Upgrade Your Energy Frequency by Releasing the Blocks Weighing You Down - Allyson Scammell

Upgrade Your Energy Frequency by Releasing the Blocks Weighing You Down

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Do you know what the secret is to accelerating your goals and dreams arriving to you?

It’s energy!

When we set a goal, it immediately takes the form of energy.

And because our biggest goals are often exhilarating, abundant, connecting, freeing, loving, etc, this means our highest goals are very high vibrational.

To align to the high vibe goals you envision for the future, you must raise your energy vibration today. And when this energetic alignment happens, your dreams manifest into your physical reality with greater joy, ease, and speed.

But the thing that will weigh your energy vibrations down the most are heavy energy blocks.

That is why in this week’s episode of Soul Guide Radio, I’m sharing how to upgrade your energy frequency by releasing the pesky blocks that are weighing you down.

I share how energy blocks lower your energetic frequency, how to release those blocks, and how to upgrade your energy so you can amplify your intuitive gifts. We’ll talk about what to do after you release a block so you can mindfully, with intention, consciously upgrade your energetic vibrations. 

We’ll explore how this works with your business specifically, but the technique I’m sharing also applies to anything you want to bring into your experience.

If you want to attract your dreams from a more joyful, connected, and loving place, then this episode is for you.

In today’s episode we explore:

  • How energy blocks lower your energetic frequency,
  • How to release those blocks, and
  • How to upgrade your energy so you can amplify your intuitive gifts.


  • Episode on Amplifying Your Intuitive Gifts here.


This Week’s Invitation: Release the blocks that are tethering you down and go through the 5-step process to release those blocks. 

Hello, my dear ones. How are we doing this week? I hope you are so fantastic. Today we have an absolutely fantastic episode for you. I’m really excited about it. And we’re talking about how to upgrade your energy frequency by releasing those pesky blocks that are weighing you down. So we’re talking energy, energy blocks, releasing them, and then what to do after you release a block.

[00:00:27] So you can mindfully with intention consciously upgrade your energetic vibration. And from that high vibe place, do all sorts of crazy stuff in your life, in your business and how you can align to those visions. Those goals, those desires, those things you want to bring into your experience from that high vibrational place and how that accelerates the pace in which that vision arrives to you.

[00:01:05] When you raise your energy frequency, you are able to call in anything into your experience with greater joy and ease and less attachment and we’ll be focusing on,  how this works in, particularly with your business, but please know that this really is about anything that you want to bring into your experience.

[00:01:25] And living from a higher vibrational place is just a, typically a more joyful, connected, loving, happy place. So in today’s episode, I’ll explain how energy blocks, lower your energy frequency, how to release those blocks and how to upgrade your energy. So you can amplify your intuitive gifts. We’ll end on an invitation that will have you upgrading your energy in a way

[00:01:54] so you can call in the life and business of your dreams. So please stay with me until the end. Welcome to soul guide radio, a podcast for soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs here to bring about change on a massive level. We explore how you can activate your big soul mission, amplify your intuitive gifts and clear the energy blocks weighing you down so you can gain unstoppable momentum in life.

[00:02:26] Love and business. I’m Allyson, Scammell your host and soul guide.

[00:02:40] Hey there. Soul guide circle that is the name of this community of soul guided leaders, influencers and entrepreneurs in the soul guide circle. We have big soul missions that we’re ready to put in motion so we can earn more and serve more. If you aren’t already a member, then I invite you to join our Facebook group of over 1100 leaders in Lightworkers who are in service to each other and the planet.

[00:03:05] All right, today, we’re talking energy. And at the end of the day, you and I, we do have human suits that feel physical. Like I’m touching my arms right now. I feel a solid, but underneath that we are, but energy and we have an energy body and that energy body vibrates. It has an energetic vibration and the higher, the vibration, the more joy love elation you are experiencing, and the lower the vibration is the more painful or uncomfortable emotions.

[00:03:46] And even the trauma, when you’re in a space of trauma, your low, low vibrating, very, very, very low. And from the lower vibrations, that is where, we are not in alignment to our goals and dreams because none of us dream  of trauma, none of us dream of being unhappy or ,  we don’t dream of regret our goals and desires

[00:04:13] aren’t that of sadness or rage. Right. We dream of abundance, connection, love, transformation, contribution, you know, changing the lives of others. Wild creativity, freedom. All of those emotions have us vibrating at a very high vibration. So go ahead and think about a dream you have for your life. And, or your business, let’s say you dream of growing your business to multi-six figures.

