Ep #77 When You’ve Outgrown Parts of Your Business - Allyson Scammell

Ep #77 When You’ve Outgrown Parts of Your Business

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Today I have a huge, exciting announcement about the She Grows podcast and that is…


And by that, I mean, this community and I have outgrown She Grows, and we are ready to call in something bigger, better, and more aligned to the truth, the energy on planet, and what wants to happen next.

So today, I’m sharing the final episode of She Grows, and it makes me a little emotional saying goodbye to one thing to call in something new. There’s always a bitter sweetness to it. But I am super excited about the new podcast and its upgraded energy.

The good news is you don’t need to re-subscribe to anything, and all of the She Grows episodes will remain available on my website and wherever else you listen.

The journey I’ve been on with my podcasts have been the perfect example of how you outgrow parts of your business and what to do when that happens so you can call in something bigger and better.

So in this final episode of She Grows, we’re talking about what to do when the energy of one thing gets too small in your business, and when you have to pivot and adjust to make room for the bigger, higher vibrational, higher consciousness thing to arrive.

We’ll breakdown the signs that you’ve outgrown a part of your business, what to do when that happens, and how to pivot in a way that calls in massive growth with ease.

Hello, my dear ones. This is Allyson Scammell and I have a fantastic episode for you today. I’m so excited to share, and I have a huge, exciting announcement about the she grows podcast and that is she grew. And by that, I mean, I am this community have grown. And we have outgrown. She grows and we are ready.

[00:00:34] You and I together are ready to call in something bigger and a little better and better from the standpoint, a little bit more aligned to the truth, the energy on planet, what wants to happen next? And it’s all super exciting. So today, Is the final episode of she grows and it makes me a little emotional, you know, saying goodbye to one thing to call in something new.

[00:01:07] There’s always a bitter sweetness to it. But I am super excited about the new podcast and the new energy of it. And I’ll be telling you about it in just a minute. And I think the journey I’ve been on with my podcasts have really exemplified so well, how it happens in your entrepreneurial journey, how you all grow parts of your business and what to do when that happens.

[00:01:37] So you can call in something bigger. So in today’s episode, I’ll reveal the signs that you’ve outgrown a part or parts of your business. What to do when that happens and how to pivot in a way that calls in massive growth with ease. Well, and then a challenge that will have you ditching the parts of your business that are just too damn small for you to wear anymore.

[00:02:06] So you can bring in the big growth, your meant to experience. So my dear ones you’re gonna want to stay with me until the end. Welcome to chic grows a podcast for soul guided women entrepreneurs, ready to be seen and get fully booked using their unique genius, intuitive voice and spirit guides. Each week, we’ll explore how to create offerings based on what you do best.

[00:02:35] So you can have a waitlist of ideal clients and bring in continuous income. I’m your host. Allyson Scammel. Let’s get growing.

[00:02:54] Hey there, she grows nation. That is the name of this sisterhood of a soul guided entrepreneurs. If you’re not already a citizen, if she grows nation, then I invite you to join our Facebook group of over 1100 women running heart-based businesses that are in service to each other and the planet. So I’m super sad and excited.

[00:03:17] That this is my last episode of she grows and then she grows episodes. Aren’t going anywhere. They will remain available to you wherever it is you listen. And they’ll all still be available on my website. I’m going to be talking more in this episode about. What happens when you have outgrown a part of your business, but the new thing or the clarity on the new thing hasn’t arrived yet.

[00:03:48] And I’m kind of in that place now with regards to announcing to you the name of my new podcast, I’m like 99% there. And I want to be at 99.99, nine, 9%. Before I announce it. I’m not sure we ever get fully at a hundred percent. So stay tuned. My friends for the revealing of the new podcast name, super exciting stuff.

[00:04:14] And although it will have a similar energy to, she grows, it’s going to be a podcast for spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs ready to awaken their spiritual gifts so they can take a quantum leap forward to soul aligned success. So I want it to be more focused in, on. Spirituality sharing the cutting edge information of what’s happening on planet, how you can awaken the spiritual gifts inside of you, or upgrade them as well as your unique genius.

[00:04:48] So you can really infuse those things into your life and business in a way that accelerates your growth with a joy and ease. You’ve never experienced before. And although that is, as I said, very similar to some of the content that we, we cover here at she grows.

