Ep #76 How to Dream Big and Live Your Best Future with Rhonda Mincey - Allyson Scammell

Ep #76 How to Dream Big and Live Your Best Future with Rhonda Mincey

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Have you ever asked yourself: 

“Who am I to think I could fulfill the big soul mission I feel inside me?”

I’ve seen it so many times in my life and in my clients’ lives. We hold back our dreams because most of us have been socially conditioned since birth to think and dream small. 

In fact, one of the most common blocks I help my clients to dissolve is some variation of the story: “Who am I to dream so big?”

Well, in this episode of She Grows Rhonda Mincey and I are here to tell you that:

You are the perfect one.

You are the one to think so big and dream so big and manifest those dreams into your experience. 

During our conversation, Rhonda reveals the number one thing she sees in her work that causes us to hold back from dreaming really big. She explains her dream life framework and how we can apply it to our lives, and she shares her top tips to removing the resistance to dreaming really big.

Guest Bio: 

Rhonda G. Mincey is a multi-award-winning mentor, entrepreneur, and inspirational expert for female entrepreneurs. Her genius and gift is to create profit-producing and legacy-building content that distinguishes businesses from the competition while them in history. Through her speaking and writing, Rhonda challenges women to live passionately and purposefully. 

She is a recurring speaker at the Success Women’s Conference and the One Woman Fearless Summits. Rhonda’s “Born to R.E.I.G.N.TM” Methodology equips and emboldens women to reign in all areas of her life. Rhonda is a recipient of Georgia Southern University’s Service Award and the prestigious Turner Broadcasting Station (T.B.S.) Pathfinders Award. Rhonda is the author of three books, including her new release, ‘Unbridled Dreams: Change your mindset, achieve your goals, and live the best story of your life.

Hello, my dear ones. This is Allyson Scammell. And today we have a truly heartfelt episode for you. I speak to the delightful and charming Rhonda Mincey about how to dream big and live your best future. I’ve seen it so many times in my life and in the people, I loves lives and in my clients’ lives and how we really hold back our dreams.

[00:00:27] And there’s a whole variety of reasons we do that. We’ve been socially conditioned. Since birth to think and dream small. And I think it’s a thought in the collective, the question, who are you? To dream so big. Right? I hear it all the time from clients when we really dig into their blocks and their resistance, like who am I to think I could fulfill this big life mission?

[00:00:53] Well, we’re here to tell you today that you are the one you are the one to think so big and dream so big and manifest those dreams into your experience. So, in today’s episode, Rhonda reveals the number one thing she sees in her work that causes us to hold back from dreaming really big. Rhonda explains her dream life framework and how we can apply it to our lives.

[00:01:22] And she shares her top tips to removing the resistance, to dreaming really big. We end on a challenge that we’ll have you dreaming bigger than you ever imagined, so you can truly live your best future. So, you’re gonna want to stay with us until the end. Welcome to sheet grows a podcast for soul guided women entrepreneurs, ready to be seen and get fully booked using their unique genius.

[00:01:51] And to, to voice and spirit guides each week, we’ll explore how to create offerings based on what you do best. So, you can have a wait list of ideal clients and bring in continuous income. I’m your host. Allyson Scammell. Let’s get to it.

[00:02:18] Well, hey, there, she grows nation. That is the name of this sisterhood of soul guided entrepreneurs. If you’re not already a citizen of she grows nation, then I invite you to join our Facebook group of over 1100 women running heart-based businesses that are in service to each other. And the planet today, I had the pleasure of speaking to Rhonda Mincey about how to dream big.

[00:02:45] And live your best future. Rhonda Mincey is a multi-award-winning mentor, entrepreneur, and inspirational expert for female entrepreneurs. Her genius and gift is to create profit producing and legacy building content that distinguishes businesses from the competition through her speaking and writing Ron challenges, women to live passionately and purposefully.

[00:03:15] I enjoyed connecting to Rhonda so much. And we realized that she and I share a dream. And I’m not talking about like, oh, I dream for world peace. I’m talking about a really specific dream that we share in the episode. And it’s so powerful. And it’s a great example of the magic that comes from dreaming big.