[00:04:44] You have people who work for you, who you adore, and you’re highly connected to you’re serving your soul clients. Your stuff is selling out. You’re able to show up every day in your zone of genius. You’re changing the lives of others. You’re changing the world. You’ve got money to buy a great house, support your family travel.

[00:05:03]Right? So look in the vision, you see things right. You see, um, a multi-six figure business. Okay. You see great employees working for you. You see a loving, supportive partner. You see happy children, you see a dog or a cat, right? Whatever you see in the vision, a beautiful house okay. Now go into the emotions. Those things make you feel.

[00:05:28] How do you feel in your vision running a successful multi six figure business or seven figure or fill in the blank figure? How do you feel? You feel abundant? You feel connected, you feel love, you feel thriving. Yeah. Those are all very high vibrational emotions. Those have your energy body vibrating. Very high.

[00:05:52] Feels good. Okay. Go to present moment, go to present moment, go to your present day. Are you vibrating at that same level, even though you don’t have yet have those things? Probably not. And one, or you might have minutes where you dip into those high vibrations and then you come back down in the majority of your day is in a lower vibrational state, well

[00:06:19] part of that reason why is because you have blocks. We all have them. And those blocks are filled with pain, trauma, regret, anger, fear, annoyance. Some of our blocks are filled with like real trauma and some of them are just filled with pesky annoyance but whether it’s annoyance or real like trauma, it’s going to lower your energetic frequency and your energetic frequency

[00:06:50] won’t then be in alignment to your goals and dreams, and it will prevent your goals and dreams to coming in from coming into your experience or ,  it will delay your goals and dreams coming into your experience. So by releasing these blocks, which are heavy, we are raising our energy frequency. You can see releasing your energy blocks.

[00:07:18] It’s like losing weight. It’s exactly like losing weight, going on a diet, you know, I’m gonna eat healthier, exercise more and lose the excess fat on my physical body that I don’t want anymore. Releasing your energy blocks is the same thing. It lightens you. It literally lightens you. One of my superpowers is seeing energy blocks inside of people’s energy bodies.

[00:07:44] And I can find blocks that are so hidden, that they are deep, deep, deep inside. And I actually call those nuanced blocks. They’re normally not trauma because the trauma are big blocks, easy to see, easy to find. But there’s small, hidden, nuanced blocks that are tricky. And whether I’m helping a client release a nuance block or a big block of truth

[00:08:08] about 100% of the time after we released them. And I asked the client, how do you feel he, or she will say some form of lighter. I feel lighter. And that’s exactly correct. They are lighter. They have released something in their energy body that has been weighing them down. And depending on how large the block is, it’s the equivalent of losing five pounds or 10 pounds or 20.

[00:08:36] Good thing is with energy work, you can lose a lot of weight in a single session. It doesn’t take as long when you’re trying to lose physical weight and you might be thinking , well, I probably don’t have that many blocks because I haven’t had a very traumatic life. I’m very lucky. I’ve been dealt a good hand this life.

[00:08:53] And if that’s you, that’s great. And I’m here to tell you, you very, very likely have trauma inside you from past lifetimes. We all come to this lifetime with blocks, we carried them with us like luggage. And it is part of our purpose in this lifetime to release those blocks. So we don’t carry them forth to the next lifetime.

[00:09:19] And just to back this up a little bit more before all of us came into our lifetime on a soul level, we agreed to the challenges we would experience. And the challenges aren’t just there to make life interesting. They’re there for divine purposes. Our challenges help us to heal, grow, learn, and essentially evolve to the next level.

[00:09:42] And for some of us, we had to manifest trauma in this lifetime, like real trauma in order to do that in order to heal, grow evolve for some of us, we actually had so much past lifetime trauma. That we needed less trauma in the current lifetime in order to heal from the past lifetime trauma. So wherever you are on this spectrum, honor it know that your challenges happen for a divine purpose.

[00:10:13] And for most of us, we manifest this on a subconscious level. It’s not like we even have, most of us don’t have the awareness of, oh, well I have this block inside me. So I have to manifest trauma to trigger the block in order to release it. It just happens. It unfolds on our path. So it’s not like we deserve bad things happening to us.

[00:10:34]Or we even need to be happy about the bad things. It’s just a perspective when you can see the greater purpose and you can see the light that the darkness can give us. And when you can see that, it can often be very, very liberating. There is a divine purpose behind all the hardships that we experience in life.

