Channeling, Spirit Guides and Spiritual Riffing

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As you work on your spiritual development and begin to enjoy the beautiful benefits, you may be looking for ways to help your loved ones nurture theirs, too. Sharing this journey with those closest can make it all the more nourishing!

My guest for this episode of Soul Guide Radio is Elizabeth Wanous, an intuitive young woman who also happens to be my niece! For the past few years, I’ve been helping Elizabeth with her spiritual growth — you may remember her from a story I told during episode #65 – Helping Your Children and Loved Ones Tap Into Their Intuition. 

In this episode, Elizabeth and I explore what spiritual work with loved ones can look like and what it’s like to be in a channel state — Elizabeth actually channels a message from my spirit guides during the episode! You’ll learn how to make sure that the messages that you deliver are pure and unfiltered, the three aspects of channeling and how they work together, and why it can be so helpful to have others do intuitive work for you.

Start unlocking your spiritual gifts. Listen now to discover: 

  • What channeling really looks like in practice — and the right way to channel 
  • How our spirit guides communicate with us (and a special message for you from my spirit guides!) 
  • An invitation that will have you channeling and connecting to your spirit guides to receive the messages that have been trying to reach you!


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This Week’s Invitation:

Tune into your spirit guides every single day. Get that yes or no feeling. Look at the success you’re getting and then step back and trust the guides.

[00:00:00] I am sitting here with my niece, Elizabeth. Hello everyone. Hello dear. Ones, um, we were talking about spirituality and spirit guides and talking to spirit guides, and I actually recorded an episode about how to help your loved ones and your kids connect into their intuition. And we’ll leave a link to that in the show notes.

[00:00:26] And in that episode, I tell a story. About Elizabeth and my other nieces and nephews when we had sort of a spooky night connecting to crossed over loved ones. And so, we were just upstairs, uh, chitchatting and we thought, let’s just get on the mic and see what happens. And maybe a interesting follow on, uh, uh, taking that again.

[00:00:53] Um, so we were upstairs talking. And we thought, let’s hop on the mic and see if anything interesting. Wants to come through as a follow on to that episode. And we don’t have any notes in front of us ’cause we thought we’d just riff. I’m excited. And actually, Elizabeth invited herself to be on the podcast.

[00:01:12] I did ask to be on the podcast, so I said Why not? Um, so, so you’re 20, right? Correct. Yes. And I, I’ve been a little bit struck so that I would say, when did this start? This started back in 2019 because the lights were flickering in the house and I said, oh my gosh, I think there’s a ghost here. And Allyson goes, oh no, that’s not a ghost.

[00:01:35] I cleared them all and I go, what? And then that is how this all started. Oh, is that how it all started? Yes. Oh my gosh, the lights flickered. And I was like, oh my gosh, there’s a ghost here. And you said, no, no, I cleared this place. That’s true. And then I’m sitting here like, what? So that, and that was like, that was right before my retreat.

[00:01:56] Exactly. Yes. I had my first retreat here. Spiritual retreat in 2019. And so, you guys were all, how old were you then? Was I 14, 15. 14. That’s amazing. So, they were all 12, 13. All my nieces were like 12, 13, 14, let’s say. Yeah, 15. Yeah. And we just, one night the lights flickered. I don’t even really remember that.

[00:02:20] And we started talking about spirituality and she told us all these things about past lifetimes and how you have your past lifetime wounds that you have to get through. So, say you have a struggle in your life. Um, with anxiety or something like anxiety with flying, for example. Um, that could be a past lifetime wound of you, like actually crashing in a plane.

[00:02:40] Correct? Yeah. Yeah. Um, good example. Uh, and then we, I start, you guys all wanted to know who your spirit guides were and you wanted names. That was the first thing. That was the first thing. And you guys were struck how I was getting things and how accurately they were landing. Exactly. ’cause you would tell me things about myself that I didn’t even know.

[00:03:00] Especially when you, the first time you ever connected with my sphere guides through yours, it was like you were talking like through me. Yeah. It was absolutely astonishing. And I was struck by how like you guys were just, Had a open, so open, so open, so eager to learn more. Mm-hmm. A thousand questions. And then since that time, it became, every time our family gathers us girls typically, although now the boys are joining.

