Soulful Funnels with Lauren Lapointe - Allyson Scammell

Soulful Funnels with Lauren Lapointe

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What if I told you all you need to run a successful and thriving business is a really good sales funnel.

You’d probably tell me to go take a hike.

I have so many clients who recoil at the sound of the words “sales funnel” that I now only refer to it as a “soul client courtship.”

Most soul-guided entrepreneurs accept that sales funnels are important, BUT they resist actually using them in their business.

Why? Because sales funnels carry a bad reputation for being difficult to use, inauthentic, and unaligned with our high-vibe energies.

Here is the truth! Funnels are so much more than a digital automation tool. When done the right way, funnels provide clarity, allow you to connect more deeply to your audience, and enable you to focus your energy towards showing up for your customers in more powerful ways.

In today’s episode, Lauren Lapointe and I discuss the vital role that sales funnels take once you’re ready to scale your soulful business. Plus, we break down limiting beliefs that funnels are salesy or hard to use and tell you exactly how you can get started on building yours today.

As a master funnel strategist, Lauren also shares how to avoid big mistakes people make while building their first funnel and instead how to effortlessly create an incredible soul system that not only converts but becomes an extension of your brand’s identity.

>> LISTEN NOW if you’re ready to take the quantum leap towards scaling your business to begin making a bigger impact and income. Tune in to learn how you too can begin using funnels to amplify your business success today!

Guest Bio:
Lauren Lapointe is a Soul Magic Business Coach who took the leap several years ago to leave the corporate world and her cushy corner office behind to work for herself.
Seven years ago, she heard the call to become a coach and now runs a successful online coaching business where she specializes in offering coaching and online programs and has served over 12,000 students and clients around the world.
She’s the creator of the Soul Magic Coach Certification program and the Soul Magic CEO Mastermind and helps coaches build thriving, soul-aligned businesses filled with dream clients and magic.
Although she grew up in Canada, she currently lives in Florida with her husband and an undisclosed number of cats. She takes daily walks in the woods, believes in fairies, and always keeps chocolate nearby.

In today’s episode we explore: 

  • The tell-tale sign your business is ready to take the leap towards massive growth
  • The biggest mistakes people make while building a soulful funnel and what to do instead
  • How to create your own soul-system and amplify your income


This Week’s Invitation: To be open around sales funnels and recognize it might be an option for you in your business. 

Hello, my dear ones. This is Allyson Scammell and I tell you what I would call today’s episode high value. Like seriously, this is the content most coaches charge for. And I’m super, super excited to be sharing you this treasure trove of information for free because you are a listener and as hopefully a subscriber to soul guide radio.

[00:00:30] And my goal is to create the most valuable content I possibly can for you to serve you in your life and and business. And I talked to the amazing Lauren Lapointe today about soulful funnels. I tell you what, I’ve been on a journey myself with the idea of a funnel, a sales funnel. We’ll be defining exactly what that is, but I went from rejecting them or the idea of them in my business, because it felt too salesy or just, I wasn’t interested to really embracing and adopting

[00:01:04] funnels and finding out that there are aspects of them that I really love. And when I learned to love them and infuse my authenticity and my gifts into them. Guess what my funnels worked for me. They helped me magnetize soul clients into my business and they helped me ditch hustle and find flow. And I would love for you to build funnels in your business that give you the same results or better.

[00:01:38] So in today’s episode, Lauren shares with us what a soulful funnel is, how they can help you attract soul clients and how soulful funnels actually help you ditch the hustle and find the flow. We’ll end on an invitation that will have you setting up your own soulful funnels in your business in a way that feels amazing and authentic

[00:02:05] and that magnetize soul clients to you. So you’re gonna want to stay with us until the end. Welcome to soul guide radio, a podcast for soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs here to bring about change on a massive level. We explore how you can activate your big soul mission, amplify your intuitive gifts and clear the energy blocks weighing you down so you can gain unstoppable momentum in life, love and business.

[00:02:39] I’m Allyson Scammell your host and soul guide.

[00:02:50] Well, Hey there. Soul guide circle. That is the name of this community of soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs. In the soul guide circle, we have big soul missions, and we yearn to earn more, serve more and grow spiritually along the way. If you aren’t already a member, then I invite you to join our Facebook group of over 1100 leaders and Lightworkers who are in service to each other and the planet.

[00:03:17] And you can find a link to join in the show notes. Today we’re talking soulful funnels with the amazing Lauren Lapointe. We had such a blast talking about this topic and we kept on peeling back really high value layers of the onion of a funnel. And I feel like the nuggets we share in this episode are really going to

[00:03:45] change things for you and your business. And you’ll have some takeaways here that you can incorporate today that will allow you to be happier and more successful in your business. So my friends you’re in the right place. So my guest Lauren Lapointe is a soul magic business coach who took the leap several years ago to leave the corporate world and her cushy corner office behind to work for herself. Seven years ago, she heard the call to become a coach and now runs a successful online coaching business, where she specializes in offering coaching and online programs and has served over 12,000 students and clients around the world.

[00:04:28] She’s the creator of the soul magic coach certification program and the soul magic CEO mastermind and helps coaches build thriving soul aligned businesses filled with dream clients and magic. I had such a blast chatting with Lauren on this amazing topic. And may you receive as much from her wisdom as I did.

[00:04:51] Please enjoy. I am so excited to welcome Lauren to the show. Hi Lauren. Hi. So excited to be here. Oh my gosh. This is such a good topic. We’re talking soulful funnels and you know, my clients, when I say the word funnel, I see them cringe and clench and I don’t think they need to be so painful. And I think that you can tell us.

[00:05:16] I believe you can tell us that they don’t need to be painful. So let’s talk about soulful funnels. What are they? What’s a soulful funnel. Yeah, totally. I love this topic so much. And I’ll just say really quickly that one of the reasons that I kind of found my way into funnels was because I didn’t know they were hard.

[00:05:34] I was a newbie years ago and I just started doing this stuff. And so later on I found out, like I heard all the, oh, this is hard and funnels are, are this. So I’m so grateful that I didn’t have the preconceived notions, you know? And so I had that open that openness and that’s, that’s what started me on this journey.