[00:05:09] I just felt like the podcast needed an energy upgrade. Because the content that’s coming through and will come through as just coming in at a higher level, it’s coming in from a place of higher consciousness. And she grows just wasn’t the right container for it. So a new container was called in to receive it at that next level. And that’s what we’re really talking about here. When the energy of one thing just gets too small in your business. And you’ve got to pivot and adjust to make room for the bigger, higher vibrational, higher consciousness, more aligned to your truth thing to arrive.

[00:06:07] And there’ll be much more to come on the new podcast and the Facebook group, she grows nation will change with the podcast, but it’s just going to get a new name. So if you’re already a part of, she grows nation, then congratulations, you’re in the right place. And there’s nothing you need to do. The Facebook group.

[00:06:25] We’ll just be getting a new name very soon. Okay. Let’s get going with. How to know, or what are the signs that you’ve outgrown a part or parts of your business sign? Number one, you just get this overall feeling that it’s too small. So something in your business or your, the overall business itself, you have this feeling that it’s run its course.

[00:06:57] So maybe you’ve been offering a program. For the last few years and you offer it every year or several times a year, and you just get this feeling that there’s something about the program that. It’s not wanting to grow anymore. It served a very divine purpose. You know, you launched it, you called them people to it.

[00:07:19] It helped you grow. And now it’s just coming to its natural conclusion. And you just have this feeling that even though you could keep, if you wanted to, you could keep growing the program and trying to get more people in there. But there’s this inner knowing there’s just like this. Piece of you that saying don’t do that.

[00:07:41] And it will, it’s almost like you’re. If you were to keep going with the program, you’d be forcing it. You’d be forcing something to keep growing that doesn’t want to grow anymore. And it’s almost like you can see that various elements of your business are live because they are your PR your offerings are live.

[00:08:03] You know, the energy you put into your business is it’s alive, energy and energy grows and contracts. So feel into something when it just, you have this, this, like, Inner knowing this nudging that something is just getting too small. Like it’s, it’s reached the end of the, of the road. It’s ready to die. So something bigger, better, more aligned can be birthed.

[00:08:34] So it’s noticing the signs, the nudges that something feels too small and it has reached its life span. The second sign is that it feels off to your truth. And as we go along our journeys, we, you know, we uncover deeper and deeper elements of our truth. It’s like peeling back those layers of the onion.

[00:09:01] And when you peel back a big layer of your onion and you get deeper to the core of your truth, very often, that means a lot of the stuff we’re doing just doesn’t feel right anymore because we’re now uncovered this deeper level of our truth that we’ve never been aligned to before. So that often means you look around and things feel not right.

[00:09:27] You feel like you’ve outgrown them or they don’t fit in the same way that they used to fit. So in the example of this podcast, I feel like I’ve grown so much, especially in the last 12 months. It’s been an incredible period for growth and uncovering my truth. And I feel like maybe you can relate to that as well.

[00:09:49] I think a lot of us are experiencing this and when my deeper truth started to reveal, I realized that it was really the spirituality. And that me being a spiritual leader and leading the conversations in the right way about what is happening on planet and the energy on planet and giving you a practical, actionable integratable information that you can.

[00:10:22] Integrate into your life and your business immediately and use those tools and knowledge and awareness to really step into your truth and unlock your unique genius, your spiritual gifts, what it is you feel called to share in a way that leads to direct growth in your business. That turns you into that sole client magnet that magnetizes the right people into your business, instead of feel it, that feeling of pushing things out in a way that’s exhausting.

[00:11:01] And this is actually this podcast is, is a good example because it’s not like. What I’m being called to do next, is that much different than what I’ve been doing for the past several years? It’s not, it’s just a different energy. And that energy asked for it, wanted a new container. So for some time now I’ve just kind of felt a little bit off with she grows.

[00:11:31] It’s not that I’ve felt off with any of the content and everything has been, you know, my podcast is my labor of love. Yeah. And I’ve been putting out great timely content. So if you’re new to this podcast, I mean, these episodes, I think are gold and I think they offer information. A lot of coaches charge for.