[00:03:30] Exactly. Because they’re interested. We, um, when all the adults are going off to drink beer, typically Yep. We sneak away to have our talks. Exactly. And we’re talking about spirit guides. Oftentimes you girls. Want to know everything. Everything about crop. Even animals. Animals. We make her talk to animals and that’s her least favorite thing to do, but, well, no.

[00:03:52] Well, ’cause I get like a thousand questions. Yeah. Yeah. What’s my dog thinking? Yeah. Does she love me? Exactly. That’s what I ask. And in recent years, there’s a lot of questions about boys. Oh yeah. And they have been spot on as a matter of fact. Um, I flew actually to see Allyson in Europe and also to help her baby or babysit for her while she went on a trip to Morocco.

[00:04:15] And while on the train, which was like a 45 minute to an hour, um, train ride, I asked her these questions and I asked about my boss ’cause I was having troubles with her. And I was like, Hey, what do I do? Because I always ask Allyson advice ’cause she always hits it spot on because she’s talking to my higher self.

[00:04:33] And I was saying, what do I do about my boss? And she said, stick it out because she’s gonna be gone. And I thought to myself, there’s no way. Because she had a teaching debt. She had debt from college, um, and she had to work like 15 years or something, or 10 years. And she was on year nine and she left four months before it was up.

[00:04:57] And I texted Allyson that night and I said, girl, you will never believe it. Yep. So, yeah, that’s, and I thought, there’s no way, ’cause she had like four to six months left that she just had to work to pay off her debt in a, like, she had to work in a low-income school. Wow. And yeah, you hit it right on the nose.

[00:05:17] So it’s always nice when those hits, uh, pan out. Um, so you have really blossomed intuitively. Oh my gosh. I was actually reading her. Spirit guides and seeing what they were saying the other day. So for the fir, like I’m always giving other people readings and everybody’s always asking me, Hey Allyson, are you getting an intuitive hit?

[00:05:36] Do you have a psychic kit? What are my spirit guides saying? Do you have a message? And that’s cool because that’s what I do. So I’m very, very happy. These are the questions I get, but we were just sitting around and I was giving you some hits. Mm-hmm. About the. 5,000 questions you had for me Always. And you said, would you like to give, would you like me to give you a reading?

[00:05:58] Yeah. And I was like, nobody ever asks me that. No. Something Don, something made me hit. And what happened between us in that moment, which was actually like three days ago, was like unbelievable. It was very cool because she checked everything and it was all spot on. It was all spot on. You, you tapped into stuff that I had been, conversations I’d been having with my spirit guys, but like going over it, going over your head.

[00:06:21] Yeah, I think that I always say like, doing intuitive work is like operating on yourself. Mm-hmm. Like, yeah, you could do it. Like let’s say you gashed your arm open, you could probably stitch your arm up, but it’s a whole heck of a lot easier for someone else to do it. Exactly. And so when you are doing intuitive reads for other people, you’re just clean space.

[00:06:43] You don’t typically, you won’t have any. Anything emotionally invested, you know, uh, in the situation. And so when someone else holds the space for you and does a reading, it can come through a lot cleaner and insights can come through that you’re just not getting from your guides. So that’s why it’s always nice.

[00:07:02] It’s, yes, very important for you to develop your own intuitive gifts and get your own messages coming through from your higher self and guides. But it is really important and powerful to, from time to time to go to someone else, go to an intuitive friend, hire an intuitive coach, or a healer or a medium to, to hold the space while these messages come through.

[00:07:24] And that’s what, that’s what’s was happening. You were holding the space for me for a clearer, cleaner message to come through than what I was getting. It was just kind of going in a little bit deeper. And not only that, but there was one point in our conversation where you had your guts had completely taken over me and had gone through me.

[00:07:43] And I had, there was a conversation that only Allyson knew about, um, and her guides, and I was completely going, it was going right. In me and out me. That’s, it was super crazy. That’s channeling my friends. Yeah. It was so cool. And that’s when you wanna be in a channel state where you’re not filtering.

