, it’s hand in hand with the pricing

[00:09:04] part, if you were to look at your services, what your, productions were like, what you’re capable of producing and what you are producing and look at what the prices are of everything, and you do the math. So, it’s just math, so boring, but that’s what it is. Does it add up to what you want? Like, so if you weren’t completely sold out at your current rates, is that going to give you the number?

[00:09:27] Because if it’s not, law of attraction can’t help you. Exactly. You know, they can’t. Yeah. So good. So good. I love it. And I’m glad we’re going; we’re dipping our toe in it. If you’re interested to learn more, I highly recommend checking out that old episode, but I have a sense that there’s some listeners out there who just kind of needed that reminder.

[00:09:48] I don’t know. It’s more than a reminder, but that insight. So, let’s move into mindset because I think that is so important. And I love this idea of kicking the starving artist mentality to the curb. And we have a lot of artists in this audience, but a lot of people in the service sector, coaches, healers, writers, and, and you Miriam have had, you know, in your, you, you you’ve had a lot of different careers.

[00:10:12] You’ve had like, tell us a little bit about. cause you, you’ve had a really, really interesting experience. I wanted it to be an artist, but everyone told me I couldn’t make money as an artist. So, I just said to myself, okay, well, if the point is to make money, where could I make the most money possible?

[00:10:28] That’s why I went to wall street. Like, you know, and I don’t regret that because I saved some money. And then I eventually I quit my job after 9/11 happened. I actually, I actually, to be fair, I quit my job before 9/11 happened, but I was, I was thought I was taking an extended maternity leave. Oh, and then 9/11 happened.

[00:10:47] I was like, oh, okay. That’s a sign from the universe. Yeah. I watched; I watched the building I used to work at crumble to the ground. So, I’m like, okay, if I thought this was something I wanted to do and I need looking for a sign, this is my sign and I know right now millions of people are walking away from their job.

[00:11:07] They call it, the economists are calling it the great resignation. We’ve had record numbers of people quitting jobs. Because they were in a similar time as 9/11, where people are seeing the pandemic and really there’s nothing like a crisis that’s going to lift the veil over what’s not working in your life.

[00:11:25] We’ve all had this on a personal level in our life. You lose a family member and suddenly everything shifts for you, or even just somebody gets sick, and everything shifts for you. But this has been a global shift where people are really seeing things much differently. So, I mean, I’ve created a lot of shifts, even in my own life recently. Want to go there?

[00:11:48] Oh, we do. Okay. I think we do. I love how you’re framing this, and I totally agree. I think we are going through a great resignation and in that process, we’re shedding the stuff that isn’t working for us anymore to make the space, make the space for something new. And in that, those of us who are mindful to it and aware and awake, we’re getting an upgrade or getting an upgrade in our energy and our intuitive gifts.

[00:12:16] So you you’ve been going through an upgrade. Can you tell us a little bit about it? Okay. So, my, my son and my daughter are in their twenties, and they have both left the nest. My son voluntarily decided he was going to become an Israeli citizen. He’s 21. So, he lives in Israel and he’s officially a citizen.

[00:12:38] So we don’t think he’s coming back. And then my daughter, because we decided, my husband and I decided we, we’re selling our well, we are selling because we have a buyer and there’s legal paperwork now, you know, with the contract and we’re selling our home of 25 years. It’s in the suburbs, and we are buying an apartment in the city.

[00:12:55] So, which is, not going to fit all the stuff that we have. And this city being New York city for our audience. Yeah. Right. So, me being from New York that is, there is no other city, but new Yorker’s view of the world, it’s like New York is the center of the universe. I’m basically moving for context for people I’m moving around the corner from Elaine’s apartment.

[00:13:20] Exactly. Oh, that’s an awesome neighborhood. Yeah. I heard her say it on the, on a rerun the other day, 86th and Broadway, 86th and Broadway she told the taxicab, and I told my husband we’re moving near Elaine. That’s amazing. I used to live in 119th and Amsterdam. I was a, a poor student in New York for a couple of years. Yeah. Oh, that’s so near Columbia.

[00:13:42] That’s like Morningside Heights? Correct. Correct. Yep. So anyway, you’re moving. I’m moving and downsizing. Yes. So, first there was getting the house ready because the real estate agents took a look at us, well you’re not going to show the house with all these pigs flying around here? You know, there’s a lot of furniture that had to be gotten rid of.

