Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

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My guest for this episode of Soul Guide Radio is my father… and during our conversation, I come out of the spiritual closet to him for the very first time.

So many of us hide this deeply meaningful part of ourselves from the people around us, because we’re afraid that it will make them feel uncomfortable, or it will cause tension, or they will reject us. In hiding this part of ourselves, we hold ourselves back from being truly authentic — and prevent others from knowing our truest selves. 

Expressing our authentic selves can be uncomfortable, for sure! It can even be a little scary in some situations. But if you can do it with the right person, at the right time, and in the right way, you can uplevel your relationship and create a profoundly deeper, stronger, and more resilient connection.

This episode was an unplanned, spontaneous, and deeply meaningful discussion. At times, it was deeply uncomfortable. I’m sharing it with you because it’s a powerful example of communicating your truest self to your inner circle.

Start unlocking your spiritual gifts. Listen now to discover: 

  • How to talk about your true beliefs — even when you know your loved ones may feel differently or may not like it  
  • Why it can be so hard to discuss your spiritual beliefs with other people  
  • An invitation that will have you connecting deeply to the voice of your higher self, so you can get clearer on your beliefs


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Invite a sacred spot out in nature and refortify your routine to go connect to that spot. 

[00:00:00] Hey, dear ones, I have such a cool, heartfelt, soulful episode for you today, and I sit down with my dad and have a conversation with him, and I come out of the spiritual closet with him on the air for the first time, and we have a conversation with you guys. And this really wasn’t planned. It just kind of came out organically.

[00:00:25] And I shared with him aspects of myself and my spiritual beliefs that I’ve never shared with him before. And it’s, this episode is coming at such a great time because I just recorded an episode called Accommodate Ghost or Get Uncomfortable. And we’ll leave a link to that episode in the show notes, and it’s about when it’s time to get uncomfortable with the people you love because.

[00:00:53] There’s in this example, a piece of yourself that you’ve kept hidden because you thought it might make your loved one feel uncomfortable or they won’t like it, or it will cause tension. So you’ve just basically ghosted that part of yourself as in not expressed that part of yourself so you wouldn’t have to get uncomfortable.

[00:01:15] Well, my dad and I get a little uncomfortable in today’s episode, which you will see. But I can tell you I’m recording this intro after the conversation I’m about to share with you, and as I describe in this episode about getting uncomfortable when you do it with the right person at the right time, in the right way, you up level your relationship.

[00:01:41] And I’m feeling in this moment, so full. So. Hi vibrational because I really feel like my dad and I just profoundly upleveled our relationship. None of this was planned. I just got called to interview my dad on the podcast. I didn’t even have a topic in mind. This all just came out organically and it was all because I was just allowing my heart to guide me to my next step, and it was difficult at a certain point, which you’re gonna.

[00:02:13] Here in a minute, and it was definitely uncomfortable. And halfway through the recording I thought, oh my gosh, I’m just gonna have to edit all that out. But I want you to know I’m not editing anything out. You’re going to hear the whole, you know, the, the good parts, the bad parts, and the uncomfortable parts.

[00:02:32] And the end result was something that was really powerful and really amazing and really upleveling for my relationship with my dad. So, I am excited to share. In today’s episode, I come out of the spiritual closet to my dad. We chat about what happens after you cross over, and we explore how to talk about your true beliefs, even when you know your loved ones may feel differently or may not like it.

[00:03:02] We will end on an invitation that will have you connecting deeply to the voice of your higher self so you can get clearer on what it is you truly believe, so you can share those beliefs to the right people at just the right time. So be sure to stay with us until the end. Welcome to Soul Guide Radio, a podcast for soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs.

[00:03:28] Here to bring about change on a massive level. We’ll explore how you can activate your big soul mission, amplify your spiritual gifts and clear the energy blocks weighing you down so you can gain unstoppable momentum in life and business. I’m Allison Scammel, your host and soul guide.

[00:03:56] Hello Soul Guide Circle. That is the name of this global community of soul guided leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs in the Soul Guide Circle. We are pursuing our soul guided dreams while lifting up humanity. Find a link to join our closed Facebook group at or in the show notes. Today I’m talking to my dad, Larry Troche, and we have a heartfelt conversation.

[00:04:22] And I really do hope you receive something that you need on a soul level from it. Please enjoy.

