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Ignite Your Creativity From the Heartspace

This week, I am experimenting. For the first time, I recorded this entire episode once without any editing. The reason why is because we’re exploring how to ignite your creativity by creating from the heartspace. I offer 3 simple steps on how to access this state of being, while at the same time being an example of how it’s done.

Creating from the heartspace allows you to take your life and business to the next level of abilities and possibilities as well as create from a higher energy frequency. The 3 steps of instruction I offer are composed of only six words. Find out what they are in today’s episode.

What you will discover:

  • How you amp up your creativity when you create from the heartspace
  • Ways to quiet your thinking mind, and
  • The 3 simple steps – composed of only 6 words – to create from the heartspace

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Featured on the show:

  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
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The Uncorked Conversation Podcast with Allyson Scammell

Ep #32: Igniting Your Creativity From the Heartspace

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Allyson Scammell: You are listening to the uncorked conversation podcast with Allyson Scammell.

Episode number 32.

Allyson: Hello and welcome to the Uncorked Conversation, a podcast for soul-guided, passion-filled women entrepreneurs who want to uncork big magic in life and business without burning out. We’ll get to the truth of how to uncork our core gifts, the ones we keep hidden inside and how to infuse those gifts into our personal and professional life in a way that feels like magic. We’ll also uncover how to truly experience the joy of the journey through smart time management and planning. I’m your host, Allyson Scammell. Let’s uncork.

Good day to you, Shanti Pax Nation. This episode is an experiment. I am going to record it only once. I’m not going to edit anything, so if I get tongue-tied or if you hear more “ums” than normal, that is why. All I have is a note card in front of me with three very small points which I will read to you. And the reason why is because this episode is about creating and igniting and amping up your creativity by creating from the heart space.

And I thought, why not do a podcast episode where I, myself, am creating from the heart space. And I’m going to tell you how I do it, and how I get into this, and I just wanted to be in super creative flow in this episode and as an example of how this is done.

And I also wanted to mention that if you’re new to the podcast, what I mean when I say, “Hello Shanti Pax Nation.” Shanti Pax means peace, peace. Shanti is peace in Sanskrit, and pax is peace in Latin. Shanti represents our core gifts, or the unique abilities you were born to share. And pax represents you sharing those gifts with those people that you feel called to serve.

So, if you want to become an official citizen of Shanti Pax Nation, which is a very cool place to be, then head over to my website at shantipax.com. That’s S, H, A, N, T, I, P, A, X dot com. And you can sign up to get your passport, and as part of that, you will receive my latest new free guide, which I’m quite proud of, and it’s a four step planning guide to the perfectly productive, harmonious, and high earning work week. So it’s a guide that helps you use the power of heart-based planning to really create the kind of work week that is productive, lucrative, and balanced. So grab your copy and join our nation at Shanti Pax Nation.

So, back to today’s episode, how to create from the heart space. I’m going to give you three steps, and that’s all I have written down. And they are quite simple, yet take a lifetime to explore, or many lifetimes. And the reason why we want to create from the heart space is because this is when we really get into full expression of our core gifts. It’s from that heart chakra, that place in the center of our chest.

That is where we are connected to our human self and our higher self, our soul, that part of us that’s connected to source energy, and infinite wisdom, and to our past lifetimes, where we can draw on abilities that we have had before we entered this lifetime. So creating from that space gives us multitudes and multitudes more know-how, ability, frequency, and by that I mean that is where we access our highest vibrations. And when we are creating from that high vibration frequency, that is truly us creating at our best. That is really reaching full potential. And that, my friends, is very thrilling place to be.

So, how to create from the heart space, three simple steps. Number one, and man, if you get this one down, you are on your way. Quiet the mind. I literally have six words written down in the three steps. The three steps are six words, I love it. It’s one thing about the heart, receiving from the heart, it’s not verbose. The mind is verbose, the heart is expansive. It’s spacious. It’s of few words. So, quiet the mind, step number one.

The mind is verbosious. Verbosious? I’m not editing. Verbose. It goes on sort of an autopilot where it just churns out thoughts. And a lot of those thoughts aren’t really in service to us, and they certainly aren’t in service to what we are creating.

So how do you quiet the mind? Well, every person can quiet the mind differently, and I’m gonna offer you techniques that I use that I access the quickest and most efficiently. And the first is so simple, yet so profound, just focus on the breath. It is always astounding to me what three deep breaths can do to me, no matter what state I’m in. No matter how stressed, how racy my mind is, if I just stop and take three deep breaths, I am immediately out of my mind. And by that I mean I am not in my thinking mind. I might be out of my mind as in crazy, but I mean I am out of my thinking mind and all the thoughts that it churns automatically.