[00:03:37] So may receive as much from Ronda’s wisdom as I did. Yeah.

[00:03:47] So I am so excited to welcome Rhonda Mincey to the show to talk about this amazing topic of dreaming. Big welcome, Rhonda. Thank you, Alison. It is such a delight to be here. I really appreciate the opportunity. And I just have to say Ron and I have been chatting for a little bit, and I am, for those of you, who’ve been in my world for a while, know I’m an energy reader and I do a lot of energy work.

[00:04:11] And I knew within about three words of talking to Rhonda, that she has an amazing energy that I do. You know, I actually think sometimes it’s up the charts. Some people can’t take it.

[00:04:28] You know, when someone is not used to that high vibe, you know, they just don’t quite know how to even respond to it. So, it’s just who I am and it exudes and just permeates, you know, so that, yeah. Gosh, I love it. And I love that you teach people about dreaming big you’re the perfect person with the big energy to be doing it.

[00:04:51] I think. Yes. Yes, absolutely. So, I love this topic of dreaming big, and I’d love to start with, what is the number one thing you see in your work that holds us back from dreaming really big? Yeah. So gosh, you know, the number one thing that I see is that. You know, people are fearful. So it’s that four letter word, fear, you know, they are fear.

[00:05:22] They have fear of failure, right? Because this dream is like so big it’s so, you know, they’re thinking how in the world can I accomplish something so big? And they also have fear of the unknown, you know, because we are typically. You know, comfortable in our own shell and our own space. And when we have to dream big, you know, we are typically stepping out into uncharted territory, and we don’t know what we don’t know.

[00:05:55] Right. So taking that big leap is scary. It gets us out of our comfort zone, and we don’t trust ourselves to succeed, you know? And so that. Fear. It can really just hinder us from. Dreaming big and stepping out that’s the thing. And so, we have to find ways to counter that fear so that we can actually get out of our comfort zone and, you know, reach for the stars and make amazing things happen.

[00:06:28] Oh, yes. I totally agree with all that. And I am going to add a fear that I see in my work, because I work with a lot of things. People who have big soul missions, like they’re really here to move mountains if you will. And one of the biggest fears I see in them is that they feel like I’ve got this big mission inside of me.

[00:06:48] And the fear is really that they’ll burn out, that they won’t have the energy to sustain it. So, what do you say to people who fear their dreams? Because they fear that they don’t have the energy to see it through.  Yeah. You know, and so that’s, that’s totally reasonable, but I would ask them, first of all, to address you aware, is this fear coming from, whereas this mindset, you know, coming from, is this thinking about getting burned out?

[00:07:15] Is it something real? Is it something? I imagine, is it something they may have already experienced in the past? And if so, you know, how did they get through it? But I would also ask them, okay. So, if you feel you’re going to get burnt out and may not have the energy to sustain it, why don’t we create strategies to first of all, reduce the burnout, but then.

[00:07:38] Secondly to be sure that you have the energy to pursue this big soul mission that you have, you know? And so, there are various ways different strategies that that person can employ so that they have peace of mind that. You know, I am going to be able to fulfill this mission and I’m going to be energized and I don’t even have to worry about that.

[00:08:04] You know? So, for instance, they can do my mapping, you know, use time management and productivity tools, and unwind and unplug. You know, one thing that I use a lot is a meditation app, you know, such as insight timer. And so. I think it all starts in the mind. Alison. And so, we have to again, find strategies to reduce the burnout, but also think positively about our mission.

[00:08:35] You know that I am well equipped, well able to achieve this big mission and I will have the energy to sustain myself through it because if it’s your mission, you’re called to that mission. For a reason. And so, you do have what it takes, you know, to bring it to fruition. I so agree with that. Yeah. I so agree.

[00:09:00] And I think that when we really get in alignment to our big dreams, and we really dissolved some of this fear. I think our dreams ultimately give us energy deposits instead of withdrawals. Right. We get, we get energy from our dreams. Good. Yes, we do. You know, they are the fuel to carrying out the big mission.