[00:05:52] So I wanted to share that with everyone really quickly. Cause I think that’s, it’s always nice to hear like that, that our, how we enter into space can really be helpful, but let’s jump in. Let’s talk about soulful funnels. So first of all, let me explain what a funnel is. Basically, a funnel is a series of steps that takes people from, they can be complete strangers to becoming paid and happy clients or customers.

[00:06:17] Okay. So it’s called a funnel because if you think of the funnel shape, like, you know, that you start with like something really, really broad, you’re just like kind of casting a net out into the world and picking out cherry picking your beautiful soulmate clients from there. Okay. So that’s essentially what a funnel is.

[00:06:38] That’s the concept of it. Um, it helps to really build what’s called the know like, and trust factor. So there’s, these steps are in there to help you get to know each other and build relationships. And it’s nice to think of it, like dating. Okay. So it’s like, if you want to date somebody and meet somebody, like, do you start with, Hey let’s Hey, you look cool.

[00:06:58] Do you want to get married? Or do you start with, Hey, let’s go have a cup of coffee or something, you know, you kind of build from there. So think of a funnel like that. It’s like a series of steps to get to know each other from, you know, wherever you’re starting from. It might be from complete strangers to happy pay customer or client and a soulful funnel

[00:07:19] is it’s really about the energy and the intention that you’re creating it with. Okay. So funnels tend to, I’m talking about this some more and this is why I think the perception of funnels can get kind of funky. Um, but, you know, cause they can get very tactical and detailed, but if they are created with the energy of heart, of love, of intention, if every piece of it feels very loving and feels like you’re really connecting with your beautiful,

[00:07:47] soulmate clients. It’s a whole different thing. All right. And that’s why I emphasize soulful funnels. I actually call them a lot, your soul client journey or soul customer journey if you’re working with clients or customers. So, um, so think of it as a journey, you know, and it’s really all about creating a beautiful relationship with your soul clients 

[00:08:07] and just really connecting with the soul and also creating them from the, from that higher self-perspective. You know, we have those two ways that we can work. One is that we’re really in our left brain and we’re like doing all the details and all that kind of stuff. That’s super important for this work, but you also want to bring in that, that higher self-perspective.

[00:08:26] That’s those are those moments when we really feel like connected to our purpose and our mission, and we’re just feeling a strong heart connection with what we want to do in this world, in this work. So we want to really have both of those happening all the time as we create our funnels and do this kind of work.

[00:08:45] Yes. Oh, I love that. And you know what I call this? I have a similar way to call it. I call it the sole client courtship. Oh, I love that. So good. It’s funny that ties into the dating, but I like that. I’ve often thought of it as dating as well. And because I think it works and I just saw a social media post the other day by someone who was like, oh, you know, if you want to do it differently

[00:09:10] and without the funnels and without the ick factor and all this. Basically, they were like, uh, saying like, I show up differently in my business and I don’t do webinars and I don’t do all these things. And she listed a bunch of stuff I do in my business. Right. Because I don’t want to be salesy and I don’t want to bother people.

[00:09:30] And I’m like, God, yeah, I don’t either. But it’s like when you show up from a place of love and connection and service, you can do all of the things she listed. You know, email automations, webinars, all the things and the people receiving it are just like, wow, this is great stuff. I am a better person because I’m receiving this information.

[00:09:50] Exactly. Exactly. I know. I get my feathers ruffled a bit when because there’s this negating of our poor funnels. It’s like, and it’s, it’s not, it’s never about the tool or the tactic or the strategy. Like we could make anything ick right? Like you can make any type of like marketing or anything in our business or anything in life

[00:10:11] we can make it icky, or we can make it, you know, feel very soulful and high vibe. So, and funnels are just another tool like so many others, right? Yes. I totally agree. So why and when should we have a soulful funnel? Yeah. Great. Um, so really the best time. So I just want to say too, that technically a funnel can technically can be anything.

[00:10:37] So it could be like you put a post on social media and you say, um, DM me for more info about my program and then somebody DMs you and you book a call and you get on a call. Like that could be a funnel, but what I’m going to. So however, the perception is usually a funnel is where you’re using ads or some kind of paid

[00:10:55] traffic, you know, and taking people through like, like it might be a webinar or a challenge or a lead magnet or something like that. So I’m going to talk  about funnels more in that way, but this can apply to anything because a funnel is really those series of steps. Okay. But they can be organic as well as paid.

[00:11:12] So I just wanted to clarify that before we jump in. Um, so why, and when should we have a funnel? Yeah, really the best time is when you have an offer that you have tested and, um, you know, that it’s an offer that’s working, and that you love that you want to take and share it with more people you want to connect with more people.

[00:11:33] You want to move beyond organic. You know, if you’re starting to feel like, okay, I’m, I’ve got this thing going, I’ve signed up clients. That’s going well, I want like, I’m ready for more. Like, I need some more people.  I’m feeling this urge to make it go bigger. That’s usually a sign that you’re ready for a funnel.

[00:11:54] Um, there’s always some exceptions here and there, but in general, that’s a good time. Um, and really it does help you. It just helps you connect with more of your soul clients. It helps you kind of clear out a lot of the noise. Some people think that a funnel is going to feel noisier and busier. It’s putting you out into the, you know, the big internet world, but actually, and I know my clients have come to me and been so surprised because of when they started this work, they were like, oh, and then afterwards, they were like, this actually feels more authentic and more aligned because it’s actually speaking to my soul clients.

[00:12:26] It’s bringing me the people, rather than me having to do a whole bunch of stuff, talking to a whole bunch of people who aren’t necessarily the right people. Um, and it’s just, yeah, so it, it can be really beautiful in that way, but it really just helps you reach more people have more impact and I believe too, it helps you in the long run, save a lot of time and energy, you know, because it’s.

[00:12:48] Well, we’ll get into this a little bit, but, um, initially to set up a funnel is more work, but in the long run, you, you know, when you have your funnel working and tested and doing those things, it can actually take some of that hustle and busy-ness and all of that kind of stuff. It can lower that down a little less than that

[00:13:06] quite a bit. If that makes sense. Yes, it does make sense. And I totally agree. And one thing that I really loved the most about having a funnel in my business that was tested is I got, uh, and I don’t want to throw out a bunch of numbers that will feel icky to people, but I got clear on my  percentages that converted.

