Connecting to the Spiritual Realm with Your Kids with Freya Scammell

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As you build a beautiful and nourishing daily spiritual practice and become more confident in tapping into your divine gifts, you will likely find yourself wanting to share your journey with those closest to you – including your little ones. As children haven’t yet been conditioned by society to hide or ignore their spiritual side, they’re usually quite interested in following along with mom or dad as they meditate or connect to the spiritual realm! 

Sharing your spiritual practice with your children means stepping into the energy of both leadership and teaching, which are two of your key spiritual gifts. In this episode of Soul Guide Radio, I sit down with a very special guest who will help me demonstrate – my 7-year-old daughter, Freya. 

Over the past few years, I’ve been gently encouraging Freya to listen for the tiny voice of her heart and reach out to her Divine Support Team (the fairies, in her case!). During this conversation, Freya and I talk about connecting to the spiritual realm – and model our own process of using our gifts of intuition together.

Listen now to learn how you can teach your children and loved ones to connect to their intuition, and experience a special reading of oracle cards picked by Freya herself!

Start unlocking your spiritual gifts. Listen now to discover: 

  • How I helped Freya begin to be guided intuitively from her heart at a very young age
  • How Freya communicates with her Divine Support Team
  • An invitation that will have you deepening your own connection to your spiritual gifts by inviting your loved ones to be part of your experiences

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This Week’s Invitation:

Connect your intuition to be guided forward.

Ask the fairies: what are you calling me to do or be today to get into the energy of play?

[00:00:00] Hey ho, dear ones. I am going to pretty much end the small talk at the start of each podcast episode, because I value your time and I want to get right to content. And just sharing quickly, this came, feedback came from one listener who stopped listening to podcasts in general because of the small talk and banter.

[00:00:25] At the beginning, and I know that there are other people who actually like it, so, you know, I have to feel in my heart what feels right for me and for you as an ideal listener, and I feel like small talk serves a purpose when it serves a purpose, and it’s not just sharing to share, so I just want to let you know that everything I share with you Um, on this podcast is given from a deep place of purpose for you and service to you.

[00:01:01] And as I edit my podcasts, I will edit out anything that I feel like doesn’t truly hit that mark. And I love this podcast episode so much because it really puts me in the energy of spiritual leadership. Thank you. That’s a modeling, that’s a being, and I have an incredibly special guest on the show. My daughter, Freya Scammell, who’s seven years old, and we’re going to be talking about connecting to the spiritual realm, and we really do it together.

[00:01:38] And we’re going to be modeling how you can. Connect to the spiritual realm and really I’m doing this with a seven year old, but you can do this with any loved one of any age and it’s actually going to even guide you to how you can connect deeper with yourself. And before we get into All that love and goodness.

[00:02:01] I just have a very quick listener review to share with you. And it comes from Danica from Bulgaria. I love that this podcast is listened so many countries around the world. I can see my stats. The number of countries is growing. I really strive to have a global reach. I want to reach people from all geographies and backgrounds who are feeling called to connect to this content.

[00:02:27] And she gives Soul Guide Radio five stars and says, Insightful. This podcast is a ton of value. Keep rocking, Allison. I will do that. Thank you so much. And if you, dear listener, are feeling something, receiving something from the podcast, give us a review, give us a rating. I’ll read your review and let me know specifically what you received, if there was a shift or snippet of transformation.

[00:02:54] I would love, love to know. So we’re talking about connecting to the spiritual realm with your kids. And I’ve invited my youngest child, Freya, on the show to talk about our process connecting to the spiritual realm together and how I help Freya. To, at a very young age, start to be guided intuitively from her heart.

[00:03:21] And the younger you can start with this work, the better, but really this is for, for you. It is for your loved ones, your clients of any age. So, let’s get to it. In today’s episode, Freya picks three oracle cards for you, and I offer a mini reading. We model how to connect to the spiritual realm with your children, and I demonstrate how to teach your children and loved ones to connect to their intuition to receive guidance, and this can be done really at any age.

