Toozday Tip + Challenge: How to be mindful all day long

The other day I drank a rancid cup of coffee and didn’t even notice.

I ADORE coffee, so this got me to thinking about where my attention is when doing the things I love (like drinking coffee).

This nasty coffee also served as the inspiration behind the first video in my new series.

I’m pleased to introduce the Toozday Tip + Challenge, where I’ll be posting a short video on a Tuesday offering one simple tip and challenge with regards to how you can:

(1) Discovery or fine tune your purpose (which is what I call the things you LOVE + FEEL CALLED to do),

(2) Make money doing those things, and

(3) Find more joy in doing those things through time management, efficiency, and balance.

Check it out!

I want to know, what one thing are you going to spend 2 minutes doing more mindfully? Post a comment below and share this video with your amigos.


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