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Spending More Time In Your Zone of Genius

We continue to deep-dive into core gifts. In Episode #13 + #14, we learned how to define our core and shadow gifts. The next step is to explore how to express our core gifts with greater intention and spend more time in our Zone of Genius.

In this episode, we delve into:

  • The four zones from which we take action,
  • Why your Zone of Excellence is the trickiest, and
  • How to spend more and more of your day creating from your Zone of Genius.

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The Uncorked Conversation Podcast with Allyson Scammell Episode #15: Spending More Time In Your Zone of Genius


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You are listening to the Uncorked Conversation podcast with Allyson Scammell episode number 15. Hello and welcome to the uncorked conversation, a podcast for soul guided passion filled women entrepreneurs who want to uncork big magic in life and business without burning out.

We’ll get to the truth of how to uncork our gifts, the ones we keep hidden inside, and how to infuse those gifts into our personal and professional life in a way that feels like magic.

We’ll also discovered how to truly experience the joy of the journey through smart time management and planning. And your host Allyson Scammell. Let’s uncork.

Hello Shantipax nation, let’s spend more time in our zone of genius.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? I get so passionate about this topic because when I’m talking about it I’m in my zone of genius and that is just where the goodness lies. That is when we’re at our full potential. What does it mean anyway to reach your full potential. You think about your parents when you were a teenager saying if you keep playing Nintendo you’ll never reach your full potential.

And I suppose on some level they’re right but I don’t think that most of our parents really knew what they were saying when they said reach your full potential. But there is such a thing and it’s called your core gaffes. It’s called expressing your core gifts in your zone of genius. For the last two episodes. Number 13 and 14 we focused in on how to define our core gifts in our shadow gifts.

Now we’re getting to the really fun part and that is how we can spend more of our day more of our time. In full expression of our core gifts in our zone of genius. So in today’s episode we’re going to talk about the four zones from which we take action.

Why we need to watch out for our zone of excellence the most and how we can spend more time in our zone of genius in Gay Hendricks book the big leap he offers four zones from which we take action.

They are our zone of incompetence. So that’s the stuff that we are frankly incompetent at our zone of competence which are things that we can get done. Not great but we get the job done.

There is the zone of excellence so that’s the things that we do really well but we are in our full potential and our zone of excellence. And last but not least there is our zone of genius and that’s when we are expressing our unique talent.

So somewhat surprisingly the trickiest zone of action is the zone of excellence. And the reason why is it is very easy to leave and to get out of your zone of incompetence or your competence because it doesn’t feel good and it doesn’t mean that we don’t all get stuck there from time to time because we do we always know with clarity when we’re in our zones of incompetence or competence and we feel strongly motivated to get out of it.

Any time I’m reading a book that is really steeped in technical theory I mean really about any topic. I’m in my zone of incompetence. I am not a down in the weeds person. I’m a futuristic visionary strategic big thinker. So when you give me the opposite of that small my new details I am in my zone of incompetence and I feel like I’m stuck in the molasses.

And all I want is out get me back too forward leaning big thinking big ideas. That is where I thrive the zone of excellence on the other hand you can do really well. You can be successful in the form of status and money and even some creative rewards that just feel good.

But here is the trick to the zone of excellence. It has an expiration date. You can only be in it so long reaching your almost potential before you start to feel really bad and your natural genius is inside of you begging to come out begging for you to up. Level your genius and step in to your core gifts.

I love what Jay Hendryx writes about the zone of excellence, he says it’s where your own addiction to comfort wants you to stay. It’s also where your family friends and organization wants you to stay you’re reliable there and you provide a steady supply of all the things that family friends and organizations thrive on.

The problem is that a deep sacred part of you will wither away and die if you stay inside your zone of excellence. There is only one place where you will ultimately thrive and feel satisfied. And that is your zone of genius. And let me tell you he is right.

When I worked as a humanitarian adviser to NATO I was really deep inside my zone of excellence. I was really good at what I did. I got along great with colleagues. I thrived in the team but I just wasn’t reaching my full potential there.

And in fact I just received a great email from a former colleague of mine who watched one of my facebook lives and said hey Allyson, I don’t get it. I don’t understand why you weren’t in your zone of genius when you worked at NATO because to me You really seemed like you were. You were a standout colleague.

And so thank you for that. That made me feel really good but I really wasn’t in my zone of genius. And it worked for me for a while but it was true that little by little a part of me was dying inside because I wanted to create and I wanted to talk about all of the content that I’m talking about today.

And I wanted to be podcasting and writing and coaching and doing Facebook lives and doing live speaking events and all the things that I do is not pruner. That was me leaving my zone of excellence and stepping into my zone of genius and the more time you spend in your zone of genius the harder and harder it is to go back the things you use to tolerate in the other zones you no longer able to tolerate. So yes you can be successful an even to a point happy in your zone of excellence but it will last.