[00:09:20] Right? Exactly. You know, the dreams and the passion they do energize us, or they should energize us if not, we’re doing something wrong. Right. Yeah. Well, yeah. I mean, you should be on. Fire to accomplish whatever it is you’re dreaming about. So yes, yes, yes. I love how you reframe that. You know that it should infuse us with energy instead of taking energy away from us.

[00:09:49] Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So, we live in, you know, gene times in many ways lots of things happening in the world. Obviously, the pandemic is. Is here and it’s been around, and it creates a lot of uncertainty. And I think a lot of fear in the collective and that can take us away from this dreaming big or think, well, I want to dream big, but who knows what the future holds?

[00:10:13] So it’s kind of can steal our energy or our desire to dream big. What do you say to women who have this fear or have this holding back? Because they’re not sure what’s going to happen in the future. Yes. Yes. Yes. So, you know, I see that a lot, you know, or they feel as though, okay. I just don’t even, I’m so zapped out, wiped out from all of this pandemic stuff that I just don’t even know how I can fit that into my schedule.

[00:10:39] And what I would say to them is that, you know, now is the time more than ever to go after your dreams. You know, first of all, you’ve made it through the pandemic. You’re still standing you’re surviving. Right. And so, you would probably agree that life is short. You know, so therefore take advantage of every moment you have by doing what you love doing.

[00:11:08] And I would tell them, let you know their gift of life and be the catalyst and the fuel. To launch their dream, you know, nothing is for certain, right. But I would still say to them still launch out, you know, go ahead and do it while you are able to do it. And don’t let the fear of the unknown or this pandemic, or what if, or I have to shift, you know, women are resilient and use that resilience.

[00:11:42] To go ahead and pursue that thing. That’s in your heart. Again, it’s given to you for a reason. There is no time like the present to go ahead and do it while you have the energy while you have the time, you know, make your dreams come into fruition. Yeah. So, what would you say? I love that I so agree that now is the time more than ever more than ever the world needs your light.

[00:12:08] They need your big dreams coming to fruition while, like you say to someone who comes to you and is like, Rhonda, I feel something inside of me. I, it just feels big and important and exciting, but I don’t have the words. I don’t know what this dream is. Do you, what do you say to help people help get clarity on their dreams?

[00:12:28] Well, what I would say to them is to. Try to identify the source. Okay. So, what is it that, that really speaks to you? You know, what is your passion? What, what fuels you? What sets your heart on fire? And now let’s, let’s put a name to it because typically our big dreams come from within. Right. And so, they STEM from.

[00:12:56] Our passion. That’s already put into us. We have this deep desire, this deep longing. And so how do we merge that desire to name it so that we can actually take action steps on it? So, yes, gaining clarity, you know, what is it that you really want to do? What do you feel? So, excited about, you know, and now how can we actually.

[00:13:20] Actualize that into something that is satisfying for you, but at the same time, perhaps serving other people as well? Yeah. Beautiful. What feels you? That’s such a good question to ask. Have it part of your Daily journal prompts, I think. Yes. Yeah. So, Rhonda, what is a big dream you’ve achieved so far? And what is a big dream you have for the future that hasn’t come into your experience yet?

[00:13:50] Yes. So, oh, good question. So yeah, one of the big dreams that I’ve achieved is so first of all, I strongly believe in empowering women and girls I’ve been doing that for decades. And so, I had a big dream of mine was to visit Oprah leader, excuse me, Oprah Winfrey’s leadership Academy for girls in South Africa.

[00:14:14] And I had a chance to go there a couple of years ago. And I tell you what, you know, just standing on the stage.  it just stirred my soul. It just infused me, you know, to see that, Oh my gosh, one woman can just impact generations globally. And so that was one of my biggest dreams that I was able to achieve.

[00:14:41] And, oh my gosh, how tremendous that was. So, a big dream that I have for the future. Is to establish a legacy by investing in women, owned businesses in Africa, where access to funding is not available. You know? So, my heart is really to be able to. Give women, you know, some of them may have a beating business or whatever their business is, and they just need resources, training, perhaps funding that will sustain them and their families.