[00:08:01] Mm-hmm. So that means you’re, you’re, um, dipping back up into your head to get an opinion on the message. Mm-hmm. When you’re channeling, you don’t wanna give any opinions. You want it to be purely the channel, which Elizabeth was being for me, I could tell. I can always tell when people filter, um, which is fine.

[00:08:19] It’s fine if the brain gets involved and offers an opinion on whatever the intuitive message is, but when you notice you’re filtering. When you notice that you’re getting in your head and, and thinking, having an opinion on the spiritual message coming through that is filtering and you wanna just take some deep breaths, sink back into the body, get back into the channel state, and then you wanna be that, just that pure clean channel letting just the messages from spirit come through.

[00:08:49] Without any opinions from yourself, you can get your opinions later. But in the channeling process, you don’t wanna offer an opinion for the person that you’re channeling for. And you were in that state. It was so amazing. ’cause I like opened my eyes out, I opened my, take that again, I like opened my eyes and I was like, whoa, what were we just talking about?

[00:09:12] And she had to like to explain to me what we just had a conversation about and like, What she was missing or wasn’t listening to, or was going over whatever happened. Yeah. It was so crazy. And I was just, because I knew, I, I mean, I have been in a conversation with my guides about something, and this is what we were talking about, and basically my guides were telling me that I’ve been overworking, but my guides have also been calling me to create a lot of content at the same time.

[00:09:40] So what I was asking Elizabeth, and asking my guides through Elizabeth was, Hey dudes and dots in my divine guidance team. Why are you calling me to create so much content and then you’re also calling me to rest at the same time? It, you’re confusing me. It’s a dichotomy. I don’t know why. Why are you doing this?

[00:10:02] So let’s check in with Elizabeth. Ooh. To see what they have to say today. This is exciting for me or you? Yeah. Yeah. You’re gonna be the channel for you. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So you wanna take some deep breaths? Pivot your awareness down. Go, go into your process. What’s your process? Oh, first I start, you always, you showed me.

[00:10:20] I’m pretty sure I do it the same as you. I don’t know. I sit up tall, I take deep breaths and I super pivot into the pit of my gut. Okay. Super into my gut. And you’ll, and then you’ll be able to feel some pressure on your chest. And that’s how I super know that I’m into like my unconscious consciousness, you know?

[00:10:38] Yeah, yeah. And I’m. Open-minded as I, I take my deep breaths, get into my gut space, feel it in my chest, that pressure, and I know I’m ready to go. Awesome. That’s perfect. Okay, so I’m just gonna be Allyson asking my spirit guides questions through Elizabeth. So, um, spirit guides, why are you calling me to create a lot of content and rest at the same time?

[00:11:02] We know that you are,

[00:11:08] hold on. What’s that word?

[00:11:12] You are gonna need to edit this. Yeah.

[00:11:18] We know that you are capable of doing things. You need to find an easier way to do a lot of things. Yeah, that’s what I thought. You’re trying to push me to be more efficient. Exactly. So get it on the first take. Lately, lately you have been taking the long route, doing things yourself and it’s been putting a lot of stress or not stress, but it’s been causing you to work extra hard when you definitely do not need to be working hard.

[00:11:45] You need to be able to relax a bit and before going into a project and tackling that, Look at all of your options first. Look at every, look at all the options. See the outcome of each option and the steps you have to go through. The process of this getting the end result. So do some visualization before I go in.

[00:12:11] Correct. It’s funny spirit guides. I just recorded a training video today about visualizing and the importance of visualization. So that is so weird. That is so weird. So you’re saying I need to take my own advice Yes. Of what I give others. Okay. That was weird. I, I clicked out of it guys. That was so weird that you just said that.

[00:12:30] Yeah, they just took over. Okay, here we go. Okay. No, that’s good. It’s good. It’s good to recognize when you’re coming out of a channel and then you can pop back in. Okay, cool. So that makes perfect sense. So you’re trying to teach me to work smarter and before I start a project, do some visualization, visualize the outcome, and then should I go with the projects that I feel most passionate to tackle in that moment?