[00:11:53] So I encourage you to go to episode one and listen, and it’s all really new, relevant cutting edge content. So I’m not talking about the content itself. I’m just talking about me as the leader of this and feeling like, you know, what that, you know, she grows as the title and the energy of that for me is a little off to my truth.

[00:12:16] There’s something. Bigger better moral lined out there that wants to come through. And I’ve had this inner knowing for a while. And I’m going to talk about in a minute, what happens when you get the inner, knowing that you are off to your truth or an aspect of your business is off to your truth. Okay. The third sign that you’ve outgrown a part of your business is that.

[00:12:45] Is you have an inner knowing awareness, a nudge, a sense of feeling that there’s something better out there. There’s something better. That feels more exciting and more exhilarating than what you’re doing. So it’s the process of scanning your business to notice the things that you’re doing, that you just don’t feel excited about doing anymore, or you, you had excitement and it’s really waned and you really want to feel into, well, it’s not that you’re tired and you need a break.

[00:13:22] So you can recharge and come back to it and return with excitement. You know, that the, the overall excitement for it has just lost. Because it’s too small or it’s out of alignment to your truth, or you just realize that it needs to be replaced with something different that does excite you a few podcast, episodes that go, we explore when to know it’s time to rest in your business.

[00:13:49] And when you know, it’s time to dig a little deeper and find that energy to show up. For your business, even when you don’t feel like it. And I encourage you to check that episode out if you haven’t yet, because I think it’s related here in knowing how to decipher when your excitement is waning, because you’re tired and need a break.

[00:14:12] And as excitement is waning, because it’s the wrong thing and you’ve outgrown it. And a trick to know the answer to that question is to imagine that whatever it is, the business offering, the blog, the podcast, whatever it is, where your excitement is, waning, imagine that you’re doing that thing or offering that thing in five years, time, five years, it’s kind of a magical number.

[00:14:39] And I’m going to be talking about that more in a minute, but imagine you have a business offering your excitement for is waning. And imagine that you’re, you’re, you’re doing it in five years time, but in the vision, try to call in a vision of you showing up at your very best calling in the best people and having like, try to call in a vision of excitement for five years time and allow the vision to show you the answer.

[00:15:11] Because the vision will show you how things ideally should look or you would want to, if you were fully aligned in five years time, and maybe in the vision, you don’t see the offering or you see the offering looking very, very different, or you see yourself doing something completely different, or you see yourself doing the exact same thing, but in a slightly different way, allow the vision to.

[00:15:38] Guide you. And what you really want to notice are those feelings States, what are the feelings States you see in this soul aligned vision of you in five years into the future? And let’s say you see a feeling state of wild creativity. So in this vision, you’re wildly creative. And I want you to go back to the present moment.

[00:15:59] About that thing that you’re excitement is waning on in your business and say, as this thing is now as this offering or this podcast or this, whatever is now, can I really truly be fully immersed in wild creativity today with it? And if the answer is yes, then you’re probably on the right track and you just need to take a break or get a refresh on it.

[00:16:25] But if you get a no, then it’s likely this you’ve outgrown this part of your business and you’re ready for a pivot. Now, once in a while, when you go through this, identifying the parts of your business, you’ve outgrown, you kind of get the feeling that you’ve outgrown, everything. And I think it is a normal part of an entrepreneurial journey to have a business reset.

[00:16:53] And it doesn’t mean you’re reinventing the wheel and starting from scratch, but it just means the entire energy of your business is ready to be reset. And I just went through and I’m going through now and energy reset on my business. And so what I’ve done, and this is a good time for you.

[00:17:14] If you’re feeling the same way as I’m doing a whole, I’ve been in this whole rebrand process and I’ve been in this deep exploration of who I am, how I really want to show up what I don’t want to do anymore. What I want to do more of. And I’ve been in the middle of rebranding my entire business. And as part of that, I’ve given, I’m giving my business a reset.

[00:17:42] I’m not starting from scratch. A lot of my offerings look exactly the same. But everything is going to have an energy upgrade and it’s going to be upgraded to be more in alignment to who I am as a coach who I’m trying to call in and how I connect to you to give you that highest vibe, best experience possible.