[00:15:20] And so that is a big dream of mine to bring to fruition in the future. And I, and it’s, it’s big. It’s, it’s going to take more than me. I realize that, but you know, you have to step outside of yourself when you have a big dream. And so. It’s out there, it’s in the atmosphere and I can’t wait to see it come to pass.

[00:15:41] Wow. That’s so beautiful. That is amazing that you were able to visit the leadership Academy for girls in South Africa. I’ve read a lot about it. So a lot about it. That’s so, so cool. How is it that you came to go there? Were you, and was it part of it? And events or something? No, actually it was a part of an part of an event, but my husband and I wanted to travel to South Africa and we just planned to do that.

[00:16:10] And while we were going, we made. A point to be sure to go by the leadership Academy. And so we were able to go and walk on the grounds and, you know, see the school. And it was just. Again, amazing. We weren’t able to go in at that particular time because the school was closed. However, again, just being there and seeing, you know, the, the NFS and the campus and just how beautifully everything was maintained and the excellence that was, there was just enough to really inspire me.

[00:16:46] To, you know, to do great things to accomplish even more than what I thought I could. I love this example because you had a dream to visit this Academy on the other side of the world and you just hit it. You just did it. You didn’t wait for it to happen to you. You didn’t wait for an invite. You didn’t wait for an event.

[00:17:08] That’s right. I love this. And I have to say, this is so good, Rhonda, because. In terms of your dream of the future. Can I tell you with really deep sincerity that I share the same dream? Oh my gosh. Because I my background, I spent 70, 70. I’m not that old 70 I was going to say 70 years. No, no. It felt like 70 years, but it was 17, 17 years working in international development and gosh, yes, I worked in countries all over the world and.

[00:17:42] Now that I, myself, as an entrepreneur and I, I’m a coach to spiritual entrepreneurs, I have this dream to come like full circle and do exactly what you’re describing. Investing in women, owned businesses in Africa and around the world to places that really need it and really need women who really need extra support to get their businesses off the ground.

[00:18:03] Cause I believe That women entrepreneurs are really going to lead the future and lead us soul guide and entrepreneurs are really gonna help lead the planet to just a better way of living. Yeah, absolutely. And I am just so honored and, you know, just so thankful that yes, you see the big picture, you see the vision, you know, the importance of it and it does, I mean, the future is in our hands.

[00:18:30] Right. And. I know that I’m not going to be here forever. Right. And so therefore, what is my legacy going to be? What would they say about Rhonda? You know, when I’m no longer on this earth? And so yeah. To actually have impact right. While I’m here too. Impart wisdom and knowledge and training and skills, you know, to women to be able to pass the Baton to these women, women, you know, we’ve been equipped with so much, like you said, you know, everything that you’ve done has brought you to this point today.

[00:19:01] And so it is. Up to us to be responsible with the gifts that we’ve been given. Right. And with the lessons we’ve learned and the training, we have to instill that into other women because those women need what we have. Right. And of course it continues down. It trickles down. From them to their, their children.

[00:19:27] You know, the girls be able to stay in school and not have to get married off and have kids. And there’s just so many benefits to being able to do exactly what we’re talking about doing empowering, you know, these women in third world countries, undeveloped countries and being their lifeline in, in many cases.

[00:19:46] Absolutely. Absolutely. An affair growing a successful business is going to be so empowering for them on so many ways, you know? And it’s got such a triple a ripple effect that I think is really exciting. So I love, I love that you shared your dream because you know, now you and I are connected.

[00:20:09] Now we know we have this dream. Isn’t that the cool thing about sharing your dream? Oh my gosh. You know, it really is. And I’m focused. You brought that up because oftentimes we’re hesitant about sharing our dreams. We think, okay, someone may laugh at us or they’re going to think, Oh, well, that’s too big.