[00:12:55] No. No. You need to look through everything first. Look through everything. Super. Look through everything. I get excited to go and I just go, exactly. Yeah. And that’s why you’re working harder and not more efficient. Yes. You need to evaluate every single step you are going to take. ’cause Is that part of, this is Liz, is that part of your um, um, fi design type?

[00:13:22] Is human design. Yes. Your human design. Um, yeah. So part of my human design is I like to be fair, I like to have very focused energy. Yeah. So you have, you’re not focusing. Oh, okay. And that’s why they’re kind of giving you this, keep working hard. Okay. To see if you’ll realize that what they’re doing is wanting you to visualize it before, um, applying the action Before tackling it.

[00:13:45] Yes, correct. I’m the kind of person that I like. I get up in the morning and when it’s time for me to work, I just like to hit it hard and I just like to, and they’re saying, you need to take, take your your mornings, take a breath, get a routine. Get a routine down. Yeah. Get your yoga in. Yeah. Do the things you need to do, then tackle into those projects.

[00:14:07] Projects. Yes. After I’ve done my videos, you need to get into a routine, I think. Yeah. Are you out of a routine right now? Yes. Yeah. You need to get back in that they’re saying. Yeah. Yeah. You, it’ll be more efficient. Well, you guys know that I am. I mean, I am the queen of, uh, teaching morning routines. That’s what do exactly.

[00:14:26] Morning mindfulness routines. And because I’m traveling and I’m a little bit out of my morning routine. Yeah, I say when you get back, definitely get into a routine and then sit down with your pen and paper, write down all your ideas. This goes for you guys listening too. Wait, is this Liz or is this This is Liz.

[00:14:43] Okay. This is Liz. I have my eyes open. Okay. Write down things and then. Do it. Awesome. Well, Liz is a college student, so she has got a little bit more, you’ve got homework to deal with. It’s, it’s ridiculous how much homework I have to deal with, so unfortunately, yeah, to be a teacher. Mm. Yeah. Okay. So this is good stuff.

[00:15:04] This is good stuff to go back in. Um, okay. Well, I, I’ll ask my, we’ll do one more. I’ll ask the guides if they have anything else for me or our listeners. Oh my gosh. So maybe the guides have something for the listeners. All right, guides. Do you have any final messages for me and those tuning in today? This is for Allyson.

[00:15:26] Please take your advice better and not just go between the fine lines. You are someone who has to write everything out, follow it, and just really get into a routine of things and your life will move so smoothly for the listeners. Hi, welcome. I hope that there are more of you. Hold on.

[00:15:53] Hi. Welcome to any of the listeners that are here. You guys are amazing. Let me get up, take that again. Okay. What does it say? Take it back. Take it again. Take it again. I gotta, I’m gonna really get something for the listeners.

[00:16:22] Thank you guys for listening today. I don’t know what to say. I don’t, not getting much notes ’cause I don’t know how I’m talking to tune into. Okay. So tune in. Tune to the listeners. Tune into the listeners. This is, um, the next steps in channeling tune into the listeners. Okay. ’cause the channel, you know, when you’re a channel, there’s really three things happening.

[00:16:45] There’s the spiritual realm, there’s you, and there’s the person to whom you’re channeling. And that’s why I think I’m having a hard time. Yeah. Because I’ve never channeled like, A fake audience. Not a fake audience, but like potential audience, right? So you’re not, I’m usually right in front of the person, so just, I’m having a block.

[00:17:02] I need to get through it. Okay? So I’ll help you. So when you’re tuning into energy where you’re not sure who it is, so if you run a business and you have clients that you haven’t met yet, but you wanna tune into them and create content for them, just do your process. You know, for me, I take deep breaths, I sink into the body, I connect to my heart space, but some of you might wanna connect into the gut energy.

[00:17:26] That’s the sacral energy as well. So just go through your process and then set the intention to connect to, in our case right now, Elizabeth, potential audience, Elizabeth is gonna connect into the listeners. Yes. And what I always say is, Let the, the energy will know where to go. Okay. Okay. This is, this is good for me because I’ve never connected to, um, your listeners before.