[00:04:39] So I’m sitting here with my dad. Hi. Hi. How you doing? I’m good. How are you? I’m doing very well. So most of my guests have very professional grade bios that I read that they probably spent thousands of dollars on to make sound super polished. Do you have that? It’s called School of Hard Knocks. Oh yeah. So why don’t you go ahead and I like this school.

[00:05:04] Go ahead and introduce yourself to our listeners. Well, yes, I’m uh, Fourth generation farmer here in South Dakota and rancher. We have beef cows also, and I, that’s been my whole life and my whole dream is just to work with my cattle and, and, and raise crops and just love it. I think that’s something so powerful that you and mom always modeled to me that you always loved your work and she loved her work and she had a placard on her.

[00:05:37] Desk in her office that said, I love my job. And I think that was like one thing I, when I was little and I was a little farm girl with an act of imagination and we didn’t have, you know, we, we got, we had two television channels. So I got to watch Sesame Street. Yep. Yeah, I saw, I got, I watched that twice a day.

[00:06:04] Once was the new episode, and then later in the day was the rerun from yesterday. But beyond that, I didn’t have screens. Like most people my age didn’t have any sort of technology to occupy my time. And we didn’t have neighbors, so I didn’t have the next door neighbor kids to play with. No, I had my brother, yes, but often I was on my own and it created this wild imagination.

[00:06:29] And I always dreamt of getting on a plane and going off to far off lands and helping people in need. I didn’t have the words for it, but I ended up manifesting that exact career I had envisioned as a child. Even I didn’t have the words for it. And then I got about five years into that 17 year career and realized that it wasn’t the career I wanted.

[00:06:53] And I think because you and mom modeled that you always just loved the work you did. I was not going to settle for doing work I didn’t love in the world like that just was never an option for me. So thank you for modeling that. Well, you’re welcome. I really didn’t know that’s what I was doing, but I’m glad that it worked out that well.

[00:07:14] And what is it that about farming that you loved so much? Well, just to watch things grow. You know, you, you plant this little seed in the soil and then magically it spo sprouts and grows and. Then it, it generates its own seed in the same way with the cattle. You match up the bulls with the, with your cows, and then you get the baby calf.

[00:07:43] And it’s just the reproduction of things that help sustain life, human life. So that really isn’t why you do it, but that’s what the result is. Yeah. So, You know that I’m a spiritual person, not so much in a religious perspective, but more like, you know, I believe that we are all, you know, energy and we’re all connected, and I believe that there is, we were just talking about this this morning over coffee.

[00:08:17] You know, I believe that there’s consciousness in the wind and in the water. And you may not totally align to all that, which is totally fine, but I will say that you have found a prayer rock. That’s what you used to call it. Not. I’ve taken that on. I don’t know, what do you call it now? Well, yeah, it prayer rock or, or, or thinking rock.

[00:08:41] Just go up there and kind of clear your mind and, and just let your mind wander. Yeah, so it’s this rock in the middle of a pasture and it’s, you know, you got a beau beautiful view of a creek and usually there’s a few cows either close to you or in the distance depending on where they’re grazing, and you can hear the birds in the grass rustling.

[00:09:05] And so how was it that you started, how did you find this rock? Well, I, it always naturally, it’s a huge rock. You know, it’s, it’s as. Tall is is a chair you sat on and almost as big round as your kitchen table. So it’s a huge rock. Naturally. It was always there. It just was always there. Well then one in the spring of the year, I just, for whatever reason, I don’t know, I just stopped my a t b and sat on it and the geeks were flying over and.

[00:09:37] And they were migrating north and, and they talked to each other as they fly, and they were making this sound like a symphony orchestra. And then it was spring of the year and the metal arch were migrating north, and one of them chirped and made its beautiful sound. And I did. I just, uh, after that I just kind of got hooked and so I’m just driving around and then I’ll say, ah, I’m just gonna putts up on my rock.

[00:10:05] I called it a prayer rock, and I do pray up there, but, but not the whole time I’m there. I’ll be there for 15, 20 minutes, but my prayers are really short. And then I just sat there and just let my mind wander. And you listen to the metal arcs and you listen to the Yes. The metal arcs, and then the maybe rooster pheasant will be crowing off in a distance.

