Fully Booked or Sold Out with Soul Clients

The first business program I ever invested in was Marie Forleo’s B-School in 2013.

When I enrolled, I had no business or even business idea. The only thing I had was a hunger to start something that was in complete alignment to my truth and how I was being called to serve the world.

The problem was that I had NO CLUE how I was meant to serve the world or who I was meant to serve.

I remember vividly the module on “Ideal Client Avatars.” We received a 30-page questionnaire asking us 100 questions about who our ideal client avatar was.

I recall staring down at the questions –  eyes glazed over – trying to decipher if she liked Thai food and which magazines she read thinking: “Who I am to think I can launch a business? I have NO IDEA who I’m here to serve.”

Luckily, I stuck with my dream (no matter how unclear it was) because the clarity eventually arrived regarding who I was born to serve.

But it wasn’t the 30-page questionnaires about my ICA’s favorite yoga poses that led me to clarity.

What I needed was an energetic connection. I had to feel her and connect to her energy. From that connection, she came into focus, and especially how I was meant to serve her.

So let me ask you – Have you ever struggled to get clarity on your ideal client avatar? Or have you ever second guessed her pain points or how you’re truly meant to help her?

If you said yes, then this week’s episode of She Grows is here to turn that around.

We’re chatting about how to get fully booked or sold out with Soul Clients.

When you’re able to tune into your soul clients energetically, it can mean the difference between a “good experience” and “decent income” and pure and utter joy, multi-six to seven figures, energy, abundance, and unlimited potential.

In today’s episode, I explain what a soul client is and what makes them different, why soul clients are motivated to pay you premium prices for your offerings, and how the new energy on the planet can support you with this.

I also share my personal technique for tapping into the energy of my soul client avatar and share three key components to a good soul client courtship.

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In today’s episode we explore:

  • What a soul client is and what makes them different,

  • Why soul clients are motivated to pay you premium prices for your offerings, and
  • How to call soul clients into your business with ease.


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