So why don’t we just do it together? If you’re driving, you can still do it, just keep your eyes open, unless you’re at a stop sign. And wherever else you are, maybe close your eyes and just three deep breaths. … And I like to breathe in, through the nose, and really fill up the lower part of the belly, fill up the entire cavity that receives air, from belly to lungs, fill it all up. And then it often feels good for me to let it out in a nice sigh, through the mouth, three times. … And I’m immediately out of my mind, as in my mind is quieted.

Other ways that I quiet my mind is through meditation, and that is something that I do enjoy doing. You know, I used to have a pretty well oiled meditation practice and now it’s spotty, and that’s okay. I’ve got three children, I’ve got a toddler, so this isn’t a stage in my life where I’m meant to be meditating for hours on end. I do, when the kids get older, I do want to go back to longer periods of meditation, but this just isn’t my time, so check in with you, I think there’s a lot of talk about, “Ooh, you have to meditate.” And maybe it’s just not accessible to you right now, the traditional sitting in lotus pose on a meditation pillow, you know, listening to Tibetan monks chanting. Maybe this is your time for that and long stretches of meditation, and that’s really beautiful, too. And if it’s not, that’s great.

So this is not a period of time in my life for long stretches of meditation, so I might meditate in shorter stretches, anywhere from two to 20 minutes, and I don’t meditate as often, and I give myself permission for that. I used to feel bad about that, and now I don’t. Because this is just where I am, at this stage of my life. So I meditate for short periods of time, and that quiets my mind. And I go for walks in nature, I go for walking meditations, and in fact, I did a half an hour walk right before recording, and I really just … I leave my phone at home, I stared at the sun. I live on an island, so I’m very lucky. I looked out at the ocean, I greeted the trees, I created space in my mind, in my energetic being, for wisdom to come through that is in service to you.

And the last way I quiet my mind is through some sort of exercise or movement of the body. And when I am in exercise mode, I really try to focus on what it is I’m doing, and I really try to come into the present moment. So the exercise that’s calling my name at this point in my life is yoga and aerobic dance, and walking. So I just did some walking, as I mentioned, and the aerobic activity, or the movement activity, that I try to incorporate into my life right now is yoga and aerobic dance. And I really just try to get into the present moment, and try to quiet my mind in that time. And the other simple way to always just quiet the mind is to come into the now, you know, Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now, just come into the present moment.

I’m squarely there right now, staring at a squirrel crawling up a tree branch up my window, and your mind will be quieted. And the most powerful thing you can do is experiment around to see what works for you. ‘Cause what works for one may not work for another. So I gave you some of the things that I do, consistently, at this point in my life, and always honor where you are. You know, parenthood especially puts us in crazy places that we never thought that we’d be in, but also, you know, caring for elder parents, caring for pets, you know, caretaker role. When you can’t spend as much time focusing on your stuff and you’re really focused on others, you know, education, busy times at work, uncertain times, transition times, those put us in different places, so what may have worked before may not work now. And that’s absolutely normal, and its just honoring that and giving yourself permission to change. And know that what used to work for you doesn’t now and that’s okay. That’s not wrong. It’s about following what right looks like for you today in this moment.

Okay, going back to my handy dandy little note card, I’ve got number two, it’s two words. So how to create from the heart space, number one, quiet the mind. Number two, pivot down. What on earth does that mean? If you’ve been listening to this podcast, you’ve probably …

Or if you’re a client of mine, certainly, you may have heard me say this, pivot down to the heart space. So our mind is quiet, we’re in the present moment, and you really want to now pivot down and place your attention on your heart space, that area in the center of your chest. And that is the place from which you create. And your in alignment to your physical body, your energy body, your higher self, you’re accessing universal intelligence, nonphysical guides, nonphysical consciousness. Everything is available to you in the heart space.

Creating from the mind, you have your thoughts. And most of them probably aren’t in service to you. The mind is useful for somethings, but not deep creativity. Not writing your novel, not coaching a client, not painting a drawing, not creating your next great product, your next great program.

That, dear friends, comes, ideally, and most powerfully, from the heart. So in the pivot down, it’s pivoting away from the thinking mind, and down to that channel, your heart channel. You’re tuning into the frequency, the energetic frequency of your heart. And for me, I feel it physically in the body. I feel like a weight … It feels amazing, expansive. Like right now the words are just coming through me, I’m not considering them. The second I consider a thought before I say it I get messed up. So I’m just channeling the words through me, I feel completely in the present moment, I’m looking out my window, I’m holding onto my note card, I’ve got some rose quartz in my pocket that I like to carry around with me. And I’m just letting it flow.