[00:17:50] So there, and I know you got some spiritual people in the building lots, so I’m super excited. Okay. I’m super excited. I’ll see what I get. Okay. I’ve very spiritual peeps listen to this podcast. Good. I’m so excited. They’re probably much more advanced than I am. No, not necessarily. I’m Allyson’s taught me so much so.

[00:18:16] If you are in this podcast, you are here for a reason. You are here to listen and take action upon what you’re hearing. Thank you so much for coming to this podcast, and don’t forget to check into your intuition every single day because that is who you are gonna need to go to for any, um, question that you may have in life.

[00:18:39] So, Make sure that you listen to your intuition and check the results you get from listening to that intuition. And if you are in this podcast, you were sent here for a reason. I. Nice. Whoa, whew. That was crazy. Well, you kind of got to the heart of this podcast, which is Soul Guide Radio. Yes. And that has many layered meanings.

[00:19:04] One, I’m your Soul Guide, so I’ll help be a spiritual mentor and teacher for you. I couldn’t imagine what I would be doing if you didn’t teach me like. It’s amazing how much Allyson like teaches you and not only teaches you, but how much she cares for each and every single one of you. Oh, wow. Gee, thanks.

[00:19:21] Yeah, I didn’t know, I didn’t recognize that this would be turning into a testimonial, but thank you. It is so much. It should be a testimonial to Allyson, let me tell you. But. But thank you so much. And I also wanna say that Soul Guide Radio is really about enabling you to tap into your soul wisdom to guide you.

[00:19:42] And I really mean that when I say at the end of the episodes, may your soul guide the way, and the message coming through from Elizabeth’s guides, from source through Elizabeth was really, you know, tapping into that intuition every day. And I know you know that. But I really want you to take a second and hear that.

[00:20:02] I think that we do, people who listen to this podcast are now, you guys are pretty well trained and like, okay, I got a big decision in life. I’m gonna check into my intuition and see what my intuition has to say. But do you do it? Before you brush your teeth, do you do it before you decide what you’re going to eat for breakfast?

[00:20:21] Do you do it um, when you’re not sure what type of orange juice to buy at the grocery store? We are evolving to a time where we are really being asked to be heart led and soul guided to the next level. And I’m now to the point in my experience where I literally let my soul. Well, I shouldn’t say that because we already found out that I fell on a trap of overworking.

[00:20:48] So I, I, I, I was gonna say that I literally let my heart decide everything, but I think I am in a little bit of a trap of overworking and not, well, it’s because, As they said, you need to look through every plan. Yes. Yeah. And you obviously, you said you just go right into it. You get so excited. I do. But that’s how you should be about work.

[00:21:08] You should be passionate about what you do. I am so passionate. Exactly. I get so excited to sit down, but then I don’t have a plan. Exactly. And then the end of fact is me overworking, which I have a tendency to do anyway. Because you didn’t get a plan Exactly. Or a routine. So that’s what Allyson’s gonna work on.

[00:21:23] That’s what I’m gonna work on. This was a counseling session actually. Yes. Thank you. I needed it. Um, but what I wanna say to you is see if you can start living a more soul guided life to the next level. And it’s amazing when you start. Asking your intuition like, what should I eat for dinner tonight?

[00:21:39] Should I go to the gym today? What do I wanna do for exercise? How do I wanna move my body? Do I wanna meditate? When do I wanna meditate? Where do I wanna meditate? When you really start delegating all of life’s questions big and small to that higher self voice, it’s really, really amazing. What can start un to unfold from that.

[00:21:59] And I think many of us fall in the trap of saving the soul guy, the, the questions for the higher self, for the big questions, you know? Right. And I feel since Allyson has led me in the direction of finding myself truly, I have had so many eye-opening things happen where if I am feeling uneasy about something, I will tune into my guides.

[00:22:21] They will tell me the right answer. Yes. Sometimes they gimme tough love, but that’s what life’s about, is that tough love. Yeah. So you guys out there super trust your, your soul and your higher self because they are actually here for you. They might take you down a bumpy road, but it’s only because there is a big, big, um, prize at the end.