[00:03:52] We end on an invitation that will have you deepening your own connection. to your spiritual gifts by inviting your loved ones to be part of your spiritual experiences. So please stay with us until the end. Welcome to soul guide radio, a podcast for soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs here to bring about change on a massive level.

[00:04:18] We’ll explore how you can activate your big soul mission, amplify your spiritual gifts. And clear the energy blocks weighing you down so you can gain unstoppable momentum in life and business. I’m Alison Scammell, your host and soul guide.

[00:04:41] Hello, Soul Guide Circle. That is the name of this global community of soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs. In the Soul Guide Circle, we are pursuing our soul guided dreams while lifting up humanity. Find a link to join our Facebook group at alisonscammell. com or in the show notes. Today, we have the most special of guests, my seven year old daughter, Freya Scammell.

[00:05:06] We have a lovely, lovely connection. We are chatting while she’s homesick from school, so she does reference a few times her tummy hurting, but the one thing I do want to mention before I share the interview is Freya does mention… And ask the question, how the fairies can write so big. So, what she’s referring to is, we write letters to the fairies in the evening, well, where Freya will write a letter and ask them questions.

[00:05:36] She puts the letter under her pillow after she falls asleep. I retrieve the letter and write a letter in response from the fairies that I channel from the fairies. So, yes, I’m the spiritual messenger here. And when she gets old enough, I’m going to let her know what I was up to because I want her to know, you know, that this, that she was never deceived.

[00:06:03] And I think when kids, oftentimes kids are born very intuitively open and they’re seeing things, they’re hearing things, then they may be telling an adult about it. An adult says, no, that’s not real. That’s your imagination. And they shut it down. And the flip side of that can also happen when kids are seeing all this stuff on television, seeing these movie characters with all these magical powers, and then when they realize that it’s not real, like those characters don’t really exist, people don’t have magical powers in that way, they also then shut it down.

[00:06:39] I think they go into this disappointed energy that it’s not real. Um, and they just turn off their belief. So what we want to do is cultivate what their superpowers really are, what their spiritual gifts and intuitive abilities really look like and how it really is so they can tap into the truth and really turn on their inner knowing and their belief that this is, this spiritual work is possible and it can really guide them to.

[00:07:11] you know, where they most need to go. So at a certain point when she’s old enough, I’m going to let her know that I was a spiritual messenger and why. And the reason why was because I was trying to build up her belief in the fact that these fairies are here and they want to communicate to her and they want to share her messages.

[00:07:30] And so for now, these letters are helping to really fortify this belief. And when the time is right, I’m going to just let her know because At the end of the day, honesty is always the best policy, right? So, here is the interview. I just re listened to it, and of course, I’m a very, very biased mother, but I thought Freya was really, really sweet.

[00:07:50] I hope you do, too. Please enjoy.

[00:08:02] So, I’m so happy to welcome to the show our very special guest, Freya Scammell. Hi, Freya. Hi. Welcome. Yeah. So, you’re home sick from school today. Yeah. Mama’s putting you to work anyway. I said, Freya, do you want to be on my podcast? And what’d you say? Yes. Yes. And I wanted to talk to you about our intuition and fairies and picking these pretty cards.

[00:08:32] I’m holding a deck of Oracle cards. Okay. So let’s start with Freya picking one out and let’s use our intuition to decide. The right one. Do you know how to use your intuition? Yes. Yeah, when it says, like, yes, inside your heart. That’s right. When it says yes inside your heart. And you know, that’s where the intuition actually comes from.

[00:08:58] That’s right. Lovey. Very, very good. And so also, Freya, you’re human design type. You’re a generator. And remember, sometimes we do the sacral sessions where we do the huh or uh huh. Uh huh. And so, sometimes, Freya has a sacral authority, so she gets a gut yes, a gut no, or a gut uh huh, or uh uh. And we can do that, too.

[00:09:22] But let’s start with using our heart to decide which card we’re going to pick. And you’re going to pick a card for the listeners. Okay. So, this is a special card from Freya, so I’m just going to start going through and flipping through, and when Freya’s heart says yes, we’re going to stop. Yes. Yes? Now, wait.