That’s another great word for creating from the heart space, it just flows. It’s like a download. Just comes out of you. So simple. No struggle. Not time consuming. You don’t have to go back and edit, and reedit, and rework. It just flows. And sometimes you do have to go back if your writing the next chapter of your book, you know, let it flow out of you, and then certainly you want to go back and edit, but with each edit, it’s flowing out. It’s flowing out with each edit. It’s flowing out. And I’m not gonna edit this episode just as an example of … just as an experiment. We’ll see. Tell me what you think.

So this is the pivot down. Focused on the heart space, creating from the heart space, in the present moment, out of the mind. And you will create out of your mind. It’s really simple, and I’m just checking in with my heart to see if there’s anything else to be said about this. It’s that simple. All it takes is practice. It’s a place of being. Being from your heart, as opposed to your head. And how it works for most of us now, we spend most of the day in our head, and we take periodic trips to the heart. But what if little by little we spent more of our day in our heart, and then just took periodic trips to the head.

What time do you want to eat dinner? That’s a good trip to the head. That’s important. We want to eat as a family. Should we eat at 6:30 tonight? Okay. Okay, back down to my heart. That’s what that could look like. And all that negative self talk that the mind churns out would just be … wouldn’t be, because the heart doesn’t churn out anything but love. And if you don’t believe me, I invite you to experiment for yourself, and if you truly are in the heart space, you will not feel or receive anything but love.

Number three, how to create from the heart space. Receive. I love this. So number one, quiet the mind. Number two, pivot down. Number three is to receive. And I had originally, and I think it was coming from my mind, which is fine, I love my mind, had said listen, but then I thought, “Ooh, that just doesn’t seem right, it’s really …” And then when I did pivot down, my heart said receive.

And the reason why, and what I mean by that, is to receive the messages, receive the wisdom. We’re receiving it from our soul, from our heart. It’s co-creative, because we are there experiencing it, but it’s really something that we receive. And so what that means is, it comes to you in the form of words, messages, and as I said, the heart space is not verbose. And it comes to you in the form of visions, pictures, colors, senses, hunches. Everybody’s heart speaks to them differently. And so, it’s just the practice of understanding how does your heart communicate to you. And there’s only one way to find out. Go through steps one and two, and then see how you receive.

And so right now as I am receiving, I am just allowing the words to flow through me, so I’m using words right now, I’m receiving words from the heart, and sending them out to you in this moment in time. And so I have more than just a few words as I’m explaining, in service to you, but I’m trying, or I’m in the frequency of allowing only what’s absolutely necessary and only what’s absolutely in service to you to flow through. So there’s no unnecessary information or unnecessary anything coming through. Just the three points and just only what you need to know right now, at this point in your journey, as I’m in service to you.

So that is what I’m allowing to flow through. So practice receiving from the heart. I mostly receive from messages, but I also receive from visuals. I call them oracles. If your a client a mine or part of my closed Facebook, you know about Allyson’s little oracles, I get visions, and they are sometimes precognitive visions of a future that almost always, when I know that I’m getting a precognitive vision, pretty much know that that future is gonna come. I don’t get those too often though. Most of my visions are like metaphors, so I’m riding a unicorn on a beach. What does the unicorn represent? What does the beach represent? I feel like the unicorn is going to fast and I want it to slow down. What does that represent? So there’s metaphors and symbols in my visions.

So how does your heart speak to you? And it’s a very, very fun and exciting process to get to know that and to learn that. So my challenge to you, my dear friends, is to practice creating from the heart. Ignite your creativity. Take it to the next level. Take it to the next level you of creativity, of possibility, of energy frequency. There’s only six words in the instructions. One, quiet the mind. Two, pivot down. Three, receive. I didn’t really think about any of this before I started recording other than those points, and so all of this has just been an example of how one can create from the heart. And I wanted this episode to be under 25 minutes and I see that I’m just about at 24, so I’m gonna close out.

Learning to create from the heart is one of the most powerful gifts that you can give yourself and your business. I challenge you to give yourself this gift. And as i said, if you want to join this nation, check out my website, shantipax.com, sign up, get the free planning guide that also talks about how to receive messages from your heart in your planning. And if you are digging on this episode, and I hope you are,

I would be so grateful if you left a rating and review. Head on over to iTunes. You can search Uncorked Conversation in the podcast. Mine will come up, and that’s how you can give it five stars if you don’t mind, and subscribe. And I share these episodes on social media, so if your feeling so called, give me so feedback in the social media comments, and share it with your network. Again, this is how I grow organically, and I’d be very, very grateful for your assistance in allowing me to do that.

And, dear friends, as always, until next time, stay uncorked.

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