[00:22:43] Yes, yes. Absolutely. I couldn’t have said it better myself, and it’s been amazing to watch you blossom. Oh my gosh. And how you have just like your intuitive gifts have just, um, Blossomed. We hear my daughter Freya thundering around. We hear thundering footsteps and we’re hiding from her in our podcast room.

[00:23:04] So this doesn’t get interrupted. I’m surprised we’ve gone 23 minutes. Oh, I’m really surprised she hasn’t found us. Um, but you have really blossomed. Oh, here she is. Hi. What are we doing? Okay, so this is Freya. Do you wanna um, say hi on our podcast? Hi podcast. Hi. So fray we’re talking about like your intuition, the fairies.

[00:23:27] So fray and I talk to the fairies a lot. We write letters to the fairies. Can I, yep, go ahead. Do you wanna talk on the podcast? Uh, no, thank you. Not this episode. Okay. We’ll do take that again, but yeah, because I wanna say something. Okay. Wait, so Emily, you can edit that out. Thanks, Emily. Okay, good. Oh, wait.

[00:23:48] Okay, Fred, go. Bye Fred. Bye bye. Okay, go ahead. I wanna say hi to TikTok. Say hi to TikTok is a TikTok. This is not TikTok. She wanted to say hi to TikTok, but I gonna do this. I gonna do TikTok with you. Oh, we do later. Let me finish real quick with mama. I almost done, we are almost done. We’re wrapping up one more minute.

[00:24:13] Okay. I honestly has it, Emily. Okay. Hello. Emily is the person who edits this, so we’re gonna send it to her and I’m sure she’s gonna get quite a kick out of this. Yeah, she is. Yeah. This is my cousin Elizabeth. Hi, Emily. Yeah, this is, oh, I have to be on the video. Okay. Bye. She, she only hears the audio. Okay.

[00:24:33] All right. Bye Fred. We’ll see you in a second. No. I can always pause this. Okay. Um, we’ll just keep rolling. Okay. Sorry Emily. Anyways, hold on. So you had a final Yes. Yes. I feel when you first, um, hold on. What should I say? I. I feel when you first expressed how you actually dealt with things and was connecting to your higher self, we were like, whoa, you’re crazy.

[00:25:03] Because you would connect to our, um, higher selves and our guide spirit guides, and you would talk to us through them. And it was so crazy because every time we’d ask you, okay, what’s this? What’s that? Who’s this? Where are we gonna do this at? And now finally, After all of our repetition and our, um, meeting, not meetings, but uh, gatherings.

[00:25:27] Yeah. We, each and every single one of us have blossomed. Oh my gosh. You have like each and every one of you. So if you guys just do this every day, not even every day, every other day. Once a week, just. Tune in and you will see how much of a difference it actually does for you. Like, should I wear this pair of pants or this pair of pants?

[00:25:49] Yeah. Get that yes or no, and start trusting it. Get the um, Outcome and it’s most of the time positive. And then you’ll be like, whoa, that’s crazy. Okay, so I have another Whoa, that’s crazy. I was literally recording a video today about the importance of repetition and spiritual growth. Oh my gosh. And I used the word repetition over and over again.

[00:26:11] So it’s Doug Griffith Trump. So, um, we’re in sync today. Oh my gosh. We are super. I feel super like high consciousness right now after doing this podcast, I think, ’cause I connected to you guys. Yes. Yes you do. Like you guys out there are absolutely amazing. Yes. I’m feeling like on top of the world right now.

[00:26:33] So this is a phenomenon that happens when I sit down to record an episode. I connect into the audience and you guys time jump to the, the, well, let me take that again. That’s not what I wanna say. Taking that again. So I think that’s, that’s exactly what I do when I record this podcast. I, I sit down, I invite the audience in, I connect to the audience, and I do the episode.

[00:27:00] And then when you push play to listen to the episode, I really feel like you time jump to that moment in time where I’m actually recording. I always get the feedback that people are saying. That the moment they hit play, I told them exactly what they needed to hear when they needed to hear it. And I really feel, because I create this energetic connection, you guys join me in the moment, I’m recording and then you, it creates this sort of live energy when you press, press, play.