[00:10:31] Yes. Yeah. It’s a special place. I like to go there, although on this particular trip home and I’m, I’m home obviously in South Dakota, which my dad and I are in the same room together. We’re not zooming each other as we record this. I was getting frustrated with the ticks. Yeah. I like to sit on the rock and meditate.

[00:10:51] And when I looked down, I had ticks all over my pant legs and I did not like that. So I hadn’t spent as much time on that rock as I had wanted to. But I don’t think it’s random that you found that rock. I believe that the area around that rock is what some people call an energy vortex where you, you find these energy vortexes.

[00:11:19] At certain points around the planet, and it’s just a very, you know, it can be described as a, as a really. Almost like a portal door to the spiritual realm if, if you are open to that, where you really can get messages coming in from crossed over loved ones from God, from Source what, whatever you, whatever you pray to from angels, archangels.

[00:11:46] And I just don’t think it’s a coincidence or an accident that you came to notice this rock that’s always been there and decided I’m just gonna. Come out here and sit. Well, that certainly could be true. Something clicked all of a sudden, you know, and I, I don’t know, why do you do spontaneous things in other realms other than this?

[00:12:10] But it was just a spontaneous thing that had done, and, and it was, then it kind of changed my thinking about that rock. And so then periodically I would just go up there and, and like I’d said, just set and, and. I haven’t come up with any earth shaking decisions or anything. It’s just go up there and And just sit and clear your mind.

[00:12:36] Do you feel like it maybe reduces stress or combs you or, well, it probably could, but I, in my retirement years, I. Well, of course you’d probably disagree about, but my stress level is way low compared to when I was actively farming and ranching. Oh no, I would agree with that. Yes. I remember your stress levels when you were a farmer.

[00:13:00] Yes, I know. Especially when the cows got out. Oh yeah. I have burned in my memory the these. Yes. You are definitely more mellow. Yes. In retirement. I know. So anyway, to go up there. And say my stress level is lower. Well, it’s really quite low before I sit down. So, but, but entity, I just do enjoy it. Do you feel like it could be like a religious experience?

[00:13:28] Like people go to church to pray or they go to whatever house of worship to pray? Do you feel like it could be like that? Yeah, I, I really do to a degree. And in fact, I have on a Sunday of where I didn’t go into a building into a church, I’d gone out there and, and sat on my rock for 15 minutes and. In my mind I was making an an even trade.

[00:13:56] So I really feel you don’t have to be in a church building to go to church. So yeah, I really do think that. I really do think that too. And for me it’s always like that, that’s where I experienced my religion in that deep connection to a higher power. Is always when I’m out in nature. That’s where I’ve experienced it most profound.

[00:14:23] And I, you know, I do believe that wind has consciousness and rock. You know, earth, mother, earth, water, fire, earth elements do have messages for us. And I, I know, I believe that there’s life force be behind those earth elements and being out in nature like that is just such. You know, we, we can connect deeper to our intuition, deeper to a higher power when we’re in those natural elements more powerfully than anywhere else.

[00:14:57] And so I think that’s why it’s so important to like have that spot, that sacred spot. And this is definitely your sacred spot. Yes, yes, yes. And I like to go. I’ve borrowed your sacred spot. Well, good, duke. Definitely. It’s It’s open, open, rent free to anybody. Yeah. And I like to actually stand on the rock.

[00:15:20] And the energy vortex will, if you just kind of stand really lightly, you will just naturally start going in a circle. In a circle. You’ll feel the energy of the vortex. And I know you had said you, you haven’t really felt that before, but the next time you go out there, you’re gonna yes. Tune into it and you see, well, my balance because of my age is such to where I could not get on top of the rock to stand just because of my.

[00:15:46] My aging physical ability, but I, I’m gonna stand alongside of it. Do that and, and, and see if I, I feel that, will you report back? I can re Yes, I will report back. So, yeah. My place that I like to go when I’m not here in South Dakota is the dunes in where I live in the Netherlands. There are sand dunes that are built up.

[00:16:10] ’cause I live below sea level and those are the, that’s the barrier that protects me from being from the Atlantic Ocean dumping on top of me. And there’s trees and dune grass. And I find that to be sort of a magical place. And I like to go in and connect with the trees. And I believe trees have consciousness.

[00:16:32] And I go in and I, I will actually even hug trees. I. Yep. Well, I haven’t hugged my rock yet, but maybe I could. Yeah, you should. I think that, yeah, yeah. Give another thing to give a try. Yes. So I need to report back and then report back how the hug went. So that area where your prayer rock is, is an area where you’ve found a lot of Native American artifacts.

