Revealing My “Words” for 2023…(and How to Receive Yours)

“I was confused until my guides told me, I had to receive the message twice because I hadn’t listened!”

Allow your word to be a guiding light

I like the practice of choosing a “word for the year.”

It can help you stay focused on what’s most important for the year ahead.

Here’s how my words have played out in the past few years…

In 2018, my word was “Nurture.”

This was about self-nurture because it was during a time when I was neglecting my self-care.

Then, 2019 rolled around, and I received “Nurture” again!

I was confused until my guides told me, I had to receive the message twice because I hadn’t listened in 2018. 😆

And it was true, I hadn’t really self-nurtured in 2018, but when I received the word twice, I finally made the shifts I needed to.

Then, 2020 rolled around, and I received the word “Peace.” I was disappointed because I was hoping for a sexier word.

But…that year we did two full international moves. One move was right before the pandemic, and one was smack in the middle.

They were both challenging moves, so I needed all the “Peace” I could get. I often returned to the word that year asking:

How can I add more peace to this chaotic time?

In 2021, I received two words: “Nurture” (again!) and “Nature.” And the message from my Guides was: “Get nurtured by nature.” I was being called to spend more time outside.

This word/message led to me adopting our dog Astrid and endless blissful hours walking her in nature.

I received “Expansion” for 2022.

This word was special because it wasn’t a word to help me overcome a challenge like “Nurture” and “Peace”. It was a word to help me to go from a good place to a great place.

And in 2022, my energy expanded in amazing ways, which enabled all parts of my life and business to expand.

This year my word took awhile to arrive, and it was more sophisticated.

My “words” for 2023 are: “Harmoniously Boundaried (to the next level)”

What this means is I’m being asked to go to the next level with establishing healthy boundaries that maintain energetic harmony.

So I intend to establish more advanced boundaries around…

  • Prioritizing my daily spiritual routine
  • The number of hours I work in a week.
  • What I will and won’t do around the house
  • Maintaining healthy eating and exercise
  • Spending time nurturing myself in nature
  • Being more present with my loved ones

Just to name a few…

Have you received your word(s) for 2023?

Here’s a process to receive your word and/or check in to see if your word has a message for you.

First, take a few deep breaths.

Second, pivot your awareness down and place it on your heartspace.

Third, set the intention to connect to your Higher Self and Divine Support Team.

Fourth, ask the question: “What is my word or words for 2023?” Or: “What message does my word have for me today?”

And fifth, perceive what you receive to coming back in response. Notice if there is something you’re being called to do or be.

May your word(s) serve as a guiding light on your path for as long as you need it.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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