[00:27:31] Right. I completely agree. And not only that, everything goes so fast, like it’s already been. 30 minutes of our podcast, which you guys probably won’t see because we’ll edit things out. But when I’m talk, when I connected with you guys, which I’ve never done before, I’ve never connected to like an um, audience before.

[00:27:50] I’ve only connected to people. So that was super cool. Um, but when I connected to you guys, It was like you guys, your guides were talking right through me. People I’ve never met before were talking right through me and I was like going back on that and I’m like, whoa, that was super cool. That is cool.

[00:28:06] Some I’m gonna definitely have to listen back on to see what I said. Yeah, exactly. So I think like it’s so amazing getting young people because you guys are so open and I tell all my friends about this. That’s so awesome. And Allyson got me my first pair of tarot cards. And that’s still my favorite pair.

[00:28:23] Awesome, awesome. I’m so connected with those cards. That’s so cool. Um, the other thing I wanted to say was, Elizabeth is on TikTok. You’ve got some followers on TikTok. Yeah. We don’t need, you don’t need to embarrass me right now. What? You’ve got like what, 35,000 followers or something? Okay. Yes. But they’re just people that I don’t know.

[00:28:45] Well, maybe some of our listeners wanna check out your TikTok. How about Instagram? Okay. Restart. Take that again. Say why? Why don’t you want people to see you? Take that. That’s cringey. It’s cringey. I’m sorry, Emily. Take that again. Say, oh, my niece here has Instagram. It’s cringey. Okay. Poor Emily. Sorry, Emily.

[00:29:07] You’ll get a kick out of it though. Okay. Taking that again. So you’re on Instagram? Yes, I am. What’s your, what’s your handle? It’s Liz DOIs. W A N O U Ss. Cool. We’ll leave that link in the show notes if anybody wants to check out. Liz, um, or I have an even better idea, okay. When Allyson has her retreat here at the farm.

[00:29:28] Oh yes. You guys can come see me. Yes. And I do want, it was, I’m not gonna lie to you guys, the retreat. We could do a whole podcast on the retreat. So, yeah, in 2019, I did my first retreat here. Mm-hmm. It was, it was before the pandemic. Oh, yes. Obviously we didn’t know, and I haven’t had one since the Pat Pandemic, just because I didn’t feel like the timing was right.

[00:29:47] But definitely 2024 is the year, dude, the, what we did during that, I wasn’t there for all of it, but the stuff that I was there, We had like this Native American bring all this stuff to the farm, all this native stuff that you could just connect with the energy before she was even here. And then one super cool thing happened with her, which I hope you get again her again.

[00:30:10] Yeah, I will. I will. Is that she like was super spiritual and like had us all close our eyes, take our deep breaths, sink into our heart and gut space, whatever you would like to, whatever the Chas you wanna use. And she. Could see your ancestors. Yep. And you could see hers. Yeah. It was really cool. Like she could explain them.

[00:30:32] It was crazy. It was mind blown pew. Yeah. It was an amazing week. That was like one of the most highest weeks I feel like, for anyone’s spiritual energy. Yeah. To come out here to this native lamb that hasn’t been harmed by. Construction. Yeah. So if you guys wanted to come out to the retreat Yes. And see me or to see Allyson, yes.

[00:30:53] Mostly me, of course. Come on out. Um, so if you’re interested, we’ll leave a link in the show notes where you can connect to me to learn more about my 2024 retreat on the farm, because it’s gonna be super, super next level. It’s, we got cattle here. Go to a buffalo ranch. We’ve got spirit guides. Yoga. Oh my gosh.

[00:31:12] We got spirit guides from so many spirit guides here. So many like old souls that are here. Yeah. Native American and white. Um, settlers. But it’s special here, huh? Oh my gosh. It’s insane. It’s super special. Especially for you guys who aren’t used to it. Oh my goodness. That’s amazing. Super come out. Super come out.

[00:31:31] Yes. We got a lot of bachelor neighbors for you. Single gals for the single ladies. Come on out. We’ve got some farmers to introduce you to. No, we do charge them to watch you do yoga. Oh geez. Okay. Edit that out. Edit that out. Alright, so, okay, so Liz. Yes ma’am. I always ask my guests. Okay. To leave our listeners with an invitation.