[00:09:40] Before you flip it over, double check. Double check. Is that a yes? No, it’s a no. It’s a no? Okay, good. It’s always good to double check with Oracle cards. Okay, we’re going to keep flipping. Yes. Wait, that was this one. This one? That was the yes? Okay. Yes. Yes. All right. Ooh. So, she pulled the card choice, and the message is, it’s decision time, the choice is yours.

[00:10:08] I think I like this one better. No, this one right? This one better. Okay, so she’s on the card, which will leave a, no, I can’t pick one out. They’re so both pretty. I like them both. You like them both. So in the card, which we’ll leave a photo on in the show notes, there is a very, very pre pretty. picture of two doors.

[00:10:30] Wait, I meant… And one… Can you describe what the doors look like? So what does this door look like, door number one?

[00:10:40] It looks kinda yellow, and together you can make green. That’s right. So one is blue, and one is yellow. Which one do you find prettier? I’m gonna listen to my heart when she… Okay, listen to your heart. This one, the blue, and it’s got a waterfall and flowers. Yeah. So what do you think your heart is calling you to make a decision on?

[00:11:02] Well, I just hear it say yes. What are you saying yes to? What do you mean? Well, we have a, a decision to make and we have a choice. What do you think your heart is calling you to say yes to feeling? So is it like. Is there an activity that you’re thinking about trying? Oh wait, yeah, I know now what you mean.

[00:11:27] Well, I like riding my bike. Yeah, you’re a great bike rider. And so, is your heart calling you to ride your bike more? Yes. Or is there something else about your bike? I like my bike. I like it. Yeah. So, your heart is saying, ride your bike more. Yes. Say yes to my bike. Yes to my bike. That’s great. Yesterday we went on a long bike ride, didn’t we?

[00:11:54] That was a good one. See, we live in the Netherlands where everybody rides their bike everywhere. So it’s important to… Practice. Practice, that’s right. And it does take practice. Okay, so for the listeners, this card, what this card means for you is it’s decision time. The choice is yours. So what I invite for you is to take a few deep belly breaths, pray is doing it with, we’re all doing it together.

[00:12:23] Pivot your awareness down and ask your heart what, what, first we got to know what the question is. Heart, what question? Are you calling me to find an answer to? What’s the question? Right? What am I making a choice on? What am I making a decision on? This one. Yep, so Freya picked the blue, and to her the blue represented riding her bike.

[00:12:51] Yeah, and which one do you like most? You know, to be honest, I like the yellow and that is, it’s one sort of a nighttime view and one’s a daytime view and it’s got trees and green and it’s like a long row of trees and there’s somebody standing at the very end. I feel like that’s me. And so when I dip into my heart, what am I being called to make a choice on?

[00:13:19] So what I’m getting called to make a choice on is my schedule. So, right now, I allow myself to schedule up to, at the very most, about 8 hours a week of scheduled time, but typically my average week is scheduled up to about 6 hours. Six, anywhere between six and eight. So that means a client, a class, a masterclass, a meeting with one of my team members.

[00:13:48] So I have anywhere between six and eight hours scheduled. And my heart is calling me to decide to only have four hours scheduled. So that means less one on one clients. That means being really mindful about what I put on my calendar. And I’m feeling a really hard yes to… It’s shining! Yeah! The card shines.

[00:14:15] I mean… I feel like it’s, it’s just not shining, but then when you do it, it shines. Yeah, so how you put it in the light is how it shines. My heart is shining for yes to only four hours a week, and that might sound kind of easy, but I’ve been running my business for a long time on more scheduled hours, so I have to make…

[00:14:34] Choices to decide how I’m really going to prioritize my time. What are those four hours that mean the most to me and that are going to give me the biggest return on that time investment? Those are the choices I’m being called to make. And you know what that means, Freya? That means more time with you.

[00:14:54] Yeah, I wish I could also have more time with you. Because when I’m at school, I don’t really get to have so much time with you. I know. When she’s at school, it’s a long day. I also miss school. Do you miss school right now? Oh, she also misses Grandma and Grandpa. I miss them too. We live in the Netherlands and Grandma and Grandpa are in the United States in South Dakota.