[00:16:57] Well, not necessarily I’ve found an on our property, but not just right in that area. Yeah, but it But on our property, yes. And I just have this sense when I’m on your prayer rock, that, you know, we weren’t the first people to be sitting on it and the first people to discover it. And I just feel the energies of the people before us that also found that energy vortex, I believe, and were seated on that spot.

[00:17:26] Do you ever feel that? Yes, definitely. Yeah, definitely. It the according to, well, fork Lo folk, LoRa, I guess there was supposed to be an Indian village just right on the other side of the C Creek down there in that Ox Bowl in the C Creek. So there had to have been Native American people set on that rock.

[00:17:47] There just had to have been. Yeah, I sometimes feel it, feel the presence and. Feel the energies that’s there. And you know, I communicate with those who crossover, if you’re open to that. Are you open to that? No, I’m really not. You, you don’t think I can communicate? Well, I, I, I gotta take the fifth. Okay.

[00:18:13] Might incriminate me. Oh, okay. No, it’s all right. I do, I, when people die, you just, they just die. No, no, no. I believe it definitely that there’s a hereafter and, and heaven, whatever you wanna call it. Yes, yes. But whether one can communicate back and forth, I don’t know about that. I would. I would sure love to, but yeah.

[00:18:37] And nobody has actually came back and said, this is how it is in heaven. It’s A, B, C, and D. I mean, everybody’s got their own. Thoughts on how it is. The Bible tells you how it is, but nobody has really came back and you know, the Bible’s been reinterpreted out of many different languages and then it’s always being updated.

[00:19:06] So how do you know what has been left out or added to? Yeah. With all the, the different passages in the Bible. Yeah. But people have had, many, many people have had near death experiences and if you take, if you take all those accounts and bring them together, a really, really similar picture forms. Yeah. But they all have a very similar account to what happens when they cross over and come back.

[00:19:34] Well, I know, but they. But my point is, the day-to-day life, if, if there is such a thing as day-to-day life, after you cross over, what, what’s it like for the first two weeks or the first week or, or, you know, do we, are we there for the next a hundred thousand or next million years? I have my opinions on what happens.

[00:19:57] Well, I, I, yes, I’m sure you do. But is that what it is? In opinion? Well, someday we’re all gonna find out. I know, but I can’t report back to you. Yes, but you can. Okay. I’m here to say you can. So presuming that you would cross over before me, I will be here to communicate to you and then maybe you will see, oh, Allison, there was something to what she was saying.

[00:20:23] It won’t be the last argument I get to win with you. Well, I begged the difference. You have yet to win your first one. Oh, okay. Fair enough. So it’ll be the first argument that I win with you, and I’m here to say that I will be here every step of the way to support you. And that when it happens, you know, many, many, many, many years in the future.

[00:20:45] But yeah, it’s, yeah. We’ve gone deep on this one. Boy have really deep, do we need to like go back up to something lighter? Get back to the metal arcs? Yes.

[00:21:00] Yeah. But I think it’s good. I mean, I, I believe, I mean, I think it’s good to have these conversations even though they’re tough and they’re. Hard and we disagree and it’s okay. Yeah. It’s o it’s okay to have different perspectives, but I think what I, a lot of the listeners of this podcast kind of do align to the idea that we can communicate to crossed over loved ones and we do kind of have an idea of what happens when we cross over, you know, or when we pass away.

[00:21:29] And I, what I’m trying to tell these my people is it’s okay to talk about it. I think for so long we were afraid to say anything. Because we were afraid to look different and be different and go against mainstream thinking, and I’m just saying, let’s start talking about it. Even if other people disagree, it’s okay, but at least we’re having a conversation and opening people up to the idea that this could be possible.

[00:21:58] Yes. Well, I, and then I think it goes back to, Christianity. And so when you talk about your type of spiritualism, it, it’s really not Christianity. And I think that maybe that’s why people don’t talk about it ’cause it’s, we are supposedly Christians and so you don’t talk about anything except Christian Christianity.

[00:22:24] And that’s not a very. Taught a subject that’s very discussed very often amongst anyone. Oh, that’s true. Is that, and just, you know, a lot of listeners of this podcast come from different faiths. Yes. You know, Jewish faith, mu Muslim faith, non-denominational faiths, and so we’re. So we, my dad and I were raised Christian.