[00:18:04] So whenever you interact with me, whether it’s listening to this podcast or you becoming a client, you get the absolute re max return on your investment. Whether you’re investing time or money or both. So I can be of absolute, highest service to you. And that’s what I’m calling in for my reset. So if you’re feeling that it’s time for your business to reset as well, then I invite you to tune into your heart energy as always tune into your heart energy, place your awareness on your heart space and just ask your heart energy.

[00:18:43] To bring in the energy of your business. What do you want the energy of your, the energy frequency of your business to feel like? What do you want it to vibrate at? And I just invite you to call it in. Even if you have no words to describe it, you don’t need words here. You don’t need to be like, Oh, well my business, Oh, I’m getting, Oh, I’m resetting.

[00:19:10] And the mission is this. And my ideal client avatar is that. And my offerings are this. I’m not talking about any words to describe anything. I just invite you to start simply with the energy frequency and everybody’s vibrating at a different frequency. And your businesses are vibrating at a different frequency.

[00:19:30] So what do you want you, what vibe do you want to be at as you are an expression of your business and just tune in to the frequency of your business and its highest alignment that it could possibly be for today and just be in that energy. Of you and your business. There’s like three things here.

[00:20:02] There’s you, there’s your business. And then there’s you, you and your business together, you’re kind of like a married couple, right? There’s you, your partner. And then there’s the couple, well, in this situation, there’s you and there’s your business. And then there’s the couple. And maybe if you’ve got members of your team, You bring in all the energies of the members of your team as the third component, what do you want that vibration to feel like?

[00:20:33] It’s just simple as that don’t overthink this, just get into that vibration from your heart space. And when you start to get into that vibration, that true soul aligned vibration of you, your business and everything put together. From that energy vibration, that clarity is going to start to arrive. The clarity is going to start to arrive regarding, and this brings us nicely to the next part of this podcast.

[00:21:08] And that is what to do when you know, you’ve outgrown a part of your business. Well, I’ve given you the first big piece to that, and that is aligning to the energy, aligning to the soul of your business and just feeling that energy frequency. And once you tap into the energy frequency, I want you to ask your heart some questions.

[00:21:37] The first question, and this is a question to your heart, your higher self, your spirit guides source all of the divine guidance here that is here to support you on your path. And I want you to ask your higher self and source and spirit guides will kick in to help this super, super powerful question.

[00:21:59] What is calling me to replace the thing I’ve outgrown? What is calling me to replace the thing.

[00:22:11]So, so back to my example, I had this feeling, this inner knowing that she grows was getting too small. It was getting out of alignment to the energy of my truth. So I asked that question, what wants to replace? She grows, what is calling me towards it. And there’s an important add on to this question. And that is what is calling me to replace the thing I’ve outgrown that will enable me to grow with it for at least five years.

[00:22:45] How can I call something in that is more in alignment to my truth, that will enable me to grow with this thing for at least five years. Because five is become a magical number in my life. Although my lucky number remains four. I think there’s something magical about the number five. I don’t know why, but just feels that way.

[00:23:11] And five years of growth is a great growth cycle, many things in business I’ve noticed and from my guides as well they often give me the five year marker. To give yourself five years to enable something to grow. Now it doesn’t mean if you’re launching a new program and you ask these questions, it doesn’t mean you’re on the hook to launch this program for the next five years.

[00:23:38] It just means that should you enjoy it? And if it’s say a program you wanted to offer once a year that you call in the program that you could. That you could grow with for the next five years. So you launch it once a year for the next five years and every year you’re continually in alignment with it, and it’s enabling you to grow bigger and bigger and more alignment to your truth.

[00:24:05] And that’s what we’re talking about here. So when I was calling in the new name of my podcast, I was calling in a name, an energy of focus that would enable me to grow with it for at least five years. And I’m completely unattached to whether or not it is five years or not. Maybe it’s 10 years, maybe it’s one year.

[00:24:28] It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re in the energy of a five-year cycle. And that I, I have an inner knowing. That this new thing I’m calling into my experience will enable me to grow with it. And it will create the container for accelerated aligned, truthful growth for at least five years, if not more.

[00:24:54] Okay. Dear one, if you’re still listening, you are in the right place because I’m going to give you something so important, so important. At this part of the journey. So we’ve gotten the call, the nudge the sense that we’ve outgrown a part of our business. We’ve aligned to the energy of the new growth of what it is we really want to bring in.

