Soul-Infused Signature Offerings - Allyson Scammell

Soul-Infused Signature Offerings

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Many soul-guided entrepreneurs approach the creation of signature offerings with some resistance.

The thought is: If a signature offering is good, it must be difficult to create.

In fact, our social conditioning tells us that it requires a lot of time (like years and years), a lot of experimentation, and a lot of frustration in order to perfect something like a signature offering.

But I’m here to tell you that creating a signature offering can (and should) be FUN and enjoyable!

You just need to craft a SOUL-INFUSED signature offering.

A soul-infused signature offering is the opposite of hard. It comes with ease. It’s a joy to create. And it puts you in energetic alignment to your business in the most powerful way.

With a soul-infused signature offering, you show up at your greatest potential in a vital way that your soul clients need. In return, you can place a premium price tag on your offering that then GROWS your business in a POWERFUL way.

Does that sound a lot more fun? Let’s get started then!

In today’s episode, I’ll explain exactly what a soul-infused signature offering is and how it attracts perfect soul clients that fuel the growth of your business.

>> LISTEN NOW to get started on creating a soul-infused signature offering that will have you SOLD OUT with soul clients in no time at all!

In today’s episode we explore how to:

  • Craft a soul-infused signature offering
  • Place a premium price tag on your signature offering (and why you should!)
  • OWN your offering to attract the perfect soul clients to it


  • Listen to Episode 9 on Becoming a Soul Client Magnet HERE


This Week’s Invitation: Start to bring together the three energies: Your Soul Purpose, Your Soul Client Avatar, and Your Unique Genius. Using these energies, start to craft, or at least start to feel into your Signature Offering.

Hello, my dear one. How are you doing today? I hope you are amazing. I am doing so well. The weather is absolutely beautiful today in the Hague. It’s been a very chilly summer and we haven’t had that many beach days and today and tomorrow are going to be glorious, warm, beach days with no wind, no clouds, you know, very unusual for the Netherlands to have no wind or clouds.

[00:00:28] So days like today, it’s almost like you, can’t not go to the beach. You feel like something is just wrong. You have this like whole, your whole body just feels like your priorities are just wrong, if you are not at the beach, at least part of the day, even if it’s just a half an hour on a beach day. Cause we have so few true beach days in a summer.

[00:00:56] So needless to say, I will be hitting the beach later today and tomorrow and any other days that are beach days, um, as we’re winding down the final days of summer, that is for sure. And I am so excited about today’s episode. I absolutely love, love, love talking signature offerings. And if you don’t already have one, I’m going to make the case today

[00:01:22] why you should have one and why it will make business success come to you much more easefully. And we’re going to have fun in this episode because crafting a signature offering is fun when you approach it the right way. And I have noticed that we as soul guided entrepreneurs tend to make the question of what is my signature offering difficult.

[00:01:48] I think we have the mindset that it’s gotta be hard to be good. We have to spend a lot of time, you know, a signature offering needs years and years and years to perfect, we have to experiment a thousand different ways before we land on the right thing. And I’m here to say it doesn’t need to be that. And in fact, a soul infused signature offering is the opposite of hard.

[00:02:14] It is easeful, and it is what you really want in your business. And it’s what, you’re what taking that again. And it’s what will put you into energetic alignment to your business in the most powerful way. So, in today’s episode, I will tell you exactly what I mean by signature offering. And we’ll explore how to craft a soul infused signature offering, how to place a premium price tag on that offering and why you should.

[00:02:52] And how to own your offering so that you attract the perfect soul clients into it. We’ll end on an invitation that will have you creating a signature offering that gets sold out with soul clients in no time at all. So be sure to stay with me until the end. Welcome to soul guide radio, a podcast for soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs here to bring about change on a massive level.

[00:03:24] We explore how you can activate your big soul mission, amplify your intuitive gifts, and clear the energy blocks weighing you down so you can gain unstoppable momentum in life, love and business. I’m Allyson, Scammell your host and soul guide.