[00:22:46] Yes. So we have this Christian perspective. Yes. And I am not at all against it, but I do believe that you’re right. I think talking about this does go against a lot of Christian ideologies and I, I definitely notice with my clients who are Catholic. Because in the Catholic faith, the only person who can talk to God is a priest.

[00:23:08] If I am getting this right, correct me Catholic listeners if I’m wrong. And they have a real hard time with the fact that they could communicate with an angel or crossed over loved one or something because that, you know, they were told from a very young age that only the priest can do that. So, you know, these, these beliefs that you know, that we get from childhood are deep and.

[00:23:32] The ones you align to that feel true to you, fantastic. But I think when you do get a belief, when you get older and you’re like, wait a minute, I don’t really align to that thing, it can be hard to just say that, to be the person who says, I don’t align to that one thing and I believe something else.

[00:23:49] That’s not always easy to say. Yeah, well that is true. And because you don’t want people to be judging you. And so then we, we all wanna. Be alike and so be alike. Why? Then There’s no judgment, right? There’s no tension. No, no. In the relationship. Yes. Well, and yes, and I appreciate that. And I think there’s sometimes it’s fine to just be, there are times when, you know, it’s just okay to, to be in the group and, and not create the tension.

[00:24:20] Yes. But I do think that there are times when you, your heart is calling you to say, Hey, wait a minute. I don’t see the world that way, and I see the world this way and, and so my message to my people is, you know, wait, wait for your heart to call you. That voice of your intuition, that voice of your higher self that says, I see the world differently, or I see that perspective differently.

[00:24:46] And for a lot of spiritual people, the way I define spirituality, we’ve been really afraid. We’ve been afraid to be ostracized. We’ve been afraid to be branded weird or. Anti-Christian and a lot of, a lot of my listeners who would identify as Christian believe that they are Christian and you know, they believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ and believing that they can talk to Christ over loved ones, et cetera.

[00:25:12] So I think what as what we’re evolving to is everything getting a bit more nuanced, right? And it’s not as black and white as maybe it was once interpreted. When I was a kid and certainly when you were a kid. And so for me, I just am trying to open up that we have less of a black and white interpretation of how things could be.

[00:25:33] Yeah. Well there always is a, a, a minister or a priest or a rabbi or somebody is the head of that church. And I mean the building that congregation, the religious institution. Yes. And so then, because. They’re supposed to have the training, they had the education, and so then the common people go to them and, and think that they’re more knowledgeable and, and so then they base their knowledge on what they’ve been taught in school and trained, and then what they read in the Bible where things like yours is.

[00:26:17] Is a more of a practical experience and something that is something that you have experienced and you have done yourself, and you didn’t go to a clergy man or woman with their expertise, with your questions. Yeah. But we’ve all heard about the air quotes. Educated person. Yeah. Who is not really acting.

[00:26:47] Very educated. I have examples that I know you would agree with. Like when someone with this education you describe, told my niece that she couldn’t pray into heaven to her grand. Her grandmother who passed away. Tim, she was very close. Because only the clergyman gets to pray to God. Yes. And you little girl can’t pray to your, your, your past on grandmother.

[00:27:13] I mean, we’re supposed to. Be okay with that? Well, no, I don’t think so. Nothing to know. So, I mean, I get what you’re saying. Yeah. And we, we can’t, of course, certainly I am not coloring everybody with the same brush. Yes. And there’s a lot of people of, of the faith of the cloth who are well-intentioned and well-studied and whatever.

[00:27:35] For me, it really gets down to my heart and I know that that’s kind of like, yeah, well, does your heart. Did, did your heart get ordained to be a minister? Well, no, not in the classical sense of going to seminary school and, and getting a degree, no. But I really do feel like my heart, my higher self, will guide me to those principles, to those beliefs that are really what I need, what I need on a soul level.

[00:28:05] And I always say I believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ. But I don’t necessarily align to all of the things in the Christian Church. I just, I just don’t. Yeah. And so, yeah, that, that’s my philosophy. Well, getting back to your, our, your niece and what is relation, your granddaughter? Yeah. Yeah. A granddaughter getting back to her.

