The Divine Guidance Kit

Move Through 2022 with Peace and Clarity for Your Soul-Guided Business

Let’s be honest. The last couple of years have been difficult, to say the least. It’s been a roller coaster ride that has left many of us feeling out of sorts.

What if 2022 could be different for you?

What if you could have the peace and clarity that you crave, so that you can make better decisions for your life and business?

Imagine being prepared for all the twists and turns the year ahead has for you. Knowing the perfect time to launch a product or when it’s best to rest and receive.

Imagine all the joy and ease this would bring to your year ahead. Take a moment to really feel it in your body. How does that feel?

Amazing, right!?

Well, I believe that tuning into a divine guidance system – that of Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Source – can help dissolve the doubt and give you clarity for your soul-aligned business.

I know, because it’s what I do in my own business. And it’s exactly what I share with my private clients so they grow the businesses of their dreams. 

Now I’d love to share with you divine guidance that I channel from Source – messages to give you clarity in 2022. It’s all in:

The 2022 Divine Guidance Kit for Soul-Guided Entrepreneurs

This exclusive kit delivers Divine Guidance from Source to support your soul-guided business and help you achieve your growth goals.

The kit includes:

1. 4 Channeled Messages from Source - a psychic message of what you can expect to happen each quarter of 2022 so you align your life and business accordingly.

You’ll receive these timely messages right before the start of each quarter of 2022, so you can determine the best time for a business launch, when to look inward and how to prepare for any big changes up ahead.

2. An Abundance Activation Meditation - designed to turn on and AMP UP your wealth generating abilities.

This meditation will help you call in the wealth and abundance you're destined to experience.

3. The 3-minute High Vibe On-The-Go Meditation - assists you in raising your vibration anytime you need it.

Mindfully and intentionally raising your energy vibration will have the long-term effect of aligning you to your highest goals and dreams so you can bring it all into your experience in 2022.

With The Divine Guidance Kit, you have the ultimate life-hack for accelerating the achievement of your soul’s mission in 2022.

Because this is an exclusive offer, the 2022 Divine Guidance Kit is only available when you purchase The Energy Almanac for 2022.

The Divine Guidance Kit is the perfect complement to The Energy Almanac for 2022 to give you clarity throughout the year. 

The investment in the kit is normally $128, but for a limited time, you receive 75% off the price.  

The Divine Guidance Kit is only available here for a limited time for just $32. 

Here’s how it works:

Upon purchase, The 2022 Divine Guidance Kit meditations and worksheet will be delivered straight to your inbox in the coming weeks. 

Prior to each quarter in 2022, you’ll receive the Channeled Message from Source that will guide you for the upcoming 3 months.

Meet the year ahead with joy and ease, all with the 2022 Divine Guidance Kit.

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