[00:03:50] Hey there, soul guide circle. That is the name of this community of soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs. In the soul guide circle, we have big soul missions, and we yearn to earn more, serve more, and grow spiritually along the way. If you aren’t already a member, then I invite you to join our Facebook group of over 1200 leaders and Lightworkers who are in service to each other

[00:04:16] and the planet. Today, we’re talking about soul infused signature offerings, and let’s just start with, what is it? What is it? Well, I define a signature offering as that thing that you offer in your business, that A.  Allows you to show up at your greatest and fullest potential. And B is a perfect match to the pain points, desires and needs of your soul client avatar.

[00:04:58] So it allows you to show up at your greatest and fullest potential. And fits like a puzzle piece to the pains, desires and needs of your soul client avatar. Now I talk all about soul client avatars in episode number nine, becoming a soul client magnet. And I highly recommend you check that episode out because it will tell you step-by-step how to tap into the desires, pains and needs of your soul client avatar, specifically as it relates to you.

[00:05:36] So the pain points that you can help them alleviate the desires. You can help them fulfill and the needs like what they need from you. And we are talking soul client avatars here. So, we are talking about those people who need, what you have to offer on a soul level and your signature offering is that highest, most aligned thing that they can receive from you

[00:06:07] in a true signature offering. And we’re going to talk more about this later in the show, but it is you showing up at your highest and greatest vibrating, energetically at your highest and them you’re they, your soul client avatars meeting you meeting that energy and also them showing up as a client or as a customer at their highest and greatest.

[00:06:32] And you creating an energetic exchange between the two of you. That’s so great that the results that they receive from your offering is next level. The return on investment in your offering is times 25, times 50, times, a thousand. So, what that means is your signature offering. Let’s say it costs a hundred dollars.

[00:07:03] And I’m going to talk about in a minute why your signature offerings need to be much, much more than that, but let’s just for math, easy math sake. Say that it’s a hundred dollars. They’re going to invest a hundred dollars in your offering. And they’re going to receive back something worth 100 times 50, 100 times a thousand.

[00:07:24] So when the right soul client is consuming your signature offering the return on their investment is limitless and it lasts for the rest of their life. It is indeed the ultimate return that keeps on returning. And I’ll say quickly here that how I present this information is going to feel more relevant to those of you in a service-based industry, offering a service.

[00:07:54] However, this, everything I teach today is completely relevant and applicable to products and I often see people who sell products missing out on tons of money and income for their business, because they don’t have a signature VIP offering to go with the product they’re selling. So if you sell products, this episode is also for you, and if you don’t already have a signature offering, then there is a fantastic and huge opportunity here for you to grow your business to the next level.

[00:08:34] So how do you craft a signature offering? A soul infused signature offering has three primary components. It brings together three energy frequencies. The first is the energy frequency of your soul purpose. And I call it your highest why the highest why to what you are really meant to do and who you are really meant to be in this lifetime.

[00:09:07] It’s that footprint that you are destined to leave behind. And there are many, many different components to your soul purpose, but I’m talking about that chapeau, that thing that no matter what you’re doing, and no matter what point you are on your journey, you’re going to be some way, shape or form influenced and driven by this purpose by this highest why.

[00:09:38] The second energy that you infuse into your signature offering is that of your soul client avatar. And please listen to the episode becoming a soul client magnet, where I dive deep into this, but essentially what you want is the energy frequency of your soul client avatar and bringing together the energies of her pains,

[00:10:01] wants and needs; tuning into those energies of the, her biggest pains, her biggest wants, and her biggest needs from you. Which brings us nicely to the third energy that goes into the signature offering. And that is your unique genius. So, when I say it from you, it’s what she needs from your unique genius. And as part of a unique genius, I include your spiritual gifts, your intuitive gifts, all of that is part of your genius of your gifts, your gifts

[00:10:34] are you showing up at your highest and greatest potential. And when you bring these three energies together into an offering that’s tailor made for your soul client avatar, then my friends, what you are creating is something of high, high value. And we’ll be talking about how to place a premium price tag on your signature offering,

[00:11:02] in just a second. So, we’re crafting your signature offering and we’re bringing together these three energies, your purpose, your soul client avatar, and your unique genius. How do you do that? Energy, my friends, energy, and it gets back to my five step process for connecting to different energies, connecting to higher self, connecting to soul client avatars source, spirit guides, and

[00:11:32] as a review, if you, and if you’re new to me and my world, it’s step one, deep breaths. Step two, pivot your awareness down and place your awareness on your heart chakra, your heart space at the center of your chest. And then step three is deciding to what you’re connecting into. So, we’re going to connect into higher self, source and soul client avatar.