[00:14:04] And so there was, there’s the shedding of things, even leading up to presenting the house for sale. So that was phase one. And with each thing that we kind of gave away. And I didn’t, for this stage I didn’t bother trying to sell anything because we were under a deadline to get the house ready and I didn’t, just didn’t want to deal.

[00:14:23] And I didn’t think anyone wanted to buy my old-fashioned brown furniture anyway. So, there’s not much of a market. There’s not much of a market. No, I put some things on for free and there were very few takers, had to expand the reach. And like, so there was the shedding of those layers as each piece went. And it was interesting, Allyson because the piece that we gave away that I found the most triggering was actually

[00:14:48] this dinky little hall table. I mean, it’s not, it’s not even a full table. It’s like a half table that you stick against the wall. But because it was the first piece of furniture, my husband and I bought together when we were newlyweds. So, I don’t even really like it that much, but giving it away, it, it was a little bit triggering.

[00:15:06] So then, kept giving away, giving away books, getting things, everything ready to sell, to sell the house. Once the house was under contract, now we, the bigger process was getting ready to move. So, my daughter, I told you, we pushed her out of the nest. She wants to stay in the house. I’m so sorry, honey. Time to fly.

[00:15:24] This is not good. Time to fly. I’m not going to be here. So, she’s got an apartment and then a lot of stuff went with her, to her apartment. Yeah. So, my husband and I are eating off of the kitchen table. She got all the good stuff and it’s very interesting because there’s almost this feeling right now, as I’m giving stuff away where I’m getting ready for the afterlife.

[00:15:48] So the afterlife being New York City like there’s this life here in the New York suburbs and there’s going to be the life in New York City and what am I taking with me to the afterlife, this next life? So that process has really unearthed a lot of, of things for me. And, you know, I always heard from spiritual gurus of decluttering unlocks your creativity.

[00:16:16] Yeah, yeah, yeah, fine. I cleaned my underwear drawer, let’s see what happens, you know, not much. But when you really are unearthing the way, I am and painting walls white, to get it ready, like all this kind of cleansing and cleaning and decluttering, it really does unblock creativity. So, I’ve even found myself painting in a different way than I did before.

[00:16:40] And wanting to go to that studio table that during the pandemic, I mean, I know we’re still kind of in it, but during, during the last two years, I felt very creatively blocked, not being able to travel, not having all my in-person things and suddenly there, it was like the dam broke and I have creativity like pouring out of me all of a sudden again.

[00:17:03] So it’s very interesting. That is so fascinating. You and I have talked before about the five stages of, of an upgrade and one of the stages to see initiation, where you get called to do something that is scary or painful or really hard. And then when you do it and you follow through on it, you get a reward and it unlocks another door and it gets you ready for your next life,

[00:17:28] right? Your next phase. And I feel like your example, just so beautifully exemplifies that because a lot of this decluttering was pretty challenging, right? It was pretty hard. Oh yeah. I mean, especially for creative people, I think we have more of a tendency to hoard things and I don’t mean that necessarily in the mental illness way, but

[00:17:50] we just have ideas like, oh, well we could use that for something,

[00:17:56] all this, all this, like, you know, scrap paper could be part of my next collage. And it was hard, you know, it is basically having a garbage can in my closet full of scrapbook paper, you know? So, I’m like, okay, I think I can let go of this now. Yeah. Yeah. And letting, letting go of one thing that’s super powerful is when you let go of things that you’re holding on to, because of guilt, books that you bought, that you haven’t read or that people have given you, and you realize you’re holding onto it because you feel guilty, you haven’t read them. Well, when you let go of that, you’re letting go of guilt, which is super powerful to like let go of those emotions, those negative emotions.

[00:18:39] And that’s really part of what helps unlock this creativity because you’re letting go of all this negativity. Wow. That is really powerful. And how, how do you think this relates to this de-cluttering, this letting go, getting ready, saying goodbye to one phase of your life to say hello to something new and potentially better or more expansive, more aligned.

[00:19:02] How do you think mindset gets involved? If we look at using some of the things, you’re talking about to declutter our mind and to declutter this starving artist mentality. And I’m actually seeing it, I’ve talked to a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs who had really amazing years in 2020 and 2021, despite the pandemic.