[00:20:25] You’ll never accomplish that. Right. But your dream is for you. And to put it out there, like I said, I put it out there in the atmosphere, not even knowing that it was something that you have close to your heart too. So good insight into that. That, yes. You know, I’m so glad that I did share it and that it did connect and resonate with you as well.

[00:20:45] That’s beautiful. It’s just beautiful. Yeah. Yes, yes, absolutely. And I’m going to add one point to that. One more point to that. Yeah. Sometimes we get also the fear of someone will copy my idea or my dream and run with it, right? Yes. But I feel like our dreams are like puzzle pieces, you know, when we’re, when we’re really true to ourselves and we are we ourselves aren’t You know, copying someone else when we’re really staying true to our own dreams.

[00:21:12] I feel like your dream and my dream come together, like puzzle pieces and there’s no competition. We’re just going to help each other. We’re going to lift each other up two that’s right? Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. Because I like what you use with the analogy of a puzzle pieces, because we each bring our own gifting, our own skillset, our own, you know, unique DNA to the dream.

[00:21:35] Right. And so. We can compliment each other instead of compete with one another. Right. And my dream is for me, your dream is for you. And I firmly believe that I’m going to walk in my dream and live it out. If someone wants to try to copy or imitate it, that’s, that’s them, that’s their issue. And whatever happens, happens with them.

[00:21:57] All I know is that I have to stay true to what has been given to me to do, because I can do it only. Like I can do it. Beautiful. Beautiful. Absolutely. All right. So I’m really interested to hear about the, you created the dream acronym dream, D R E a M life framework. What does it mean and how can we apply it in our lives?

[00:22:22] Yes. So pretty much. Yeah, I incorporated that. Because I found that when I was dreaming there, that was a process. And for me, the D stands for desire. Right? So when you have a dream, the first thing you have to do is have a desire. You have this deep longing for something, even if you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you have the desire to do something.

[00:22:47] Do something really big. And then the R is for reflect and record. And so once you realize, okay, I have a dream now you’re gonna reflect, you’re gonna reflect on, you know, your strengths and your passions, your skill sets, and then you’re going to start writing those things down. And then they eat. This is like one of my favorite parts of the acronym is actually for, in vision.

[00:23:15] Okay. Because when you envision the dream, you see it in three D, right. You taste it, you hear it, you experience it, you embody it. Right. You see yourself. In the dream, you sit coming to fruition, you know, it just becomes a part of who you are. It just oozes out of your poor. So if you vision it, you know, then you can start taking the steps to make it come to reality.

[00:23:46] You believe it’s going to actually happen. And then the a in dream is for affirm. And so that is when you declare, you know, you speak it over your life. You know, for example, I am fully capable of creating a global network of 1 million women. So you start up firming what you see and you know, the desire that you have.

[00:24:14] And then the last part of that M is materialize. So this is when your dream goes from inspiration to manifestation, because we can sit and we can dream and we can see things all day long, but if we don’t take action, That dream becomes just a wish, you know, so we have to actually put the steps to it, to make the drain.

[00:24:44] Realize to come to fruition. And then I firmly believe once we do those things, that is when we have the life that we truly, truly desire and deserve, and that life Allison, the L stands for legacy. So we have this big dream which enables us to leave a legacy. The ice stands for influential. So now we’re influencing others were able to, you know, impact others and then the F is fulfilled.

[00:25:17] Okay. So now, you know, we have this unspeakable joy and then they eat is empowered, and this is kind of what you and I talked about. God empowering other women, but now you’re empowered to continue your legacy through other people. And so that is the framework I have for the dream life. That’s beautiful. I really, I really love it.

[00:25:44] And I really related to it as I reflected on my own path of dreaming big and someone who took a lot of risks in life and quit jobs that no one ever quit to follow my entrepreneurial dream. And I think that there is like, there is courage involved in dreaming. Right. Oh, yes. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. So where, so in this framework, right?

[00:26:12] Do you feel like the courage, I mean, it’s there throughout. Okay. Cause it takes courage to dream big. Right? For me, I feel like it’s when the rubber hits the road, when you go from the dreaming to the doing. Oh, my gosh. Oh yeah. Yeah. Well, you know, and I would even say this Eva, just from the dreaming, it takes courage just to dream, you know, just to, just to dream big, you have to be bold to do that, but.