[00:11:58] So we’re just connecting to that energy. You’re setting the intention to connect to that energy. You can include spirit guides, if you wish to, any sort of divine guidance that you like to connect into. And step four is asking questions. So, if you haven’t spent a lot of time in exploration of your soul purpose, or you want to check in on it to see if it’s evolved or shifted, just ask the question it, like I said, this doesn’t have to be hard

[00:12:30] my friends let’s call in the ease. Let’s make it easy. Ask the question. What is my soul purpose? What is my highest why? And then invite, invite your guides, source, higher self to answer this statement, to fill in the blank, I am here to fill in the blank, blah, let me do it with you today. I’ve done this many, many times, and I invite you to do this many, many, many times.

[00:13:00] And the more you do it, the more clear the picture will form. So, I am gone through the steps, I’m connected in, what is my purpose? And then you go to step five, which is perceiving what you receive to be coming back as an answer. So, either hear it, see it, sense it, or have an inner knowing typically is how you receive, but you might receive differently.

[00:13:27] You might receive in different parts of your body. I mean, there’s lots of different ways to receive, but you want to perceive what you receive to be coming back as an answer. So, I’m just going to tell you right now, what I am receiving, my soul purpose is to help leaders and Lightworkers uncover and fully embody their highest truth.

[00:13:52] And to live that truth and to live a life of freedom, abundance, joy, and connection, and to help bring the higher truths to the collective, so that humanity understands the truth of why we’re here and what we’re meant to do and how they can tap into that truth at any time. So, that didn’t surprise me. Um, I know that my purpose has always been about truth and, and, you know, like all things in the spiritual realm, things are both simple and profound at the same time.

[00:14:33] So we could spend hours and hours diving into what that really means, but you don’t need to have every last detail figured out just going into that energy. I am here to help leaders and Lightworkers uncover their truth and help the collective get closer to the truth of how we’re really meant to live as humans and interact with the spiritual realm and all those things.

[00:15:01] And I’m going to just go into that energy of truth. That truth energy is my purpose. So now we’ll move to the second energy. That you infuse into your signature offering that energy of your soul client avatar. So again, we go through the five-step connecting process and in the third step, we will connect to your soul client avatar and get her pains, needs and wants from you and your unique genius.

[00:15:31] So I’m going to check in with her now. So, I go deep breath, pivot down to the heart space. And this time I connect to the energy of my soul client avatar, whose name is Aurora. Hi Aurora. And I just check in with her at this point in the journey, dear one, what do you, what are your pains that I can help you with?

[00:15:52] And then I’m just going to tell you what I perceived to receive from her. I, um, my pain is that I am unsure. I don’t, everything that’s happening in the collective feels heavy. I feel unsure about the future, and this is making me doubt my business, doubt my next steps, doubt that I can be successful and weather the storms that may be coming.

[00:16:19] And it’s really preventing me from living my greatest and fullest life. Oh, okay. Thank you, Aurora, and Aurora, what are your desires that I can help you achieve? I desire to just live a full, joyous life and knowing that I can weather any storm and manifesting the best future for my life, for my business and for the overall collective for humanity.

[00:16:50] So we do ascend, and we live from a higher consciousness, a higher place, and I’m no longer plugged into collective fear. And instead, I’m a leader and a lightworker leading others to this higher consciousness into a better way of living, connecting, and showing up in the world. Oh, thank you, Aurora. That is so beautiful.

[00:17:14] I love your desires. I have similar desires and last question, dear Aurora, what do you need from me? I need you to show me the way. I need you to hold my hand a little bit and, uh, reassure me and help me to be that leader and lightworker that I meant to be, help me to unplug from the collective fear. And help me to guide my people to an ascended higher way of living.

[00:17:48] Ooh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Aurora. That’s so good. So that’s the second energy of your signature offering that of your soul client avatar. And you’re also bringing in just all of her energy. You’re bringing in her personality characteristics or idiosyncrasies her, everything about her, but we’re just going a little bit deeper into her pains, wants, needs, because that’s going to serve as the heart of your offering.