[00:13:30] So that meant if I, if I held a masterclass, I knew that because I’d done the master class so many times that I knew that about this many people were going to show up, or we’re going to sign up, about these many people we’re going to show up live. And then of those that showed up live or watched the replay, a percentage of that would eventually become clients.

[00:13:49] And why that’s so valuable is you can really start to plan and you, you know, you know, like, hey I’m going to do this thing. I’ve tested it several times. I know that. You know, it’s going to get me about these many clients, which is going to get my business that much revenue I can plan. I can hire somebody. I can enroll in that coaching program.

[00:14:09] You know, that’s a really powerful place to be in your business when you can really start budgeting that way. It’s so good. I know some people are like all the numbers, but it’s actually not that hard. It’s just a matter of looking at them and doing them. And the other cool piece around that too. It helps you plan, but it also can help take some of the emotion out of our decision-making in a positive way, because our mindsets can get funky sometimes when we’re marketing our own stuff.

[00:14:34] Right. Everybody can relate to that. Oh gosh, I can. And so we start making decisions that aren’t always true. We think, oh, nobody’s going to like this or people like this more and dah, dah, dah, and we’re sort of guessing, but a funnel actually gives you just like what you said, Allyson, it gives you those actual numbers.

[00:14:49] So you can be like, oh wait, this is really working. And this other thing that I thought was maybe not working so much, or it needs some work, some more tweaking and you can make some really solid, positive decisions in your business, which will really help it grow. And we’re not talking advanced calculus here. We’re talking really, very simple, simple math to see, like this many people showed up, this many people became clients.

[00:15:13] It’s simple math. It’s super powerful. And it actually, I think it gives you confidence. It’s like, hey, I can do this. Look, I have the evidence in my last three webinars because I think no matter what I don’t know about you, Lauren, but I feel like as my business grows, I always have to do mindset work. I’m never like, oh, I’ve arrived.

[00:15:31] My brains on board with everything. You know, the, the mind is always going to be there to be like, oh, are you sure that may not succeed? But then when you’ve got the numbers that you can look back at and say, wait, I just did three webinars that totally succeeded. This fourth webinar is going to succeed. Yes, absolutely.

[00:15:49] I find it super comforting. I’m I’ll be straight up because I agree with you. Mindset work is always there. It doesn’t matter what successes we’ve had it’s just part of the journey. Right. And I agree. I find, okay. I’m like, oh, the funnels, the numbers. It’s like a layer of comfort and security in the business, which I like.

[00:16:07] I do too. I totally. Very root chakra.

[00:16:12] And I think that the root chakra work when you get to okay, it’s like you said, you’ve kind of that point where, okay, I’m growing my business and I kind of want to go to the next level. I want to know I want to think about scaling. Boy, when you get to that space, when you want to scale, if you don’t have that solid foundation root chakra work done, it’s, it’s really challenging, but when it’s there,

[00:16:35] it’s actually a hell of a lot easier than the, than the growth, I think. Yes. Yes. Yep. Coolio. So I am excited to hear your perspective on this question. What are some, no no’s when it comes to building a soulful funnel? Yeah, I have a few good ones. So, um, that will be super, super helpful. These are ones I wish I had known.

[00:16:57] Um, cause as I mentioned, I just jumped into funnels, um, way back in the day and um, I love them now and they work really well for me, but I had to learn a lot of this. Here’s some fantastic timesaving, um, strategies for everybody. So, um, jumping in too fast without a big picture plan or strategy. Okay. So when we think about funnels, it’s easy to think about the steps.

[00:17:20] Oh, I need to create, um, you know, whether it be a webinar or a lead magnet, some kind of download or whatever the pieces might be, or the, you know, the emails or all the little pieces in there. And it’s really to get. it’s very easy. And this is really a lot of these are mindset and they’re probably all mindset related because when we’re creating funnels, it’s so important to keep our mindset in check.

[00:17:43] There’s a positive part, there’s a high vibe part, but there’s also the big picture part going, what am I doing? Why am I creating this? I’m creating this funnel so that, um, people will discover my program that’s about X. So I need to keep all the little pieces focused on that and really think about my, um, specifically my clients.

[00:18:04] And what, like how I can really connect with their hearts. Okay. So that’s a biggie.Over focusing on the tools, if you find yourself spending like days and days wondering which software or which dah dah dah, you know, that can be a rabbit hole. There’s lots of great tools out there to support a funnel, but it’s just like, pick one and go, you know, there’s always like we could really spend a lot of time there.

[00:18:26] So not doing that. And just again, staying big picture. And once you get into the micro details, just regularly every day, kind of take a step back, big picture, big picture. Where’s this all fitting in where I’m at? So that’s where I see a lot of people forgets is to take that step back and do big picture.

[00:18:42] Another good one is recognizing that a funnel is a way to amplify your business, but not create your business. Okay. So that’s where it comes back to. It really is great, if you have an offer that, you know, works, meaning that you’ve sold it before, um, there’s something to it. So if you have not sold something before, I mean, Hey, you can go, you can go through all the work of creating a funnel and dah, dah, dah, but it’s, that’s a lot of work, right?

[00:19:09] We’re not here to like make ourselves really tired and busy and, and, um, not have success. So you want to have that proven offer first. You want to really, um, be dialed into who your target market is and have really decent to strong messaging for your clients or customers. You don’t want to be too broad or generic and just kind of sound like everyone else.

[00:19:31] What I see a lot of people do is as soon as they go, you say funnel. People kind of snap into their left brain and they start to sound robotic. So this is where the soulful final piece comes in. You want to really be always imagining that you’re having that conversation over a cup of tea with your client.

[00:19:46] That’s my thing. I’m always in my head, I’m having cups of tea with my clients. So that’s how I create my funnels is I’m sitting there having conversations with them, but whatever the scenario is for you, you want to always keep that peace. And you also want to really know what your unique edge is like, kind of.