[00:15:18] That’s far away, isn’t it? That kind of stinks. I know. Why can’t they just move to the Netherlands? I don’t like it either. So, sweetie, let’s move to talking about the fairies. So we’ve been speaking with the fairies for a while. My tooth is and then the tooth fairy’s gonna come. That’s right. She has a very loose tooth, and then we anticipate the tooth fairy will arrive.

[00:15:47] But can you tell us a little bit about the conversations you’ve been having with the fairies? Well, I asked them questions like about. What are your favorite colors and what are your favorite snakes? Yeah. But they, but they, but you can’t do your, because what they actually do, but, but, yeah, it’s actually a little bit hard to explain.

[00:16:13] It’s a little bit hard to explain. You don’t see the fairies the way you see people. Yeah, but, But you can see them. Yeah, you can see them. They’re invisible, but you can’t see them. Yeah, it’s hard to explain. It’s hard to explain. Sometimes I explain it like, If you hold your hand out in front of you, and imagine that there’s an ice cream cone.

[00:16:34] I’m holding an ice cream cone with a scoop of mint chocolate chip, And a strawberry banana. And a scoop of strawberry banana. So imagine you’re holding that in your hand. Can you see it? Can you see the mint chocolate chip? I can! Yeah, that’s how fairies look. Yeah. It’s like a vision, they appear. Yeah. So do you want to talk to the fairies right now?

[00:16:57] Yeah. So, let’s invite them to our podcast and let’s invite them into the room. That. Oh, they’re arriving. Can you feel them? Yeah. Hey, fairies. So, right now, I’m going to explain what I’m feeling. I’m feeling a presence in the room. I’m feeling an energy shift. I’m feeling like laughter, lightness, love, and I can see the fairies, the way I see that I’m.

[00:17:23] Pretending I’m holding an ice cream cone of mint chocolate chip ice cream, I can see them arriving. Can you see them? Yeah, I can.

[00:17:34] Yeah, in a minute. Freya’s whispering to me, can I pick up another card? In a minute. So let’s, let’s stick with the fairies for a sec. So, I can see like a fairy right there. I see a green one. I see a green one, too. I also see a pink one. Yeah, me too. And I see a purple one. Yup. So, this is how you can play around with your clairvoyant gift, your ability to see, and it is really like seeing visions, but they’re here, with you, but they’re in the spiritual realm, so they’re in non physical form.

[00:18:08] But they’re real, because we do sometimes fairy letters, and they come, and they write. But how can they write so big? Well, they have the ability to do that. So… How do they do that? I don’t know. Do you want to ask them? Yeah. Okay. So, fairies, how do you have the ability to write us such a big letter? Yeah. Now, I want you to take a deep breath, Freya.

[00:18:35] Tune into your heart. Feel the energy at your heart space. And what do you… My tummy. She’s not feeling well, so she has an upset tummy. Mama’s putting her to work, even though she’s sick. Mean mama. But if your tummy doesn’t hurt too bad… Can you feel your heart? Do you sense what they’re saying back? No, not really.

[00:18:59] That’s kind of a hard question. Let’s ask an easier question. This is a very open ended question. Let’s start with fairies. Are you with us right now? And I said yes. Yeah, how did you know that? Because I just felt it. You just felt it? So Freya, how did you know that the fairies said yes, they’re here? . Well, I know it because I saw them.

[00:19:25] Yeah, so let’s ask ’em another question. Fairies. Let’s ask, do you like ice cream? Do you like ice cream? They said yes. They said yes. Okay, let’s try again. Fairies, how do you write letters so big for Freya?

[00:19:49] I understand that I received, we have the ability to communicate in all different types of ways. How about can, which language can I speak? So fairies, which language do you speak? Yeah. Oh my. So the fairies are saying we send an energetic signal to you. That you receive and that you translate into your language.

[00:20:18] Oh, yeah. Now I know what you mean. Yeah, and sometimes fairies like to hang out in forests. They like to hang out by trees. Sometimes we walk through the forest and we talk to the fairies, right? Yeah, wait, okay, so Freya’s asking if we can pick out another card. So let’s see we picked out ah You’re not gonna believe this I had shuffled it’s this deck and I just picked up the deck and literally the first Card kind of fell open.