[00:18:16] That’s how you’re going to help her, but it’s really her overall energy frequency. And you don’t need to have all the details about her and I’m just using the pronoun her, but please use the pronoun that is right for you and your soul client avatar. Uh, you don’t have to have all the details. Remember we’re going to make this easy.

[00:18:37] You’re just tuning into that energy frequency, and you might be thinking, okay, Allyson it’s really good that you can channel your soul client avatar, but I don’t have those abilities. And I’m here to say, yes, you do. Yes, you do. It might not come in as quickly and clearly as what I, I just did. I’m kind of channeling her, but just ask the questions, make the connections, make it easy, go with what you perceive to receive.

[00:19:12] And if you’re not sure, go with your best guess and then just start putting that content out there a little bit, write a few posts on social media, talk to a few people, test it, see how it feels. See if it starts resonating. And I have a hunch that what you perceive to receive is way, way more accurate than you realize.

[00:19:46] All right. And the third energy that we’re bringing to bear here is your spiritual gifts, unique genius, core gifts, original medicine, whatever you call it, that just it’s your superpowers. Okay. And again, five step process, deep breaths, Heart Space, and this time I’m going to connect to source and higher self, but you connect to whomever you wish to connect to.

[00:20:14] And I’m going to share with you how I asked the question. So, give this a try and see how it works for you. So higher self, source, spirit guides. What are the unique abilities I am born to share? What are the unique abilities I am born to share? And then you can say in this context that I am really meant to infuse into my signature offering for my soul client avatar.

[00:20:41] And I’m going to tell you what I’m receiving the unique abilities you’re born to share are that of being the leader and the light worker and leading the Ascension to higher consciousness. And you, um, are born to share with your soul client avatar, your intuitive gifts, your healing gifts, and your ability to take complex spiritual tools and ideas and break those down into

[00:21:29] methods and ways that your soul clients can integrate and implement into their lives so that they experience real results and transformation.

[00:21:46] All right. So, that is basically what just came through. And I do this a lot, so none of it, what came through surprise me, but it is a little bit different. Um, this whole idea of leadership is, uh, coming through stronger than it had ever before. And this leading the, uh, Ascension process that is, uh, coming through, and that is, um, appearing

[00:22:19] in a more pronounced way for me than it ever has in the past. So please know that these things, your purpose, your, your gifts, your soul client avatar, it does evolve. Um, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t really change, but it just evolves. And you can look at it as you’re always peeling the next layer of the onion back.

[00:22:39] So you’re getting that next uh, level in every time you show up and do this work, or at certain points on your human journey, you kind of get a bump up in awareness or abilities or, um, insights. And you can see that as going, um, just a few more layers, deeper into the truth of who you are and what you’re meant to do in this lifetime.

[00:23:11] So now that you’ve tuned in to the energy of your soul purpose, your soul client avatar, and your unique genius. You want to think about packaging this in a way that makes sense, packaging it in a way that the soul client avatar understands it’s for her. And she sees clearly that it’s meant for her and that she’s going to get a huge return on the investment.

[00:23:41] How do you do that? This is when you want to think about the, a to B transformation and what the A to B transformation is, is when your, soul client avatar arrives to you she is in her state of being is in stage a. She is feeling a lot of pain. She has lots of roadblocks in front of her. She has desires, but she feels like she can’t attain them or they’re far away and she’s frustrated or defeated or sad or angry or whatever it is.

[00:24:21] So she arrives to you in this state of these pains. She invests in your offering and then consumes your offering. So, whether it’s a one-time thing, like maybe it’s something she consumes once, or maybe you take her on a three month or a six-month journey. And when she’s done consuming your product or your offering, she is in state B and in a perfect world, we want to assume in the A to B transformation that she’s showing up,

[00:24:56] doing the work, consuming your offering properly, like there’s no like personal crisis that happens halfway through, right? Like you’re just making the assumption that everything’s going to go as smooth as possible. And when she gets to state B, her pains have been alleviated, she has her desires or she is on the way to getting her desires and she, you have given her what she needs.

[00:25:22] Okay. That’s the A to B transformation. And you want to think about that? What is, how does she look and state A, how does she consume your product or offering and how does your signature offering get her to state B? Right? And when she sees that journey and she sees how investing in your offering is going to get her to B which is pains alleviated, desires arriving into her experience.