[00:28:32] I think that the minister was taught that in seminary, so that’s why he relayed that to her. I’m sure he was. Yes. And that’s, you know, that’s a, this, this particular faith is a more conservative sect or more More conservative. Yeah. Facet of the church. Yes. But yeah, I’m sure he did. Yes. And I don’t align to that.

[00:28:55] No. In any way, shape or form. No, I don’t either. Yeah. Really don’t. No. So, yeah, you know, I think we’re evolving and these type of questions, like we don’t, like I have these conversations with my peers all the time, but you and I never sit down and talk about this. Never do. Nope. And I want to, I mean, we don’t have to talk about it all the time.

[00:29:16] That would be exhausting. Yes, it would. But I want you to know this part of me. You don’t have to believe everything, I believe, but I want you to know what I do for a living. You know, like I, I help people. You know, at, at their core, I help people connect to their heart so they, they can discover for themselves what they truly believe.

[00:29:40] And that’s what I do. And we don’t talk about it that often. No, we don’t. We just, no, we don’t. This is probably the first time we’ve had this type of a conversation ever. On the mic. On the mic, yeah. So I hope it’s been okay for you. Oh, no. Yeah, it’s been Okay. Fine. No problem. Yeah. And isn’t it better for you to know me better?

[00:30:03] Oh yeah. Oh, yep. It is. Yeah. It’s, yes, it is. And I think the reason why I don’t talk about it is because I don’t want you to make you feel uncomfortable. Yeah. And I don’t wanna, you know, I, I don’t get to see you that often, so I want it to be nice when we’re together. Right. So, I, I don’t share it, you know, I just keep it inside.

[00:30:20] Yeah. And that at a certain point, that doesn’t feel good anymore. Oh, and you didn’t do anything. These were my choices. I made choices, yes. But I’ve really set the intention that I’m gonna just be me. Well, yeah. That’s what, yes, yes. Be. Yeah. You be you or you. Yes. So, so, and it’s not, yeah. I know that there are times when it’s, it’s just better to be, not say anything because.

[00:30:50] You’re with people who just aren’t going to hear it. No. And it’s not gonna go anywhere. And so those are the times that I’m perfectly happy to just be quiet and nod my head and not be the contrarian and be the one who says, well, I think that’s a load of, you know, crap. Yes. But I think that there are times where you just have to, you know, there are times on the flip side of that where it is time to speak up and say, This is my perspective, this is how I see it.

[00:31:19] And it goes against religious ideals. It goes against what we learned at Sunday School, but it’s really important. Yes, it did. Yes. So, yeah, and I think a lot of the listeners of this podcast will really relate to this because I think. They found me because they are similar in this way and we feel like we’re different.

[00:31:47] And so my, I feel like part of my soul mission is to truly let people know you’re not different. There’s a lot, there’s a lot of people out there like me, who see the world similar to me generally, like generally speaking and. I just want these listeners to know that it’s okay. It’s okay to be different.

[00:32:08] It’s okay to have these different ideas. It’s okay to follow your heart, and in fact, I believe at the end of the day, if we do anything right in this lifetime, it’s to follow your heart. If we do anything right, it’s following your heart, and that’s really the message that I want to pass on to others. And sometimes following your heart means going against all the things we learned in childhood, all the things society tells you, but nothing knows your path better than what your heart’s guiding you towards.

[00:32:41] Yes, yes, yes. So we, my dad and I actually recorded this yesterday. This is a very different conversation and. The audio didn’t work. And yesterday we were talking about nuclear bombs. Yes. And like all sorts of crazy stuff. And I’m like, oh my gosh. Artificial intelligence, intelligence, intelligence. I’m like, oh my gosh, we’ve never talked about this on Soul Guide Radio.

[00:33:06] But then I literally couldn’t get the audio to work, so we kinda had to re-record. And I didn’t know it was gonna go here, but it went there. And I hope it wasn’t too uncomfortable for you. No, no. Not at all. No, it was not awesome. It is not. Cool. And don’t you think like having a conversation actually like this can bring us closer?

[00:33:27] For sure. Yes, for sure. Yes. So if you’re listening and you wanna have this type of conversation with someone you love, I think that if your heart is guiding you towards it, and if that person really loves you, It can bring you closer together. Yes, it can. It can. Yes. Yes. So, dad, any other, well, any other responses or perspectives from your side?