The only place that you can consistently thrive with no expiration date is indeed your zone of genius. And this is what Jay Hendrix has to say about your zone of genius he says. Liberating and expressing your natural genius is your ultimate path to success and life satisfaction. I so agree to this year’s zone of genius is the set of activities you are uniquely suited to they draw upon your special gifts and strengths.

And this is what I call core gifts and this is what I help people to do in my coaching sessions. I help them to find them and then to define shadow gifts. I help them identify how they want to infuse their core gifts into their life and business with greater intention and I help them to refine their core gifts to OP level their mastery and live deeper into their expertise.

And when I’m doing this with an ideal client I am in full expression of my core gifts and from this place I receive the most abundance the most connection the most creativity and the most love. The rewards that you get from taking action from this place are infinite so I want to move on with that in mind to how you can spend more time in your zone of genius.

So if you’re earlier in your journey and you’re spending little to none of your time in your zone of genius which was me for years and so if you are like I used to be then it is important that you go through and you take the time to go through all the steps that I’m going to outline which is really really easy and simple to do. The first thing you want to do is to pick an area of your life. I divide life into six pies and the first pie is your career finances creativity,etc.

Your second pie is love and family are what I call close kin. Your third pie is all other connections. Friendships work collaborationsetc. The fourth pi is your spirituality. However that is defined by you. The fifth pie is your physical and mental health. So how you are feeling physically and how your thoughts are serving you,etc.

And last but not least are your hobbies and all other personal interests. So it’s very hard to shift your entire life all at once from spending little time inside your zone of genius to 90 percent of your time. That’s why it’s much easier to pick an area of your life and focus on that first. So let’s say you want to pick career and finances and you want to spend more of that piece of pie inside your zone of genius.

And my goal for now is to spend 70 percent of my day inside my zone of genius. And once I hit the 70 percent mark I’m going up that 75 to 80 and ultimately I want to spend like 90 percent of my day inside of my zone of genius because why not. Why not set your goals high. Right. But most of us aren’t anywhere near 70 to 90 percent.

So that’s why we’re dialing back to picking one area of our life. And I want you to list all the things that you do in that area. So in my example as a small business owner I do a whole heck of a lot from writing podcasts to editing podcasts to coaching clients to marketing to sales to finances to making sure my taxes are in order for tax time to managing clients schedules to manage my own schedule to live events.

The list goes on and on. Once you have your list I want you to go through each and every item and label whether it is in your zone of incompetence competence excellence or genius. And this is where you use your best guess. The more it feels like you’re stuck in the molasses the more it is towards your incompetence the more it feels high vibrational freaking amazing expansive the more it is towards your zone of genius.

Again use your best guess then I want you to go through the list and see what you can get rid of. I am sure there is at least one thing on the list that you just don’t need to do. Then go through the list again of all the things in your zones of excellence competence and incompetence and see where you can get somebody else to do it.

Maybe it’s a barter of services. Maybe you’re hiring somebody to do it but see how you can continue to get the things off your list that are not in your zone of genius and how you can put more time and energy into things that are in your zone of genius and simply let your calendar let your daily agenda reflect that schedule in more time for the things in your zone of genius and use your list as a guide.

So my action challenge for you for this week is to identify one thing you can start doing or spend more time doing in your zone of genius and identify one thing you can stop doing that is outside of your zone of genius. So ultimately whatever you do just choose one thing to do more of and one thing to stop doing.

And if you continue this process. Week after week month after month checking in on your lists continuing to align it then you will slowly but surely start to spend more and more and more of your day inside your zone of genius where all of life’s sweetest rewards reside.

And all by the way the more time you spend in your zone of genius the clearer your core gifts and exactly what they are become. So to recap we’ve got four zones of action that we can live in your zone of incompetence competence excellence and genius. The trickiest zone for most of us is that zone of excellence.

That’s where we can get in to our comfort zone. But eventually that comfort zone starts to feel very uncomfortable. The zone of excellence has an expiration date. You can only stay in it for so long until your natural genius has to get out and that natural genius gets out in your zone of genius when you are offering up with intention.

Your core guest to the people you are here to serve and if you go through and identify all the things that you do in a particular area of your life and you decide to take at least one thing to do more of.

Or start doing in your zone of genius and one thing you’re gonna stop doing that’s outside of your zone of genius and if you continually do that month after month you will eventually start to spend a great percentage of your day in side of your natural genius and that will be so sweet.

And I would be so grateful if you gave this episode a rating and review on iTunes and shared it with your friends and that is how we can grow organically which is the greatest way to grow and Intel. Next time. Stay uncorked.

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