[00:10:59] And it’s not just happenstance. It’s not just coincidence. There’s a grand vision here for you and your soul. And here’s where it gets really good. You guys, this is where you get a gold star for listening to this podcast, because this is good stuff here. Let’s continue down this rabbit hole. Okay. So on a soul level, you agreed to your challenges

[00:11:21] in life. So a challenge arrives and it, what that challenge does is it triggers the block inside of you. It triggers the block inside of you. And when that block is triggered, you’re able, I call it shaking it loose, it shakes the block loose so you can release it. And when you release it, your vibration raises.

[00:11:47] And essentially that is your evolution living from a higher vibrational higher consciousness state. So without our challenges, making life challenging, we literally wouldn’t be able to evolve to a higher consciousness. And that’s really what we’re talking about here with the upgrading of your energy frequency, it’s evolving to a higher consciousness.

[00:12:17] And when you release a block, you are raising your energetic frequency permanently, unless of course you get another block that weighs you back down, but I’d say most of us who are on this pathway. I mean, if you’re here listening to this podcast, but if you’re listening to this podcast and you’re on a spiritual soul journey, it is highly likely that you’re releasing more blocks than you are adding.

[00:12:39] And this, my friends gets to the heart of the difference between soul happiness and soul evolution and ego happiness. Okay. Stay with me. This is really, really good stuff. So with ego happiness, what goes up must come down because you didn’t release any blocks. So your energetic vibration is staying the same, but something in your outer circumstance has happened to spike you up in happiness.

[00:13:09] So here’s a good example. You win the lottery. Okay. You win the lottery. You win $50,000. You get spiked up in happiness. Maybe you pay off some bills that you’ve been wanting to pay off, but you didn’t release an energy block. So you’re vibrating at the same level. So that spike in happiness must go down in equal measure, must go down in equal measure to some sort of sadness or regret or anger or jealousy or something to get you back to the, your energy vibration.

[00:13:48] So if you haven’t released a block. What goes up, must go down in equal measure. That’s why ego happiness can never be sustained. So this is why we really want our soul to be in the driver’s seat to our dreams and desires because our soul is going to guide us to the desires that trigger the right challenges.

[00:14:12] And when those right challenges come into our experience and we’re mindful and we’re releasing the blocks as we go. And I’m going to tell you how you do that in a second. And those blocks are being shed and your energy body, your energy vibration is raising. You are just going to a more and more joyful place because that’s who you now are.

[00:14:37] You are now a higher vibrational entity. That is your place of joy. So it’s not like it has to go up and down. It just is, you are just at a more joyful place. That is the essence of who you are now. A higher vibrational. Oh, I just find this all so fascinating. Whew. All right. Let’s get into, how do we release the block?

[00:15:01] So I teach a simple five step process. So the first step is to look within, take some deep breaths and just look within, imagine you’re looking inside your energy body and you can do this if you feel extremely, highly intuitive or not at all. Wherever you are on your journey. You have the ability to do this.

[00:15:25] This is we’re born with these tools. So look within, see if you notice anything that’s feeling heavy or painful. And like I said, our blocks don’t have to be filled with trauma. They can be nuanced blocks that are just sort of annoying or sort of off. And those small nuance blocks are going to throw you off your path.

[00:15:47] They need to be dissolved just as much as the big blocks that are full of lots of pain. So I’ve done a lot of work on myself, releasing a whole lot of blocks. So right now at this part of my journey, and of course this is could always change. My blocks are more nuanced. And the reason why it could change is you have to release the blocks on the surface to get to the ones that are underneath.

[00:16:12] Right. It’s like that whole iceberg metaphor. Sometimes we think our block is just like that tip of the iceberg. But once we release the tip, we realized that there’s this huge, huge chunk of ice underneath right. So I might be releasing in these nuance blocks now to make way for some big, big trauma that’s underneath,  or not, or you’ve released all your trauma and all you have is nuance blocks.

[00:16:36] I mean, it, everybody is different on this score, so it’s always really, really honoring where you are and what is true for you. So I’m going to go through this process right now. And I’m going to look within to see if I sense anything heavy or painful inside of me that is a block and I’m an energy healer, so I can actually see where my blocks are.