[00:26:38] Yes. Once you get ready to bring it to fruition. Oh my gosh. That is when you really need to fortify yourself and, and have courage, you know, because that is when the doubt would really seep in, and the fear really start to creep in. So. Yeah, you have to be able to take that risk and remember why you’re doing it in the first place and go out there and make it happen.

[00:27:02] Absolutely. It’s not, it’s not easy. And I won’t pretend that it is easy, you know, to manifest a dream, especially one of, you know, great significance. Right. But yet, and still you have to. Before the fight, you know, no. Why are you doing this thing? And that I believe would give you the courage to step out there and do what it takes to make it happen.

[00:27:26] In spite of, in spite of the fear you still press forward, and you do it. Yes, absolutely. And I agree. It’s, it’s one thing that I’ve seen and I help my clients with when they’re feeling. Downtrodden on their path. And they’re like, well, I have this big dream, but these obstacles have come. And I don’t know.

[00:27:45] And I feel like giving up and it’s all too much. And I just say, remember your why? Because you can forget it right when you’re in the thick of it. Oh my gosh. Yes. It’s so easy. Yeah. It’s so easy to, to throw it out, to forget the why, because you’re bombarded by so many other things. Right. But yes, just going back to that, why, you know, I like to say the why is, is, is how you win, you know, once you focus back in on that, why that is.

[00:28:15] The fuel that is what’s going to keep you focused and make you stay steadfast. Even when you want to quit. That is as simple as that. Yeah. Your why has to be strong enough to, to do exactly that? Yes, absolutely. So let’s talk about dreaming big. I think a lot, I see it in my clients a lot. You know, being the energy Raider, I can tune into an energy or tune into their sole mission and I can feel even if I don’t have the words to describe it, I can feel the thickness and feel the bigness.

[00:28:46] And then I feel like the client can feel it too, but they’re like, Oh, that’s a little scary. Like, who am I to think? I could dream that big. So all this holding back, holding back, holding back, that’s part of my job to help them not hold back. But what is the tips you have that you offer people? To help them stop holding back so they can really get to the juiciness of whether their biggest dreams.

[00:29:12] Yes. So I, I so can relate to what you’re saying about, you know, the bigness of it all and who am I to even do this? And, Oh my gosh, it’s scary. And you know, you can’t even think about expanding into the bitterness of it. So the first thing that I suggest is. Okay. Let’s remove those limiting beliefs. We have to acknowledge what they are and then we have to remove them because something is limiting you, your mindset from being able to wrap around that you are fully equipped to accomplish this big dream.

[00:29:48] So let’s address those limiting beliefs. Let’s call them out, conquer them, remove them, and let’s move on. I would also say though, You know, start with what you have right now. You may think that the dream is so big that you can even, you know, digest it. It just seems overwhelming. But I would say, start with what you have right now.

[00:30:12] You know, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take your time, pace yourself, start with what you have and you will eventually get there. And then the last thing I would say to them is, okay, you think you’re, you’re dreaming big is, you know, holding your back, but think of the impact your big dream can have on not only your life, but the lives of.

[00:30:39] Others. So sometimes when we remove ourselves, when it’s no longer all about us, that gives us the permission, the freedom, that sense of urgency to go ahead and pursue the dream, even though it seems so big. And so out of reach for us. Love it. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Beautiful. So the title of this podcast episode is how to dream big and live your best future.

[00:31:08] And I would be, I’d love to know Rhonda, how do you define living your best future? What does it mean to live your best future? Yes. So living your best future simply means that you boldly use your unique gifts today to create future impact and abundance. And so pretty much you offer your gifts to the world.

[00:31:34] You stay the course and you pay it forward. And that is how you live your best future. Right now. So it’s about just it’s about focusing on, on your offering your, the best of yourself today to others, to the people you feel called to serve beautifully said. Absolutely. That’s right. And do you have any tips, like if someone was coming to you and they’re like, Oh, Rhonda, I don’t know what my unique genius or my unique gifts are, or I don’t, how do I get started in.