[00:19:21] But I’m talking to a lot of entrepreneurs now who are feeling like they’re in a slump. Like, I feel like for some, not for everybody, some people are taken off and God bless if you are. Some people are feeling like they’re in a bit of a slump. And I think then that’s when the mindset really can come back. Like, oh, I had those two good years, but now it’s all over now, whatever the sky will fall, any, what are your reflections on some of this?

[00:19:44] You said so many good things to unpack. Like I’m like all these little threads I can pick up. Which one do I want to pick up the most? One thing that has happened to a lot of businesspeople, especially those who are like us, Allyson who work from home and work online is that in the beginning, the shutting down of the world, it didn’t seem to affect us that much, but it really did because what happened is that we’re working harder than ever, and we’re not really taking breaks and vacations.

[00:20:15] So we’ve become like a race car on a track. So, you have some really good times. And somebody told me this analogy recently, and I just think it’s brilliant. So, if you follow race cars, they have those pit stops where they fuel up and they change the tires and they do all those things. And the truth is the cars actually don’t need to stop.

[00:20:36] The cars could actually keep going, but the reason they stop and refuel is because by stopping, they can go faster. So, it actually, they take the time to stop in the middle of a race in order to go faster and that is what a lot of us didn’t do, or haven’t done is because, you know, we’re not traveling. We’re not, we’re not stopping and resting in the ways that we’re used to.

[00:21:05] So that is what’s leading to this kind of the slumping is because we were not refueling. So, I said, my, my son moved to Israel. So last week we actually went to visit him. And when I came back suddenly, I was like, oh my gosh, I have all this energy. I didn’t realize how much I needed a vacation. We’re not leaving

[00:21:23] our homes, travel so difficult. I mean, now the world is opening up, but we’re so used to not, we’ve gone into these habits of not doing those things that we really need to do to energize ourselves. That’s such a good metaphor. The race car driver metaphor. They don’t need to pause to keep going. They need to pause to go faster.

[00:21:46] Yes. And then what prevents the average entrepreneur from not stopping is mindset is, you know, if I work harder than I will succeed, right? If I race harder, if I don’t stop to refuel, you know, then the money will come? And we find that that’s not necessarily the case. Yeah. I don’t think anyone’s even doing that on purpose, but you know, like thinking, even thinking that way, a lot of it though happens during the day.

[00:22:13] So I find this with myself. So just on the micro level, not on the macro level where we need to take a vacation, but the micro level of our, our daily habits, where we go and we sit down to the computer first thing in the morning, instead of maybe going for a walk. So doing the things that we need to put the right energy in.

[00:22:32] I know that when I, when I start my day at the computer, I might initially have that great burst because you have the best creative energy, first thing in the morning, but then I always burn out faster. So, when I do take the time to do an exercise class or go for a walk or do these things for myself to put more fuel in myself, I go long.

[00:22:53] I’ll go a little bit. I go faster, longer. So, it’s not just about taking vacations. Correct. Though that is important, but it’s not your daily burn. Yes. So, there’s a lot of research that shows that four hours is the maximum that we can maintain that. There’s a real great book we can book is called rest. There’s lots of research that he did.

[00:23:15] He, so he, you know, he’s. He’s not just like one of these thought leaders like me who does gathers from other people, you know, he does the research himself, you know, a PhD type. So, he, you know, we searched like musicians and scientists and their habits over time. So, everyone from Salvador Dali famously took naps and Beethoven and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, Darwin.

[00:23:38] I hope there’s women in this book too. I just can’t think of them right now. So, but basically showed that they really, all the different habits that they had and showed how that rest was so important. And he also turned the myth on the head about the Malcolm Gladwell. You need 10,000 hours of work and he says, yeah, but you also need this much rest as well.

[00:23:59] So the research that Malcolm Gladwell did, didn’t show that other side that they need to rest. And there’s only a certain number of hours that you can sustain your creativity in your work. Yeah, that’s so good. So, we’re talking decluttering and resting and how this is so important for creative process and our upgrading.

[00:24:19] So I’ll tell you, Miriam those are two things that I really struggle with. I had two workaholic parents, so lots of modeling. I just got back from a vacation too and my husband’s like, you’re not bringing your laptop. And I’m like, well, I’ll just bring it because it’s tax season and maybe our, our accountant’s going to need a last-minute form and I can just upload it to the portal for him.

