Becoming the Director of the Movie of Your Life

“The past few years I’ve also realized just how much RELAXATION stimulates dreaming, scheming, and manifesting.”

Intending the life you most want to live

A client said something brilliant to me last week:

She said: “I’ve decided that 2023 will start on January 20 for me.”

I love the idea of this. Here’s why…

The collective energy these first weeks of January is calling us to be STILL, be SLOW, and spend time in our INNER CAVE.

(Similar to the energy of December.)

Maybe you’re feeling this?

It can be ESPECIALLY challenging at the start of a new year to give yourself permission to take it easy and spend time in the Inner Cave.

If you’re like me, you’re ready to launch, create, and be productive.

But when it comes to planning my year ahead – no matter how slow or fast the collective energy is – I always give myself the ENTIRE month of January to create my Soul Plan.

In December, I’m in reflection mode, focusing on finishing the year strong, and looking forward to some time off.

In early January, I’m typically still on holiday and unplugged.

So it always feels most ease-ful and in flow to set the soft target for “completing” my Soul Plan on January 31.

And by completing I mean to have at least a few soul-guided dreams scribbled in a journal.

The past few years I’ve also realized just how much RELAXATION stimulates dreaming, scheming, and manifesting.

So the most powerful soul-guided planning process is RELAXING and FUN.

To be honest, I’m considering dropping the word “planning” all together. Because some people (like me!) find planning to be relaxing and fun.  While others find it to be the OPPOSITE.

Either way, the more accurate word to describe the process is really: “Soul-Guided DIRECTING”

Whereby you’re directing your energy to where you most want it to go – to the feelings you want to feel and the experiences you want to immerse yourself in.

When you direct your energy, you are intending the life you most want to live. You are embracing your role as Director of the movie of your life.

Without directing your energy, you can find yourself in reactive mode – reacting to what life throws your way.

My invitation for you this month of January is to spend some time in your Inner Cave, dreaming and scheming about the things you most want to experience this year, and then directing your energy towards those dreams and intentions.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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