[00:16:58] So if you don’t feel like you can see where your blocks are, I just want you to really rely on your sense and your inner knowing of where, and you don’t even really have to know where they are in your energy body. It’s more about sensing or using your inner, knowing that something is there. Okay. But I will look within

[00:17:19] myself. And I can sense something is right at my solar plexus, which is a very common place for blocks. And your solar plexus is your represents yourself and source of power. And a lot of our blocks have something to do about self-worth and not having enough self-worth. And so it’s extremely common for those blocks to be lodged in the area of the solar plexus.

[00:17:45] And that’s going to take your chakra out of balance. In addition to weighing your energy body down, it’s going to push your chakra to either be overactive or underactive. And in the example of the solar plexus and overactive chakra is critical judgmental and stubborn, and an underactive chakra leads to procrastination, low self-esteem apathy and uncertainty.

[00:18:14] And very often when we have a block, it will cause us to vacillate back and forth between an overactive and an underactive chakra. So, first of all, you don’t have to know whether your block is what it’s doing to your chakra, all you’re asking is something there that feels painful, heavy off, just like it shouldn’t be there.

[00:18:36] So I’m sensing that for myself and I’m seeing it in my solar plexus. So again, I know that whatever my block is, it’s going to have something to do about myself and my  source of power. So then step number two is to feel into what is the story my block is telling me. So our blocks actually tell us stories.

[00:19:05] Yeah. I like to look at the outer layer. Let’s say your. Your ,  block is like an egg and the shell is the story that the block tells you and the ,  inside of the egg, the yolk, if you will, is the painful emotions that result from these stories. So let me just sense in to see if I can sense into what my block is telling me.

[00:19:36] Okay. So I just received. And I wasn’t expecting this at all. I just received, you have to work very hard to get the results you’re looking for. And I’ve dealt with some variation of this block for years. And so this is, I’m glad this is coming up. unfortunately with our blocks, it’s normally not just like one and done.

[00:20:01] Normally our blocks are part of a big story and we have to release our blocks, just one chunk at a time. And so let’s say we’ve got a block it’s a hundred percent. Maybe in one session of releasing we’ll release 7% of it. Then the next time we’ll release 15%. this process is really a lifetime journey of releasing, and it does take time and some of our stories return again and again, and again.

[00:20:32] And I appreciate when that happens, it can be frustrating and you can want to give up and have the thought, which is also part of the block. Um, none of this is working. I’m doing all this work, but yet here, this block remains and I just want to reassure you that it is working. And sometimes you’re releasing 1% of the block and 1% and 1%, and eventually

[00:20:59] if you stay on the path, if you stay mindful, if you keep doing the work, you’re gonna release it all. And let me tell you what this block that I have to effort really hard. It’s kind of like the block is you have to kill yourself in order to receive. And at the heart of this block in particular is self-worth because I’m not worthy of just receiving with joy and ease and abundance.

[00:21:25] I have to work my ass off to receive. Right. So this block is about self-worth you might think, oh, you have to work really hard to receive. Okay. Yeah. That actually comes directly from the collective. Right. We’ve been socially conditioned to believe you have to work hard to receive. But underneath that, I think for most, most of us is a question of self worth.

[00:21:49] You don’t deserve receiving. So you have to make yourself uncomfortable. You have to harm yourself in order to receive because you aren’t worthy of just receiving and I think this block is coming up for me. And I’m being called to share this on this podcast, because I think maybe you can relate to this in some way, shape or form, and certainly ,  tweak it for your circumstance.

[00:22:16] How is this landing for you if it’s landing? Okay. So back to this process, step number one, you look with in is something there, you get it yet. Step number two. What is that thing telling me, what is the story it’s telling me? So my case you have to work really hard in order to achieve your dreams. And there’s an element of kind of, you have to work really hard.

[00:22:43] You have to exhaust yourself. Okay. So step number three is what are the feelings. That story is triggering inside of you and that’s going to be what your block is composed of. So when I think of this, I feel exhausted. Unworthy is definitely there. Defeated, deflated, sad I’m fed up. So it was quite a bit right.

[00:23:14] So then once you’ve identified the feelings and if you’re not sure, sometimes it’s actually hard to identify what the, what it is you are feeling. It’s not necessarily as important, identify them if you can. And it’s such a good practice and it does take practice to get good at naming your emotions.

[00:23:34] Unfortunately for most of us, we were taught as children to repress our emotions. Don’t cry, you know, don’t sass back, like put a lid on it. Good children never cry. Good children, never have big emotions. They’re always just happy. So we’ve been taught to numb our emotions, shun them. And you sure as shit don’t want to name it.