[00:24:40] But that’s not true. I wanted to work. I mean, like, I didn’t want to work, but I didn’t know how to stop. Oh, it’s so hard. It’s so hard. And then it’s like, what do you even do when you stop? So, my family’s is making fun of me because in the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, when, when we all thought it was only gonna last three months, do you remember that?

[00:24:59] Oh yeah. Yeah. Okay. So, I decided then I would read the complete Harry Potter series from scratch, right? Yeah. But then I was done in June, like, oh, what do I do? Right? So, in 2021, when I was writing my books, I have a book that I’m working on with Harper Collins, it’s Artprenuer and it’s coming out in 2023.

[00:25:21] See how I did that.

[00:25:22] We’ll have you back, to promote it, to talk about it. Yeah. The five Ps are in there by the way. Okay. So, I needed to procrastinate and I needed to rest. And I, the only thing I could think of to do was read Harry Potter again, and there was something to it about reading something I knew it was going to be a happy ending. Something that wouldn’t cause me too much anxiety to read than something I hadn’t read before.

[00:25:49] And it was very soothing, like going, revisiting these characters, and knowing how the story unfolds. So, I re-read the entire series again in 2021. That’s pretty amazing. My daughter’s like, are you going to, what are you going to read something different? I was like, I don’t know. I just don’t know what to do with myself.

[00:26:06] I haven’t, I haven’t read any of the books or watched any of the films. So maybe. Seriously? I know, I’m like the one person on earth. I know. It’s okay, I don’t know anything about game of Thrones, like I haven’t watched the series. I’ve missed those. I missed those too. I think the Harry Potter I’m a little bit behind, behind the collective.

[00:26:26] You won’t get any of my cultural references. I know. Well, I kind of piece them together. I Intuit what people mean. I know there’s Hogwarts. I know this. Yeah. I think it is a hard for a lot of us. And so, I like what you’re saying, like you, you found something that put you into a state of rest and a state of play, kind of like, it was a playful state, state of spaciousness and it worked for you once.

[00:26:49] So you went back to the well, I think that was really smart. Well, people who are very spiritual will do this, by reading the Bible, I mean, they’ve read the Bible, they read the Bible again, their scriptures, Jewish, Jewish people read the Torah. We, we read the Torah from beginning to end every, every year and you find different meaning in it.

[00:27:08] So there’s definitely a tradition of going back to familiar texts that are in a lot of spiritual practices. That’s really beautiful. One thing that I do find I really love foreign language learning and it’s something that I, it just requires time, you know, I think, yeah, some people have a brain more wired for it than others, but even the most gifted people with foreign language have taken the time to, it’s just repetition over and over and over again.

[00:27:37] And they’ve taken that time. And I live in Holland now and we sent our child to a Dutch school and it’s really actually a problem that I don’t speak Dutch because they don’t really want to speak English and my husband’s fluent and now my daughters fluent. So, I’m the only one in the family. I’m learning it now, I’ve got baby Dutch going on, but I find that when I give myself permission to step away from my computer, away from my work and actually like spend an hour with my flashcards, listening to a Dutch, whatever.

[00:28:08] It’s like, ah, it’s like, there’s just like, ah, there’s like this joy, I feel this playfulness. So why do I think like, and I know that I know that I’m going to enjoy it. So why do you think that we have a hard time? Like what, is that a mindset thing? Like what prevents us from doing that thing we know is going to give us rest and play.

[00:28:27] It is hard. Yeah, it is. I mean, I think this is beyond the scope of what I do though. Like, cause I have trouble with this too, but there is something where people have trouble doing, even things that they love. I think some of it has to do, it depends on the reasons why, is it because they are people pleasing, is it because they are pushing away desire?

[00:28:54] This is something that a lot of women are conditioned to do is to not satisfy their own desires. A lot, especially American women, because there’s that whole tradition of puritanism. That it’s wrong to desire. So, for, for women, we’re conditioned, it’s wrong to desire, sex and money and power, it’s that not allowing yourself to desire.

[00:29:16] So that is something that, I’ve done this in my art journals. Actually, maybe I do know something about this? This sort of thing. And I know that like our friend, Patty Lennon talks about this as well, is if you can make a list of the things that you want and really allow yourself to go there. One of the things that I work, I do work on with my clients when they’re goal setting is they say to me, and this is kind of taking this topic in a little different direction, but they, they will say to me, when they’re writing their goals, That they’re worried about going into, or that they do tend to go into more of a scarcity mindset.