[00:32:09] And focusing on that today. So I can call in this better future. Yes. So with that, I would suggest that they, first of all, they could write down, you know, brainstorm on the things that they are naturally good at. You know, what are, what are their uh, talents? What are their skills? What is their passion? You know, write all of those things down and chances are.

[00:32:38] You will find, or they will find a commonality, a common thread that will let them know, Oh my gosh. So this is my gifting. This is what I’m good at. You know, when we find our genius, you know, pretty much it’s using our gift is using what comes naturally to us. And. That is something that only we can determine.

[00:33:03] And if we think through it long enough, we can actually find out what has that gift. Sometimes it’s maybe through a story we have that we didn’t even realize that, Oh my gosh, you know, this really speaks to me based on this experience that I’ve had. So self-analysis. Write down those things, your strengths, you know, your talents, the things that you are passionate about.

[00:33:26] And that is how you can find, okay, this is speaking to me. This feels good to me. This is something I do naturally without even trying to do it. Chances are that is where your gift lies. Nice. Nice. Beautiful. All right, Rhonda, I would love for you to leave our listeners with a challenge on how they can dream bigger and live their best future.

[00:33:59] Yes. So I challenge the listeners to drain big today to take the limits off. And think of everything they really want to accomplish. Don’t even worry about how they’re going to do it. We’re not worrying about the, how, we’re just thinking of the, what, what big dream that you have for yourself. Write that down and then affirm, write down your affirmation for that dream.

[00:34:32] And that is the start of getting your dream into you. And then being able to actualize it at a later date. Beautiful. I love that challenge. And how would you recommend what’s a good way to any advice on how to craft their affirmation? Any tips there? Well, it depends on what their dream for themselves is, but yes, pretty much.

[00:35:04] I love, I am affirmations. That’s affirmations that begin with I am because you are declaring exactly who you are. So for instance, If you feel hesitant about accomplishing your big dream, you could even say something as simple as I am fully capable of accomplishing or manifesting the dream that’s inside me.

[00:35:32] So yes. When you craft your affirmation, first of all, it should be, I am right. You’re declaring it and it should be active. I am. Fully capable, you know, or I am realizing, so it should be an action and then it should be short and meaningful. And that is how they can write their affirmation and make it short and succinct where they actually believe it and something that they can say every morning or whenever it hits them that, okay.

[00:36:07] I need to affirm and speak life over me. At this particular moment. Nice. I love that. So I’m going to be taking this challenge and I like having crafting an affirmation for your dreams. Yes, yes, yes. Yeah. I mean, that is so important because. A lot of times we can think about something, but as you know, the power of, of speech is so powerful.

[00:36:38] So to hear ourselves actually affirm that thing. Right? So when we write the affirmation, we should go one step further and actually speak it out loud because when we hear ourselves. Say it, it gets into our subconscious and then we actually start to believe it. And then we are in alignment with what we’re speaking, and we began to talk about it.

[00:37:06] Nice. Beautiful. Oh my gosh. Rhonda, this has just been so amazing connecting to your amazing energy, which I think is so powerful and beautiful. I know a lot of the listeners would love to learn more about you. How can they find you? Well, sure. So a couple of ways they can find more about me or contact or connect with me on my website, which is Rhonda Mincey, that comm M I N C E y.com or they can follow me on Instagram at Rhonda G.

[00:37:38] Perfect. And those links will be in the show notes. Okay. Thank you again, Rhonda, for being on the show and sharing your unique gifts. They are amazing. I really I’m excited to have that be connected with you, and I’m super excited that we share an amazing dream. Thank you so much, Alyson, for this opportunity.

[00:37:56] And again, it was. So delightful to connect with you as well. And we’ll see how it continues to go as, as far as both of us may be even collaborating on the dreams that we have. I also want to thank you, dear one, so much for listening, and if you’re loving this episode, Go ahead and hit subscribe wherever it is you listen.

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