[00:23:58] So part of this process is getting good at naming the emotions and honoring them. Because my friend, listen to me here, your emotions are your truth. Nothing tells a truer story than your emotions and time and time again, we’re telling ourselves we shouldn’t feel that way. I’ve got so many riches in my life.

[00:24:19] I shouldn’t feel sad. I shouldn’t feel regret. I shouldn’t feel guilt, shame and worthiness. Cause I’ve got a good life. That is an illusion that you shouldn’t, the truth is that your feelings are real. They’re real. And they’re pointing you to a real block that’s in your energy system. And the reason they’re getting your attention, trying to get your attention is because they want you to release the block.

[00:24:44] And when you release the block, my friend, you elevate you upgrade. And you bring in real joy, real happiness, not the kind that spikes up and down, but the kind that’s ever lasting. And that’s why our emotions are so important. And we should always, always, if there’s ever a should, when it comes to emotions and that is, we should always honor them because our emotions

[00:25:08] are telling us the truth. So the truth is when I tune into this story, I feel shame, unworthiness, defeat, exhaustion. So step four in the process is to feel the feels, you pause for 60 to 90 seconds. And you give yourself permission to fully and completely feel the emotions. Most of us don’t do this. We busy ourselves, so we don’t have to feel the emotions.

[00:25:36] We distract ourselves, we plug into things, but this is the process of unplugging from all the distractions looking within and imagine that the emotions are tucked deep down inside of you. And you’re like bringing them to the surface of your skin and for 60 to  90 seconds. Sit in these emotions and just notice as you do, what do these emotions feel like?

[00:26:00] Notice the physical sensations. And if it, if they’re very painful emotions, try to imagine it’s a science experiment. And you’re just ,  curious, you’re wearing a lab hat that says I am learning. I’m curious. What does this pain really feel like when I give myself permission to feel. And when we give ourselves permission to feel, we really don’t feel emotions for longer than 90 second waves, even when it’s big trauma.

[00:26:30] But normally we don’t give ourselves permission to feel. And we put our emotions on a low simmer, which is how you can feel some emotions like anxiety for days. Right. So we feel for 90 seconds. And this is a time where if you have big trauma, you probably would want to do this with a practitioner.

[00:26:47] So I am going to put the disclaimer that, ,  always ,  approach this in a way that feels safe for you. And if it ever feels like the emotions are too big or too painful to do this on your own, please don’t. Please hire a energy healer or an energy practitioner to help hold the space for you to guide you through this in a gentle process of releasing.

[00:27:15] All right. So I’m just feeling these fields that I identified for me. As part of this step four, and you want to wait to, you don’t have to. When you’re in the feeling, the fields, you don’t have to wait until the emotions are completely gone. You just want to be in the immersed in the feeling until you feel the wave starting to go down, it’s starting to feel less intense.

[00:27:39] And at this point, we move to step number five, you look within and notice if you see sense or have an inner knowing of a cord, rope, or string connecting you to the block. And if you’re not sure, imagine what is. And you produce an object in your mind’s eye, a sharp one, and you cut the cord. You cut it all the way through.

[00:28:04] And if the cord doesn’t want to cut, produce a sharper object, get a blow torch, get whatever you need. Cut it all the way through. Nice. I just cut my cord. And once the cord is cut, you take the deep breaths about three long deep belly breaths. On the exhale release ,  releasing it all and release. And what I like to do after I release a block is go to my heart space.

[00:28:40] And in the moments right after releasing a block is a beautiful time to connect to your intuitive gifts because you’ve just upgraded your energy frequency. You’ve released something that has been weighing you down, and now your overall energy vibration is rising to a higher frequency. So this is the time to connect to your heart space, which is the highest vibrational point in your energy system.

[00:29:09] And you can connect to higher self, connect to source, connect to other spirit guides. And what you want to do is ask your higher self or source for an affirmation, ask them for an affirmation to help you balance your chakra  or your overall energy. And it’s gonna just help you. Continue to release the block and heal your overall energy system and put your energy system back into a higher alignment.

[00:29:45] And you don’t have to know where the block was in your energy system. You don’t have to know what chakra  it was in.  We’re simply asking higher self and source, whoever else you want to ask for an affirmation to help balance your energy. Now, if you want to take this one step farther the affirmation for the solar plexus that works very well to balance.