[00:29:54] If they write down all the things they want, but they don’t have them. It gives them more scarcity. So, what I encourage them to do is when they’re doing an exercise with desire is to write, make a list of not only the things that they want, that they don’t have, but the things that they want that they already have because it puts you in a state of gratitude.

[00:30:19] So when you’re wanting the things that you don’t have yet, you don’t have that scarcity mindset, you have more of a state of abundance. So, an example for me would be, I want two children. I want a husband. I want to make a million dollars, you know, whatever it is, you know, but what you do is you, you intersperse things that you want that you already have.

[00:30:45] I want a beautiful home, or I want whatever it is. And then intersperse that with things that you want, but you don’t have yet. And it will keep you from being scarcity minded while you are acknowledging what it is that you desire. That’s really powerful. I love that. So, making the list of, and you intersperse them, you combine them together.

[00:31:06] Yes. It’s important to do that too. Like, I don’t, I don’t know what the rule of thumb is. Is it like, is it every other one? I don’t know that that really matters, but the point is that while, and it’s, this is different than a gratitude practice, but it’s acknowledging that you want what you already have.

[00:31:23] Yeah. And I think also it, it shows that you have already manifested a lot of the stuff that you want, especially in your business. Yeah, I think of what I have in my business now, like when I first got started, I was dreaming of this. Like I was just pining for it and now I have it. And I think sometimes I’m like, well, now I want the next thing right. Now

[00:31:42] I want my next business goals, but you also want what you already have. So, I know with law of attraction, it’s important to always be acknowledging that you do want what you have. So, the universe knows to gives you, give you more of that. Exactly. Not to take it for granted. Yes. So, so, so powerful. So, I love this conversation.

[00:32:03] We’re talking about a lot of really, really powerful things for soul guided entrepreneurs. I’m feeling called now to go back to the de-cluttering. There’s something else there that wants to uncover itself. Maybe it has to do with your upgrade. But maybe it is what, since you’ve just gone through this and I know this is, I know you’re not like a, uh, decluttering coach, but I think that you just have something really powerful to say on this.

[00:32:31] What else can you share with our listeners about decluttering and how that could actually open up their doors to more creative possibilities and more income in their business, more joy in their business? Yeah. I’m really glad we’re going back to this topic. The thing that I kept asking myself is some, which is, do I want to take this to this next phase of my life is something that everyone can ask themselves.

[00:32:59] Even if they’re not physically moving. Because are you holding onto something that is not the person you want to be anymore? Good one. I’m writing that down. Okay. So, if you writing down, we were talking before about the goals and what you want in your life. Are the things that you’re holding onto going to be things that are going to help you be that next version of yourself?

[00:33:23] Are these the things that are going to help you evolve to that next version? And if they’re not, it’s time to let them go. And this is also true, not just of physical things, but also activities that we do in our life. There are so many things that we hold on to in business that, like activities that we don’t need to be doing anymore.

[00:33:45] Allyson I don’t know if you had this experience or things that we think we have to do and I know, in my team we’ve done this where we stopped doing them and no one said anything. I was like, oh, I guess we don’t need that extra session that we thought we needed to do that is taking so much time or live streams,

[00:34:02] nobody complained when I stopped doing that. Interesting. So there’s, there’s, there’s things, it’s not just physical things that you have to let go of. It’s also activities that you’re doing that you’re spending your time doing that maybe don’t need to be, you don’t need to do anymore. Yeah, that’s so good.

[00:34:19] And I think that, yeah, and I think when you get into, and this gets us back to mindset when you make, sometimes, I think too, when you go through this process of decluttering and you go through this asking these super powerful questions, are you holding on to something you don’t want to be anymore? When do you say no?

[00:34:37] Like when you do, when you do just decide. No, I don’t do that anymore. It’s really, it’s really powerful. I think that’s like, we talk about like, how do you do it? How do you do it? It’s like some of the stuff that we’re talking about is really hard. But I think sometimes we, maybe in my case I overcomplicate it, but I think it’s just like taking stock and then deciding I don’t do that thing anymore.

[00:34:59] I’m not the person who does that anymore. I’m this new person. Yeah. So much of what we do is people pleasing. Do we need to define people pleasing? Does your audience know what that is? Why don’t you? They do, but I think people define it different ways. Okay. I mean, I’m just going to go to the easy example of what, one of the things I let go of really fast, which was, and you have a five-year-old so you can relate to this.