[00:20:53] I wasn’t even gonna turn it over and it was the fairies card. I absolutely did not expect that. And so here’s the message for the, from the fairies. I wanted, we’re gonna pick another one. We’re going, you start shuffling. I don’t know how to shuffle. You. Shuffle and wait till you’re, I, oh, you start flipping through until your heart says this one.

[00:21:15] And I’m gonna talk about the fairies card for a second. And the message from the fairies, which this is a typical fairy messages, stop thinking so much. Remember to play. So this is a message about the importance of play. Okay. Is that the yes card? Oh, my gosh, this is amazing. Freya picked the dragonfly and I ran a masterclass a few years ago and the dragonfly was our mascot of that masterclass, or excuse me, mastermind.

[00:21:53] And the message, you will get different messages from different Oracle decks about the dragonfly. This particular deck comes with the message of your purpose is being revealed. Dragonfly can also mean transcend the illusion, which means our illusions are, are painful, are limiting thoughts and beliefs.

[00:22:15] And the dragonfly will appear to invite us to let go and release those non truths of our limiting beliefs so that we may embrace the truth, which is the truth is an enormous aspect of our truth is our purpose. So, do you know what that, what does that mean to you, Freya? Your purpose. Well. What do you think that means, your purpose?

[00:22:43] My purpose, says that it. That means, that means what you feel called to do here. Yeah. What do you feel called to do? Well. Or who do you feel called to be? Lola. Okay, Lola’s your friend, so you feel called to be friends with Lola. What do you feel called, what kind of work do you feel called to do? You’re only seven, so you don’t really need to know the answer to this, but just wondering what comes from your heart in this moment.

[00:23:09] Um, I think it’s no idea. No idea? That is a totally fine answer. You have many, many years to think about that. But when you look at the dragonfly… Is this your work? This is my work. This is what I teach my students to do. This is kind of bring your daughter to work day, right? This is my version of it.

[00:23:29] Anyway, what, what do you think when you, okay, so she has the three cards right now. She’s got dragonfly, fairies and choices. So you want me to pick one of the cards? So this is a card maybe I need the most. So my heart is saying yes to this one. And I picked fairies. So yeah, I suspect this is an important message for me.

[00:23:54] I’ve been working a lot. I’ve been putting in extra hours. And so the fairies are saying stop thinking so much and for me, I think it’s stop working so much and thinking so much and remember to play. Yeah, play with me. And I have the perfect play date right here with this sweet girl. So what do you feel like playing today?

[00:24:16] I know you’re home sick. So we’re going to kind of take it easy, but what do you feel, what do you feel well enough to play with me? What do you want to play? I want to play a game of Uno. Okay, so we love the card game UNO. What’s Tummy? Oh, her tummy’s hurting. So we probably should wrap this up. So do you have any other message that you want to share with my listeners?

[00:24:41] Yeah, well, I really like these cards. And they’re very, and they’re very special and important for Momma. Aww. So, as you can see, thank you, Lovey. As you can see, kids love oracle decks and kids love visuals. What does, what does that mean? A visual is a picture. And this is called an oracle deck. So, if you want to work with your kids to help them connect to their intuition.

[00:25:11] There’s a butterfly. Oh, we see a butterfly out the window. It’s a wonderful idea to work with the energetic frequency of the fairies, or maybe your kids will want to work with the angels, or the trolls, or a god, or a goddess. Sometimes we talk to the goddess Freya, don’t we Freya? Yeah, and dragonflies were made when it was the dinosaurs.

[00:25:36] That’s right, dragonflies have been around since the dinosaurs. So that’s really cool. So animal oracle decks, I’ve got the spirit animal oracle deck that works really well with kids. They’re the oldest bug that’s in the whole entire world. Is that true? Yeah. Wow, that’s so cool. I love dragonflies. It’s older way older.

[00:25:58] Way older? That’s so cool. And if you If you haven’t done so, it’s a great idea to check your child’s human design type and check their authority. So before you wrap up, actually, let’s do a sacral session, the uh huh, uh uh game. So first of all, so if you or your child has sacral authority, that means you get gut yes or no responses to questions.