[00:31:54] Oh, and it’s inviting them to do something. Be someone, yeah. Wherever you wish to invite them to go. Hello, my dear ones. That’s my, that’s my tagline. Oh, I can’t use that. You can use it. Go ahead. Goodbye. My dear ones. So I invite you two. Okay. Let me think of how I wanna put this. Concluding this podcast, I invite you to check in.

[00:32:21] As much as you can with your spirit guides. Try to start getting those Yes, no. Um, any special angel numbers you’re seeing. See if you get a repetition of it, listen to that. Your sp Take that again. Yeah, go ahead. Listen to your spirit guides and what they’re telling you to do and watch the outcome and then take that again.

[00:32:47] I’m so sorry, Emily. That’s okay. She’s used to my taking that again. Oh, my ear won’t pop. You can make it super simple. I’ll, I invite you to, okay. I think I might start that all again. I’m sorry. All right, we can start all again. Okay. So Liz, I always ask my guests to leave our listeners with an invitation.

[00:33:08] What would you like to invite them to do or be? I would like to invite you guys to. Listen to your spirit guides more. Tune into them every single day. Get that yes or no feeling. Look at the outcome, see the success you’re getting, and just step back and then trust the guides. I love it. I am going to take that invitation tomorrow morning before I sit down.

[00:33:31] I’ve got a big to-do list tomorrow. Yes. And we’re gonna, we’re gonna write it out. Yes. I’m gonna write it out. I’m gonna visualize and I’m really gonna be soul guided. I’m gonna let my spirit guides decide what my, my workflow should be. And they aren’t gonna work you so hard this time. And that’s wonderful.

[00:33:49] ’cause what you did today was extreme. Yeah. I recorded like four videos today. By the end I was like, this is five. This is the fifth video by the end of the day. Well, I had a, I just had a break and I feel more refreshed and recharged now, but by the end of day, I think I gave you some energy day. I was like, um, having a hard time speaking and I was like, huh.

[00:34:09] My guides are asking me not to work so hard and yeah, I failed today. Well, that’s okay. Now knows tough love. Tough love, tough love. They’re giving you. So now we know we have to taste what we don’t want to get to where we do want. Exactly. That was a good, that was, that was a good invitation for them. Yes.

[00:34:26] That was a good quote. Thank. Okay. I think we should put that in the notes. We’ll put that, we’ll, we’ll pull, I don’t know what she just said, but it was good. Okay. We’ll pull that for a, for a poll quote. Yes. All right, you guys. Um, that is all we have on this like unplugged riff episode. We, it was weird. We have, you should see what we got in front of us.

[00:34:44] We got a spray zero can, and a couple books that our microphone’s on. Yeah. We have the microphone propped up on a book of Alan Greenspan. That was my mother’s, and I’m sitting on this rock hard wooden chair. She’s sitting on a little, uh, children’s chair. Um, but we had a lot of fun. Uh, yeah, I was gonna say Ron unedited, but it’s definitely not unedited.

[00:35:04] Yeah, no, our, we’re gonna put Emily, the editor to work on this one. Sorry. Lots of interruptions, but That’s okay. Uh, these are what usually are the best episodes, the very, very, um, off the cuff ones. So dear ones, I wanna thank you so much for listening. I appreciate you so much. Every, every single time I get behind the mic, If you’re feeling so called to head over and give this podcast a rating and review, I would be so grateful and I will read your amazing words on the air.

[00:35:35] And as always, until next time, may your soul, I. Be guided. What is it? Oh, I thought you were I do. A hardcore listener to this podcast, your soul. Tell me. Easy. Until next time, may your soul, may your soul guide the Way, guide the way you should. Try that again. And until next time, may your soul guide the way.


00:01  Intro

02:59  Meet Elizabeth

04:34  Speaking with nieces

07:55  Elizabeth’s reading

08:57  Channeling for yourself v. others

10:28  Filtered v. pure messages

12:28  Message from my spirit guides for me

17:45  Message from my spirit guides for you

20:15  Check in with your intuition

22:48  Next level soul-guided life

25:17  Connecting with the audience

28:04  The Retreat

30:24  Invitation & conclusion