Do THIS When You Sense a Challenge is Coming

“There is light to be found in all of our challenges – even our darkest moments. And when we pause to reflect, ask why, and call in divine guidance, the light finds a way to poke through to the surface.”

Finding the light in the darkness…

Yesterday morning while Pete and I were packing the car for a weekend getaway, I received a strong psychic hit:

We are going to have car trouble today.

My husband is accustomed to my psychic hits and takes them seriously. BUT…when the insight I’m receiving is forecasting a challenging situation, he doesn’t want to know.

He’ll even accuse me of manifesting the challenging situation!

So I decided to SAY NOTHING.

Then, lo and behold, we were two hours down the road, and the oil light came on. Then, a foul odor filled the car. So we pulled over at the next rest stop.

As we sat there with Freya and Astrid the dog in the backseat, we discussed our options. We remembered that when we lived in Germany, we bought an ADAC membership – which provides roadside assistance to anywhere in Europe

When we moved to the Netherlands (3 years ago!), Pete had asked me several times to cancel the membership, but I received the intuitive hit not to, so I never did.

We called the number, and the ACAD rep said, “A mechanic is on the way.” Whew!

When the mechanic arrived, he informed us that the car cannot be driven and that he would have to call a tow truck!?

Several hours later, the tow truck arrived, and he drove us to the nearest ADAC service center where they gave us a rental car. ADAC will tow our car to be the service station tomorrow morning when it’s open, and we can keep the rental car until the car is fixed. 

The whole time Pete and I kept saying over and over, “Thank goodness we never canceled the ADAC membership.” Without it, we would have been completely stranded.

So looking back, what could I have done differently?

When I received the psychic hit that we were going to have car troubles, could I have manifested my way out of it?

Could I have set the intention NOT to have car troubles? Or should I have insisted that we stay home or take the train?

Here’s what my Divine Guidance Team told me…

Frist, my guides asked me to scan for any pain or resistance. That would mean there’s a wound, and the challenging situation was there to trigger the wound so it may be healed.

As I reflected back, I experienced minimal pain or discomfort yesterday. In fact, I remained remarkably calm and even joyful.

Pete, on the other hand, was totally stressed and agitated. It was HE who had a wound to heal. 

Then, my guides asked me to identify the lessons.

My first lesson (which I already knew but was reinforced) was to ALWAYS listen to my intuition – which guided me NOT to cancel our ADAC membership. 

My second lesson (which I already knew but was reinforced) was to tune into my Divine Guidance Team after I receive a psychic hit to ask for guidance and direction.

Because there’s the thing…

There is light to be found in all of our challenges – even our darkest moments.

And when we pause to reflect, ask why, and call in divine guidance, the light finds a way to poke through to the surface.

The light I received from yesterday’s challenge was:

  • A reinforced trust and belief in my intuitive and psychic gifts, 
  • A greater understanding of what to do when psychic hits arrive, and
  • The opportunity to help my husband heal 

So when you have a sense or receive an intuitive insight that a challenge may be coming your way, remember to convene your Divine Support Team, and ask the following questions:

  • Can I change this challenging situation I sense ahead?
  • And more importantly, SHOULD I change this challenging situation – or is there a wound to be healed or a lesson to be learned?
  • Is there anything I need to release or heal right now?
  • Are there any intentions I need to set to alter or make the challenge more ease-ful?
  • What guidance do you have for me?
  • What is my best next step?

​​This way you’re prepared, empowered, and able to find and see the light poking through the darkness.

Until next Sunday, may your Soul Guide the way.

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