[00:26:27] So Freya says she doesn’t want to do judo anymore. And her father and I want her to keep doing it. I do not. She does not. I do not. Okay, so let’s see. She does not. Okay, so let’s see what your sacral says. Because I always go with Freya’s sacral. Because she used to really like it. And she had one class that wasn’t so fun.

[00:26:48] And then she said, they pulled her hair. And, you know, that’s Judo. You get a little, you get down on the mat and, and she didn’t like it. I understand. The teacher said, well, Freya, that’s how Judo works sometimes where you get your hair pulled. I didn’t like that. And I totally understand. I wouldn’t like it either.

[00:27:06] So let’s do a sacral session. Okay. Take a deep breath. Now. Oh, we’re playing that. Yep. It’s that game. Oh yeah. Now feel your tummy. Feel into your tummy. Are we playing it? Yeah, we’re playing it. Now. But I don’t always ask her to feel into her tummy, but I just did it this time. Okay. Is your name Freya? Uh huh.

[00:27:29] Do you like ice cream? Uh huh. Do you like fairies? Uh huh. Do you like to eat lots of broccoli? Uh uh. I don’t like broccoli. Do you like it when your tummy feels sick? Uh uh. Do you like to play with your friends? Uh huh. Do you like ballet? Um, uh huh. Do you want to continue with Judo? Uh uh. All right. So If your kids have sacral authority, that’s a really easy and fun one to play around with.

[00:28:07] It will feel very good to the kids to tap into their sacral. It’ll feel kind of relieving, relaxing, and you always wanna start with easy questions to warm their sacral up, and then slip in the harder or more unsure question after several easy ones, right? Frey, why is that same? What does that say? Oh, that’s the transcripts for our podcast.

[00:28:32] That’s translate. That’s translating what we’re saying. Oh, isn’t that cool? Oh yeah. That’s cool. All right, so Freya, do you have any final messages for our listeners? Yes. Okay. What’s that? I like doing the podcast. You’re a very good podcast guest. I like it. I like it too. Will you come back on the show again sometime?

[00:28:54] Yeah. All right. Well, I love you very much, FYA. Thank you so much for choosing me. Yeah. And thank you listeners. Oh, I got a nice little cheek. I got a nice little cheek touch from Freya. All right. Thank you, dear listeners. Yeah. Thank you, Freya. Yeah.

[00:29:29] And I want to thank you so much, dear listener, for tuning in. I appreciate you so much. My invitation for you this week is to spend some time with a loved one, a child, a big child, a partner, a sibling, a best friend, who you really feel like could benefit from this intuitive work, and spend some time connecting to the spiritual realm together, modeling how you can.

[00:29:58] Connect your intuition to be guided forward and just thinking about the fairies and we pulled the oracle card of the fairies to stop overthinking. So if you do have a thought, a needling worry that’s been on your mind, Spend some time journaling that worry out so you can kind of let it go and or just sit in the emotion of worry, the, the energy of worry for about 60 to 90 seconds, take some deep breaths, let that worry go and ask your heart.

[00:30:32] What are you calling me to do or be today to get into the energy of play? And the fairies will be so happy when you do. All right, that’s all we have for this week, my dear ones. And as always, until next time, may your soul guide the way. Are you ready to deepen your connection to your intuitive gifts?

[00:30:55] Then it’s time for 10 High Vibe Minutes, the ultimate daily mindfulness practice for soul guided leaders and entrepreneurs. In only 10 minutes per day, you’ll keep your energy high vibe and aligned to your highest dreams while transforming your daily practice into a powerful tool to manifest big wealth and abundance.

[00:31:17] Get free access now on my website, or in the show notes.


00:01  Intro & listener review

04:59  Fairies & discovering your child’s superpower

08:02  Meet Freya

09:23  First card: Choice

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21:35  Second card: The Dragonfly

22:32  The Dragonfly message

23:34  Third card: Fairies

24:37  Messages from Freya

26:10  Sacral session

28:41  Freya’s final message & invitation