[00:25:19] And we’ve tuned in to that energy. And now we’ve pivoted down to our heart space and we’ve asked higher self to give us clarity regarding what is going to come next. Okay. This can be the hard part. Often you don’t get an answer from your higher self right away. Often when you get that nudge that you’ve outgrown something.

[00:25:48] That new thing, that new aligned thing arriving to replace, it doesn’t come right away or you can feel it, but you don’t have the words to describe exactly what it is, the clarity isn’t there. And that can be very frustrating. Because you have an inner knowing that you’ve outgrown a big part of your business, or even a small part of your business, but you don’t know the clarity hasn’t arrived regarding what is supposed to replace it.

[00:26:26] What is that thing that is arriving? That is better. So you’re, it’s like it’s leaving when you, with this feeling of, out of alignment. So, what do you do? What do you do in those moments where you’re just like, I’m a little bit out of alignment here. I’ve outgrown this thing, but I don’t know what is to come.

[00:26:45] What is to replace it? Friends. Listen here, you make peace with the discomfort. And you continue along with that thing, you feel like you’ve outgrown unless you’ve completely outgrown it and it feels bad then that, that means you should stop doing it. Of course. But when you’re just in this sort of, out of alignment, I know I’m a little bit about out of alignment.

[00:27:11] I’ve outgrown. The one pair of jeans. They’re not, they’re not comfortable anymore. And I want those new, beautiful, amazing pair of jeans that just slip on and they feel so comfy cozy, but you haven’t found the new jeans yet. You stay in the blue jeans that don’t fit quite right. And you keep going and you keep asking higher self for the clarity and you keep showing up.

[00:27:40] You know, like I have done with, she grows. I mean, I think like some of the latter episodes of she grows is some of the best content I’ve ever produced. So again, I’m not saying anything about she grows being off content. I think my opinion is that the she grows content and the guests have been top notch.

[00:28:02] And, and so I’m not talking about that. I’m just talking about. The energy of the container of she grows for me in my experience has felt off for some time, but what was to replace, she grew up, those hasn’t arrived, it hadn’t arrived. And I was just uncomfortable. It was like this limbo about grown one thing, but I don’t know what the next thing is yet.

[00:28:31] The worst thing you can do, friends is rush it. Rush the clarity arriving like I’m tired of feeling discomfort. I want my great fitting pair of jeans right now. I’m going to force, I’m going to force myself into a new pair of jeans. It’s never going to fit as well as if you wait for the perfect jeans to arrive.

[00:28:53] The perfect idea, the perfect new container, the perfect name. If you’re renaming something. And I was trying to call in a new name for my podcast for a really long time. And it just wasn’t arriving. And I just knew it didn’t feel, it didn’t feel right. It just, it just wasn’t there. And I wanted to force it, but when I tried to force it, it felt even more.

[00:29:16]So I waited and I kept asking higher self and I kept tuning into that energy, that energy of what I wanted my business to be. And me in my business and my business as a whole and lo and behold, the clarity arrived, my new podcast name, spiritual mastery with Allyson Scammell and it’s just, yeah, high five.

[00:29:43] I feel like giving you an air high five, and those, it just feels like the perfect pair of jeans. And it definitely feels like something I can grow with for five years. Do I know I’ll have this podcast for five years. Of course I don’t, but I really feel the energy, the potential that, I mean, there’s so much content you could fit into that.

[00:30:07]You know, I feel like I could grow with this if it feels good and it feels aligned for 20 years and that’s even better. So if you go out beyond five years, you know, if you ask. Can I grow with this for five years, then just check in. Can I grow with it for 10 years or 20 years? And if you’re getting yeses for those longer years out, you are in alignment and you are on the right track.

[00:30:34] It’s such a powerful question to ask. Can I grow with this? And if you’re getting a heart, yes, you’re on the right path. And here’s some troubleshooting. Here’s some troubleshooting sometimes when we have the inner, knowing that we’ve outgrown something, it’s hard for us to let it go. There’s a creative writer, writing teacher whose name has escaped me.

