The 7 Key Permissions to Grant Yourself When Doing Something For the First Time

When was the last time you’ve done something completely new?

Maybe it was taking a singing lesson for the first time, designing a program for your business, addressing a new issue your child is facing, or tackling that cheese souff recipe.

Seriously, how’d it go?

Were you like, “that was fun.” Or was it more, “I shoulda done better, I suck.”?

I’m a Grade A, neurotic perfectionist, so I tend to be very hard on myself. But I keep learning over and over again that is the worst way to go.

The lesson hit me hard as I’ve experienced Freya’s development milestones.

Freya just turned one and is now walking like a drunkin’ sailor. Many breakthroughs had to happen before she was able to take her first steps: holding her head, rolling over, sitting up, and crawling. And each milestone came with incredible struggle.

Here’s a video of Freya first learning to crawl at 8 months. You can see how she tries with all of her might to nudge just a centimeter forward.

During each and every milestone, she didn’t succeed on her first try or her fifth or her tenth, but she didn’t give up. She kept going, inching forward, little by little to where she is today. In a week from now, she’ll be more surefooted and maybe even drunkin’ running, and assuredly with many falls and bumped foreheads to go.

Watching Freya learn to walk has made me repeatedly ask the following question:

Why am I so damn hard on myself when I try something new??

When Freya falls down, I’m there to support and encourage her to try again. But when I fall down, I tell myself I should have done better, and I should have gotten it right the first time.

I also see this time and time again in the amazing people I coach. We have a tendency to be so hard on ourselves when we’re doing something new, and it doesn’t go exactly as we had envisioned.

Did Freya fail when she took a step and fell flat on her bum? Heavens no, she was learning. She was doing it for the first time. She had little experience to help her know how to balance or propel herself forward.

You are no different when you’re launching your website, doing a headstand, or sending your first manuscript to a publisher. You need time to learn, explore, experiment, fall, thump your head, have a good cry, dust yourself off, and most importantly, TRY AGAIN.

We’ve all heard the expression, “You must learn to crawl before you can walk.”  That’s because there’s no such thing as being able to walk on the first try – it just doesn’t happen.

I challenge you to grant yourself the following 7 permissions the next time you’re doing something new:

Give yourself permission to TRY.

Give yourself permission to FALL.

Give yourself permission to EXPERIMENT.

Give yourself permission to BE CURIOUS.

Give yourself permission to LEARN.

Give yourself permission to define success by how much you’re GROWING, EXPERIENCING JOY, or HAVING FUN.

And most importantly, give yourself permission to be GENTLE on yourself – like you would treat a baby learning to walk for the first time (because it’s no different).

In time, and with practice and gained experience, you will stand tall and walk in the exact direction you most want to go.

I’d love to know when’s the last time you tried something new? How’d it go? Post a comment below.

To you + your learning to walk, XOXO


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