[00:35:22] And it’s the class mom slash baking cupcakes slash themed birthday parties, where you created all your own favors slash like all these things. So, I remember after kindergarten, my daughter was in kindergarten. I said, okay, I am never being the class mom again. Oh, it was like, I am letting go of that, but what people pleasing is you do something because you think it’s going to

[00:35:48] please another person or make them think differently of you and the truth is it really doesn’t even work that way. And you’re creating this version of yourself that really is not you anyway. So, I am not the mom who bakes cupcakes. And in fact, everyone who has small kids who are asked to sign up to bring something to school, little tip here, my kids were trained to volunteer to bring the napkins, which I kept in the house.

[00:36:14] So I didn’t have to make a special trip. I didn’t have to bake anything. I didn’t have to buy anything special. It could go in their backpack. I didn’t have to drop off the three jugs of juice or water or cut up fruit or anything. It was like, okay, they knew they had to sign up for napkins. If that was already taken plastic ware and plates, you know, they knew where I stood on that,

[00:36:35] those things. That’s really brilliant. It’s so funny hearing you say this because I have a five-year-old and she’s in her second year of school. Cause they start at four here and because of the pandemic, I was never allowed to walk inside of the school until, until this week. So, she’s been going to school for a year and a half, and this is the first time I have set foot in her classroom because all of that stuff that would require the bringing of cupcakes has been postponed or canceled.

[00:37:05] So now it’s going to start up again and I’m going to be ready. You have armed me with what I need to know, Freya, volunteer for the napkins. Correct. Yes. And you just stock up on those napkins, it’s always in the house. How many do you need? That’s brilliant. That is so brilliant. Oh, I’ve had so much fun chatting with you, Miriam.

[00:37:25] You are so like; you just have a wonderful way to bring things to perspective into life. And you’re a brilliant artist and you go beyond being a brilliant artist by helping artists make a real, a livelihood out of their passions. And I think the work you’re doing is just amazing. And I’m a huge, huge fan of you.

[00:37:47] I want you to tell listeners in a second, how they can find you, but before I would love you to leave our listeners with an invitation and that is inviting them to do something, be someone, inviting them wherever you wish to go. Okay. So, I’m not going to tell you to clean out your underwear drawer, already done that.

[00:38:06] Make that list, that wants list that we talked about. Take a picture of it and tag me on Instagram so I can see it. And my Instagram handle is @Schulmanart. That’s S C H U L M A N A R T. So, you can tag me in a post. You can tag me in a DM. You can tag me in a story. That’s fine. Just let me know that you heard me on, on soul guide radio and you can tag Allyson too, what is your handle Allyson? @Allysonscammell.

[00:38:38] Okay. Two M’s and L’s. 2 M’s, 2 L’s. Actually, Four L’s, 4 L’s total. 4 Ls in my name. That’s right. That’s so funny. Yes. And I am totally gonna do that. Cause I feel like I need it. I feel like I need a little, a little boost in my energy. So, I will be tagging you, Miriam. That is a beautiful, amazing invitation. And your IG handle will be in the show notes.

[00:39:02] How else can people get into your world and learn more about you? Okay, well, if you liked this conversation today, then you would love to listen to the inspiration place podcast. Allyson was a recent guest, and I think that podcast will be out before, my podcast interviewing you will be out before this one airs.

[00:39:21] So you can find the inspiration place on all the places, all the different places. And we actually go through the five stages of spiritual upgrades where Allyson really almost interviews me on the podcast about how it affected me. And it was a completely different conversation about what we chatted about today.

[00:39:44] And I’m sure you’re you will really enjoy listening to that. It was an amazing episode. I mean, because I think you, you’re, what you’re going through is so perfectly demonstrates how upgrades work. So, it was really, really amazing to be part of. So, we will put a link to that episode in the show notes as well, and other links to get into Miriam’s world.

[00:40:06] And I just have to say one more time. Thank you, from my heart so much for sharing your wisdom with us today. Yeah. Well, thank you for having me. This has been a lot of fun.

[00:40:25] And I want to thank you so much, dear listener for tuning in. I really do appreciate you being with me week after week. And as always until next time, may your soul guide the way.

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