[00:25:58] And she has everything she needs. She is going to be very excited to invest in your offering. And even though we are talking about a very, very soul guided process. And these energies and these, this, these energy frequencies should be leading the way. We also do have to think a little bit about consumer psychology, because for most of us, when we invest in something, a coaching program, a new blender doesn’t matter what it is.

[00:26:33] There’s certain things that we’re going to read or certain phrases or words that we’re going to consume that’s going to tell us that this offering is for us. So, let’s say you are a coach or a healer, or you’re in the service based industry. And you want to talk about your signature offering in a way that gets your soul client avatar to say, this is for me, this is what I need.

[00:27:03] So to communicate that most powerfully to your soul client avatar, you want to go to, let’s just say you go to the top three results that your offerings is going to get her. You always want to think in terms of benefits and results. That’s what people are always looking for when they’re considering investing in anything.

[00:27:26] What are the results I’m going to achieve? What are the benefits I’m going to receive? But what can be difficult, especially in the world of personal growth and development is to really adequately articulate what those benefits and results are. It can be tricky for anyone. It’s tricky for people who’ve been in business and who’ve been coaching for years and years and years.

[00:27:48] There’s an art, there’s definitely an art to this. And this is something that you do get better at over time and with practice and with working with more and more people where you get to really start to see all the benefits and results that are coming into your clients experiences. But if you’re newish to the process, then just go with what you think is the answer.

[00:28:09] Go with your best guess and identify the top three benefits that your client is going to walk away with after they, um, experience or consume your signature offering. So, let’s say one of the things your offerings gives people is a deeper sense of who they are. That’s amazing. That’s profound. That’s life-changing but

[00:28:33] in the information age that is likely not specific enough to get your soul client avatars attention, because on any given day, we are so bombarded with various incendiary things; offerings that promise to change our lives. We are actually looking for our brain is scanning for things that are very, very specific that stand out that are different, that are unique.

[00:29:05] And it’s those different, unique, specific things that are gonna get our attention. Getting back to our example, you’re designing a product for your clients. That’s going to give her a deeper sense of who she is. Okay. So, ask the question and ask this key question at least seven times, what’s that going to give her? So, a deeper sense of who she is,

[00:29:34] what’s that going to give her? That’s going to give her the ability to know what she no longer wants to do. And who she no longer wants to hang out with and who she no longer wants to be. What’s that going to give her? That’s going to give her permission to start getting rid of the things and the people in her life

[00:29:57] that’s no longer serving her. Okay. What’s that going to give her? That’s going to give her space in her life and her energy on her agenda to start creating the life that she truly wants to live. What’s that going to give her, that’s going to give her specific clarity on her next steps of what she wants to do in her life, in her career, with her relationships.

[00:30:26] And that’s going to really help her tap into the next level of who she is. What’s that going to give her? That’s going to give her a deeper connection to her higher self, a deeper connection to our relationships. That’s going to allow her to call in better relationships and a deeper circle of friends who really serve her. Well, what’s that going to give her? That’s going to give her the ability to start really showing up at our highest and best self so she can be in highest service to others, her loved ones, and, um, the people that she interacts with in her work.

[00:31:03] And what’s that going to give her? That’s going to give her better sleep at night, a healthier outlook. That’s going to have her eating healthier foods. That’s going to have her with deeper relationships. That’s going to help her find her dream career path and land on her dream job. What’s that going to give her? The ability to make more money doing work that’s more meaningful.

[00:31:27] So as we get deeper and deeper into the question of what that’s going to get her, that’s when we get into the tangible results, the tangible stuff that people can see with their own eyes, they understand it. They understand better sleep. They understand deeper relationships, they understand more money and people invest primarily in five things to be happier, to make more money,

[00:31:50] to have better relationships, to be healthier and to be more productive and have better time management skills. So, you want to tap into when you’re thinking about the, A to B transformation and what she’s going to want to walk away with, you want to get as specific and tangible as you possibly can about the results she’s going to walk away with.

[00:32:14] And it’s those tangible results that she can quantify and see and understand that’s going to get her attention and tell her this offering the signature offering is for me, and I need to invest in it. I don’t want to invest in it. I need to, there is no question. And to give another example, I have a signature offering on the table right now, and it is the combination of the three energies.