[00:31:03] If some famous person who teaches that in creative writing, you have to learn to murder your darlings. And what that means is maybe you come up with this super catchy storyliner, there’s really a creative phrase and you really, really love it. But for the reader, it just falls flat. And sometimes it can be really hard for us to murder our darlings because we love it.

[00:31:30] We get attached to it. I know that my, when I started on my journey, The first thing that I really shared to an audience was my piece blog, which I called Shanti pax. And Shanti is peace and Sanskrit and Pox is peace in Latin and it represented all these things. And it just meant so much to me. It was really important to me, Shanti pax.

[00:31:53] But as I went on my journey, I came to realize that I outgrew Shanti pax. It didn’t make sense. I was moving away from peace, blogging into coaching. And it was confusing. People didn’t know what it meant and it toilet my business. Totally outgrew it, but I had a hard time letting it go because I loved it.

[00:32:14] And it serves such an important purpose on my path that I didn’t want to murder my darling. I didn’t want to let go of Shanti pax, even though I had definitely outgrown it. So I just invite you to be mindful of your little darlings when you get attached and just ask the question. When you find a little darling that you just, you know, you’ve outgrown it, but you just don’t feel like you can let it go ask the question.

[00:32:41] Can I grow with this for five years or 10 years? And if you’re getting a solid, no, you outgrew it two years ago or five years ago. It really is time to murder the darling. So you can create the space for the bigger, more aligned, better thing to arrive. And again, that brings us very nicely to the last point I wanted to explore.

[00:33:08] And that is how to pivot in a way that calls in massive growth with ease. So you’ve recognized a part of your business you’ve outgrown. And the first thing I want you to do when you’ve recognized that, and when you recognize that I want you to ask yourself why, why have I outgrown this. Why is this too small?

[00:33:32] Why is this no longer part of my truth? And I think in the example of she grows, I outgrew it personally because I think for me, it was a little bit too focused on business and I wanted something that was still for spiritual entrepreneurs, but also for spiritual leaders. And Lightworkers, that was more focused on.

[00:33:56] The crossroad between spiritual growth and business growth and something that was a little bit more in the energy of cutting edge spirituality. And she grows just simply didn’t have that energy. So for me, like why did I outgrow she grows. I feel like it wasn’t enabling me to step into my real unique genius and my true spiritual gifts.

[00:34:26] It just didn’t give me the space for that. And that is what a better container is going to do for you. It’s going to give you more space. So when you’re looking at pivoting. To call in more growth. You want to pivot in a way that there’s space and that space is the thing that’s going to enable you to grow with it.

[00:34:57] And when you think of a name like spiritual mastery, Oh my gosh. For me, there’s just so much space there. There’s so many ways I could go, let’s say in a year’s time source. Activates inside of me, some massive spiritual gifts that I never knew I had. Right. And, Oh, by the way, that’s what source is doing right now.

[00:35:17] And my next podcast is going to show you exactly how to harness that. So there’s some pretty exciting stuff ahead. So let’s say that happens. And all of a sudden I have this new spiritual gift that was activated, and I want to talk about it. I want to share it on the podcast and let you know how to. Activate it for yourself and implement it in your own life.

[00:35:40] A container with the energy of spiritual mastery enables me to do that. So in a year or two, if I need to pivot right or left, as I grow and continue to uncover the layers of my truth, I feel like this container is big enough for me to do that. So when you pivot, I really invite you to be mindful of that space.

[00:36:06] Is the space there and taking it one step farther. How can I create more space in my business right now for bigger growth to arrive? And this is an amazing, powerful practice to always be in no matter what. And that is always creating space in your business. And one magical way to always create space in your business is to be mindful of the things you just don’t feel like doing anymore.

[00:36:38] And normally those things you don’t feel like doing anymore. And I would say always are things that are in your zone of incompetence, competence, or excellence. So in other words, all the things that are outside of your zone of genius. And I like to call it excellence shedding because most of us have already shed things that are in our zone of incompetence or competence.

[00:37:02] And we have somebody helping us with those things, or we’re just not doing them. But I would say for most of us, we’re still in our zones of excellence and it’s a good place to be. We show up, we deliver. We do good work. We say good things. We definitely deliver for our clients, but we are selling ourselves short in this space.

