#10 – How Buying Local Adds Peace to the World

Shanti Pax has launched a peace process. This is blog #10 of a 10-blog series called, “The Peace Process: Your 10 most powerful actions to be AT PEACE and ADD PEACE to the world.”

Number 10 of the peace process is to BUY LOCAL.

Buying local has a powerful impact. Buying from local businesses supports your neighbors, community, and aspiring entrepreneurs – people who put their heart and soul into what they offer and care about more than the bottom line.

Corporations tend to see only dollar signs. They spend less time considering the environment, the treatment of their employees and animals, and the effects of their products on your health. Focusing solely on the bottom line has started wars, destroyed the environment, and mislead us into consuming things that harm our bodies.

Small business owners often treat their customers like family. And as the world’s population grows, thriving local and small businesses will ensure the wealth is equally distributed and provide jobs and livelihoods for all.

There is no one better suited to tell the story of buying local than my father, who is a family farmer. He spent his entire life advocating for family farmers everywhere to enable them to sustain a livelihood and stay on the land. Click the video below to hear this heartfelt story.

Post a comment: Do you own a business? Tell us your story. How do you add tender loving care to your products or services? Do you know someone who owns a business and what do they do to treat you well? How do you make an effort to buy locally or from small businesses?

Take action: I challenge you to do what you can to support as many small and local businesses as possible. Skip the chain restaurant and try the new family-owned sandwich shop. Discover local clothing or jewelry designers or artists in your area, and visit their shop or website. Take a break from the grocery store, and buy your produce at a local farmer’s market.

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Remember, it’s the little changes you make in your daily life that brings greater peace to the whole.

14 replies
  1. Chuck Welke, Sr.
    Chuck Welke, Sr. says:

    I really enjoyed the video and the concept of buying local. Keep up the good work and the positive message of keeping the peace.

  2. Pete
    Pete says:

    This video is pure sunshine for the soul. Now if only we could figure out if God is a “she” or a “he” (wink)…Anyway, thank you for channeling God’s love with your inspiring message of peace. A gem of a short video–absolutely heartwarming–not least because of the compelling appeal of the storyteller.

    • Allyson
      Allyson says:

      Thank you, sweetie! You’d recognize the 4-H preparation – my city viewers may assume we train all of our steers to lead with a rope. 😉

  3. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    What a great video, thanks for sharing Allyson! Another great message we all need to try and focus on however much modern life tries to make us forget it!

    • Allyson
      Allyson says:

      Thank you, Jenny. When I was a kid all I wanted to do was leave home and go to the city. Now I’ve live in cities for my entire adult life, and I realize how special my farm upbringing really was. I appreciate the comment.

  4. Brandy S
    Brandy S says:

    As I watched your video, I imagined my Grandfathers and the pride they must have had in saying they owned a piece of fruitful land. Not a huge house, not a three stall garage; good soil in which they were able to give their children a wholesome upbringing. I am thankful that your family continues this beautiful circle of life!

  5. Rieck Eske
    Rieck Eske says:


    This was a great video with you and Larry. I can see Les and Grandpa Eske out doing the same things and loving it as much as Larry. Thanks for sharing with us.

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