[00:33:53] Well, let’s see. I’m not really, I don’t think I kind of know. I, I know where you’re coming from, but yet I have. Doubts about it and, and maybe I’m doubting Thomas or here or something, but, and then I have a lot of doubts with Christianity too. So no thank, and I don’t know where I get this intelligence or inspiration that I should, I would know anything different than anyone else, but I just guess maybe it’s because.

[00:34:31] Probably the, the only thing I have left to do of any significance at, at my age is die. So in that process, which is probably not that many years away, I do think about it more. When you’re younger, you don’t think about this stuff, but now that I am up in years, I do think about it more. Yeah, I, I understand that.

[00:34:57] Well, my perspective, and I want, I mean, I want you to know I’m a. Thousand percent. Okay. That you don’t, you’re not a hundred percent on board with everything. Yeah. I’m saying I think that’s okay. Yes. That’s the way of the world. We’re never, ever all gonna be a hundred percent on board. No, and that’s okay.

[00:35:11] And it’s just being okay with those differences. That’s really, you know, a, a, a, a trick, I think, to relationships growing and evolving. My perspective, dad is. Again, my perspective is that death is definitely nothing to be feared. You know, we are energy. Energy cannot die. So the energy will live on and I will, you and I will definitely be in lots of communication and conversation.

[00:35:40] So I will be here for you. And you know, the period after people cross over is a time you, you know, when you’re crossing over correctly. Now people have. Traumatic deaths and that takes a different, that looks a little bit different. But when you are in elder age and you cross over in Elderhood, there’s a time of transition where you say goodbye to everybody and you kind of process things.

[00:36:09] I will be there to connect you with your spirit guides so you can, you will have the support of crossover loved ones your, your guardian angels who have been with you for your whole life. They will all, they’ll all be surrounding you and supporting you, and you will then, once you feel like you’ve really kind of said your goodbyes and you’ve transitioned, you will be ready to go on to the next thing.

[00:36:31] Okay, good. And it’s really, it’s really, you’ll feel no pain when we cross over. It’s this, it’s just this amazing, amazing vibration of love. A wisdom. You know, there’s this very profound sense of love and wisdom and it is, it’s really beautiful and so, This is my perspective. I, I’m someone who did crossover and come back, and so I’m sharing with this because maybe as you’re considering it, which I think is a wise thing to do.

[00:37:03] Yes. And I actually think we should all be doing it at it, not, you know, maybe over the age of 30, maybe not when you’re a kid, but I think it’s, it’s a good thing to think about. So when that time comes, you just feel ready. I think that’s the best way to cross over, is you just feel ready. And I think giving it some thought, How it could be, you know, what do I wanna do before that day happens?

[00:37:26] What do I wanna make sure I said? I think that’s just wise, and I think we don’t talk about this enough because we fear it, right? So let’s just have a conversation about it. Well, and when you’re younger, you have so many other irons in the fire. You know, you have your family and you have your job and, and your home and, and so many more obligations that you basically, you don’t.

[00:37:53] I. Have time to think about anything then kind of the necessity of the minute. But when you get older and your children are all have been gone for a long while, and in my case and and sharing my wife’s case, things with our children and grandchildren really, really, really went well as a family unit. And so your thought process.

[00:38:20] Y sure you want them to be healthy and and stuff, but as far as worrying about ’em, Is not nearly as much as when you’re in the process of raising your children, when, when everybody has got their individual challenges and then you wanna, as a parent, help them. So then when you get older? Older, not old.

[00:38:44] No, just Oh, just older. Wiser. Why? Why? Then all those things have been taken care of and the next generation’s turn then is to take care of them. Same challenges. And so then you, you just have more time to have a different train of thought. And you’ve got your think rock prayer rock. I’ve got my prayer rock, which I do use.

[00:39:07] Yeah. And I probably should use it a little more and I kind of neglected it a little bit this year for a, for a. Kind of a lazy reason, and that is there’s a gate going into the pasture and, and it has a couple of. Cumbersome small chains on to keep the gate closed. Oh no. Listen, that gate is no joke. So anyway, I, I couldn’t get through that gate.

[00:39:31] That is not a lazy reason. So you need a new gate. I know. And so, but I use that for my excuse. Oh my God. And everybody’s always looking for an excuse. Well, that’s true. We all know. Yeah. And that was my crutch. And I was using that gate as my crutch. Wow. And, and, but I have been, I did fix that gate, by the way.