[00:37:25] And I say the thing that I say about the zone of excellence is it definitely has a lifespan and we can only be truly happy in our zone of excellence for so long. And then guess what? My friends, we feel like we’ve outgrown it. It’s too small. It’s out of alignment to our truth. And that’s when we get that nudging nine, feeling that we’ve out grown it.

[00:37:51] And so you asked the question, what part of my excellence, where can I shed excellence? Where can I shed excellence to make the space for genius to arrive? And it’s really, really that question of what can I stop doing? What do I no longer feel like doing what just doesn’t need to be in my business. I just had a session with a client who came to me and said, Oh, well, you know, I’ve been working with this with one of my clients.

[00:38:23] And they are so happy with me. And so happy with the work I’ve been doing. But I feel bad. They just signed a new contract with me and I feel bad about it. And even though I love this client, it feels off. So we started to dig into why she feels off. And we came to the realization that she. Was offering to do a lot of stuff for her client that was in her zone of excellence and she wasn’t charging what she wanted to because our zone of excellence is never as valuable as our genius.

[00:38:57] So we normally just naturally put a lower price tag on that. And again, that’s all just going to feel off because we feel this earning potential inside of us. That’s so much bigger. And then we’re also feeling off. Cause we’re doing stuff that doesn’t light us up. The stuff that we feel like we’ve outgrown.

[00:39:19] So what I did with her is I had her identify all the things. That she was offering to do for her clients that was in her excellence and we shed them, we just shed them. And when we did that, we created massive space to identify what her unique genius was, what her spiritual gifts were and how she can create an offering.

[00:39:40] That is her all genius all the time. And we put a price tag on that, that match that energy and that price tag was a hell of a lot more. And it just felt, right. So then she offered this new package at this new energy in this new spacious place of genius to her client. And they said, yes, we’d love that.

[00:40:06] And yes, we’re happy to pay your new price because they saw the value. So the pivoting to call in. The growth that you’re wired to experience. It really just brings this all together. And it starts with noticing and being mindful of the parts of your business that you’ve outgrown. And then it’s tuning into the energy of what your businesses you are and all of the aspects of your business together, that energy frequency, when it’s perfectly aligned.

[00:40:44] And just spending some time tuned in to that energy and then asking higher self what is calling me to replace the thing that I’ve outgrown that will enable me to grow with it for at least five years. Then it’s the game of patience. My friend. And just allowing, allowing that clarity to arrive without pushing it or forcing it, and then making peace with what you have now until the new things arrive.

[00:41:23] It’s being mindful of not holding onto your little darlings or that pieces of your business that no longer serve you, but you’re kind of attached to. And then making the space in your business for the newness to arrive and by making the space, you’re shedding your excellence. So you can show up in your business, all genius all the time.

[00:41:51] And as you go about this process, continually asking source to give you all the resources you need. Because source higher self spirit guides, all the non-physical energy is here to support and guide you on your path. So it’s a little more and a little more easeful. Am I lunch for you this week is to ask yourself this what’s the biggest part of my business that I’ve outgrown.

[00:42:24] Start with the biggest part of your business. If you get the entire business itself, then it is time for a business reset. But if you get one specific part, a blog, a podcast, and offering a brand, a color of font, a tagline, a name, whatever it is that arrives, ask your higher self to provide you. With the thing that is meant to come next, that gives you massive space to grow.

[00:42:58]What a great way to end this podcast. She grows because it really is about creating massive growth for you in your life. And the she grows journey. It has been, it has been a real heroes journey. I love this podcast so much. And as I said, these episodes, aren’t going anywhere. They’re high value. They’re relevant.

[00:43:26] They’re designed for you. So if there’s she grows episodes, you haven’t had a chance to listen to you’ll be able to do that. They’re all going to remain here for the unforeseeable future. And I’m also excited to announce that with the new podcast, I’m offering a new freebie, it’s a very high value freebie.

[00:43:45] So stay tuned for more information on that and as always, I want to thank you so much for listening and so much for being part of the she grows journey, and you can still get your hands. On and download my free checklist to remove the five visibility blocks that are preventing your ideal clients from finding you your offerings are too important to remain invisible.

[00:44:13] So this checklist will help you be seen and guests. Fully booked. You can find a link to download on my website, Allysonscammell.com as well as in the show notes.