[00:30:12] it, is I do, it’s an, I do affirmation. So I’m going to ask my higher self for some, I do affirmations and I have a feeling whatever’s going to come through for me right now is also for you. So you can, if these affirmations feel good and they’re landing for you, you can use these affirmations as well. And what I love about the I do affirmations is that it almost always calls me to a state of being and not doing so I’m in my heart space and I’m going to ask my higher self to give me some, I do affirmations to really help me balance my solar plexus in the aftermath of ,  releasing this block.

[00:30:58] So what’s coming through for me is I do achieve harmony. I do have the ability to receive more, an effort less. I do deserve abundance and wealth beyond measure. I do own my worth, ooh those feel good. And as I said, if they’re coming through for me and you’re here, you’re listening to this. We’re in minute 34.

[00:31:28] You’re still here. I have a hunch. These affirmations are also for you. And I invite you to tweak them, tweak the affirmations in a way to make them land more true for you or feel better for you. So go ahead and repeat after me out loud. Yes. Do this out loud with me, right? Yeah. Ready? I do achieve harmony and balance.

[00:31:50] I do have the ability to receive more and effort less. I do deserve abundance and wealth beyond measure. I do own my worth. Oh, yeah. So do you feel your energy rising? And these are not affirmations that we’re trying to trick ourselves into believing these are affirmations that are coming from our inner knowing our higher self or

[00:32:16] source So they are affirmations of truth and affirmations of truth are going to raise our vibration. Now, if any of those affirmations felt triggering for you or off , like, you want it to believe them, but you felt like you couldn’t. It is beautiful because it’s likely pointing you to another block that’s ready to be released.

[00:32:41] So look at it as a positive thing that you’re getting guided to a block that’s there. That’s ready to dissolve. And when you do this practice  of releasing blocks then going to the heart space and doing the affirmations, you are up grading your energy and this energy upgrade is going to amplify your intuitive gifts.

[00:33:06] Cause whenever you’re vibrating at a higher vibration, it is easier for you to connect to the high, high, high vibrational consciousness that is nonphysical. And the more you match that high vibrational frequency of source or higher self or arch angels or ascended masters or whatever it is that you want to connect to and communicate with,

[00:33:32] the higher you vibrate, the more you match that frequency, the stronger the connection. And if you haven’t had a chance yet I unpack all of this in episode number two, about amplifying your intuitive gifts. Wow. You guys what  a fun time I had recording this episode. Thank you so much for tuning in and being with me here.

[00:33:56] I’m recording this before you’re listening to it, obviously, but I feel like this podcast does time jumping and I have the feeling there that you’re here with me now. Like sitting in my office, it all, it makes me want to start crying actually. Because it’s so touching, I feel like the connection is so deep that you’re just sitting here in my office with me connecting to me right now, as the words come out of my mouth.

[00:34:23] And I just want to say, thank you. Thank you. Thank you for holding the space for me. And I want you to know, I feel you, I feel your support and I have an invitation for you. For this week. And my invitation is to release those blocks that are tethering you down and go through this five-step process. Start by doing it once a week.

[00:34:49] And then maybe you want to start doing it once a day. It’s a pretty fast process. It doesn’t take a lot of time. You don’t need a pen and paper. You can do it from anywhere. Number one you look within. Do you sense a block there that is feeling heavy or painful? Number two, what do you sense is the story

[00:35:09] your block is telling you if you’re not sure, go with your best guess go with the first story that comes to mind and the story is normally some sort of limiting or painful thought. Number three, what are the feelings that the story trigger within you? Number four, fully and completely immerse yourself in those emotions for 60 to 90 seconds.

[00:35:34] Number five. Cut the cord to your block deep breaths, deep breaths, deep breaths. And then the extra credit is then to go to your heart space and tune into your heart energy, connect to your higher self and ask your higher self for an affirmation to help balance your energy balance. The chakra that was being thrown out of whack because of the block and see what affirmations of love, joy,

[00:36:02] enlightenment come to you in the process. All right. So I feel my energy frequency amplified and upgraded. May you feel the same? And if you’re digging on this content, I invite you to give us a rating, give us a review, let us know how this podcast has brought some sort of joy or shift or evolution to your life.

[00:36:30] I truly, truly would love to know what this podcast is doing for you. And I’m truly, truly grateful for you tuning in to listen. Do you want to receive divine guidance and how to gain unstoppable momentum in the next 60 days, then download my free intuitive message and meditation to upgrade your energy frequency, dissolve the doubt and fill

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