[00:20:01] What can really help you and funnels is, um, there’s all the standard marketing stuff, but also your own, your unique personality. You know, like I’m a little bit quirky and creative. Um, I’ll own that. And the more that I put that into my funnels and my ads and just like kind of stuff. It’s, um, it helps me really connect with my people too.

[00:20:22] I’m putting my personality into it, which makes it more soulful, less kind of , you know, just like everything else. Cause we’ve all seen, all the marketing all the time. Um, so   don’t worry about putting yourself in in fact, I encourage everybody to put themselves into,

[00:20:38] into your funnels and that will definitely help. Um, another good one is not recognizing the need to test or to take the time to get it right. Right. So, um, to do funnels, right, is to, um, you want to ideally have some spaciousness and the time and the mindset of testing. Okay. Especially if it’s your first time doing one, you want to, if you’re using ads, then you want to have a budget for testing.

[00:21:03] Right. So a lot of people will look very, will take a short-term approach. Okay. I’m going to spend $10 on ads. And if I don’t make, you know, 10,000 back immediately, this isn’t working for me. So I’m exaggerating those numbers, but you get the idea there. You know, there has to be like that process of testing and experimenting.

[00:21:20] Oh, let me see. Does this work, does this work, does this work? And just like you and I were talking Allyson like the numbers are going to tell you, and then you can make decisions and you tweak, tweak, tweak, and then you can, and then you have something. And then, you know, you know, like at this point, like I know how to target my, my, uh, my soul clients and, and, um, and how to talk to them.

[00:21:37] I mean, there’s always refinements, but when you’re starting out, you want to give yourself that process for sure. Um, and also keeping it simple is another, I have a few good ones in this, for this question, Allyson so often going, but keeping it simple at first, so you can have really complicated funnels.

[00:21:55] Like there’s a lot of, you’ll see lots of layers out there, like sign up for this lead magnet and then come to this webinar and then come to this challenge. And then I’m going to have all these different things for you. Keep it really simple to start. Those are actually very, very powerful. I like to keep my funnels really simple.

[00:22:13] I used to make them more complicated, and you can, but it’s not usually necessary. Um, but start simple and then add layers. Okay. I always say, and it depends on each person, but like, an example of a really simple funnel that’s doing really well these days. And a lot of, for a lot of people, is a mini webinar funnel. Create like a 20-minute video.

[00:22:34] You don’t even have to use webinar software, run ads to that, and then invite people. Um, if you’re doing an application, it depends on your business model of course, but something like that, super simple. Right. You know, I mean, there’s steps to that. Of course, you know, but there’s not, not a whole lot of layers in there.

[00:22:52] Um, and then I’ve got two more for you. Um, some strong no-no’s, guessing how to do a funnel. Okay. So hopefully everyone’s getting excited about funnels, listening to us talk about them. Um, but this is definitely something that you don’t want to just sort of guess at it. So you want to get the proper training or help.

[00:23:12] And there’s probably two ways to do that. One is to get some, you know, to hire somebody who can help you and work with you and teach you. So it’s like you’re doing it,but you’re getting the guidance that you need to learn the steps.  This is one of the areas in your business where you do want to invest, you know, um, and, and learn how to do this, um, straight up for the strategic parts.

[00:23:34] But of course it will help with the mindset as well, which is so important. Um, the other thing is you can just hire it out completely, you know, there’s places that will just do it for you. The only thing I would mention with that is that you really want your funnel to be a co-creation. You want it to have you in it at the end of the day, you know your clients, you know, you, you know your business the best.

[00:23:55] So if you are hiring somebody to do it for you, um, you really want to make sure it’s at co-creation and you’re, you’re putting lots of, lots of you into it. So that’s what I’d recommend for that piece. And the last one is just coming back to, um, I see a lot of. I see a lot of soulful and spiritual entrepreneurs and coaches and healers, just forgetting to make it soulful.

[00:24:17] Okay. So easy to do. I get it, like, as we get into the logistics, you’ve probably experienced this too Allyson, where we start in our getting into our doing mode and we have to go wait let me come back to my mission. Let me come back to why I’m doing this. Come back to the why. Um, so you were really, um, adding that piece into our funnels.

[00:24:37] So I can’t emphasize that enough, you know, like thinking of each funnel piece as like a love note, or a message with your soul client, like every step of it all along the way. I love it. What an amazing list! You guys, hey listeners, this is high value stuff. Lauren probably normally charges for this. This is really, really good stuff.

[00:24:58] Um, I wish I would have heard this when I was early on. Cause I think I did start guessing. I don’t know if you’re familiar with, uh, the Kolbe indicator, the Kolbe um, it’s like how you show up and I’m a quick start. So I’m like ready fire aim. So I totally just started guessing, um, which I, I agree, like get some training first.

[00:25:20] Um, so I had to sort of skin my knees up a little bit, but, but you know, you, then you do learn hopefully, right. I love, what I loved is how can I connect with their hearts? It’s a really, really powerful question. And I think it, if you do feel like, oh, I’m putting this funnel together and it feels salesy just shifting into that question

[00:25:39] will get it back to what it is. It’s a connection and you’re   in-service, right? Yeah. I love the unique edge and personality. If I can share from my experience, I’m a, I consider myself as mainstream gal. I’m a farm girl from the upper Midwest of the US. And I’m super, super, super woo. And I’m really high on the woo.

[00:26:02] And I used to really hold that back because I thought, oh, well, you know, I need to speak to this mainstream audience who’s sort of spiritual, but not overly. But when I realized that one of my superpowers is taking really woo stuff and talking about it in a simple way, that is easy to understand and easy to integrate in your lives.

[00:26:22] That’s when I noticed things started shifting in my business. So I found that sort of high on the woo but talking about it simply. Yeah. So I totally agree with that. Sort of just exploring into that unique edge, that personality, and I find it’s often, often on the edges of your comfort zone, and there’s some part of you saying don’t share that don’t be sharing that, you know, like people might not like it.

[00:26:50] People might not accept it. And if, if you find that there’s a piece of you that you’ve been wanting to share, you’ve been yearning to share, but some fear voice inside of you has been saying. You know, people might not like that. That’s normally pointing you exactly to your edge. Exactly to your personality that wants to be expressed.