[00:32:45] My soul purpose, my soul client avatars needs, wants and desires and my unique genius. And it is my soul guide academy. It is a nine-month mentoring program for leaders and Lightworkers looking to earn more, serve more and grow spiritually along the way. And in this A to B transformation, the soul clients who

[00:33:13] are arriving, they’re going to have the pain points of knowing that, that then they know they have an inner knowing that they have a big soul mission. They have an inner knowing they’re meant to do a lot and be a lot in this lifetime. And call in and have a full book of soul clients, call in next level abundance so they can serve more and have a greater impact on the planet.

[00:33:41] And they can be a leader and a Lightworker in this Ascension we’re going through to a higher consciousness way of living. And she has this inner awaring, but she feels a little bit stuck. She has some energy blocks, some second guessing going on she’s maybe a little bit too plugged into the collective fear.

[00:34:06] Um, and she’s ready to shed those fears and just claim who she is. Step up to her next level of success, fully express her unique genius. Fully activate her big soul purpose. And ultimately, she wants her signature offering or offerings to be consistently sold out with soul clients. What sold out was soul clients going to give her? More income, more competence, a greater sense of owning her worth.

[00:34:39] What’s that going to give her? The ability to grow her audience to the next level, to be seen as a bigger authority in her field. What’s that going to give her? That’s going to make her the in-demand expert that everyone wants to talk to. What’s that going to give her? That’s going to give her a celebrity type status in her business.

[00:35:04] Well, what’s that going to give her? Man, if you have a celebrity type status in your business that is going to take your audience to the way next level, your prices to the way next level. And that’s going to bring in, that’s gonna put you on the path to seven figure income, and that’s going to put you on the path to really serving a global audience and part of a global movement if that is what you want.

[00:35:33] So that A to B transformation and it’s all pretty clear. And what she’s going to walk away with is also very tangible and very clear. So that’s going to tell my soul client avatars. This is for you. It is safe to invest in this offering. You are, investing in this offering is not an option. You need to on a soul level, you need this offering and it’s going to give you a return on your investment

[00:36:06] times 50, times a hundred, times a thousand, the return on investing in this program will blow your mind and it will keep on giving to you for the rest of your life. That is the essence of a true soul infused signature offering.

[00:36:32] Which brings us nicely to pricing, pricing your signature offering. Here’s the deal. There is no bargain shopping in signature offerings. If you have a prospective client who is bargain shopping, and wanting to pay low prices, she is not a soul client. She is somebody else’s soul client. She is not your soul client because here’s the deal signature offerings is you showing up at your very, very best.

[00:37:06] It is attracting the perfect clients, the perfect soul clients that fit together with you like a puzzle piece, like a mosaic tile, and she needs you. You are the one that will help her alleviate certain pain points and help get her, get her certain desires. And when that mosaic, those mosaic tiles come together, that is high vibrational stuff. That is energetic alignment, and a low-price tag is going to bring that energy down.

[00:37:49] It’s not good for you or your business, because you’re not able to show up at your highest and best, and it doesn’t serve your soul clients because they need that high vibration, that high frequency. And because you’re offering them something that is tailor made to them. They are ready and motivated to invest higher prices in it.

[00:38:14] And in fact, if the price tag is too low, they might make the wrong conclusion that it’s not for them. Because they’re so motivated. They so want what you have to offer. Clearly, there must be something better out there with that higher price tag that is going to get them what you they want because your soul clients are motivated.

[00:38:41] They are not bargain shoppers. And it doesn’t mean they’re wealthy. It doesn’t mean they have tons of money in the bank. It just means that they are so motivated for what you have to offer that they’re ready to invest next level prices in it.

[00:39:00] So your signature offering is valuable. And the price tag of it, how much you charge for it, needs to, it really needs to reflect that value to be in energetic alignment and to attract in the right soul clients. And there’s a really critical add on here that brings me to my final point of this episode.

[00:39:30] And that is how to own your offering so you can attract the perfect soul clients. So let’s say you’ve crafted your soul, your signature offering. You’ve infused all the energies. You’ve put the high price on it and you second guessed the hell out of it. You’re like, well, I think this is what I have to offer. And I think this is who it’s for.

