Creating The Perfect Freebie or Optin for Your Soul Client Avatar

Imagine offering a free gift to a potential soul client that effortlessly draws her to you.

Imagine creating a freebie that showcases your unique genius and offers your soul client valuable insight on how you can help transform her life.

I have had a real hero’s journey with freebies or opt-ins.

I’ve always offered them in my business, but for many years they just flopped. Nobody downloaded them. My mailing list grew at a snail’s pace, and I started to wonder if opt-ins were a waste of time.

But then I started to shift and do things differently.

Eventually my opt-ins became a super valuable part of my soul client courtship (aka my sales funnel).

So in today’s episode of She Grows, I’m sharing why freebies are not only a good idea, but the perfect way to attract your soul clients.

We also explore how to craft the perfect freebie for your soul client and how to position your freebie to fly off the shelf so your audience grows with ease and just the right people.

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In today’s episode we explore:

  • Why freebies are a good idea for your soul clients,
  • How to craft the perfect freebie for your soul client and
  • How to position your freebie to convert.


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