[00:27:08] Would you agree with that, Lauren? I’m yeah, I mostly would. Um, you know, sometimes there are things that like, simply like aren’t meant to share, you know. And so I just want everyone to feel like safety around that. But a lot of times what I see a lot, especially around what you’re saying, Allyson is, is, um, is that it’s so obvious that you don’t think of it.

[00:27:31] Yeah. Like, I don’t know, like, I actually don’t know if you do this, but like when you started, when you said I’m a farm girl who loves it, like, I like that would, I mean, if I saw an ad like that, I, that would stop the scroll, you know? So the, farm girl part was like sort of making that’s, that’s kind of interesting.

[00:27:47] So, cause we see a lot, there’s a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs out there of course, but, um, but it’s those kinds of things. It’s the things that make us us. And I always find that when we do find our unique edge and start to bring that more and more into our marketing and our messaging and our funnels, um, it feels like coming home.

[00:28:04] Yeah, it just, you’re just going, oh, you know, like I, like, I have like soul magic as part of my brand, as a business coach. And it wasn’t for a while. And when I, when that came to me, he actually came to me in a dream kind of funny. But, but when it came to me, I was like, oh yes, this feels like home. And then that, that came, you know, I brought that into all of my stuff and, and even more so, so my soul clients were coming to me cause they just resonated with, with all of that.

[00:28:30] So. So, yeah, so a lot of times the things that do give us our unique edge we think are kind of boring or not that interesting. And sometimes we feel like we need to try to be something that we’re not like, oh, I need to be this person in order for people to want to buy my stuff. Right. And it’s really like, it’s usually the opposite.

[00:28:51] It’s usually just being the more that we can show up authentically as ourselves and, um, and, and be open-hearted, you know, so around what you’re saying, but also like, there are some things that sometimes we’re like, oh, I need to share this really painful thing that happened to me. And maybe you do, maybe that is the right thing.

[00:29:07] And maybe it’s not too, so there’s always, we always get to choose what we share. Yeah, totally. And I do think that it’s those things that your heart is nudging you to that piece, that your heart is nudging. And I, my heart was nudging me to share some of my spiritual gifts but there was a fear factor that was shutting that down.

[00:29:27] And when I removed that fear factor and started sharing, it was relieving. It did feel like I was coming home, and it did really, really work to attract my soul clients into my experience. Absolutely. We love it. Yes. Yeah. So, um, I love the testing. Um, one of the things that I tell clients is when it comes to paid ads, right?

[00:29:53] You know, there’s really two ways to go. And tell me if you agree with this, or if you have a different perspective there’s um, and, you can do a combination of both, of course, but there is human to human marketing. There’s the organic route, and  there’s paid ads, right? If you want to build your audience if you want to get your offerings in front of people in front of new people.

[00:30:17] And I find that sometimes my clients are like, they resist doing paid ads, which is totally fine. But then there’s also this sort of resistance in human-to-human marketing, which is a time commitment. I mean, I find that if I’m going to do the organic route, it’s just not like I’m going to put a post out there,

[00:30:38] push publish once, and people are just going to find it. If I’m not putting ad money behind that, I have to spend the time to share it in different groups, send it to people. Like, Hey, did you see this? So it is not, I’m not spending money, but I’m spending time. Yeah. So do you find that to be true?

[00:30:56] Absolutely. I mean, we’re always making decisions in our business about, is it, are we going to save time or money? And that’s absolutely it and there’s all, but there’s also the energy piece. Like I agree. I think that in a perfect world, we’re doing organic and paid, you know, That can shift. I mean, everybody has their own alignment.

[00:31:15] I know people have wildly successful businesses, purely organic and some who really do a lot of paid. So, you know, the combinations can vary. Um, but it’s nice. It’s like a buffet, right? There’s all these different options. And, um, and you pick the one that’s right for you. But like personally, I find that doing the org, I call it the organic hustle.

[00:31:35] Like that takes a lot of my energy. So I like doing it, but I find it hard to sustain long term to always be like,, Because like we’re physically posting and reaching out and doing all of that, but there’s also an energetic piece because I’ll have to wrap my energy around okay, I’m trying to fill this program.

[00:31:53] And I’m like really putting this out there and putting the post and doing a live and sending some email and getting in conversations with people and all that kind of stuff, which is all fabulous. I love doing that. But again, doing that like all the time I, you know, can wear you down. So at least for me, that’s, that’s been my experience.

[00:32:09] Um, and you know, and a number of clients and stuff have similar takes as well. Whereas when you have a funnel running, like for example, I had a funnel running for two years for a program that I offered as a group program. And. And once I had it all tweaked, you know, it’s not like I just snap my fingers and put it up.

[00:32:26] Like I did the work, I tested dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. I got it up. I got it working. And it ran for two years. And I knew that I would have discovery calls every week.They were automatically on my Google calendar, and they were with qualified applicants. Right. And that was really nice because you know, there was a dream and, you know, I want to, I want people to know that’s doable, but I also want people to understand, like we don’t, it’s not like.

[00:32:52] Like there’s work to do that. Right. There’s work and learning to do that. So, but it’s worth it in my opinion, because then you can have that going in your business all the time. So, um, you know, and that’s how I primarily bring in a lot of clients is through funnels. Um, and it’s beautiful. Like, like my heart just like, is this constantly having these like, oh my gosh, like it’s just plucks out my soul.

[00:33:18] I can’t even find the words cause it’s just all heart chakra all of a sudden, all of a sudden, but it’s like it plucks out of the soul clients out of the ethers. And a day later we’re having the most beautiful conversation and then, you know, coming into my program. So that’s, what’s possible with funnels.

[00:33:33] And, but you don’t want to just do that. You do want to be on social media, you do want to be having conversations. You do want to be doing all these things. Um, but you get to pick the buffet. Like you get to go and go, okay, I want this, I want this. Um, and you can also change it like maybe, you know, two or three times a year, I’m doing more of this kind of more of the organic push, you know, and putting stuff out there.