[00:39:55] And I think this is how much it’s worth, but who would ever want to pay this much? Who am I to think I could ever charge this much? Uh, I, I just don’t know if I can get them this, these results. I’m in doubt right now. If you are in any sort of doubt about your signature offering your prospective clients are going to feel that.

[00:40:21] And even if they’re super interested in it, because they can see that it’s for them and they can see that you’re the person for them, they might pass on it because you are not owning the truth. And the truth is that your soul clients don’t want what you have to offer. They need it. And the truth is what you have to offer is high value.

[00:40:51] So when you start to own that value, own the transformation that you make in the world and in your client’s lives, that’s when people feel it, your audience feels it, your prospective clients feel it. And when they feel you owning your value, that’s when they really say I have to have this offering, I cannot pass it up.

[00:41:20] It has to be now. It has to be with this person with you and I have to invest these higher prices.

[00:41:31] And there’s a really quick and powerful exercise you can do that gets you into the energy of owning your worth. And that, again goes back to my beautiful five-step process that is basically the key to everything in life. And that is step one, deep breath. Step two, pivot down to the heart space. Step three.

[00:41:52] In this example, you are connecting to the energy of your soul client avatar. Step four is going to look a little bit different. Step four is going to be a visioning. And in step four, I would, I invite you to envision having tea with your soul client avatar will where you will be asking her questions. So that is step four is questions, but in the questioning, I invite you to imagine that you’re inviting your soul client avatar to tea.

[00:42:27] And I want you to imagine that this tea is at the end of your journey together, and she is fully immersed and just embodying her B from her A to B transformation. She’s embodying, all of her pains have been alleviated. All of her desires are in her experience. She’s experiencing them on the daily and you have given her exactly to a T as you’re drinking tea, what she needs.

[00:43:01] And I want you to feel that energy frequency. Notice what you see in the vision and just ask her, talk to her. What were the specific, tangible results you received from my signature offering? Be in the energetic frequency notice just how high vibrational the frequency is. Feel into. I have yet to have a client who didn’t immediately feel the value that her offerings were creating the world

[00:43:44] when going through this process. Feel the results you’ve brought into her life. Feel the transformation to an end of that energy. Allow that energy to help you own your worth. Oh, on your offerings, your soul clients don’t want it. They need it. The world needs you putting out your signature offering and selling out your signature offering with soul clients.

[00:44:22] All right. My dear ones, that’s all I have for you today, we went through how to craft a soul infused signature offering that brings together the energies of your soul purpose, soul client avatar and unique genius. We talked about how to craft a signature offering that takes your soul client avatar through her A to B transformation and how to talk about the offering in a way that will get her attention.

[00:44:58] We explored why your signature offerings always need a very high price tag and how to own your offering so you can attract the perfect soul clients into it. My invitation for you this week, my friends is to start to bring together the three energies. Start with energy number one, what is my soul purpose?

[00:45:27] Even if no words come to you as to what your soul purpose is, be in that energy frequency. Number two, be in the energy frequency of your soul client avatar and number three, be and the energy of your unique genius. And once you’ve tapped into those three energies, I invite you to bring those three energies together, to start to craft, or at least start to feel into the signature offering

[00:46:00] that is tailor made for the people you were born to serve. All right. My dear ones. That’s all I have for you today. And if you’re loving on this episode and I truly hope you are, and maybe you’re thinking to yourself, Ooh, I think I might be a soul clan of Allyson. Her soul guide academy sounds like just what I need and just what I want.

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[00:46:49] Or you can find a link on my website, Allyson forward slash academy. If you’re ready to embark on a journey that will change your life forever. And take you to the next level of the impact and transformation you’re destined to bring to your clients and the world then I think the soul guide academy might be tailor made just for you. Again, head on over to my website, or you can go to Allyson forward slash academy.

[00:47:22] Fill out an application and then a member of my team will be in touch with you to book a 45-minute free, intuitive strategy session with me where you can ask all of your questions and you can learn all about this amazing life-changing program. And until next time, my dear ones may your soul guide the way. Are you ready to fill your business with soul clients in the next 60 days? Then download my free energy, upgrade meditation to amp up your energy frequency, dissolve the doubt and attract the soul clients you are destined to serve.

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