[00:39:50] And, and so I can now, the ticks what we do about the ticks. The ticks, I don’t know. We’re gonna have to, well do, ask them to leave. Ask them to leave. Ask them nicely. Go somewhere else. No, this has just been a really cool, cool conversation. And oh, and so I’m just, as we kind of wrap this up, I believe, again, getting back to, you know, my, my many, many beliefs, we choose our parents.

[00:40:16] I believe we choose our lifetimes. I believe that we live many lifetimes and that we choose our lifetimes based on what we need in that lifetime. And that even if you’ve had really bad parents, very traumatic childhood, I know that’s kind of a, sometimes a maybe you difficult to wrap your head around, but I believe on a soul level, we choose our challenges.

[00:40:39] So for some reason we needed a difficult childhood to heal or whatever. We will choose that to help us heal, grow, learn, and evolve to the next level. And I always say that this was not my lifetime to have crappy parents. Oh, right. And I choose, I chose two really, really amazing parents. Well, thank you very much.

[00:41:03] You’re welcome. My head’s getting pretty big here. That’s right. That’s good. All right dad, so you do have, you knew this question was coming ’cause I asked you yesterday when we did take one about leaving our listeners with an invitation. You are the guest of honor and that’s inviting them to anywhere you wanna invite them to go.

[00:41:23] Oh yes. Well, I would invite you to come here to our farm and ranch and we can get on the A T V and puts out into the pasture with. Where the native grass is and, and see the cows and the cies and listen there again to the metal arcs or any other birds. There’s king birds and, and rooster pheasants and, and we can definitely be up, go up there on the rock.

[00:41:58] I’ll make sure I get that gate fixed. So we don’t, so it’s not a challenge to get up there to the rock. And, and just, I think you would really enjoy it. The sky is bright. You’ll be able to see the Big Dipper and the little Dipper and the North Star and, and maybe any other, uh, uh, formations up there, star formations.

[00:42:23] So come, come to Sleepy Hollow. I love it. That’s the name of our family. Farm. Farm, sleepy Hollow, u s a, and. What a nice invitation because I do an annual retreat here where some lucky, lucky souls get to come and experience this. It is a really magical place. The prayer rock is a super high vibrational space.

[00:42:50] Where you can really, really connect in deep to something higher, whatever that higher thing is you wish to connect into. And what I’ll add an additional invitation is if you don’t already have a sacred spot out in nature, really, really out nature. I invite you to invite one in. It will find you and just say, I’m ready for my sacred spot.

[00:43:16] Ideally, it’s someplace near your home that’s very easy to get to, but you can have more than one if you think of one at a favorite travel destination. You know, my dad has this prayer rock, and I’ve definitely borrowed it while I’m here, and for me, it’s walking through the dunes where I live, and it’s just my special sacred spot.

[00:43:38] You know, the Native Americans had sit spots where they would go and they would all, they would find a place that was just their place and they would go and sit and contemplate and pray, and just be, and just connect to nature and listen to the metal arcs. So if you have one, I invite you to refortify your routine to go connect to that spot.

[00:44:00] If you don’t have one, I invite you to allow one into your experience. And like I said, it will find you. All right. So that’s all we have for this pretty deep episode of Soul Guide Radio. My dad will never come back on the show. Would you ever come back if invited? Okay. So we’ll, well, we’re gonna have to have a part two Yes.

[00:44:22] To figure out. Did you feel the energy vortex? Yes. And what was the second thing? Did you, there was one other thing. Mm-hmm. Well, Anyway, the second thing, whatever that was, it’ll come to us off air. It’ll come to us and I always end each episode with, until next time, may your soul guide the way So, Until next time, may your soul guide the way.

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00:01  Intro

04:39  Meet my father

05:30  Doing work you love 

08:00  Prayer Rock

13:24  Religious experiences & nature

15:04  Energy vortex, sand dunes & trees

16:57  Historical energetic presence

17:58  The afterlife & NDEs

21:01  Importance of authenticity & communication

24:12  Accommodating v. being uncomfortable 

25:35  Religious authority v. spiritual experience 

29:04  Knowing each other fully

32:48  Ageing & questioning

35:22  Crossing over & preparing

40:04  Choosing your lifetime

41:08  Invitation & conclusion