Double Down on the Dreamy Days

“Then I noticed something incredible…I was being held, I was connected, the Divine was holding me during that challenging week.”

Storing up a spiritual reserve…

My husband recently had emergency gallbladder surgery.

The infection was bad, and the doctor said the surgery may be met with complications.

It was a scary week of back and forth to the hospital. 

Not sleeping well at night.

Fulltime kid responsibilities without any support.

Allowing worst case “what if” scenarios to run through my head. 

One afternoon while racing to the hospital for visiting hours and feeling exhausted, I noticed it had been several days since my last spiritual practice.

It occurred to me how badly I needed my daily spiritual practice, and it had fallen off my agenda. 

But then I felt something incredible…I was being held, I was connected, and the Divine was holding me during that challenging week.

But how? I had been shirking on my spiritual practice.

I realized that I had created a “spiritual reserve” that was carrying me through the anxiety and exhaustion.

I had created the Spiritual Reserve because I prioritize my daily spiritual practice on an average day. And better yet, I proritize my daily spiritual practice on the FANTASTIC DAYS.

You see, there are two key times when our daily spiritual practice (or inner reflection time or whatever you like to call it) falls off the agenda: It’s when life is either particularly joyful or particularly painful.

When it’s joyful, we’re in a flow. Our dreams are being manifested. Life is dreamy, so we don’t feel the need for a spiritual practice.

When life gets hard, we go into survival mode. We may be tired and overwhelmed, and the daily practice is understandably the first thing to go.

The exciting news is: You can create a reserve. A reserve of healing, connection, visioning, and high vibrations. You can actually store up your practice. And you do that best by:

Doubling down on the dazzling days.

This means that the AMAZING days are the most POWERFUL times to connect to your spirit guides, do visioning, heal (yes, even heal!), and manifest.

And when you do, you create a spiritual reserve. And that reserve will be there to support you through the tough times.

My invitation for this Sunday is to: Fortify your Daily Spiritual Practice.

You’ll find that this not only helps you through life’s sticky spots, it’ll enable you to find the ease and flow on your path to massive SOUL-ALIGNED SUCCESS.

And BTW…I am super passionate about supporting you in this.

It’s one of the reasons I’m launching The Soul Guide Collective.

You’ll learn to use your spiritual practice to both store up a reserve AND manifest your big dreams.

CLICK HERE to learn more and enroll. Or hit reply, and I’ll send you the details.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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