[00:33:56] Um, maybe, you know, in the summer I’m just making stuff up here, but maybe in the summer, I want to rely more on my funnel and just kind of let that run. And I’m not going to be quite as visible right now because I just want a little downtime or I want to go on vacation, you know, see, it just gives you more options in your business and more choices so that you can create the business and the life that you really want.

[00:34:16] Yes. That is such a good answer to that question. Yes, yes, yes. I love the organic hustle. You definitely like that could be a book title. I mean, because, um, it is it’s you know, as you think about this and it totally Lauren’s right, it is like a buffet and you need to decide what works best for you. And as you grow your business, your Buffet’s going to shift around for sure.

[00:34:38] Um, but it’s just being, you know, being honest, like, okay, I don’t want to do ads. I’m going to say no to that now. Perfect answer. But just know that there is a time, so you aren’t going to save money on ads, but there is going to be some time for you to be successful and really call on those clients. You got, you’re going to have to do that organic getting in front of people.

[00:34:57] So it’s just being clear, like when you make decisions, like, you know, it’s like, hey, okay, I’m saving money on ads, but there is going to be a time thing. And just knowing that and being clear about it upfront. Yes. Super helpful. Yeah. Intentional. It’s always about our intention, right? Yes, yes. Yes. So you you’ve really answered this in many ways, but if there’s anything else to share on this, what are some of your top tips for building soulful funnels that call in in soul clients?

[00:35:26] Yeah. So, um, in addition to what we’ve talked about. Man, this episode’s so good, isn’t it? it’s so good, I know right, should charge for this one. I love it. So we’re like pre preaching, the good funnel stuff. Um, the good funnel mojo in this conversation. So some top tips, um, kind of emphasizing what I’ve said is to do that big picture, like map it out first, like, and just be aware of getting too micro and forgetting the big picture.

[00:35:55] So map out your funnel, be really clear you know what the end goal is. Start with the end in mind. This is what I want from my funnel, you know, there’s the program that you want people to enroll in, but you also want to be clear on your goals. Some of the things that, you know, Allyson and I just talked about like, do you want, I want to have a funnel setup so that I can, you know, go take, you know, have a quieter month in my business on social media or something like that.

[00:36:19] You know, it would be really clear, like whole big picture of what you want from your funnel and start from that place. Um, another great thing that will help you immensely is to constantly be checking in with your clients and your audience every step of the way that comes into testing. So that can be like, you know, oh, well, part of my funnel is this lead magnet download, you know, ask people like, like I have automated emails where I check in, um, you know, what do you think of this?

[00:36:46] And so it’s automated, but then they respond to me in human language and then I can have a conversation with them. You know, I may or may not be a sales conversation at that point, but I can get feedback. Oh, you know, like, are you, what stage are you at in your business? And, you know, things like that. So you’re constantly finding out what’s happening and it just, and here’s the cool thing.

[00:37:04] It’s, it’s just, all of this is all about having more conversations with your soul clients. Right. And funnels will do that. So remember, like, don’t, don’t put the whole thing together and then kind of sit back, like get in there at every stop and, and talk to people and ask and have these conversations.

[00:37:20] Um, keeping yourself high vibe, good energy, and mindset, which we talked about. If you find yourself getting into that forcing energy, I, to this day, even though I can put a funnel together with my eyes closed on one hand, she says, um, modestly, but you know, I’ve done this for a while, but I, if, if I feel that my energy is off, if I feel like I’m forcing or there’s weird energy, I will literally wait a day.

[00:37:42] I’ll be like, I’m not starting this funnel today. I’m going to wait. Like I, the energy is so key. I’ve learned for everything. If you can give yourself time, let’s say you want to do a funnel for a launch. Let’s say you’re having a program start on a certain day. Don’t start your funnel for the first time.

[00:37:58] Like two weeks before, like do some testing beforehand, you can do, you know, kind of get, give yourself some data and some numbers and some information so that when you know you do have that date as a deadline, you are in better shape. Like you, you, you have some information and confidence, right? Like you talked about Allyson like you’ll have that confidence.

[00:38:16] You’re like, I know that if I target this audience, that’s going to be a good audience for me. Right. Um, the other thing like we talked about is keeping it simple, um, really knowing your clients and what will speak to them and really messaging is very very, very important in your funnels. So if you feel like, um, there’s work to be done there, do do that.

[00:38:38] Yeah. There’s lots of ways to improve our messaging. Um, another cool tactical piece is to always test your funnel with your warm audience. That is the people who already know you, um, rather than strangers. So start with your warm audience, you know, so like if you’re running ads, we target our warm audiences

[00:38:54] first. If you’re doing an organically, so always test with first and see  how it goes there because if your warm audience isn’t responding, there’s a good chance that like your cold audience, IE, strangers won’t as well. Um, and the other things that I think are so key here. So we’re not going to get super tactical and granular on this call because there’s so much good stuff in here already.

[00:39:18] Don’t feel like you need to wait to have it all figured out. So I’m giving lots of good tips, but if you’re listening and you’re, you’re interested in, you’re intrigued by funnels and you feel like this might be a good next step for you. Don’t be like, oh my gosh, I gotta go get this all figured out and get this and have perfect messaging.

[00:39:31] And dah dah dahyou know, there’s a real element to diving in just like you did Allyson just, and I did too, just, you know, at some point you just have to dive in  imperfectly and that and get your feet wet and that’s the best way to learn it. Um, but always remembering to stay in alignment, stay in your zone of genius if possible, with your funnel.

[00:39:50] Um, if something feels really out of alignment for you. You know, you want to be aware of people who are telling you that you have to do the funnel this one way. There’s, it’s a buffet. It’s always a buffet. And you want to check in with your alignment. And of course, we could talk about alignment versus resistance.

[00:40:08] That’s a whole other conversation, right. Part two will be that. Exactly. So, um, but you know, when, when you create the funnel the right way, it’s going to feel really good to you. And you know, if you’re doing it for the first time, it might feel like all things it’s like learning to drive a car. You’re going to be like, like it’s like, yeah.

[00:40:27] Think of a funnel, like learning to drive a car or ride a bike. At first, it seems like there’s a huge, scary thing and oh my gosh, this is going to hurt, but then you do it. And yeah, it’s awkward. You fall off the bike or you stay at the intersection for like 10 minutes trying to shift gears. Don’t ask me how I know that story.

[00:40:47] This is why I never will drive a stick shift again, but that’s another, another story for another day. But anyway, but you do that right in order to learn and to, to add this beautiful soulful piece to your business. Nice. These are really fantastic tips. And I can just say, like, I was just identifying with them so strongly, like the whole big picture thing.

[00:41:06] So I’m launching a big group thing this fall. So we’re recording this episode in July and I’ve known for a long, long time. So the, the, the course starts, or the program starts in October. And I knew for a long, long time I was going to be taking an unusually long unusually unplugged vacation in August. Um, because I haven’t seen my family and my stepchildren for so long because the coronavirus, I just carved this time out and there’s going to be no voxer no emails.

[00:41:36] I’ve let my one-on-one clients know, like I am out lights out, unplugged. Right. And so I was like, okay. That’s my big picture, but I still want to do this big thing. You know, I still want to have this big program and I want to have a pretty long unplugged vacation right before I launch it. I created a whole funnel around that.

[00:41:58] Right. I did a bunch of free, salesy getting my audience warm and excited about it in May, in June and July, because, and like, you know, I’ve been at this for a while, so, and I’ve, you know, I’ve, uh, I’ve had a lot of missteps. So if, if, so, I’m just, I’m sharing this with you, from someone who’s been doing this for a while, you know, so if you’re feeling like, oh, I couldn’t do that yet.

[00:42:21] Allyson, I promise you, you can, and you will have you, you know, kind of stay the course here. Um, and, um, what was great is always keeping this big picture in mind, just like Lauren was saying and building, like, that’s the cool thing about a funnel, no matter what your personal circumstances, you can build it around that and be successful.

[00:42:41] And that’s, again, I think what a good funnel can really help you to do these things like yeah. Yeah. Because most of you know, usually at, during your launch is a super busy time and you don’t think about long unplugged vacations right before. But, um, yeah. And I’ve been doing a ton of testing on this because I’ve never done this before.

[00:43:04] You know, in this way, you know, pre-sale vacation launch, it’s a new, it’s a new buffet selection. Isn’t that fun and it’s fun. And then you’re giving yourself this lovely vacation. And I mean, this is why we’re doing, doing these businesses, right. I mean, there’s several reasons, but it’s also to give ourselves these lives so we can do what we want.

[00:43:25] We can go spend time with our loved ones. We can, you know all that stuff. So I love, love, love that. Yes. And I really think that I’m implementing, I’m learning and I’m testing, and I’ve had some missteps along the way, but guess what? Like right. It’s feedback. It’s that, it’s how it goes. Exactly. It’s not like, it’s not like an instant thing.

[00:43:42] So, um, That’s really key. And you know, the other big piece with all of this is to keep it fun, keep it lifts, fun, make it feel really creative. That was a key, creativity is a really strong value for me and especially in my business. So I have to keep it like feeling really fun. And oh, and one tip that I’ll, um, offer to people who something you can do right now is start taking screenshots of things that you find exciting.

[00:44:08] Like if you’re just scrolling through your newsfeed, you know, and you see like an ad or something, Oh, that looks cool. Start screenshotting and in creating like a folder. Then when the time comes, when you’re doing it, you have all these creative ideas and you go in and go, oh, like, I like that.

[00:44:23] Like, you’re, it’s gonna, you’re gonna create your own stuff, of course. But it’s going to give you like that creativity and that inspiration and some solid ideas about what you can do as well. Oh, that’s such a good idea. That’s such a good idea. There’s so much good content out there and you can get inspiration from that and plug your own stuff into it and it’s not copying it’s just, um, being inspired by somebody and plugging your stuff into oh yeah.

[00:44:47] That, that spoke to you. Exactly. Those things. I find that we know that, I mean, you can just feel the inspiration and it kind of like, gets your ideas going then you’re like, okay, that’s something that I need to like, I need to hold on you and same with emails, you know, if you’re on, um, we’re all on email lists these days, right?

[00:45:04] Um, keep a folder for emails of, oh, I really like, you know, I really like how they’re doing this. Pay attention to other people’s funnels. Maybe you signed up for something, oh, I signed up for this masterclass or this challenge or this lead magnet or whatever it might be. Um, and then you’ll notice you get a series of emails afterwards.

[00:45:20] Um, you know, look at them, see what they’re doing. Um, start to notice how other people are, are doing their thing and pay attention to what you like. Right? Yeah. So good. Absolutely. Um, so tell us, we’ve talked about this, but I’d love your perspective on. Do you think having a proper soulful funnel in place adds more hustle?

[00:45:43] Or this is not a leading question by the way, does it add more hustle or flow to an entrepreneur’s life in your opinion and why? , I think we’ve been leading this all along. Well, I know, I know, but it’s fun because there does seem to be this preconceived notion and it’s, I’m hearing this a lot out in the world right now is just, it just seems to be a trend right now is everybody’s kind of bashing funnels and I’m like, Hey, funnels are like, it’s just like we talked about, like there, you know, the buffet option.

[00:46:16] So they’re not for everybody, but I kind of think they are, but, but you know, they’re, maybe they’re not for everybody all the time. So anyway, basically to answer your question, I think that they add more flow. I’m all about flow. That’s a very, another strong, strong value for me in business. And it’s just like, we’ve talked about when, you know, initially there’s work to create them.

[00:46:36] But if you, if you give yourself spaciousness, and you have the right mindset around it and you have the right support around it, then it can be a beautiful, that process can be nice too. It doesn’t need to be hard. We only make things are only hard if we make them hard, right. At the end of the day.

[00:46:51] So we can make the creation and testing of your funnel feel really exciting and fun. It’s like, oh my gosh, I’m learning this really, this new thing. How cool. And, um, we’re going to, you know, it’s going to give me this, um, this. Put this process in place, it’s going to help me spread my message and amplify what I’m doing and have more impact, attract more clients.

[00:47:13] Um, and we’ve talked too about like the social media hustle or the organic hustle, you know, and we can make here’s the thing. We could make anything a hustle, right? We can make a funnel, a hustle we can make, or we can make anything a hustle, or we can make it a flow. So it’s a choice, but, um, your funnel, absolutely.

[00:47:31] I believe. And I know because I’ve experienced in my own life and with my clients, um, it’s given us these beautiful lives, where we’re creating these businesses that really feel aligned to our mission and lifestyle that we want to create as well. I am totally with you. 100%. I am a convert. I used to be the funnel resistance person.

[00:47:55] And then I truly, I am absolutely evidence that I learned after a lot of time learning and watching YouTube videos and, you know, trying to figure it all out. And then I found that I actually, the way I do funnels for me, that worked for me, and my personality and I’ve picked the food off the buffet that I like to eat.

[00:48:15] It is fun for me. I have fun now. And I think you’ve mentioned have fun with it. It is so important. And when I look at the big picture of my funnels, I that’s my, like, if it’s not going to be, if the overall picture isn’t going to be fun. Okay. So you’re going to have your days where you might have to build out something technical, which is less money, right?

[00:48:33] If something is not 80% fun, then I’m doing something wrong. Like something’s got to change. Right. Exactly. So it’s just like anything it’s like, maybe you’re like planning a birthday party while there might be some steps to create this amazing party that aren’t as fun. Like, oh, I’ve got to go to the store and buy the streamers.

[00:48:50] And it’s, I hate going to the store, think of a funnel like that. It’s like the party at the end, you know, like there’s some steps to it that, yeah. There’s some things where I have to sit my butt in the chair and I usually set a timer and I make everything good, vibe around it. I have my crystal and my cup of tea, and I eat all the things, whatever works for you, whatever your version of that is, you know, and I also.

[00:49:14] You know, I’ve learned not to work on a, on a funnel when I’m tired. I work, I don’t do it like if I’m rushing or again, I I’ve just really noticed that makes a massive difference. So usually I’ll block off short period, like two hours, you know, I’m going to work on this for two hours. That’s, that’s sort of my sweet spot.

[00:49:30] And then I’m going to take a break or do something else. Um, and hey, I can, I can work in the funnel for two hours a day and get some really productive, um, soulful stuff in there. Done. That’s fantastic. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. And this is a little bit of a rabbit hole. So just to mention kind of briefly that in the funnel creation, you will find as you keep going

[00:49:52] that, that will be aspects of it that you love and maybe aspects of it you don’t love, you can hire help specifically for the aspects of it you don’t love, right? Yeah, exactly. I’m like waving my arms here. You can’t see me, but I’m like, yes, absolutely. So, um, you know, if you want to do it yourself, that’s great.

[00:50:12] Like, I’m one of those people I like to get in and learn stuff before I farm it out. Um, but some people are like, Hmm. ain’t got time for that. I’m going to hire it out now. Either way. Again, it’s a buffet either way is fine, but yeah, all those different pieces to it. You can absolutely do that. Just remember that it’s at co-creation, don’t hire somebody and expect them to know your messaging to, unless it were a copywriter, but you don’t hire somebody to do some piece of the technical piece of it and you know, all completely on their own.

[00:50:37] You want to be involved in that to some degree. Yeah, I totally agree. I totally agree. Oh, my gosh, this has just been, I have more questions here that I’m gonna, um, start to close out here and definitely we’ll just have to have you back Lauren. That’s the only solution I can think of. Oh, thank you. Good to talk about this stuff,

[00:50:56] isn’t it? Yes. It’s amazing. So I would love to know, I always ask my guests to leave our listeners with an invitation. So it’s inviting them to be someone or do something or whatever you want to invite them to do or be, um, okay. I’m all in, in, in funnel mode right now. So. Um, do you mean more in general or more in relation to our topic that we just talked about?

[00:51:22] Uh, no relation to our topic. Yep. It’s a challenge. It’s kind of like a challenge, but it’s softer. Yeah, I would, um, I think the one um, overlying theme for this whole message that we’ve talked about today is to be open to funnels. Like if the feeling, if you’re feeling any, any, you know, resistance or there’s stuff, that’s preconceived anything that’s coming up.

[00:51:47] Um, You know, do something if you, if you need to do some journaling or reflective work around that to release that. But just recognizing that this is just another option, and it can be good and powerful and beautiful and soulful if you want, if you want that to be so just inviting. Inviting you to consider that and be open to that for when, or if it’s the right time for you to add this into your business.

[00:52:12] Beautiful. I love that invitation and I think it’s perfect. It’s perfect. And I think when people find that they’re opening up a little bit to it more, um, I think you’re going to find um, resources are going to arrive to you and ways of doing things and that buffet, that combination of food that just makes you happy,

[00:52:34] it’s going to land on your plate. Yes. I love that. Yes. So Lauren tell our listeners, because I know that there are people out there who is going to want to know. How can they find you and learn more about all of this stuff from you? Yes. Um, probably the best way to reach me is on my Instagram. It’s Lauren LaPointe coach.

[00:52:53] So it’s L a U R E N LaPointe is spelled L a point like point a finger, but there’s an E on the end and then coach, um, you can also cause that’s, I know that’s a mouthful. You can just go to my website, which will link you to that or, or anything else. And you can just go to Lauren and it will send you 

[00:53:12] to me, but if anybody has any questions or just wants to say, hey, I love listening to you and Allyson talking about funnels, I would love to hear it, hear that. So this is all about soulful conversations. Fantastic. And all of those links will be in the show notes. Lauren, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom so much.

[00:53:31] Yeah. Like really, I wish I would’ve listened to this, had this information, you know, when I was first getting going on funnels. So, I really, really feel like there’s people out there really benefited from this. Thank you so much for being so generous with your time and your wisdom. Thank you so much for having me.

[00:53:48] And I’d love to thank you, dear listener so much for tuning in. I’m so grateful for you. If you receive anything at all from this podcast, I would be so grateful to know exactly what that is in the form of a rating and review, wherever it is you listen on iTunes, on Spotify, on Google play. It truly is how more people can find us and benefit from the wisdom we’re sharing.

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